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Keurig - K-Select Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - Matte Black

Start your morning right with this Keurig K-Select Single Serve Coffee Maker. Simple button controls let you brew an individual 12-oz. cup of coffee in less than one minute, and the strong brew setting produces a bolder flavor. Brew five cups at a time with this Keurig K-Select brewer without refilling the 52-oz. reservoir.

6 Features
  • Ensure you don't leave the coffee machine on: Auto shut-off promotes safe operation.
  • Brew the perfect cup: Strength control lets you make coffee that suits your tastes.
  • Programmable cup volume: Allows you to set your coffee size to your own personal preferences.
  • Removable water tank: Allows easy refilling.
  • Pick up quickly after brewing is complete: A removable drip tray detaches easily from the machine.
  • Black matte finish: Creates a stylish appearance.
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  • Review by ryanmcv, 10 out of 10
    Keurig Goes Back to the Basics

    When Keurig released its "Version 2.0" brewers a few years back, the company was criticized for over-complicating what should be a relatively simple device. With this new K-Select model, Keurig has brought over some of the better features of its 2.0 brewers and left off the unnecessary gimmicks.


    - No "digital rights management" technology. On most of its 2.0 brewers, Keurig implemented a technology that forces the consumer to use only Keurig-approved K-Cups. The company has since rolled back this technology, and luckily this brewer does not seem to include it at all. Generic brand K-Cups and reusable filters work with no problems on this K-Select brewer.

    - Includes an option for strong brew. I believe this is the first brewer in Keurig's "Classic" series to include the option, and it works well.

    - Uses simple buttons instead of an LCD screen. Some may prefer the screen, but the buttons allow you to begin a brew much quicker without having to tap through menus on a screen. I use my Keurig in a busy office and I love being able to just press one button and be on my way.

    - Surprisingly large water reservoir. With its compact size, I was expecting it to hold much less water. However, the 52-ounce reservoir is perfect for a busy office or home kitchen with limited space.

    - There's no need to wait for the brewer to heat up before inserting a K-Cup and selecting your cup size. While it's still pre-heating, simply select the cup size button and it will brew as soon as it's ready.

    - It has a matte-black finish that doesn't show fingerprints or dust.

    - Very quiet. This is probably the quietest Keurig brewer that I've owned.


    - The lid of the water reservoir is not attached by a hinge and is easy to knock off the brewer if your hand touches it with too much force.

    - The plastic that makes up the Keurig feels rather cheap. The brewer is very lightweight, but I'm hoping that didn't come at the cost of poor design and reliability. Time will tell.


    If you're looking for a simple, no-frills Keurig brewer, this is it. It offers the best parts of Keurig's 2.0 brewers without any of the bloat. It's fast, quiet, has a large water tank, and is very compact. Highly recommended!

    Sep 08, 2017 15:18
  • Review by MarkusKong, 8 out of 10
    Better than the CLASSIC but not the PLUS


    Quick Features on the Product

    Fresh brewed coffee in under one minute

    Energy saver programmable auto off timer

    Strong brew kicks up your coffee strength and intensity

    Select from four cup sizes (6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces)

    52 ounce removable water reservoir

    Brews 5 cups with one fill

    What's in the box?

    Keurig K-Select Unit

    Quick Start Guide

    Important Safeguards

    Warranty Registration

    Coupon for descaling solution and k-cup pods

    6 k-cup pods variety pack

    Reservoir water filter

    Instructions on how to install reservoir water filter


    Here's my thoughts on K-Select.

    To me it seems like a classic series with its manual buttons and non-existent customization with few added plus series features. A hybrid of Classic and Plus, if you will.

    Ultimately, it serves its purpose of brewing a consistent cup of coffee each time, fast but I would definitely not consider this a machine for the "coffee enthusiast."

    Like most things in the world, the following pros and cons is my personal opinion and will vary person to person depending on how much they "like" coffee and if they're after a cup of "specialty" coffee or content with a cup of "starbucks" coffee.


    - Easy and painless to use

    - Quick, just under a minute, cup of coffee

    - Consistent cup of coffee each time. Never burnt, bitter taste. Cannot say if it under brews or not.

    - "Strong Brew" is a nice added feature especially when brewing a larger size

    - Energy Saver : Auto Shut Off (which classic should already have auto shut off but plus has energy saver "&" auto shut off so I was always unsure what the difference exactly was/is)

    - Large reservoir : 52oz. Makes enough cups to get you through the day unless you drink a gallon each day

    - Additional cup size than the classic : 12oz

    - Hot cocoa and other non-coffee items taste great when brewed for 6-8oz but watered down at 10-12oz (all Keurig)

    - Minor but a big deal for fingerprints, yes!


    - No customization (I'm sure a coffee enthusiast can go onto explain how important it is for water to be at a certain temperature, what type of filter, what type of bean, how it's stored, how it's ground, yada yada...)

    - REALLY SHORT cord

    - Splashes everywhere (this is with every Keurig so if you're not too fond of brown spots everywhere...not for you)

    - Drip tray is still not the greatest quality and comes off even when lifting cup

    - Reservoir max line is literally the edge of the container so water spills if you removed the reservoir and directly filling the reservoir. You can only fill to max when reservoir is attached to the unit using a cup or you have the hands of a surgeon

    - Reservoir lid is still just a loose lid and not secure


    - Not sure if it works with non Keurig licensed pods or any other type of pods like the Classic Series

    Priced at $129.99, I would say it's a better buy than a classic but if customization is what you're looking for, I would recommend paying a little more for their Plus series.

    Sep 05, 2017 21:37
  • Review by RedScorpion, 10 out of 10
    K-Select is a Respectable Update to the Classic

    I have had the Keurig K-Select for a week and in the past week it has proven to be a good update to the Classic series of Keurig home brew options. It has multiple size options all the way up to a 12 ounce pod. In addition, it has a strong brew toggle. The strong brew feature increases the brewing time thus increasing the strength of certain coffee brews. If you're using an instant mix or a hot chocolate k-cup, you obviously won't notice much of a difference, but with the traditional coffee pods, the difference between standard and strong brew is noticeable.

    The brewer heats up quick and is simple to use. There are no LCD screens, only a few simple buttons on the top of the unit.

    If I have any complaints, the tank on the side of the brewer is a bit narrow and, with my hands, it was hard to change out the filters. But the tank is a good size. You can easily brew several drinks before the tank needs to be refilled.

    I was able to use a filter cup with my own coffee grounds. And there is plenty of space to fill up a travel mug.

    I recommend this Keurig to anyone looking for a new brewer.

    Sep 05, 2017 01:31
  • Review by TECHBEENGOOD, 10 out of 10
    You’re gonna make a lot more coffee at home

    The new Keurig K-Select classic coffee maker is slightly different than our 5y/o Keurig model, but the differences are all improvements. Our biggest problem with the older version? These Keurigs won't break even when you're itching for a new one. Sure, we de-scaled it . . once . . . of our region’s infamous calcium deposits, but it’s just keeps on working. Older models are going to be 21st century hand-me-downs.

    The new Keurig is a bit slimmed down and shorter. It has added a carbon filter which should last 2 or more months. While I'm not thrilled with another consumable, I'm happy about the carbon filter. The size selection switches are all illuminated, are laid out logically, and they've added a travel mug size. This model has no LCD screen, but doesn’t need one. Everything else is the same. Soak, rinse (thoroughly) and load in the filter. Fill the water reservoir. Power on. Open the pod holder and place one of the dozens (hundreds?) of coffee/tea/cocoa pods into place before you close the cover. Select size. Wait about 90 or so seconds and you're ready. And you just saved some cash and a trip to the neighborhood coffee vendor. The pod coffee maker is a genuine convenience. Just be sure to order enough pods, ‘cause you’re gonna add home-made coffee to your routine.

    Sep 01, 2017 16:56
  • Review by Diablo, 10 out of 10
    Keurig K-Select

    What can you say about a Keurig?

    That is the best coffee maker? That the servings are consistent and flavorful? That the maker is well made and lasts a reasonable amount of time? That is mostly maintenance free? (mostly)

    The K-Select lacks all the whistles and fancy stuff that Keurig's most expensive version has, but in its simplicity lies its genius; it works consistently, without a hassle, over and over, many times a day, for many days.

    After all, life's most rewarding experiences come from the simplest things; a hug from your kids, a message from a loved one, the sun up in the morning (if you think that is simple), your car taking you to work...

    A warm cup of coffee, just as you expect it, over and over, every time brewed to perfection, only a Keurig!

    Oct 26, 2019 05:59
  • Review by SteveC, 10 out of 10
    Excellent addition to the Keurig line

    This new model of Keurig brewer is a step up over the K55 with having the addition of a 12oz and “Strong Brew” settings. This has an easily removed 52oz water tank that has the usual Keurig carbon filter in it. The outside of the unit on our unit is flat black, except for the operating handle which is a flat gray color, and the only glossy item is the water tank. The removable spill tray easily handles a tall cup or travel mug.

    From a cold start “after priming and setting up” it doesn’t take long from turning on and being ready to brew the first cup. This one is very simple to use, just select one of the 4 sizes 6,8,10 or 12oz and if you want to use the “Strong” option just press it before selecting the size.

    The unit came with a sample pack of Keurig pods and it had no problem brewing any of those, the strong option did make the coffee pretty strong “plenty strong for me”.

    I did have a couple questions about the operation of the unit and called customer support, after a couple of usual voice prompts a representative answered the phone immediately and was very polite, helpful and answered all my questions. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of customer support and their helpfulness which isn’t the case with a lot of companies anymore.

    This looks like it will be another great addition to the Keurig line, very simple to use for those who don’t like going through menus and reading displays.

    Sep 02, 2017 10:24
  • Review by Kelby, 10 out of 10
    Quality Coffee Brewed Quickly


    The Keurig K-Select combines sleekness with simplicity. Not only does it look great in our kitchen, but also does not take up much space. Other design aspects that I have liked include: easy to lift handle when inserting/removing pods, easily removable water reservoir, accommodating mugs up to 7.4 inches high, and simplistic buttons. I certainly feel that the K-Select was designed with the target user in mind. Ease of use and appearance are important to me for kitchen appliances of any size, and Keurig delivers on both factors with the K-Select.


    One minute is all you need to brew a cup of coffee. The K-Select is very efficient, and I love that I can get my coffee fix, even when I am in a hurry. Taking a travel mug of coffee with me to work has been a daily task for several years, but now I am not even sure I would consider it a task because it is so quick and easy. In addition to efficiency, this brewer is effective. A quality cup of coffee is brewed every single time, and that is the case for any of the four brew sizes you choose as well as the strong brew feature. Throughout my extensive use, I have never been disappointed.


    If I had to summarize my thoughts on the Keurig K-Select, I would say it is the most convenient and effective coffee brewer I have ever used. I love the simple and speedy coffee brewing process that the K-Select provides. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just someone looking for a quick energy boost, you will not be disappointed with the Keurig K-Select.

    Sep 04, 2017 00:01
  • Review by Janine, 4 out of 10
    Not Keurig's Best Model

    I've been a steadfast Keurig user for many years now, and have purchased several different models of their brewers. Love the convenience, and the varied selection of K-Cups currently available out in the marketplace has grown considerably since I switched from using my conventional coffee maker to being a Keurig fangirl.

    One of the main things I love about Keurig brewers, is that they're not just a coffee maker. You can buy K-Cups of many well-known brand name coffees, even compostable varieties (all traditional K-Cups are recyclable). There are K-Cups for herbal tea, iced tea, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and believe it or not - soup! Or ... if you're just wanting to heat up some plain hot water for tea bags or instant oatmeal in the morning, you can do that too - just don't insert a K-Cup in the chamber and select the size cup of hot water you want. Remember to always follow the instructions with regards to appropriate cups/mugs to use when making iced coffees or teas. It's also a good idea to do a 6-cup hot water rinse cycle after brewing your coffee/tea/etc. before making that plain hot water, so as to cleanse out any residual taste from your previous brew.

    Now onto the specifics of this Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker.

    Firstly, the 'Pros.'

    This is the quietest Keurig brewer I've owned, both with heating up the water, and the brewing process itself. Which says, to me, that Keurig has been working on continuing to make improvements in their design. Setup was easy; just follow the simple instructions.

    Included in the box, was a reservoir filter, which is a nice addition. I won't be using mine, as I only use spring or already filtered water in my Keurig, but if you prefer to use tap water, this accessory is a must. The clear water reservoir also has a helpful 'max fill line', and the brewer itself will let you know when to descale (clean) the unit or when to add more water via indicator lights up top where the brew cup sizes are located.

    A handy feature all Keurig's boast, is a 2-hour shut off timer. On this model, the included instructions explain how to disable this if you prefer.

    I'd wager this model's big selling point is meant to be the Strong Brew feature. You can definitely taste the difference. While not a fan of the dark roasts, I tried one to make a 10-ounce 'strong brew' cup of coffee, and was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was full-bodied, with no bitterness or burnt aftertaste. It sorta reminded me of an alternative expresso, which I guess is the idea. For those who love more rich, dark blends or a jolt of strong coffee intensity, this feature is for you.

    The cord is heavy duty, much more than seems necessary for this particular coffee maker. In fact, there seems to be more 'quality' in the power cord than in the entire unit itself.

    Which brings me to the 'Cons.'

    The entire thing is plastic?! Not even the pretty 'gun metal finish' colored handle is made of metal.

    What's missing? Several of the mid-high range model Keurig brewers come with a "My K-Cup Accessory" included. This model does not. The 'My K-Cup' reusable filter enables you to fill and brew your own personal K-Cup using your favorite brands of coffee, and also, cuts down on K-Cup waste. This isn't a deal-breaker, by any means, as these are easy enough to find and buy at local stores which stock Keurig brewers, K-Cups, and accessories. Still would have been a nice perk to include, especially considering the price of the brewer.

    This particular model did feel more like a "lower range" Keurig. The quality just wasn't there. While I hesitate to say the plastic chassis felt cheap, this model Keurig most definitely IS NOT worth the suggested retail cost. Hopefully, the water reservoir will stand the test of time. Other than underneath where leaking customarily occurs on any coffee maker, standard or Keurig, the seams along the edges of the clear plastic reservoir just appear lacking. So, we shall see ... The lid to the water reservoir also doesn't snap down or lock in place, which made it feel flimsy.

    Overall, I think this K-Select model is greatly overpriced, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Keurig brand of coffee brewers to anyone who's not yet given them a try. There are better Keurig models out there for a comparable or lower price. I would recommend foregoing this model, and trying one of those.

    Sep 06, 2017 23:04
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