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Lenovo Chromebook 3 14" Touch Laptop - Mediatek MT8183 - 4GB Memory - 64GB eMMC - Arctic Grey

Fast, flexible, and fun, the Chromebook 3-14" brings everyone’s favorite Chromebook features, running on the lightning-fast Chrome OS that boots up in seconds, updates automatically, and is protected by built-in virus protection. Powered by a MediaTek processor and up to 10 hours of battery life, it’ll seamlessly run all of your favorite apps at the same time.

12 Features
  • Google Chrome OS: Chromebook is a computer for the way the modern world works, with thousands of apps, built-in virus protection and cloud backups. It is secure, fast, up-to-date, versatile and simple.
  • 14" Full HD touch screen for hands-on control: Natural finger-touch navigation makes the most of Chrome OS. The 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • MediaTek MT8183 processor: Multicore processing. Based on ARM Cortex architecture, delivers the multitasking performance you need, the graphics quality you want, and the power efficiency you rely on.
  • 4GB system memory for basic multitasking: Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.
  • Built-in cloud support: Easily save your files to your Google Drive account for secure access wherever you go. You can also sync with your other devices running Chrome and even work offline when needed. Fees may apply.
  • Integrated ARM-based Graphics: The integrated graphics chipset with shared video memory provides solid image quality for Internet use, movies, basic photo editing, and casual gaming.
  • Weighs 3.08 lbs. and measures 0.74" thin: Ultraportable design, featuring a smaller screen size and omitting the DVD/CD drive to achieve the compact form factor. 3-cell lithium-polymer battery.
  • Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer: Supports microSD memory card formats.
  • Wireless connectivity (WiFi 5 - 802.11 ac): Connect to a Wireless-AC router for nearly 3x the speed, more capacity and wider coverage than Wireless-N. Backward-compatible with all other Wi-Fi networks and hotspots.
  • Built-in HD webcam with microphone: Makes it easy to video chat with family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Skype or other popular applications.
  • Built-in virus protection and Google products: Work, play and do right out of the box with Search, Gmail, Talk, YouTube and Hangouts, then personalize with the Chrome Web Store. Multiple layers of protection defend against viruses and malware.
  • Additional ports: Microphone-in/headphone-out combo jack.
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  • Review by Ethan, 10 out of 10
    Great deal for $150

    This laptop is amazing to deal for $150 I wouldn't pay full price however I mainly got this to do school work but due to this laptop having google play and a touch screen I can actually use discord and play light games. Light video editing etc. I can actually send text messages from my Chromebook and use Facebook messenger as well. My only complaint is the sound isn't amazing but I can live with that for the price. It's defiantly worth a little extra to pick this up compared to a smaller cheaper Chromebook as you can actually see what you're doing with the larger display lol. It's not the end of the world but it does have Linux for advanced users however it doesn't support x86 applications as it has an arm CPU so you cant install steam etc. Most of the time there's an android app that will do the tho job. Since there is an arm CPU it has better android support than an intel based Chromebook. The battery life is way better than any other laptop I have used due to how power efficient the CPU is. Lenovo has really changed my View on chromebooks.

    Nov 06, 2021 03:36
  • Review by 12765443jack, 10 out of 10
    Excellent chromebook AND value when on sale!

    As the title suggests, this chrome book is an excellent value when on sale. If you are paying full price ($319 USD) I would consider a different chrome book as there are better options in that price range. I bought this on sale for 189.

    This review is for mode 82KN0001US (the touch screen mode). It runs as smooth as butter for your basic internet browsing and movie/Streaming needs. It comes with the mediatek 8183 processor which is what you would want at this price range. Added bonus is the 64gb eMMC vs 32gb which pretty much all other chrome books at this price range with a touch screen have. Also note it’s a 14” screen vs 11” screens at this price point.

    Multiple browsing tabs don’t slow this machine down. It’s a matte touch screen so it does well in bright rooms and helps to avoid smudge marks. Even viewing off center (see image) isn’t bad. Sound is great when watching by yourself - would def get drowned out in a classroom like setting with everyone chatting. Touch pad is slightly flimsy and can seem a little inaccurate at times but it’s not a deal breaker. I bought this for my grade school girls to practice their iReady tests / get used to laptops / virtual homework on seesaw / and for other basic computing.

    If spread sheets are your thing; I would not rec this as the system does slow down. Even using Google docs for excel; just scrolling down the excel sheet got me frustrated due to the “lag.”

    Picture editing beyond cropping / rotating / red eye auto removal would probably be too much for this.

    Would I buy this again? Yes for the sale price. Do not buy this if you think it will replace your work desktop or work laptop where you using MS office suite regularly. It’s really a basic machine that does all the basics perfectly.

    Oct 03, 2021 14:10
  • Review by tgates, 10 out of 10
    Not a normal laptop

    Simple to use Chromebook to meet the demands I need out of a computer for school.

    Too many reviews complain this isn’t like the laptops they are used to using. For those not familiar with Chromebooks, they are not like a normal laptop, like a Windows computer or MacBook. Think of it more like an Android phone, you download apps to use on it and not programs. It uses Google Drive cloud storage. If you need a Windows laptop get one, however, if you need something that works similar to your phone and not needing to save stuff to the computer itself get a Chromebook.

    Sep 25, 2021 07:50
  • Review by Derek, 8 out of 10
    Good choice for the price

    I've been using this laptop for a little over a month, and it's totally fine for what it is, which is just basic web browsing and light office work. I've used it for Google Duo calls and it works great for that. The speakers are loud and fairly clear. Apps like Netflix and Hulu run just fine. The web browser part can be a little slow at times, having several tabs open at the same time shows some slowdown but nothing too bad. Overall for the price it's well worth it as a secondary device or for light reading at the coffee shop. Battery life is good, I get several hours of use without even looking at the battery indicator, with full brightness on. Display is great, touchscreen works well and the 1080p resolution is a definite plus over others.

    Sep 17, 2021 15:24
  • Review by MrRespect, 10 out of 10
    Inexpensive student option

    Bought this for my son to take to school for 3rd grade and it's perfect. Runs everything the school requires and it has a killer battery. This morning, just before going to school, we realized the laptop had not been charged all weekend. Still, the battery was at 96%. No worries about losing power during school. Also, the touchscreen is a real plus! When my son is working on math problems or fill-in-the-blanks, the touch screen option is much easier than tabbing around or finding the right spot with the mouse. An excellent item for value and function.

    Sep 27, 2021 07:07
  • Review by Chris, 10 out of 10
    Better than a tablet

    So far so good. Built in Google voice assistant.. Long battery life. If it's on sale Get you one!

    Sep 03, 2021 22:16
  • Review by Elliott, 10 out of 10
    Pleasantly surprised!

    After purchasing a Lenovo Chromebook with a shocking amount of problems (YouTube videos wouldn’t play, audio would turn itself up randomly, I couldn’t access the Google Play store, and it was slow as hell), I was hesitant to buy from Lenovo again. I got suckered into buying this one for that sweet, sweet black Friday discount, and I am pleasantly surprised! Maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck with a 3 year old computer for so long, but this Chromebook feels lightning fast. The battery lasts an eternity, the screen is crystal clear, and the whole computer just FEELS nice, smooth, and crisp. Great computer, would recommend!

    Nov 02, 2021 10:29
  • Review by PomPom, 10 out of 10
    Love Chromebooks

    This is my 6th Chromebook. I also have a 10" Lenovo with a detachable keyboard. I use the spreadsheet and the word processor extensively for personal reasons. The only program I miss is Photoshop but the free version of Pixlr fills in nicely. I would recommend a Chromebook for probably the majority of computer users who are not professional geeks or need something that allows installed programs.

    Aug 27, 2021 17:01
  • 9.0score
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    Acer - Chromebook 311 – 11.6” HD Display – MediaTek MT8183C Octa-Core – 4GB LPDDR4X – 32GB eMMC – WiFi 5 – USB Type-C

    The Acer Chromebook 311 is the ideal laptop for all ages from the very young upwards. Weighing in at just 2.2lbs., it’s ultra-light and easily transported in a backpack or bag. The power efficient MediaTek MT8183C processor and generous battery give it up to 15 hours of battery life, meaning a full charge will easily last the working day and all evening. Get the best of Google, more than 2 million Android apps, Gmail, Maps, Docs and Pics. Back up all your files safely in Google Drive. Whatever your need, this super portable design meets the rigors of daily life—inside and outside the classroom.

    8 Features
  • Polished Performance: Powered by the MediaTek MT8183C, it mixes four Arm big cores up to 2GHz and four power-efficiency cores together in its octa-core CPU. Fast graphics and 4GB of high performance LPDDR4X memory give it responsive performance and capable graphics for everyday activities.
  • Effortless Mobility: At just 0.74 inches thin and weighing 2.2 lbs, this Chromebook floats like a butterfly and slips into your bag with ease.
  • The Power of Wireless: The Wi-Fi 5 with dual antenna increases connectivity reliability and throughput, while integrated Bluetooth 4.2 means wireless peripherals such as mice, keyboards, headphones, game controllers can connect with ease.
  • All Day Battery Life: “All day”? Could mean a lot of things depending on who you talk to. We figure with up to 15 hours of battery operation, you’ll agree, whatever you call a day, we’ve got you covered.
  • Comfortably Accurate Keys: Make every keystroke a joyful one with concave keycaps. Along with a key travel distance of 1.6mm, find pleasure in how you’ll not only work faster, but make fewer typing mistakes along the way.
  • Stay Productive: Fast boot times, tough security and a long battery life. With a boot time of about 8 seconds you’ll start working quicker; integrated malware protection stops viruses in their tracks, and finally an efficient use of power means you can work all day without your power adapter.
  • USB Type-C: USB Type-C port for ultra-quick data transfer, DisplayPort over USB Type-C, and battery charging. The reversible USB Type-C™ connector is the same at both ends and on both sides, so it’s easy to attach.
  • Google Play: No matter what you’re looking for, Google Play has it all. Get access to more than 2 million Android™ apps from Google Play™ to learn and do more.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by TechTux, 6 out of 10
    Made Cheap, Slow, Low Quality Screen/Speakers

    I was looking for a google Chromebook to use in my everyday travels for my work. I decided to try this one out due to how low cost it was. I guess the old saying you get what you paid for is right on the money with this one.

    Screen: 11.6" Screen is not touchscreen, has no color depth with things on the screen appear washed/faded and screen surface material is cheap.

    Keyboard: The keyboard has good size buttons and they do a good job at spacing out the keys for those with larger hands. It is made well, upon pressing keys the surrounding area keys do not cave inward

    Hardware: Very slow and sluggish when pulling up apps or surfing the web. The speaker sounds horrible, no depth/bass comparable to an old 90s speaker. The casing feels very plastic and cheap, prone to scratches however is very lightweight.

    Gaming: Don't even bother, games do not look good on the screen , very long load times and sluggish during playthrough

    Battery: Amazing battery life. Since the screen is small, low quality and the processor is low end the power consumption is very low. You can average over a day of usage and not worry about battery

    Overall with how cheap this product is in price and the good keyboard battery life I will give it a 3 star. However this product feels cheap and not made for long term usage. I would not recommend this product unless it fulfils a stop-gap need.

    Aug 24, 2021 16:02
  • Review by TimothyTrimble, 10 out of 10
    Lots of power in a small and affordable laptop

    The Acer Chromebook 311-11H-K04N is an impressive no-frills laptop packed full of processing power.

    The Laptop

    The 311 is very light and thin. The silver color and textured surface are pleasing and fingerprint resistant. The bottom has four rubber feet for slightly suspending the laptop, providing space for cooling and sound from the two bottom-facing speakers toward the front. The bottom lip of the display, when raised, also provides some lift for the back of the unit. The laptop will automatically power on when the lid is raised.

    The keyboard keys are comfortably spaced, are concaved and textured, and have a nice throw distance. As a writer, I appreciate a good keyboard. My only negative comment is the lack of backlighting. There are four rubber lifts to support the closed lid and prevent the keyboard from pressing into the display. The trackpad is perfectly spaced and centered for reducing accidental cursor movement when typing.

    Setup and Configuration

    As always, the Google Chrome OS was easy to set up. I selected the default language and entered my Wi-Fi information. Since I already have a Google account, I logged in, and all of my settings automatically transitioned to the laptop.

    Laptop Use

    I'm a power user when it comes to using laptops. I'm a writer, a website developer, and a gamer. So, I expect my laptops to have the power to serve my needs. The 311 has no problem keeping up with my use. As you'll see from the below list of software, this Chromebook is a workhorse. The camera and display work great with Zoom during online meetings. The playing of videos on YouTube and movies on Amazon Prime is smooth. The most intensive test of the laptop is the Eve Echoes game, which works the processor, the graphics, and memory.

    The software I installed:

    • YouTube and YouTube Music

    • Geekbench

    • 3DMark

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Keep, Play)

    • Microsoft Teams

    • Apple Music

    • JW Library

    • Dropbox

    • Cog-System Information

    • Cx File Explorer

    • Text editor

    • Spck Code Editor

    • Kindle Reader

    • LinkedIn

    • Sketchbook

    • Twitter

    • CrazyStore Go

    • Chess Online

    • Eve Echos

    • Zoom Meetings

    • Amazon Prime Videos

    Performance Testing

    The 311 handled the below benchmark tests impressively.


    • Single-Core Score: 262

    • Multi-Core Score: 929

    3DMark Sling Shot

    • Score: 1793

    • Up to 56 FPS

    • 55% better than all other tested devices


    • ARMv8 Processor with eight cores

    • Android 9 OS, Linux 4.19 kernel

    • 4GB Memory

    • 32 GB Storage

    • Mali-G72 GPU

    • 11.6" LCD display with 1366 x 768 resolution

    • Kenzo motherboard

    • Google jacuzzi model

    • USB-C port 3.2 with DisplayPort support

    • 802.11ac Wi-Fi

    • Bluetooth 4.2

    • 720p HDR webcam

    • Up to 15 hours battery life

    • Kensington lock slot

    • Textured concave keyboard with 1.6mm travel distance

    • Stereo speakers

    • Built-in Microphone

    • TouchPad

    • 2.2 lbs

    • 8.1" x 11.4" x .74"


    Overall, I'm impressed with the Acer Chromebook 311-11H. It's hard to find a laptop with so much power and performance at this price point. It does not have a touch screen or backlit keyboard. However, it is a serious workhorse, and it will get the job done.

    Aug 25, 2021 10:54
  • Review by Aggieof83, 10 out of 10
    Solid, lightweight chromebook

    I was looking for a lightweight laptop to use out in the pasture. I am a good rancher and we keep a lot of data on our goats, such as weight, condition, etc. I have an app that I had been using on my phone, but dirty hands and small screen made this frustrating, so we used paper records and transferred them to the app at the house.

    I was loath to take my expensive laptop out in the 'wild' so I decided an Acer chromebook might work well---- and it does!!!!! The chromebook came packed in a sturdy box without any extra stuff... just the chromebook and charger setup. I put it right to work, downloading the livestock record keeping app and logging in.

    First, it weighs very little and is super thin, easily fitting into any backpack or bag. It's light enough I can balance it on one hand, as in the picture. The hinge allows all angles for the screen. Second, the keyboard and touch pad are solid and feel very sturdy. The keys move firmly and distinctly, so I know I am typing! And the screen is perfect, even in sunlight. NOTE: This does NOT have a touchscreen.... and I did not want a touchscreen for using outdoors...

    I took it out to a pasture, got internet access through my phone's hot spot and bluetooth, and was able to input data as it was collected! When I got back to the house, I used a soft cloth to wipe away the dust, and it was ready for use in other ways. I set up a guest account so visitors and customers could have easy access to a chromebook while visiting. When not in the field, I leave it available in the living room for anyone's use. I expect this little jewel to last for a long time like all of the other Acer products I have.

    Aug 24, 2021 08:17
  • Review by JorgeST, 10 out of 10
    Simple, Compact

    I have been a big fan of this Chromebook. My daughter is in elementary school as has always wanted her own laptop and this was the perfect fit for her and her needs. Being as she is in grade school i wanted to be sure that the laptop she had was able to be limited in terms of being able to download viruses etc. This laptop really checked the box for all of us. Its very compact and fits her little hands perfectly too. The only small issue we ran into was synching her email profile with then laptop, which was quickly resolved with a quick internet search.

    All in all I would highly recommend this laptop as it fits the mold for other similar laptops while not breaking the budget. It is perfect for kids who may be learning from home these days too. Its a straight forward laptop with a very intuitive design and layout.

    Aug 19, 2021 09:32
  • Review by MountainLiving, 10 out of 10
    High value, basic laptop.

    If you are looking for a an inexpensive basic laptop that is easily portable and can handle most light school, work or entertainment computing tasks than this is an excellent option to consider. If you are looking to be a more serious gamer or heavily into video editing or other resource intensive activities, probably should move along. But I have to say that for the size and price, this device is pretty impressive.

    If you are new to Chromebooks or perhaps considering getting one for your child for school work I can start off by saying these things are incredible easy to set up. It’s pretty much just charge it up, turn it on, connect to the internet and log in with your email account. Boom…easy peasy lemon squeezy. A fun phrase for a fun little device. In some ways you could think of it as an android phone morphed into a laptop. Most (not all) Google play store apps run just fine. You can zoom (camera included), YouTube, and play most of those same games you can on your Android. I love how small and light it feels. Not the sturdiest device I’ve ever held, but it feels fairly tough. Oh a very pleasant surprise is it uses the same USB-C charger as my phone!

    As far as computing power I think it is solid for the size and price point. Watching 720p videos are bright and crisp. The speakers are nothing fantastic, but they sound decent. There is a headphone jack of you need higher quality audio. I opened up a bunch of tabs and played a few different games with all that open in the background and it handled like a champ. Battery life seems pretty solid as well. I pretty much played around with it all day and still has over ¼ of its charge left. Oh and WOW does this thing boot up FAST! Then if FAST is too slow, you can just close it and it goes to sleep, open it up and you’re back where you left off in literally a second. The keyboard is not backlit and I know that is important to some, so just keep that in mind.

    All in all I think this is a great device if you are looking for small, basic and inexpensive. I don’t want that to sound like a slam, just have proper expectations for something in this price range. I wish I would of had something like that when I was in school though. And let’s be honest, kids sometimes don’t always treat electronic devices with the best of care. Another reason why I think is a great price point for a laptop for a younger kid to help with school work. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.

    Sep 08, 2021 18:18
  • Review by redderr, 8 out of 10
    Nice for younger students or for web browsing

    The acer CB311-11H is fantastic for web browsing or use by grade school students and possible for even higher ages. Battery life even at maximum brightness and lite word processing and web browsing, I was able to achieve about 9-12 hours, pretty nifty. The unit felt solid in my hands, grip was a bit slippery but not overtly, I also felt a good handle on the device as I walked around with it. I think that is due to the fantastic thinness and omg the lite Wright, felt like a few sheets of paper being carried around.

    The huge screen bezel detracts from an already small screen and you really need to use maximum brightness all the time to get good clarity. The keyboard travel play though felt just right.

    The unit was very speedy, no issues with wifi connection, and the on board memory never seemed lacking for basic use of web browsing, lite game play and lots of note taking and word processing.

    The Chromebook can open to 180 degrees but I see no real benefit in that added feature. You must also use in a well lit classroom, office or home.Charging is accomplished by a very rapid usb C charger and just about any generic usb c charger, big plus there.

    At this price point it is a winner just as long as you understand it’s limitations of on board storage and screen clarity.

    Aug 20, 2021 22:40
  • Review by BillFromKC, 6 out of 10
    A good start but a disappointing finish

    I received this product in exchange for my fair and unbiased review.

    The Acer Chromebook 311 is an okay productivity device at its price point but that’s it. The screen is mostly clear with little ghosting, but it is not a touch screen which is a detriment to one of the best features of this device - the ability to run most Android apps. Audio quality is okay for things like video chat, but that’s about it. At it’s regular price, I’m saying hard pass because you can get a superior laptop experience with Windows for a similar price, or a superior tablet experience with an Android or Fire tablet at a lower price point.


    Unboxing, first impressions, and setup:

    When you pop the seal on the box and open it up, you’re greeted with the Acer 311 wrapped in a cloth bag. Pulling the laptop out, the finish looks nice but the plastic feels cheap. The screen has a large bezel around it, half an inch on each side and about an inch on the top and bottom. While I understand why it’s there - the keyboard has full-sized keys - it just adds to the cheap feeling of this laptop. The matte anti-reflective coating on the screen is nice, however.

    You’ll find 3 ports on this laptop useful to most people - a USB 3.1 gen1 type-A port, a USB-C port (used for data transfer and charging), and a headphone port. For institutional use, you’ll find a Kensington lock port as well. No SD card slot, no other ports.

    The most embarrassing thing about this laptop, however, is Acer’s solution for a webcam cover. They ship two stick-on covers with the laptop, and you’ll be thankful it’s two if you decide to add it; I broke one removing it from the adhesive tab it comes on. If you’re going to ship a laptop with a webcam cover, at least make it integrated into the bezel.


    Setup, usage, and performance:

    If you’ve set up the Chrome Browser before, then you know how to set up a Chromebook. There are a couple of things to agree to additionally (Google Assistant and Google Play Store), but otherwise it’s the same.

    It turns on quickly, but most modern laptops go from off to a login prompt near instantaneously. After that, however, the performance isn’t terrific for a brand new device. Performance in processor benchmarks is about the same as Apple A8 devices (iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Mini 4, iPod Touch 6th gen) or a Cherry Trail Intel Atom processor. Graphic benchmarks put this processor’s integrated graphics in the same league as a 4th or 6th generation Intel Core processor. Considering this is based on the Rockchip RK3399, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    The highlight of this laptop are the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard reminds me of a 2006-2012 MacBook in both look and feel. The trackpad feels like it came from Dell Lattitude or HP ProBook from a few years back, before everyone felt the need to make Apple-sized trackpads on every laptop, and has both accurate tracking and a very functional 2 finger scroll.

    Picture quality on the screen was okay with clear video but slightly washed-out color. Audio quality good for video chat but horrible for everything else, as the speakers are good at midrange but shrill on the highs and lacked bass altogether.

    As for the centerpiece of any Chromebook or Chromebox, the Chrome browser itself was smooth on websites with only text and graphics, but once motion graphics and video were added in, scrolling became choppy and the experience was not pleasant. WebGL performance was adequate for simple things but would quickly slow the system down for more complex scenes. It can, however, run the JavaScript/WebGL port of Quake 3, just not very well if you go fullscreen. Fullscreen video from sites like YouTube and Netflix are choppy in the browser but smooth in their respective Android apps, even at 1080p.

    Android apps do run. However, some don’t work well - especially games - because this laptop is not a touch screen. Some productivity apps like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and LibreOffice are fine because of this. The included game “Cut The Rope” is no fun as you get further into the game since it relies on quick cuts made easy with a touch screen. In-game performance also depends on how intricate scenes in-game are; while Robloxs rubs at 60 frames a second and Minion Rush runs at a comfortable 30 frames a second, Asphalt 9 tends to bounce back and forth between 20 and 30 frames per second, sometimes in the most jarring of ways, and that's if you can get it to run in the first place.

    Casting the desktop is not a smooth affair at all. As tested with a Sony XBR850C series TV, a Hisense H8G series TV, and both the ONN-branded 4k Android TV Box and 1080p Android TV Stick, using casting to mirror the desktop resulted in choppy video and audio quality. Chromecast from apps works as well as you'd expect that to, however.

    Battery life also left something to be desired. Acer claims up to 15 hours and I got 9 out of my first use, screen set at 50% brightness. Subsequent usage averages between 6 and 10 hours, depending on what I was doing. As a comparison, my iPad (2020 10.2 inch) averages between 10 and 12 hours with my son playing Minecraft and watching YouTube on it, and my son’s Dell Lattitude 3189 (Pentium N4000, 4GB RAM, Windows 10) averaged 9 hours a day before getting a battery warning doing Zoom meetings, Canvas (inside of Firefox), Microsoft office, image editing, and even some video editing.

    The only thing I did not test was video output from the Chromebook itself. According to Acer's website, the USB-C port supports video output with an appropriate adapter. I managed to fry my USB-C to HDMI adapter, however, so I can't say how well this feature does or does not work.


    Final thoughts:

    While I like the way ChromeOS is going, I’m not a fan of the hardware many manufacturers put it on as ChromeOS could be so much more. If Google made touchscreens a requirement, my experience with the Acer Chromebook 311 would have been much better. i’m still offended by the self-installed webcam shutter.

    For a very basic productivity machine, it’s okay. For anything else, however, I’d either get a tablet or a Windows laptop and have a better experience overall. I'd give it 2.5 stars if I could, but I rounded up.

    Aug 22, 2021 17:21
  • Review by sollyp, 8 out of 10
    Simple is best

    I am an avid believer that Chromebooks can fulfill about 90% of what most people need in a computer. The Acer Kenzo Chromebook 311 is all about cutting down to the basics of what most people need and gives you the pure ChromeOS experience.

    In terms of design aesthetic. It really is geared towards practicality. I actually like the simple design. It is thin and fits well with the modern aesthetic. The thing that does stand out are the bezels. They are very thick. I think they easily could have fit a 13 inch screen but understandably that would increase the cost. On the bright side, the size and weight make it very portable. It really is ultra-light and was no problem transporting around. The build quality feels sturdy. I would not advise it but I think it could take a beating. The port selection also has the basics. It has a USB type C port which also functions as the charging port. It has a headphone jack, USB 2.0 port, and a lock slot.

    In terms of the keyboard, I have enjoyed Acer’s keyboards in the past. This one was no different. It was comfortable and the layout was easy to get used to. You may feel a little cramped, but it was usable. The trackpad is decently sized given the size of the Chromebook itself. The trackpad similarly was fairly easy to use. The display is 1366 x 768. For those who are used to FHD and higher, text may seem a little on the fuzzier side. The screen itself is also dim. Smaller screens also mean more scrolling unfortunately which can be uncomfortable. Sound is also just decent. I would carry around headphones.

    So the processor that this Chromebook uses is an ARM processor. Basically, these processors are designed to be as efficient as possible. They are much simpler, consume less power, and are less expensive. For Chromebooks, these are ideal because they do not have the same needs as full laptop devices. This translates into a much longer battery life for the Chromebook. The advertised battery life is about 15 hours and I truly was getting close to that amount. I would forget to charge and still have plenty of juice left for me to get to an outlet later. This is the greatest strength of the Acer Kenzo Chromebook 311. In terms of performance, it gets the job done. I had no problem using the wide extent of ChromeOS’s capabilities. I downloaded and used apps, web browsed, streamed, and edited some papers. I love using Citrix to access remote desktops for work and this could handle it. I downloaded word editing documents and those worked great. I watched a little Netflix in my downtime and that worked fine as well. It did stutter at times but it’s to be expected given the processor. Simple is best for this one without the clunkiness of a full laptop OS.

    All in all, the Acer Kenzo Chromebook 311 is a SOLID chromebook. Are you getting the latest and greatest, most beautiful laptop? No, but you get a small, lightweight, and portable machine that performs decently well. It can perform all the tasks that Chromebooks can do. You don’t have to worry about your kids breaking a 1000$ machine and it is a cheap way to have a daily driver that can get beat up. It has all-day battery life. If you don’t need the extra stuff and just want a productivity machine, then this Chromebook is really perfect for you.


    Good build quality

    Excellent battery life

    Full ChromeOS functionality - web browsing, streaming, all of the Google Play Store apps


    Small, dull, low-resolution screen (compromises have to be made)


    Aug 29, 2021 18:20
  • 9.0score
    HP - 11.6" Chromebook - MediaTek MT8183 - 4GB Memory - 32GB eMMC - Ash Gray

    The HP Chromebook 11a laptop lets you keep up from anywhere with a compact size, long battery life, the familiarity of Chrome OS and all your favorite Android apps.

    9 Features
  • Chrome OS: This easy-to-use operating system was designed to be fast in every possible way, while keeping you safe and more secure on the web.
  • 11.6-inch diagonal, HD (1366 x 768), anti-glare display: Enjoy your entertainment with the great quality and highdefinition detail of 1 million pixels.
  • MediaTek MT8183 processor with integrated graphics: Built to perform without draining the battery. The brilliant design of the Octa-core CPU and GPU graphics processors and a multimedia engine – working together – ensures a premium content experience with the longest battery life possible.
  • 4 GB LPDDR4x-3200 SDRAM: Sufficient high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.
  • 32 GB eMMC: This ultracompact memory system is ideal for mobile devices and applications, providing enhanced storage capabilities, streamlined data management, quick boot-up times and support for high-definition video playback.
  • Rock-solid connections: With a Wi-Fi 5 (2x2) (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) WLAN adapter and Bluetooth® 4.2, all your connections are rock solid.
  • Tuned stereo speakers: HP custom-tunes the dual speaker setup in every notebook for exceptional stereo quality.
  • HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture: This true multi-touch touchpad supports four finger gestures and lets you scroll, zoom, and navigate with a simple touch.
  • Energy efficiency your way: HP is committed to global citizenship and environmental responsibility. Do the environment—and your wallet—a favor when you use the HP Laptop that meets strict energy-efficiency and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Afox, 10 out of 10
    Great computer hopefully it lasts

    Work great just like I pictured it would, can’t always go off the reviews! :)

    Aug 29, 2021 15:07
  • Review by Meme1957, 10 out of 10
    Great service

    Great service in store and especially the geek squad. Very professional installation and very knowledgeable

    Sep 17, 2021 19:47
  • Review by Excellent, 10 out of 10
    Perfect size for children!!!!

    I love the size of this chromebook, it’s perfect my granddaughter. Now I’m going to purchase one for my grandson.

    Sep 13, 2021 12:18
  • Review by OldMan, 6 out of 10
    Change is not necessarily Better

    While this Chromebook is brighter and faster than my previous 11" HP, I only give it 3 stars because HP dropped the HDMI connection, the charging port and eliminated the additional usb for usbc, With HDMI you could connect to a monitor and use the charging port for power. With usbc it's either or. You can add an adapter to usbc for HDMI to add a monitor, but you can't charge at the same time since the usbc port is in use. Also with only one usb port available, you can't have a mouse connected and a memory stick, plus charge at the same time. Would have gladly paid a few more $ for the convenience of the old setup. Change is not necessarily better just more profitable.

    Jul 11, 2021 09:39
  • Review by NonSenses, 10 out of 10

    Travel size made perfect just for you works perfect best thing I could have bought my wife she fell in love with it

    Aug 27, 2021 15:45
  • Review by timerunningout, 8 out of 10
    times up

    I bought this for a cheap laptop when traveling and for that it is just fine. My one big regret is I wish I had bought a bigger screen this one is very hard to read at times and if you increase the font then you can not get the entire document/article. Extremely easy set up, even for a non tech person such as myself. Another draw back for me is you can not put short cuts on the desk top. Your favorites are put in a file and the more you add the more screen space you loose.

    Aug 14, 2021 01:09
  • Review by Samsung, 10 out of 10

    Good for what it is. I home school my 9 & 10 yr old it’s perfect for them

    Sep 13, 2021 12:22
  • Review by Sweetlou, 10 out of 10
    My time learning all about using it

    My computer is a godsend and I have a great time playing my g8,talking to family and friends and keeping up with what's going on in their lives

    May 07, 2021 15:48
  • 8.8score
    Lenovo Chromebook 3 14" Laptop - Mediatek MT8183 - 4GB Memory - 64GB eMMC - Arctic Grey

    Fast, flexible, and fun, the Chromebook 3-14" brings everyone’s favorite Chromebook features, running on the lightning-fast Chrome OS that boots up in seconds, updates automatically, and is protected by built-in virus protection. Powered by a MediaTek processor and up to 10 hours of battery life, it’ll seamlessly run all of your favorite apps at the same time.

    12 Features
  • Google Chrome OS: Chromebook is a computer for the way the modern world works, with thousands of apps, built-in virus protection and cloud backups. It is secure, fast, up-to-date, versatile and simple.
  • 11.6" Full HD display: 1920 x 1080 resolution showcases your games and HD movies with impressive color and clarity. Anti-glare finish reduces eyestrain and widens the field of view.
  • MediaTek MT8183 processor: Multicore processing. Based on ARM Cortex architecture, delivers the multitasking performance you need, the graphics quality you want, and the power efficiency you rely on.
  • 4GB system memory for basic multitasking: Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.
  • Built-in cloud support: Easily save your files to your Google Drive account for secure access wherever you go. You can also sync with your other devices running Chrome and even work offline when needed. Fees may apply.
  • Integrated ARM-based Graphics: The integrated graphics chipset with shared video memory provides solid image quality for Internet use, movies, basic photo editing, and casual gaming.
  • Weighs 3.08 lbs. and measures 0.74" thin: Ultraportable design, featuring a smaller screen size and omitting the DVD/CD drive to achieve the compact form factor. 3-cell lithium-polymer battery.
  • Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer: Supports microSD memory card formats.
  • Wireless connectivity (WiFi 5 - 802.11 ac): Connect to a Wireless-AC router for nearly 3x the speed, more capacity and wider coverage than Wireless-N. Backward-compatible with all other Wi-Fi networks and hotspots.
  • Built-in HD webcam with microphone: Makes it easy to video chat with family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Skype or other popular applications.
  • Built-in virus protection and Google products: Work, play and do right out of the box with Search, Gmail, Talk, YouTube and Hangouts, then personalize with the Chrome Web Store. Multiple layers of protection defend against viruses and malware.
  • Additional ports: Microphone-in/headphone-out combo jack.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by luke1234, 10 out of 10
    Great core features and performance for the price

    Very very happy with this Lenovo Chromebook laptop. It is m first non Windows laptop and I could not be more happy with how fast it boots up, turns off, ease of adding/removing apps, simplicity of its Settings, great battery life, FHD display. We don't need a backlit keyboard or incredible speakers, so for well under $200, I'm not sure what laptop can do what this one can. I wish I needed another one, cuz I'd buy again in a heartbeat.

    Oct 23, 2021 11:54
  • Review by Leti, 8 out of 10
    Chromebook works great

    Very easy to use and sasy to setup. Would recommend

    Sep 13, 2021 16:02
  • Review by iimaniii, 10 out of 10
    It’s good

    I use mine to keep my company on the night shift, does me well.

    Oct 30, 2021 01:28
  • Review by microgirl, 8 out of 10
    Good purchase

    I am mostly happy with my new Lenovo chromebook. It was easy to set up and it found both my printers with no problems! I was also pleased to see that the AUE (Auto Update Expiration) date is September 7 years for this one compared to 5 years on my previous chromebook. The price was good, it charges quickly and has great battery life so far. It is pretty easy to use for my needs which are mostly email and internet searches and connecting to my Xfinity stream and a little work in Google docs. I did not give a 5 rating because I have had a few times where the screen has locked on me and I also have worked to try and adjust the clarity and color. My senior citizen eyes sometimes have difficulty with print being not as dark and clear as I need, expecially when print is in colors other than black.

    Oct 15, 2021 16:31
  • Review by BestFries, 10 out of 10
    It's Business

    I didn't use the device myself but my friend whom I bought it for uses it for his business and it has helped him keep up with inventory, following up on emails, chatting with his wife in Egypt, he was very thankful since no one really gets presents after what? 18? For a Chromebook, this is a beast. I should've bought two because of the 64Gb space (it's a Chromebook)

    Jul 30, 2021 18:32
  • Review by Jen329, 10 out of 10
    Great little Chromebook

    My 7 yo Dell laptop finally died and I needed a quick replacement that wasn't expensive. I never had a chromebook before and was a little skeptical. This one was on sale and had good reviews and I decided to take the plunge and buy it until I had the funds for a nice laptop. I'm so happy I did!! I ordered online and had it delivered and up and running in less than 24 hrs.! It's lightweight, very easy to use, and great for every day basic use like email and web surfing. It's fast and the battery life is great!! If you don't need all the bells and whistles and extra programs, this one is a great buy for every day use.

    Oct 08, 2021 12:50
  • Review by DEBIM, 8 out of 10
    I call this my Vacation Laptop!

    This is the perfect Chrome Book if you don't need a whole lot of bells and whistles. Great for travel and for internet browsing. Would I recommend this for casual use? Yep. It is versatile and the reason I got it is because it is very light weight...perfect to throw in an overnight bag.

    Aug 06, 2021 18:12
  • Review by JJS022, 8 out of 10
    Good for the $

    Good for simple tasks like surfing, email etc. You will need to download a third-party email app for anything but Gmail. The quality of the monitor is not great but what would you expect for this price. The camera seems decent and he really can’t beat it for the money. My 85-year-old mother-in-law has no problem running this machine

    Sep 24, 2021 15:58
  • 8.8score
    HP 11 G4 11.6" Pre-Owned Chromebook - Intel Celeron N2840 - 4GB Memory - 16GB eMMC - Chrome OS

    Inspire learning and help elevate productivity to the next level with HP Chromebook 11. Affordable collaboration at school and work has never been so easy with Intel processors, long battery life, and an optional HD IPS panel.

    2 Features
  • Memory: 4GB of Ram
  • Storage: 16GB of Flash Memory Storage
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Chromebook, 8 out of 10
    Good as advertised

    Device looks and works like new. Only reason it did get 5 stars is that half of the power cord was missing. Luckily, I was able to use the cord from my old device. Other than that, delivery, updates, and device were great.

    Oct 23, 2021 13:20
  • Review by Angie76, 10 out of 10
    Worth the purchase

    It was easy to set up my accounts and use within minutes of unpacking. In all accounts, there's no way to tell this purchase wasn't brand new

    Aug 15, 2021 07:57
  • Review by carol404, 10 out of 10

    good chrome book, fast shipping , easy shopping online, easy ordering

    Jun 27, 2021 08:24
  • Review by DAM1, 8 out of 10

    Was in a pinch at work and needed a Chromebook. Good purchase. Does everything I need it to.

    Sep 04, 2021 17:28
  • Review by MissieHope, 10 out of 10
    Great chromebook

    This chromebook is fantastic. It is refurbished but it is like brand new. It is perfect for the things i needd it for.

    Jul 02, 2021 19:18
  • Review by Great, 10 out of 10
    My new laptop

    Perfect size and easy operation!! Very good laptop for the price

    Jul 09, 2021 15:51
  • Review by Mary, 10 out of 10

    i love my Chromebook computer. Thank you very much

    Aug 28, 2021 12:41
  • Review by Cledis, 10 out of 10

    Great lil computer for my dad.his computer tore up.

    Jul 30, 2021 16:40
  • 8.8score
    ASUS - 14.0" Laptop - Intel Celeron N4020 - 4GB Memory - 64GB eMMC - Star Black - Star Black

    ASUS E410 Laptop. Enjoy everyday activity with this ASUS notebook PC. The Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM allows you run programs smoothly on the 14-inch HD display. This ASUS notebook PC has 64GB eMMC that shortens load times and offers ample storage.

    6 Features
  • Free Upgrade to Windows 11¹ (when available, see below):
  • Windows 11 Operating System: Windows 11 has all the power and security of Windows 10 with a redesigned and refreshed look. It also comes with new tools, sounds, and apps. Every detail has been considered. All of it comes together to bring you a refreshing experience on your PC.
  • 14.0" HD display: The 1366 x 768 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. Energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • Intel® Celeron® N4020 Processor: Featuring true machine intelligence and a newly designed efficient architecture, the groundbreaking processor learns and adapts to your needs so you can achieve more.
  • 4GB system memory for basic multitasking: Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs at the same time.
  • 12hr Battery Life: Its day-long battery life gives you the flexibility to work or play anywhere
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by AsusLaptop, 10 out of 10
    Asus Laptop

    Love this Laptop I needed it for online teaching and the camera was excellent. Thank you Best Buy only wish I had upgraded and got one with an internet port I had to buy an USB adapter.

    May 17, 2021 03:25
  • Review by hokageEXplusAlpha, 10 out of 10
    Iconic Asus Design and hardware.

    Gets the job done and more for a extremely reasonable price.

    Oct 15, 2021 18:12
  • Review by Grizzlieslady, 6 out of 10
    Cheap isn’t better

    U get what u pay for, one of the keys on keyboard is popped up already & haven’t had a month.

    Sep 03, 2021 16:40
  • Review by Lowigz, 10 out of 10
    Best bang for buck

    Great value for price. Bought solely for college & runescape, definitely does the trick.

    Sleek, feels sturdy, the track pad calculator was initially a bit tacky but turned out to be VERY handy.

    WAY better than a chromebook. Having actual storage is a massive plus.

    Aug 05, 2021 01:12
  • Review by Metra, 2 out of 10
    Unhappy person

    I hate that toolbar keeps popping up whenever I try to click anything. I do not like where the number pad is located. I’m old school. It’s getting too complicated

    Jul 02, 2021 20:27
  • Review by RaisingRipples, 2 out of 10

    At first, the laptop worked great for my daughter and I. We probably got on it 2 x’s a week. 2 months and 2 days in it stops running. Save your money for a system that’s worth your tendies.

    Oct 14, 2021 14:22
  • Review by JMayer2, 10 out of 10
    Great laptop for $220!!

    I was pretty skeptical buying a laptop for roughly $235 (including sales tax) but was pleasantly surprised. I bought this laptop to using while on vacation. It doesn't have the best CPU, screen or storage but for Office applications, web browsing, etc. this is more than enough. The keyboard is pretty good with a decent amount of travel. It's 100% plastic and the screen is a little low resolution but for $235 it's very difficult to complain. Plus it weighs less than 3 pounds, you can throw it into a backpack and you won't feel it. This is a definite buy for someone looking for a secondary pc.

    Jul 20, 2021 15:47
  • Review by Randall, 8 out of 10
    Great deal for an average user

    Great price and very up to date but for some reason the web browsers run slow. I have a MacBook and it’s very fast on the exact same internet.

    Jul 02, 2021 15:45
  • 8.6score
    Acer - 11.6" HD- Chromebook 311- Intel Celeron N4000-4GB Memory -32GB eMMC

    Designed For Convenience Be dialed in—all the time, everywhere and anywhere—with the Acer Chromebook 11. Recognized as the perfect multi-media companion, this special machine is super thin, extra light and delivers unmatched value in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. It features an impressive HDR camera, fast wireless connectivity and a long-lasting battery life, so you can run your favorite Google apps or access your photos, videos, music and documents—all day long.

    5 Features
  • Companion On-the-Go: Powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor, the Chromebook loads content-rich webpages fast, provide crisp video playback, and enable you to multitask effortlessly by allowing multiple pages to run at the same time.
  • Effortless Mobility: At just 0.71 inches thin and weighing less than 2.35 lbs, this Chromebook floats like a butterfly and slips into your bag with ease
  • All Day Battery Life: “All day”? Could mean a lot of things depending on who you talk to. We figure with up to 10 hours of battery operation, you’ll agree, whatever you call a day, we’ve got you covered
  • Flexible Connectivity: Two USB Type-C ports for ultra-quick data transfer, video streaming, and battery charging. The reversible USB 3.1 Type-C™ connector is the same at both ends and on both sides, so it’s easy to attach. USB 3.1 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0.
  • Stay Productive: Fast boot times, ease of use, tough security and a long battery life are some of the advantages of Chrome OS. With a boot time of about 8 seconds you’ll start working quicker; the simplified interface makes it easy to learn; integrated malware protection stops viruses in their tracks
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by ebk02, 10 out of 10
    Considering the value / price point, excellent!

    This was nicely packaged, and included the Chromebook, USB C charger, and a little pamphlet. Opening the box and taking out the notebook, it had a nice quality look and feel. I am sure it is all plastic construction at this price point, but it seems solid, and I didn't notice any flex. The hinges are sturdy, and held the display's position firmly. The keyboard has good feel and key travel - I found it easy to type on. There is one downside to the keyboard - the white letters don't stand out well in dim lighting. This makes typing in dim lighting difficult. Definitely would benefit from backlit keys. The palm rests are textured to look like carbon fiber, and shouldn't show finger prints.

    The display is bright, but it has wide bezels around it. I assume this is so the keyboard doesn't have to be made smaller and cramped. However, that makes this 11.6 inch notebook have almost the same footprint as my 13.3 inch laptop.

    At first, I had some doubts as to the capability of this Chromebook - having only 4 gb ram and a duo core Celeron N4000 processor.

    However, I went ahead and installed a number of apps, including some games from the App store. These downloaded and installed very quickly.

    After using for awhile, I must say I am quite surprised. It has handled the tasks I have thrown at it very well. I have not noticed any real lag while browsing - but then I don't have a dozen pages open at the same time. Basic games from the app store run just fine. It also streams Netflix well, and the display has good colors and fairly deep blacks, making movies look good. And, there was no light bleed around edges of screen that I noticed. The resolution of 720 in a smaller screen still results in a fairly sharp image.

    The sound was loud enough from the down firing speakers, but tinny - as to be expected from such tiny speakers. Sound through headphone port was great.

    I have not run the battery completely down, but one preliminary result is after 4 hours of light use, there is still 77% battery capacity left. This should definitely be an all day machine.

    There is one other issue - the limited storage, as the SSD is only 32 gb. And, unlike some android devices, the micro SD card cannot be formatted as "internal".

    All in all, this is a good choice for lightweight notebook that handles general tasks well, such as internet, email, streaming, etc. Excellent for student, or really anyone needing an ultra portable - and still capable - notebook.

    Jun 10, 2021 16:02
  • Review by MrGadget, 10 out of 10
    Acer 311 Chromebook, fun, productive

    Demand for Chromebooks is skyrocketing as consumers look for relatively inexpensive notebooks for school and home, and even for some businesses. Why? Blame the pandemic for starters.

    Though I am a Windows and Mac user, I am having fun with this Chromebook, an Acer 311. Thin and light, this 11-inch notebook weighs in at just about 2.2 lbs (about 1 kg), and is about the footprint size of a standard piece of copy paper.

    What is a Chromebook? It is a notebook computer that runs not on the MacOS or Windows, but on the ChromeOS, using the owner’s Google account to log in and use all the services.

    Is it better? In some cases, but it IS different in a couple of significant ways. Now 10 years old, the ChromeOS is mature and much more capable than when it all started. By this I mean there is little that most consumers cannot do on a Chromebook, even the most basic model such as this one.

    First, they are largely free from malware or viruses. This is because Chromebooks rely on and must be connected to the Internet in order to fully function. Though there is data stored on the Chromebook drive, it relies on an Internet connection to shake hands with servers in the cloud where the larger part of data, or work product, such as word processing and other documents are stored instead of on its internal storage, though the small amount of internal space may be designated for document and other storage.

    They startup quickly, usually in less than 10 seconds. System updates are pushed to the Chromebook as needed. After bootup and when closed, they come on instantly when opened.

    Chromebooks do not need to rely on third party software such as Microsoft Office or anything else from Microsoft, or Apple for that matter. It’s all baked into the Chrome cake. And these laptops are not handicapped by the lack of Microsoft inside.

    The ChromeOS is lightweight, lean and mean, which is why it is so fast, even with otherwise pokey processors that would barely get out of the starting gate in a traditional laptop. Apps for Chromebooks come from the Google Play store, just like on Windows computers and Android phones.

    They also need less memory, that is, RAM, and usually have smaller drives, now in the form of a chip-based Solid State Drive or SSD. Less RAM and smaller capacity SSDs contribute to their lower prices.

    What can Chromebooks do? Just about anything a traditional notebook can, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and so on, using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms online, all compatible with the Microsoft apps. Perfect for web browsing, email, social media, audio files and streaming, videos from all the popular streamers using either web-based access or apps for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix from the Google Play Store. Why download these apps? The only way to download videos for offline viewing that might be useful for travel is through the apps.

    With the built-in Webcam, use Zoom and other meetings capabilities.

    Audio files may also be played from a thumb drive plugged into USB side ports.

    Printing is a different than on Windows PCs and Macs. Suffice it to say that I figured it out without a lot of effort and now I can print and scan using all of our wireless printers.

    What can’t a Chromebook do? Gaming, video editing and music production are best done on more powerful traditional computers. Other than for these kinds of high processor demand operations, I have discovered that Chromebooks can be a good and economical choice for most consumers.

    Battery life is excellent on Chromebooks, up to 10 hours on this model. With fast Gigabit Wi-Fi, users will find the best online speed capability, depending upon the speed of the ISP. There is one Type-C USB 3.1 port on the left and a twin on the right, so either side may be used with the power supply. Other ports include a pair of USB 3.0 USB Type A ports as well as a microSD slot for additional storage.


    • Acer Chromebook

    • Power supply

    • Setup Guide and warranty

    **THE SETUP**

    Equipped with Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB Memory, 32GB eMMC solid state drive, setup is so simple. Plug in the charger. While waiting and charging navigate to the URL at the, “Getting to know your desktop” page in the Setup Guide to locate and download the “User Manual.” Open the notebook, press the power key and follow the prompts to sign in to the user’s Google (Gmail) account or create one. In a few minutes, setup will be completed and it will be ready for action.


    With rare exception, I can do any of the normal consumer computer activities with this Chromebook that can be done with a Mac or Windows computer.

    Instant on is a welcome change. And so, I set out to use this notebook throughout a few days that included writing this review.

    One more thing that is popular amongst Chromebook users is using them as a platform for Linux, the open source operating system growing in mainstream popularity. I’ll have to try that!


    One year parts and labor on the hardware.

    Jun 12, 2021 22:08
  • Review by jsisko76, 10 out of 10
    Great Starter Device for Basic Needs

    This Acer model is sold at an excellent price point for what it is. It's small, portable, provides all of the basic functionality that you would need in a laptop (email, video streaming, even Zoom!), and does all that at a very affordable price. The USB-C charging is nice, as that is the expected standard for the future. To be able to charge up several devices and only bring one power cord on a trip is a great thing.

    I plan to have this chromebook be used by my 1st grader as their starter device to learn the basics, get familiar with keyboards, and learn to browse the web safely. It could also be a nice living room device that you can tuck away easily thanks to its small form factor (see images with a pen for scale). I tested out Zoom, installing the app to chrome and made a test call. It worked perfectly so we are prepared to use this for school if it is conducted remotely next year at any point.

    The 4 GB of RAM is a nice bonus for such an affordable chromebook, keeping things running swiftly and smoothly!

    Overall, this is a great budget chromebook for anyone in the market for one!

    Jun 13, 2021 23:30
  • Review by ERN52, 10 out of 10
    Very Nice and Straight-Forward Computer

    Acer - 11.6" HD- Chromebook 311

    I have been using DOS & Windows computers for over 25 years and this Acer Chromebook was a first for me. I got this CB for my daughter to help her with her schoolwork. I still haven't given it to her but will soon.

    These are my impressions so far:

    This CB is refreshingly simple.

    - Open the box - Take out the computer - Plug it in

    - Press the Power Button - Connect to the network

    - Sign in or register an email account

    - At the completion of the installation, you are up and running.

    The CB is well equipped with auxiliary ports:

    - 2 USB - 2 USBC

    - Micro SD Drive - 802.11 AC Network Adapter - Camera -Audio Jack

    - Battery life is excellent - rated for 10 hours

    Comes equipped with basic software needs

    - Additional software downloadable

    The screen is 11.6" and clear. It has a mousepad.

    The only item that might be purchased separately is a USB or Micro-SD card for external storage.

    Reasonably priced - Flexible - Capable for light computing and entertainment tasks. Perfect for a student to use for their schoolwork. I think its great!

    Jun 14, 2021 10:47
  • Review by Namdnas, 10 out of 10
    A great basic "starter" Chromebook.

    We had a larger Acer Chromebook, prior to this one. I initially got it for myself, but wound up never really using it. So, when schooling went Virtual this past year, I gave it to my daughter for home-use. I worked great for her but unfortunately, she's not learned fully on how to well care for things (ahem, electronics) just yet. Needless to say, it survived a few good drops and daily wear and tear and seemed O.K.; But one day, the screen just went out. It got "impact" damage out of the blue, even though nothing happened to it at that specific moment in time and the screen went all wonky and unusable. Luckily, there was only about a month left of school for the year and she was able to finish it out on her desktop and iPad.

    I needed to get her a new laptop for the new 2021 school year, just in case there would be a need for it or if there were any Virtual days. I didn't want to get anything super expensive due, but I wanted something smaller and functional enough. So, I went ahead and got this Acer Chromebook for her...just to be safe. I've allowed her to use it over the weekend to make sure it works O.K. and we tested it for the purposes of this review. With that out of the way, it is getting put up until the school year starts and I'm giving her further "teaching" opportunities on taking care of things...especially electronics and I want this Chromebook to last her.

    Unboxing was just pretty standard fare. Included in the cardboard box was the Chromebook itself, the charging cables (two pieces...the power brick and the actual cable that goes into the wall), as well as the manual, documentation and other materials. Nothing fancy and about the par for course, given the price of the product. Setting it up was a breeze. I absolutely LOVED the fact that this Chromebook, unlike our last one, does not use a proprietary charging cable. It uses USB-C, which is fantastic and totally unexpected! YAY!

    After getting it initially set up - connected to WiFi, logged in with a Gmail account, updated and a few apps downloaded, off we went. It was business as normal and works great for everything! Zero issues with logging into any of her previous school apps and websites. YouTube and other similar websites work great, as does Spotify and even the Apple Music website for our accounts there.

    We loved the smaller form factor (we always felt our previous one was too big, thick and gaudy) and it's slimline design. If there's one thing we don't like about it are the huuuuuuge bezels around the screen. It does make the top half look pretty cheap, but the screen itself is good enough and definitely has better viewing angles that the prior one we had. The webcam is sufficient and has a wider field-of-view than most, it seems and the battery seemed to hold up well to the advertised 10 hour life - this will all depend on various factors...such as screen brightness, audio volume and what you're doing with it. Watching Netflix? Yeah, don't expect it to last the full 10 hours.

    In conclusion: It's a basic-range Chromebook, not very expensive and in many cases..."expendable", if you will. If you have kids, no matter the age, this would make a great investment for them, as it would not be costly to replace and it does what it should. It also throws into a backpack or satchel well - just keep it protected. Oh and did I mention the fact that it has USB-C charging already? Yup, that's pretty awesome.

    Jun 15, 2021 12:43
  • Review by Crasher, 8 out of 10
    Chromebook for those on the go

    The Acer 11" Chromebook is perfect for those on the go or those looking to supplement their over sized laptops for something more compact and light weight. What this tiny Chromebook may lack in power and memory it makes up for in its compact design and versatility.

    So first impressions out of the box with this Acer Chromebook was it just felt and looked very cheap. At first glance this looked like something i would give my kids or something a adolescence would use. Looks aside this unit actually had me quite impressed. Keys are well placed for medium to small hands where as larger hands may struggle a little more. Charging is done via a usb-c power bank and full charge was achieved in less then a hour on a 15% battery life. If it is your first time using a Chromebook they can be a little overwhelming to understand however one of the first pages to prompt up was a guide to help you with navigating your new Chromebook. This Chromebook does have a built in HD webcam for Zoom meetings and i will say that Zoom picture quality was really good with no lag across a highspeed internet connection. My only gripe here is the lack of a privacy shutter on the webcam. There are two built in speakers on the underside of the Chromebook however don't expect to be blown away by the sound quality. Connection to the internet was fast and easy and in fact connection to everything was pretty easy. When connecting to my homes wireless printer i was worried about all the steps i was gonna have to take to set it up however the built in programs worked flawlessly handling all the hard work which resulted in a connection time of a minute or less. You can connect audio headsets either via Bluetooth or through the 3.5mm jack. If you are a android user you can also link your account to have everything populated from your phone directly on to your Chromebook.

    Let's talk about where Acer is trying to go with this for a minute. This laptop is designed to be compact and fast allowing you to tote this inside any small travel bag or backpack. One feature that has it really stand out is its long battery life while in sleep mode. With the laptop closed the screen and everything with it goes in to sleep mode. The screen turns off and everything runs on low power keeping the unit cool and the battery long lasting. What's nice is the the minute you open the screen everything turns back on and resumes where you left off. There are no load or refresh times, its pretty much pick up where you last left off and go. This is perfect for those on the go. Need to write a essay for a project you have upcoming while taking a bus or train ride home? Not a problem, simply start writing and when you arrive at your destination there is no need to save anything, just simply close your laptop, stow it away, open it up when you get home and take off right where you last left off. When connected to a good high speed internet processing multiple task went alot faster than i had anticipated with this unit. As a matter of fact i was greatly surprised to see i could stream Spotify while writing a paper with multiple windows open surfing for information. The laptop did a very good job at dissipating heat and battery life in sleep mode lasted me more then 4 days, while in full use battery lasted me about 8 hours with medium settings to the brightness. Overall this a great piece to add if your looking for something small and light weight that wont weigh you down or break the bank.

    Jun 17, 2021 17:30
  • Review by Androidaholic, 8 out of 10
    Good little Chromebook!

    The Acer 11.6” HD-Chromebook 311-Intel Celeron N4000-4GB Memory-32GB eMMC is a minimalist device and it is priced as such. That means no touch screen or backlit keyboard etc. That being said, this device for the price they are asking is a good device with a keyboard that has a good feel to it and a screen that is an acceptable 720p HD that gets plenty bright plus the speakers sound good enough to make watching videos enjoyable. I would definitely get a small thumb drive to stick in one of its usb ports or the microSD Card slot for extra storage. I was looking for a small device that I could easily tote around the house like to the kitchen so I can watch YouTube while I cook or eat. The truth is I have a 15.6 inch touch screen laptop and I never use the touch screen function much at all. I use a wireless mouse. So I do not think most people need a bunch of fancy extra features that they probably will not use. I think most people use a laptop the same way they use their desktop. At least that's how I am just out of habit. This device is very small and light and easy to take with you even in a purse if you are female that carries one. If you are looking for a very portable little laptop and use chrome for everything on your desktop like my family this is a great option at a good price. This device does what it is supposed to do and while it may not have the highest resolution screen and all of the fancy bells and whistles I found it to be quite enjoyable to use because the screen looked good and the speakers even sound good. Not only that it responded quickly to any action I took on it whether it be turning it on opening an app or starting up the browser. If you are looking for a low priced chromebook with a small footprint this is a good choice!

    Jun 15, 2021 00:06
  • Review by Chromebook, 8 out of 10
    My chrome book

    Pretty easy to use starts up fast and I like the color and weight is very lite. Wish there was more in the line of how to use different areas of the computer. I recommend it and would buy it again the price was reasonable

    Jul 27, 2021 21:16
  • 9.8score