Top Best 10 Electric Bikes in November 2021

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Bird - V-Frame eBike w/50 mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed - Glacier White

Bird 500W V-Frame Electric BikeElectric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

11 Features
  • Max Speed: Max electric assist speed of 20 mph
  • Safety Certified: IP65+ Water Resistance
  • User Friendly: Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Kenda Brand Tires: Puncture-Resistant Tire
  • Gates Belt Drivetrain: Gates Drive outperforms and outlasts chains on motorized eBikes.
  • Instant Boost: Press the throttle on the handlebar to get all the speed you need for a boosted ride and an easier climb.
  • 36v / 12.8Ah Removable Battery: Easy to remove for charging or charge while on the e-bike, our safety-tested battery is built to last and is certified to meet top standards for electric bicycles.
  • 500w, Powerful Motor: Engineered for maximum power and a smooth ride, our 500w Rear Hub Bafang motor runs efficiently even at top speed.
  • High-performance Carbon Drive Train: Smooth, strong and designed for high performance, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of rough road and eliminate the need for chain maintenance.
  • Embedded Dash Display: Located right between the handlebars, the fully integrated LCD Dash conveniently displays speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life and more.
  • Alloy Frame: Commercial grade aluminum alloy frame
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  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10
    Hands down the best model!!!!!

    Expensive yeaaaahh but worth evey penny! Enjoying the city rides every day to work and back to home

    Nov 05, 2021 22:50
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    Bird V-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed - Gravity Gray

    Bird 500W V-Frame Electric Bike

    11 Features
  • Max Speed: Max electric assist speed of 20 mph
  • Safety Certified: IP65+ Water Resistance
  • User Friendly: Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Kenda Brand Tires: Puncture-Resistant Tire
  • Gates Belt Drivetrain: Gates Drive outperforms and outlasts chains on motorized eBikes.
  • Instant Boost: Press the throttle on the handlebar to get all the speed you need for a boosted ride and an easier climb.
  • 36v / 12.8Ah Removable Battery: Easy to remove for charging or charge while on the e-bike, our safety-tested battery is built to last and is certified to meet top standards for electric bicycles.
  • 500w, Powerful Motor: Engineered for maximum power and a smooth ride, our 500w Rear Hub Bafang motor runs efficiently even at top speed.
  • High-performance Carbon Drive Train: Smooth, strong and designed for high performance, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of rough road and eliminate the need for chain maintenance.
  • Embedded Dash Display: Located right between the handlebars, the fully integrated LCD Dash conveniently displays speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life and more.
  • Alloy Frame: Commercial grade aluminum alloy frame.
  • The Most Useful Review
  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10
    Hands down the best model!!!!!

    Expensive yeaaaahh but worth evey penny! Enjoying the city rides every day to work and back to home

    Nov 05, 2021 22:50
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    SWFT - VOLT eBike w/ 32mi Max Operating Range & 19.8 mph Max Speed - Black

    Your SWFT journey starts here. Wherever you’re headed, VOLT will get you there with style, safety, and a fresh design that’ll turn heads as you turn corners. Move ahead of the pack with a SWFT e-bike with a built-in rechargeable battery. Multiple modes allow you to use pedal-assist or your throttle to propel you forward. With a 19.8 mph max speed, you can travel up to 32 miles on a single charge of your battery alone. A built-in monitor display indicates your battery output and speed. Let the journey begin.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    10 Features
  • Max Speed: The VOLT’s throttle reaches speeds up to 19.8mph.
  • Max Distance: Ride up to 32 miles on a single battery charge.
  • Rechargeable Battery: A built-in 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery powers your ride without weighing you down.
  • Charging Time: Fully charge your ride in just 6 hours. Charger included, all you need is an outlet.
  • Motor: A 350W motor powers the pedal assist and gets you there fast, no sweat.
  • Tire Size: The VOLT’s 700c x 28mm tires are ideal for hitting the road whether commuting in the city, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely ride.
  • Gears: Single-speed. No need to switch it up when you have pedal assist capabilities and a throttle at your fingertips.
  • Frame: The VOLT’s light and durable steel frame accommodates 700c tires, up to 220 lbs, and feels like gliding on air.
  • Recommended Rider Height: The VOLT is best suited for most riders 5”10’ and up.
  • Your First Ride: Before riding, give your battery a full and complete charge. Make sure your battery indicator light on your charger reads green before you disconnect your charger and take your first ride.
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  • Review by ReviewedByPhil, 8 out of 10
    Fun, fast, built for tall riders

    The SWFT Volt e-bike is my first electric bicycle and my first new bike in a long while. A couple things to know upfront is that this bike is designed for riders who are around 5’10” (178cm) or taller and that there is a bit of assembly required, since it comes flat packed in a shipping box. The bike comes with the tools you’ll need to put the bike together (three Allen wrenches and a multi-wrench) and generic assembly instructions. While a QR code in the manual appears in the “Assembly Tips and Videos” section, as of this review’s writing, the page it points to doesn’t yet exist. Thankfully the written assembly instructions in the manual are pretty easy to follow, consisting of installing the saddle (seat), attaching the handle bars to the stem, attaching the front wheel to the fork, and installing the two pedals to the crank. Assembly took me about 20 minutes total by myself and charging the bike up for the first time took about 5 hours.

    The bike itself weighs a little over 40 lbs and is rated to carry a rider/load weighing up to 220 lbs. The frame of the bike has a sturdy construction, and the battery for the 350 Watt motor is housed inside the down tube, which is wider than a regular bike’s but low-profile enough that it looks and feels very much like a manual bike. The kickstand is also wide and chunky and easily supports the bike when freestanding. The bike is single-gear, and the 700c x 28mm road tires are suitable for use on smooth, paved surfaces, but not designed for off-road terrain like nature trails or grass. The bike comes with four safety reflectors: one on each tire, a red one on the back, and white one on the handlebars. The LCD for the electronic controls sits on the left-hand side of the handle bars and shows you the remaining battery life, current travel speed, distance traveled (trip/total), travel time, and certain types of error icons. It can be set to display English or metric units. There’s also a powered headlight that runs off the motor’s battery that you can activate by pressing and holding the “up” button on the display. Note that if you turn the display off, the headlight will power off as well.

    Since I’m a bit shorter than the recommended rider height, adjusting the seat height to the lowest setting still didn’t allow my feet to fully touch the ground when stationary. Although, once I’m on the bike and moving, it was less of an issue. The electric motor is turned on by pressing and holding the power button on the control display. When riding without the motor on, it just feels like a normal bike. Activating pedal-assist even at the lowest of the three settings, makes pedaling significantly easier, since it feels like there is less resistance, akin to switching to a lower gear on a multi-speed bike. Increasing the pedal-assist level gives you more motor power and greater assistance.

    One thing to keep in mind is that pedal-assist doesn’t propel the bike forward on its own; you will still need to pedal to keep it engaged, and it tops out at 19.8 mph, providing no assistance at higher speeds. You can also twist the half grip throttle on the right-hand side towards you to engage fully automated propulsion, without the need to pedal. The thrust from the throttle is instantaneous and can be a little disconcerting at first as you get a jolt of power and speed. However, it’s really nice to be able to take a break from pedaling and just cruise by enabling cruise control (press and hold the “down” key while travelling above 5 mph), or use the throttle as needed for short bursts of speed, for example to help you climb steep hills with minimal effort. The power-assist can also be used when walking your bike at under 2 mph. The brakes for the bike operate smoothly and were easy to adjust and calibrate, but note that using the brakes frequently with power-assist will deplete the battery faster.

    Overall, I found the riding experience on the Volt to be super fun and exciting. The bike is easy to assemble and ride, and the motor lets me go faster and farther than I typically would on a manual bike. The battery life on a single charge is great, providing up to 32 miles of travel on a single charge, so I can worry less about getting stranded due to exhaustion when riding for longer distances. You do have to maintain the battery though, by charging it at least once a month, and the operating efficiency of the battery may be impacted by environmental factors like ambient temperature. While the bike is water-resistant, to prevent water from damaging the electronic components you have to be mindful that the charging port is always covered by the silicone port plug, which in my opinion doesn't really ever feel like it seats fully/securely. If you live in an urban or suburban environment with lots of paved roads and lanes for biking, this e-bike would be awesome for getting around, commuting, and leisure rides. I wish that the bike was proportioned a bit smaller to be accessible to shorter riders, like myself, but taller riders should have an easier time with handling, control, and comfort with this e-bike model.

    Sep 08, 2021 15:34
  • Review by VangTfz, 8 out of 10
    Great entry level eBike

    SWFT Volt eBike

    The SWFT Volt eBike… a great option for commuting or casual riding.

    First thing you’ll have to do when you receive your bike is assemble it. You’ll notice it comes partially assembled in the box so by the time you open it up, all you have to do is attach the stem/handlebars, front tire, pedals, and saddle. The instruction manual is pretty straightforward and very helpful in setting up for first timers such as myself.

    Build quality off the bike seems top notch. Ride quality is not too bad if you are riding on fairly even ground. You’ll notice a lot of feedback when you go over bumps or dips and you’ll feel everything as there is no suspension on the bike at all.

    This is the first time i’ve owned an eBike, so i can only compare it to my Giant Trance mountain bike. This eBike is single speed, so there isn’t much for the rider to adjust if riding without pedal assist. With pedal assist on, the ride is effortless. There are 3 different levels for pedal assist that riders can choose from. I usually choose level 1 as it’s pretty responsive and assists pretty well. On the right handle, there is a throttle that you can use to self-propel in case you don’t want to pedal at all. This feature is quite nice especially if you are going up steep hills or just want to cruise along. One thing to note about the throttle is that it is super sensitive, so if you want to go at a slower speed, you’ll need to gradually turn the throttle to achieve the speed you want to ride at or just go full out at ~20mph.

    The left hand interface is pretty nice as well. From here, You can toggle the headlight, set the pedal assist level, view various information on riding mileage, etc… Would’ve been nice if the battery metrics were shown in percentages instead of bars. Battery percentage would’ve been better for gauging the actual battery life left as opposed to bars where the battery life may not be as easily perceived. Onto battery life itself, i was able to get around 20 miles without any issues and the bike still showed around 2 bars left so not too bad at all!

    Overall, this SWFT Volt eBike is great and enjoyable to ride. Would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to get an eBike as a daily commuter or casual rides.

    Sep 09, 2021 02:47
  • Review by Clshipp91, 10 out of 10
    So much fun!

    This is by far the coolest bike I’ve ever ridden and am very impressed by the quality and functionality as well. It’s been years since I’ve owned or ridden a bicycle and the mix between electric power and manual cycling has made me want to get on this thing constantly.

    The bike comes fairly put together in the box. The only assembly needed is to attach the handle bars, the front wheel, and screw on the pedals. It didn’t take longer than a few minutes. The biggest problem I had was that Swft includes the wrong size hex wrench in the box, so I had to go find one that fit the hand bars.

    The build quality of this bike is next level. The black powder coat on the bike is beautiful and everything about it screams high end. The only small issue I found with the build was the rubber flap that charges the charging port tends to pop open often. I could see this being a problem if the weather is rainy. The battery is built into the frame of the bike, which does make the main rail look bigger than a normal bike but I personally like the design choice because there are very few exposed electrical parts and the whole electric motor system blends into the bike very well.

    Riding the bike is a blast. You can use it just like any fix gear bike and ride. Then if you want a little extra oomph you can engage the electric motor by turning the throttle like on a dirt bike or you can push the up arrow and the control panel to automatically have the motor assist pedaling. There are three levels with the lowest giving about 20% power of the motor, two giving 70% and three giving 100%. There is also a built in headlight that comes in very handy for night rides. The overall experience is super fun and smooth. I haven’t had a single issue with the bike so far.

    The battery lasts forever. I’ve ridden for 10ish miles and still have all bars of battery.

    I can’t say enough how fun this bike is. It’s great for getting around town easily. Great to given you a little relief if you bike in super hilly areas or if you just want something that can zip around quickly. Highly recommended.

    Aug 27, 2021 22:18
  • Review by Josh, 10 out of 10
    Fun and convenient

    There is a great deal to like about this bike and a few interesting choices that were made. As a complete package, it is very much as advertised, and everything works great. For starters the biggest points on the list are about its top speed and battery life. It can go 20mph without any trouble and I have no doubt it will get the mileage on the charge as stated with over a dozen miles on the clock so far with no movement from the battery gauge. I like the features on the control panel, it has the battery gauge, odometer, speedometer, and motor assist indicator. You can adjust the electric assist to 3 different levels, turn on and off the headlight, and of course motor power from that panel.

    Riding an electric bike is a different type of experience. Depending on the assist level you’re using changes the amount of work you do to keep moving. The throttle is stiffer than I would prefer it takes a fair amount of effort to keep twisting on it for longer periods of time. Turning the assist down means it acts more like a normal gearless bike, otherwise if you want you can have it put the power down for you.

    The styling on this bike is great, the battery being built into the frame means it looks fairly normal instead of being so obvious. Assembly was easy just like any other bike I have had in the past. Put on the front wheel, handlebars, seat, and pedals and good to go. It came with most of a charge as well, and topping it off took an hour or so. Charging is convenient, it has a little plug on the side of the frame with a rubber dust cover and the charger itself indicates whether it is charging or full.

    Now for the interesting choices. This particular bike has a very large frame and 28” wheels. I am 5’11” and have the seat at the lowest height and I am barely tall enough to get on the bike. Speaking of the seat, I know it is not uncommon for the included saddle to not be the best but this one is abysmal. I could only go a mile before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I have already replaced it with a better one to fix that problem, but it feels like for a bike this price the saddle should be usable at least. Personally, I don’t love 700C tires as they get flats so easily, but they ride smooth on pavement. I also wish it had disc brakes but that is a small nitpick.

    Overall, this is a fun bike that has a lot to offer in an attractive package. I am really enjoying the new world of ebikes and what having one brings to the experience of riding. I have had many bikes in my life and this one is the most unique and interesting. I am happy with how it works and would recommend it.

    Aug 30, 2021 00:06
  • Review by sollyp, 10 out of 10
    My first e-bike!

    I was so excited to get the SWFT Volt! I was looking for a bike that would help me exercise while being more eco-friendly. This was definitely a great start

    Right out of the box, I was impressed with how it looked. It looked really sleek and did not look electric at all! The frame feels very sturdy while not being too thick housing the wiring. They really did a good job with the engineering to incorporate the system into the frame. You cannot ride it just right out of the box. There is some assembly to be done. You have to attach the seat, the handlebars, the pedals, and the front wheel. Assembly takes a few minutes and the manual goes over everything. Once you charge her up, you are ready to go! I will also comment that the silicone plug over the charging port does not really fit securely so be careful in wet weather or leaving outside, etc.

    Right off the bat, you should know that this bike was designed for taller riders. It says 5' 9" and up. While I am 5' 9", my legs are pretty darn short so I noticed that my feet were not able to touch the ground. This could get very uncomfortable so be very aware! Fortunately, it is not a problem once you get riding. Coming to a stop may be a bit of a struggle. Without electric assist, it is just a regular single gear bike. I found it to be just the right gear for pedaling on flat areas. There is no suspension unfortunately so the bike clearly built for more of a gentle commute and not cutting through dirt roads, trails, or mountains.

    The display with controls is on the left handle bar. You hold the power button to turn everything on. It shows your speed, distance traveled, time traveled, and battery. There are three different levels of pedal assist. Life gets SIGNIFICANTLY easier with just the first level. It almost feels like gear shifting as the resistance just drops. I usually keep it at level 1 so that I get some exercise (not really). If you do not feel like pedaling at all, you can use the throttle on the right handle to get full propulsion. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. It is more sensitive than you think and just revving it like a motorcycle may jar you and cause you to fall. If you want to be on cruise control, press and hold the down arrow on the controls.

    The battery life was definitely less than the advertised 32 miles for me. I think it could be due to technique or using too much throttle but I still found it good enough to get around without worrying about the charge.

    All in all, this has been an absolute joy. It really is fun to use and just go around town (bike friendly) areas and parks. My dog absolutely loves it as she can go full speed during her walks. This is a great first e-bike for those who just want to get into it.

    Sep 26, 2021 03:39
  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10

    Overall so far this has been a great bike. This bike is sizes for a 6 foot person, I compared it next to my 29” and is the same size. The only thing that you can’t adjust the handlebar higher so bikes are like that.

    Oct 29, 2021 19:32
  • Review by Josh, 10 out of 10
    Good Buy

    Easy assembly and it really works well. The information says the tires come fully inflated, but they were quite low. I am replacing the seat as it is not very comfortable for longer rides.

    Nov 01, 2021 00:24
  • Review by Decod, 10 out of 10

    Excellent bike easy to put together little heavy because of the battery but other than that very nice.

    Nov 01, 2021 23:17
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    SWFT - ZIP eBike w/ 37mi Max Operating Range & 19.8 mph Max Speed - Black

    Your SWFT journey starts here. Wherever you’re headed, ZIP will get you there with style, safety, and a fresh design that’ll turn heads as you turn corners. Move ahead of the pack with a SWFT e-bike with a detachable, rechargeable battery. Multiple modes allow you to use pedal-assist or your throttle to propel you forward. With a 19.8 mph max speed, you can travel up to 37 miles on a single charge of your battery alone. A built-in monitor display indicates your battery output and speed. Let the journey begin.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    10 Features
  • Max Speed: The ZIP’s throttle reaches speeds up to 19.8mph.
  • Max Distance: Ride up to 37 miles on a single battery charge.
  • Rechargeable Battery: A 46.8V 10Ah lithium-ion battery powers your ride and conveniently detaches for charging.
  • Charging Time: Fully charge your ride in just 6 hours. Charger included, all you need is an outlet.
  • Motor: A 500W motor powers the pedal assist and gets you there fast, no sweat.
  • Tire Size: The ZIP’s 20” x 4” high-tread fat tires grip mud, sand, snow and rocky terrain. But feel free to take it across town for your everyday needs if that’s your vibe.
  • Gears: 6-speeds to tackle every incline and terrain with ease.
  • Frame: The ZIP’s steel frame accommodates 26" tires, up to 265 lbs, and combines lowrider and motorcycle design features with impressive durability.
  • Recommended Rider Height: The ZIP is best suited for most riders 5”5’ and up.
  • Your First Ride: Before riding, give your battery a full and complete charge. Make sure your battery indicator light on your charger reads green before you disconnect your charger and take your first ride.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Njuice, 10 out of 10
    Really Fun, but Functional eBike!

    I really think eBikes are a great step forward in providing people an alternative to a car, while also encouraging people to get outside! So far the SWFT ZIP eBike has really delivered on both of those!


    - The box this thing comes in is huge! So be ready for that, but it makes sense given the bike is largely put together and ready to go for you.

    - On top of that, the bike comes heavily packaged which makes complete sense but just be prepared for about 20 mins of unwrapping everything and than assembly.

    - Which Assembly is very easy, you just screw on the pedals, attach the handlebars, and charge the battery!

    - SWFT says the battery takes about 6 hours to fully charge but it comes with a little juice so I just charged it for a few hours and was ready to go!


    - The ZIP is an absolute blast first off! Its really easy to just hop on and go, and once it gets going it really takes off! You just have to turn on the digital gauge and battery, and you are good to go.

    - The digital gauge is really nice! You can easily change the assist setting as well as check the battery level, MPH, odometer, and turn the lights on/off. Just gives it a nice premium feel.

    - The overall build of the bike is fantastic. Its really sturdy and you can just tell this is not a cheaply made product whatsoever.

    - The tires on it are also the real deal, nice wide tires that make maneuvering easy and give it the option to work really well if you are off-roading.

    - The speed on it is surprisingly great! It can get up to 20 mph in a hurry which might not seem like much but when you are a bike like this it really feels like you are going at a great speed.

    - The pedal assist is also a really cool feature, basically saying that if you have it turned on it will give you some juice no matter how fast you are pedaling. And to be clear, the pedal assist is different than using the throttle part of it. The throttle grip is to purely speed it up with no pedaling, while the pedal assist just gives you some additional power on top of your pedals.

    - I thought the seat and handlebars made the whole experience really comfortable. This eBike is built for a specific market given its design and wheel size, but it deals a lot more comfort than a traditional bike would give you in my opinion.


    - This is nit picking, but I wish the throttle was a thumb push design instead of a twist design. But like I said, thats just a personal preference.

    - The weight limit is 265 lbs which is fine but the seat is big enough for 2 people so it would be nice if it was more like 350 lbs

    - I don’t know if I just got a faulty kickstand, but the kickstand is just alright. Basically I have to put some pressure on the bike to kind of bend the kickstand every time and it just doesn’t seem right.


    - The SWFT ZIP eBike got me to love riding a bike again! Its just a lot of fun having that power behind you but it also provides me a lot of functionality that I can quickly take this to local stores to pick things up that I need. If you are in the market for an eBike I think this is a homerun. It offers a little bit of everything to everyone, but at the end of the day will be so much fun for anyone who rides it!

    Oct 08, 2021 19:34
  • Review by DaveW, 10 out of 10
    Rugged and Fun eBike

    The SWFT Zip eBike is a hybrid electric motorcycle-esque style bike with pedals and electric assist. The Zip can be ran as pedal only, pedal assist, or full electric drive. It comes with fat, rugged tires and a decent amount of front suspension travel to make even the bumpiest of rides feel smooth. I have been riding the Zip for the last week or so and I have already logged over 20 miles with short trips and even an office commute. I was so excited to try this bike out and share my thoughts.


    * Super comfortable ride

    * Great range/ride time

    * Killer looks

    * Disc Brakes and Shimano Gearing work well

    * Locking battery

    * Sturdy integrated kickstand


    * No mount points for water bottle or mini pump

    * No info on battery lifespan or buying a spare

    * Seat design makes it a bit awkward to pedal

    * Not going to be compatible with a lot of bike carriers

    * Fairly heavy – up and down stairs is a workout (remove the battery to lighten the load)


    Motor – 500w

    Battery – 46.8V @ 10Ah

    Charging time – 6 hours

    Tire Size - 20 x 4.0”

    Gearing – 6 speed

    Top Speed – 20mph (pedal and throttle)

    Max Pedal Distance – 27 miles

    Max Throttle Distance – 22 miles

    Max Pedal incline – 15°

    Max throttle incline – 10°

    Weight Limit – 265lbs


    The Zip comes with a motorcycle inspired design – looking at tracker/scrambler styles with its long seat, big tires and suspension travel. Out of the box the bike comes mostly assembled. The only thing I needed to setup was the attaching the handle bar, adjusting the display and grips, putting on the pedals, and connecting the headlight. The box included all necessary tools and hardware to put everything together. Before the bike could be used I needed to charge the battery and put some air into the tires (20 psi). The battery charge only took an hour or 2 before it was topped off. The battery charger is a laptop brick style charger with an indicator light to show you the charge status. The bike comes with a single long seat that is fixed in its position. The seat resembles a motorcycle seat that 2 people could possibly fit on (as long as you keep under the weight limit). The seat is really comfortable to sit on, but it has the drawback of being a bit awkwardly designed if you want to do a lot of pedaling – I felt like I needed to hold my legs a bit wider to keep my thighs from bumping into the seat.

    The handle bars can be positioned or angled however fits you best – changing it is just a matter of loosening 4 screws with the included allen wrench. The handle bars carry the brake grips, throttle, gearing, reflector, and LCD display/control. The LCD features 3 buttons – power, up, and down. The power button turns on the display, the up/down buttons adjust the pedal assist levels (0-3). If you hold the up button you turn on the headlight/taillight, and holding the down button while engaging the throttle will set the cruise control. If you are walking beside the Zip you can hold the down button and it will engage the walk along mode – going 3-4mph (found this useful if you are walking it up a hill). The gearing is a Shimano Tourney TZ mountain bike setup (SL-TX30-6R shifter and RD-TZ50-GS derailleur). These parts make up Shimano’s entry level groupset, but are known to be reliable and easy to work on. My Raleigh hybrid MTB’s have Shimano Tourney (GF’s bike) and Altus (Mine) groupset parts and we have ridden them for years with little issue. I liked the shifter – gear switching was nice and smooth and the upshift button is a nice touch I hadn’t used before.

    There a couple of drawbacks to the design of the bike – most are minor. I already mentioned the seat being a little awkward for a lot of pedaling. The design (fat tires, and frame, and seat setup) will impact what bike carriers will fit the Zip. I plan to take the Zip on some shorter trail rides where I will need to transport – right now I will have to load it into the back of my GF’s truck since it won’t work with my regular Saris rear hatch carrier. Not a huge deal since 90% of my travel on the bike will be around my neighborhood. Another thing, the Zip doesn’t have any mounting points for water/drink carrier or a mini pump (it does have a license plate mount though). I might have to find a drink carrier that can strap to the frame beneath the seat. Lastly the bike is fairly heavy at 66lbs – pulling off the battery lightens it up a bit (maybe 15lbs). Carrying up/down stairs can be tough and loading into the back of a vehicle is a little cumbersome. The weight mostly dings you while pedaling from a standstill – it takes some effort to get rolling initially if you aren’t using the assist/throttle.


    Riding the Zip is a blast. The pedal assist is terrific, and the varying levels are useful. At assist level 1 it would kick me up to 10mph, level 2 went up to 14-15, and level 3 would climb to 18-19. Using the throttle, you can comfortably sit at 20mph even through modest inclines. When it gets a little steep I would step in to help pedal – reduces strain on the motor/battery and gives me a longer runtime (and some exercise). Cruising around my neighborhood is a treat. My neighborhood has some bumpy/cracked up street sections that would be worrisome on my electric scooter, but absolutely nothing to the Zip. Bumps cracks, drainage grates, and curbs could be traversed with ease. The thick tires and ample suspension travel in the front forks really smoothed out the ride. I took the Zip for my commute one day just to see what it was like – 16 miles round trip up and down the busiest road in town. I road in the bike lane, sidewalks, grass areas where the sidewalk ended, and some gravel paths. Nothing was able to stand in my way, and I didn’t feel as much need to avoid obstacles like I would on my regular bike. This was really a one-time ride for me, but it was fun.

    I found that shorter riders had some difficulty getting on the Zip. The higher frame/seat is tough for shorter people to get their leg over. My GF is 5’5” and she could get on without much trouble, but noted that she had to lean the bike over a bit to get up. Her 4’10” mom, however had a lot of trouble reaching the ground and staying in contact with the pedals. I’m 5’10” and 190lbs and I never had any issue with riding. I think anyone much below 5’2” is going to have difficulties.

    The runtime on the bike has been great. After the initial charge I road for about 2 miles – a lot of messing around with braking and accelerating before I topped the battery off for my ride to work. With my 15 mile ride (90% with just throttle) I still had 1-2 bars of battery life left. I could easily go another 2-3 miles before it needed a charge. I did notice the power starting to fade as I hit mile 13. The gentle slopes early on could be powered through at top speed. At the end the Zip couldn’t handle full speed unless I was on mostly flat ground. About 60-75% of the battery life you can expect the bike to perform like it was a fresh battery, but once you get up there you might need to do some light pedaling to keep up the pace on inclines. So for me the 22 mile throttle range seems to be fairly obtainable – a lighter rider would definitely hit it I think. The 27mile pedal assist range also seems pretty believable. I’m not really sure how it would hit 37 miles of range though – I would like to see how much pedaling would be needed and how much motor assist you could use to get that range.

    Pedaling the bike is just like any other bike. It only has a 6 speed setup, but I found I could roll around in the top gear most of the time. If I hit a hill I would bump it down a gear or two. Braking on the bike is better than I expected. The Zip uses front and rear disc brakes – the first bike I have ever had that uses discs. They do a good job stopping all the weight and doing so without locking up the wheels. They are a little on the squeaky side but it has quieted down the more I have ridden and used them. For the most part it rides just like a standard bike – maybe a touch tougher to get rolling initially because of the weight and off road tires, but that weight works to your advantage and keeps your momentum.

    Overall, I really like the Zip. It is eye catching with its rugged design. I had so many people look at it and ask questions when I rode it around my neighborhood. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The pedal assist is fantastic, and I love the way it kicks in and boosts you along. Twisting on the throttle feels great – I love hearing the motor wind up. The Zip does have some drawbacks that you might want to consider, but they were honestly pretty minimally impactful to me. I plan to ride the Zip as often as possible, so I am very happy with it.

    Sep 27, 2021 23:57
  • Review by SamG, 8 out of 10
    Great Bike for Short Trips Around the Neighborhood

    Living in Portland I’ve mostly driven everywhere, even though I have several grocery stores and restaurants within several blocks of me. I’ve had a bike, but I never rode it because riding up hills is exhausting, I worry about keeping up with traffic, I’m lazy, and riding my bike usually takes twice as long. Really steep inclines still suck on the SWFT Zip, but it solves a lot of the other issues I’ve had with taking my bike instead of my car. Riding around on it is a ton of fun and it gets up and goes very quickly without too much effort from me. It’s made me genuinely think of a bike as a viable method of transportation for me.

    When I received the Zip it was almost fully assembled. The manual mentioned attaching the front wheel, but mine was already attached. I just had to attach the handle bars and check all the connections and it was good to go. I’d say I had the bike itself confidently assembled in less than half an hour, including checking the brakes, etc. The battery slides on and off the down tube and can be locked in place with the provided keys.The bike has a cool moped/dirt bike look to it and the LED lights look really nice. The construction feels pretty solid, though it may be worth taking something like this to a bike shop and paying to have somebody really dial everything in.

    After charging the battery up I took my first test ride. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but with the pedal assist set to level 3 I was up to 20 mph almost instantly with almost no effort on my part. Better still, the throttle on the handlebars lets you ride on just motor power alone, which is great. The ride felt very smooth and stable on the large tires. I felt I was able to travel with enough speed that, at least in the neighborhoods and side streets I typically take, I didn’t like I’d have to worry about someone zooming up from behind me. I do think I’m just a tad too tall for this bike (6’ 3”), but I was still comfortable riding it. On flat surfaces this is a breeze to ride, but I did find myself struggling on a particularly steep hill near my house where I hoped the bike would be able to mostly carry me up under its own power. I would say with the extra weight combined with the motor assist that riding up 25+ degree inclines feels about the same as riding up on a standard bike; maybe a little bit easier. There is a gear selector, though for flat surfaces I found I could mostly leave it on the highest gear all of the time. I’ve been making short trips around my neighborhood and have not run the battery down all the way yet, but the 37 mile max range feels a bit optimistic and I imagine is probably quoted using minimal assists. From what I can tell I think I’ll see around 25 miles on my charge on the higher assist level. The LCD display lets you adjust the assist level and activate a few other features with long presses (like the integrated LED lights). It doesn’t seem like the manual lays out all the functions very well, but it was easy enough to learn through trial and error.

    Overall I’m happy with this bike. I don’t think it’s completely converted me, but I can see myself running little errands and picking up groceries where that would not even have entered my mind before.

    Sep 27, 2021 08:28
  • Review by BestbuyGuy210, 10 out of 10
    I’m a (36 y/o) kid again.

    As a kid I used to love riding bikes. I literally would ride my back at least 10-12 miles one way to visit my favorite uncle. This was before technology and before I could drive obviously. A much more simple and happier time for me. So having a new bike, only electric is amazing and fun. I know I don’t have to actually peddle but it’s 2021, so it’s fine! I feel like a big kid now I just want to wake up everyday and ride it. My 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son love it as well. Plus everyone likes the style of the bike.

    Plenty of power and the max rated speed of 20mph is true. That’s pretty fast if you ask me. Maybe I’m old now but I’d say it’s fast but fun. I drove it down the street to add air (needed) after building the bike. And it’s smooth. Tires are a little noisy but they are more for rugged and off road type biking.

    I only got in 6-7 miles around my housing development. I have to order bike helmets before I can truly take this out in a main roads. I love it so much. Led head lights are very bright and the red tail light it’s bright as well(safety is important). So biking at nice wasn’t a problem. I really wish this ebike had turn signals but I understand it’s a bike and not a motorcycle!

    Display screen is simple and easy to use. Odometer and speedometer are nice. Just read the manual thoroughly as there is a weight limit of 265 pounds with rider and other important instructions that won’t be easy to figure on your own.

    Brakes do squeak a little. But it’s new so I will figure that out.

    I drove 6 miles and it only wasted one bar. Im confident it will hit the 37 mile range advertised.

    Charge time was faily quick.

    I plan on not driving my car when I go to the gym which is a 7 mile round drip. To help save gas and the environment as well. Just wear a helmet please. Crazy drivers are out there.

    Swft includes all tools necessary to put together and 2 sets of keys to lock ur battery into the bike. They can steal this if you do not lock it properly!

    Also this e-bike might look heavy. But any man or strong woman can carry this in and out of the house or into a van/truck. Light weight study construction. This swft bike is amazing. If you have been thinking about investing in powered bikes be it for fun or to save a few bucks, then This is a safe bet. You will love this model.

    Please note. This is best suited for a taller males or females As this bike sits pretty high. Swft has other models better suited for shorter people.

    Good luck and have fun! I know I will! I can’t wait to buy L.e.d lights for the tires and/or valve caps. Lol

    Oct 05, 2021 03:30
  • Review by dantree, 10 out of 10
    A gamble pays off.

    I was a little nervous buying this, seems a pretty unknown company, and there is a lack of reviews, but i decided to give it a go and i am glad i did.

    It was packed great, very well padded and protected.

    Puting it together was pretty painless. You just need to attach the handlebar and pedals, everything else was in place. All the tools needed are included, once you put it together you will need to fine tune the adjustments a bit.

    Once the battery was charged i was able to give it a try and i gotta say, I am in love. I still need to get used to the controlls and the 3 levels of pedal assist. I was worried about the max speed of 20 mph, but honestly cannot imagine going any faster for my needs.

    The controller was a little tricky to figure out, definitely read the one page guide to get started. Mainly confusing because there is just 3 buttons, some of them serving multiple functions depending on how long you hold the button down for.

    I cannot wait to take it out this weekend to really see what it can do. But for now i am very impressed.

    Sep 10, 2021 21:37
  • Review by Harrison, 10 out of 10
    Great ebike at great price point

    Assembling the bike upon arrival was straightforward. It consisted of unwrapping the bike from the box, attaching the handlebars, pedals, and electronics. All the tools needed for assembly are included. Side note: while I do have the benefit of having assembled bicycles before, I still think this would be an easy assembly for someone who hasn’t.

    This bike feels built well. The frame feels solidly constructed and has not flexed on me. The long seat is comfortable. The weight capacity is 265lbs so I was unable to test with another passenger, but it felt like I could have fit another person on the seat with me if I needed to. I would love to see them release passenger foot pegs; I will likely add bmx pegs to the back wheel to serve the same purpose. The front suspension makes navigating city streets with ease and comfort. The mechanical disc brakes work really well. I tried both pedal assist and throttle. I personally found pedalling to be awkward based on ride height, but I thought using the throttle was amazing.

    The performance of this bike at this price point is a great value. This bike easily gets up to 20mph, which I've found great for getting around town. With a 500w motor, acceleration is good. I noticed a slight decrease in acceleration/speed on the second half of the battery. I did not get the max 37 mile range as I like to max out acceleration and speed at all times, but it was enough to hop around neighborhoods in Chicago.

    The controller is minimal but effective. One is able to adjust power assist settings, enable lights, enable cruise control, and track the trip mileage. It has a backlight which is nice for evening rides.

    Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time with this bike. If you’re looking for an entry level moped style ebike, this is a great option.

    Oct 23, 2021 15:59
  • Review by Chromebooker, 10 out of 10
    eBike Bargain

    Almost ready to go right out of the box. Easy to put together. User-friendly controls and battery charging. A solid ride, and does well on asphalt as well as hilly dirt. The pedals actually work to propel you without difficulty thanks to the great gearing. It will not go any faster than 19.8 mph, and the motor is 500kW, so this is legally a bicycle. Here where I live a helmet is not required. I'm almost 60 and I won't wear a helmet on a bicycle. If you are considering an eBike, this one doesn't look like a regular bike, but works like one. And it works very well. It's very well built, and at this price point I recommend to get one while you can or the price goes up. With Geek Squad protection you will have issue-free transportation for two years.

    Nov 05, 2021 21:53
  • Review by KennethF, 10 out of 10
    Awesome bike for the price, tons of fun!!!!

    I'd buy this bike ASAP before they (1) raise the price or (2) sell out. This is a great bike, and everything good about it is made better by the price. Anything remotely close in design and quality to this bike sells for around $2k these days. It is FUN to ride, and I appreciate that you have the option to use pedal assist or the twist throttle, both of which work great. Assembly took less than 10 minutes. I have ridden this bike (while lightly pedaling) around town several times for an hour or two and the battery indicator never left full charge, so I have no doubt the 37 mile range is attainable. The Shimano switch gear is of mid range, and perhaps my only criticism of the bike is I'd like to have some additional gears to do pedal assist as the bike approaches 20 mph. As it is, when in 6th gear, your feet are basically spinning freely because you can't keep up with the motor. Frame quality is good, with clean welds. (My other bikes are Specialized road and mountain bikes, this one compares favorably to them). I like that this bike has more of a vintage motorcycle style than a normal e-bike. I'm 5'10" and it fits me perfectly. My wife is 5'4" and she can straddle the bike on her tiptoes, so if you are any shorter than that you might take that into consideration. It's actually not that heavy, and I loaded it onto my hanger style bike rack with no problems at all (I did remove the battery to save that weight when lifting it.) Overall, this is a great value and I'm really glad I added this bike to my collection!!

    Oct 19, 2021 19:01
  • 9.0score
    SWFT - FLEET eBike w/ 37.2mi Max Operating Range & 19.8 mph Max Speed - White

    Your SWFT journey starts here. Wherever you’re headed, FLEET will get you there with style, safety, and a fresh design that’ll turn heads as you turn corners. Move ahead of the pack with a SWFT e-bike with a detachable, rechargeable battery. Multiple modes allow you to use pedal-assist or your throttle to propel you forward. With a 19.8 mph max speed, you can travel up to 37.2 miles on a single charge of your battery alone. A built-in monitor display indicates your battery output and speed. Let the journey begin.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    10 Features
  • Max Speed: The FLEET’s throttle reaches speeds up to 19.8mph.
  • Max Distance: Ride up to 37.2 miles on a single battery charge.
  • Rechargeable Battery: A 46.8V 10Ah lithium-ion battery powers your ride and conveniently detaches for charging.
  • Charging Time: Fully charge your ride in just 6 hours. Charger included, all you need is an outlet.
  • Motor: A 500W motor powers the pedal assist and gets you there fast, no sweat.
  • Tire Size: The FLEET’s versatile 26” x 2.125” tires work well on both roads and sandy beaches.
  • Gears: Single-speed. No need to switch it up when you have pedal assist capabilities and a throttle at your fingertips.
  • Frame: The FLEET’s steel frame accommodates 26" tires, up to 265 lbs, and combines timeless style with impressive durability.
  • Recommended Rider Height: The FLEET is best suited for most riders 5”7’ and up.
  • Your First Ride: Before riding, give your battery a full and complete charge. Make sure your battery indicator light on your charger reads green before you disconnect your charger and take your first ride.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Xephyroth, 8 out of 10
    A Good Commuter E-Bike With Room for Improvement


    The Fleet e-bike from SWFT is one of their first entries into the e-bike scene. SWFT’s marketing seems to target a lifestyle/fashion-oriented demographic as opposed to those looking for pure utility (although their Volt e-bike seems to take on a more utilitarian aesthetic. The Fleet is one of SWFT’s first e-bike products, and while my time with it thus far has been limited, I do think SWFT has a good product that they can iterate on in the future.


    The SWFT Fleet e-bike arrived partially disassembled in a box at my house and was pretty easy to carry into my house despite the weight since they had plastic straps wrapped around the box that I could use as carrying handles. That may just be for the parcel carrier since it was shipped to me, but I figured it might be worth mentioning since I had prepared to use a dolly but ended up not needing it.

    After cutting the aforementioned plastic straps, access into the box from the top was pretty easy. Everything was packaged with foam around the frame to prevent it from scuffing during shipment, so everything arrived in good shape from my observation.

    Inside the box you’ll have all the tools you need to get the job done, but I also used some of my own tools. That being said, the included tools come in a small baggie and can prove useful should you find yourself needing to make adjustments while out on a ride.


    As a new bike owner, you will be responsible for some assembly of this bike, which is important for those such as myself who may be inexperienced with bicycle assembly.

    You will be responsible for installing the handlebars into the frame (easy), installing the front wheel (medium difficulty due to required brake disassembly and adjustments), and installing the seat (easy). There wasn’t really any guidance in the booklet about removing the brake pads to install the front wheel, but that was pretty obvious just from first look. Honestly, the hardest part was getting the front brake pads aligned and not touching the wheel. I looked up some resources on YouTube for this, and it was very helpful for a complete novice like myself to understand how the brakes work.

    And while I largely followed the instruction booklet, I did feel as though more diagrams would have helped—especially for those such as myself who’ve never really assembled a bike before. It took me a bit over an hour alone to double check my work and make sure I set the front brakes up properly. SWFT has provided a QR code in the booklet that should eventually link to some video tutorials, but at the time of writing this, nothing was live yet.

    After the assembly is done, you can attach the battery to the frame (easy) and lock it so it can’t be removed. This is a design choice I can appreciate because it means I can remove the battery from the frame and charge the battery wherever I please, rather than having to have my whole bike located near a power outlet.


    In terms of the build, the frame is made of steel and feels quite durable. This isn’t truly a “lightweight” frame like other e-bikes, but I also don’t feel as though it’s cumbersome. That being said, if I lived in an upper story apartment, I probably wouldn’t be stoked to carry this 50lb bike up and down some stairs. There exist much lighter e-bike options ~35lbs designed for that use-case scenario. So from that perspective, while I feel that the build is good, it doesn’t meet their “lightweight” claim.

    I did see one color blemish in the paint on my frame, but upon closer inspection, it appears that this unit was just painted with a minor color blemish from the factory. It’s nothing that bothers me, but it was pointed out to me by someone else. It was not dinged or physically damaged in any way, though. The fact that I’m mentioning it is just because this product is not cheap and some might really care about this.

    Like many other e-bikes in this price bracket, this bike only uses V-brake shoes which gets the job done, but bike enthusiasts may certainly feel different about this.

    The integrated kickstand feels solid, sturdy and had no issue keeping my bike standing up. It’s easy to engage and disengage confidently without worrying about accidentally engaging it during a ride.

    The removable battery is 500W, has a lock so that you can lock it to the bike to prevent theft or even just accidental disconnection during a ride. The battery also has a button you can press on it to show the current battery status, which is good for those times when you might have it shelved. And of course, it has an on/off switch for operating it.

    The bike has front and rear V-brakes controls from the handlebars, an electronic controller with a backlit LCD display (powered from the 500W battery), a throttle, and a headlight for visibility assistance during your late evening rides.


    Riding the Fleet, I have found that the seat is a bit too rigid for my liking. While it appears to be a well-built seat, I think the foam used in the seat is a bit too dense and could be revised a bit for those who might be a bit more...boney.

    In my experience, an hour of or so of travel can have an impact in terms of comfort. I don’t feel like this is something I usually notice with other bikes I’ve used in the past, but the Fleet stood out to me as being pretty stiff compared to seats I’ve used on much cheaper bikes. I recommend SWFT make a stealth revision to the seat and get more user-testing on it.

    The handle bar grips are comfortable to my liking, and I haven’t experienced any blistering. The controller is positioned for easy access (and can be adjusted), the brakes are easy to trigger, and the throttle is located intuitively.

    One other thing that should be mentioned is that this bike rides a bit tall. I’m 5’7” tall, and even with the seat at the lowest possible point, I cannot get both my feet flat on the ground. SWFT suggests this bike for riders 5’4” and up, and I can definitely understand why. When you need to come to a full stop, you will likely be propping yourself up with one leg.


    The controls are pretty straightforward. Once the battery is connected and switched on, you can hold the power button to turn on the controller. You can press the [+] or [-] button to increase the pedal assistance, hold the [+] to toggle the headlight, or hold the [-] to enable the additional power assist modes.

    How to enable these power assist modes is not clearly explained by the manual, but from what I’ve experienced, it appears that you can enable a “walk assist” mode when the bike is going < 4mph, which basically makes the bike push itself. This could be useful if you are walking the bike up a hill, for example. Otherwise, if you are traveling faster than 5mph, enabling the additional power assist mode will initiate cruise control.

    Pedal assistance comes in 4 modes: level 0 for no assistance, level 1 for 20% assistance, level 2 for some middleground assistance and level 3 for 100% assistance from the motor.

    And on the right handlebar is a throttle that allows you to kick in the motor without pedaling. However, you do have to be moving in order to use the throttle, as it won’t initiate from 0mph.

    Lastly, the controller does measure the distance of your trip and has an overall odometer for the total traveled distance (as long as the controller is powered on). This is pretty basic stuff, and some of it is explained in the manual while other aspects of the controller are not explained in enough detail.


    Since this is a single gear bike, it’s really designed around making the best of the pedal assist functionality. SWFT claims that the Fleet can reach up to 37.2mi on throttle alone, and I’m inclined to believe it. While I’ve not verified that claim, I can say that in a 40 mile round trip session, I had 2/4 battery bars left which was mostly a combination of Pedal assist 1 and Pedal assist 2 modes with a blend of elevation changes.

    In my experience, Pedal assist level 2 is probably the best setting for a longer distance assisted commute. Riding on some paved bike trails, I have some bridges to cross, some mild ramps to climb, and level 2 is perfect for that. Even on some of the hills that are much harder to scale, level 2 is a good balance of physical effort and assistance where I don’t feel as though I am “struggling” but maybe getting a mild workout. I found myself demoing level 3 on some of the more challenging hills, but more often I found that I could just leave it on level 2 and use the throttle for some quick boosts, instead.

    That being said, level 2 on non-sloped terrain reduces so much of the pedaling effort from the rider that it can make the pedals feel like they’re free-spinning. This takes away some of the stability from the rider and doesn’t help with maintaining posture, either. Getting this right from a motor physics perspective must be challenging, so it’s hard for me to be super critical of this when other e-bikes might share this experience. Either way, it’s worth noting.

    Level 1, however, is good for flat terrain or for times where I want a bit more of a workout. The assistance, while noticeable, is still minimal whereas level 2 is very noticeable. I’m more inclined to use level 1 when I’m traveling on flat planes or downhill, but not typically uphill.

    And regarding the throttle, it does have a safety delay such that even when you crank it, it will take a second of delay to prevent accidental sudden throttles from occurring. It’s a safety precaution.


    Overall, the SWFT Fleet is a decent commuter e-bike.. It doesn’t really live up to the “lightweight” claim that SWFT suggests, but for being one of their first e-bikes, I think there’s some goodness in the bike, and it’s a joy to ride, overall. However, competition breeds innovation and the asking price might push buyers towards other reputable brands.

    Sep 11, 2021 14:40
  • Review by callmeageeth, 10 out of 10
    An absolute joy to use

    Ebikes might be my new favorite thing. While they take some of the exercise out of biking, they put a lot more fun in it. Cruising around at 20 MPH like you’re on a moped is exhilarating. My only real complaint relates to the installation (very little instructions were provided) and adjustments. For those that know their way around bikes, adjusting brakes, etc. this isn’t an issue, but it was a little frustrating for someone like me. But once I had everything put together, it has been nothing but pure joy.


    It comes in a giant box weighing some 88 pounds. You obviously get the bike, the battery, charger, and tools for putting it together. The bike is in pieces, so know that you will need to put it all together. Everything is wrapped up nice, it’s a pain to take all the wrapping, straps, etc. off, but that’s the cost of doing business and making sure your new ebike is pristine when you get it.


    Like I said, my main complaint was putting the bike together. The instruction manual is pretty bare bones. For example, it just says something like “tighten the brakes” without really giving you any pictures or detailed info on how to do it.

    The frame has the rear tire installed and good to go. It’s the front tire you have to put on. You will have to detach the front brake to get it on. Again, for someone unfamiliar with the putting of bikes together, this took a few minutes to figure out. I will also point out that virtually everything needs to be tightened, from the handlebars, to the seat, to the pedals. Not a huge deal, but it takes a little time and determination. Especially if you don’t have a way to hang it up in the air (like you would see at a bike shop). And while they do provide some rudimentary tools, I HIGHLY recommend using your own sets of allen wrenches, sockets and a screwdriver. It makes things go much quicker. I also recommend tightening everything, going for a short ride and then checking all of your connections. The final piece of installation was pumping the air.


    You will need to charge the battery before taking off for the first time. The battery itself is a monster of a battery (think car battery, but obviously not that large or heavy). You have to flip open a small flap to access the charging port, and then you can charge it for about 6 hours. The instructions say not to leave it charged in after it's fully charged. So be mindful of that when you’re putting your bike away for the winter. Don’t want to end up with a weakened battery.

    There’s a button on the battery that you can push to see the charging/battery level status. You’ll also notice a flip switch (to turn it on) and a key lock.

    Once the battery is charged, it’s pretty easy to slide it in on the post in the bike. Then I suggest locking it. I assume the purpose of the lock (which was smart) is to both prevent someone from taking the battery while it’s locked up (say outside a store or park) and to prevent it from coming loose. It gives you one more key to worry about having, but luckily it comes with 2 so you can always keep one safe at home in case you lose one.


    After everything is assembled, it’s time to ride. I’ll go ahead and note that the seat on the Fleet bike is super comfy. This is a bike meant for cruising and having a good time, not racing. But don’t get me wrong, it goes plenty fast. To turn it on, you simply hit the switch on the battery. On the left handlebar there is a small digital controller with 3 buttons and a large-ish LCD screen. Once the battery is on, you hold the power button on that controller for a few seconds. Then it lights up. It will display the level of pedal assist (one through three) and the MPH and battery level. It defaults one level of pedal assist, the other two buttons on the controller are up and down arrows that obviously toggle the pedal assist levels. On the right handle bar you’ll find the throttle. It’s just like any moped or motorcycle where you turn it to go forward. Other than that, the handlebar looks like a classic cruiser bike.

    The way the pedal assist works, you have to pedal about approximately 2 rotations before it kicks in. So, say you’re at the bottom of a hill, before you get any assistance you have to get started with the pedaling itself. At the bottom of a hill, with a single gear bike, it can be a bit tough. You also can’t just use the throttle from a standstill; the same principle applies, you have to be moving before you can engage the motor. This is almost certainly for safety reasons. You can imagine if you’re at a standstill, your front tire is off center or turned to the side, you don’t want to engage the motor.

    But once you get going, the assist kicks in. You can hear the motor engage and you can feel the assist. It makes pedaling much much easier. But the real fun is when you turn the throttle. You don’t have to hit any buttons on the controller, you simply turn the throttle once you’re moving. And it takes off. You can hit 20 MPH in no time. I’ll add that even with pedal assist level 3 on, I couldn’t hit 20 MPH. I only hit top speed when I was using the throttle alone.

    Like I said, it’s exhilarating. It’s just fun going that fast on a bike. Not to mention it’s relatively silent, no loud combustible engine. Obviously you have to be careful, as most of us don’t typically ride a bike quite that fast.

    I haven’t driven the bike the full 30 miles on battery that it claims it can do, but I did ride it for about an hour for about 4 days straight alternating old school pedaling, pedal assist and full throttle and the battery had one bar left. Luckily, I always know that if the battery did or does happen to run out on a ride, I can still use my trusty legs to pedal me back home.

    The only other thing I’ll add is that this bike has a light on the front. I haven’t ridden it at night to see if it automatically turns on, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to turn it on. Also, I can say that it can tow a bike trailer for kids. I took my two kids for a ride and was able to hit 20 MPH even pulling them. I don’t recommend going that fast on a busy road, but it was fun to hit that speed and it was nice knowing it can pull kids too.


    I can’t say enough, ebikes are a blast. You won’t get near the exercise as a traditional bike, but they are a blast. The SWFT Fleet bike is a reasonably priced ebike that’s loads of fun. It’s only real downside is that it is a bit heavy, and installation can be slightly frustrating. But those are just minor inconveniences.

    Sep 14, 2021 22:48
  • Review by Sophia, 8 out of 10
    Fun e-bike!

    Taking this bike on the road and to parks has been pretty fun. I do not plan to take this on rougher grounds like a mountain bike, so it’s been great for my use case. The Fleet is about 50 lbs so it’s not exactly lightweight and the battery is a bit clunky, but not a deal breaker. I haven’t had any issues with the battery. The manual advises not to let the battery levels get too low so as to avoid that, I charge it after every ride.

    Set-up, while not super difficult, was a bit cumbersome. The manual lacks details when it comes to assembly, especially for first time e-bike riders. I was disappointed in the lack of resources that were offered, for example - the manual has a QR code that goes nowhere, but is labeled as a resource for assembly videos and quick start instructions. Getting the brakes just right took some time - I had to look up some videos on how to do that since the bike came partially unassembled. It took more than a few tries to get the handle bar to sit steady. I do wish the manual had more diagrams for the assembly instructions.

    It takes some practice to get used to the pedal assist for first time riders like myself. After some rides around the neighborhood getting familiarized with the features, it was time to take it a couple of neighborhoods over to some parks which meant crossing a main road or two. I can go further and see more than I would on a regular bike so I’m definitely maximizing the use of my energy and time. I’m even able to ride to work on occasion which is more environmentally conscious than driving my car.

    I added extra accessories like an additional headlight, rear light, a bell, and a blue floor light that makes it easier to see the bike in the dark. The included headlight is fine, but I wanted to make sure I had plenty of light!

    My average leisurely weekend ride is about 8 miles and out of the 3 levels of pedal assist, I use level 2 the most. Overall, this is a fun bike to ride and a great way to go further and see more scenery in my area.

    Oct 03, 2021 13:34
  • Review by Kate, 10 out of 10
    Stylish & affordable e-bike! Just what I needed :)

    I love this bike! I've been looking for an affordable (but stylish) e-bike to ride around Atlanta. This is exactly what I was looking for!

    I decided not to purchase the professional assembly, which worked out well because it was easy to put together in ~40 minutes. All the tools you need come in the package.

    The white frame with leather accents is so cute. I've only gone on 1 ride and got multiple compliments! Highly recommend.

    Sep 13, 2021 07:20
  • Review by IC10, 6 out of 10
    Good but battery problems.

    I would rate this bike 5 stars but due to the fact it arrived with a broken reflector and the battery died within a day I’ll rate it 3 stars. Setting up the bike wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too difficult at all. The main reason I’m returning this bike and rating it 3 stars was the fact that the battery did not charge anymore, the charger itself turns on and works but the battery does not charge at all.

    Nov 02, 2021 11:26
  • Review by DarthNeyehilus, 10 out of 10
    Good e-bike for beginner/cruiser riders

    As far as I know, this is the first entry into any sort of e-bike seen for SWFT. I had a very positive experience with this bike, and overall, a very solid and enticing option for those looking for a cruiser e-bike.

    First up, it’s important to note that you will be required to put together some of the bike components themselves. This is important as many most likely haven't worked on bikes in their lifetime or have tons of experience doing so. You’ll need a couple of tools (screwdriver and hex wrench, for starters) and there is some technical stuff involved.

    Putting the bike together was probably the most tedious part. I think SWFT could do a better job of creating instructions, and accessing the videos wasn’t as straightforward as I would’ve liked (plus, they weren’t even available when initially putting the bike together). The biggest headache was the brakes, and I had to figure those out for myself (lining up the pads with the tire and making sure the brake would apply the right amount of force).

    One nice part of putting the bike together is the removable battery, along with the included keys to lock it into place during riding/not in use as an extra security measure.

    Once assembly is done you can get a feel for the quality of the bike itself. Overall, my frame and everything felt very nice and premium, in some respects. The seat is very comfy, albeit a little dense in terms of foam, and the handlebars have a nice accent to them. Adjusting is easy, too, if needed.

    The kickstand and wheels also appear made to last, which is a good sign from a newer company. Of course, sometimes quality can add weight to something. While this isn’t a heavy bike by any means, I wouldn’t classify it as light, either. Just food for thought.

    Once everything is put together and you’ve marveled at the quality of the machine, it’s time to take it out for the actual riding part.

    Before this, I will say that at 5’ 6” this bike is right at the comfort point, as it’s a large bike and rides “tall”, as I believe it’s called. This means coming to a stop is a tad harder, but nothing major (and I knew this going in). If you’re unaware this is a one-gear bike and is really made for those that want that pedal-assist feature for effortless, longer rides/cruises around town.

    After fully charging the battery prior to my first ride, it seems these batteries (500W) do have some juice in them. I’ve ridden well over 50 miles now and still have one bar of battery left (differing usage, of course). This is really good to see and backs up the claim of 37 mi on a single throttle charge.

    The throttle is smooth (does have a safety delay, though) and once you get used to the different uses on the screen display on the left handlebar everything is effortless to get working/continue using.

    We’ve since attached our Burley trailer to haul our kids around on our bike rides and an e-bike makes quick work of pulling things, seemingly without hampering performance or battery usage (can still hit 20mph all-electric).

    My only real con is that on the level 2 pedal-assist the bike almost rides itself and pedaling can feel a bit uneasy due to the help from the battery. In addition, the speedometer doesn't go above 20mph regardless of how fast you’re currently traveling.

    That all said, I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a first e-bike. I think the price is good around $800 (it’s been on sale a couple of times), and it seems like a good first foray into the market for SWFT.

    Oct 05, 2021 22:24
  • Review by DYIRick, 10 out of 10
    I Can Ride This Bike!!

    I bought 2 of these bikes when BB offered them as a daily deal. We are in our late 60s and bought standard bikes with several gears but could not ride them in our area due to so many hills. Every few minutes we would have to get off the bikes and walk them.

    These bikes are so much fun! They were pretty easy to assemble and it didn't take long to get use to the power assist and the power assist is wonderful. I go through the same path as with my standard bike and I never have to stand up peddling nor walk the bike. And I get all the exercise I want. I used assistance level 1 exclusively on the course I previously mentioned. Up the steepest slopes I had to press hard on the peddles 20 or 30 seconds as I went up the steep hill at about 1 MPH. But as I started to tire, the bike's assistance increased slightly getting me over the top without standing or walking. And I was confident that if the assistance wasn't enough, I could just twist the extra juice knob on the right handle bar and the bike would do all the work as long as kept the knob twisted and would stop the extra juice when I released the spring-loaded knob. Every time I coast without pushing the peddles the power assistance stops and restarts when I restart peddling. And the power assistance stops any time I apply the brakes. I now ride my bike around the neighborhood almost daily. I highly recommend this bike.

    Oct 08, 2021 17:02
  • Review by Viabledata, 8 out of 10
    Great, fun electric bike!

    Being new to the electric bikes, I wasn't sure what I would think of them. This SWFT fleet bike has made me fall in love with having one!

    Assembly of the bike can be a little tricky if you are not familiar with building a bike, which I am not. It took me a few hours to figure everything. There are not great assembly instructions. They tell you what to do but no diagram how to do it. I may just recommend having a bike shop put it together for you. The included tools are not user friendly what so ever, but I give kudos for them trying to craft an all in one wrench....but it just doesn't work good. You are much better off using separate wrenches, screwdriver and allen keys to put together.

    During the assembly, I would recommend checking the frame welds for cracks, as it could happen accidentally during shipping or somehow else.

    The hardest part of assembly was mounting the handlebar in the right angle. I would definitely recommend having 2 people for that part as they did not make it easy to adjust on your own.

    The battery pack did not seem to have any charge to it and the tires did not have any air so make sure you put the battery on the charger first before using and air the tires up. You must also adjust the brakes and need to dissengage the front brake cable from the bracket in order to put the front tire on, but both brakes were way out of adjustment out of the box.

    Some of the features of the bike is a front led headlight, front and rear reflectors are of course the main control panel. The computer controls everything electrical on the bike. It tells you your speed, lets you adjust your assist level, turn your headlight on or off, your mileage, and set your cruise control.

    Using the bike is pretty simple but it does take a bit to learn how to do everything on the computer. After charging the battery, it slides down on the bike mount. It does not click into place or anything so it does leave you wondering if its on their right. It comes with a set of keys though, that when used on the battery, locks the battery onto the bike so it can't be stolen off the bike. It also has an on and off switch on the battery so you don't accidentally supply power to the motor while your off the bike. The battery also has a power level indicator that you can use to see the level, but it is hidden and unnaccessible when installed on the bike. When the computer is powered off, the bike will ride like a normal bike. Only when you power the computer on, will it activate the motors functionality.

    Getting on and pedaling is just like any bike, but on the right hand side is the throttle for the motor. When going full throttle, the response is very quick and gets up to 20mph very quickly and flat land. Going up hills is a little taxing on the motor but certainly helps alleviate hard pedaling. The assist modes on the computer are 0-3. No assist means the bike motor will only activate when pulling the throttle. Assist levels 1-3 automatically activate the motor while pedaling at certain speeds. You adjust those levels by hitting the up or down arrows on the right side of the computer. When you want to stop, let off the throttle or stop pedaling and make sure you apply the rear brakes first, then the front brakes as needed. If you try and slow from 20 mph with the just front brakes you can flip the bike over. It is hard to stop quick from 20mph so make sure you give yourself plenty of distance. While cruising with the motor engaged, you can hold the bottom left button on the computer and activate cruise control so you dont have to hold the throttle. Hold again to deactivate. Holding the upper left button will turn on your headlamp . Holding again will turn it off. On the computer it will also display the battery life left.

    Also a warning is on the box stating no riders over 260 lbs so there is a weight limit.

    Overall it is an amazing bike but I am only giving it 4 stars because, there is poor placement of the kickstand when it is down. If off the bike and trying to roll the bike around into your garage or whereever with the kickstand down, the pedal runs right into it. The bracket for the kickstand is very small and weak and easy to bend. It also uses a large allen head bolt that the wrench size is not provided in the kit so you can't tighten it inless you have a set of allen wrenches. My pedal dug into the kickstand and bent the metal and made is so the bike couldn't even stand up anymore. I had to take a hammer and straighten the bracket back out.

    That's really the only problem I have with it. Would still highly recommend getting one or even 2 or more for friends and family to ride too.

    Sep 26, 2021 12:31
  • 8.8score
    Swagtron - EB-6 20" Electric Bike w/ 20-mile Max Operating Range & 18.6 mph Max Speed - White

    Enjoy a comfortable ride with this Swagtron Bandit electric bike. The seven-speed gears help you cross a variety of terrains, while the 4-inch fat tires provide enhanced traction and stability for young riders. This Swagtron Bandit electric bike reaches speeds of up to 18.8 mph for an exciting experience, and the battery supports up to 20 miles of travel.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. The use of personal electric transportation may be limited in some localities. Please check your local regulations prior to purchasing and riding. Shop all electric transportation

    11 Features
  • Power-assist feature: Helps you pedal and increases your riding range with a little extra boost.
  • 20" wheels: Allow you to confidently conquer a variety of loose surfaces.
  • Dual-disc brake system: Controlled directly from the handlebars to be convenient and simple to use.
  • 350W motor: Reaches speeds up to 18.6 mph.
  • Seven-speed Shimano gears: Allow you to move between gears to choose how fast you cruise or switch over to pedaling to get in that workout.
  • Shimano MF-TZ21 freewheel: Provides smooth movement.
  • 6061-series aluminum-alloy frame: Ensures durability.
  • 264-lb. weight capacity: Safe riding for everyone.
  • Adjustable seat: Enables comfortable riding.
  • Recommended age: Suitable for children from 7 to 15 years.
  • 36V rechargeable lithium-ion battery: Offers a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. The maximum charging time is up to five hours.
  • 6 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Tied, 8 out of 10
    Great bike overall

    The bike is great and as powerful as stated. The keys however are very easy to misplace so be mindful. Shipping was fast and customer service is great. It is disappointing that the battery isn’t sold also as a separate piece (of new battery is needed you’d have to buy directly from swagtron).

    Oct 25, 2020 02:49
  • Review by Ebike, 10 out of 10
    Economic e bike

    Great bike for casual fun riding. You can pedal or use the throttle. It is a heavy bike.

    Dec 05, 2020 11:57
  • Review by Melvin223, 10 out of 10
    Overall satisfied with my purchase

    All round high quality and looks more expensive then it’s price, came in a day before estimated delivery date. Assembly took under 40 minutes, highly recommend for anyone under 5’9 or under 230LB. Perfect for cruising around in any terrain.

    Feb 09, 2021 04:05
  • Review by Bikerchick, 8 out of 10

    Love it! Love it! Love it! So easy to ride. Good value!

    Nov 13, 2020 20:57
  • Review by nbk1dude, 8 out of 10
    Small Wheels - Buyer Beware

    I returned it, because the wheel size was too small.

    May 22, 2021 00:12
  • Review by Levsauce, 8 out of 10


    Perfect for first ebike.

    Could be better but you pay more for that as of now

    Mar 26, 2021 16:34
  • 8.6score
    Bird - A-FRAME eBike w/50 mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed - Stealth Black

    Bird 500W A-Frame Electric BikeElectric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    11 Features
  • Max Speed: Max electric assist speed of 20 mph
  • Safety Certified: IP65+ Water Resistance
  • User Friendly: Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Kenda Brand Tires: Puncture-Resistant Tire
  • Gates Belt Drivetrain: Gates Drive outperforms and outlasts chains on motorized eBikes.
  • Instant Boost: Press the throttle on the handlebar to get all the speed you need for a boosted ride and an easier climb.
  • 36v / 12.8Ah Removable Battery: Easy to remove for charging or charge while on the e-bike, our safety-tested battery is built to last and is certified to meet top standards for electric bicycles.
  • 500w, Powerful Motor: Engineered for maximum power and a smooth ride, our 500w Rear Hub Bafang motor runs efficiently even at top speed.
  • High-performance Carbon Drive Train: Smooth, strong and designed for high performance, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of rough road and eliminate the need for chain maintenance.
  • Embedded Dash Display: Located right between the handlebars, the fully integrated LCD Dash conveniently displays speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life and more.
  • Alloy Frame: Commercial grade aluminum alloy frame
  • 4 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by css0105, 10 out of 10
    I Love My New Bike

    Bird 500W A-Frame Electric Bike. This is the first ebike I have ever owned or ridden, so this review is from the perspective of an inexperienced rider. I tried to write a complete review, in no particular order.

    “Bird’s electric bike is designed to capture the thrill of the ride and premium performance with best in class safety features including a manual throttle for an instant e-boost, a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display and a powerful 500w motor for a smooth, yet powerful ride. The electric Bird Bike is perfect for your everyday commute, leisurely riding and everything in-between.”

    Here is my experience:

    Lights: The headlights are cool. You press and hold the + button for 2 seconds and they turn on/off. They go off automatically when you turn off the battery. I have two pictures that show the headlight. One when I left around 7:30 pm and the other when I came back home later that night. As you can see, the light is plenty bright. There have been times when I was riding and would look over my shoulder to see if a car was approaching because the light was so bright. I love that the tail light comes on as soon as your power on the battery. The taillight does show that the brakes have been pressed whether you use the front or back brakes.

    Handle Grips: Not so bad that you need to change them immediately, but not the most comfortable in the world. I did find myself stretching my fingers at an intersection or two. Honestly, with or without gloves you’d be fine.

    Saddle: I have no qualms with the saddle. My butt did not hurt after my first 6 mile ride.

    Climbing Performance: Let me just say, where has pedal assist been all my life!? It made going up an incline so much easier. I went the same route that I take on my regular bicycle. There is one hill that I have to do so much positive self talk so that I can make it up the hill. With this bike and pedal assist, I went up that hill problem free.

    Speed: This has a max speed of 19.8 mph I believe. I am 260 and I don’t know it the bike will go that fast with me on it. Because the bike accelerates gradually, it does take some time to get that high. I was able to get up to 17.2. It didn’t max there, I just had to slow down because I was approaching an intersection. I really can’t wait to ride some more because I’d like to see how fast it can take me.

    Braking:Braking is a bit slow, but you also don’t want to jam on the brakes and flip off. When I press the brake, it does sound pretty loud, at least louder than pressing the brakes on a regular bicycle.

    Assembly: Inside the box was a manual and all the tools you’d need to finish assembling the bike. It was mostly done, but you had to attach the handlebar, the front fender and wheel, the pedals, and the LCD display. My brother was able to put it together for me without using the manual. The manual does have great visual illustrations so that you can see what to do at each step. It does not, however, tell you where to put the reflectors. You don’t see reflectors installed on the bikes on their website photos or even the videos with the people riding the bikes. I just looked at where the reflectors are on my other bike. I was short one wheel reflector or we lost one in the box. Not sure. I imagine with a little common sense you’ll be able to figure out where to place the reflectors and how to put them on.

    Specs: I don’t know enough about bikes to know what is good and what is subpar. Their website states “High-performance Carbon Drive Train: Smooth, strong and designed for high performance, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of rough road and eliminate the need for chain maintenance. 500w, Powerful Motor: Engineered for maximum power and a smooth ride, our 500w Rear Hub Bafang motor runs efficiently even at top speed.” You can find more information at shop dot bird dot co.

    Battery: The BirdBike comes with a 36v / 12.8Ah Removable Battery. Their website states “Easy to remove for charging or charge while on the e-bike, our safety-tested battery is built to last and is certified to meet top standards for electric bicycles.” I do agree that the battery is easy to remove. In order to remove the battery, you have to use one of the two provided keys. You do not need to keep the key on you unless you will be taking the battery off to charge. The battery does not need to be removed from the bike to charge because the charging port is on the side of the battery. I like that the battery can’t come out without the key so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your battery while you’re inside a store. The charger that comes with it is simple to use. Red LED while charging and green LED once charging complete. I charged it overnight so I’m not 100% sure how long it takes to charge, but I believe it's about 4 hours. I do not know how much power the battery had when I received it because I put it straight on the charger. My first ride with a 100% battery was for just over an hour and the battery was at 86% when I got back. I used the highest pedal assist level and sometimes used the throttle. First ride was 6 miles. I think that’s pretty good for the battery.

    Problems? Well right out the box, there was a piece broken off. I cannot figure out where it came from. I guess the bike is okay without it because it seems to function just fine. Also, my back tire came with a faulty inner tube. I was able to air up my front tire but could not air the back. I contacted the company by email but decided to just take it to a bike shop and pay for them to remove/install a new tube. When they took it off, I saw that the valve was not connected to the tube. The bike shop said sometimes the tubes are bad, even when new. The bike shop took an extremely long amount of time to complete the job. I’m talking in the shop for like 45 minutes. What gave them so much difficulty was putting the wheel back on due to some bolt being extremely particular with alignment. They were the pros and I know I would not have been able to do it on my own. So just be aware that it could be tricky to put the back tire on, but not impossible.

    Final thoughts: I live in an apartment and have to haul this bike up and down the 3rd floor. It is not too bulky to maneuver nor too heavy for me to carry. I’m 260 and overweight and I fare just fine. I ride this bike to/from work, which is just under 6 miles round trip. I have sooooooo much fun riding and I really can’t wait to take it on a trail and ride until the battery is almost dead. :)

    Price: Either you’re going to pay it or you’re not, as with anything else. I believe that this is a good bike at the listed price. Again, I’ve never had another so I don’t have a comparison for you.

    Bottom line: Would I recommend someone else purchase this bike? Yes, yes I would.

    Sep 23, 2021 21:14
  • Review by clow18, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic Product. Fun, Easy to Use Headturner!


    The Bird E-Bike comes in a well packaged box that weights in at around 80lbs. Included is the bike (naturally) and a box with accessories. Inside the accessories box you will find a 2.5mm Allen key, 2xPedals, a Y-wrench with 3mm / 4mm / 5mm tips on it (very handy), an L-key Phillips screwdriver, a 13mm / 15mm two-sided wrench, cap nut and washer, 2x wheel reflectors and fasteners, rear and front reflectors, a set of keys for the battery, a power supply and cable and the manual.

    Overall, the packaging is put together very nicely. I would suggest having another person, if possible, assist with removing the bike from its box, although it is not necessary. Once removed, you will need to cut through a few zip ties (be careful what you use to cute as some are close to the tires and frame) and remove some foam around the frame, which is easy enough. For the accessory box, I would highly recommend removing all its contents and spreading them out on a table or the floor. This will make it that much easier to find what you are needing based on the step of the instructions you are on.

    Putting together the E-Bike:

    The instructions are clear, but make sure you read through them a few times to ensure you understand what is needing to be done. Installing the handlebar was easy. My display did not remove as a couple wires were holding it in its housing, but I was able to move it aside to screw in the bolt and washer needed to secure the handle to the frame. There is a small carboard tube over the pole that the handlebar attaches to (for protection during shipping) that you will need to remove. Just remove the bolt and washer from the pole, slide off the cardboard tube, and you are ready to install the handlebar. Once installed, you will use the bolt and washer you unscrewed from the pole on the frame to attach the handlebar to the frame. There is only one way the washer will fit into the display housing where you attach the handlebar to the frame, so be cognizant of this. Do make sure the handlebar is lined up correctly before you tighten down fully. Once this is completed, recheck to ensure the handlebar, frame, and front wheel are aligned, and when this is done, you will tighten the two steering stem screws with the 5mm end of the Y-wrench. Once done, there should be no wobble or give when you move the handlebar. If you did not tighten enough, you will know it. Take your time and give it a couple once overs to verify everything looks good before continuing.

    The front fender is straightforward. If you look at the pictures in the manual, you can deduce the orientation of the fender and install accordingly. I would triple check to make sure it is aligned correctly before tightening all three screws.

    For the front wheel, my only suggestion would be to make sure the side with the brake rotor aligns with the front disc brake. There is only one way to do it, but it can be confusing at first for someone that is not an avid biker (like myself). After you place the wheel on correctly (on the forks), you will need to screw in the bolt (don’t forget the washer) with the included wrench.

    The pedals are very easy, as they are labeled with an L and R to distinguish between left and right. Just tighten and move on!

    I would highly suggest watching the YouTube video Bird put together on this bike’s assembly. There is a QR Code on the box when you open it, or you can search for it within YouTube itself. It is easy, and straightforward.

    E-Bike Itself:

    The bike has a max assisted speed of 20 MPH and has assisted pedaling (which is cool!). I real world use, without pedaling, I was about to reach 17 MPH quickly, and 20 MPH a few seconds later. Keep in mind, this is on flat ground. Your results will vary up/downhill. Mine came about half charged, but was more than enough to go for 2-3 quick 15 minute rides. You can charge the battery on or off the bike, which is handy (I am sometimes too lazy to remove it). The seat is comfortable, and I have had zero issues with it.

    One thing that I really love about this bike (other than the obvious of it being a E-Bike) is the look. This is one sexy looking machine. To me, if give off a subtle futuristic look, but not too out there where it looks out of place. Props to the design team at Bird.

    I would also like to touch on the customer service experience I received from Bird. Hands down one of the best experiences I have had from ANY company. They were courteous, up front, communicated well, and I felt they genuinely cared about my experience with their product. This day in age, I feel customer service is an afterthought, and its refreshing to work with a company that stands behind their product, while also going the extra mile to ensure their customers are happy. Thank you, Bird!

    Overall, my experience with this E-bike has been excellent. I now look forward to getting out and going for a ride, where in the past it was never even a thought in my mind. The build quality is excellent, and assembly is quick and straightforward. It works as advertised and I could not be happier. Hats off to Bird. I look forward to your future products.

    Nov 07, 2021 08:16
  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10
    Bought it last week

    Amazing! Feels good quality build! Does as advertised and very very veyr comfortable

    Nov 05, 2021 22:48
  • Review by SamL, 4 out of 10
    Better bikes out there, dissapointing

    I wanted so badly to like this bike but I gave up. It is advertised for 50 miles but each time I went out, it was dying around 15-17 miles. I'm 185 pounds mind you. Several people warned me to get the wing freedomX instead and I should have listened. The lights on the bird are gimmicky, the pedaling with the belt drive is either too hard or too fast. it also doesn't have the built in alarm system the wing x has.

    Nov 03, 2021 22:44
  • 8.6score
    Segway - Dirt eBike x260 w/74.6 mi Max Operating Range & 46.6 mph Max Speed - Black

    Segway Dirt eBike is an eco-friendly electric-powered dirt bike that has superior off-road performance. Build to be a performance electric dirt bike for all user types, Segway Dirt eBike is easy to learn and master, compact, lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable.Off-roading is Now More Electric Than Ever, the First Electric Dirt Bike by Segway. The SegwayDirt eBike makes it possible for more people than ever to participate in exciting off-road adventures that they could only dream of before. The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. The use of personal electric transportation may be limited in some localities. Please check your local regulations prior to purchasing and riding. Shop all electric transportation

    9 Features
  • Fast-Charge, Long Lasting Battery Capacity: The fast-charge battery takes only 4 hours for a full charge and delivers 74.6 miles range in one single charge. Swappable batteries will take your adventure even further
  • Great on Tough Terrain: With an IP 67 grade waterproof lever and an aluminum alloy body with heat dissipation, this eBike can conquer all off-road terrains. The Field Oriented Controls stabilize and adapt to your riding habits.
  • Unleash in Seconds: Unleash your full capacity with a peak torque of 23.6 ft*lb with maximum of 5400 rpm that operates up to 356°F. Acceleration goes from 0 to 31 mph in only 4.02 seconds
  • "Turn-key" Data Connection: The Segway-Ninebot App is available for riders to track their riding stats and route. Two riding modes are available to suit the needs of riders at different levels. Sport Mode is for those craving for speed and EP Mode for those need for range.
  • Suspension: Front: Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable), Rear: Multi-link hydraulic spring central type, Rear Shock Absorber Travel: 3.3 inch (85 mm adjustable)
  • Drive System: Primary: HTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm), Secondary: 420 chain with 106 sections
  • Brake: Front wheel mechanical drum brake. Back sheel regenerative electric brake. Simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steerability. IPX5 water resistance.
  • Lights: Front-facing lights are designed with 2.5w high-brightness LED light to illuminate the path ahead of you and increase your visibility to others around you. Disclaimer: for your safety, please try not to to ride at night
  • Tires: 70/100-19 off-road tire - Shock absorbing for comfortable riding, Improved control and handling, Suitable for all terrains
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by buckbabes, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Mix of Agility, Speed, Torque, and Range

    The Segway X260 is an absolute blast to ride. I currently own a Segway C80 E-bike and now the Segway X260. In my state, the X260 classified somewhere between being an E bike and an Electric motorcycle. There is no clear law that puts it in one category or the other. So, riding it on the streets is still questionable.

    With that said, The X260 is everything you want an E-bike to be. In its lowest speed and torque setting, It has a perfect mix of agility, speed, torque, and operating range. In its highest speed and torque settings, it can get downright scary to ride. The built quality is top notch and the adjustable suspension is easy to customize. It has decent brakes and the ride height is perfect for both me and my daughter. (I'm 6 ft. and she is 5 ft. 7in.)

    However, there is one thing to be mindful of when operating this bike. Safety. I HIGHLY recommend training yourself to turn the key off every time you stop. The bike has a lot of instant torque. So, any slight accidental twist of the throttle can send you flying. ( I know from experience.)

    Additionally, there is one feature that is missing and I hope Segway will add it to the app in the future. This bike would benefit from having the ability to set your own speed limit. I say that because, if I want to use it as a legit E-bike, I can easily add pedals and would be able to set the speed limit to whatever my state requires.

    Overall, like I said in the beginning, this bike is an absolute blast to ride and I highly recommend it.

    Mar 09, 2021 10:13
  • Review by BRAT, 10 out of 10
    Great fun

    Its like someone else here said, stop reading reviews and buy it, you won't regret it. I've put about 50 miles just exploring wooded trails in my local area - great performance, light weight, powerful - and stealthy quiet! Even keeps up with traffic on secondary roads.

    Mar 30, 2021 21:49
  • Review by Drtbike, 10 out of 10
    Awesome bike.

    These bike are built well. I bought two and we are having a blast riding them. The service at Best Buy was great. The bikes were easy to assemble. Segway service is an issue. Concerns take forever to get addressed. I’m hoping that Segway works out their service issues.

    May 12, 2021 18:24
  • Review by GrantF, 10 out of 10
    Segway X-260

    Well built, nicely engineered, fun electric mountain bike. Too bad it can't be legally ridden on the street. It's expensive, but not insanely overpriced (at least at the sale price of $4417.18 including taxes). We'll have to see how well it holds up and how long the battery lasts, but, so far, we like it.

    Jan 15, 2021 19:17
  • Review by Ryukenden, 8 out of 10
    Advertised range is not true

    I`m 248 lbs. Did a Range test from 100% battery to 12% netted me 40.61 miles using strava app. Rode on service road and bike paths. EP mode on 90% of fhe ride. Average speed was 12 mph. Not the advertised 76 mile range. Maybe if you were on flat road.

    Oct 17, 2021 13:07
  • Review by Grapeape, 10 out of 10
    Worth every dollar

    This is a fast fun bike that can be very versatile. Easy to transport and the suspension is very plush. Lighter than a dirtbike and faster than a mountain bike it's a super good time. No complaints. I picked this up online during a $1000 off sale from bestbuy so it was 3999.00. Hopefully they go back on sale soon for those that missed out.

    Jan 29, 2021 16:18
  • Review by Matt, 8 out of 10
    Segway dirtbike

    Beautiful design. Bought it during the Christmas season so the value I felt was pretty good. It was fairly easy to put it together. The delivery was less than adequate got here over a week late they would not come to my driveway. You can adjust the settings which is great. It’s a very light bike which makes it fun and agile without the gas and oil and everything it makes it very clean. The battery is great and be nice if it had a little bit more range but for the technology that we have right now I think it performs well

    Jan 30, 2021 08:26
  • Review by traderfjp, 10 out of 10
    Great EBike

    This bike is made in China but the quality is amazing. There are many support groups on FB to help with mods or troubleshooting. While the price is a little steep the bike is pure fun. Buy a pedal kit and you can enjoy using the bike just about anywhere.

    Sep 10, 2021 08:35
  • 8.4score
    Segway - eMoped C80 w/52 mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed - Grey

    The first-ever smart moped-style ebike by Segway. Convenient and easy to use, it has a top speed of 20* mph. The newly designed 1152 Wh lithium-ion battery lets you enjoy a long journey with a range up to 52.8 miles on a single charge. It features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which brings an array of new functions such as the Airlock System, NFC Tag, Smart Seat Detection, and Auto-Lock Mode. It also comes with four built-in, anti-theft mechanisms when parked and locked, giving you peace of mind where you are. The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product, including whether licensing is required and the rules concerning where it may be operated. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    10 Features
  • The RideyGO! Intelligent System: AirLock System; (2) NFC Tags; Smart Seat Detection ;Auto-Lock; AutoCruise
  • Anti-Theft System: GPS, you can track the eMoped C80 at any time and have notifications sent directly to your phone.
  • LED Handlebar Lights: The LED handlebar lights send color coded messages to ensure there’s communication between you and your eMoped C80.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The LED dashboard updates all information and the status of your journey at a glance
  • Halo-Shaped Headlight:: LED front halo-shaped headlight consists of an inner and outer ring light. An ambient light sensor has been placed in the headlight enabling it to adjust the brightness based on the environment.
  • All-In-One Button Operation: With the exception of the left button for the vehicle horn, all other operations can be enabled with the multi-function button on the right side of the vehicle.
  • Dual Braking System: The electric bike is equipped with premium features on the front disc and rear drum brakes to ensure your safety during sudden halts and elevate your riding experience.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Weighing 121lbs and measuring in at less than 5.3ft, the vehicle can be taken effortlessly into elevators and other small areas.
  • Max Speed 20* MPH: *Disclaimer: Close to, but less than 20mph
  • Warranty Details:
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Hmirza, 10 out of 10


    The Segway eMoped C80 is an amazing joyride in every sense of the word. The C80 is a manual and electric scooter which can be used for your daily short distance commute or just to have fun and let me tell you this thing is fun and really cool, it has tons of really cool features built-in ranging from how you start the C80 to multi-level anti-theft features. So, lets into what the C80 has to offer and what are the pros and cons on this eMoped.

    Delivery and Unboxing-

    So, being a specialty item, this is only available online but it gets delivered rather quickly. The eMoped comes delivered in a very secure aluminum frame box, so you can rest assured it will arrive in good shape. The frame requires you to unscrew a couple of bolts and you are pretty much ready to go. The eMoped comes with two rearview mirrors, a couple of wrenches, a pretty big charging brick and cables, two NFC key cards and two actual keys in case your battery completely dies and you need to access the battery compartment.

    Setup and Smart Connectivity-

    Out of the box the eMoped comes pretty much ready to go, you do have to install the two rear view mirrors and charge up the scooter. At this point you can pretty much just use the NFC card to start up the moped and take it for a spin, but to take advantage of the full functionality of this product I would highly recommend that you download the Segway-Ninebot app.


    Speed, Range and Specs - The Segway eMoped has a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 52 miles on a full charge. The eMoped also can be used as a regular bicycle using the attached pedals. The eMoped weighs about 121 lbs. and measures in at about 63 inches in length X 29 inches in width X and 41 inches in height. The maximum weight capacity of the eMoped is about 220 lbs.

    Braking - The eMoped employs a dual braking system. The front wheel has a disc and the rear has a drum braking system to ensure safety and to provide good stopping power. The eMoped’s braking system also has regenerative anti-lock brakes. The regenerative feature on the brake’s recoups energy to the battery from the brakes to allow you go further.

    Additional features - The eMoped has a USB port and hook on the front of the scooter to charge your phone and hang something if need be.

    Headlights – The eMoped has a really cool looking LED halo headlight. The headlight consists of an inner and outer ring lights and has an ambient light sensor. The sensor automatically adjusts the brightness based on the environment.

    Dashboard – The eMoped has a cool mini dashboard, which allows you to start your eMoped with the NFC cards, and provides you with pertinent information such as you speed, battery life and your connection to our phone.

    Shock absorber- The eMoped has a two-stage shock absorber system, which actually provides a surprisingly smooth ride.

    Airlock System – Now if you don’t want to carry the keycards with you, all you have to do is enable the airlock option through the Segway app. The airlock option allows the eMoped to identify its own with the phone instead of the NFC cards.

    Auto-cruise option- The autocruise option on the eMoped works just the cruise option in your vehicle. Once you reach your desired speed, activate the cruise option and enjoy the ride.

    Two buttons – Segway has made this eMoped extremely easy and simple to use. All the options and features on this eMoped can be managed with just two buttons.

    Smart seat system- The smart seat system ensures that the eMoped does not turn on accidently. The smart seat system has to detect the rider is properly seated and the kick stand is up, only then the eMoped will become operational.

    Smart Connectivity and the Segway App- Even though the eMoped is pretty much ready to use out of the box, the majority of the options only work with the Segway app, such as auto-lock, auto-cruise, air lock and the anti-theft notifications. Some people may find to be a burdensome task, but it’s really not. Segway has made this eMoped user friendly. Once you download the app, turn the scooter on and pair it with your phone and take advantage of all the features your eMoped has to offer.


    The anti-theft system on this eMoped are just amazing. Segway has done everything possible to ensure that your eMoped remains yours. So, lets go over the anti-theft features on the Segway eMoped C80.

    First of all, the eMoped has an auto-lock feature. The auto-lock option is customizable and locks the eMoped after the rider has left and if the eMoped is tampered or moved the eMoped will notify the owner of the scooter of the activity, locks the wheels, and an audible alarm is triggered. The scooter also has built in GPS system allowing you to monitor where your eMoped is at all times. Segway, in my opinion has gone to great length to ensure the safety and security the C80. Now I personally tested out the system and it worked flawlessly every time I tried to move the scooter once it was locked. The scooters wheels locked up, and audible and visual alarm went off and I received a notification on my phone.

    PROS and CONS-


    Anti-theft features

    Smooth ride

    Regenerative braking / dual braking system

    Solid build quality

    Range and Speed

    Easy to use


    There was only one thing on this scooter that I was not a big fan of and that was the placement of the pedals. The placement of the pedals and the way you are seated makes pedaling the eMoped a bit awkward. I understand that this is an Electric scooter and should be used as such, but if you wanted to use the scooter as a bicycle, it’s not very comfortable.

    Conclusion - Overall, Segway has been producing amazing products and again they have done an amazing job with the eMoped C80. The eMoped is amazing, convenient and fun to ride around or if you need to make a quick run to the grocery store for something. My experience has been awesome and I truly love my new Segway eMoped C80. I would highly recommend anyone in the market for an electric bike to definitely check out the C80.

    Feb 18, 2021 04:54
  • Review by buckbabes, 8 out of 10
    Great City, Campus or Neighborhood Travel Option


    I think this is an extremely cool product that is loaded with advanced tech. When I was young, I could have only dreamed for my ride to have all the features included on this E-bike. I think it is a great mobility option for any college student, last mile commuter, or anyone that wants to have a good time riding around the neighborhood. I plan to buy another one for my daughter when she goes to college. All that being said, I highly recommend buying this E-bike. Below is my detailed review.

    Segway is starting 2021 off on the right foot, with this fun and interesting E-Moped C80, class 2, E-bike. It looks, feels, and is almost as fast as a 49cc gas Moped. Without being a Moped. I live in Maryland, so I can ride this E-bike anywhere I can ride a pedal bike. Moreover, I do not have to title, register or insure it, as I would with an actual gas powered Moped. (Md. Trans Code § 11-117.1) Which brings me to my biggest gripe. Segway could have saved me hours of research by calling it a class 2 E-bike instead of a E-Moped.

    Delivery and Unboxing.

    The E-Bike was delivered to me via freight, right into my garage. It was well packaged in an aluminum frame with a cardboard shell. Inside the shell, it was fully assembled except for the rearview mirrors. The whole unboxing experience was simple as long as I had a 10mm socket, safety gloves and a helper. I think it took me and my daughter about 20 minutes to unbox it.

    App and Setup.

    The Segway app synced with the E-bike in seconds and was easy to use. In order to set up the E-bike I had to create a Segway account and follow the guided tutorial. After that, I was ready for my first ride. However, before starting my first ride I decided to see what the APP can do for me. Within the app, I could see the current GPS location, battery charge status, travel range and distance traveled. I was also able to control and turn on / off the bike features, such as the alarm, power assist, auto cruise, auto lock, kickstand and seat detection. The one thing I was not able to do is turn off the cartoony sounds that the E-bike makes.

    Performance and First Ride.

    If you have ever ridden on an E-scooter or pedal bike you will feel at home using the Segway C80. I am 6 ft / 205 lbs., and I was able to easily balance and comfortably fit on the E-bike. I gave the throttle a half turn, and the E-bike easily propelled me forward and put a giant smile on my face. On flat or down sloped land, the E-bike quickly reached its advertised speeds of 20 Mph (32 kph). However, on an uphill or slight incline it struggled to keep a consistent pace. Frequently, it would climb to a speed of 20 Mph and drop back down to 11 Mph (20 Kph) on the slightest incline. Also, I learned that it does not like any terrain other than concrete and asphalt. So, make sure you stay off grass. As for braking, it performed well. There is a hydraulic brake and beefy rotor in the front and a cable brake in the back. While going full speed I was able to come to a complete stop in about 5 feet. Without going over the handlebars.

    Battery and Charging

    The E-bike included a charging brick with heavy duty cables. It plugged in a standard outlet and charged the battery in about 3 hours. With my first full charge, I rode 10 miles and the battery still had 84% remaining. After 19 miles the E-bike had 69% left. One charging feature I liked was having the ability to remove the battery and charge it by itself. Or I could charge with the port located above the brake light.

    Smart Features and Quirks

    To turn the bike on and off I had to use the NFC key cards. I thought this was a great idea, until I kept misplacing the card. There is also a feature to have it turn on when my phone is detected. But it only worked if I left the bike on.

    The alarm worked great. When the bike was turned off, it would detect any movement, lock the wheels and make an audible alarm.

    The power assist / Cruise control feature worked great. With a push of the green button the bike would maintain the speed I was riding at.

    The pedals are just a novelty item for e-bike compliance. I was able to use them to propel the e-bike forward, however, they do not provide any useful propelling force.

    The speedometer has a large display, so you always know how fast you are going and how much charge you have left. Unfortunately, it only displays Metric (kilometers.) There is a setting in the app to display Imperial (MPH) however, it only changes the setting in the app and not on the bike.

    The seat detection feature works great. But if you are a lighter person you may want to turn it off. My daughter is 110lbs and whenever she hit a bump the seat would frequently register her as not being on the bike.

    There is a hook under the steering wheel for shopping bags and a shelf on the back, that you can potentially attach a basket or small milk crate to. Other than that, there is no other storage. It would have been nice to have a space on the bike to at least be able to store the charging brick.

    Otherwise, Like I said in the beginning. This is a cool and fun City, Campus or Neighborhood Travel Option

    Feb 23, 2021 11:05
  • Review by CAPNDigital, 10 out of 10
    Such an enjoyable ride!

    I will be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy the Segway-Ninebot C80 eMoped, but I absolutely love going out for a ride! It is such a smooth and phenomenally fun scooter! I have enjoyed riding around my town and love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I ride past. I have received so many compliments on how cute and quiet the scooter is, so many people wanting to get one.

    It is a comfortable ride not only on the road but over various terrain like, gravel, dirt and grass paths. The steering is quite responsive and despite weighing more than a traditional bicycle it is not too heavy to handle and navigate.

    When FedEx delivered this scooter to my house, the driver was so excited about it. I will say unboxing was a bit of a chore as there weren’t instructions on how to disassemble the behemoth of a frame around the ebike. I will include a picture of the instructions Segway was kind enough to email to me.

    Once out of the package, I initially had a difficult time getting the key to open the “trunk” under the seat to access the battery, which is required before your first use. Using the key is a bit easier now, but it is not required since the “trunk” (located under the seat) can be electronically opened. After charging the battery, it was time for set-up.

    Scanning the app and following the instructions, I was stalled at the activate device screen - a required step to take full advantage of the app and the C80’s full feature such as Anti Theft, GPS tracking, the Airlock feature (which lets you use your phone via Bluetooth to power on and off the bike without an NFC card)

    After some online chatting with tech support, and actually receiving a phone call directly from Segway, it was determined that there was a bug in the iOS app. The Segway-Ninebot team went above and beyond to address the bug in the app and we were ready to ride at full speed! (Without activation the c80 is governed to around 6mph for safety but once activating it through the app the max speed is unlocked and allows travel up to 20mph.)

    Off I went at 32, what I thought was MPH but the speed display is set to Kilometers per hour. After a quick swap in the app from Metric to imperial/USA the c80 was now set to go in MPH.

    I have absolutely enjoyed riding the Segway c80 ebike!! The smoothness of acceleration, ease of breaking, and comfortable overall ride make me excited to go out for a fun relaxing ride. My husband enjoys the c80 so much he also wants one!

    Charging is so easy with an accessible external plug under the back package rack, making it easy to top off the battery for the next adventure! The battery is also directly accessible under the seat or can also be removed for charging as well.

    The anti-theft feature is a great and useful feature. If someone tries to move the scooter after it has been turned off, the alarm sounds and the wheels lock and a message is sent to your phone via the app.

    Tracking your ride after you are finished riding or locating the scooter through the app are useful features. The app also works great to see the battery status and range of the scooter.

    The C80 eMoped is a class 2 electric bike. In my area that means no registration, tag or insurance is required and the vehicle can be operated wherever bicycles are permitted (bike lanes, trails, rec paths and sidewalks). Be sure to check local regulations before heading out on your c80 adventures. Wearing a helmet is always recommended.

    The Segway c80 is quite the enjoyable ride and I thoroughly enjoy it. I would also like to commend Segway for their excellent support in working out the few hiccups, they were very quick to communicate and address the issues and provided a fast fix that had me riding - at top speed - in no time!

    Feb 21, 2021 22:06
  • Review by tri0xinn, 10 out of 10
    Excellent comfortable cruiser

    I ordered and received within a couple weeks. Well packaged and somewhat easy to remove from box/frame. Excellent emoped/ebike. At this point absolutely no issues. Works as I expected after watching a few reviews on youtube. I broke my arm and shoulder on a regular street scooter(125cc) because someone pulled out in front of me at the last second. I decided to buy an ebike and do my best to stay off the roads and stick to bike lanes/bike paths and sidewalks. This little ebike is perfect for that, and now I don't have to pay for registration every couple years... and I don't smell like gas/exhaust after joyriding for a few hours. I'd say the only thing I need to do is have my feet on the pedals at times and 'fake' pedal so people don't think I'm riding a scooter on the bike path but so far have only had maybe one or 2 dirty looks.

    As far as speed it's pretty ideal and is fast enough for bike path/cruising.. of course hitting 25mph or maybe 30mph would be great but I'm sure that would likely declassify it's e-bike status legally... that being said I'll be watching forums for potential unlocking of speed. Unnecessary really though. The only thing it could use is a bit more power for light hill climbing, on the flats it's great but once you hit a decent hill climb it really slows down. This may be limitation of the electric motor though.

    Range is fantastic, I'd say a solid 40 miles is realistic with mixed terrain.. the advertised 52miles is likely in a best case scenario. I'm 175lb's and 6' tall. The ride is very smooth. People complaining about storage.. I just zip tied a $5 basked I bought on the c80 and now can haul groceries or whatever in it.

    The app works fine although like someone mentioned the ebike itself still displays KPH. The headlights/other lights on the C80 are perfect, they are light detecting and come on without even doing anything and go off automatically as well. I got mine on sale at Best Buy for 1,699.00 , very much worth the price!

    Excellent overall

    Sep 12, 2021 03:20
  • Review by Mitch, 2 out of 10
    Big dud

    What a nightmare. Shipping is a joke. The scooter was hanging out of the bottom of its crate upon delivery. One tire was literally dragging on the ground through the bottom and the scooter was teetering on the verge of completely falling out. The crate was mangled around the scooter requiring me to use a grinder with cutoff wheels to free it. The scooter itself is underwhelming for the price point. Seems cheap, battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge if you park it for the week. Left it at 96% on a Friday and it was at $58% the following Wednesday.

    My biggest issue is the range that is not being accurately advertised. It will go up to 53 kilometers, NOT 53 miles. When you update the settings to be in miles instead of kilometers, the new range is 33 miles on a full charge. Segway told me to try riding it (in the summer in Arizona) until I drained the battery and then recharge it to see what the range would be at that point. I’m not going to sit on a scooter for a 33 mile ride and be their test dummy while it’s 117 degrees outside. If the range was off from what was advertised by a few miles, that would be one thing but this is off by 20 full miles.

    Keep in mind that this will arrive with flat tires and a dead battery and be preset to kilometers. After you fight to free it from the crate, there’s still much work to be done. I will say that there are a few features on the app that are neat but the value should really be in the product, not the app.

    Jun 25, 2021 16:01
  • Review by Spartikus, 10 out of 10
    Segway-Ninebot C80

    I just got the best early Fathers Day gift EVER and my inner child is delighted! I'll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this Segway-Ninebot C80 eMoped, but I'm absolutely loving it! It is such a smooth and phenomenally fun scooter fornthe summer! I have enjoyed riding around my town today and love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I ride past. I have received so many compliments on how cool and quiet the scooter is, so many people wanting to get one! Thank you.

    Jun 14, 2021 13:33
  • Review by Yola, 10 out of 10


    excellent delivery

    very easy to use

    very easy instruction

    Sep 28, 2021 20:34
  • Review by Gadgetula, 6 out of 10
    Mixed Review - Great Item, Needs Some Improvements

    This is a mixed review - I very much want to give it 5 stars, as it's fantastic, but there are some things holding it back. I'm also going to mention my Best Buy experience, but that is not factored into the rating, as I'm rating the item itself here.

    Let's start with the good:

    This electric moped is a blast to ride. I was a little worries that 20 mph would be too slow, especially based on other reviews/comments I've seen, but it feels really nice to ride, and it's quite zippy. If you're looking to ride in the streets and keep up with traffic, this is not for you.

    The reason I like this speed is that, as a class 2 bike, I can ride this on bike paths, trails, or anywhere a bike can go. With a faster vehicle, you need a license, city sticker, insurance, etc. (that said, get this covered under something like State Farm personnel article insurance), and you have to ride in the street. This works for my purposes. But you won't be able to keep up with traffic in the street, and it would be dangerous. I was worried that I'd get dirty looks from people in bike lanes and paths, but for me, so far so good. The trick is to be respectful; don't go full speed around people, slow down, and they won't be mad at some moped-looking thing flashing by them with their kids on a trail. Don't zoom past bikers in the bike lane. Wait for an opening, go slowly around them, and zip off. Driving like this, not only did I not have any problems or complaints, but I've gotten tons of looks and compliments.

    The seat is super comfortable. The most comfortable I've experienced so far on something like this. Bumps feel smooth to ride over, and over all it's such a comfortable experience.

    The lights are really nice and bright. These go on automatically when they need to, and really do a great job of lighting up your vicinity. You also have some colored lights around the handlebars (green when you're ready to go, orange in standby, red if there's an error, or blue in cruise control). These are just for status/effect, and brightness (3 levels) can be controlled through the app.

    Overall, this is a fun, comfortable, zippy, great looking ride. I wish I could leave it at this and give it 5 stars, but...on to the cons:

    The app sucks. It's terrible. Terribly designed, and needs more features. You have to go through all menu options to find things that should be simple to find. For example, changing speed from metric (kph) to imperial (mph). It's buried somewhere randomely.

    Which brings me to the next annoyance. In a US market, you actually can't change the display on the moped to imperial/mph. When you change it in the app, it only changes it for the app, to see how far you've traveled, or estimates how much further you can travel on the battery. Knowing I can only go up to 20 mph, I don't really *need* to even look at the display to see how fast I'm going, but it's basically mostly what the display shows, so would be nice if it reflected imperial.

    More importantly, anti-theft features, such as the GPS tracking and alarm did not work.

    For the alarm, it's supposed to notify your phone if the moped alarm goes off. The alarm did go off, but I never got a notification on my phone.

    The GPS did not work at all. I called support, and they wanted to send me some new piece and have me take apart the moped to install, which I did not want to do. Or find a dealer and do it there, and they'd reimburse me for the invoice, which I did not want to do either, having owned this for only a short time. I've seen another review here which stated that their GPS did not work either, so it's not just me. I don't know if these issues are due to the app, or the moped itself, but it's unacceptable given the price of this. (You can get a NIU moped for hardly any more money, that goes faster, looks great, and is more polished). Ultimately, I returned my moped because of this, as this is a main safety feature.

    Another detractor is that there is no storage. So if you want to go to the grocery store, or pick something up, there's no point, because you can't carry anything with you. (There's a little hook in front you can put a bag on, but I hardly trust it, and you couldn't put much on there.) You may be able to rig your own basket, but I'd prefer an official solution. Allegedly, according to Segway, a basket accessory will be coming out sometime in "a few months", but that remains to be seen.

    Slight inclines can really slow this moped down, so if you live in more hilly areas, I don't think this would be the right choice for you. I live somewhere mostly flat, so it's not a problem for me personally.

    Maintenance is also a concern of mine. There's brake fluid, brakes, tires...and no real idea of how to care for these, or what to do if you have a problem. This comes with a sheet with a suggested maintenance schedule, but you'd have to find a dealer that would know how to service this. If you look up Segway authorized dealers, there aren't very many of them. According to what I've read from a few people online, they took these to shops that didn't know how to service them. But that may not be true for everyone, I'm sure that depends on the place you bring it to.

    I wish you could turn off the noises this moped makes, or customize them. The start noise, when you open the kickstand, seat detection, etc. Some of these features can be turned off, but for example...I may want to keep seat detection on, but turn off the noise that sounds like a 90s kid's toy.

    After just a few rides, the front wheel started making a noise. It looked like the brakes were not aligned, or squeezing the wheel/rotor slightly to tightly, creating the noise. But again, it was too new to deal with this. Together with the other issues, I did return this, but ordered a new one hoping that I'll have better luck the second time around.

    Now, the experience of receiving this moped. Be prepared, especially if you live in an apartment or condo. It comes in a HUGE box, I mean even bigger than what it looks like if you check out an unboxing video on YouTube. It only barely fit through my building's back doors, and got into the freight elevator by a quarter of an inch. The moped is in a big metal frame, and then covered by a box. So, metal is what's on the bottom. You can't push this, and if you try to bring inside, it will scratch up your floors. So I recommend unboxing in a hallway, or better yet - don't bring it inside, and unbox it outdoors, assuming it was delivered when it's not raining or bad weather. I paid the delivery guy to help me bring it inside. You'll have to get rid of the box, and for the metal frame you'll need some good scissors/razor to cut some attachments, and a wrench to remove some kinds of bolts. You can use a power tool if you have the right attachment, but a good wrench worked. It did take a while to do, and once you're done, you open the metal frame and lift the moped out. Make sure you can dispose of and recycle that big metal frame, though.


    Best Buy Experience.

    Because of the crazy shipping, for my return, they allowed me to bring it to the store directly to return. I didn't want to deal with figuring out packaging or shipping. However, they messed up the return (it may have been someone new, so it's understandable), but I spent about an hour there and they still couldn't completely resolve. I only wanted an even exchange. I tried to get help from customer service over the phone once I left, but you won't be able to rely on it. The online CS is some of the worst I've experienced. Long wait times (understandable due to Covid and staffing), but when I did finally get people, I was disconnected at least 5 times, and transferred endlessly. Ultimately, I went to a different location and got it resolved.

    Bottom line. I like this item. I thin kit's overpriced for what it offers, but it's still quite fun. There are some associated headaches and imperfections, and updates/upgrades that should happen - but, if you go in knowing these things, you'll have a blast riding this.

    Aug 21, 2021 17:36
  • 8.0score
    Super73 - S2 eBike w/35 mi Max Operating Range & 28 mph Max Speed - Hudson Blue

    The Super73-S2 is a high-performance street-legal electric motorbike that does not require a license or registration. Designed for the urban adventurer, the agile S2 is a sport-cruiser style motorbike built with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and a fully adjustable air spring suspension fork. The S2 also features Super73's all-new connected electronics suite that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the new Super73 App.Electric transportation.Check out scooters, mopeds, bikes and other electric vehicles. Shop all electric transportation

    9 Features
  • State of the Art Battery: The S2 is powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, the largest in the segment. This provides an estimated 40+ miles* of range at 20mph under throttle only operation and an estimated 75+ miles* of range using ECO pedal assist mode.
  • Durable BDGR Tires: At 5" wide, the all-new BDGR tire is the widest and most aggressive 20" all-terrain fat tire in its class. Blended motorcycle & bicycle tire construction methods to meet the needs of this revolutionary vehicle.
  • Smart: A transflective monochromatic LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect and control their bike with the Super73 app.
  • App Ready: Super73’s new generation of electric motorbikes come with an electronics suite that pairs with iOS and Android devices through the new Super73 mobile app. Over-the-air updates ensure bikes have the latest firmware to operate at peak performance!
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation: Riders will be able to discover new routes by dropping a pin or typing in their desired destination using the easy, turn-by-turn navigation available on the Super73 app. Directions are displayed on both the rider’s mobile device and LCD Smart Display.
  • Smooth Ride: Front suspension comes standard on the S2 and includes adjustable preload, compression, and rebounding damping. The proprietary tread pattern improves traction, reduces road noise, and increases stability for both on and off-road riding. Plus, the seat allows for two passenger riding.
  • Powerful Motor: The Super73-S2 motorbike is driven by a powerful internally geared brushless DC hub motor capable of outputting up to 2000 watts of peak power.
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame: Riders will be able to discover new routes by dropping a pin or typing in their desired destination using the easy, turn-by-turn navigation available on the Super73 app. Directions are displayed on both the rider’s mobile device and LCD Smart Display.
  • Great Visibility: The newly designed high output triple LED 12v halo headlight is the brightest light available on any Super73 with 630 lumens.
  • 5 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Steve, 2 out of 10
    Do NOT update the firmware

    I got 1 good ride in. Then I tried to register my super73 bike through the super 73 app and after updating the firmware my bike is now UNRESPONSIVE! Throttle doesntr work. Display doesn’t work, front headlights doesn’t work. And I can’t connect my bike through Bluetooth anymore For such an expensive bike I would hope they would come wi the out the headache. I just want to ride

    Oct 02, 2021 18:19
  • Review by Interlude, 6 out of 10

    The bike is a beautiful bike, looks are not the problem as this bike probably beats 95% of the looks on any other ebike out there. The main problems come down to how bad the app is and the glitches with the battery and motor. For me when the bike got to around 25% battery the motor stopped working completely which is a big no-no. I’m not paying $3000 for a bike for a to fail at 25% every time and for this to be a known problem and no one‘s address it so I went with a another bike and spend $500 less for something that works 20% more.

    Oct 29, 2021 16:37
  • Review by Emicha, 10 out of 10
    Greatest toy purchase

    Easy to follow for instructions to put together the bike.

    Nov 05, 2021 16:45
  • Review by christine, 10 out of 10
    Good bike

    Still waiting black color

    S2 is better than s1

    Nice bike

    Aug 29, 2021 00:52
  • Review by JPerler1986, 10 out of 10
    Solid and unique ebike

    Everyone turns their heads when we ride by on this thing! It feels extremely fast at top speed but it does take a few seconds to get there. I’d like rear suspension in the future but this more than takes care of the weekend riding I do with my kids.

    Oct 05, 2021 18:09
  • 7.6score