A few highlights from the last week sailing along Norway’s Lofoten Islands for my photography workshop. As dreamy as it sounds, attempting to sail the entire Lofoten Wall hasn’t been without its moments of terrible weather & rough seas sprinkled with

When @shanedenherder invited me to the southwest I had no idea what to expect. I knew that he had flown through some of the most technical terrain in the world & was proficient in almost all conditions but nothing prepared me for this. A tight techni


Uncommon perspectives are commonly the hardest to access. For those that appreciate the clarity that comes from isolation in nature or photography, each vertical step is seen as a welcomed challenge, especially when the outcome is unknown. I’ve alway

After an 8 hour crossing at night with sideways wind & heavy 6 meter seas coming over the boat we shook off the terrible nights sleep, swirling stomachs & wobbly legs to the small island of Værøy, 2nd smallest inhabited island in the Lofoten chain. W


A crooked horizon, the plane wing poking out in the corner & even a reflection & color cast from the double pane window we were trying to shoot from. Technically speaking the image could be considered a failure in my opinion. But when it comes to rev

Currently on a plane with nervous excitement to be heading back to where it all began for me. My deep love of cold water, rugged surf & massive granite fjords. This photograph shot over 6 years still feels just as relevant to the style & message of m

Phone wallpapers are back! After a long hiatus I just released two new Phone wallpapers in my newsletter. Sized for pretty much every device out there. Download the images in my bio link or here . While you’re at it sign up fo

Slowly the fog has disappeared. Every morning has felt a little colder, the nights a little clearer. Fall season is in full affect and as every photographer knows.. Fall is the season of golden fading light, offshore winds, changing leaves and the in

  • New York next week???

  • We’re all about fall adventures, and love following along on yours 👌🏻 thanks for sharing such awesome shots, talk about #Travelarge inspo!


The last 3 months have been crazy ︎︎ Switzerland, Portugal, Bora Bora, Taipei, Hong Kong, and of course Bali! I’ve been using @travelibro for a while now to share my travel itinerary’s with you all - I try to include the finer details that I don’t sh

From a few weeks back. If anybody has a good photo-organizing system or tips, I’m all ears. Getting to the point where I have so many shots I don’t know how to handle them and am not doing anything with most of them. 🤯

Some of my most memorable experiences come when I take time to discover the places that make a city's heart, beat 🇹🇼 With @americanexpress , those moments are even better because I’ve earned 5X points on my flight booked directly with the airline. Ter

I must’ve pushed Rye, in his stroller, up and down 20 miles of canals over our time in Amsterdam.

  • So many cute buildings!! Why didn’t you get a bike and put him in the basket?! 🚲😁

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