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ASUS - TUF 28" 4K IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor with HDR (DisplayPort,HDMI)

Enjoy a smooth gaming experience with this 28-inch ASUS 4k monitor. Provides a range of luminance and colors that are closer to what the human eye can experience. Eliminates smearing and tearing, allowing you to smoothly react to your game.

10 Features
  • 4k 3840 x 2160 resolution: High resolutions that deliver a solid gaming or video experience without undue strain on your graphics card.
  • 5 ms response time: Delivers ultra-fast performance, minimizing lag and time-to-screen.
  • 60 Hz refresh rate: Delivers powerful performance so that you can get the most out of your games and videos.
  • 28" antiglare WLED IPS monitor: Efficient screen type uses LEDs to provide precise backlighting to pixels.
  • HDMI and DisplayPort inputs: Allow you to set up DVD players and other AV sources for a clear, high quality audio and video signal.
  • 178° horizontal and 178° vertical viewing angles: Allow you to view the screen from a wide range of angles.
  • 2-watt built-in speakers: Let you enjoy your favorite entertainment in stereo sound.
  • 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1,000:1 typical): Ensures images are crisp and clear with deep blacks and bright highlights.
  • 350 cd/m² brightness: Produces bright images that can clearly be seen even in well-lit rooms.
  • ASUS GamePlus: Ensures impressive gaming performance with various features that allow you to check FPS and incorporates crosshairs and real-time refresh rate.
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  • Review by Samrio, 10 out of 10
    A TUF 4K Monitor to Beat! Pun Intended.

    ASUS has been making some exceptional monitors for a few years now, and this gaming monitor is no exception. As I'd just built an ASUS TUF GAMING based PC, this was going to be an upgrade experience to remember; especially as I was lucky enough to find a retail priced Graphics Card (GPU) that's ready for 4K.

    In the box you'll find the monitor, the base portion of the monitor stand, a wire management cover, a power cord and power adapter, a displayport cable, and the various manuals and warranty information. Assembly requires that you take the monitor and attach the base, using a simple screw that’s already attached to the base for easy installation. The cable management piece attaches to the rear of the stand, allowing you to simply wind the cable through, which helps keep them connected during orientation adjustments. If you opt to mount the monitor, you can pop out the screw tabs on the rear of the VESA mount area, remove the existing stand, and then mount using a compatible wall mount. For inputs, you’ll find this has 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort input, along with a headphone jack for audio output.

    The ASUS stand is quite impressive, reminding me of a 3rd party option that allows for greater flexibility for different orientations. You can move the monitor up, down, tilt left or right, tilt it downward, and place the orientation anywhere between landscape and portrait to your viewing preference. In my opinion, this is probably one of the best OEM stands I’ve ever used on a monitor. I was planning on moving this to another stand that allowed for similar positioning and was surprised to find it was already up to the task!

    Since my newer GPU could use DisplayPort for 4K viewing, I opted to use the included cable, and was pleasantly surprised at the viewing area of the desktop when I powered on my PC. Being at 4K resolution, there was a lot more space for shortcuts, viewing websites, and a larger viewing area while gaming. I was also able to take advantage of the 4K resolution quality settings on websites like YouTube to view various videos posted by content creators I actively follow. There is a display driver you can install for this monitor, which requires a small download on the ASUS support website. I would highly recommend you install the driver, as this allowed my PC and GPU to properly view all the available resolutions and feature options for the monitor. The only limitation to using DisplayPort, is that you PC handles most of the output settings, and the monitor disables GameVisual, the Blue Light Filter, and color settings options in the display’s built in menus. However, HDR and Adaptive-Sync can still be toggled in the Image settings menu.

    While connected over HDMI, you can take advantage of the various GameVisual modes for automatic adjustments of picture for a better viewing experience. For instance, in scenery mode the Asus monitor adjusts the colors on the screen to mirror a “Dynamic” style setting helping colors stand out. In fact, there are several pre-defined GameVisual modes including Racing Mode, Cinema, RTS/RPG, FPS, sRGB, MOBA, and a user defined custom setting based on your adjustments. There is even a “GamePlus” menu that allows you to turn on an onscreen Crosshair (with various options), have an FPS counter displayed on screen during gameplay, set a timer, and even an option to help with display adjustments. All these options will display information on the screen to help you practice or assist with monitoring your overall performance.

    Playing games in 4K, I was able to make out more detail on screen, with a more vivid picture compared to my previous 1080P monitor. Games like WarZone, Red Dead Redemption, Star Trek Online, and World of Warcraft all felt new again thanks to the larger viewing area. With RDR2, I found myself avoiding fast travel points, and instead taking in the visual splendor of the landscape. WarZone gameplay in 4K and with FPS mode made the gameplay smoother overall with colors adjusted to assist with viewing everything in your field of view. The shadowboost is easily my favorite setting to adjust for games like RDR or the new Resident Evil, allowing for better viewing in darker environments, without washing out the image.

    I was also surprised to find there are two speakers built into the monitor with audio passthrough. You can enable the speakers While they aren’t the loudest, they offer a more flexible option for those currently lacking speakers or who want to quickly set up and go. The headphone jack allows for flexibility of connecting your favorite headphones or a line out for speakers, while using the joystick and menu to adjust volume on the fly. During louder volume settings, the speakers can clearly be heard clipping louder sounds.

    If you’re a streamer and have a capture card that will pass through 4K output, you’ll find this monitor a perfect pairing for streaming on apps like Twitch or YouTube. This is also a perfect monitor for those looking to do video editing in 4K or pair this with a new Macbook or Mac Mini. This has made my video and photo editing a breeze with a larger viewing area for apps, and tools easily able to stay out of the way of my preview windows! The blue light filter was also a game changer for me personally. Prior to using this monitor, I was using those cheap blue blocking glasses for longer edits. Now, I just turn on my preferred Blue Light Filter (mine is Level 2), and have noticed a significant change in my ability to avoid eye fatigue over the course of the day. My Blue Light glasses are now just sitting on my desk waiting for the day they might need to be used again.

    Overall, do I like this monitor? No, I LOVE THIS MONITOR! It’s changed my perception of 60hz vs 120hz+ refresh rates, as I’ve barely noticed any issues from the switch. The 4K resolution of this monitor has easily surpassed any expectation I had, and has become my go to for even console gaming with my Xbox Series X hooked up to the second HDMI port, fully taking advantage of the various picture options. If you’re a gamer looking to level up your monitor, this would be a solid choice for you!

    May 28, 2021 12:20
  • Review by bzma2, 10 out of 10
    Work and Play at 4K

    I got this monitor for my husband who uses this monitor with his Asus TUF laptop. Great 4K quality for his work on Solidworks program and awesome performance for his gaming needs.

    We bought other monitor before only to realize it needs a speaker, this one comes with decent speakers. It is adjustable vertically and horizontally swivel, as well.

    We compared this monitor with other 4K monitors out there, and this definitely comes out top for quality and performance!

    Jun 03, 2021 02:08
  • Review by jestro88, 10 out of 10
    Great entry-level 4K gaming monitor

    ASUS delivers a pretty great value entry point for anyone who wants a budget WLED IPS gaming monitor that delivers true 4k graphics, and some HDR compatibility. This monitor also happened to fit a sweet spot in our search for a new primary monitor for my son’s gaming setup. I grew up a PC gaming enthusiast, as well as a fan of building my own gaming computers, and my son is cultivating the same hobbies- with the benefits of getting my hand-me-downs to work with. He is also an avid gamer, and is starting to dabble in graphic design/art and digital photography. The TUF VG289Q more than caters to all of the things he explores and enjoys.

    That being said, his current PC setup had him gaming on an 8 year old LED 1080p monitor. This was a pretty good HD monitor for its time, but it was much past its useful life expectancy, and it was definitely time for an upgrade. The TUF VG289Q is our second IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor, which has been a shift away from the twisted nematic (TN) screens I closely associated with gaming. The TN panel types favored speed and refresh rates, but they lacked color-depth and had pretty diminished viewing angles. My first IPS monitor was a higher-end 165 mhz monitor with a 1ms refresh rate that serves as my main gaming monitor, it will be interesting to see how this one holds up against it.

    From a build perspective, I’ve never owned an ASUS monitor, but they’ve put together a pretty solid reputation around build quality and craftmanship. This monitor looks to be no exception, it has a sturdy base that connects to the vertical arm with a single thumbscrew- really easy to setup and install yourself, and pretty rock solid as a unit once the monitor is connected. The monitor design comes together in a matte black finish with a minimalist gaming aesthetic to it, the only visual beyond the ASUS and TUF logos is a red ring around the base pivot. The build offers a premium feel with the very tight top and side bezels, a thicker bottom bezel as you would normally expect, and controls on the right lower rear using a few buttons and an OSD joystick (a feature I like more and more for ease of use over additional buttons). My son loves the pivot and angle options offered by the stand design, there is great mobility/flexibility both left to right and sliding up and down (an almost 6 inch change in verticality you can adjust to), as well as up and down tilting of the screen to combat glare. As a primary gaming monitor (as opposed to your side-hustle monitor that gets used for web browsing, streaming and other multi-tasking stuff while gaming…), it will likely remain in the landscape position in our desk setup. In terms of connectivity, it has a single Displayport 1.2, a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio. The built in speakers can provide decent sound, but we game with headsets and don't rely on monitor speakers, so the sound quality isn’t really a high priority for me.

    The TUF VG289Q monitor offers a pretty decent expanse of OSD features to help bring out the best of the different game types and environments, with more than a few Gaming Visual Mode presets based on game type, and an ability to customize your own. There is a broad array of calibration tools also packed in, but I have to say that the monitor came really well calibrated out of the box. My son particularly enjoyed the GamePlus menu, which offered a few gaming-specific tools in crosshairs, countdown timers and FPS meters he enjoys having on while playing. Very comprehensive feature-set that caters to folks looking for quick and easy presets (me), or for those looking to make adjustments to every slider and toggle until you calibrate your way to perfection.

    We are using the Displayport to connect to a Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, and are able to take advantage of the G-sync capabilities even though this is a Freesync monitor (which caters to AMD graphic cards). While the monitor has yet to be certified by Nvidia (and will advise you of that in settings), there was no issue with enabling it and validating that it worked through various software and program tests. We enabled HDR in Windows, and while it is entry-level HDR (not VESA certified HDR), you do see the difference in gameplay with it on. Much like my first dive into an IPS monitor, it was pretty astounding to see the visual difference offered in color and depth. It really shines in single-player action/adventure games that are scenery and environment-rich, like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus or The Witcher 3. I’ve played all three in HD (which I thought was stunning back then), but to revisit them in 4K is a pretty stunning refresh with new depths of color saturation and vivid rendering of details not available on the older monitor. FPS games such as COD Warzone and Black Ops perform pretty well, and we weren’t at all displeased with gameplay or game performance, considering the limiting thresholds of a 60hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. The particular trade-offs bringing this 4K monitor down to the price range it is in are not at all limiting. Both my son and I are good gamers, but not at the level that those type of advantages are going to elevate our play seriously enough to make it a prime consideration when purchasing a monitor. One FPS in particular my son plays that he noted a heightened difference in was Borderlands 2. Graphically It is a bit more cartoonish in nature than other games, but the leap to 4K over HD really made a difference in gaming experience and really brought a new level of 'pop' to the world for him. Another aspect of the IPS monitor that is great is the wide-angle veiwing for feels like almost 180 degrees of view that is not afforded by the TN monitor types.

    My son’s love of graphic design, art and photography (as well as general media consumption) also take full advantage of everything this monitor offers as a go-to for all his graphic-heavy hobbies. If you play e-sports level competitive gaming, and desperately need the refresh rates and timing to be the apex features, you will trade that for the graphic depth you get here every day in this price range. You get one or the other, but not both. ASUS brings a 4K world that can manage the needs of the skills most everyday gamers possess, and does so with another great addition to its long line of monitors.

    May 31, 2021 15:22
  • Review by Androidaholic, 10 out of 10
    Great 4k gaming monitor at a very good price!

    The new Asus 28” 4k Tuf Gaming series monitor featuring a WLED IPS screen is very impressive for the asking price. I have several high-end monitors that cost more and this Asus is hanging right in there with them. The colors are brilliant and gaming in 4k with this monitor is awesome if you have a good enough card to push it. To start with while unboxing and assembling the stand I noticed that this monitor has some weight to it and definitely seems built tough as the series name would indicate. It has a very appealing design and with the small bezel and awesome stand that articulates in every direction yes even vertically. You can also lower and raise it by sliding it and everything is very smooth. I have it hooked up with a DisplayPort cable that I already had hooked up to my PC but the monitor comes with one. This is the first time I have seen a monitor come with a displayport cable which I was also impressed by and happy to see. I did not have any issues playing games with this monitor and I can tell the difference moving from 2k to 4k while it’s not near as noticeable as moving from 1080p to 2k or 4k it is still definitely worth upgrading to a 4k monitor if you can afford the graphics card to push it. I am actually surprised that this monitor does not cost more because the screen quality is very good if you can live with the 60hz refresh rate. It is plenty bright and details are sharp with great color reproduction. It also has built-in speakers but they lacked good range on the low end but I use a headset so I do not really care about that. This monitor has a push-button/joystick menu control on the back right that is the easiest to use controls for a monitor menu that I have ever used. I really like the implementation of the joystick. It is the first time I have seen or used one like it. Unless you just can not live without a higher refresh rate and can afford paying for it, this Asus Tuf Gaming monitor is a good choice for 4k gaming and general everyday use as well.

    May 28, 2021 23:28
  • Review by Bestguy, 2 out of 10
    Wrong monitor that passed Bestbuy’s inspection.

    Received the open box (excellent condition) today. ASUS monitor wasn’t even the correct monitor. The sticker of the correct model was placed over this cheap ASUS monitor. No power plug. No screws for the stand. I don’t know how did this even pass inspection to be resell. Then was on the phone with bestbuy for over 6 hours, 4 separate representatives because each kept hanging up. Decided to get walk into my local bestbuy. Got it refunded. Horrible experience. Last time I’ll make a purchase with BB.

    Sep 09, 2021 20:24
  • Review by Poocher917, 10 out of 10
    Great value - Great monitor

    ASUS is one of the top brands in computer related products. I have always been confident when buying ASUS products. ASUS does it again with a high-quality reasonably prices 4K gaming monitor. This review is for the 28-inch ASUS monitor model number VG289Q. It has great color with an IPS screen for a very reasonable price. Sure it is 60 hz but a higher hz 4K monitor will add $100’s to your cost. A nice balance of cost and functionality. I also recommend you review the manual to understand all of the different settings available to you. I rate this as 5 out of 5 stars!


    - 4K resolution.

    - IPS panel.

    - Solid build.

    - Fully adjustable; including portrait orientation.

    - Many gaming presets.

    - Included speakers (if that matters to you).

    - Headphone jack.

    - GREAT color!

    - Includes Display Port cable.

    - Freesync/Adaptive-Sync technology

    - HDR10

    - CDI-P3 90% color gamut and contrast performance


    - 60 hz refresh rate.

    - Location of connections.

    - Does not include HDMI cable.

    Unboxing and setting up the ASUS 28 inch 4K (3840x2160) was simple. When opening the package, you will find: monitor; Quick Start Guide; Warranty card; power cord, and Display Port (DP) cable. It is nice that at least one of the cables is included. Most people that are gaming will use a DP connection. If you need to use HDMI, you will need to get your own cable. I connected the monitor to the computer with the DP cable. The computer has an Nvidia 2070 graphics card. You will lay the monitor down and attach the base and handle for moving the monitor. You plug the DC cord and cables into the required spots. This is located just in front of the base on the monitor. I found this a little inconvenient and the base is in the way. Thank goodness you are not changing these connections very often! Your connections are: DC, DP, 2 x HDMI, earphone and a Kensington Lock (for a cable lock).

    The power button is located on the bottom right of the monitor. The other control buttons are found on the rear right of the monitor. Here is their function listed from top to bottom:

    1. Toggle stick allowing you to navigate the menus.

    2. Close – exit menus.

    3. Game Plus:

    a. Crosshair – allows you to choose the crosshair type. This is useful on FPS games. I like the large green circle setting.

    b. Timer – I did not try this.

    c. FPS Counter – shows the frames per second for the game.

    d. Display alignment – used if you have multiple displays.

    4. Game Visual: These are video preset modes. You cannot go wrong with Racing for gaming and Cinema for everything else.

    a. Scenery – for viewing scenery phots and videos.

    b. Racing – my favorite for gaming.

    c. Cinema – my favorite for movies and streaming.

    d. RTS/RPG: for real time strategy and role play games.

    e. FPS: for first person shooter.

    f. sRGB: for photos and graphics.

    g. MOBA: enhances enemy health bars.

    h. User: make your own settings.

    5. Blue light filter: the higher the number to more blue light is filtered.

    There are many other benefits and settings for this monitor. I encourage you to read the manual to understand these. This monitor is AMAZING!

    Jun 04, 2021 09:42
  • Review by Webzpinner, 10 out of 10
    Sharp monitor. Great for PS5.

    Got this for my PlayStation 5. Setup took about a minute, really nice, sturdy base. Colors are crisp and vibrant. Everything has a photo-realistic sharpness to it, compared to the average 4k tv that adds all sorts of motion blur and processing to everything. It’s most noticeable on games with a lot of tiny text, like Diablo 3. Absolutely a joy to use.

    Tested this with my laptop’s hdmi-out and again, quick and simple setup.

    Only thing I dislike is the ports being under the tv instead of on the side. You got to flip it over to plug stuff in, and it’s awkward to try to hold, and gets the screen smudged with fingerprints, not a dealbreaker, just an irritation.

    For the price, however, you can’t go wrong with this. Doom, Farcry 5, The Last of Us, Spiderman, etc all look better than they ever did on my 40” 4k hdr tv.

    May 27, 2021 02:50
  • Review by Naztynestor, 10 out of 10
    bang for your bucks!


    - This a great 4k monitor, if you enjoy having all the 4k crisp graphics when playing PC instead of having high frame rate then look no further

    - for the price for $349 Asus VG289Q is a perfect budget monitor who games on PC/ Console all just a video editor

    - IPS panels also delivers some great colors like a VA panel, its great viewing angles, colors doesn’t fade when you’re off center

    - this monitor also comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 one Displayport, a headphone jack at the back, and built in speakers, ( I wouldn’t rely on these speakers tho but it’s still a nice touch to have speakers as part of the monitor.

    - it’s also equipped with Freesync, of if you have AMD GPU make sure to turn freesync on

    - i’ve tested this monitor on playing Apex legends , Warzone and Rainbow Six, and yes this monitor is only 60hz meaning up to 60fps of games.

    - the game did look great on 4k, MCC on PC looks great with this monitor. and running 60fps on PC did not bother me one bit. but then you switch back to higher frame monitor you realize how amazing it performs and seeing how smoother it is

    - the monitor have couple of game visual setting you can choose from to see what fit your liking on how you want the game to look, I prefer either user or racing settings best

    - black level looks great as well, loading a game from a VA panel to IP you sure will spot how much having an IPS monitor help with the vibrancy of the world in video games

    - but if you would really want to take advantage of this monitor, it’s best to be used for consoles, specially the latest PS5/ Xbox Series X. most of their games usually maxed out of either 4k, and the monitor is perfect for it.

    - Asus VG 289Q also support HDR it’s a positive and a negative on this one, but I wanted to highlight to let you guys know that it’s there and will activate on games that support HDR

    - sometimes HDR says it’s active and sometimes it will be off even tho i’m playing a game that supports HDR

    - playing 4k warzone on my PC compare to warzone on console, the game looks better on console, while on PC you’ll need to adjust settings to make sure you could reach that higher 60fps

    - 28” inc for a monitor in my option is the sweet spot, it’s perfect size for me when I game. i have zero issues reading the text it’s just perfect!


    - about the HDR on this monitor, honestly it helped a tiny bit, so I don’t consider this a true HDR. it does improve the color in a small way, it’s not enough to make me say wow, the picture quality still look SDR

    - I wish the console provide some shortcuts to switching ports, you literally have to use the setting and choose ports to be able to change it, no way around it

    - that’s including dealing with the built in speaker, to adjust the volume as well, you will need go to the settings. terrible idea.

    TUF gaming VG289q like I said is the perfect budget gaming monitor, it’s so much worth it from what it offer in the box. you have a very clean minimalist from design solid IPS, HDR monitor, having the ability to display and be used vertically is well worth of asking price. high recommend it for the price and for console gamers out there you will enjoy playing on this beautiful gaming monitor!

    May 27, 2021 17:54
  • 9.2score
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    LG - 32” UltraGear QHD Nano IPS 1ms 165Hz HDR Monitor withG-SYNC Compatibility - Black

    The pinnacle of gaming monitors. Complete your battle station with a premium LG UltraGear™ Gaming Monitor. Built for gamers, it delivers the latest hardware, specs, ergonomics, sleek design and sensory experience. With gaming-focused features like NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatibility, 1ms GTG response times, pro-level customization and fast, vivid Nano IPS panels, you're sure to gain an added edge.

    3 Features
  • 32" UltraWide QHD (2560 x 1440) Nano IPS Display: At 32" and 16:9 screen ratio (2560 x 1440), LG UltraGear delivers an unparalleled immersive experience and ultra-fast speed of 165Hz on a Nano IPS 1ms display.
  • Overwhelming speed: Responsiveness on a dime. With 1ms response time, gamers see fast action, obstacles and opponents in near real time for a clear advantage.
  • An immersive experience that's all screen.: Beautiful and practically bezel-less. Stay in the game with a virtually borderless screen on three sides and curve design that keeps you immersed in every moment.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by FumingRaptor, 10 out of 10
    Ultragear did not disappoint

    This monitor is awesome for my PC set up!!! I am gaming at 1440p resolution and averaging between 120-165 fps on ultra settings. I have yet to experience any lag using my RTX 2070 supper. I am very happy with my purchase and the fact that this baby was on sale makes the deal sweeter. This monitor does support the 1.4 display port option which is what I am using. The graphics are impressive!!!

    Oct 01, 2021 23:55
  • Review by JackWenis, 10 out of 10
    Top tier monitor.

    Having owned the previous model, 144hz 2569x1440p, this newest LG monitor is a drastic improvement. The increase to 165hz, with HDR support is top tier. Throwing on G-Sync, with an improved menu interface; this monitor is incredible.

    May 21, 2021 00:13
  • Review by Diego, 10 out of 10
    colorful, bright and great image quality

    It took me a little time to calibrate it to my liking, but when I got it I was fascinated, it is very colorful, very bright and with a great image quality, it works perfectly with my xbox series x and my ps5. and it is compatible with the 1440p 120hz of xbox.

    Sep 20, 2021 18:24
  • Review by VirtualSuplex, 10 out of 10
    So relieved that it’s so good

    I was on the fence about this one. It was between the 27” and the 32”. So glad I went with the bigger option! Wow! Great monitor for PS5. I used to have a 1080p monitor and the difference is night and day. Don’t hesitate anymore. Buy now

    Oct 29, 2021 15:29
  • Review by Leonard, 8 out of 10
    Excellent in portrait mode

    Great monitor overall. I use it in portrait mode on either side of my 38in ultrawide and really like it. The only negative I could think of is videoing angle isn’t the best, but that’s to be expect with IPS panels. (Glare on the right monitor is due to open window and monitor not being on)

    Nov 01, 2021 09:45
  • Review by Roozy, 10 out of 10
    Don't pass up a good opportunity

    Just buy it already. I have 2. I love them both. You can use them for whatever your imagination brings your way until you need to dual monitor your PC and that is an input switch away. Featured images here are Xbox and PC. Xbox is left and PC is right.

    Jun 01, 2021 17:06
  • Review by Ashh, 8 out of 10
    Best in class

    Love the colors, minimal backlight bleed but i had to get a replacement as the first one had a dead pixel.

    Nov 08, 2021 09:11
  • Review by VegasRG, 10 out of 10
    One of the best 2K PC Gaming Monitor

    Oh I love everything about this monitor. 165hz refresh rate at 1440P 2K resolution, HDR 10, and G sync + Free Sync. What more could I ask for? This is perfect for 2K PC gaming at its best. I will need to upgrade my graphics card to RTX 3090 to test more. I don’t really recommend this monitor for PS5 or Xbox Series X but if you are planning to use it for PC the it will meet all your needs. Overall solid 5 stars! GJ LG!

    May 02, 2021 19:39
  • 9.0score
    LG - 27” UltraGear QHD Nano IPS 1ms 165Hz HDR Monitor with G-SYNC Compatibility - Black

    The pinnacle of gaming monitors. Complete your battle station with a premium LG UltraGear™ Gaming Monitor. Built for gamers, it delivers the latest hardware, specs, ergonomics, sleek design and sensory experience. With gaming-focused features like NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatibility, 1ms GTG response times, pro-level customization and fast, vivid Nano IPS panels, you're sure to gain an added edge.

    3 Features
  • 27" UltraWide QHD (2560 x 1440) Nano IPS Display: At 27" and 16:9 screen ratio (2560 x 1440), LG UltraGear delivers an unparalleled immersive experience and ultra-fast speed of 165Hz on a Nano IPS 1ms display.
  • Overwhelming speed: Responsiveness on a dime. With 1ms response time, gamers see fast action, obstacles and opponents in near real time for a clear advantage.
  • An immersive experience that's all screen.: Beautiful and practically bezel-less. Stay in the game with a virtually borderless screen on three sides and curve design that keeps you immersed in every moment.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Ruin, 10 out of 10
    Cleeeean! Series X must have.

    LG beefed up the stand to eliminate monitor wobble with this model. Many on-screen options to get the picture you like, I searched some YT reviews to find optimal settings for FPS games.

    Running on the Series X without Freesync and no tearing, ghosting, stuttering with clean graphics at 120hz/1440.

    Ran ghost image, tearing, and dead pixel tests with no faults. The on-screen reticle is small, same size as a scope would be in-game.

    May 31, 2021 00:30
  • Review by Eric, 10 out of 10
    BEST QHD Monitor

    Excellent monitor, previously I had a Dell 27in 165hz QHD monitor, I sold my monitor and gaming pc with a GTX 1660S and bought a Samsung 1080p 240hz monitor and a PC with 3060ti and I had to return the monitor, once you go to QHD you dont want to go back to FHD. The Dell QHD is 499 and this monitor was 350 and thank god I got this one. Personally I like the 165hz QHD better than 1080p 240hz, not a huge difference in smoothnes but a big diference in visuals!! So I really Love this monitor :)

    Jun 25, 2021 02:31
  • Review by Kevin, 10 out of 10
    10/10 HANDS DOWN

    Updated after a month - the monitor is probably the best choice on the market right now it literally does everything. I can understand people had some problems with it but you have to be very careful handling this monitor and make sure you have warranty put on it as well. Again I don’t understand why people are so picky since it also has 4K and it’s worth every penny. Period

    Sep 10, 2021 17:23
  • Review by ApexCanine, 2 out of 10
    Great Monitor if Manufacturing didn’t plague it…

    Let me start this review by saying it is a great monitor… if hardware manufacturing problems didn’t plague it. Originally, I bought this monitor based on highly recommended YouTube reviewers like “Hardware Unboxed” and “PcCentric”. However, after a week of normal use, gaming, school, and work, it wouldn’t turn off (as shown in pictures); not because of windows settings or the 1.4 display port cable, but because the firmware was faulty. In the same manner, half of the screen would appear white (as shown in pictures) and would flicker continuously. This is coming from someone who bought five of these suckers, and who has been in pc gaming for nearly 10 years, and never have I experience poor manufacturing ever in those years. From my experience, LG needs to bring this to the attention of manufacturing as this will deter the consumer from the brand itself. Now of course, this could just be my luck but again, what are the odds of this happening? And what are the odds that people, who aren’t as vocal as I am about technology, don’t say something? I truly hope that LG fixes this issue because it would be a shame for a promising product to go to waste.

    Jul 09, 2021 17:31
  • Review by Kobe, 2 out of 10

    Worked for 4 days then started giving me a blank screen and purple screen when I would shut off my PS5. I would have to remove the power source for it to work again. Replaced it with another one and the same issue arose after 2 weeks this time. Monitor was very well taken care of but it is a poor product. Not worth 500

    Sep 10, 2021 19:11
  • Review by Neeko9807, 6 out of 10
    Sad for a good monitor

    Love it but the ips glow is terrible. Is this considered a defected monitor

    Sep 28, 2021 00:53
  • Review by UnhappyCust, 2 out of 10
    poor quality control

    I got the first one and the colors are great and interface is great but the bottom left corner would glow white on dark images, exchanged it the next day, and the second one was worse, i was apprehensive about getting another LG product but saw this monitor and decided to give it a chance, this just solidified my opinion on LG products, and i will be exchanging it for another brand tomorrow

    Aug 22, 2021 17:08
  • Review by JohnnyK65, 10 out of 10
    All I can say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!

    Now I know why they can't keep this monitor in stock. Out of the box calibration is great. If you purchase this monitor do yourself a favor and go to use this link and under ( post calibration ) you'll see a download for their ICC profile calibration. There are videos all over Youtube how to do this and it's very simple to do. It's a great base to start from. After re calibrating the monitor with the ICC profile calibration and a little personal tweaking for personal preference this monitor it looks absolutely amazing. Some reviews I've read mention backlight bleed through issues. Either I got extremely lucky or LG fixed the issue because I have no noticeable bleed through issues at all. No dead pixels, uniform black throughout the screen. Monitor manufactured 4/21. HDMI limits you to 144 Hz. refresh rate which is more than sufficient. I have a Razer 14 with the RTX 3080 so unfortunately I'm limited to a single HDMI out. I highly modify and play GTA V. mostly and this monitor had definitely made it all the more immersive. I ordered this monitor a while back and had a time of shipping issue so I cancelled it. I'm glad I gave it a second try and this time no problems with shipping. I originally purchased this monitor at $449.99 and of course a day after the price dropped to $399.99. Best buy honored their Price Match Guarantee and refunded me the difference. My experience with Best Buy though out the years has always been excellent and I can't actually think of buying anywhere else unless it's for something they don't carry in stock.

    Aug 24, 2021 23:16
  • 9.0score
    Viotek - GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch 120Hz Gaming Monitor - 3-Year Warranty (HDMI, Display Port)

    VIOTEK returns with an all-in-one solution for gamers, creators and productivity enthusiasts. Beautiful image quality, game-winning features and top-notch color accuracy. That's the promise of the GNV29CB, an ultrawide 29-inch curved gaming monitor. The GNV29CB is a compact display that delivers an UWFHD 2560x1080p monitor resolution with a 21:9 monitor aspect ratio. Its 120hz monitor max refresh rate gives you video fluidity that's great for video conferencing, casual gaming and T.V. binging. The VA panel pushes 16.7 million colors with a 107% sRGB color gamut. So colors are truer to life and the 3000:1 contrast ratio (1M:1 DCR) means you get inky blacks; bright whites; and RGBs that are vivid and rich. Its super-tight 1200R curvature creates a more immersive experience. In games that natively support a 21:9 aspect ratio, this desktop monitor reveals more of the content without a lot of head/eye movement. AMD FreeSync with low-framerate compensation (LFC) minimizes image distortion on high-octane games, incl. ghosting and stuttering. Even if the refresh rate drops below 48Hz, you’re covered. (Also works with G-SYNC.) GAMEPLUS crosshairs helps make ever shot a bullseye. And the user-activated FPS/RTS display optimization brings out the extra detail in the shadows. Its 4ms (GTG) overdrive response time adds rapid-fire speed into the mix. Two HDMI ports (HDMI 1.4 & HDMI 2.0). One DisplayPort 1.2. One 3.5mm audio out. Plenty of options to connect to the devices you want. And with 75x75 VESA, you can mount the GNV29CB to a wall or attach it to a VESA monitor mount. The ultrawide 21:9 gives you more real estate, while the low-bezel frame takes up less desk space. Picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP) gives you even more options for working smarter. You'll also get the best-in-market dead pixel policy and 3-year limited warranty, backed by an American company. Need assistance? Our expert customer service is available via chat, email or phone.

    5 Features
  • ULTRAWIDE 21:9 MONITOR: The full-hd monitor resolution (2560x1080p) delivers pixels packed with detail and brilliant colors with a 107% sRGB color gamut for high color accuracy. And the ultrawide screen real estate gives you more room to enhance productivity.
  • GAME-READY 120HZ MONITOR: The fast refresh rate means smoother video transitions with zero dropped frames. Perfect for movies and video conferencing. Easier on the eyes, the higher refresh rates help reduce eyestrain during extended use.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: Work. Play. Create. Experience. From the true cinema-quality multimedia display to the dual-input PIP/PBP integrated productivity tools. This compact desktop monitor works for entrepreneurs, casual gamers and content creators alike.
  • VIOTEK GAMING SUITE: Smooth gameplay. Optimized colors. Sure-shot targeting. We know what it takes to play and win. That’s why we give players all the tools needed to play harder and better: AMD FreeSync, FPS/RTS optimization, GAMEPLUS crosshairs.
  • SUPER-CURVED & FULLY IMMERSIVE: The tighter 1200R monitor curvature adds comfort to your daily viewing and contributes to a greater sense of immersion and realism to games and movies. The result? A more enjoyable viewing/gaming experience.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Julia, 10 out of 10

    I love it! Graphics are amazing as well! I got my monitor without a scratch.

    Jan 24, 2021 06:42
  • Review by Awsomemonitor, 10 out of 10
    Screen monitor

    My son love it!! Awsome quality! I recommended %100

    May 14, 2021 18:26
  • Review by Wilbert, 10 out of 10
    Great monitor

    I love this monitor is very good for faming, I like it

    Jan 26, 2021 00:11
  • Review by Lewis, 10 out of 10
    Great WFH Monitor, Price is fantastic.

    I work from home. Recently, I have had to add a second laptop to my desk, eliminating my dual monitor setup. I bought this to replace the dual monitors. So far so good. Unboxing impressions.

    1) Very well packaged. The manufacturer went to great lengths to prevent damage.

    2) The setup was simple. The stand goes together with two screws. Easy peasy.

    3) Port access is tough. You have to remove a panel to get to it easily. The panel adds nothing because it is behind the monitor. Why have it at all?

    4) Picture quality is good with HDMI and display port. Display port is a bit sharper, but HDMI works well too.

    All told it seems to do everything I need. If you are WFH and need more screen real estate, this is a great choice. For $250, it is a no-brainer.

    Nov 01, 2021 21:26
  • Review by Good, 8 out of 10
    Good monitor, no audio output

    I was mostly looking for a quality monitor, which this happens to be. I would say the only negative thing about this monitor is that it does not have an audio output on it. Therefore, you are going to be forced to use some sort of headphone jack to hear any sort of audio from it. Other than that, if you are fine with not being able to hear anything from the monitor itself it is a great purchase and it is a great size as well .

    Sep 24, 2021 15:53
  • Review by Keith, 10 out of 10

    love the overall quality of this monitor. exactly was i was looking for.

    i would recommend to anyone.

    Sep 22, 2020 19:58
  • Review by MacGyverDood, 10 out of 10
    Dang, It's wider than I expected.

    This monitor is so wide you can the curvature of the earth much to the dismay of The Flat Earth Society. Here in normal people land we buy things like this to immerse ourselves in wide view.

    Jun 25, 2021 15:42
  • Review by Computergeek, 10 out of 10
    Viotek - GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch 120Hz Ga

    The clarity on this computer is great. It meets all my expectations. I love it so much that I'm purchasing a second.

    Oct 25, 2021 23:28
  • 9.0score
    Samsung - Odyssey G7 28" IPS 1ms 4K UHD FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor with HDR - Black

    Take the fight to any gaming challenge, with Samsung’s ultimate 28” gaming monitor, the G70A - equipped with a 1ms response time, UHD 4K resolution, 144hz refresh rate with G-Sync and FreeSync Premium support, HDMI 2.1, and fully customizable Odyssey Infinity Core lighting.

    12 Features
  • Visual Quality that Packs a Punch: When it comes to visual quality, the G7 is truly exceptional. An UHD 4K resolution along with the unparalleled depth of HDR400, creates a stunning visual experience that casts your games in their best light.
  • Next Level Performance: When it comes to gaming performance, the slightest advantage can pay dividends against your enemies.
  • Surrounded By Light: Amplify your gaming experience with two front facing light panels, exclusive to the Odyssey G7 range. The G70A’s front light panels mirror the Odyssey Infinity Core lighting, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in gaming environment.
  • Stunning 4K UHD Resolution with IPS Panel: Experience the precision of the G70A’s Ultra HD 4K display, allowing you to explore the latest titles and in four times the sharpness of a full HD panel. IPS panel delivers clear colors and a wide 178º viewing angle for clarity from any viewpoint.
  • Better See the Unseen, with HDR400: HDR400 allows you to see the world in greater depth, bringing to light the details that you never knew were there. With deeper blacks and brighter whites, HDR400 helps you uncover enemies or secrets lurking in the shadows.
  • Express 144Hz Refresh Rate: More than double your potential frame production, with the Odyssey G70A. With a 144Hz super smooth refresh rate, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional screen.
  • Lightning Fast 1ms Response Times: A fraction of a second can be the difference between a win or a loss. With the Odyssey G70A’s grey to grey (GTG) 1ms response time, you can be sure that you’re receiving information as fast as technologically possible.
  • Full G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Support: Dropping frames means dropping chances to top the leaderboards. With G-Sync and FreeSync Premium support, Odyssey matches every frame from your graphics card, so you’re never caught short from moment to moment.
  • A New Dimension in Visual Design with Core Color and Customization: Customize your Odyssey with distinct core color customization, allowing you to match your monitor with the rest of your gaming setup.
  • Your Games Tailored to You: Fully customize the positioning of your Odyssey monitor, with Swivel, Tilt, Pivot and Height Adjustment, or mount it with industry standard VESA mounting.
  • HDMI 2.1 Support and Auto Source Switch+ for Next-Gen Gaming: HDMI 2.1 support means you never need to worry about next-gen visual features appearing on your monitor.
  • Auto Source Switch+ for Next-Gen Gaming: With Auto Source Switch+, your monitor detects when connected devices are turned on and instantly switches to the new source signal. This helps you get to your game action faster without flipping through multiple input sources.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by CreateADisplayName, 10 out of 10
    Great experience on PS5

    Having come from only playing PS3/PS4 on a regular TV, this monitor had everything I was looking for to take advantage of the PS5's abilities (HDR, 4K, high refresh rate, things my previous setups didn't offer) and the difference in experience even on PS4 was astounding, so I actually don't mind that this monitor is "only" 28" and "only" has HDR400 (which seem to be the biggest criticisms of this monitor). Can't really compare it to others monitors on a technical standpoint from experience, so I'll just say that I'm quite happy with what I see so far and look forward to using it throughout the PS5's life cycle.

    I can also confirm that 4K 120 fps does indeed work on this monitor when using a PS5. I tested this with Rainbow Six Siege (PS5 upgrade version, the only game I have that is capable of 4K 120 fps). The first picture is the output information from the PS5's settings while running Siege, which shows 4K 120 Hz. Additionally, the second picture shows Siege's in-game output information (bottom left corner, has to be enabled in game settings) and the monitor's information (right side). In the case of Siege, it does need to be set to performance mode to get 120 fps (otherwise it'll get 60). It seems like currently the Xbox Series X offers more 4K 120 fps games than the PS5, so just make sure that the game in question does in fact support this on your system.

    In terms of monitor settings (Menu > Settings, third picture), I had PC/AV Mode set to AV for the HDMI port I was using and Input Port Ver. set to 2.1. I was also using the HDMI 2.1 cable that came with my PS5.

    My only "complaint" is that this doesn't come with a physical user manual. Something I didn't know is that I need to get firmware updates for this (although this might be obvious to people that have used gaming monitors in the past), and although this is mentioned in the downloadable user manual, I only learned about this from a comment in a video review of this monitor. I don't think I can post a link, but just go to Samsung Support (Manuals & Software dropdown) and look up this monitor's model number. This is mentioned in the user manual (also in the support section), but make sure your USB device's memory is formatted to FAT32. One issue I had was that even though my device did have FAT32 formatting, the update would fail. I fixed this by getting a different device also with FAT32 formatting, but I made sure that the only thing in it was the .img file I had just downloaded. At the time of this review the monitor came with version 1002.0 from the box, and the latest version is 1004.0.

    Overall it's a great monitor that works as advertised in my experience.

    Oct 14, 2021 12:18
  • Review by AliG, 10 out of 10
    Great for next gen gaming!

    Let me start off by saying that I did have some issues with this monitor trying to get it to run 120 FPS on the PS5. I was only getting 30 Hz and 60 Hz as available frequencies @ 4k. I was not sure why this was happening because I had no issues with the Xbox series X running at 120 Hz @ 4k.

    After reading some other reviews on here I did the firmware update to the latest version and I connected the PS5 HDMI cable to input 1. I then changed the setting to AV and viola I was able to get the 120 Hz available @ 4k on the PS5. I began playing Devil May Cry 5 SE which looks phenomenal on here!

    My only complaint is that the RGB lighting could be a bit brighter, but other than that is is a great monitor for the price!

    Nov 02, 2021 22:34
  • Review by Alex, 8 out of 10
    Honest Opinion

    This monitor has alot of great features, hdr isnt perfect but overall without it image and color quality is really good! Fantastic!

    The reasons why i gave it a 4 star is because of 3 things (its a 28inch and could have been 32in, i recieved mine with backlight bleed resulting in bad image during dark scenes and when playinf at night, and you have to update it to get 4k 120hz on a console)

    Other than that it is a good monitor for sure!

    The ultrawide feature is absolutely amazing as well

    Nov 04, 2021 09:56
  • Review by Vahdyx, 10 out of 10
    Firmware Update makes life so much easier!

    Since BestBuy doesn't allow you to edit reviews..... I decided to write a new one in a different account.

    Long story short, absolutely love this monitor especially after the firmware update. Do yourself a favor and get the update from Samsung's Website.

    I used it for PS5 and PC with a 6900 XT. Great picture, no flicker, etc. It's a good one. Just with the HDR was better and wish the size was a little bigger, but all things considered, I'm so happy with it.

    Firmware made it easier to recognize PS5 for what it's worth, but out of the box it works too if you don't wanna update.

    Nov 03, 2021 09:19
  • Review by bobby, 2 out of 10
    PS5 4K 120 not working. Beware.

    I had to return this monitor as I could not get 4k120 to work with my PS5. I made sure the HDMI version was 2.1, that the inputs were in AV mode. It tried different ultra high speed hdmi cables that I know work. I own 2 new sony tvs with hdmi 2.1 ports and 4k 120 works great on those. Samsung Customer service was horrible. And for some reason there is a firmware update for this monitor in oter markets but not the US. I will be tring out the new acer nitro next as Samsung has now lost my tv purchases and now monitors.

    Oct 08, 2021 08:13
  • Review by Publius, 2 out of 10
    PS5 issue at 120hz

    Could not get the PS5 to run at 4k 120hz with this monitor and we tried everything, yes we. I have friends who are very good at bulding PC’s and programming. I contacted all of them on different days to try and resolve this issue to no avail. Including 4 different cables, resetting the system, reading articles and looking up vidoes none of which worked. I hate I have to write this review, buyer beware.

    Oct 18, 2021 20:04
  • Review by nv83, 10 out of 10
    Overall, awsome monitor!

    I've had this monitor for a couple weeks now and it has been solid for my pc gaming on displayport 1.4 running at full specs (144hz 2160 4k) . Don't let the negative comments on the hdr or 28' size fool you...the screen is amazing and very vibrant. It works with my PS5 at full specs too. Played some hdr games on it and its night/day and will kick on if a game supports it. Or you can just turn on hdr on windows too...unfortunately windows hdr doesn't always play well with non-hdr games as it will switch from sdr/hdr and the screen will disconnect/reconnect for a sec...(windows issue). But having hdr turned on looks great on this screen for mixed use no doubt. I just turn off the winsows hdr feature whenever I play non-hdr supported games. The core-sync feature is neat and displays the brightest color on your screen & projects out the back and on 2 strips in front of the monitor. Could be a little brighter, but static colors look fine. The stand is great/solid and it comes with a silicone strap on the stand to organize your cables. One feature that isn't really mentioned anywhere is that there are 3 customizable buttons on the bottom left of the monitor that you can save screen/picture modes to. So you can switch from FPS to Dynamic to Cinema style screens easily wihout having to hassle with the menu every time. Make sure to update the firmware from Samsungs support site to v1004.

    Oct 20, 2021 03:20
  • Review by Victor, 10 out of 10

    Great monitor. Wanted one for the sole purpose of using it for my PS5 and Series X. It has everything your looking for in regards to specs. Runs the hdmi 2.1, 144hz refesh rate and 4k. Tried so many options and finally seem to have found the one monitor that can do the job. I ordered it online for delivery, it said next day but ended up getting it a day later. Cant complain since it waa free shipping. I lmow theres cheaper monitors out there but this one fits all the needs of the ps5 and xbox series x. Very happy with it.

    Oct 08, 2021 09:48
  • 8.8score
    Acer - Predator XB3 - 27" Monitor 4K UHD 3840x2160 120Hz 16:9 4ms GTG 350 Nit IPS - Refurbished

    Bring on the blitz. Turbo-charged refresh rates fuel your need for gaming speed in majestic 4K UHD.

    3 Features
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 resolution provides a crystal clear image.
  • Screen Size: A 27" display provides a large enough screen for working or gaming.
  • HDMI: HDMI ports among others provide plenty of connectivity to hook up other devices to your monitor.
  • 2 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by 907Fire, 10 out of 10
    This thing ridiculously amazing!!

    4k 144hz looks amazing. The smoothness of everything I play looks like a new game compared to the 1080 I graduated from. Can’t get the software to controls underglow leds to work but I have it set to what’s on the screen and love it. Zero issues. I’d buy again in a heartbeat. Zero damage. Can’t even tell it was a refurb.

    Jul 27, 2020 20:16
  • Review by Pcnerd69, 2 out of 10

    This product is wat too expensive. Doesnt look worth the price.

    Oct 23, 2021 04:16
  • 6.0score