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Samsung - Galaxy S10 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Prism Prism - Black

Do more with Samsung Galaxy S10's bold form and intelligent battery, and a camera and processor that can do almost anything. Galaxy S10 features a cinematic screen and more power. Its pro-grade camera with optical zoom ensures effortless capture, and ultrasonic fingerprint ID offers a new level of security, unlocking with a tap of the screen.Benefits of unlocked phones.Learn more about why you may want an unlocked phone

12 Features
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform: The octa-core 2.8GHz processor and plenty of RAM deliver outstanding overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus and more.
  • Android 9.0 Pie OS: Adapts to you and the way you use your phone, learning your preferences as you go. Your experience gets better over time, and it keeps things running smoother and longer.
  • Universal Unlocked: Compatible with all major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Also works with prepaid carriers, including Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, Mint, and H2O.
  • 4G LTE speed: Galaxy S10 provides fast web connection for downloading apps, streaming content, and staying connected on social media.
  • 6.1" cinematic Infinity Display with 3040 x 1440 resolution: Its nearly frameless cinematic Infinity Display offers more detail and clarity, more immersive and uninterrupted content, in a slim, balanced form.
  • Up to 16.0MP pro-grade camera: Sees what you see. The pro-grade camera effortlessly captures epic, pro-quality images of the world as you see it.
  • 128GB storage: Expandable memory.¹ Scalable memory that grows with you.
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint ID: Protects and unlocks with the first touch. Just tap your screen to unlock. The in-display sensor opens seamlessly with one hand in almost any light, rain or shine, even when you're cooking or working out.
  • All-day intelligent battery: Intelligently assesses power by learning how and when you use your phone. The powerful, intelligent battery optimizes use based on how you live to deliver an intuitive and energetic peak performance throughout the day.²
  • Wireless PowerShare: Lets you wirelessly charge your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, or even a friend's phone right from your device.³
  • One UI design language: One UI to rule them all. One UI is designed for how you use your phone: with one hand. Less clutter, less friction, less putting all your things down to do something on your phone.
  • Bixby Routines: Daily rituals, elevated. Samsung Galaxy's intelligence learns from your routines, optimizing how your apps serve you.
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  • Review by HectorTheDirector, 10 out of 10
    Apple who?

    This is the best Samsung smartphone they have ever freaking made, truly. I traded in my Google pixel 3XL for around $360. Best smartphone I've ever purchased. It opens applications faster than you can say molasses. The triple camera is freaking sick, I use ultra-wide lens all the time. Neither Apple Pay or Google Pay have anything on Samsung Phone, it's literally accepted anywhere. It's so funny to see merchants swear up and down that my Samsung Pay will not work because they don't have nfc-enabled terminals but it's funny to see their faces when Samsung Pay works every time. Samsung's on top of the smartphone game once again.

    May 21, 2019 00:53
  • Review by SamsungFan, 10 out of 10
    Samsung-Galaxy S10 128GB Cell Phone( Unlocked)

    I am very pleased with the capability of this Galaxy S10 handset. It has a very great 128GB internal memory capacity, both cameras record quite good pics and I adore the curved edge design at the periphery of the screen. It is also allows clear audibility for all incoming and outgoing calls.

    Nov 07, 2021 15:02
  • Review by eztola, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic samsung S10

    it`s a long time that i use samsung phones.

    i was waiting for 10th anniversary of galaxy series.

    S10 is the best phone in the market. much better than Iphone.

    Apr 24, 2019 15:22
  • Review by KingZoe, 10 out of 10
    A Birthday Gift

    I have had a Samsung Galaxy phone since the S2. I then upgraded to the S4, the S6, and now (FINALLY after 4 years) the S10 and I am ecstatic! I forgot how nice is it to actually have a phone that doesn't crash from sheer age (I definitely got my money's worth out of my older phones, but I was very happy to upgrade)


    - I love the color (coral), it's unique and no one I know has that!

    - It's fast, and doesn't freeze or lag like my older galaxies.

    - It has so much storage! I have the 128 GB and have just barely used half of it with SO many apps and photos.

    - Speaking of photos, this phone does wonders with it! Camera quality is a huge selling point for me and phones and I was pleased to see just how versatile the factory camera is on this! It does wonders for home photos (wide lense) as well as close ups and everything in between :)

    - Because I have the Samsung buds, Watch Active, and Galaxy S6 Tablet, it all integrates seamlessly and I've become a huge fan.

    - It's just beautiful. The screen is gorgeous, the vibrant colors still blow me away, and after over 6 in a half months and dropping a few times (no damage), it's still working flawlessly.

    - It doesn't have an annoying notch like the iPhones did/do, and although there is a camera in the display it's not distracting at all.

    - THE AUDIO - the Dolby Atmos addition blows me away. I turned it on and watched one of my favorite audio-testing videos and couldn't believe my ears, I was confused how sound was coming from behind me when in reality the phone was sitting in front of me haha. Blown away by the audio quality for phone speakers.


    - The only con I've had thus far is getting the double tap to show my display to work on the first try... I've had to just tap constantly to make sure it turns on faster than just waiting for it to not work and try again.


    All in all best phone I've had to date! I will continue to go the Samsung Galaxy route because I'm just in love with how their phones' functionality and aesthetically pleasing design come together as opposed to my boyfriend's Razer phone, for instance. The display blows his out of the water, the phone is all around more sleek infinitely lighter, and more natural to hold in your hand. Just saying... ;)

    Jul 05, 2020 16:32
  • Review by Usmankh, 10 out of 10
    Great phone for the price $600 with Sprint network

    I bought galaxy s10 for $600 with sprint network.

    Great phone i am loving it

    Jul 12, 2019 15:48
  • Review by Marvelous, 10 out of 10

    I love my phone its very useful for things other than telling time. For instance if I need to check my heart rate. Among other things.

    Nov 27, 2020 08:53
  • Review by HanShotFirst, 4 out of 10
    Ok device ... poor screen design

    So, I haven’t had a Samsung phone since the S7 and really wanted to like this device. There are several things that I thought Samsung did a fantastic job on, however a couple things that are making me second guess my purchase. I like the customization and personalization that it offers. However, the fingerprint reader is spotty. I’ve heard software updates are coming so, fair enough. When registering for the face unlock biometrics it states in the disclaimer that someone can use an image of my face to unlock the device. How is this a secure way to lock my device when an image of my face can unlock my phone? Last but not least ... the screen. Now before those fanboys reading this freak out, I’m not saying that the screen isn’t a good looking display. However the design of the screen fails in 2 ways. One the camera placement. It’s funny to me to see the wallpapers out there that essentially “hide” the camera. If it’s a great design choice over a “notch” or the S8/S9 devices... embrace it. However it’s pretty distracting while looking at the screen, more so than I anticipated. Secondly, and more important, the edge of the device looks terrible if you look at the phone at a slight angle. It’s VERY noticeable in email. You have to look at the screen straight on to not notice the darkening on the edges. It reminds me of the way DLP TVs used to be where you had to sit right in the middle to enjoy the picture. Why should I have to hold my phone at the perfect angle to enjoy the display? I have a couple days to return this device and probably will. I highly recommend looking at the demo units in the store to see if you can get past the faults in the display. At first I thought my phone was defective but after seeing several S10/+ demo units in stores that have the same issue, I know it’s a design flaw.

    Mar 19, 2019 19:04
  • Review by Manolo, 10 out of 10
    Best smartphone ever

    The shipment arrived on time, excellent service and the best prices.

    Nov 11, 2019 21:16
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