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Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper Blasters Collector Pack

Become immune to damage as you move through the shadows with this Hasbro Nerf Overwatch Reaper collector pack. A replica Reaper face mask lets wear and display their love for the team-based action game, while two blasters with 16 rounds are designed in Reaper's signature style. This Hasbro Overwatch Reaper collector pack features ready indicators and trigger locks to prevent accidental firing.

5 Features
  • Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper Wight Edition collector pack: Includes two Reaper blasters designed in the style of Reaper's signature accessories in Blizzard Entertainment's action game, a replica Reaper face mask, and 16 rounds.
  • Reaper face mask: Features an adjustable strap for Overwatch fans to wear and display.
  • Rapid fire: Each blaster holds eight rounds and fires them at a velocity of 90 feet per second.
  • Breech-load blasters: Have spring-action mechanisms, ready indicators, and trigger locks to prevent them from firing accidentally.
  • Recommended minimum age: Suitable for players aged 14 and older.
  • 3 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Phonecontroller, 10 out of 10
    Nerf gun

    The best nerf gun you could ever buy highly recommended to BUY!!!!!!!

    Sep 03, 2021 20:01
  • Review by MarvinS, 10 out of 10
    Ricochet is for real

    Got this for my son's 7th birthday and he loves it.

    Be careful where you aim. These things fire fast and the rounds still hurt after ricocheting off the floor and wall.

    Nov 06, 2020 15:48
  • Review by Kari, 10 out of 10
    Great item for Nerf Gun lovers

    My 8 year old wanted this set for his birthday. They seem very durable and are his favorite guns

    Aug 21, 2020 22:23
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    iHome - Sound Factory Bluetooth Karaoke - Black

    The new iHome Sound Factory Bluetooth MP3 karaoke machine is here! Put on a show and sing to whatever you like. Stream unlimited audio via Bluetooth so you can play and sing along to whichever songs or audio content you like. Sing like a Star with the real working wired microphone and use the multi-colored party lights and ceiling projector to put on a real show!

    5 Features
  • Connectivity: Stream audio and content using Bluetooth technology
  • LED lighting: LED lighting flashes with the music
  • USB Recording: Record your performances to a USB device while singing
  • What's included: Includes a dynamic microphone for singing fun
  • Recommended age: For ages 8 and up
  • The Most Useful Review
  • Review by Trae3, 10 out of 10

    great gift for my grandkids! Entertaining and fun!

    Nov 14, 2021 01:58
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    Pivet - Zero+ w/MagSafe Case for iPhone 13 mini/iPhone 12 mini - Ocean Blue

    Protect your phone while protecting the environment with Pivet Aspect iPhone case. Ensure your phone case can’t pollute the planet for decades to come. If recycling is not available Self-Cycle technology is a built-in end-of-life solution for plastic, with no compromise to your Pivet case experience. Once disposed of, TOTO-TOA enhanced materials attract natural microbes to rapidly consume the case. Model IP2154ZRBLUE-M

    5 Features
  • Device Protection: 6.6ft / 2M Drop Protection
  • Self-Cycle Technology: Self-Cycle with TOTO-TOA Enhanced Materials.
  • Recyclable: Made from 100% recycled TPU
  • Detachable Lanyard: Detachable lanyard prevents drops
  • MagSafe Compatible: Works with Apple’s MagSafe charger and Qi Wireless charging
  • 2 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by JacqueD, 10 out of 10
    Perfect case

    I love this beautiful blue case that goes with my terrific iPhone 13 mini. The case is not slippery so I have no worries of dropping my phone. It’s very easy to find in my purse too. Fits the phone perfectly. I feel my phone is so much safer from damage with this sturdy safety case. If you drop your phone like I have done, get the Mag/Safe Case.

    Oct 18, 2021 15:03
  • Review by Protector, 10 out of 10
    Nice Case


    Oct 22, 2021 15:21
  • Applebee's - $25 Gift Card

    Treat a friend or family member to a juicy burger or a delicious salad with this Applebee's $25 gift card that is redeemable at locations in the U.S. and Canada.

    3 Features
  • Valid at Applebee's restaurants in the U.S. and Canada: So you can enjoy a meal at a wide range of locations
  • Redeemable for menu items: For a mouthwatering dining experience
  • $25 value: For flexible spending
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Randy, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic item to have in travels!!!!

    The Applebee's cards are one of many forms of easy and convenient means to use when hungry !!! Affords good tasty reasonable food on run !!!!! Rather have a card so don't have to use cash!! Bbb

    Jun 22, 2017 07:39
  • Review by Barbie, 10 out of 10
    great idea for the hard to buy person

    everyone eats get 3 gift cards for the hard to buy person for Christmas

    Nov 17, 2019 12:55
  • Review by Joey, 10 out of 10
    Applebee's Gift Card

    I purchase the gift card for Applebee's quite often as they make excellent gifts and I like to keep a few in my wallet when I am on the road

    Oct 17, 2021 16:20
  • Review by Supandy12, 10 out of 10

    Always a great gift to get for a loved one when they love food

    Nov 20, 2021 19:27
  • Review by Baaaama, 10 out of 10
    I love everything about gift cards I can always fi

    I love everything about gift cards I can always find any gift card I want at Best Buy’s and the Applebee’s gift card was the perfect gift to give to a friend

    Sep 17, 2021 23:49
  • Review by Emmie, 10 out of 10

    Enjoyed Applebees gift cards! Purchased chicken fajita roll up and tortilla soup. Delicious!

    Oct 23, 2021 06:39
  • Review by Shanstro, 10 out of 10
    Gift cards

    Great Christmas stocking stuffers for family and friends to have.

    Nov 04, 2021 06:51
  • Review by TenBucks, 10 out of 10
    Gift Card

    We buy gift cards for Christmas gifts every year and take advantage of Best Buy's no interest for 18 months.

    Sep 29, 2021 17:05
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    Sony - $25 PlayStation Store Card [Digital]

    Everything you want to play. Choose from the largest library of PlayStation content.

    10 Features
  • Redeem against anything on PlayStation Store.: Choose from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more*.
  • Pre-order. Pre-load. Play: Can't wait for a game? Pre-load it to your console and play as soon as it's available.
  • Find exclusive deals on top games.: With regular deals and discounts, there’s always something to play at a price you’ll love.
  • Download purchases remotely.: Add your purchases to your download queue from anywhere online – and start playing sooner.
  • Choose from a range of gift cards.: With $10 to $100 to buy your favorite games, add-ons or subscriptions.
  • Download, play, delete and re-install.: Content purchased from PlayStation Store is added to your library, as well as being downloaded to your console.
  • A gift for gamers. A world of possibilities: Games, add-ons, subscriptions and more
  • Entertainment, at your fingertips: Redeem for anything on PlayStation Store: games, add-ons, subscriptions and more.
  • Redemption Instructions:: 1. Open an account for PlayStation Network (PSN) (or use your existing PSN account).
  • Terms and Conditions: Your use of this “PlayStation™Store“ card (“Card”) constitutes your acceptance of these terms and any additional terms available at
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by cccris, 10 out of 10
    Good product if you don’t want to use a debit card

    Code arrived in less than 10 minutes, I’m satisfied. It does what it says it does which the code gives you currency to buy items in the PlayStation Store.

    Nov 22, 2021 09:47
  • Review by cory, 10 out of 10
    Same gift for nephew that lives in Dallas

    I loved that he not only got the immediate e-gift card surprise but that I had to buy more than one to make the $150 for him and so it was like 2 gifts! He thought he was only getting the $50 one. My sister-in-law said that it was rather simple downloading the card and such for him to use. Very happy! And very simple, no surcharge either for the e-gift card. ;)

    Jul 16, 2020 18:05
  • Review by Matt, 10 out of 10
    Super easy to use.

    Not much to say except that it was a very easy process. Purchased this store cash card and received the code in my email within 10 minutes. Would recommend this for anyone looking to buy something for the PS Store without putting in a credit card.

    Jul 03, 2020 19:53
  • Review by hmom, 10 out of 10
    Take back control of your credit card with these!

    Love that the download number arrives within a minute or two after purchase. Highly recommend these so that your child doesn't 'accidentally' (wink, wink) purchase something on their PS4 because your credit card was saved on their account. (Believe me, this has happened!) No more!! These PSN cards are perfect!

    Aug 07, 2020 19:38
  • Review by TechInTime, 10 out of 10
    It does what it says it will on the tin.

    It's a PlayStation store gift card. EASY to apply and convenient too! I wanted to add a game for a friend, and this keeps my banking information secure while letting me gift them the game.

    Thanks, Best Buy, for making this available.

    Sep 01, 2021 15:44
  • Review by hmom, 10 out of 10
    Love these PSN cards!!!!

    Love that the download number arrives within a minute or two after purchase. Highly recommend these so that your child doesn't 'accidentally' (wink, wink) purchase something on their PS4 because your credit card was saved on their account. (Believe me, this has happened!) No more!! These PSN cards are perfect!

    Aug 07, 2020 19:36
  • Review by DrJmusic, 10 out of 10
    Trade in Best Buy gift certificates

    The best way to ad money to your psn account is having your Best Buy membership and credit card and accumulate points on Best Buy gift certificates, trade in during check out and enjoy discounts all around the year

    Nov 14, 2021 06:49
  • Review by UncleEl, 10 out of 10
    Now you don’t have to add your CC info onto the Pl

    Digital cards are a must. It’s very dangerous to put your credit card information on devices, and it’s not because of hackers, but because my nephew uses the PlayStation, and it’s all too easy to hit a button and buy Fortnite skins. This way I can limit what he buys on there.

    Oct 20, 2021 07:12
  • 9.8score
    Chipotle - $25 Gift Code (Email Delivery) [Digital]

    Whether you're treating a friend or yourself, an e-gift card from Chipotle Mexican Grill will help you. It proofs that food served fast doesn't have to be a typical fast-food experience. So no matter the occasion, this Chipotle e-gift card means instant happiness, joy, elation, and euphoria of the mouth.

    3 Features
  • Redeemable for Chipotle Mexican Grill service: You or your friend can enjoy a true food-serving experience.
  • The perfect gift: After you receive the email, choose the option to gift it to a recipient.
  • $25 value: Ensures flexible spending.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Albert, 10 out of 10
    Loadable to CMG wallet on app

    Digital CMG GCs are great. Don't have to worry about possible tampering with physical GCs. I received the email with GC and promptly loaded into my CMG wallet on my app.

    Nov 19, 2021 11:31
  • Review by Zigurat, 8 out of 10
    Convenient with a catch

    Used for online ordering on app and web site.

    Chipotle will only allow you to save one gift card to your account, which makes it clear that you can use only one gift card per online order.

    The good news is that if the gift card doesn't cover the entire cost of the order, the secondary payment option is used to cover the exact difference, so you can actually use up the entire balance of the gift card.

    Nov 14, 2021 04:42
  • Review by Albert, 10 out of 10
    Never a problem, add to Chipotle wallet

    Never a problem. Works like cash. Can add to Chipotle wallet so don’t have to keep carrying e-mail gift card.

    Nov 17, 2021 18:54
  • Review by Koch, 10 out of 10
    Easy and Simple buying process of gift cards

    The transaction was easy and simple. Digital Card was emailed within less than 5 minutes of the order.

    Nov 21, 2021 09:58
  • Review by ABestBuyer, 10 out of 10
    Redeeming git card value

    I am happy with the Chipotle gift card. It is very convenient to add and redeem the gift card value to the restaurant's portal for checking out and I don't need to enter my credit card info anymore. I totally recommend it to anyone interested.

    Sep 04, 2021 17:32
  • Review by Verse, 10 out of 10
    Chipotle GC Review

    This is a gift card to Chipotle, it works as advertised. Be warned that as of 8/6/21 the Chipotle mobile app does not allow gift cards to be combined for purchases, so if you have $1 leftover you will not be able to combine it with another GC for a larger purchase.

    These are nice when they go on sale.

    Aug 06, 2021 10:05
  • Review by Evul, 10 out of 10
    Chipotle eGC

    Gifted this to an individual that really loves chipotle they were extremely happy.

    Nov 19, 2021 16:53
  • Review by dtoophy, 10 out of 10
    Great Deal on a Chipotle Gift card

    I could not pass up this deal. We love Chipotle! I have used it a few times to purchase lunch and /or dinner. Purchase price was right; $42.50 for $50.00.

    Oct 15, 2021 17:06
  • 9.8score
    Apple - $25 Gift Card - App Store, Music, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, accessories, and more

    For all things Apple — apps, games, music, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, MacBook, accessories, and more. This gift card does it all. And then some.Apple Brand Store at Best Buy.Shop more Apple products

    2 Features
  • Highlights: Each physical Apple Gift Card comes with an exclusive sticker featuring an all new Apple logo design.
  • Terms and Conditions: Beware of gift card scams. Do not share your code.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by James818, 10 out of 10
    Better than the old cards

    Can't go wrong with an itunes gift card, I get these once or twice a year, and if there is a sale ill jump quick to grab another. The best thing is these new cards have a sticker peel now, prefer this because the old way of using a coin to scratch off sometimes messed up the code.

    Nov 09, 2021 15:02
  • Review by Matt, 10 out of 10
    Great for Apple Lovers

    If you love Apple, then this is self explanatory. What I like to do is wait for the special where you receive a free Best Buy card with purchase and then load these into my Apple balance. I have Apple Premium +, and it just deducts each month. If you’re looking to save money on that plan, here’s an idea worthwhile.

    Oct 22, 2021 17:10
  • Review by nCHEN, 10 out of 10
    Greater flexibility from the new gift cards

    The new apple gift cards provide greater flexibility than the old ones so that you can redeem them for not only Apple iTunes store items but also the hardware such as iPhone, iMac in the apple store. It is also very easy to deposit them into your Apple account. I used my iphone camera to scan the redeem code and the money was in my account in a second.

    Oct 18, 2020 15:16
  • Review by matt91582, 10 out of 10
    Better than credit cards

    These are awesome and safe for children and young adults, they doesn’t have a debit or credit card, but still wants to use apple services, like apple t.v or music, they also work if they want to buy games or books from the App Store.

    Nov 02, 2021 02:38
  • Review by Gchan, 10 out of 10
    No brainer gift idea for Apple fans

    Bought this for my friend for as a thank you token. I was choosing between this and the Amazon gift card. Given that she is an Apple user, I decided to buy this and she LOVES it.

    Nov 05, 2021 11:10
  • Review by Great, 10 out of 10
    My Christmas is Complete

    My Granddaughter likes to listen and stream so this was an excellent filler gift at Christmas. She can choose what she would like to use the card towards. A versatile card for sure.

    Oct 29, 2021 22:34
  • Review by tobewiser, 10 out of 10
    Great gift for any Apple fan

    A perfect gift for an Apple fan. Versatile and it does not have an expiration date. It's too bad that Best Buy does not accept this card as a form of payment.

    Nov 01, 2021 13:41
  • Review by samy007, 10 out of 10
    Apple $25 Gift Card, is the iDeal Card!

    This Apple 25 Dollar Gift Card for App Store, Music, iTunes,

    iPhone, iPad, AirPods, accessories, and much more, is the

    iDeal Apple Card!

    Nov 08, 2021 06:41
  • 9.8score
    Cricut - Explore 3

    Cut, draw, score, and more with the DIY dream machine—now smarter and faster than ever. From vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, and specialty materials like bonded fabric and cork, Cricut Explore® 3 works with 100+ materials, bringing incredible speed and precision to every project. And with Cricut Smart Materials™, you can make long, easy cuts up to 12 ft (3.6 m) without using a cutting mat – just load & go! So whether you're making custom home decor, decals for your car, or heat-transfer logos to outfit the team, you'll be ready to tackle every creative task that comes your way. Works with free Design Space® app for iOS®, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®.* *iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google, LLC. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    6 Features
  • Speed: The DIY dream machine, now up to 2X faster(1).
  • Materials: Cuts 100+ materials(2).
  • Compatible Tools: Compatible with 6 tools for cutting, scoring & more(3).
  • Uses Smart Materials: Works with Smart Materials™ – just load & go!
  • Technology: Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Includes: Cricut Explore 3 machine, Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing, Welcome card, USB cable, Power adapter, Free trial subscription to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers), 100 ready-to-make projects online, Material for a practice cut.
  • 7 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by maxamilione, 10 out of 10
    Awesome machine

    Very nice machine so fast produces great results and very easy to work with. This makes being creative so easy

    Nov 22, 2021 12:15
  • Review by Circuitexplore3, 10 out of 10
    Circuit machine

    Love this machine it’s so easy to use cuts perfect

    Nov 19, 2021 17:15
  • Review by Jeff, 10 out of 10
    Gift for the wife

    Gift for the wife. She loves it. Huge upgrade from the the previous one she had. Likes the smart tray for unlimited length.

    Sep 10, 2021 15:54
  • Review by shammer, 10 out of 10
    best version so far

    love this newer version of cricut explore 3 it has many more cut designs and its seems quieter than the previous version also nice color .

    Aug 17, 2021 23:55
  • Review by rprmsr, 8 out of 10
    Good...but upgraded to maker 3

    Worked well but kinda disappointed to realize you are very limited with this model so I upgraded to the Maker 3.

    Sep 04, 2021 13:26
  • Review by Monique, 10 out of 10
    Love it

    Love love love! This cricut is my first and it blew my expectations. Super fast and easy to use.

    Oct 10, 2021 02:32
  • Review by Jaxonsdad, 10 out of 10
    Great machine

    Great machine very easy to use very happy with it will pay for itself in no time

    Aug 06, 2021 19:17
  • 9.8score
    Amazon - Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart speaker with clock and Alexa - Twilight Blue

    Meet the all-new Echo Dot with clock. Round out any room with Alexa. Our most popular smart speaker has a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly into small spaces. It delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound you can enjoy anywhere in your home. See the time, alarms, and timers on the LED display. Plus, tap the top to snooze an alarm.Use voice assistants to explore Best Buy.Ask for today’s deals, store hours and more via an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.Learn how

    6 Features
  • Meet the all-new Echo Dot with clock: Our most popular smart speaker with Alexa. The sleek, compact design delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound.
  • Perfect for your nightstand: See the time, alarms, and timers on the LED display. Tap the top to snooze an alarm.
  • Ready to help: Ask Alexa to tell a joke, play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather, set alarms, and more.
  • Control your smart home: Use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible devices.
  • Connect with others: Call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner's ready.
  • Designed to protect your privacy: Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Office, 10 out of 10
    Amazon echo dot 4 gen

    Amazon echo dot 4 gen is great I love the clock display bright when the lights are on and dims when the lights are off you can easy ask your echo anything great device!

    Jul 02, 2021 17:03
  • Review by Excellent, 10 out of 10
    Excellent companion

    You can’t know how useful and amazing it is until you have it! I bought this echo dot cause I already had a little one and found it was great! I have a two story house and needed one for upstairs,

    Excellent reminding me what I have to do before leaving to work , setting time when cooking, asking about the weather, playing my favorite music, showing the time etc... I leave by myself and found it’s really nice to have it. I highly recommend this little thing!!!

    Jan 09, 2021 19:40
  • Review by Caddygirl2, 10 out of 10
    Alarm clock love

    Love this alarm clock. Nice size and style. The time illuminates bright with lights on and dims when you turn the lights off. You can set the alarm to wake the same time weekdays and automatically turns on. Mindless technology. I would purchase again or as a gift.

    Dec 19, 2020 09:54
  • Review by Edh948, 10 out of 10
    Tech wonder

    Excellant product works as advertised easy to set up and use esp for us guys who aren't real tech savy.

    Jul 16, 2021 15:52
  • Review by EXCELLENT, 10 out of 10


    Jul 08, 2021 00:16
  • Review by Lism, 10 out of 10
    Little echo

    I like the little things. Getting the weather, play music. Alsot he clock feature is nice

    May 21, 2021 21:44
  • Review by Martialo, 10 out of 10

    I am satisfy i used the 3rd generation before it was okay but this one is better

    Nov 26, 2020 09:16
  • Review by Mannydi, 10 out of 10
    You need one

    Omg amazing!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apr 27, 2021 17:43
  • 9.6score
    Vankyo - Leisure 3W PRO Wireless 720P Mini Projector - White

    The VANKYO Leisure 3W Pro Wireless portable projector is ideal for home theatres. The innovative multi-screen interactive system will bring an amazing viewing experience.Projector Buying Guide.Learn about projector types and find the right fit for your needs and space.Learn more

    8 Features
  • Outstanding Visual Performance: MStar Advanced Color Engine, LCD technology, clear details and solid durability. A whole new realm of home entertainment.
  • Adaptable Setup: Leisure 3W PRO Wireless transforms open and unused spaces into super entertaining settings.
  • Verstaile Compatability: Equipped with the most up-to-date WIFI connectivity, VANKYO Projector can connect directly to iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Effective Energy Solution: Rich and natural colors, up to 30000 hours.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Trusted brand of projectors, FCC, RoHS and CE certified. Please contact the VANKYO Support Team if you have any questions.
  • HDMI input: Easy to connect to high-definition sources.
  • LED lamp: Delivers up to 30,000 hours of lamp life in normal mode for extended use.
  • Built-in speaker: Provide astonishing setero sound
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Jc809, 8 out of 10

    Undestand that is not 1080 so the quality is not the best next time i would get the 1080. The projector works and you cant beat the price.

    Oct 09, 2021 11:33
  • Review by geojalen10, 8 out of 10
    Great Price Great pictures

    very good price very good picture but lacks 2 hdmi inputs very quite. I own 3 projectors 2 Are vankyo

    Oct 23, 2021 21:25
  • Review by menensia, 10 out of 10
    Great Projector

    I love my projector! Great for use indoors or out if it's twilight or later. Bought one for my parents as a gift too!

    Sep 15, 2021 12:05
  • Review by Fodaphree, 10 out of 10
    Vankyo - the projector you need

    Vankyo is a reliable brand. Their projectors have great quality, are durable, and last a long time. Customer service is also top tier!

    Oct 10, 2021 20:56
  • Review by Jose, 10 out of 10

    Great product works amazing customer service is quick and easy!

    Sep 23, 2021 06:39
  • Review by RajitK, 10 out of 10

    A great update to the prior model , it now has WIFI and higher resolution. I just put in my living room and attached google tv to it.

    Great for fun movie nights. Also , its really portable and comes in carrying case with all the cables included. The screen mirroring feature is handy while showing photos to friends and family!

    Aug 25, 2021 13:51
  • Review by Teacher, 10 out of 10
    Best little projector out there!

    This is the best projector!! It is so easy to use and the picture is great! I homeschooled my grandson and it was so easy to switch between my phone & the computer!!!

    Sep 30, 2021 13:39
  • Review by ALWE, 10 out of 10
    Great Projector!

    Great product! Awesome picture, easy to set up. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a projector!

    Sep 23, 2021 07:10
  • 9.6score
    Nerf Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster

    Fire darts for distance or accuracy with the Nerf Ultra Select blaster! The Ultra Select blaster holds two 10-dart clips and includes 10 Nerf Ultra darts designed for distance and 10 Nerf Ultra darts designed for accuracy. A selector on the blaster lets you choose which clip you want to fire from, so you can switch between them as you battle. Take aim and rapid-fire darts from this fully motorized blaster! Hold down the acceleration button to power up the motor and press the trigger. You can load the clips as you play for less downtime to reload. The blaster fires Nerf Ultra distance darts up to 120 feet (36 meters)*. Nerf Ultra accuracy darts are the most accurate Nerf Ultra darts. Includes carry handle for portability. Nerf Ultra blasters work only with Nerf Ultra darts. Requires 6x 1.5v C batteries, not included). Eyewear recommended (not included). * Distances based on controlled testing; actual performance varies. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

    5 Features
  • CHOOSE DISTANCE OR ACCURACY:: Nerf Ultra Select blaster holds 2 clips and includes 10 Nerf Ultra distance darts and 10 Nerf Ultra accuracy darts. Move the clip selector to choose your clip
  • FULLY MOTORIZED DART BLASTING:: Power up this fully motorized dart blaster and unleash darts with rapid-fire blasting (requires 6x 1.5v C batteries, not included)
  • INCLUDES 2x 10-DART CLIPS and 20 DARTS:: Blaster holds 2 clips. Load 10 Nerf Ultra distance darts into 1 clip, load 10 Nerf Ultra accuracy darts into the others clip, load both clips into the blaster
  • LOAD DARTS AS YOU BLAST:: The clips are designed so that you can load darts into them while they're still attached to the blaster, for less downtime needed to reload
  • Ages 8 and Up:
  • 9.6score
    Hasbro - Stranger Things Edition Board Game

    Solve a supernatural mystery with this Hasbro Stranger Things Monopoly board game. The '80s-inspired tokens and locations from the show take you back in time and let you relive the plot of the iconic series. This Hasbro Stranger Things Monopoly board game enhances the experience with show-inspired tokens, cards and game pieces.

    3 Features
  • Monopoly Stranger Things Edition board game: For hours of fun.
  • For 2 to 8 players: So you and your friends can play together.
  • Suitable for ages 14 and older: For age-appropriate and imaginative fun.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Mamma, 10 out of 10

    This is a fun family game the we’ve all enjoyed playing together!

    Nov 03, 2021 16:47
  • Review by Moon, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my son who is obsessed with stranger things. He loved the token for the board game.

    Jun 11, 2021 19:01
  • Review by Cristina, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my sister who is obsessed with Stranger Things. This was one of her favorite gifts for Christmas.

    Jan 22, 2021 16:02
  • Review by Steph, 10 out of 10

    If you’re a fan of stranger things this monopoly board is for you or you may gift it to someone. It’s easy to play just by following the instructions. The board is super creative, the cards have great sense of direction and the pieces are awesome!

    Dec 03, 2020 19:23
  • Review by Thanksfortheps5, 10 out of 10

    We love monopoly. Great game and great movies combined you can't loose. We like the usually old school monopoly but this is a ni e change.

    Apr 09, 2021 15:57
  • Review by Celticghost, 10 out of 10
    Didn't even know it existed.

    Our granddaughter loves this series. Didn't even know this game was available until BB offered it. Great item BB!

    Dec 16, 2020 18:14
  • Review by AWSOME, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my son who is obsessed with stranger things. He loved the token for the board game.

    Mar 19, 2021 12:48
  • Review by Vandelay610, 10 out of 10

    Great for the collection.Loved the board and what they put on it

    Sep 04, 2020 16:14
  • 9.6score
    Hasbro - Stranger Things Edition Board Game

    Solve a supernatural mystery with this Hasbro Stranger Things Monopoly board game. The '80s-inspired tokens and locations from the show take you back in time and let you relive the plot of the iconic series. This Hasbro Stranger Things Monopoly board game enhances the experience with show-inspired tokens, cards and game pieces.

    3 Features
  • Monopoly Stranger Things Edition board game: For hours of fun.
  • For 2 to 8 players: So you and your friends can play together.
  • Suitable for ages 14 and older: For age-appropriate and imaginative fun.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Mamma, 10 out of 10

    This is a fun family game the we’ve all enjoyed playing together!

    Nov 03, 2021 16:47
  • Review by Moon, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my son who is obsessed with stranger things. He loved the token for the board game.

    Jun 11, 2021 19:01
  • Review by Cristina, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my sister who is obsessed with Stranger Things. This was one of her favorite gifts for Christmas.

    Jan 22, 2021 16:02
  • Review by Steph, 10 out of 10

    If you’re a fan of stranger things this monopoly board is for you or you may gift it to someone. It’s easy to play just by following the instructions. The board is super creative, the cards have great sense of direction and the pieces are awesome!

    Dec 03, 2020 19:23
  • Review by Thanksfortheps5, 10 out of 10

    We love monopoly. Great game and great movies combined you can't loose. We like the usually old school monopoly but this is a ni e change.

    Apr 09, 2021 15:57
  • Review by Celticghost, 10 out of 10
    Didn't even know it existed.

    Our granddaughter loves this series. Didn't even know this game was available until BB offered it. Great item BB!

    Dec 16, 2020 18:14
  • Review by AWSOME, 10 out of 10

    Bought this for my son who is obsessed with stranger things. He loved the token for the board game.

    Mar 19, 2021 12:48
  • Review by Vandelay610, 10 out of 10

    Great for the collection.Loved the board and what they put on it

    Sep 04, 2020 16:14
  • 9.6score
    LEGO - Icons adidas Originals Superstar 10282

    Add a surprising new addition to your sneaker collection with this LEGO adidas Originals Superstar (10282) model. In this never-seen-before LEGO offering, you’ll be recreating the iconic sneaker from LEGO elements to make a collectible display piece that’s sure to spark conversations. Authentic Superstar details Just like the real thing, this LEGO version includes the iconic adidas Originals Superstar sneaker graphics, shell toe shape, trefoil logo and serrated 3 stripes mark. Right shoe orleft shoe? You decide! This set includes 17 extra LEGO elements so you can choose to build either the right-foot or left-foot sneaker. For extra realism, it even has shoelaces and comes in an authentic shoe box. A building project for you This set is part of a collection of LEGO building kits for adults. With a display stand and plaque, this model will be appreciated by anyone who loves adidas and streetwear collectibles, as well as adult LEGO builders.

    4 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by GAMETRAINER, 10 out of 10
    You've got to get this one

    Love it so much I bought 2!!! Have to have a pair right? I like that it came in a shoe box too. Pretty clever looks like bestbuy sells shoes now. But one is for display and the other may be a well desired collection item one day. I will build with my greats after will be the first lego set we do together.

    Nov 21, 2021 05:59
  • Review by mrkeystone, 10 out of 10
    Great set great price!

    Great set! Thank you Best Buy for having this set at a great price!

    Nov 13, 2021 00:17
  • Review by CoolCS, 8 out of 10
    Cool new Lego Set

    Very cool Adidas lego set for a Christmas Gift.

    I am always looking for cool new sets a little out of the ordinary and Lego found one here.

    Just a little on the hard side which is good.

    Nov 02, 2021 21:40
  • Review by Ndbandy, 10 out of 10

    What a cool present for our oldest son! The packaging is awesome!

    Oct 20, 2021 14:51
  • 9.6score
    Insignia™ - Hard Shell Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max - Intense Glitter

    Keep your smartphone protected with the Insignia NS-MAX13GCMSRG Hard Shell Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its durable polycarbonate plastic protects your phone from everyday damage and drops up to 3.9 feet—without a bulky appearance! The thin, lightweight design is even MagSafe compatible, so you can wirelessly charge your device without removing your case. And it has raised edges so you can set your phone down without scratching your screen or camera lens. Love customizing the look and color of your device? Let your style show through with this intense glitter case. Keep your smartphone protected with this Insignia hard shell.

    6 Features
  • Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max: With cutouts and buttons for all your smartphone’s important features, you’ll have access to everything you need.
  • MagSafe compatible: A built-in magnetic ring designed for MagSafe charging provides improved wireless power.
  • Hard shell material: This durable polycarbonate (PC) hard shell with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is impact and scratch resistant for long-lasting protection.
  • Raised edges: Front and back raised edges protect your screen and camera lenses from being scratched when on a flat surface.
  • Drop protection: Withstands and protects your device from a fall of up to 3.9 ft. (1.2 m).
  • Slim, glitter design: An intense glitter design lets you customize the look of your smartphone.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Gitanagurl, 10 out of 10
    Worth it.

    It’s decent, great price. Beautiful glittery and pink! It’s for 12 pro max but fits the 12 pro max well. Works well with magsafe and the Belkin magsafe car vent mount too.

    Sep 25, 2021 20:23
  • Review by BestBuyCustomer, 10 out of 10
    Happy Shopper

    This pink and glittered hard shell case is perfect for young ladies who have iPhone 12 Pro. It is stylish and cute! The Megsafe magnet in the case works perfectly with the Belkin car vent mount.

    Nov 05, 2021 16:25
  • Review by LakelandGuy, 10 out of 10
    Wife loves it!

    Not exactly my style but the wife loves it. Happy wife, happy life and all that...

    Nov 19, 2021 19:27
  • Review by HonestReview, 10 out of 10
    Very strong protected case.

    Very nice case for Apple iPhone. I bought it for my wife. Looks really nice and premium.

    Nov 16, 2021 12:27
  • Review by Hotwheels, 10 out of 10
    I like it!

    Nice fit. Like the look. Haven’t dropped phone, but hope it protects.

    Nov 19, 2021 21:04
  • Review by Barb, 10 out of 10
    Christmas Gift

    This cool pink case is for a Christmas Present! Sorry it’s a gift! It’s a Gift! Christmas Gift!

    Oct 29, 2021 17:25
  • Review by jenthegr8, 8 out of 10

    beautiful case and all but not for the iPhone 12 Pro Max I bought it and since my camera is small then the 13 pro max it fits small in the big camera hole :(

    Nov 23, 2021 09:44
  • Review by HaniHassouneh, 10 out of 10

    Very good sturdy and practical I would recommend it

    Nov 19, 2021 16:11
  • 9.6score
    kate spade new york - Protective Hard Shell Case for Apple® iPhone® 11 - Cream With Stones/Hollyhock Floral Clear

    Guard your phone against potential damage with this kate spade new york protective hardshell case for Apple iPhone 11. Featuring co-molded construction for impact resistance, this single layer shell snaps quickly into place, while a raised bumper protects your device's delicate screen. The floral pattern on this kate spade new york protective hardshell case adds a touch of fun fashion.

    4 Features
  • Designed for use with Apple iPhone 11: To protect and complement your phone.
  • Lightweight construction: Minimizes bulk for simple portability.
  • Scratch-resistant design: Protects your device against accidental damage.
  • Impact drop protection: Safeguards against harm caused by accidental drops.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by pedro, 10 out of 10
    The best choice

    A perfect gift to my girlfriend, she love it. Easy to install it

    Apr 02, 2021 19:30
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    Birthday gift

    My brother got me this case for my birthday love it it matches my AirPods Pro case love my birthday gift

    Dec 20, 2020 01:46
  • Review by Kath2020, 8 out of 10
    Great for my first case for I phone

    I bought this on Feb17. I love flowers and I thought it looked very much like me. And of course it is not rugged it is feminine. I love it ! I also pursued a pop socket with a flower on it. So kinda matches! Love it!

    Feb 28, 2020 19:16
  • Review by KnoxvilleGrl, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    Blingy but classy. Easy to put on and stays on. Love it!

    Oct 09, 2020 18:28
  • Review by Veera, 10 out of 10
    Perfect fir iPhone 11

    Worth purchase case was well build, easy to hold and eye catching for sure I will recommend to others.

    Mar 20, 2020 20:02
  • Review by Greg, 4 out of 10
    Great for first 6 months

    I bought this for my wives birthday last year, end of February 2020. She loved it, I thought it was good material and construction but in November 2020 the rubber sides started to separate from the back and come apart along the corners and has split even more with some stretching. The rubber has darkened which is known to happen on even otterboxes but over a couple years. I know cases in general are suppose to take the beating but I have a case that came with my one plus and 2 years later still in great shape.

    Jan 06, 2021 06:39
  • Review by iPadreview, 10 out of 10
    iPhone case

    My daughter loves her case it’s super cute and stylish. It has held up well after a year and it has prevented any damage even after several drops

    Jun 04, 2021 15:25
  • Review by Dawn, 10 out of 10
    Does the job and looks nice

    Very pretty case that looks great on my black phone.

    Jul 03, 2021 12:18
  • 9.6score
    OtterBox - Commuter Series Case for Apple® iPhone® 11/XR - Black

    Create reliable layered defense for your Apple iPhone 11/XR with this black OtterBox Commuter case. Sturdy but sleek, this two-layer case protects your device in a drop while sliding easily into a pocket or bag. Button covers on this OtterBox Commuter case keep dust and dirt out and offer full touch response.

    5 Features
  • Designed for use with Apple iPhone 11/XR: Ensures a precise fit.
  • Internal slipcover and exterior shell: Two protective layers help keep your phone safe from drops, bumps, dust, and life on the go.
  • OtterBox Certified Drop+ protection: This case is built for you: day in, day out - your device is protected.
  • Slim profile: Slips easily in and out of pockets.
  • Port covers: Block dust, dirt, and pocket lint.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Astroboy, 10 out of 10
    Online store so convinient

    Good qualty case, protect my investmet and the online service is quick and reliable

    Aug 13, 2021 13:44
  • Review by Popncho, 10 out of 10

    Love it very happy I got it best buy it the best !!

    Oct 19, 2019 12:11
  • Review by Toni, 10 out of 10
    Hp office Jet Pro 9025 printer

    Awesome printer that was easier connected to all of our devices. The print quality is great. I love the two-sided printing option and the two paper trays. I highly recommend this printer.

    Mar 20, 2020 16:21
  • Review by Jess, 4 out of 10

    Always bought Otterbox cases for all my cellphones. Never thought of even trying any other brand, but Otterbox’s 11 pro case disappointed me. The rubber part of the case broke, the volume buttons came off. I’m nit sure if I received a defective piece or what, but terrible quality.

    May 08, 2021 10:57
  • Review by GrumpyCat, 4 out of 10
    Cracked within 4 months of use

    I thought the Otterbox name meant quality—but apparently not for this model. Without a significant drop it had a small crack at the top that grew larger over time. Disappointed.

    May 04, 2020 21:18
  • Review by Gene, 2 out of 10
    Phone broke first time it was dropped within case

    We bought this case and the first time the phone was dropped, the back of the phone broke and the phone stopped working. Phone was dropped from kitchen counter to tile floor. It must have hit just at the right angle to break the corner. See photos.

    Sep 04, 2020 18:25
  • Review by GamerGuy, 2 out of 10
    Not drop proof

    This case is not drop proof. My phone dropped from my restroom sink and landed on the top side of the case and the whole back of my phone cracked. I just bought the case and this happened within a week.

    Jul 16, 2021 18:54
  • Review by Gnome, 10 out of 10
    Great protection case

    Ever since my Iphone 5 had this case, I been buying otterbox cases for all my Iphones. Great protection for my IPhone since I am prone to drop my Iphone but nothing happens to it because it is protected by Otterbox. Plus the lifetime guarantee is great.

    Apr 18, 2020 14:13
  • 9.6score
    Bowers & Wilkins - 4" 100W Satellite Speaker (Each) - Matte Black

    Experience stunningly clear stereo sound with this Bowers & Wilkins M1MB 100W satellite speaker that features a 4" woven glass fiber woofer cone and 1" aluminum dome tweeter for high-quality audio.

    5 Features
  • Handles up to 100 watts maximum input power: For robust and controlled audio that is crisp and clear.
  • One 4" woven glass fiber woofer cone: Along with a 1" aluminum dome tweeter for a complete range of sounds.
  • 64Hz - 23kHz ±3dB frequency response: Ensures faithful sound reproduction.
  • 85dB sensitivity: For powerful sound.
  • 8 ohms impedance: Conducts power through the speaker.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by DaNangRocky, 10 out of 10
    Bowers and Wilkins M1 surround sound speakers

    There simply is no down side to these speakers, allowing that no premium product of any sort can be purchased for a low dollar amount. But even at about $250.00 each, these speakers are worth the price in spades. There is hardly anywhere these speakers cannot be placed, fixed or hung, even on top of your head, if you like, by mounting them on a bike helmet or other head gear. Aside from that, their compact size and style allows you to locate them as inconspicuously as possible, to least detract from your interior décor. Last but very pointedly not least is their sound quality. Their wide frequency range and clarity, and their capacity of making speech intelligible at low volume levels is a thing of wonder.

    Jan 23, 2017 14:52
  • Review by smithclan, 10 out of 10
    Best sounding compact speakers

    I purchased these to fill my living room space. We have a movie room, so I didn't want a full blown surround sound system with towering speakers and such. These b&with seamed to fit the bill. All I can say is WOW! Not quite the fullness as my 685s and 686s, but they sound great. I also have a 10" sub which helps make up for the size deficiency of these speakers.

    Nov 18, 2016 18:28
  • Review by BowersandWilkinsM1, 8 out of 10
    Bowers & Wilkins M1MB / Open Box - Satisfactory

    These small speakers more than exceed their size and sound great. I'm using for front surround for my Sony TV and stereo with a Yamaha receiver.

    ** My only complaint is I purchased two as open box/ satisfactory condition. So I was prepared for minor nicks or marks on them. One of the two came in original box and was actually near perfect condition. The other was in unmarked carton. This 2nd speaker has been used to the point that the swivel function left-right or up-down is warn out. So this one only only points down.

    ** So I would recommend for purchase. Just beware of open box product.

    Jun 01, 2021 11:42
  • Review by TechnoByte, 10 out of 10
    Amazing Speakers for a 15'x15' room

    I included four of the Bowers & Wilkins 4" satellite speakers in a 5.1 setup together with a Bowers & Wilkins 700 series Center Channel speaker. Before my purchase, I did extensive research on the speakers. I also requested a demo at my local Best Buy Magnolia store. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. While they are small in size compared to floor standing speakers, they worked perfectly in a 15' x 15' room. Their size also allow them to not be an eye sore, as I did not want to have huge speakers in a small room. If you have a similar size room, I definitely recommend these speakers. They provide more than enough sound to fill the room. On a side note, there have been several instances where my family and I have been fooled by the surround sound, thinking someone else was either knocking on the door or thinking someone else was in the room talking. If you're on the fence, go to a Best Buy Magnolia store to hear for yourself how good they really are.

    Nov 12, 2021 17:57
  • Review by Joshua, 10 out of 10
    Incredible center channel sound

    I purchased the B&W speaker to use as a center channel after discussing my options with the Magnolia specialist. I was originally thinking of a dedicated center channel speaker but I was limited with the amount of room I had beneath my TV. The specialist recommended this speaker even though it is used as a bookshelf speaker. I could not be happier with this product.

    Aug 23, 2019 15:49
  • Review by Elroy, 10 out of 10
    Great even as an Open Box purchase

    I purchased 3 of these speakers as Open box items. Fortunately, I planned to mount them in my theater and did not need the missing bookshelf stands. They work perfectly in my 7.2 surround sound system as front and center speakers.

    May 25, 2020 12:27
  • Review by SteveG, 10 out of 10
    Stunning sound from a small speaker

    The colors couldn't have matched my walls better. Aesthetics are perfect. When you crank up the volume the sound is way above my expectations.

    Do yourself a favor. Spend the money and by the BW complete set. Anything less is just, well... Less.

    Sep 18, 2015 22:33
  • Review by Robbie, 10 out of 10
    Understand the British by hearing them clearly

    Next time you hear Collin Farrell speak you might be able to understand him with these U.K. luxury speakers. You won't believe the punch this small speaker carries. It will allow you to hear the intricacies of the British accent that you didn't know were there. Open your ears to an empire of sound you didn't know was possible. The sun will never set on the party that these speakers are pumping at.

    Aug 02, 2021 10:28
  • 9.6score
    Logitech - MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Bluetooth Fast Scrolling Mouse with Customizable Buttons - Rose

    Master it, anywhere with MX Anywhere 3 –a compact performance mouse designed for mobile work –from the home office, to the cafe, to the airport lounge.The electromagnetic MagSpeed scroll wheel is faster, quieter, and more precise. A low-profile design is contoured for the shape of your hand –with silicone side grips ensure that it’s always soft to the touch.MX Anywhere 3 is built to withstand the bumps and drops of mobile work. And a track-anywhere sensor means you can work on virtually any surface.App-specific button customizations speed up your workflow in the apps you use most.

    8 Features
  • MagSpeed scrolling: Remarkable speed, precision, and quietness of electromagnetic scrolling with the MagSpeed wheel that allows you to effortlessly scroll 1,000 lines at once and stop on a pixel.
  • Logitech Flow enabled: Allows you to control multiple computers across Windows and macOS operating systems to effortlessly transfer text, images, and files between them.
  • Logitech Darkfield tracking: Track on virtually any surface, including glass, so you can work seamlessly at a desk, in a cafe, even on a couch.
  • Modern low-profile design: Crafted to fit your hand, this comfortable mobile mouse provides the control you need at home, at work, or on the go.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Linux: Connect up to three devices, and switch between them with a tap of the button.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity: Enables reliable connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Six buttons: Provide access to frequently used commands and functions for powerful control.
  • USB Type-C quick charging: Stays powered up to 70 days on a full charge and gets three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by ryanmcv, 10 out of 10
    The Mobile Mouse Perfected

    If you've used any of Logitech's previous MX series mice, then you know to expect top-tier comfort, usability, and style. If you haven't, then you're in for a treat. The MX Anywhere 3 is Logitech's latest portable mouse designed to go wherever you work, and it comes at a perfect time as many of us shift to working in new settings at home and on various devices.


    - Easy setup. The mouse connected to both of my Windows computers (one desktop and one laptop) instantly using the included USB receiver. The mouse is also Bluetooth-compatible and should work on any OS, including Mac and iPad. The real power of this mouse is in the Logitech Options program (free download on Logitech's website), which allows you customize the buttons, pointer speed, scrolling direction, and so much more.

    - As with previous Logitech MX mice, my favorite feature is the "Flow" feature configured via the Options program. After installing the Options program on two. computers -- and ensuring that both are on the same network -- this mouse can essentially combine two machines into one dual-monitor setup. Just like if you had two displays side-by-side, if you move the cursor through the right side of one screen to the other, the cursor passes over to the other computer on the opposite side. You can even copy text and files on one machine, move the cursor over to the other machine, and paste them. There is a slight delay when pasting, especially with large files, but it's so much more convenient than emailing or swapping an external drive. This is a great feature to have when working from home with two laptops.

    - Incredibly comfortable. The silicon side grips make this mouse easy to use for hours on end, and it's just the perfect size to be comfortable and small enough to through in a backpack or travel bag.

    - Another excellent feature: the different scrolling modes used by the center scroll wheel (called the MagSpeef wheel). You can choose from either ratchet (a slight "click" feedback while scrolling) or freespin, which allows you to spin the wheel as fast as you want, and it will keep scrolling until you stop it. Freespin is perfect for when I need to scroll through large web pages or documents.

    - The mouse seems to work on practically any surface. I've tried a wooden desk and even a clear glass desk - both worked flawlessly.

    - Long battery life. Logitech claims 70 days on a full charge. The battery is rechargeable via USB-C cable, so you don't have to worry about having spare batteries lying around. P.S. - Thank you, Logitech, for finally moving away from microUSB!


    - None!


    For me, the MX Anywhere 3 is the perfect mouse for working around the house or on the road. If you frequently switch between multiple computers or tablets, you will especially enjoy all of the advanced features and settings available in the Logitech Options program. Even if you're not a power user and won't use those advanced features, this mouse still offers incredible battery life, comfort, and customization options -- all in an awesomely compact size. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Sep 27, 2020 20:07
  • Review by optimummind, 10 out of 10
    Lived up to all of my expectations.



    -Light, compact, and easy to find space for it inside any bag.

    -Very ergonomic and comfortable design.

    -Very responsive buttons with a perfect level of clickity-ness.

    -Excellent scroll wheel.

    -Logitech Flow actually works well and seamlessly.

    -LONG battery life.

    -Charges up via USB-C.

    -The Logitech Options app is intuitive to navigate and set up custom keyboard shortcuts.



    -It's a bit heavier than my MX Anywhere 2S.




    I've been a big fan of the Logitech MX Anywhere series for years and the MX Anywhere 3 met all of my expectations. I liked the previous-generation MX Anywhere 2S so much, we have two in the household - one for myself (black) and one for the wifey (white).

    The build quality and fit-and-finish of the Anywhere 3 is excellent. As you run your finger across the contours of the mouse and between the seams, it feels really nice and flows very well. There are no harsh edges and no part of the mouse puts any strain or annoying pressure on your hands. The buttons are clickity, responsive, and predictable. The scroll wheel, which has been updated from the Anywhere 2S, not only rotates with more precision and fluidity but it also looks better cosmetically.

    The Anywhere 3 also excels in the everyday point, drag, and click operations. As expected from Logitech who's been in this business for years, everything was top-notch - accurate pointing, smooth gliding, no erratic jumpiness or lags, and overall smooth performance.

    Hardware-wise, the only slight negative is the increased weight. It's still lighter than most other computer mice with a similar feature set, but the difference was immediately noticeable when gliding it across my mousepad and when picking it up.

    To get the most out of the mouse, you have to install the Logitech Options app, which will open up fine-tuning options (pointer speed, smooth scrolling, scroll force, SmartShift sensitivity, etc), custom button shortcut configurations, and the ability to enable Flow. After ignoring Flow for the first year of owning my MX Anywhere 2S (thought it was just a gimmick), I tried it last year and it was great. With my wifey's laptop and mine side-by-side, I was easily able to jump my mouse cursor from one PC to another in a seamless fashion. I don't use it very often but it's great to have when certain scenarios call for it.

    Overall, I'm quite happy and satisfied with the MX Anywhere 3. The improvements from the MX Anywhere 2S to the 3 isn't huge and mostly subtle. The Anywhere 3 looks a bit better, feels a bit more comfortable, and the battery life is longer. If your Anywhere 2S is still holding a decent charge and everything works well, then you can probably skip the Anywhere 3. But if you're looking for a light, portable, and very ergonomic mouse with a fabulous battery endurance, then the MX Anywhere 3 should be on the top of your list.

    Sep 20, 2020 02:11
  • Review by jeninbrooklyn, 10 out of 10
    Great mouse to switch between two or three devices

    Love this mouse. It fits my hand really well, and I was able to connect it to both my PC and my Macbook Air so now it's easy to switch back and forth between the two by pressing the button on the bottom, and I can save space on my desk by not having two mice anymore. I bought the gray color, which I thought would be a nice change from the typical black or dark gray mouse and I love the color. It doesn't get dirty as the surface doesn't attract dirty.

    Jan 10, 2021 20:36
  • Review by SamG, 10 out of 10
    The Best Gets Better

    I’ve had the MX Anywhere 2 for a few years now and generally it’s been my favorite mobile mouse with my only real frustration with it being that it didn’t have a middle click. Logitech has always been my go-to for mice and keyboards and I had been hoping they’d release an MX Anywhere 3 ever since the MX Master 3 came out last year. Now that it’s here I can say that I’m extremely happy with almost everything they did with the new mouse. The design is a bit plain and that bums me out a little, but overall this is a really high quality mouse that earns its MX moniker.

    Addressing the major changes between the 3 and 2 (and also 2S), the design is the first thing I noticed. It’s a single color accented by the metal scroll wheel and much more rounded off compared to more angular looking two-tone Anywhere 2. I still like the look overall and it fits with the MX Master 3’s aesthetic, but I wish it had a little more personality. The Micro-USB port has been switched to USB-C, which is great. You can also middle click on the scroll wheel now (!!). The scroll wheel doesn’t tilt left and right for horizontal scrolling anymore, but if you hold down one of the side buttons and scroll you can still get this functionality. It’s a little clunky, but the option is there at least. You also get a higher resolution sensor from the 2 to the 3 (1200 DPI vs. 4000 DPI, though the 2S also had a 4000 DPI sensor). The overall size is about the same, maybe slightly more compact, but still just as comfortable.

    In my day-to-day I’m using the M720 Triathlon for work and the G703 Lightspeed on my personal PC. I immediately noticed the difference from switching from the M720. Tracking is super smooth and using the same USB receiver I haven’t noticed my mouse getting ‘stuck’ at all like my M720 sometimes does. The sensor is 4000 DPI and by default looks to be set at 1000, which felt about right for me. The scroll wheel automatically switches from a detented line-by-line scroll to free-wheeling based on how fast you spin it and this works really well (the sensitivity of it can also be adjusted in Logitech Options). You can also manually switch between detent and free wheel scrolling with the button above the wheel, but I never felt the need. The scroll wheel and general just feels really nice and I appreciate the metal material choice here. The mouse isn’t quite as comfortable on my hand as the M720 or G703, but for its size I think they did a good job with the ergonomics. The Logitech Options software also lets you load profiles that change the behavior of the mouse for different applications. In Chrome for example I noticed that clicking in on the scroll wheel and scrolling activates the zoom function, which is super handy. Other applications like Microsoft Teams repurpose the buttons near your thumb for audio/video control instead of forward/back. I’ve experienced these application-specific profiles on the Craft keyboard, but they feel much more thoughtful in Anywhere 3.

    Battery life is listed at 70 days, which is long enough to not ever really need to think about it. You can still pair with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or Logitech’s USB receiver. I’ve been using Bluetooth on my laptop and the USB receiver on my work PC and both connections have been solid. Logitech also has a little trick in its software called Flow that lets you use the mouse across multiple PCs at the same time, which is handy for anyone working with multiple devices at the same time.

    I think Logitech nailed it again on this mouse and I’m happy to have something portable enough that I can really get some work done with.

    Sep 18, 2020 09:11
  • Review by nhtechie, 10 out of 10
    Great feature update from the Anywhere 2



    Compact, good for travel

    New scroll wheel interaction & customization

    Smoother, quieter scroll wheel from the MX Anywhere 2

    New Horizontal Scroll method *

    Program specific thumb button controls

    Custom scroll force

    Fast device select / switch


    Compact, maybe not the best if you have larger hands

    Charging color is always green

    New Horizontal Scroll method *

    Program specific thumb button controls need to be installed

    * = both a Pro & Con

    Long Story:

    I’m a Logi fan, but we did have our times with low quality; I’m glad to say that things have been great for a while now. I currently run their GPro line of gaming headset, mouse & keyboard. For work, it’s the MX keys, MX Master 2S (M2S / of which I own 2 of them), MX Anywhere 2 (MXA2 / when using the laptop without a dock) and now the MX Anywhere 3 (MXA3 is how I’ll refer to it now).


    First impressions were good. Decent packaging, but beware - open it the right way, or it’ll fall right out as it’s only resting in the box. It’s just about the same size as the MXA2

    The Logitech Options software is easy to use and the mouse pairs to Windows 10 systems easily with Bluetooth LE.

    Right away, the scroll wheel on ratcheting mode, is so much quieter and smoother; the MXA2 required you to push down on the scroll wheel to get into free scroll mode, while the M2S had a button behind the wheel for that. The MXA3 now has the button that the M2S has and it’s great! I’m very glad they went this route, over the ‘desktop view’ that they had on the MXA2

    With the MXA2, you could tilt the scroll wheel left/right to scroll to the left/right … that was OK. With the MXA3, you hold a thumb button while you scroll up/down instead. A change that will take some getting used to. Another new feature is that the thumb buttons can be customized for different programs and has presets that are available for download INTO the Options software - which is a little ‘meh.’

    Flinging the scroll wheel in ratcheting mode will go to free scroll after some force or a certain number of revolutions. You can now customize how quickly it breaks free, which is nice; I prefer it to ratchet longer (more to the left on the scroll config scroll bar).

    Lastly, this has the common ability to pair up via the Unifying Controller to three different devices. The other mice are slow to switch, but the MXA3 is fast to move the light to the next spot.


    Moving to this from the M2S was a challenge. I felt like my hand was bent up as the other one was much larger and had a thumb rest.

    Just like the MXA2, the charging color is green; it blinks when charging and solid when full. It might make sense to have it as amber until it’s almost full then go to blinking green / solid green.

    As much as the new horizontal scroll feature might be a Pro, it’s also a bit of a con. My thumb doesn’t always find the button properly and can make unnecessary clicks.

    Overall - the Options software is fine and does open up the customization capabilities of this mouse.

    Do I recommend it? Absolutely. This will be a great addition to my daily work and will be quite happy as my on-the-road mouse.

    Sep 16, 2020 15:49
  • Review by Notsohappy, 8 out of 10

    So far so good. Bought the mouse so I wouldn't keep smacking my fingers so hard on my Apple laptop. Saved me $15 buying this compared to the Apple mouse.

    Sep 11, 2021 10:22
  • Review by Athomeworking, 10 out of 10
    A great mouse!

    A great little mouse. I have the Mx 3 master and it's my favorite mouse to work with. Mx anywhere 3 is easily my second favorite. The only thing I miss is the side scrolling wheel.

    Dec 26, 2020 18:54
  • Review by Rafo, 10 out of 10
    Well done Logitech

    I love it! it’s a very good and responsive mouse builds in a good quality

    Mar 08, 2021 13:42
  • 9.6score
    Logitech - M350 Pebble Wireless Optical Mouse with Quiet Click - Rose

    Own your space with Logitech Pebble M350 – a modern, slim, and silent portable mouse designed for your curated lifestyle. Make a statement with this slim mouse that can easily be scooped up and brought to the cafe or library. Silent clicking and scrolling means you can stay focused without disturbing those around you. And the Logitech Pebble stays powered for up to 18-months on a single AA battery so you don’t have to worry about losing power. Connect the Logitech Pebble the way you want – via either Bluetooth or the USB receiver. The high-precision optical tracking works on most surfaces.

    5 Features
  • Modern, slim and beautiful pebble shape: Logitech Pebble has stand-out simplicity with a design that is nice to hold, feels great in your hand and is easy to carry around.
  • Silent clicks and ultra-quiet scrolling: Enjoy the same click feel with over 90% noise reduction on the click sound.*
  • Dual connectivity: Connect the way you like via Bluetooth wireless technology or via the included tiny USB receiver.
  • Long battery life: Logitech Pebble stays powered for up to 18 months on a single AA battery*.
  • High-precision optical tracking: Logitech Pebble tracks fast and accurately where you want to use it.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by optimummind, 10 out of 10
    Stylish, light, and quiet

    === Summary ===

    Logitech is well-known for making great computer mice for various different categories and price points. For those who want lightness, quietness, long battery life, and a touch of playful style, the Pebble M350 is a great choice.



    -Small and stylish design.

    -Very light and slim.

    -Button operations are very quiet.

    -Accurate and tracks well.

    -Needs just one AA battery.

    -Comes with optional Bluetooth adapter underneath the top cover.

    -Top cover pops off easily and frustration-free.

    -Fast and easy Bluetooth pairing.




    === Design & Performance ===

    True to its name, the Pebble M350 has a smooth, curved, and rounded design that fits comfortably in the hand. Even after using it the whole day while working in front of a computer, I felt no hand fatigue or discomfort.

    It is also very light and easy to swipe around with despite carrying a USB Bluetooth adapter dongle underneath the top cover as well as a single AA battery.

    Mouse clicks are VERY quiet and responsive - perfect for quiet settings like a library or other places where you wouldn't want to be intrusive to others. The scroll wheel felt a bit stiff initially but after prolonged use, it did get loosened up.

    In terms of tracking over different types of surfaces, that was very satisfactory as well. Even with a modest 1,000 dots per inch sensitivity (my gaming mouse has 12,000 dpi), the Pebble worked perfectly fine on top of my white desk that has a thin sheet of glass on top.

    Instead of the boring gray color, I chose the pale pink tone and my wifey loves it! It goes well with her white HP Spectre 13 laptop.

    === Should you buy it? ===

    Yes! The Pebble M350 looks stylish and cute, button operations are super quiet, and it tracks accurately and well. It's also very portable and easy to pack thanks to its slim design and lightness. And thanks to that AA battery, it is one less device you have to remember to plug in to charge.

    Nov 23, 2019 20:07
  • Review by Mike, 10 out of 10
    An amazing product

    This is seriously about the best wireless mouse that I have ever used. From the moment I received my order, I fell in love. Easy opening packaging is something that never gets as much credit as it deserves, but it definitely makes an amazing first impression. Getting it out of the packaging took maybe 30 seconds. I tried it both using the included USB connector and by connecting directly to my laptop via bluetooth. I definitely preferred using the bluetooth, I didn't notice any difference in performance, but it didn't take up a USB port, so definitely a plus.

    Tech stuff aside, this is a really comfortable mouse, even for my big hands, and it is eerily quiet (I wish Best Buy let us upload video with reviews, because frankly, I doubted the claims of just how quiet it is).

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a wireless mouse to be used on their laptop.

    Nov 21, 2019 14:37
  • Review by pauldar, 10 out of 10
    The Quiet Mouse That Didn't Need To Roar

    This Logitech Pebble M350 Bluetooth Optical Mouse was a fun product to review in exchange for the actual product. Its unique design took me by surprise. I was immediately impressed how comfortably it fit into my hand. All the other mice I have ever used were much more elevated at the back and sloped deeply downwards towards the wheel and front. The Logitech Pebble is just slightly elevated at the back and gently sloped downwards toward the wheel and front. Placing my old mouse and the Pebble side by side, and using them for the same functions was very telling. Because of the more ergonomic fit the Pebble allowed me to move freely in unrestricted motion from the left or right, likewise from front to backwards.

    My main motivation for using a mouse over my laptop's trackpad was for freedom of movement and control. The majority of my computer activity is creating status and report documents and data entry into my specialized spreadsheets. A mouse over my trackpad has proven to be much more comfortable, accurate and efficient for me to use in my work. So, using the Logitech Pebble for the last three weeks has presented these advantages over my standard-styled mouse:

    * Design & Build – The Pebble is basically made of a rugged plastic material. I have dropped my Pebble several times and it suffered no damage. The top shell and bottom pieces are held together in place by tiny magnets. Both the AA battery and USB dongle are on-board in the bottom shell piece. The 'clicks' and scrolling are amazingly quiet as they can be. All the surface edges of the Pebble are gently rounded for use and appearance. I especially like the depressed scrolling wheel, which is housed in a depressed circle for accurate and speedy actions. It is user-friendly and makes it more comfortable to use my index finger for scrolling over longer periods of time.

    * Relaxed Fit – I have a large hand and the ergonomic build of the Pebble does not stress my hand even after hours of use. It is slimmer then my other mice, and allows my hand the agility to move about on any work surface I am using at the time.

    * Responsive & Time Saving – Because of its unique Pebble design I don't waste a lot of valuable time moving the mouse around to get the cursor exactly where I want to. The Pebble allows me to be so nimble I can move this mouse anywhere I need to with accurate tracking and pinpoint, optical quality. Point, click, and drag is accelerated using the Pebble. WooHoo!

    * Lightweight & Portable – The Pebble only weighs approximately 3.5 oz and even with the on-board AA battery it is effortless to move. Because of its natural fit there was no learning curve for my hand to get accustomed too. Although I am predominately right-handed, the Pebble also allows me to casually use my left hand when needed. It is only one inch high and conveniently slips into any space I can put my laptop into. Because of its thin profile I can even put the Pebble in my pocket with ease. YooHoo!

    * Long Battery Life – The Pebble uses a AA battery, which the manufacturer claims can last up to 18 months (depending on usage). There is an ON and OFF switch on the bottom of the mouse, which I turn OFF when traveling. However, a battery-saving feature is that this Pebble goes to 'sleep' when not in use. How cool is that?

    * Connection Options – The Pebble M350 is directly connected to my laptop through 2.4 GHz Bluetooth. I could also use the included, on-board, USB Dongle. I used the BT connection, because it frees up my laptop USB ports for an additional storage device and portable printer when I am on the road.

    * Set-Up - For Bluetooth connection this Pebble is quick and simple to set up. By depressing the BT button on the bottom of the mouse pairing was instant to my laptop. Did not use the USB dongle, but expect it is just as expedient. Yes the Pebble can be adjusted for personal preferences in your 'settings'.

    I honestly believe Logitech has hit upon the design of all future mice. Great fit, accurate, and fast. I highly recommend this Logitech M350 Pebble. It is inexpensive and is eye-opening how a slim and sleek BT mouse can make a difference in my/your everyday computer use.

    Dec 16, 2019 16:51
  • Review by VanessaH, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Home or Travel Mouse

    Great companion for my iPad Air 4. Love it! Fits very comfortably in my hand. Very lightweight and portable. Connects via UBS or bluetooth. Works perfectly every time!

    Aug 18, 2021 21:39
  • Review by rtbestbuy, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Mouse for a Laptop or Tablet

    The Logitech Pebble 350 really is the perfect mouse for a laptop or tablet, anything that is going to travel. It's a standard three button (two buttons and a center roller/button) moust that is on the small side, but not so small as to be unusable. It's very flat, not much thicker than my laptop) so it fits easily into a laptop case, pack or pocket without causing a bulge. It's bluetooth, so you don't have to have an open USB port for a cable or dongle. It does come with a dongle in the battery compartment just in case your device doesn't support bluetooth (see picture).

    The Pebble 350 worked perfectly with a couple of different Windows laptops and a Chromebook. Most importantly, there was no glitching or skipping that you sometimes see with wireless mice and it has worked on EVERY surface I've tried it on. It's quiet, almost clickless and feels good in the hand. The battery life is claimed to be 18 month on a single AA battery (obviously not tested). There is really everything to recommend this mouse.

    Nov 27, 2019 17:50
  • Review by Michelle, 10 out of 10
    Good quality

    Love this mouse! I got it for my Mac book air and it works perfectly

    Aug 06, 2021 15:54
  • Review by MistyE75, 10 out of 10
    Bluetooth mouse

    Live this mouse

    Purchased to go with MacBook Air

    I prefer physical mouse vs mousepad on MacBook Air

    Aug 17, 2021 08:40
  • Review by ZachG, 8 out of 10
    Good mouse, just a bit small

    I've been on the lookout for a portable mouse to toss in my bag and have been happy with most Logitech mice I've tried, so I was glad to give the Pebble a try.

    The most unique part of this mouse is its click mechanism - it's quiet and has the perfect amount of travel. I've never used a mouse quite like it, and it's a joy to use. The scrolling wheel is appropriately clicky as well - it's not too stiff to be annoying, and not too loose that it doesn't give enough feedback.

    My only criticism comes on its overall size. Granted, I have large hands, but it became a little uncomfortable to use after about 2 straight hours of use (my ring and pinky fingers end up resting on the table while I'm using it - see picture).

    If your use case is short bursts or if you've got normal-to-small-sized hands, the Pebble is rock solid. And even if you've got larger hands like me, it's still a great mouse that I'd have no problems recommending.

    Nov 22, 2019 15:56
  • 9.6score
    Cricut - Explore Air 2 - Mint

    Cut and write up to 2X faster than previous Cricut Explore models with this DIY speed machine. The Cricut Explore Air® 2 cuts over 100 materials — everything from cardstock, vinyl and iron-on to specialty materials like glitter paper, cork, and bonded fabric. Quickly. Beautifully. From cards to custom T-shirts to home decor, Cricut makes it easy to realize your creative vision. Design on the go on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Browse and play with thousands of images, fonts, and ready-to-make projects. Or create your own design from scratch.

    5 Features
  • Basic Features: This DIY speed machine combines time-saving performance and class-leading simplicity. Cuts 100 materials–everything from cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to a range of specialty materials. Fine-Point Blade for cutting a wide variety of popular craft materials.
  • Additional Features: Fast Mode for up to 2X faster cutting and writing. Bluetooth® wireless technology. Compatible with Scoring Stylus and Deep-Point Blade (sold separately). Double tool holder to keep blade and pen always at the ready.
  • Software: Design Space® software for iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®. Upload and use your own images and fonts. Compatible with Cricut cartridges
  • Includes: Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing. Fine Point Pen, Black. LightGrip Machine Mat, 12"" x 12"" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm).
  • Additional items included: Welcome Book. USB cable. Power adapter. Free trial membership to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers). 50 ready-to-make projects. Materials for a practice project.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by MeMe, 10 out of 10

    I love my new cricut!! I am still learning how to use it, as there is SO much you can do with this!!! But there are great videos and websites to help. I got it to make die cuts for a scrapbook I'm making. I'm currently learning to make shirts because my family wants some LOL. But it can do so much more I haven't even begun to touch on yet! Just know it takes a little patience to learn each step! But once you get it, you're off and running!!

    May 29, 2020 10:15
  • Review by BrunchBunny, 10 out of 10
    Just do it

    Just buy it I love mine it’s amazing I’m starting my own small business with it it’s a game changer. Just be sure you know beforehand what it can and cannot cut.

    Feb 05, 2021 17:26
  • Review by Lmsm, 10 out of 10
    Great item

    I love my cricut machine it’s the best I can make anything . What a wonderful product

    May 29, 2020 16:38
  • Review by Stuck, 10 out of 10

    Love my cricut air2 , having fun learning what I can make with it

    Apr 27, 2021 14:33
  • Review by BenjaminK, 10 out of 10
    Lovely Machine

    This item was delivered promptly, and is exactly as I expected it would be. We have only just started using the product, and so far it is good! The Design Center is a little slow at times, but it’s pretty easy to handle. Looking forward to more projects with this Cricut!

    Jan 02, 2021 00:14
  • Review by calrey, 10 out of 10
    Works great

    Great value, very easy to use, my wife just started as a newbie and it is very easy to use.

    May 23, 2021 17:43
  • Review by Jenelle, 10 out of 10
    Saves Time

    The Design Space to use the machine isn't completely intuitive, but once you figure it out it's pretty awesome. I do bulletin boards for work, and having this machine cut letters and shapes is a huge time saver. You do have to pay the subscription fee (under $10/month) to keep access to most fonts and images.

    Jul 02, 2021 16:03
  • Review by Luis, 10 out of 10
    Love it; easy to use.


    I’m using my iPad Pro with this device and it’s easy to use and fun. Got a couple orders friends and family.

    Nov 12, 2021 16:11
  • 9.6score
    Cricut - Maker - White

    Meet Cricut Maker, the ultimate smart cutting machine. With the ability to use more advanced tools, Cricut Maker gives you the freedom to make virtually any DIY project you can imagine, from 3D art to home decor, jewelry, iron-on, vinyl, paper projects, and so much more. It has the tools to cut hundreds of materials quickly and accurately, from the most delicate paper and fabric to the tough stuff like matboard, leather, and basswood. Use the Rotary Blade to cut fabric for a sewing project — without backing material. Switch to Knife Blade (sold separately) and cut thicker and denser materials for added dimension and depth. Or quickly switch between scoring, engraving, debossing, and other decorative effects with a variety of specialty tips (sold separately). Featuring unique cutting versatility, a huge library of design ideas, sewing patterns available instantly, and easy-to-use apps, Cricut Maker delivers professional-level cutting performance that anyone can use.

    6 Features
  • Basic Features: The ultimate in professional-level cutting performance and versatility. Cuts 300+ materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard and leather. Rotary Blade for cutting virtually any fabric without backer.
  • Additional Features: Compatible with Knife Blade for thicker materials up to 2.4 mm (sold separately). Compatible with QuickSwap tools to quickly switch between scoring, engraving, debossing, and other decorative effects (sold separately).
  • Technology: Adaptive Tool System™ for professional-level cutting performance and expandability. Bluetooth® wireless technology. Fast Mode for up to 2X faster cutting and writing
  • Software: Upload and use your own images and fonts. Design Space® software for iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®
  • Includes: Cricut Maker machine. Rotary Blade + Drive Housing. Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing. Fine Point Pen, Black. FabricGrip™ Machine Mat, 12"" x 12"" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm). LightGrip Machine Mat, 12"" x 12"" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm).
  • Additional items included: Welcome Book. USB cable. Power adapter. Free trial membership to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers). 50 free ready-to-make projects, including 25 sewing patterns. Materials for a practice project
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by SaltShaker, 10 out of 10
    Custom Decals for Days.

    Yes. Yes. Very much so. Custom Decals. Heck yes.

    Jun 08, 2020 23:24
  • Review by kkima68, 2 out of 10

    I bought a Cricut Maker brand new from Best Buy online Order # BBYTX-806014303144 Delivered on May 21, 2020. I finally opened the box a week ago and started using it. The black rubber wheel on the right side keeps sliding over towards the middle and does not feed the mat in like it is supposed to and it is chewing up my mat and my vinyl. This is a brand new machine and I am using it exactly as directed. It keeps doing it over and over and it's wasting my vinyl. I keep trying to slide the black rubber ring back over to the right slot where it belongs, but it is eventually going to break and then I'm stuck with a non-working machine that cost me a lot of money! I want this fixed immediately! My husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran and I cannot work outside the home because I am his caregiver. I need this machine to try and make a little bit of extra money. I cannot afford to replace it. This should not have happened so soon or at all!!!

    Jun 13, 2020 23:16
  • Review by Herliz, 10 out of 10

    Easy to use. Cuts precisely and is user friendly. Very Beautiful machine.

    Jan 29, 2021 17:51
  • Review by Niecy, 10 out of 10
    Love It

    The software was easy to install also program is easy to understand. Overall great buy!!!!

    Jul 18, 2020 08:21
  • Review by CrazyLaLa247, 10 out of 10
    Love it!!

    So much fun! Very precise with creating and cutting my designs I want it to. Great for making cool t shirt designs.

    Nov 22, 2021 08:09
  • Review by Rangel, 10 out of 10
    She loves it

    It was a gift for my wife and she is HAPPY!

    Not she is able to do small crafts like her friends and make stuff for the family.

    Oct 29, 2021 17:40
  • Review by Cricutmaker, 10 out of 10

    It is worth every dollar. Would recommend anytime.

    Nov 12, 2021 18:27
  • Review by Rob808, 8 out of 10
    Rubber wheels misalign.

    One thing about the cricut is that the rubber feeder wheels went off track and can cause the mat to jam or cut the sheet wrong.

    Oct 30, 2021 03:12
  • 9.6score
    Cricut - EasyPress 2 12x10 - Raspberry

    This is your essential iron-on tool. Enjoy heat-transfer perfection every time. Cricut EasyPress 2 combines the speed of a heat press and the convenience of a household iron. Eliminate guesswork and get fast, effortless results that really last – even after repeated washes! Just enter the recommended time and temperature settings, apply heat, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Its ceramic-coated heat plate is adjustable up to 400℉ (205°C). You'll love the safety features, including an insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. Plus it's super lightweight, unbelievably portable, easy to store, and compatible with all Infusible Ink products and most major brands of heat-transfer vinyl material. And of course, it's a perfect complement to Cricut cutting machines.

    5 Features
  • Dimensions: 12"" x 10"" size (30 cm x 25 cm) ideal for larger T-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and more.
  • Plate Design: Professional heat-transfer results without the guesswork. Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Infusible Ink products and most major brands of iron-on material.
  • Temperature Control: Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C)
  • Ease of use: Easy to learn, simple to use. Insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. Lightweight, portable, easy to store. A perfect complement to Cricut smart cutting machines.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Dee60, 10 out of 10
    Wonderful Portable Heat Press

    So glad I got this! Best Buy did a price match for me. I just love to use this larger heat press size for adult t-shirts. Even those its large—it is easy to store. I wasn’t ready for a stationary heat press yet. This is a wonderful heat press!

    Aug 06, 2021 21:05
  • Review by Steele, 10 out of 10
    Great Cricut Addition

    Excellent press for my Cricut. It covers athe perfect area to press on a t shirt

    Nov 21, 2021 21:53
  • Review by Wile, 10 out of 10
    Cricut press

    Works very well, like the light weight , easy to use.

    Nov 19, 2021 15:58
  • Review by Nancy, 10 out of 10
    Cricut EasyPress 2

    Portable and easy to use! Best part, it doesn’t take up much space.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:38
  • Review by jdan, 10 out of 10
    Cricut EasyPress2

    PERFORMS AS EXPECTED. Got it for a great price using Best Buy rewards.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:36
  • Review by Cricutangel, 10 out of 10
    Best product I never knew I needed!

    This heat press is such a perfect addition to my Cricut Maker 3. It heats evenly and makes putting my designs on to my creations a breeze.

    Aug 17, 2021 12:03
  • Review by jmichelle, 10 out of 10
    Highly recommend

    Highly recommend. It is very straightforward and the designs come out great! Only negative is the smell, its kind like a burning plastic smell, but nothing is wrong. A bit expensive for what it does, but overall great.

    Apr 12, 2021 12:30
  • Review by Robles, 10 out of 10
    Cool easy

    Bought to make some shirt and tote bags for my business

    Aug 20, 2021 16:06
  • 9.6score
    Cricut - EasyPress 2 9x9 - Raspberry

    This is your essential iron-on tool. Enjoy heat-transfer perfection every time. Cricut EasyPress 2 combines the speed of a heat press and the convenience of a household iron. Eliminate guesswork and get fast, effortless results that really last – even after repeated washes! Just enter the recommended time and temperature settings, apply heat, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Its ceramic-coated heat plate is adjustable up to 400℉ (205°C). You'll love the safety features, including an insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. Plus it's super lightweight, unbelievably portable, easy to store, and compatible with all Infusible Ink products and most major brands of heat-transfer vinyl material. And of course, it's a perfect complement to Cricut cutting machines.

    5 Features
  • Dimensions: 9"" x 9"" (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm) size ideal for basic T-shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more.
  • Plate Design: Professional heat-transfer results without the guesswork. Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Infusible Ink products and most major brands of iron-on material.
  • Temperature Control: Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C).
  • Ease of use: Easy to learn, simple to use. Insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. Lightweight, portable, easy to store. A perfect complement to Cricut smart cutting machines.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Dee60, 10 out of 10
    Wonderful Portable Heat Press

    So glad I got this! Best Buy did a price match for me. I just love to use this larger heat press size for adult t-shirts. Even those its large—it is easy to store. I wasn’t ready for a stationary heat press yet. This is a wonderful heat press!

    Aug 06, 2021 21:05
  • Review by Steele, 10 out of 10
    Great Cricut Addition

    Excellent press for my Cricut. It covers athe perfect area to press on a t shirt

    Nov 21, 2021 21:53
  • Review by Wile, 10 out of 10
    Cricut press

    Works very well, like the light weight , easy to use.

    Nov 19, 2021 15:58
  • Review by Nancy, 10 out of 10
    Cricut EasyPress 2

    Portable and easy to use! Best part, it doesn’t take up much space.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:38
  • Review by jdan, 10 out of 10
    Cricut EasyPress2

    PERFORMS AS EXPECTED. Got it for a great price using Best Buy rewards.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:36
  • Review by Cricutangel, 10 out of 10
    Best product I never knew I needed!

    This heat press is such a perfect addition to my Cricut Maker 3. It heats evenly and makes putting my designs on to my creations a breeze.

    Aug 17, 2021 12:03
  • Review by jmichelle, 10 out of 10
    Highly recommend

    Highly recommend. It is very straightforward and the designs come out great! Only negative is the smell, its kind like a burning plastic smell, but nothing is wrong. A bit expensive for what it does, but overall great.

    Apr 12, 2021 12:30
  • Review by Robles, 10 out of 10
    Cool easy

    Bought to make some shirt and tote bags for my business

    Aug 20, 2021 16:06
  • 9.6score
    Soundcore - by Anker Life Tune XR Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black

    Soundcore Life Tune XR are active noise cancelling headphones with Hi-Res Certified sound. The Multi-Mode noise cancellation technology detects and cancels out exterior noise. Use for calls with the dual microphones and have long, 60 hour listening sessions due to the long battery life and comfortable earcups.

    5 Features
  • Hi-Res Certified Sound: Life Tune active noise cancelling headphones have 40mm drivers with highly-flexible silk diaphragms that reproduce deep, resonant bass and crisp treble up to 40kHz—ensuring music has enhanced clarity and precise details
  • Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling: Life Tune’s hybrid active noise cancellation uses external and internal microphones to detect and cancel out up to 95% of engine noise. Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor modes tailor noise cancellation to block specific noises more effectively
  • Voice Enhancement For Calls: By pairing 2 microphones with a noise reduction algorithm, Life Tune active noise cancelling headphones eliminate distracting ambient noises so you sound crystal-clear when making calls.
  • 60-Hour Playtime: Listen for up to 60 hours on a single charge in standard mode and 40 hours in in noise cancelling mode. For a boost of power, charge for 5 minutes and get 4 hours of playtime
  • Long-Lasting Comfort: Weighing 9oz (260g), Life Tune is 10% lighter than standard active noise cancelling headphones. The earcups and headband feature memory-foam padding covered in soft protein leather to provide all-day comfort for your ears and head
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by insomniak1, 10 out of 10
    The Full Package at a fantastic price.

    Right out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the Life Tune XR headset. They come neatly packed inside a high-quality hard storage case. Also included were a USB-C cable, a 3.5mm cable, and a silk pouch to put the cords in. The headphones are made of matte black plastic that feels premium and does not attract fingerprints. There’s a silver logo on every cup and a subtle “ANC” writing on the sides which does not stand out. The headband is made of a brushed black aluminum alloy that is quite flexible. I find the design playful, yet professional enough for business conferencing.

    Now, there are exceptionally comfortable. The earpads are made of this faux leather that is incredibly soft and the headband provides enough padding, which allows extended use. The earcups have good swivel and the clamping force is enough to keep them in place. They were great while walking but I would not use them for running or more vigorous exercise. Also, as with any leatherette headset, they are prone to get sweaty, which is something to keep in mind. Although they are not the lightest, I did not experience fatigue at all -even after 4 hours straight.

    The XRs feature a combination of buttons and touch controls. On the left side, you have play/pause, volume, and the 3.5mm jack. On the right side, you have the power, ANC, and USB-C input. Also, on the left side, there is a touch feature that activates ambient noise, which is very handy when you need to quickly see what’s going on around you. You can tell Soundcore put a lot of thought into this design.

    Since these are Bluetooth 5.0, pairing is easy. In fact, they are NFC compatible and paired easily with my phone. I maintained a good connection at a decent distance and noticed little lag when playing video games and none during video playback. It is also worth mentioning that these can be paired to 2 devices at the same time. I easily switched between my laptop and my phone, which is nice.

    The call quality was better than expected. Although people still recognized that it was on BT, I came in clear, even in loud environments. However, I will say that they did pick up a bit of wind noise.

    Battery life is impressive. After using them for 3 days, I still had 50% left. Soundcore claims a total of 60 hours or 40 hours with ANC, and I am inclined to believe that. They have a quick charge feature, which means 5 minutes of charging adds 4 hours of playtime. And just in case you run out of battery for some reason, you can always switch to 3.5mm aux audio.

    While not the best I’ve ever experienced, noise-canceling is effective overall. You can still hear some rumbling and traffic, and of course high-pitched sounds. Having said this, these are not to be compared to ANC headphones that are 4 times more expensive. The ANC simply allows for experiencing more fully whatever you may be listening to.

    Speaking of sound, the Life Tune XRs are Hi-Res Audio certified, which means that they cover up to 40hz. Most headphones, especially ANC that are more expensive, do not even come close. Since I listen to lossless music most of the time, this was a welcomed feature. Strangely, I could not confirm if these were aptX-HD, AAC, or LDAC. Nevertheless, I found the sound signature out of the box quite enjoyable. The sound is obviously on the warm side. The bass is strong and punchy, and has sub-bass that lingers, without spilling all over. The midrange is not as recessed and is quite present -not muddy at all, making vocals and rhythm instruments come forward a bit. The treble is extended without causing sibilance or fatigue. Because of the frequency range these have, I thought the clarity and details to be above average for a headphone at this price range. Channel separation is distinctive, and the soundstage is reasonable, adding to the overall experience.

    Just in case the sound is not up to your standard, you can always download the handy Soundcore App, which I strongly recommend you do. There, you can pick from a large selection of EQ settings as well as getting firmware updates and other features.

    As you can tell, I am overly impressed by the Life Tune XRs. The design, build quality, functionality, abundant features, which are mostly reserved for “premium” headphones (and some don’t even have) -all at an incredible value, make these cans a difficult deal to pass. Definitely recommended.

    Apr 07, 2021 12:07
  • Review by DaveW, 10 out of 10
    Great NC Headphones

    The Anker Soundcore Life Tune XR are Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones made for the office or on the go listening. These headphones are not rated for any moisture so using them for the gym should probably be avoided. The XR’s have a huge battery life of 60 hrs (40 hrs with noise cancelling on) and come with a pretty nice round carrying case. The XR’s can be connected via Bluetooth (v5.0) or through a standard 3.5mm connection with the included auxiliary cord. Charging for the headset is done through its USB-C port – a cable is included but you have to supply the charger brick. Last thing included is the quick user guide which is useful in getting familiar with the functions. There is a companion app which lets you fine tune the equalizer as well as setup the type of noise cancelling you need.

    For my uses I spent my time wearing the XR’s while working, cleaning the house, walking my dog, and making calls. Throughout my uses I toggled between the different noise cancelling modes of which there are 3. You have noise cancelling, transparent, and normal. Normal doesn’t apply any cancelling or boosting of outside noise. Transparent uses the microphones to listen to your surroundings and then act as a passthrough to boost the surrounding sounds and play them over the headset speakers. Noise cancelling does just that – it cancels or deadens surrounding sounds. If you download the Soundcore app you can toggle the sound cancelling between transport, indoor, and outdoor. These act like equalizers for the noise environment you might be in. Transport targets low end noises like engine/road noise. Indoor targets the mid-range that normal encompasses conversations and other indoor distractions. Outdoor is for all around that aims to suppress a broad range of ambient noise. In practice there is a noticeable change when toggling between the three. Just sitting here at my desk it affects the sound coming from my computer fans and my TV – indoor blocks the most of this sound, while outdoor seems to let in the most.

    As far as using the various modes it all depended on what I was doing. If I was on a call or actively listening to music then I would put on noise cancelling. I felt this improved the call quality and the clarity, as well as making my music sound fuller. If I am just sitting here at my desk I like to have a little noise come through so I toggle it to Normal. I have tinnitus in one ear so I need some white noise to help drown out the ringing so I can focus. With noise cancelling and nothing actively playing on the headphones the ringing is not drowned out – which just means that the noise cancelling is working well. When I take my dog for a walk I put it in transparent so I can hear any cars and be aware of my surroundings. I also use this setting if I am doing housework, so I can still hear my kids when they need something. The only thing to look out for when using transparent is loud noises that are close by or especially sharp. For example, I shut my microwave door like I always do and the piped in ‘bang’ of the door closing was pretty excessive to the point that it startled me. I started closing the microwave door softer when I had the headphones in that mode.

    Sound quality was pretty good out of the headphones. If you get the app you can adjust the equalizer via 22 different presets or make your own custom EQ curve. I started with the bass boost mode and then adjusted some of the ranges to make my own custom EQ. With the sound on and in NC mode the music really sounds great. Better than most headphones when it comes to clarity. I wish the bass was a little more punchy, but overall the sound is clean and powerful enough. Things muddy a bit when you switch to normal mode, and even more so when you go to transparent. The NC really does wonders for making the music sound better – background noise really has an impact on the way I perceive the music I guess.

    Using the headphones to make calls is pretty easy as well. The play/pause button lets you accept the call without pulling out your phone. The onboard mics work well – no complaints from the people I would talk to. The only thing that can get you is if you are on NC. There is no mic feedback/sidetone/mic monitoring (whatever you want to call it) when you have NC on. So you can find yourself talking a bit too loud if you aren’t used to wearing headphones that seal out the world.

    Comfort of the headset is better than I expected. I thought the headband was a little too thin, and that it would create a pressure band a little too quickly. Fortunately, the band is padded enough, and the headphones are light enough that its not an issue I actually came across. The ear cups are circumaural and made of a leatherette material. This combination often leads to ears feeling hot/sweaty unless the earcups are open backed. I can certainly feel my ears get a little warmer with these on, but not as bad as my HyperX Alpha’s. Overall, it’s pretty easy to wear these for extended periods of time without feeling headphone fatigue, and the need to give your ears a break.

    There’s one novel feature on the headset that I thought was kind of cool. If you tap the outside of the right earcup you can toggle the sound mode to transparent. Would be great in an office environment when on NC. A quick tap sends you to transparent, and then another tap brings it back to NC. This is faster than cycling through the modes with the regular button.

    Another feature that I really like and use constantly is the dual device pairing. I love it. I have these connected to my PC and phone at the same time. I can be listening to music through my phone and then have a call come through my Teams client. Without that dual pairing I wouldn’t hear it which is an issue with my setup – notifications pop up on a monitor I don’t regularly have to look at. I have a wired Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset that lets me do this as well, and I have been using it for work for almost 2 years. I don’t think I can go back to not having a dual connection after using it for so long. The Soundcore’s give me the flexibility to be fully wireless and connect to 2 devices, which is a leg up over the TB’s.

    Overall, the Soundcore Life Tune XR’s are a nicely made pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. They come with a nice hardshell carry case that protects them in transport. The companion app gives you greater control over the functionality of the headphones, and it works quite well. The different modes work as described, and do a nice job providing a solid listening experience. The headphones come with a decent range of features – Bluetooth or 3.5mm connection (cable included), dual device connectivity, fold up design, 60 hr battery, USB C charging (cable included). I am very pleased with the quality and performance of these headphones.

    Apr 24, 2021 23:24
  • Review by Hmirza, 10 out of 10
    Music to my ears!!!!

    Life Tune XR Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are amazing headphone made for everyday and all-day use. These headphones are actually very comfortable to wear, fit great and most importantly sound amazing with their Hi-Res audio, noise cancellation and transparency mode. These headphones have proven themselves in variety of uses such gaming, taking phone calls with the dual built in microphones, listening to some music, and even helping in falling asleep faster. So, lets go over some of the features of the Soundcore Life Tune XR Headphones by Anker.


    -First and foremost, these headphones feature a fast pairing process using NFC feature on your phone and the headphones to connect. I personally did not notice much of a difference in connecting the headphones using the traditional Bluetooth method. Nice feature to have but Bluetooth works just fine.

    -Secondly, I highly recommend that you download the Soundcore app if you want to fully utilize the features available on these headphones. The app allows you to adjust the equalizer on the headphones. The equalizer has multiple presets setting already set for your convenience, such as bass booster, bass reducer, dance, flat, deep, podcast, and many more. The app also allows you to access the sleep mode or as I like to call it “Relax Mode”. The sleep mode also has multiple ambient sounds built in such as fan noise, camp fire, or the ticking of a clock and many more. The app also allows you to adjust the noise cancellation levels based on where you are, if you are indoor, outdoors, or in a transport. So, the soundcore app is truly a must for you to unlock the full protentional of the amazing headphones.

    -So, the box states that with 5-minutes of charging you can get 4 hours of playtime. I tested this feature out, left the headphones to charge for 5 minutes and I think with the ANC mode on I was able to get about almost 3 hours of playtime, which considering is still not bad at all. These headphones provide up to 60 hours of playtime on the normal mode and 40 hours with the ANC mode on.

    -Active Noise Cancelling – Indoor, Outdoor, Transport

    -Transparency Mode

    -Button controls for volume and Noise Cancellation, and touch control for transparency mode

    -Comfortable and Light Weight, these headphones are super comfortable. The earcups are memory foam and provide all day comfort. I was able to wear these while working, roughly about 8 hours, and I had no issue except for my ears started to get hot and sweaty, other than that they were amazing.

    -One of my favorite feature of this headphone was the fact that even though these are advertised as wireless headphones, you have the option to also use them as wired with the provided 3.5mm audio jack cable. Even though many manufactures are moving away from the audio jack, I am glad soundcore at least gave us the option.

    Overall, I honestly could not find anything that I was not happy with, these are comfortable, sound amazing and solid built headphones. I would highly recommend these headphones.

    Apr 06, 2021 23:56
  • Review by teasten, 10 out of 10
    Incredible sound quality and value. Buy them!

    TLDR. Buy them. Amazing quality and value. I promise you won't be disappointed. I would not buy any other Noise Canceling headphones. The quality, noise-canceling, even the app are incredible.

    Long Version

    To help give perspective for this review. I own Bose QCs, Apple AirPod Pros, and Sennheiser ANCs. I also own a budget Insignia ANC headset for late-night TV not to disturb my partner. So I have a lot of experience with active noise canceling headsets.

    The Soundcore Life Tune XR by Anker, to be honest, I had low expectations. Yet everything about them has impressed me and I cannot imagine buying any other noise-canceling headset.

    Opening the box I was wowed because these come with a hard carry case. I own music studio headphones that are 8x the price that doesn't even come with a case. The case is super quality.

    In the case. I was wowed again. There's a little bag for the audio and USB C charger. Nice. USB C charging too! Brilliant!

    Taking the Soundcare XRs headphones out, they look and feel premium. They have a nice weight. The metal finish and satisfying click as you unfold the headphones into position don't make them feel cheap.

    Comfort. Again. Wow. The noise isolation alone is well done. There's a little tone as they power on and pairing on my iPhone was fast - like AirPod Pro pairing fast.

    Audio Quality. OMG. I can't get over good it is. Turn on noise-canceling and I was blown away. Seriously have not been this impressed with a headset in a long time. With ANC on I couldn't even hear the alarm going on my other phone that was right next to me. Listening to Spotify, there were songs I felt like I was hearing them for the first time all over again.

    Soundcore also makes a free Soundcore app so you can tune the equalizer but also tune the noise-canceling the for the environment as well as firmware updates. The app is elegant, simple, no signup or registration required and makes apps from other headphone makers look bad. Soundcore have really knocked it out of the park with the quality of the app. Soundcore doesn't even aggressively push the app at you, unlike some other manufacturers where as soon as you pair it try to force the app on you.

    The Soundcore XRs have a built-in microphone. When I tested it for calls, there were no complaints from the other side. The XRs can also pair to two devices, so I have them paired to my PC (Windows) and iPhone. The call quality on both was great.

    It's easy to switch between ANC and transparency. Just place a finger on the outer right headphone cup and you are in transparency mode. Worth noting you can be in noise-canceling without audio playing, so you can use them at home or in an office for peace and quiet while you work.

    Battery Life - in the few days of testing I haven't yet run them down during the day (charged overnight) with moderate to heavy use. Soundcore claims 60 hours of playtime, 40 with ANC on. They also claim 4 hours of playtime on a 5-minute charge - which makes them perfect for travel when you get on a plane and realize your headphones are almost flat.

    If I was looking for negatives. And if Anker Soundcore read this. I love the case but would prefer if on the opening side there was a little pouch for the USB C and audio cable. Just so it's more secure. I would also prefer the buttons to be a little wider. But that's a personal preference.

    Seriously. BUY THEM. You will not be disappointed. You may want to parade around in more expensive headphones but price, quality, performance, sound quality, value, etc. you cannot do better than this and you can look smugly at everyone else knowing you got a better deal.

    Apr 08, 2021 07:24
  • Review by elzeus, 10 out of 10
    Trading blows with the big brands!

    Anker's Soundcore Life Tune XR headphones are a joy to listen to. The packaging includes a carrying case which other brands at this price point and above it seem to not include any more so it's a welcome addition. These headphones paired up just fine with my 2 devices (phone & tablet) and using the mobile app I was able to pick the sound preset of my choice. Overall I felt that the sound was a bit base heavy for my liking so I toned it down with the piano preset and it sounded great to me. The included noise canceling is great and easily gets rid of most distracting sounds and you can listen through the microphone to the sounds around you conveniently by just holding the right ear cup for a second or switching it on with a widget or phone app. The ear cups are comfortable faux leather and the top band is not tight at all on the top of my head. I have a wide head and didn't feel uncomfortable at all after several hours of use. The battery life is phenomenal and the included USB-C charging cable as well as the 3.5mm cord makes things very simple. I'm really floored by all of the features and quality for the price and have no qualms about recommending these headphones.

    Apr 07, 2021 18:11
  • Review by dstracker, 10 out of 10
    Finally, Headphones for MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!

    The SoundCore Life Tune XR Headphones, by Anker, are perfect for listening to podcasts, music, etc. The sound quality is excellent, clear, no dropouts or static interference. My music is sharp and pleasurable.

    What’s in the box – The SoundCore Headphones come with a hard travel case (the headphones can be “folded” to fit in the case perfectly), USB-C cable for charging, 3.5mm AUX cable, drawstring pouch for cables and a user manual/Quick Start Guide.


    - High resolution “Life Tune” sound-no dropouts or static

    - Multi-mode noise cancelling that can cancel approximately 95% of engine noise.

    o 3 modes – Transport, Indoor and Outdoor for specific nose cancellation.

    - Light weight – The SoundCore Life Tune XR Headphones only weigh about 9 ounces, making it amazingly comfortable for long stretches.

    - Long Life battery – According to the manufacturer, the battery stays charged for about 60 hours between charges. I had mine for over a week between charges. I only used it for about 4-5 hours a day. It stays nice and clear even when the battery is low.

    - Connectable streaming services-Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube and more. I have mine connected to Amazon Prime Music and Pandora as well.

    - The SoundCore XR Headphones can connect either by Bluetooth or the 3.5mm AUX cable. I have mine paired with Laptops, Smartphone, Tablets and Stereo. All using Bluetooth. I can even pair it to my car’s Infotainment System through the Bluetooth if I so desire.

    - Left Earpiece contains – the charge port, Battery indicator (LED) and NC (Noise Cancelling) button. The NC button allows you to change modes from Active Noise Cancelling, Normal and Transparency (allows background noise to be heard).

    - Right Earpiece contains – AUX jack (3.5mm) Volume Control Buttons and Music Control Button (selections).

    - The SoundCore XR Headphone earpieces have a soft molded cushion which makes them extremely comfortable even while wearing glasses.

    - Pairing was quick and easy. I was able to pair each of my Bluetooth devices quickly and without any problems.

    - Pairing with a Smartphone can be as easy as using the NFC (Near Field Communication) panel on the Right Earpiece. The NFC, unfortunately, can’t be use with iOS devices. The NFC panel can also be used to answer calls on your Smartphone without taking off the headphones by just pressing the NFC panel. This puts them in Transparency mode.

    - The QUICK START GUIDE is easy to follow with excellent diagrams on how to set up each function.


    - To operate the SoundCore Life Tune XR Headphones to their full potential, it is recommended that you download the SoundCore App. This can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    - The SoundCore App, unfortunately, is only for Mobile devices and is not available for PC at this time.


    - HOMEPAGE: Has a picture of the Headphones with battery charge indicator, Noise Cancellation selection button, Equalizer and Sleep mode selections. As soon as you turn on the Headphones, they are automatically paired with the app.

    - Clicking on the Ambient Sound-Noise Cancellation button you can choose between Active Noise Cancelling, Normal and Transparency. Use this button in conjunction with the modes:

    o Transport – Low-end frequencies like engine and road noise quieter commutes

    o Indoor – Eliminates voices and mid-frequency noise from inside spaces.

    o Outdoor – Reduces outside (ambient) sound for quieter city spaces.

    - SLEEP MODE – This mode offers you a choice of sounds to help you sleep as in White Noise. These are Soft Rain, Birds, Wind, Wind Chimes, Camping (crackling fire), Waves on a Beach, Dripping Water, Train running on tracks, Ticking Clock, Farm animals (ducks, chickens, roosters, pigs, etc.) or Blade type fan (IE: floor fan). Each sleep mode has its own individual volume control.


    o Default – SoundCore Signature. Other choices are Acoustic, Bass Booster, Base Reducer, Classical, Podcast, Dance and Deep. The default SoundCore Signature is recommended but not required.

    o CUSTOM – This allows you to create your own Equalizer (in dB and kHz). Using a graph that contains dB (+6 to -6) for the vertical and Hz (100 – 12.8kHz) for the horizontal. Then by selecting the “settings” option, you can give your equalizer a specific name to save it.

    - AMBIENT SOUND SCREEN: Click on the “i” next to Ambient Sound and you can create a widget on your phone’s home screen. The widget allows you to access the Ambient Sound settings directly without having to open the App.

    CONS: -

    - The Headband, though comfortable, could be a little shorter for smaller heads. It is adjustable. But only to make it larger.

    - There is no MicroSD card slot if you want to listen to your own recorded music, books, etc. You have to connect it to a device in order to listen to anything.

    - There is no Shortcut to connecting an iOS mobile phone. It only can use the Shortcut panel with a smartphone’s NFC connection.

    Even with the few “cons” the SoundCore Life Tune XR Headphones give other “High End” headphones a real run for the money. If you want high end, excellent sound without paying a high-end price, then the SoundCore Life Tune XR Headphones are for you. I highly recommend them for your listening pleasure.

    Apr 22, 2021 15:46
  • Review by ferrari, 10 out of 10
    Audiophile Quality at a Bargain Price

    I can't say how pleased I am with these headphones. Especially since my expectations were minimal given you're talking about the sub $100 price range.

    The experience was pleasant right out of the box. Nice storage case, drawstring purse for storing the charging & auxiliary input cords, and easy on the brain instructions to get you up & going. Prior to receiving these, I had researched the Soundcore app, and downloaded it, recognizing the additional enhancements it adds to operation.

    There were no issues at all connecting to my phone (Samsung S20), TV (Samsung series 8), or to a bluetooth transmitter attached to my high end audio system (pictured below.)

    The Soundcore app works very well to fine tune your music preferences. The noise cancellation has multiple settings. There is a transparency mode that allows you to "stay aware of your surroundings by allowing ambient sounds in", i.e. human speech, or full cancellation which has 3 submodes - transport - for engine & road noise, indoor - for spaces such as a coffee shop, or outdoor which reduces ambient city type sounds.

    There are also customizable equalizer settings, or 8 different presets such as bass booster, reducer, podcast, etc. I personally found the acoustic setting to be the best compromise for most types of music.

    There is also "Superior Sleep" function which you can mix a variety of white noise sounds, or combine them. I had birds chirping during a rainstorm with a freight train going by! Nice added feature.

    As far as the sound quality, I included a photo of my vinyl system just to show I'm serious about my music. I have a set of bluetooth headphones that cost 5X the price of these. And yes, maybe it's real instead of faux leather, and the use of high quality metal is a little more liberal, but truth be told, I'd be very hard pressed to tell which set I was listening to. The bonus is I can take these anywhere without the worry that I'd be losing half a weeks salary if I misplaced them.

    I've had very good experiences with this company. I first bought an Anker charging stand for my phone at less than half the price of an OEM unit. They also have a corporate offshoot, Eufy, that deals in surveillance cams and other devices, I have these on my home's exterior, and like these headphones, they outperform competitors far above their price range.

    If you're in the market for a set of bluetooth headphones, these are hard to pass by.

    Apr 09, 2021 19:23
  • Review by hitsuyoo, 10 out of 10
    Soundcore Brought The Noise

    Okay, first things first. Download the Soundcore app on your app store of choice. Then open the box, power on(probably already at medium) and shut the world out and jam out. Wait, wait, wait. I got ahead of myself. Inside the box, you'll get the Life XR headphones inside a nice , non-descriptive case( Not a bag). The bag inside of the case, holds a type-c charging cable and 3.5 mm aux cable. I love that. I may use that when watching a movie from my projector later, in life. This is an upgrade from the standard Life model. The touch to pass-through feature is still aces. And the battery life is still off the charts with 40 hrs ANC and up to 60 hrs without it. No one really needs that much life, but I'll take it. The simple and sleek black on well made plastic, give them a premium look and feel. The controls are very easy to get to and use. Again, I'm going to highlight the app. This thing give pretty much all of your Anker/Soundcore speaker a major boost. It adds an EQ for the headphones , that will stay at your chosen setting, even if you switch and use another device to listen from. I recommend charging before use( scratch what I said earlier. That was just an option.) just to get the full use out of your headphones. Anker rarely disappoints when it comes to making speakers & headphones and they didn't disappoint here either. I just wish they where water resistant. But that is really asking the rain to purify itself. I love the sound and the comfort and being from Anker, I expect to have these for quite some time. These easily rival much more expensive headphones on the market. One final thing: If you didn't know, Soundcore does over the air updates,so your gear will spay as up to date as possible, with app. If you haven't guesed, yes. I recommend these headphones.

    Apr 07, 2021 19:34
  • 9.4score
    Roku - Streaming Stick+ 4K Headphone Edition with Voice Remote with TV Power and Volume Streaming Media Player - Black

    Stream your favorite shows from free and premium channels on your HD, 4K or HDR TV with this Roku Streaming Stick+ headphone edition. The long-range receiver offers high-quality HD, 4K or HDR content, while the private listening feature lets you use the headphones on the voice remote to listen during quiet hours. This Roku Streaming Stick+ headphone edition has an ultra-portable design for easy transportation.

    6 Features
  • Watch what you love: Start streaming with a massive selection of free, live, and premium TV, including Roku® Originals and 200+ live TV channels for free on The Roku Channel
  • High picture quality: Whether you're streaming in HD, 4K, or HDR, you'll get picture quality that's optimized for your TV with sharp resolution and vivid colors
  • Find content quickly and easily with voice search: Using the included Voice remote, simply say the name of the title, actor, director or film category you want to search and get results instantly
  • Portable design: it's perfectly portable to stream almost anywhere. Just bring your remote and power along
  • High-speed wireless connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network. Receiver gives you 4x the range and a stronger signal for smooth streaming even in rooms farther from your router. Wireless router required and sold separately
  • Compatible with most TVs: Easily connects to most TVs with an HDMI interface
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by supahdan, 10 out of 10
    I love it!

    Bought the Roku Ultra HD 4K HDR earlier, but needed another for my other smart tv. The Streaming Stick was the only one left on the shelf, yes only(1) so much for timing uh?

    Anyway I took it home and hooked it up without any hindrance and believe me it worked just as good as the Roku Ultra-perfect!

    Mar 17, 2020 19:17
  • Review by Xlpw, 10 out of 10
    Little powerful device !

    Easy to use, lots of free channels, love the remote control and private listening function on it. Plex app makes this device unbeatable!

    Nov 01, 2021 12:17
  • Review by Bakeir, 10 out of 10
    Great for tv and projector!

    Plugs directly into my projector for movie night anywhere. It also has the Apple feature to cast from your Apple device.

    Dec 28, 2020 10:00
  • Review by PracticalTechGuy, 10 out of 10
    Great upgrade - very practical

    This is an upgrade to a Roku stick in our bedroom TV. We have three other Rokus.

    I got this one because it has the built-in audio jack, which is great for whan I want to watch TV while my wife reads or sleeps, and because it includes TV remote functions (power and volume) so I don't need a TV remote anymore.

    Performance is much better. Starting up, responsiveness, time to start playing - all feels very snappy and a big improvement over our previous Roku stick.

    It comes with everything you need including Duracell batteries for the remote, and headphones. Installation was a breeze, took 5 minutes including a super simple process to get it to control my Toshiba TV.

    This Roku feels solid, very well made. Other Rokus were good, this one feels heavier, made with better quality materials,

    For the first week of use we have had zero problems streaming HD content. It's a great buy, highly recommended.

    Oct 17, 2019 15:11
  • Review by Gary, 8 out of 10
    I needed something like this to watch shows in 4K

    Is very easy to use and it is what I needed to watch shows in 4K. It’s not as clear as my 43” Samsun also conected to a Roku 4K but it’s still pretty good.

    Oct 09, 2020 17:19
  • Review by Grwg, 10 out of 10
    Beat streaming stick out here!

    This gave my regular TV more streaming options than my smart TV,. Easy to use and I like the earbuds jack built into the remote. The design of the remote makes it easy to use without looking. I love it!

    Jan 10, 2021 11:34
  • Review by Bigshu22, 10 out of 10
    Perfect streaming device. Awesome remote.

    Extremely user friendly. Best way to switch from cable by far.

    Jan 31, 2020 15:39
  • Review by Roko, 10 out of 10
    Great purchase

    Very easy to connect and very easy to use. Great channels for the kids, Sports, movies, and more

    Enhanced voice remote. With buttons for tv for power, volume, end mute. Even better with headphones. Great purchase.

    Aug 14, 2020 21:01
  • 9.4score
    Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - 128GB

    Experience our most advanced all-in-one VR system yet with Oculus Quest 2. No PC or console required. Every detail has been engineered to make virtual worlds adapt to your movements, letting you explore awe-inspiring games and experiences with unparalleled freedom. You can get the most out of each moment with blazing-fast performance and next-generation graphics. Stay focused on every detail with a stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original Quest. Or take a break from the action and grab front-row seats to live concerts, exclusive events and more. With the redesigned Touch controllers, your gestures and motions are transported directly into VR with improved ergonomics. You can even connect your VR headset to a gaming-compatible computer with an Oculus Link cable (sold separately) to access hundreds of PC VR games and experiences. Quest 2 also lets you bring your friends into the action. Live casting lets you share your VR experience with people around you. Or meet up with friends in virtual worlds to battle in multiplayer competitions or just spend some time together. There’s no end in sight to what you can play, create and discover in Oculus Quest 2.

    5 Features
  • Next-Level Hardware: Make every move count with a blazing-fast processor and our highest-resolution display.
  • All-In-One Gaming: Blast, slash and groove your way through an expansive library of Oculus Quest games and experiences.
  • Immersive Entertainment: Get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and more.
  • Easy Setup: Just open the box, set up with the smartphone app and jump into VR. No PC or console needed. Oculus Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world
  • Premium Display: Catch every detail with a stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original Quest.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by David, 10 out of 10
    PCVR is amazing

    I’ve been using this for the past 3 days so far no complaints. You might run into lagging issues with pcvr but nothing google can fix. Played Half Life alyx beat saber and some ve chat flawlessly. I did run into issues where I couldn’t move my fingers in VRchat for pcvr but I’m working on fixing that. Thanks for the amazing product!

    Aug 29, 2021 13:12
  • Review by Marley, 10 out of 10

    Bro it opens a whole different type of gaming an social connection and the experience is amazing i dont think i will ever become bored of it

    Oct 15, 2021 23:56
  • Review by Phil, 10 out of 10
    Get This!

    Always wanted one and ended up getting it with my rewards cash from one of my credit cards! It doesn’t disappoint! I’m sure tech will advance and even wow us some more. Until then I’ll rock my Quest 2!

    Sep 17, 2021 16:18
  • Review by Nice, 10 out of 10
    Great Game

    Great VR game! I purchased two Quest2 Oculus gaming systems. I play with my family

    Nov 05, 2021 16:17
  • Review by Genesisashley, 10 out of 10
    Best purchase ever

    I'm having the best time with my new Oculus. I was thinking about getting a switch or a PlayStation, I decided on the Oculus and I have no regrets. I'm an active person but I also love games, this satisfies both

    Sep 07, 2021 14:55
  • Review by valeriy, 10 out of 10
    good stors.

    this is perfect vr. my son is loved. 5 stars for the stors. next time im come back and buy new phone.

    Oct 01, 2021 19:25
  • Review by MyBeautifulComputer, 10 out of 10




    Love this


    Oct 16, 2021 14:35
  • Review by Mithinco, 10 out of 10
    VR headset for the mainstream

    Absolutely awesome mind blowing experience! The Quest 2 is definitely brings VR to the mainstream in terms of hardware and software. It is easy to setup and a pleasure to use. The guardian safety software feature is genius. You can optionally use the headset for pcvr and have a game library separate from the Oculus store if that is what you prefer.

    Hardware wise, the headset and controllers feel high quality. It does not have that cheap plastic feel. The controllers are ergonomic but are good for small to medium sized hands. The thumbsticks are a tad small for me and can be a bit larger. The headset is front heavy and can be tricky to adjust the strap to be comfortable. The display looks great and has no screen door effect. The included glasses spacer works as stated if you meet the requirements and you are careful when putting the headset on/off. The Quest 2 now comes with a silicone cover which is good for hygiene and easy to clean.

    While the Quest 2 is good headset overall but there are some caveats to keep in mind. The head strap is not the best and it is almost necessary to get a 3rd party strap. The field of view is narrow but not a deal breaker. Only having 3 IPD settings is not great, a slider would have been ideal. People with small noses will have a "nose gap" that allows light to leak inside the headset which can break immersion, a 3rd party face cover with a nose flap can help with that. Perhaps the biggest gripe is the Facebook account requirement. While I understand that there are those who want to use their headset as they see fit, you won't get that when Facebook is involved.

    My final thoughts is that I'm thoroughly impressed with what Oculus brought to the table. The relaunch of the Quest 2 feels like a great deal when they increased the storage to 128gb. I can already see myself putting a ton of use into the Quest 2.

    Sep 06, 2021 22:41
  • 9.4score
    Anker ROAV - Jump Starter Pro - Black

    Handle roadside emergencies with this Anker ROAV Jump Starter Pro. Boasting a peak current of 800 amps, this device lets you jump-start gas engines as large as 6L and diesel engines up to 3L. This Anker ROAV Jump Starter Pro ensures you're prepared for nighttime emergencies with a built-in LED lamp, a compass and two USB ports.

    6 Features
  • Powerful jump starter: Delivers a peak current of 800 amps to jump-start your vehicle with a gas engine up to 6.0L and diesel engine up to 3.0L.
  • Advanced safety protection: Guards against reversed connections, backflushing, low voltage, and overheating ensure your safety.
  • Emergency LED flashlight: Provides a handy tool for emergency situations.
  • Two USB ports: Let you charge your smartphones, tablets, GPS and other electronic devices.
  • Built-in compass: Allows you to determine your location on the ground.
  • Compact design: Weighs only 1.27 lbs. to ensure easy portability.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Rberumen2, 10 out of 10
    Worked perfectly

    I live to be prepared and I even have jumper cables in my 2017 tacoma, but since I have a lot of stuff going on when my truck isn’t even on, it drains my battery like my dash cam and viper alarm. Since we are supposed to be shelter in place, my truck doesn’t get a lot of action to recharge my battery. I tried to jump it the last time it died using my Audi and that car is such a hassle just to get to the batter (since it’s in the trunk under the spare tire) I decided to look into a portable battery jump

    Starter. Literally just bought it yesterday, and my truck died this morning. Sadly, I was excited to see if my new toy will work and wouldn’t you know it, jumped my truck with no issues. My tacoma is a 2017 trd sport 4x4 with a V6 3.5 liter engine.

    Apr 14, 2020 12:15
  • Review by Brab, 10 out of 10

    This thing save my life and was worth its weight and money that I spent on it which is barely nothing considering it was under $100 in 3 days my battery was completely drained and I ended up having to use it every time I turn my car off so just in the first two days I used it about eight times and not alone saved me that much money's worth of trying to fly somebody down with jumper cables and get them to give me a jump haha not to mention it is very strong and holds a charge it has four light bars to show when it's full and I could get three to four jumps out of one bar great product

    Jun 07, 2021 03:33
  • Review by Lath6988, 10 out of 10

    Love this purchase will be buying another one if I get the chance to for my girlfriends car

    Jan 29, 2021 15:12
  • Review by JImmy, 10 out of 10
    Life saver. Literally!

    This little jumper has saved us so many times in a pinch when we were not in a place where we could get a jump from another car.

    Also when we could have called AAA we jumped ourselves and saved a long wait.

    See the photo where we broke down on the St Charles bridge. Once the traffic stopped and i was able to jump out it took about 1 minute.

    Feb 15, 2020 07:15
  • Review by JohnS, 10 out of 10
    Love this thing!

    I’m so glad I bought this when it was a deal of the day! Had I known it’s capabilities I would have gladly paid full price. The other day I had to re-park a vehicle to wash prior to selling, it had been sitting since Covid shut everything down. So about 3 months. I tried the classic jump start method with cables and attaching the ground to a ground on the recipient vehicle and after 30 mins it still wouldn’t start. I remembered I bought this little guy so i briefly charged it up to 3 out of 4 bars, popped the cables that it came with on the dead car and Voila! No kidding this thing booted it right up!! I also recently brought it up to our cabin over the 4th, it was used to charge 2 iphones from dead to 80%. The charges were a separate times each, but it can do 2 at a time with the 2 usb ports. I don’t like charging my phones past 80% but it maybe could have taken them to 100%. it also took the latest gen ipad not pro cheaper one from 16% to about 64% before shutting down. This thing is a beast and I would totally recommend it for anyone. Side note, I think it takes 1hr plus to fully charge from dead to full, maybe like 2 hours and I don’t think you can charge it and your devices at the same time, or maybe I’m not smart enough to figure it out lol. I wish I could add pics but it’s slightly larger then the average hand. It’s like holding a VHS tape only a bit smaller in length. What’s a VHS tape?!?! hahaha

    Jul 07, 2020 07:13
  • Review by KOOL, 10 out of 10
    Very Very Good Jump Starter

    Pros: Poratable, easy to carry, easy to plug in for charging

    Very clear instruction and product can be used independently. Like the packaging. So far used twice and I am very happy with my purchase . Will keep monitoring this for a while though.

    Cons: only 2 USB ports newer version might have more USB ports

    Jul 23, 2021 16:14
  • Review by CBS4, 10 out of 10
    I was surprised!

    When I saw this as a Deal of the Day, I decided to give it a try. I charged it when I got it, then had it for a couple of months before I had a chance to really test it. After sitting for a month with an old battery that barely make the dome light glow, it spun over the 4.0 6 cyl engine of my Jeep, like it had a fully charged battery. Later that day, I used it to start a friends 12HP lawn tractor that had been sitting for 2 years. (Totally stone cold dead!) Again, spun over as if it had a full charge. There is no waiting for it to charge the dead battery, as with a battery charger. I connected it, got in/on the vehicle and started it. After starting both, the booster still had 3?4 charge left in it. This was a spring day, in the 60s. I've yet to see how it does at 10 below... I expect it to perform well then, too.

    It comes in a soft zippered pouch.

    It's a solid little package.

    May 22, 2020 17:13
  • Review by NurseNelis, 10 out of 10
    Great jump start kit for my Harley Davidson

    The battery on my Harley Davidson Iron 883 dies often due to not being able to have it connected to a battery tender at the moment. If I don’t start the bike every couple of days, the battery goes dead as so many Harley owners know all too well. I purchased this little kit to make it easier than having to keep jump starting the bike with my car. It works perfect! It’s a super small kit that I keep inside my bike bag and it’s really easy to use. It has a helpful flashlight that helps when I need to jumpstart the bike at night as well as 2 USB ports that I can use if I wanted to charge my phone or another electronic. Really glad I got this. I definitely recommend.

    Oct 17, 2021 11:13
  • 9.4score
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch

    Solve puzzles, explore dungeons, and soar the skiesDescend from the sky to the dangerous world below in this high-flying quest. Your adventure will lead you through perilous dungeons packed with puzzles. Each item you receive will open up even more adventure—uncover a hidden area with the flying Beetle or find a clever way to hinder enemies with a whip. Whether you are scouring for secrets, getting in some sword practice, or upgrading equipment, forge your own path in the Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword HD game.Master realistic swordplay that corresponds to your movementsGently swing your sword and angle your slashes to break through opponents’ defenses using intuitive motion controls. Link’s in-game movements will correspond to the angle of each strike you make with the Joy-Con™ controller, creating immersive swordplay that relies on strategy and accuracy. Figuring out how, when, and where to strike adds a puzzle-like twist to swordplay. On the go? Soar and slash using button-only controls. You can also use button controls on a Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller.Discover the origin of Link, Zelda, and the Master SwordJoin Link in his emotional quest to save Zelda, a childhood friend who must confront her destiny. Their special bond at the heart of the story is the world’s best hope for defeating the encroaching darkness—and its power that will echo through the ages. Embark on a destiny-defining quest to overcome ancient trials and forge the powerful Master Sword. The many residents of the floating island and Link’s home, Skyloft, have colorful personalities that shine as you help them with their troubles. Make sure to stop by Beedle’s shop, but keep an eye on the troublemaking Groose…© Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda is a trademark of Nintendo © 2021 Nintendo.

    8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Brooks, 10 out of 10
    Must have for any switch owner!

    Having the Wii version in my collection, I am happy to say this is a worthwhile HD remaster. Being able to skip some of the handholding and not use motion controls is how the game should have been released originally. The graphics and load times are a huge improvement.

    Jul 18, 2021 12:49
  • Review by Day1, 10 out of 10
    Must buy for any Zelda fantasy

    Much more then a simple remake;

    •1080p docked, 720p handheld.

    •both docked and handled 60fps

    •reworked controls.

    And much more!

    Jul 23, 2021 16:12
  • Review by Stephanie, 10 out of 10
    A classic amped up!

    Its a really awesome game! Absolutely stayed true to the original wii title!

    Aug 13, 2021 18:57
  • Review by Zoner, 10 out of 10
    My Favorite Item

    I love the game & the fast shipping was awesome. :)

    Jul 23, 2021 16:57
  • Review by Prettylou, 10 out of 10
    Highly recommend this game.

    A fun, and neat game. It was on sale at Best Buy, and I am happy with this purchase for sure.

    Nov 07, 2021 16:04
  • Review by JasonB, 10 out of 10
    Classic wii Zelda brought to the Switch

    A great classic brought to the switch. The game is very fun from the old wii era of Nintendo. The controller settings take getting used to if you are more familiar with breath of the wild controls as this game was meant for the wii motion plus. Luckily if you don’t like the motion controls you can swap to the normal button controls. The graphics are nice and have been up scaled for the switch resolutions. This game will bring you many hours of fun.

    Aug 20, 2021 16:16
  • Review by Blazewulfe, 10 out of 10
    Skyward Sword is Amazing

    This is a fantastic port from the Wii to Switch. I enjoyed Skyward Sword with the motion plus controller for the Wii and beat it several times. Playing it now on the Switch with my son has been the best. The game still has an interesting pastel pallet for it's landscapes but the models and everything else are much sharper and detailed now. This is a great game if you like The Legend of Zelda Series. If you haven't played it, canonically it's the first and it's amazing what you get to experience and see how it all began. If your only Zelda game has been Breath of the Wild, which is also an amazing entry in the series, this game is more grounded in what the other 3D Zelda games have been. By this I mean having actual dungeons and a more linear progression vs open world exploration. Bot h are good in their own ways, but if you're looking for a more traditional 3D Zelda experience with a great story and great gameplay, this is it.

    Aug 06, 2021 16:02
  • Review by Angelina, 10 out of 10
    Absolutely amazing!

    I loved the original game for the wii when I was a kid and I love this HD remake of it. The colors are bright, the visuals are crisp and the music is just as beautiful as I remember it being. This has to be one of the best legend of zelda games I've ever played.

    Aug 06, 2021 17:06
  • 9.4score
    NBA 2K22 Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

    NBA 2K22 puts the entire basketball universe in your hands. Anyone, anywhere can hoop in NBA 2K22.

    11 Features
  • STEP YOUR GAME UP: New tactical offense meets an overhauled defense for a more competitive and immersive NBA 2K22. Add skill-based dribbling, shooting, dunking, and alley-oops to your bag of moves, and counter them with ferocious new blocks and contests on the other end of the court.
  • ALL ABOARD THE CRUISE: Set sail for the high seas in the all-new 2K22 Neighborhood, made for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Create your perfect MyPLAYER, level up for rewards, and express yourself through both your game and your style.
  • YOUR DREAM TEAM: Collect, craft, and hoop in the ultimate NBA fantasy competition: NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. Build your dream lineup of NBA stars and legends across any era, and explore game-changing evolutions to the MyTEAM experience – each addition introduced Season after Season.
  • NEW SEASONS, NEW DISCOVERIES: In NBA 2K22, every Season brings fresh opportunities to reap new rewards. Whether in MyTEAM or MyCAREER, compete against the best and discover what amazing rewards each new Season has in store.
  • GET IN THE REAL GAME: Play as your favorite teams and stars, and experience the authenticity of professional basketball. The game has never felt more real and complete. Feel the energy of the crowd and the endless entertainment of one of the most immersive sports product in gaming today.
  • PURSUE YOUR PRO DREAM: Carve your own path to the NBA in a Hollywood-esque journey. Your rise to the top takes different twists and turns - some based on the decisions you make for yourself. Will you make your name in College, the NBA G League, or will you take your game directly to the NBA?
  • BE PART OF A HUGE HOOPS COMMUNITY: Whether in the City (for PlayStationⓇ5 and Xbox Series X|S) or in the Neighborhood (for PlayStationⓇ4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC), live out your basketball life in the most vibrant hoops community in the world.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN DREAM TEAM: MyTEAM combines the excitement of discovering and obtaining your favorite player cards and the intensity of taking on the best rosters the MyTEAM community has to offer. Play, earn, craft, and compete through challenges, tournaments, and much more.
  • TAKE CONTROL: Take control as General Manager - or oversee the entire league from the very top as Commissioner - in the most comprehensive management simulation experience: MyNBA and MyWNBA. Make decisions that will determine the success of a team and shape the sport in remarkable ways.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LATEST AND GREATEST: There’s always something new to come back to in NBA 2K: the latest NBA/WNBA rosters, new player cards in MyTEAM, the freshest gear and basketball Events in the neighborhood, and much more. With ever-expanding content, basketball never stops in NBA 2K.
  • EVERYTHING IS GAME: The NBA 2K experience offers more than just the sport of basketball; it is hoops culture and everything around it. Discover music artists in an ever-expanding 2K Beats soundtrack. Flaunt the latest trends and hoops fashion with your MyPLAYER. In NBA 2K, Everything is Game.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Shanj, 10 out of 10
    Official feeling of the game

    This is one of the best versions , hype music, lots of options to sign up for , storyline It’s pretty good you can create a online player on the phone app to use on the game version.

    Oct 08, 2021 15:28
  • Review by MrsM, 10 out of 10
    NBA 2K

    On the court, NBA 2K21 is a dazzling experience that matches the energy and presentation of its real-life counterpart. Enhanced footwork, dribbling, and player spacing help improve an already sturdy foundation. However, outside of the surprisingly well-written story mode, NBA 2K21 loses its focus off of the court. NBA 2K21 excels at recreating the pro game, but opportunities to purchase microtransactions exist at nearly every corner, and complex modes like MyLeague are given far too little attention.

    Oct 29, 2021 17:44
  • Review by kparker, 10 out of 10
    Improved game play

    Last year I decided against getting 2k21 as I waited for a PS5. Since that didn’t happen I decided to grab 2k22 great game. A little harder to shoot but much smoother than it’s predecessors. Overall great game play!

    Oct 29, 2021 23:46
  • Review by Works, 10 out of 10
    Good game!

    Great game! They switched it up from my last 2k game which was 2017. Now I just need more space on my playstation to start my career.

    Nov 08, 2021 20:33
  • Review by EHC79, 10 out of 10
    Great game with new features

    Love the updated look of this years 2k22. With new commentators and a new instant replay of dunks. I know certain features will be scaled down in future 2k games because of the ps5.

    Oct 17, 2021 22:44
  • Review by Kali, 10 out of 10

    I bought this game for my son for his birthday I so happy it arrived the next day graphics are so realistic . My son la enjoying it.

    Nov 01, 2021 04:28
  • Review by Arog918, 10 out of 10
    Nba 2k21

    2k has been a great game throughout the years. Only thing they should change is maybe a membership discount for people who buy 2k every year.....

    Oct 24, 2021 19:00
  • Review by ALGREEN, 10 out of 10
    Oculus 2

    I got my wife the oculus 2 for our anniversary and she loves it!!!!!!!

    Also shipping was on time.

    Nov 04, 2021 14:09
  • 9.4score
    kate spade new york - Protective Hardshell Case for Apple® iPhone® 6, 6s, 7, 8 and SE (2nd generation) - Hollyhock Floral Clear/Cream with Stones

    Protect your phone and add a pop of pretty with this kate spade new york hardshell case. The solid construction keeps your phone safe from accidental drops, while convenient cutouts let you easily access functions. A little bit of bling on this floral kate spade new york hardshell case makes it fashionable as well as functional.

    3 Features
  • Designed for use with iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 and SE (2nd generation): To protect and complement your phone.
  • Impact drop protection: Safeguards against harm caused by accidental drops.
  • Convenient cutouts: Let you easily access functions.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Angelica, 10 out of 10
    Nice and decorative case

    This case is a bit of high price but I do not regret buying it does it job and looks real nice on my phone

    Jan 04, 2019 18:52
  • Review by Nighthawk, 8 out of 10
    Good product

    Works well with iPhone 8. The grip is really good and decent enough to protect your phone.

    Jun 26, 2019 16:44
  • Review by 2BScene, 10 out of 10
    Stand out in the crowd

    My new case looks great with my new RED Iphone SE. I love the sparkles on it. The case fits perfectly and feels very durable. I recommend this, It is at a good price On Sale now!

    Mar 28, 2021 06:22
  • Review by Jennifer, 8 out of 10
    Beautiful case, one minor flaw

    The case is absolutely beautiful! It has worked well for me and has held up great. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t really cover the bottom of my phone to protect it. It has all four corner bumpers, but across the bottom leaves my phone open and bumps/scratches the bottom of my phone if I drop it. It is kind of hard to take on and off but don’t have to worry about it sliding off.

    Oct 29, 2021 16:29
  • Review by Kt21, 10 out of 10
    Phone case

    Ordered for my wife , She loves it

    Very stylish and made well

    May 01, 2021 08:43
  • Review by MaryEllen, 10 out of 10

    I love this case. Clear with floral, so the red color of my iPhone shows through with beautiful floral motif over the base color Does a good job of protecting my phone,in addition to being glamorous.

    Oct 16, 2021 01:55
  • Review by Great, 10 out of 10
    Kate Spade case

    Beautiful case, very well made and great curbside service, The pop socket was not included, but added after purchase.

    Nov 14, 2020 02:32
  • Review by Lnklnk, 10 out of 10
    Kate Spade IPhone case

    I bought this for my daughter two years ago and she still uses it. It definitely has a high end look to it.

    Nov 06, 2021 06:53
  • 9.4score
    Logitech - K800 Full-size Wireless Keyboard for PC/Laptop with Illuminated keys - Black

    Customize your computer with this Logitech wireless keyboard. Laser-etched backlit keys let you work in virtually any lighting conditions, while the proximity sensors detect your hands to power on the backlights. The PerfectStroke system allows for whisper-quiet, responsive typing. Featuring a unifying receiver, this Logitech wireless keyboard lets you connect one or many mice with just one USB port.

    8 Features
  • Key design is enhanced for comfort: Incurve keys are concave to fit the shape of your fingertips, and the PerfectStroke key system distributes weight across each key to make keystrokes smooth and fluid.
  • Illuminated keys: The keys are laser-etched so the character on each key is illuminated.
  • Backlight responds to environment: The keyboard turns the backlight on when your hands are near. The light automatically brightens or dims based on the level of light in the room, or you can manually adjust its brightness.
  • Keyboard controls: Include enhanced function keys, multimedia and audio control, and Internet.
  • Sleek and compact design: With sleek lines, a clear edge, and low-profile keys, this keyboard adds style to your workspace.
  • Recharging is easy: The keyboard can be recharged using the included micro USB cable, and it can be used while charging.
  • Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection: The keyboard wirelessly connects to the included Unifying nano-receiver, which plugs into your computer's USB port and works across an array of Unifying-compatible wireless devices.
  • Compatible with Windows: For use with your existing computer.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Tee20, 10 out of 10
    Great choice

    If you are looking for something slim this is not it. Everything else is a plus. I like how the keyboard lights up. It has an insert key, something apple keyboards no longer have. I have a Mac and needed a universal keyboard. This fits the bill. The wrist rest is comfy and the back adjusts up.

    Jun 17, 2020 19:54
  • Review by FifthWheelSt, 8 out of 10
    Great keyboard for low light users.

    Overall, this is a great keyboard. I'm a heavy user and the rechargeable batteries did not require a recharge until six weeks later after the first charge. That was much better than I expected. The lay out and feel wasn't much different than my other 10 year old Logitech keyboard that bit the dust. The only improvement I recommend is to extend the auto turnoff illumination time longer. It turns off after 3 seconds. That is annoying when working in low light. There is the option to turn on keys all the time but I prefer the auto turnoff to extend battery life.

    One thing to note is that my Logitech MX 700 mouse now has some minor compatibility issues that may be from wireless signal interference between the mouse and keyboard. So if you have an old Logitech wireless mouse you may need to upgrade the mouse as well.

    Dec 08, 2012 17:18
  • Review by Mack51, 10 out of 10
    Get this keyboard

    This is probably the best keyboard I have ever used. Some keyboards just don't feel right or aren't easy to type with. This keyboard has neither issue. The only issue i have is that I wish I would have bought one sooner. Not sure if the illumination does anything for me since I only use this in an office setting where the lights are always on, but it's a neat feature to have. The charge lasts quite awhile about 5-7 days without turning off and seems to recharge quickly. This is a great product by logitech...go get you one!

    Dec 15, 2016 13:41
  • Review by Anna, 10 out of 10
    Great keyboard.

    This has been a great purchase. I reviewed several keyboards an chose this one to order. I like the feature that lets me run the mouse on the same USB connector.

    May 15, 2021 14:22
  • Review by Ppanala3, 10 out of 10
    Peach of a deal, LOVE backlit keypad!

    I simply love the wireless backlit keyboard. It's so easy to adjust the brightness, you can adjust pretty much anything on this keyboard. It's a very nice quality. Best Buy always has the best prices, and they only carry the highest quality merchandise.

    Apr 24, 2020 18:11
  • Review by avaitor1, 10 out of 10
    Outstanding Illuminated keyboard

    This keyboard is great because I have at times a dark room.It lights up when my hands come near the keyboard,and turns off when I move away.Saves battery life.

    May 20, 2016 20:56
  • Review by Epsonscanner, 10 out of 10
    Great keyboard

    Love this new keyboard! Didn't need any additional fancy features. I do love how the keyboard lights up just moving my hand over it before even touching the keys.

    Jun 18, 2021 19:03
  • Review by CWilWin, 10 out of 10
    Game Changing Keyboard

    Great keyboard! Tactile feel is better than I thought it would be. Additionally, the ability to plug it in and charge it is a “Game-Changer!”

    Love it!

    May 21, 2021 15:37
  • 9.4score
    Chromecast with Google TV - 4K - Snow

    Chromecast with Google TV brings you the entertainment you love, in up to 4K HDR.* Get personal recommendations from your subscriptions - all in one place. No jumping between apps to decide what to watch.

    6 Features
  • All you can watch.: Enjoy the entertainment you love in up to 4K HDR.* Seamlessly browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your favorite streaming services, all in one place. Watch content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Apple TV app, Peacock, HBO Max and many more.**
  • Stream on.: Get fast streaming and enjoy a crystal clear picture up to 4K and brighter colors with HDR. **
  • Use your voice.: Ask to search for specific shows, or by mood, genre, actress, and more. Talk to Google and say, "What should I watch?" And use the remote to control the volume switch inputs, play music, and get answers on-screen.
  • Recommendations just for you.: Get personal suggestions based on your subscriptions, viewing habits and content you own.
  • For now, and the future.: Because Chromecast breathes life into existing TVs and is designed with recycled materials, it helps keep waste out of landfills.
  • A new way to let your kids watch.: Create a kids profile to set up an area for your children to access a fun collection of family-friendly movies and shows. Pick from a selection of playful themes, and set parental controls to restrict what content can be seen, limit watching time, and set a bedtime.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by NJuice, 10 out of 10
    Excellent Streaming at an Affordable Price

    Chromecasts have long been something I've ignored because I don't like the idea of having to use my phone to cast to my TV for everything I watch. However, when Google announced their "Chromecast with Google TV" I was very intrigued at the mix of a streaming device with the ability to Chromecast. So far, I am quite happy with my purchase!


    - Unboxing and first impressions are always great with Google Products. They have a great way of making the unboxing process simple while providing a product that's uniquely Google.

    - I really go like the feel and look of the Chromecast and Remote. They are modern yet simple and feel very good in the hand, not too cheap at all.

    - Set-up was mainly simply but had a few hiccups. Google says you can use the "Google Home" app to do all your setup for you but I have largely found that the Google Home can be the most useful app I have while also being the most frustrating when setting up a new product.

    - I eventually ditched using the Google Home app and did the setup just via the remote and that was very simple and straight forward. After a little bit to download new firmware updates and download all my apps, I was ready to go!


    - I really like the interface! It's smooth, easy to maneuver, and when in doubt just ask Google where something is.

    - Speaking of which, the Google Assistant button is a fantastic addition. Use it for asking everyday questions or use it to find "movies that won Oscars in the 2000's" really whatever you need it to do!

    - The device uses your app subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+...) to recommend TV and Movies you might want to watch. I really like how it does not push you to watch something you have no interest in or don't even have a subscription too. The whole add-less vibe feels nonintrusive and makes for a more personal experience.

    - If you have YouTube TV, this Chromecast is a must have! Google TV integrates Live TV right into the menu so you can quickly browse what's on air right now without having to open the YouTube TV app. I really like that because it makes the home menu screen your go to place to find anything you subscribe too.

    - The "Chromecast" feature of this Google TV device is also very easy to use! It syncs up with your Google Home Devices or phones so that if you are watching a video or streaming Spotify, you can just quickly cast it to your TV with the touch of a button. Or, simply say "Hey Google, play Netflix on my TV" and it can do that too without you even touching the remote.

    - Watching shows & movies on here is truly a great experience too! The 4K HDR is vibrant and crisp, it has Dolby Vision for movies/TV that it applies to, and Dolby Atmos for superior home theater sound quality. All three of those qualities are an absolute must for the best home theater experience and you are getting them all for only $50.


    - The one app that I wish this had is "Apple TV". I know Google/Apple don't usually get along, but I do with the Apple TV app was on here for those who want to stream "Apple TV+"

    - This isn't a con for me but although you don't need Google services (Like Google Smart Speakers, Android Phone, & YouTube TV) to enjoy this Chromecast, I would imagine that your experience would not be as great as mine without all those devices/services.

    - I think the "Library" section of the Home page is really lacking on 2 parts. First, if you have a large library of movies you digitally own, they will show in your library but its in one long scrollable line. Rather then a sortable area where you can view 20 movies at a time, its really just a long single line list where you can see 5 at a time. Second, Google TV is trying to push its "Watchlist" feature where from an Android phone you can easily add a Show/Movie to your watchlist and it will appear on your Google TV. But at the time of writing this, the Google TV app is not available on Android phones yet and hasn't even been announced on Apple phones yet.


    - If you are looking for a simple, easy to use streaming device but has all the high end specs you would want at a low price, the Chromecast with Google TV is an absolute no brainer. It is simple to use, has a great interface, and has all features you would want from a higher end streaming device (4K HDR, Dolby Vision/Atmos, Voice Commands). I really think Google TV is going to be a great solution for many home's entertainment needs!

    Oct 02, 2020 14:09
  • Review by Jaron, 10 out of 10
    Pretty awesome device

    This is the most amazing product from Google I've owned yet. I purchased this initially to upgrade my older Chromecast. Everything about this "Google TV" is 1000x better than what I owned previously. I can now view my content in 4K which the older model could not do, and it has a great interface. It's Android 10 over the Google TV UI, and it's pretty appealing. I can easily ask Google to find something particular to watch and it'll do it. This thing will search movies across different apps to find exactly what you're looking for. What makes it even better is that it still has it's cast function. so you have the option to use the Google TV remote or cast from your Android phone like normal. I was hesitant at first, and I wish I had mad this purchase sooner. You can even control all your google connected with the remote included. For example I use my Google Home to control my AC, but I can also with my remote in hand tell the Google remote to turn the AC on or off, and it does it. Even quick than my home can which is pretty neat. If you were ever indecisive about buying this device then I hope this review helps you. You're gonna love this Google TV. For $50 you can't go wrong.

    Jun 21, 2021 17:33
  • Review by Jeremy, 10 out of 10
    Replaces TV remote!!!!!

    Easily the best 50 bucks I've spent! All apps consolidated into one. You can open apps individually or search everything with voice. Controls tv volume and power!!!!! 1 remote for everything. And it looks sleek and elegant, as to be expected. ***Note: plug in directly to wall outlet; if plugged in to tv usb it will have to reboot each time, AND the tv power button won't work.

    Oct 05, 2020 17:17
  • Review by Gamer, 10 out of 10
    For an old 1080p TV

    This is a must-have device for anybody that still using an old 1080p TV and oh yeah just in case some of your app don't Play the audio going to your setting display and sound go down to Advanced sound setting and set the format selection to manual and you're all good until you upgrade to a 4K TV.

    Sep 03, 2021 17:36
  • Review by Adam, 10 out of 10
    Great item, great value, nuts to other streamers

    Keeps everything well organized and easy to find. Voice control is very accurate and responsive. Picture quality for some reason is better than with apps built into my TV's(a Samsung and a Vizio). Has a broad variety of downloadable apps that aren't available on Samsung. The remote is able to control both the power and volume of the TV and the content and makes selecting a program very easy as the device connected to the TV is very responsive to the remote. Highly recommend!

    Jan 14, 2021 10:17
  • Review by Goodfortheprice, 10 out of 10
    A good 4k option

    Is so fast(faster than some good smart tvs) and go to 4k, if you dont have an smart tv or yuo have an old one this is the Best option. I prove Amazon fire stick 4k, tv boxes, an Chromecast of 3rd generation and this one (Chromecast 4th generation) and this is they best option.

    Jul 19, 2021 17:45
  • Review by bainp26, 8 out of 10
    Worth it!

    This is a great item to add, especially if you are a Google person. I still don't have a smart TV, so utilizing this works great!

    Nov 07, 2020 23:16
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    Terrifically AMAAAAZINN DUUUDE!

    Hoooly Sheeeeesh! This the best flipping flopping Chromecast google has ever [email protected]/@& I love this sheeshts! And I can connect my galaxy buds plus, without having my mother nagging. “Turn your VOLUME DOWN” hahahahhaa! Thank you GOOGLE!!

    Sep 20, 2021 01:50
  • 9.2score
    Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case for Lightweight, Portable Protection - VR - Gray

    Designed for Oculus Quest 2, this lightweight case provides sturdy protection whether you’re at home or on the go. The interior fits the headset with optional Elite Strap or Elite Strap With Battery, and molded dividers hold the two Touch controllers, charging cable and power adapter.

    6 Features
  • Premium Case: Premium custom carrying case for Oculus Quest 2 with durable protection
  • Fits Oculus Quest 2: Fits the Oculus Quest 2 headset, controllers, charging cable and power adapter
  • Custom Built: Custom inlay and molding keep all parts neatly organized
  • Additional Space: Additional space included for the Elite Strap or Elite Strap With Battery
  • Comfortable Portability: Soft, easy-carry handle offers comfortable portability whether you’re at home or travelling
  • Made for Oculus Quest 2: Made for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, sold separately
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Geoff, 10 out of 10
    Must have!

    If you have and elite strap, this is a must have case! Well worth the price! Fits your quest 2 perfectly with no movement. A solid case. It has a pocket in the front I think for a charging cable, but I feel it's kinda small, so I put a microfiber cloth in its place.

    Mar 28, 2021 16:46
  • Review by Kyle, 8 out of 10
    Great case

    Good quality case, it's sturdy and I wouldn't be worried if it took a fall. My only real complaint would be that, the headset fits tight with the glasses extension attached. I wish it was designed with the controller holder just a bit to the right and it would be perfect. Love the color and quality.

    Jan 29, 2021 21:45
  • Review by VRGamerz, 10 out of 10
    Protect you purchase.

    I bought this after about a week and realized a case was a necessity. I have a you tube channel VRGamerz where I play and review everything VR. But I can say this is a great hard shell case. It’s light enough to carry in a backpack while sturdy enough to protect your purchase.

    Jan 22, 2021 20:03
  • Review by MamaOfTwo, 10 out of 10
    Nice case

    As far as I know, it works fine for the equipment. I haven't heard any complaints from my 16 y/o yet. So far, so good!

    Jan 01, 2021 19:31
  • Review by CaptStabbin, 10 out of 10
    Quality case from Oculus!

    Does it is claims to do. I was a bit turned off at the price and contemplated the LowePro Drone CS200 case but once I attached the “elite” Quest 2 headpiece, the LowePro was useless as I had to disassemble the unit in order to get it to fit. In comes the Oculus OEM case. Yes it’s 50 bucks but it fits everything perfectly with appropriate grooves to mold your headset. And that includes keeping the elite headpiece attached. I’m not sure what the other guy is talking about who complained that this felt cheap. That’s completely false. This case has a nice heft to it but not too light. The exterior is a bit lighter than the pictures in color. The inside is nice, felt lined and there’s a low profile zipper that keeps everything looking clean. If you do plan on taking this with you places, you’ll probably need to upgrade you backpack as this isn’t a small case. I have include a couple of snaps. At time of picture, I had the Elite strap loaned to a friend. Happy VR’ing!

    Nov 30, 2020 14:27
  • Review by Stex, 10 out of 10
    Best Quest 2 carrying case

    I love love love this case. It keeps my Quest 2, the controllers, the charger, microfiber cloths, and headphones completely safe and snug. The shell is hard enough to be protective but not so hard that it feels like it could crack manipulated enough. And the design is the best part; it just looks so sleek and futuristic. 10/10 for design, easy to bring along anywhere, and protection.

    Feb 26, 2021 17:47
  • Review by ComplexTime7625, 8 out of 10
    Pricey, but nice.


    1. Pretty design

    2. Nice Texture

    3. Looks expensive

    4. Lens compartment has a plastic insert so the controllers won’t scratch the lens.


    1. The Zipper seems fragile, and I don’t like the in seem design.

    2. No padding, hard plastic on the inside.

    3. Expensive, should have a pouch or something else to curve the price.

    Jan 02, 2021 12:34
  • Review by Sedona, 10 out of 10
    The case can hold the headset with elite strap.

    Excellent quality Oculus Quest 2 case. Sturdy and nice looking. The case easily stored the headset, controls, eyeglass spacer and can hold the headset with the elite strap.

    Jan 29, 2021 18:44
  • 9.2score
    Apple - iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe - Abyss Blue

    Apple-designed case shows off the brilliant colored finish of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and is thin, light, and easy to grip. Crafted with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials to fit right over the buttons for easy use. Built-in magnets that align perfectly with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to magically align with compatible MagSafe accessories. Built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.

    5 Features
  • Fits Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Complements and protects your phone.
  • Silicone exterior: Fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button, and curves of iPhone 13 Pro Max without adding bulk.
  • Silky soft-touch finish: Feels great in your hand.
  • Wireless charger compatible: You can keep the case on all the time, even when you're charging wirelessly.
  • MagSafe ecosystem of accessories: Charge faster and easier with MagSafe wireless chargers that align perfectly every time.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by BudgetGamingGuy, 10 out of 10
    It works

    This product definitely does what it is supposed to do, and not much more.

    Nov 05, 2021 15:27
  • Review by TampaGuy, 2 out of 10
    Do NOT buy

    This case is a waste of money. Started to chip within the first two days! Extremely upset Ive wasted $50+ on this. Poor quality from apple..

    Nov 05, 2021 15:29
  • Review by Breanna, 4 out of 10
    Apple case

    I’ve only had this phone case for approximately 2 weeks and the corners are already peeling off.

    Nov 10, 2021 02:16
  • Review by Whitney, 10 out of 10
    Basic, but beautiful

    I initially purchased this case to fill the void I had for not getting that beautiful iPhone 13 in Pink, and I planned to use it as a back up to my regular case to use on vacations with my MagSafe Duo Charger, but I just can’t get myself to switch them. This case is SO beautiful! This color is absolutely perfect! I cannot speak on how protective it is, as I haven’t had it long enough, but appearance wise, this case is everything! Just a fair warning - it is TEENSY bit lighter than the photo (perfect for me, might not be for you, though).

    Oct 05, 2021 21:29
  • Review by Kgotcher, 10 out of 10
    Great feel - non slip grip

    Bought this for my husbands new iPhone 13. He loves the feel. It’s soft and does not feel like it will slip out if your hand. I bought another brand case and my phone with case is much wider and hard to hold. This case is slimmer. I’m thinking about returning mind and getting this one. Comes in lots of fun colors too! Costs too high for all of them!

    Oct 15, 2021 16:58
  • Review by PSUguy97, 10 out of 10
    Really nice case.

    I purchased this case for my new iPhone 13 Pro Max, and have been very happy with it. It has a nice feel in your hand, and although I’ve only had it for two weeks it seems like it will be a durable case. I would definitely purchase this item again and have no problems recommending it to others.

    Oct 29, 2021 18:47
  • Review by danhorntx, 10 out of 10
    A Case Fit For An iPhone

    Apple does everything great and the cases are no exception. I've tried so many third party cases and I always comes back to Apple because they just fit/feel better than any of the third party cases I've used. I also like that the mag safe works perfectly as that's what I use to mount my phone in my vehicles.

    Oct 11, 2021 13:59
  • Review by Dakota, 8 out of 10
    Good but could be better.

    I really like the look and grip of this case but I will probably be trying something else. The screen is under. But of a lip but when you barely press the corners of the lip it flattens out. Caused a tiny chip on the corner of my screeen from about a twelve inch drop on tile.

    Nov 14, 2021 05:00
  • 9.2score
    kate spade new york - Protective Hardshell MagSafe Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max - Champagne Glitter Ombre

    The Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case in our signature Champagne Glitter print fuses high fashion with everyday convenience and is specifically designed for use with Magsafe accessories. Using TPU plastics, the co-molded Protective Case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is as chic as it is protective. Model # KSIPH-184-CHGO.

    6 Features
  • Compatible with Apple: Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Premium signature Kate Spade New York graphic logo and unique design: Perfect for everyday use.
  • 6 Ft. Drop Protection with Shock Resistant Bumper: Made with protective TPU plastics providing long-lasting protection against accidental drops and slips.
  • Lightweight, easy grip design: Provides protection with added fashion.
  • Wireless charging compatible: Charges with wireless charging batteries and accessories.
  • Designed for Use with MagSafe Accessories:
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Jdnewi, 8 out of 10
    Pretty, but minimal protection on bottom edge.

    The case is nicely made, like a soft rubbery plastic. The buttons are easy to press. It is nice to have MagSafe built in, as I use a MagSafe pop wallet and appreciate the extra oomph (staying power) from the MagSafe case. I have a gold iPhone 12 Pro Max and this case looks good with it. The clear sides of the case show off the gold band along the edges of the phone that is usually hidden with most other cases. Really my only complaint, and it’s a big one, is that there is no protection along most of the bottom edge of the front screen, see my picture. If the phone is dropped, it’s much more likely the screen could crack if it lands on that edge. Not sure if I’ll keep it or not as I have a tendency to drop my phone more frequently than I’d like to admit.

    Aug 13, 2021 20:35
  • Review by ECA1, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    The beauty of a Kate Spade case but with the utility of a MagSafe case. I absolutely love Kate Spade products but I love the apple feel, and this combines both. Probably not the best protection but super cute.

    Jul 21, 2021 06:13
  • Review by MattsMom, 10 out of 10
    Kate Spade I Phone Case

    Looks great, can still see back of phone, just looks pretty. Easy to insert phone. Has already saved my phone many times!

    Nov 17, 2021 17:48
  • Review by RamHawk, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Fit

    Worked great for my daughters iPhone 12 Pro Max. Seems sturdy like it will protect the phone.

    Nov 17, 2021 21:37
  • Review by ARedmond, 10 out of 10
    Phone case

    This is the prettiest case! I have been looking for this case everywhere!

    Sep 17, 2021 18:55
  • Review by Kmalve2, 10 out of 10
    Case protection

    Super protective case! I love how it makes my phone look slim

    Nov 05, 2021 15:47
  • Review by Iphone, 10 out of 10
    Kate Spade Iphone 12 Pro Max case

    Love the feel and look, very classy looking, it is not bulky

    Oct 30, 2021 08:12
  • Review by Chrissie, 10 out of 10

    Love it! If you love Kate spade cases you’ll definitely love the quality and fit of this one.

    Sep 17, 2021 20:15
  • 9.2score
    HP - 15.6" Laptop Intel Core i3 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD - Natural Silver

    See more. Take it anywhere. With its 6.5 mm micro-edge bezel display, slim and light design, plus 81% screen to body ratio – this PC lets you see more and do more, no matter where the day takes you. Reliable performance for every day: Powerful enough for your busiest days – this PC features an Intel® processor and integrated graphics. Powered up and productive. All day long. Designed for all-day productivity with extended battery life and fingerprint reader technology.

    13 Features
  • Windows 10 Home (S mode): Experience the most secure Windows ever built with fast boot times, increased responsiveness, and added protection against phishing and malware.
  • 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS, micro-edge, anti-glare: The barely visible bezel revolutionizes your display by letting a larger screen fit into a smaller frame.
  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 processor: Brings the perfect combination of features to make you unstoppable. Get things done fast with high performance, instant responsiveness and best-in-class connectivity.
  • 8GB system memory for advanced multitasking: Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once.
  • 256GB PCIe® NVMe™ SSD storage: Get up to 15x faster performance than a traditional hard drive.
  • Intel® UHD Graphics: Smoothly stream content and play your favorite games.
  • HP Fast Charge: Go from 0 to 50% charge in approximately 45 minutes.
  • Fingerprint reader: Seamlessly log in into your device in any position with the touch of your finger. Patented 3-D fingerprint technology ensures secure access.
  • Wi-Fi 5 (1x1) (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) & Bluetooth® 4.2: Stay connected to Wi-Fi and to Bluetooth® accessories with wireless technology.
  • HDMI out: Transmit digital HD video and sound to an external display.
  • HP True Vision HD Camera: Video chat with vibrant clarity, even in low light.
  • Tuned stereo speakers: HP custom tunes the dual speaker setup in every notebook for exceptional stereo quality.
  • Energy efficiency your way: HP is committed to global citizenship and environmental responsibility. Do the environment—and your wallet—a favor when you use the HP Laptop that meets strict energy-efficiency and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by 74Pacmac, 10 out of 10
    Great customer Service

    I love my HP-15.6" Laptop Intel Core i3. When I was at Best Buy to see the different computers I was getting service from an employee that helped me out a lot to decide which would be my best computer that fits fits my needs. I was very happy with the service and I recommend Best Buy a lot. It is a great place to buy great items.

    Aug 29, 2021 10:21
  • Review by Baylie, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Laptop!

    I was so nervous to buy a laptop online as a Christmas gift to my father, but I’m so happy I did! This laptop is super sleek, fast, & great quality. He absolutely loves it!

    Nov 09, 2021 17:23
  • Review by KnockOut42Degreese, 10 out of 10
    I’m satisfied

    Just got it the other day so haven’t done much on it besides update and stuff but so far so good hopefully it stays that way

    Oct 25, 2021 15:25
  • Review by HPLaptopComputer, 10 out of 10
    HP Laptop Computer

    Very happy with my new HP laptop computer. It fits my needs perfectly at this time. It’s a little wider than I thought I wanted but the numeric keypad is important to me. I utilized Best Buy’s comparison feature online to decide on the computer that I wanted. It was very helpful for me.

    Jul 21, 2021 07:19
  • Review by SYLVIA, 10 out of 10
    Good Buy

    Fast computer

    Great display

    Was not aware laptop Windows was in S Mode. Salesperson did not mention that to me; what it is/is not; any workarounds, etc. It was a complete surprise to me when I started using it at home. I had to learn what it is, benefits, disadvantages, etc.

    I finally figured it all out. I would have appreciated it if the salesperson would have mentioned it to me. Actually, I don't think she even knew or was aware it came in Windows S mode. That would have saved a lot of time and effort on my part.

    Overall, this laptop was a good buy.

    Oct 26, 2021 14:00
  • Review by Applicable, 10 out of 10
    Computer purchase

    Was able to buy and have my sister pickup the computer and printer using the online adding people to pickup purchase. I live in Northern California she is in Southern California so it worked out great for my little sis Bday!

    Oct 17, 2021 14:36
  • Review by generaluser, 10 out of 10
    Good value for multi use

    For a budget laptop this seems high end. If you are a gamer this not for you, but if you want good all round laptop that's easy to move around with then consider this one.

    Oct 15, 2021 20:40
  • Review by adoubleron, 10 out of 10
    Cheap, Loud, but Can't Beat the Price

    For the price, you can't beat this laptop. It is true, it can be loud when the fan is running at 100%, and I agree with others, loudest fan I have ever heard on a laptop. However, it doesn't run at 100% all the time, and only kicks in when it starts up, installing updates or doing more intense activity. Laptop is mainly used for web browsing and it functions great. Came with Windows 10 S mode, easily switched it to the regular mode so I could install chrome and other normal programs / apps.

    Nov 04, 2021 21:46
  • 9.2score
    Insignia™ - 2.0 Bluetooth Lighted Speaker System (2pc) - Black

    Suit the music and ambience to your mood with this pair of Insignia color-changing Bluetooth speakers. The 2.5W output per satellite speaker provides high-quality stereo sound, and eight color modes provide versatility for various themes. These 5W Insignia color-changing Bluetooth speakers have a headphone jack for private listening and AUX input for wired audio sources.

    6 Features
  • Compatible with most audio devices with a 3.5mm output: Including most Mac and PC computers, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players for wide-ranging use.
  • 5W total system power: 2.5W per satellite speaker. Provides quality sound for games, music and videos.
  • 2 satellite speakers: For immersive sound.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Allows you to wirelessly stream stereo audio stored on most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • LED status indicator: With 3 colors for different modes. Blinking blue for pairing mode, solid red for AUX mode and solid blue when speakers are paired.
  • LED lights with eight color modes: Blue, green, red, purple, yellow, light blue, repeating six colors, and off help set the mood.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Mtb25, 10 out of 10
    Cheap and amazing speakers

    These speakers are easy to install, really good sound. I'm not a expert in sound but for a normal user buyer getting speakers for my pc when I'm tired to use headphones.

    It is east to setup, it has a head charger but it can also work by USB, changes colors, can connect to Bluetooth really easy and amazing price. My photo just show the main speaker but it does have 2

    Apr 11, 2021 21:04
  • Review by Chris, 10 out of 10
    Love my speakers❣️

    I needed a nice sound just for listening to our church services online while this CoVid 19 was going on...these can be wired directly as well as connected wirelessly so they were the perfect fit...I am very much pleased ♥️

    Jul 31, 2020 17:23
  • Review by christmas, 10 out of 10
    josiah speakers

    They work great my grandson love them and they light up, they perfect for his room.

    Sep 11, 2021 07:21
  • Review by EricMKE, 10 out of 10
    Nice Speakers !

    I recently purchased these speakers for my new Mac mini set-up. It was an easy install and the Mac detected them right away. The Bluetooth feature was a bonus as my Mac Mini has only one AUX port and I'm currently using them for my headset/mic set-up. A very nice full sound for their size and keeping in mind they are only for my desk top. I use them for listening to my music while I work as well as streaming movies. I also like LED light features. Overall, a very good value for their price point ! I definitely recommend.

    Nov 15, 2020 11:29
  • Review by Justin, 10 out of 10

    Easy to set up. Bluetooth connects easily. The option to have colored speakers and change colors is a cool feature. Not a sound expert nor have I had many speakers to compare them with, but for my room/computer they are perfect to me. Clarity, loudness, etc no complaints. For the price I'd def recommend.

    Feb 13, 2021 22:37
  • Review by Rhino, 10 out of 10
    Excellent quality for the price

    Easy setup, sound quality is excellent without any fine tuning, multiple lighting colors which surprised me. I was sceptical about buying them because of the price (you get what you pay for) but I'm glad I did.

    Mar 18, 2020 10:05
  • Review by Th3M4RT1N1, 10 out of 10
    Great Speakers!

    Ok, so starting off I just needed a set of speakers and a was torn between these and these and the Logitech Z200 speakers. The only thing that pushed me to these speakers is the Bluetooth capability.

    Now, having set them up and tested the sound, I have to say that these speakers are awesome! The sound is super clear and the bluetooth was easy to set up.

    For anyone wondering, the power cable is a USB cable to USB adapter plug, however, if you have a desktop you shouldn't have a problem running the speakers off of the desktop USB port instead of a wall plug.

    TLDR; These speakers are great for the price, have a really easy setup, and look sick.

    Jun 25, 2021 19:41
  • Review by JustThisGuy, 10 out of 10
    Good sounding speakers for a good price.

    These little speakers have good sound for the price. The lights are cool, but it's nice to be able to turn them off at night. They don't take up much space either. The front is pretty shiny which can be a bit distracting if it is reflecting your mouse. Easily connected to my pc and phone's bluetooth.

    May 02, 2021 18:15
  • 9.2score
    Best Buy essentials™ - 4' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi-Color

    It’s just a light, but it can help set the mood for your entire space. The Best Buy essentials BE-LED4RGB19 4' Multi-Color LED Tape Light lets you choose between 20 different color options and brightness levels. A self-adhesive backing lets you easily stick the tape light to your TV, monitor, furniture or other objects. And you can safely cut the 4 ft. length for a shorter size. Just plug it into your nearest USB power connection, and you’re ready to go. This tape light is backed by Best Buy and is just what you need to add a touch of personality.

    8 Features
  • 20 color options: Produces custom lighting that matches décor.
  • 4 ft. LED light strip: Cuts to whatever length is needed.
  • Self-adhesive backing: Attaches to TVs, cabinets and other objects.
  • Multi-step dimmer: Adjusts the brightness level to help set the mood.
  • For accent or ambient lighting: Reduce eye strain from TVs and monitors or add your own personal touch to a room.
  • Powered by USB: Provides simple connection to most USB-enabled devices.
  • USB-IF certified: Officially certified for compatibility across a wide range of devices.
  • Backed by Best Buy: For quality and reliability that you can trust.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by shelbyj1990, 10 out of 10
    Worth it!

    Absolutely worth the $60 bucks. I added it behind my 65” tv thats mounted on the wall and it looks so cool. I hid the wires with the rest of the tv cables in a cable concealer from best buy. It adds a theater vibe that I never knew I needed. Easy install. I just peeled off the adhesive cover and framed out the back of my tv. On the corners I just pinched it and stuck it the new direction. I recommend bringing the lights closer in on the right and left side so you cant see them sticking out. I also used a few extra 3m hooks/tape to conceal part of the cables. Now I want more for another spot in my home.

    Nov 02, 2021 10:52
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great LED lights

    We purchased these 8' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color LED lights to highlight areas of our house and we are delighted with how much we like them and would recommend there use without any reservations.

    Oct 08, 2021 16:03
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great lighted

    We bought the 16' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color to put around our pictures in our living room to add color to the pictures and they now really look wonderful.

    Oct 08, 2021 15:49
  • Review by Murphyclan, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    We love this!!! We have it behind our TV. It turns on and off with the power of the TV. Be aware that the strip needs to be placed on a very clean surface.

    Oct 13, 2021 13:46
  • Review by Yellow, 10 out of 10
    Good Lights

    Got these lights and they are VERY VIBRANT AND NICE. I wish they were longer for the price /: Very good i recommend 100% it is usb powered

    Sep 24, 2021 20:27
  • Review by Raybo, 10 out of 10
    ambient lighting

    Works as it was discribed and looks awesome and easy to install

    Oct 20, 2021 06:04
  • Review by NewMoney, 6 out of 10
    They do what they do

    I don’t know why I bought these leds. I really didn’t need them but I wasn’t going to spend $150 on Philips Hues (I already have Hues throughout the house) just for the office. No complaints. They do what they do.

    Nov 06, 2021 13:10
  • Review by Drake, 10 out of 10
    As expected

    I mean it does as it says it will. Good inexpensive leds

    Oct 10, 2021 21:41
  • 9.0score
    Best Buy essentials™ - 8' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi-Color

    It’s just a light, but it can help set the mood for your entire space. The Best Buy essentials BE-LED8RGB19 8' Multi-Color LED Tape Light lets you choose between 20 different color options and brightness levels. A self-adhesive backing lets you easily stick the tape light to your TV, monitor, furniture or other objects. And you can safely cut the 8 ft. length for a shorter size. Just plug it into your nearest USB power connection, and you’re ready to go. This tape light is backed by Best Buy and is just what you need to add a touch of personality.

    8 Features
  • 20 color options: Produces custom lighting that matches décor.
  • 8 ft. LED light strip: Cuts to whatever length is needed.
  • Self-adhesive backing: Attaches to TVs, cabinets and other objects.
  • Multi-step dimmer: Adjusts the brightness level to help set the mood.
  • For accent or ambient lighting: Reduce eye strain from TVs and monitors or add your own personal touch to a room.
  • Powered by USB: Provides simple connection to most USB-enabled devices.
  • USB-IF certified: Officially certified for compatibility across a wide range of devices.
  • Backed by Best Buy: For quality and reliability that you can trust.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by shelbyj1990, 10 out of 10
    Worth it!

    Absolutely worth the $60 bucks. I added it behind my 65” tv thats mounted on the wall and it looks so cool. I hid the wires with the rest of the tv cables in a cable concealer from best buy. It adds a theater vibe that I never knew I needed. Easy install. I just peeled off the adhesive cover and framed out the back of my tv. On the corners I just pinched it and stuck it the new direction. I recommend bringing the lights closer in on the right and left side so you cant see them sticking out. I also used a few extra 3m hooks/tape to conceal part of the cables. Now I want more for another spot in my home.

    Nov 02, 2021 10:52
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great LED lights

    We purchased these 8' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color LED lights to highlight areas of our house and we are delighted with how much we like them and would recommend there use without any reservations.

    Oct 08, 2021 16:03
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great lighted

    We bought the 16' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color to put around our pictures in our living room to add color to the pictures and they now really look wonderful.

    Oct 08, 2021 15:49
  • Review by Murphyclan, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    We love this!!! We have it behind our TV. It turns on and off with the power of the TV. Be aware that the strip needs to be placed on a very clean surface.

    Oct 13, 2021 13:46
  • Review by Yellow, 10 out of 10
    Good Lights

    Got these lights and they are VERY VIBRANT AND NICE. I wish they were longer for the price /: Very good i recommend 100% it is usb powered

    Sep 24, 2021 20:27
  • Review by Raybo, 10 out of 10
    ambient lighting

    Works as it was discribed and looks awesome and easy to install

    Oct 20, 2021 06:04
  • Review by NewMoney, 6 out of 10
    They do what they do

    I don’t know why I bought these leds. I really didn’t need them but I wasn’t going to spend $150 on Philips Hues (I already have Hues throughout the house) just for the office. No complaints. They do what they do.

    Nov 06, 2021 13:10
  • Review by Drake, 10 out of 10
    As expected

    I mean it does as it says it will. Good inexpensive leds

    Oct 10, 2021 21:41
  • 9.0score
    Best Buy essentials™ - 16' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi-Color

    It’s just a light, but it can help set the mood for your entire space. The Best Buy essentials BE-LED16RGB19 16' Multi-Color LED Tape Light has an included RF remote that lets you choose between 16 different color options, brightness levels and strobe and fade modes from anywhere in the room. A self-adhesive backing lets you easily stick the tape light to your TV, monitor, furniture or other objects. And you can safely cut the 16 ft. length for a shorter size. Just plug it into your nearest outlet, and you’re ready to go. This tape light is backed by Best Buy and is just what you need to add a touch of personality.

    9 Features
  • 16 color options: Produces custom lighting that matches décor.
  • 16 ft. LED light strip: Cuts to whatever length is needed.
  • Self-adhesive backing: Attaches to TVs, cabinets and other objects.
  • Multi-step dimmer: Adjusts the brightness level to help set the mood.
  • Strobe and fade modes: Creates fun lighting effects.
  • For accent or ambient lighting: Reduce eye strain from TVs and monitors or add your own personal touch to a room.
  • Powered by AC wall adapter: Provides simple connection to most standard outlets.
  • RF remote included: Change the LED color from anywhere in the room.
  • Backed by Best Buy: For quality and reliability that you can trust.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by shelbyj1990, 10 out of 10
    Worth it!

    Absolutely worth the $60 bucks. I added it behind my 65” tv thats mounted on the wall and it looks so cool. I hid the wires with the rest of the tv cables in a cable concealer from best buy. It adds a theater vibe that I never knew I needed. Easy install. I just peeled off the adhesive cover and framed out the back of my tv. On the corners I just pinched it and stuck it the new direction. I recommend bringing the lights closer in on the right and left side so you cant see them sticking out. I also used a few extra 3m hooks/tape to conceal part of the cables. Now I want more for another spot in my home.

    Nov 02, 2021 10:52
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great LED lights

    We purchased these 8' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color LED lights to highlight areas of our house and we are delighted with how much we like them and would recommend there use without any reservations.

    Oct 08, 2021 16:03
  • Review by DevilDog1961, 10 out of 10
    Great lighted

    We bought the 16' Multi-Color LED Tape Light - Multi Color to put around our pictures in our living room to add color to the pictures and they now really look wonderful.

    Oct 08, 2021 15:49
  • Review by Murphyclan, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    We love this!!! We have it behind our TV. It turns on and off with the power of the TV. Be aware that the strip needs to be placed on a very clean surface.

    Oct 13, 2021 13:46
  • Review by Yellow, 10 out of 10
    Good Lights

    Got these lights and they are VERY VIBRANT AND NICE. I wish they were longer for the price /: Very good i recommend 100% it is usb powered

    Sep 24, 2021 20:27
  • Review by Raybo, 10 out of 10
    ambient lighting

    Works as it was discribed and looks awesome and easy to install

    Oct 20, 2021 06:04
  • Review by NewMoney, 6 out of 10
    They do what they do

    I don’t know why I bought these leds. I really didn’t need them but I wasn’t going to spend $150 on Philips Hues (I already have Hues throughout the house) just for the office. No complaints. They do what they do.

    Nov 06, 2021 13:10
  • Review by Drake, 10 out of 10
    As expected

    I mean it does as it says it will. Good inexpensive leds

    Oct 10, 2021 21:41
  • 9.0score
    Sony - WH-CH510 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black

    Keep your favorite songs playing throughout the day with this Sony wireless headset. When connected via Bluetooth technology, the set offers up to 35 hours of music playback time and 30 hours of talk time. This Sony wireless headset provides a tight seal around the ears, letting you enjoy your favorite tunes and conversations without interruption.

    7 Features
  • Keep music going all day: Keep your tunes playing all day long, and then some. The built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 35² hours of listening on a single charge.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology: Listen to your favorite tracks wirelessly with a Bluetooth wireless technology by pairing your smartphone or tablet.
  • Hear it all with 30mm drivers: Enjoy more of the detail in all your favorite songs owing to 30mm dome drivers, which deliver dynamic sound from a compact, lightweight unit.
  • Swivel design makes travel easy: Take these headphones anywhere you go. A swivel design makes it simple and safe to store them when you're on the move. The earcups swivel flat for easy packing in a suitcase or slipping into a bag.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls and voice-assistant commands: Take and make calls without ever touching your phone. With a high-quality built-in microphone, you'll be able to have hands-free conversations on your smartphone with ease.³
  • Voice assistant at your service: Check the weather, get the latest news and more using just your voice. Press the multifunction button twice, and you'll get instant access to Siri or Google Assistant.³
  • USB Type-C charging: The next generation of recharging technology comes to the CH510 wireless headphones with USB Type-C charging.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by WirelessWorld, 8 out of 10
    Okay to good for price...sound is clear

    Good, balanced sound for music and phone calls. Bluetooth syncs to my iPhone flawlessly. Holds power for a good amount of time..does not drain fast! Maybe, I should’ve upgraded to noise canceling feature. I don’t like hearing my voice and background noise during a call. It’s annoying! After approx 20-30 minutes, the ear cushions get uncomfortable and lil sweaty on ears.

    Jan 10, 2021 11:58
  • Review by Patterson, 8 out of 10
    My experience is…

    I only bought these headphones to listen to audio on my iPhone. I don’t know how they perform with anything else. I’ve had no problems with pairing with the phone. The audio quality is pretty good. The dynamic range is very good for this price range. The battery life is excellent. I’ve had these for a month with about 2 hours of use daily and they still don’t need charging. They are very lightweight and did feel cheaply made when I first opened the package but I’ve had no issues with breaking. Now… you may have read some negative reviews about the call quality, this is true. The microphone is highly sensitive. It amplifies any and every sound once the mic activates. You and the person on the other end can hear yourselves talking. If you want to use these for calls… DON’T. Consider something else. They work great for my needs which is just listening to audio.

    Jul 02, 2021 16:57
  • Review by Good, 8 out of 10
    Good Headphone

    Good sound quality, very good battery backup but the material/plastic feels cheap although it’s lightweight, so that's a good thing too. Recommended.

    Dec 04, 2020 16:33
  • Review by Justin, 10 out of 10
    Outstanding Quality And Sound For Price!

    I bought these earlier this year and have owned them for a few months NO ISSUES AT ALL Sound quality/clearity AMAZING Very Comfortable NO RUB NO ITCHES NO RASHES The battery life Great Lasts a LONG TIME they look and feel great they feel like they are made out of cheap crap but they are very durable I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE HEADPHONES AND THEY ARE 110% WORTH THE MONEY THEY WONT LET YOU DOWN!!!

    Mar 27, 2020 17:29
  • Review by YoursTru, 4 out of 10
    Sonny Headset

    Volume is great but when I finally attempted to adjust the headset, the earphone part broke!

    Mar 21, 2021 07:23
  • Review by McGrathew, 4 out of 10
    Inexpensive and it shows.

    The materials feel cheap, light, and are truly uncomfortable after a short time. Sound quality is great though. Additionally, the buttons are too sensitive and hard to find specifically the "pause/play" button.

    Jul 16, 2021 15:49
  • Review by Jaaf, 4 out of 10
    Painfully tight like a clamp

    These headphones are very painfully tight. They put so much pressure on my ears. Engineers didn’t even consider this?

    Dec 21, 2020 15:52
  • Review by Mgacorp, 10 out of 10

    I bought these to hook up to my fire stick so I can watch movies through my projector. All I can say is you can hear everything like you are there. The battery life is very good. I must of watched 10 movies before I got the warning to charge headset. These are way worth it. Very easy to hook up to fire stick if your tv don’t have Bluetooth.

    Aug 28, 2020 19:25
  • 9.0score
    Bose - SoundSport Wireless Sports Earbuds - Black

    With no wires in the way, Bose SoundSport Wireless Sports Earbuds keep you moving with powerful audio. Perfect for exercise and running with a sweat and weather resistant design and StayHear®+ tips designed for comfort and stability. The Tile app makes your headphones easy to find if they ever go missing.

    7 Features
  • Bose SoundSport Wireless Sports Earbuds: In-ear wireless headphones designed for rigorous workouts with sweat and weather resistant materials combined with StayHear®+ tips for comfort and stability. The Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 6 hours per charge to keep you moving.
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth® and NFC pairing so you can connect to your devices wirelessly.
  • Volume-optimized EQ: Gives you balanced audio performance at any volume.
  • Easy controls: An inline mic and remote lets you conveniently control volume, skip tracks and take calls, all without reaching for your device.
  • Bose® Connect app: Makes controlling and switching between multiple devices easy, and continually adds more functionality to your headphones.
  • Tile app: Tile makes it easy to find your headphones if they ever go missing. Use the Bose Connect app to update your headphones' software to include Tile. Then, download the Tile app and follow its simple in-app instructions to activate your headphones so that you'll never lose your music.
  • Choose your color: Also available in Aqua and Citron colors.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by GadgetGeekX, 8 out of 10
    Hang Out, Hold On and Talk

    I really like these headphones. I bought them because of three features. First I wanted a cord between the earbuds because I frequently take them out of my ears during the day. Second I wanted earbuds with the hooks because almost all traditional earbuds fall out of my ears. Finally I needed really good microphone quality because I'm using these for phone calls all day long.

    This design and technology doesn't seal out ambient noises completely and that's good for my purposes. It doesn't come with wireless charging and worse it uses micro-USB instead of USB-C. The battery has lasted me almost 6 hours of phone calls. I haven't measured how long it would last listening to music only.

    The pairing to my phones and gadgets is seamless and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that it manages connection to my two mobile phones so perfectly.

    The design definitely needs an update to make them a little lower profile and extend the battery life but I really love these things!

    May 01, 2020 17:59
  • Review by Tdidub, 10 out of 10

    What a nice fitting pair of headphones. I own the two wired Bose noise cancelling sets, wanted a wireless set that worked as nice and fit as great for me as the Bose did. I purchased and returned every other wireless set that Best Buy offers, they all either hurt or were not a good fit compared to what I have been used to. I must say, I simply love them and couldn't be happier. And at $150, it's a very competitive price too. I felt that for as much as I use them, they are a bargain for sure. The battery life is awesome. I traveled from Milwaukee to Las Vegas this week, listened to them for 4 hours and change and I went running this morning, there was still 60% charge, awesome! I went for a 2 hour run and they were not even close to being discharged. When you turn them on they tell you that they are connected to your specific device and how much battery is left. Super useful and just what a person would expect from a quality brand like Bose. Totally love them, and makes me proud to own the other two sets and my mini speaker.

    Jul 22, 2016 17:27
  • Review by TheTechNugget, 8 out of 10
    Good comfort, audio quality and versatility

    In my experience, there are two types of people in the world: people who care a great deal about the sound quality of the things to which they listen, and then everyone else. The first group of people know the difference between a good and bad set of earbuds, and they know the importance of testing audio equipment that they are going to spend some money on. And they spend money on their headphones…they won’t hesitate to drop $100 on some ear buds, $200 on some decent on-ear or over-ear headphones, and if money were no option would be first in line to spend $500 or more on professional quality studio headphones. And for those who think that spending $500 on a nice pair of headphones is craziness, stop reading this RIGHT NOW and Google how much studio headphones will run a professional DJ or sound technician. Then come back and realize that $500 is not that much money.

    OK, now that we’ve aligned our expectations, let’s talk about what everyone needs. Yes, I used that word. First, you need a good all-purpose basic ear bud with a decent inline mic. These are your every day buds, what you carry with you from place to place just in case you want to jam out to some Bushwalla while you ride the bus downtown, or when you go out for an impromptu walk during your lunch break at work. The occasional conference call on your way home (if you don’t have a solid in-car bluetooth setup) is easily managed by your go-to-bud.

    Next, you need a pair of decent studio headphones. These are typically over-the-ear or on-ear; they have a great feel to them and put out some serious sound. These are the headphones you’ll use when binge-watching Dexter on your laptop or tablet, and while they might have a cord, they’re not an inconvenience. And, there are a LOT of these out there—many name brands and other not-so-well-known brands that get you similar or better performance for less coin.

    Most people can survive on those two…but in 2016, we need a good wireless option: mowing the lawn, going for a jog, or even for one of the above occasions where I just don’t want to use studio phones or my go-to-buds. What then?

    The product is the Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones, one of Bose’s entries into active wireless audio tech. The unboxing was an absolute joy…I think good money spent on good technology should also allow the buyer a good “unpacking” experience. The design of the packaging is simple yet satisfying, as if Bose really focused on this aspect of the product. I had to cut two small pieces of tape, and the rest of the package could be pulled open within a minute of that, and in that minute no additional ripping/tearing/cutting was required. It is sensible packaging with good heft.

    A handful of years ago I received as a Christmas present Bose’s basic earbud offering (before in-line microphones were important) and they served me well until one day the cable finally separated from one of the buds. It was heart-breaking. In any case, back then I immediately fell in love with the bud design, which I am pleased to say has been maintained years later. I have tried MANY ear buds, wireless or not, and none have come close to the comfort or ease of use as Bose’s buds. It’s also worth noting that these things do not flop out of your ears…ever.

    Initially, I was concerned at the size of the back side of the buds….presumably where the battery and much of the speaker technology is supported…they seemed a bit on the large side and I was concerned about their weight…but once you get them in your ears, you can wear these things for hours on end without ear fatigue or discomfort. And, once you get used to using this type of bud with the grips that Bose provides, you will find it very easy to put them in your ears.

    Now let’s get to the good stuff: how do they sound??

    They’re good…and for their size and the fact that they’re wireless, they’re borderline great. Forget about their competitors…I’m more interested in describing how they compete with what I feel are the other headphones you might be looking to replace with these: The “average” user, the one who sports Apple’s EarPods because they came with the latest iPhone, will love these…in terms of sound, they far surpass anything the less-expensive wired buds can achieve. The “studio” user, who looks to spend several hundred or even thousands of dollars on a good pair of headphones shouldn’t expect these to replace studio gear. Bose, on most of their offerings, does a great job at under-playing their lows, so any hip hop or bass-intense pop tracks leave something to be desired. They do an adequate job…but these aren’t going to replace your studio headphones for binge-watching Netflix or jamming out to anything bass-heavy.

    If you don’t have really particular tastes, or you like to listen to treble-heavy music, these will be perfect for you. Bose does well presenting very genuine-sounding audio from their headphones, and this product is no exception to that. Acoustics and vocals are excellent.

    But beyond their sound output, these buds have some additional things to offer that are a bit out of the norm for what I’ll over-simplify and label as “exercise” earbuds:

    These particular headphones can pair with multiple bluetooth devices, and swapping back and forth from one to the other is pretty quick. I can pause a song on my iPhone and press play on my Macbook, and the music picks up within a second or two…there is virtually no lag. This isn’t a tremendously important feature, but I could see someone transitioning quickly from one to the other and getting frustrated with lengthy pairing processes. With these, there’s not much to worry about there.

    Also, for buds designed to be worn during exercise, these are amazingly easy to use and hassle free. They have decent battery life, maybe 6 hours or so, long enough to get through the trip to and from the gym, along with a decent workout between. And they stay in place. The first 5 miles I ran with them, they didn’t fall out once. They get adequately loud to cover a running lawnmower, but quiet enough if you’re running outdoors that you would still be able to hear traffic around you, or other fit-minded individuals on the same trail as you. The in-line controls are big and clunky and easy to grip and manipulate while running…and as I said before, once you get used to putting them in, you can do it with ease while in motion, as the previously-mentioned larger back section of the buds are ideally sized for fingers and hands of all sizes.

    Probably the biggest surprise in these, for me, was the in-line microphone. I don’t have particularly high expectations when it comes to in-line microphones, and I’ll admit that Apple’s EarPods have spoiled me in that department: they are surprisingly great for the occasional phone call while on the move. I “accidentally” joined a conference call while using these, and sought out feedback from the people on the call at the time—no one had any complaints about poor audio quality; no one complained that I sounded like I was under water, or that there was excessive road noise while I was driving home. I have since tested with others, who all complimented the quality of the sound on their end.

    So, I’ve covered the “what,” but let’s talk about “who.” I think these are a must-buy for those who like to listen to music while they work out—whether that be running, walking, weight lifting…they are low-maintenance, easy to operate while in motion, have decent battery life, and have good volume range depending on your taste.

    If you actively use your Apple EarPods, you should seriously consider getting a pair of these…they can do everything Apple’s wired buds can, but they’re wireless. What’s not to like?

    If you don’t work out, don’t mow your lawn, and really only listen to music or watch movies with a pair of studio over-the-ear headphones, these won’t change your life…that is, unless you use their cost as motivation to get yourself to work out more.

    And, for the business-savvy folks out there: If your office phone supports bluetooth headsets, this is a great multi-purpose option for work use that you will also be able to use outside of the office.

    I have been waiting for some time for Bose to release a good pair of in-ear wireless headphones, and these fit the bill perfectly. The battery life is fine, they charge in 60-90 minutes, and it will take some time for Bose to release the next generation. And, these are not my first Bose product: they should serve you well for at least a couple of years if not longer.

    The only thing I can’t really figure out is why you haven’t already bought them. These are a no-brainer for at least half of the headphone-using market out there, and half of the remaining population could justify it easily because they do such a great job multi-tasking as a great all around headphone.

    For comfort, audio quality and versatility, these easily earn 4 out of 5 stars. Improved battery life and slightly better bass performance would get them a fifth star. This is another solid release by the team at Bose.

    Jun 06, 2016 20:49
  • Review by Nicki, 10 out of 10
    Nice pair of wireless headphones

    I've always been a fan of Bose products so I was eager to try the wireless set. Mainly needed it for the gym and other "hands free" activities so the soundsport were perfect. I like that it has the cord connected and a little clip to attach to your clothing so there's no chance of losing it. You still get the same quality sound as any other Bose product. They included 3 different sizes for the earbuds. Haven't experienced it falling out of my ears which is a plus. It also tells you the percentage of battery you have so you can always monitor the usage. The only negative thing I would say is when I used it for phone calls, the person on the receiving end can hear every little thing around me before they can hear me. So any surrounding noise (which really doesn't even have to be loud) can be picked up like as if I'm trying to talk over the other noise. I don't know if there's a way to change the "sensitivity" setting but it's still a great pair of headphones. I mostly use it for my music.

    Sep 01, 2020 16:52
  • Review by K1W1, 10 out of 10
    Great Wireless Earbuds!

    My Bose soundsport wireless earbuds, in the color Aqua, arrived yesterday. They were easy to pair with my devices and came with 3 sizes of buds for your ears. They fit snug (read the directions about how to put them in your ear properly) and the sound is amazing! The description of the ear buds is precise and they look just like the picture. I am very happy with my purchase and the color aqua is cool. And yes they come with a charger shown in my picture.

    Sep 30, 2020 16:42
  • Review by DeAfter50, 10 out of 10
    Bose sports are best

    Bose sport are the best...not only do they allow you to speak and hear clearly, but the individual in the other end hears you very well and not muffled when using hands free... they also play music wonderfully clear, and at a gentle touch you can give clear and concise commands...


    Feb 05, 2021 17:23
  • Review by Ohanaman, 6 out of 10
    Best all around but need improvements

    The design of the packaging was simple yet refined. One way to describe it is like unboxing an Apple product. It seems modern and sleek and just a pleasure to unwrap to see what treasure lies beneath. The packaging wasn’t cumbersome; you did not have to untie a million plastic/metal ties or separate plastic to unleash the awaiting prize. The package included the ear phones, a set of small and large ear tips to go with the medium ones already on the device along with a carrying case.

    At first glance these Bluetooth wireless buds looked to be bulky to include the in-line mic/volume device and heavy like a pair of cheap knockoffs I had previously ordered off of Amazon. One note on the knockoff QY7’s is that the sound quality and battery life were really not that bad, especially for the very little money that they were purchased for. The QY7’s felt bulky, heavy and made my ears hurt and feel tired after about 30 min.

    I picked them up and surprisingly they felt very light albeit still bulky comparted to the Jaybird Bluebuds that I have and use as well. I left the original size medium ear tips on and placed them into my ears. They are the MOST COMFORTABLE ear buds that I have ever worn. I have used these for 2 months now. I work out 6-7 days a week doing Crossfit and training for marathons. So, I can say that I have spent many hours a week with these in my ears and they have never given me that hurting or “heavy” feeling all the other Bluetooth earbuds have in the past. On caveat that is a drawback for me is that when I work out especially in the winter; I wear a microfiber beanie hat. With these in my ears the bulkiness of them becomes a drawback leading to uncomfortableness from size if these pushing on my inner ear from the beanie. I have the Jaybirds that have a smaller form factor and do not do this when I wear the beanie. I also want to note that these NEVER fall out of my ears and I NEVER have to readjust them during exercise which is a HUGE plus for me. Just a side note; the apple earbuds DO NOT stay in my ears at all!! I have to mess with them the whole time when exercising, in fact, if they are the only ones in my gym bag I go WITHOUT!!

    The material seems to be hard plastic and soft rubbery plastic that overall feels top end and has given me no issues thus far. I sweat profusely and have had no issues with sweat altering the performance of these headphones. The added clip to attach them to your shirt seems to work as intended but for me most of the time it pulls from the wire and stays on my shirt if I do not get a good grip on the actual clip.

    The in-line mic and volume button has worked flawlessly for me to this point. The negative for is that it is extremely bulky as if there were a separate battery stored in there or something. I find that because of its size and heaviness it swings back and forth when I run and it can get super annoying on long runs. I don’t really notice it when doing Crossfit or lifting. The structure has held up fine with no malfunctioning parts or rips or tears as of yet. The reported sound quality of the mic from people that I have called has seemed to be good even when I am running or in the car with windows down.

    Connecting these headphones to my devices was easy and painless. You can be connected to 2 devices at one time which is pretty cool. The other plus for me is that the range is outstanding. When in the gym this is awesome thing. It makes it so I don’t have to take my phone around the gym with me. I have a gym with a track around it and I can go do a lap and come back and never lose a connection. I bet it is over a 100ft away at the far end of the track.

    The battery life is probably on the low end of average. You would think with the size of the earbuds and in-line mice with volume controls it would be at least 8 hours if not 10. I can almost get 4 days out of one charge, if I don’t watch Netflix or anything like that at night. One feature on the battery is that when you turn them on they have a voice that tells you how much battery life you have remaining and it is always rounded to the nearest 10%. So, if you actually had 96% battery life it would say; you have 90% battery life remaining. To some it may not be annoying but for me I want to know exactly.

    Sound quality is as to be expected by Bose. It is very clear and even feeling. The highs are not too high and mids are perfectly balanced and the base is not super bassy (is that even a word). I think that someone that likes a lot of bass might be disappointed but for me it is perfect. A couple things to note is that these are not noise cancelling and are not marketed to be. These seem to have the perfect balance of passive noise meaning that when I’m running I am totally immersed into the music but when a car comes near I can still hear it. Which I find amazing!! Another thing to note is that the volume doesn’t get overly loud. What I mean by that is that it does get loud but you cannot make it SUPER loud, like it has a limit or cap on how loud you can make it. For me it seems to be just ok but I would like to have the option to make it a little louder. One last thing on sound I would like to mention is that when I’m home relaxing and I watch TV on my Ipad with my children running around I like to leave one earphone out so I can make sure I can hear everything in the house incase I’m needed. So, with that said with one earphone in the Bose experience diminishes and is less than average on the sound quality. There is some kind of “magic” that happens when both ear pieces are in but with only one the “magic” is simply gone.

    Conclusions: Finally, Bose has entered the sporty Bluetooth headphone world!! Overall not bad but Bose has a lot of work to do especially at this price point. Almost wish I would have waited for the second version.

    The Good: Probably the best pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones I own. The sound is amazing. Fits and stays in my ear. Super easy to pair with my other devices. The Bluetooth range is outstanding. Super lightweight although looks bulky.

    The Bad: The price is on the high side for what you get compared to the current competition. Not so comfortable when wearing a beanie hat. Super bulky ear pieces and in-line mic. With only one earpiece in the sound is not that great! The Bose app really doesn’t really do anything. The battery life is marginal for this price point.

    Feb 24, 2017 10:17
  • Review by AmiUrAnGeL, 8 out of 10
    So far so good!

    Needed a good quality set of headphones to replace the ones that came with my phone. First time using it this morning. Main use is for my commute but will also be using for workouts at the gym. Giving four stars because it's too early to give five. Some quick points:

    - Fits ear comfortably; nice and snug; not heavy

    - Remote/mic is a good size (I've seen some too large for my liking)

    - Not noise canceling but I prefer this as I like to hear what's happening around me during my commute on the train/bus

    - Good balance between the treble and bass; nice sound quality

    - Easy to turn on/off; also shows battery status

    - Music playback available on remote (>, II, >>, <<)

    - Although the box says made for iPod/iPhone/iPad, this is compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (I also saw reviews where this device worked for others' samsung phone)

    - My commute to work is about an hour and the battery indication was still green.

    - Headphones were charged by plugging USB (provided) to my laptop.

    Jul 05, 2017 08:35
  • 9.0score
    JLab - GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Slate

    The JLab GO Air POP True Wireless Earbuds have changed the game for accessible audio products. With a massive 32+ hour total playtime, you can expect 8+ hours in each earbud off a single charge and 3 more charges from the case. Ready for business calls to workouts and everything in between, the GO Air POP earbuds feature 3 custom EQ sound settings to choose from, touch sensors, universal mics in both earbuds, and IPX4 water resistance.

    6 Features
  • Long Battery Life: GO Air POP features 8+ hours of playtime in each earbud and 24+ extra hours from the charging case (32+ hours total). Return to the case to recharge the buds, and use the integrated USB cable to charge the case.
  • Dual Connect: Use either earbud independently or use both together. A built-in MEMS microphone in each bud ensures clear calls.
  • 15% Smaller Fit: Smaller than a credit card, the case fits in your pocket and the earbuds are our smallest yet – 15% smaller earbuds and 40% lighter with the compact case. Try the three tip sizes to get a snug in-ear fit, creating a perfect seal for crystal clear sound.
  • EQ3 Sound: With just a few taps via touch sensors, you can choose your sound preference: JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost modes – without an app. Hear the difference at
  • Touch Controls: Enjoy volume and track controls, plus play/pause, answering calls and activating your smart assistant with the touch control functions.
  • Water Resistant: Sweat and splashproof with an IPX4 water resistance rating
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by DarthRiatch, 8 out of 10
    WOWzer for $20 Bluetooth Earbuds?!?

    In the past few years, I've been purchasing budget bluetooth earbuds in search of that perfect fit & sound quality. These Jlab Go Air Pops are it!

    First day, I put these on while commuting to the gym, did my workout, went grocery shopping afterwards, & finally headed home... still plenty of battery life which I got almost 8 hours of use, as advertised! The fit is snug & doesn't move once in my ear canal, although I know all ears come in different shapes & sizes so may not fit everyone; I kept the attached medium size silicone eartips on. Tested all 3 sound profiles & decided the Jlab Signature sound works best for my EDM/trance taste in music providing punchy bass. The sound itself feels slightly muffled, maybe because these are on the bass-ier side vs others I own; note that the Balanced sound profile provides a flatter (less bass) but still decent sound. Build quality feels solid, although I continue to have a difficult time removing each earbud from the magnetic case, which I think is a pretty strong magnetic pull vs other bluetooth earbud charging cases I own. Watched videos & TV, didn't notice any lag time with lip sync dialogue - big plus here! Call quality via the built-in mics is good & functional both indoors & outdoors. The slate grey color I chose looks like a matte light blue finish & I may get a black &/or red one soon. Wish these came in a solid white.

    Great job Jlab for reaching the budget consumers market!

    Nov 06, 2021 10:13
  • Review by PapawJeff, 10 out of 10
    Very Nice Sound At A Budget Minded Price

    Ok, they don't have the super sharp sound of a $300 dollar pair of earbuds and they do not charge by laying the case on a wireless charging pad.

    But I was very glad to see Jlabs enter the lower price market with a quality headphone.

    The earbud is compact and comfortable as well as being water resistant.

    The charging case is compact and has a built in charging flat cable that tucks back into the bottom of the case when not in use and can charge the buds and keep you powered and listening for 32 hours before needing to recharge,

    There is no control of these from an app but I find the tap features to be easy to understand and use for the adjustments and feature use.

    Three equalizer settings are also included in the tap features.

    They work great when taking a call and are IPX4 SWEAT & WATER RESISTANT.

    You can use only one earbud if desired.

    They can connect automatically and do so initially and subsequently with ease.

    These would be a great first earbud for the kids to see how well they take care of them before investing in higher priced models

    For casual use and listening at a very economical price they are really hard to beat for anyone.

    Sep 25, 2021 08:30
  • Review by rjv86, 8 out of 10
    its the little things that move this ahead

    This compact Bluetooth set was a great step up from my existing ones by improving the little details.

    For starters, its one of the thinnest smaller cases i've ever had/seen from buds that weren't airpods. its a lot sleeker in my pocket and less bulky.

    i also like the fact that the USB cable is not only integrated into the case, but designed so that there's no wrong way to plug it in. it can go upside down.

    Set up was very simple. you pull out both earbuds and then select the pods from your BT menu. Once you do this, you can use one or the other or both at the same time. This is much more convenient than other brands where you have to pair in a certain order and then usually you need to pair both buds separately.

    battery life has been great so far, only time will tell on longevity but i'm hopeful.

    sounds quality is great. When listening to music, there's the option to toggle some preset equalizer profiles. while the Bass Boost is pretty good, i prefer the JLab Signature setting

    the touch sensors are nice, but personally i would have preferred a mechanical switch so i can tell i've made the correct tap. While its not a big deal for single taps to adjust volume and call answer, when double/triple tapping, sometimes i'm not sure if some taps didn't register and then they do something else, like accidentally pause, hang up, or launch my assistant

    that being said, i imagine it'll get easier and i'll adjust the longer i use them.

    Sep 27, 2021 11:15
  • Review by Njmomof3, 10 out of 10
    Pleasantly surprised

    The JLab Air Pops are what I call a quiet storm! The best things are the battery life, the exceptional bass, the ease of use, and portability of them.

    It comes in a magnetic case, which I feel should really be the standard for earbuds in general.

    The bass quality is BOMB. Seriously,, for $20 earbuds you can't beat the bass quality here.

    Another excellent feature is the awesome noise cancellation --- this is probably the best noise cancellation I have, even considering my more expensive earbuds ($60 to be exact). Finally, the ease of charging is smart; the USB charger is attached to the charging pack so no worrying about losing the charger or having to remember to bring it. Thankfully charging is not often necessary with these because the battery life is several hours...Over the course of a week I didn't need to charge them at all after using them for the whole week. These are a legit steal at the price point.

    Oct 05, 2021 15:51
  • Review by Bilal, 6 out of 10
    Decent earphones!

    These are decent earphones, with a nice sound quality. The life is 8 hours, given the price is really good. The plastic quality kind a gives it a feel of being cheap earphones. You should be able to see that in third picture.

    Oct 23, 2021 20:52
  • Review by sundevilchemist, 6 out of 10
    Decent sound, great for the kids, and small case!

    My main headphones are my Sony XM3. When I don’t want to lug around those monstrosities I want something small and portable. The kids have the airpods 2 and pro (those sound 10x better but 10x price).

    I chose the jlab go air pop true wirless due to their 32+ hour claim. They lasted all day but cannot confirm the 32 hours as they do recharge when I put them back in the case. Speaking of charging I have come to dislike the attached charging cable. Jlab just put a usb-c port under there please.

    Sound was just okay. No bass what so ever even though package says “bass boost” on it.

    I normally don’t like in ear headphones but these did not bug me and they fit good. Almost forgot at times I had them in.

    Music sounds flat. Youtube videos sounded okay.

    For the price they are a great backup for travel or public transportation.

    The low cost won’t get you to upset if you lose them.

    Connects fast to both my iphone and android tablet. Can use 1 or both earpieces at a time. They are also L/R marked.

    No mobile app available to custom tune the sound. They do just work though.

    Voice lets you know when bluetooth connected and battery full.

    Charging LED.

    Mic is decent. Can hear background noise and whistling noise at time. My voice sounds like I am in a small room.

    Sep 25, 2021 12:13
  • Review by jpatterson34, 10 out of 10
    Good price, integrated charging case!

    The JLab Go Air Pop wireless in earbuds are a good earbud for a good price. It comes with a an integrated USB charging case - so you don't have to worry about losing or keeping track of another cable. It let's you to listen/connect with either the left or right earbud or you can share which is different to some even really expensive earbuds. The sound is decent for the price. They are comfortable and I would definitely recommend.

    Sep 26, 2021 11:43
  • Review by AtrixNY, 8 out of 10
    Excellent sound for a steal price!

    These JLab GO Air Pop Bluetooth earphones sound very good for the low price.

    They recharge in the case quickly using the built in connected short USB plug and pair up easily to a TV I have tried them with.

    A good product!

    Sep 29, 2021 15:22
  • 9.0score
    Anker ROAV - SmartCharge F2 FM Transmitter - Black

    Provide power for your devices while on the road with this Anker ROAV SmartCharge car kit. Bluetooth 4.2 lets you stream music from your phone or make hands-free calls, and the battery monitor delivers real-time status reports via the compatible app. Find your vehicle quickly with the locator feature of this Anker ROAV SmartCharge car kit.Questions on upgrading your car? We can help.Connect with an expert to find tech that works for you.Learn more about car upgrades

    5 Features
  • Compatible with select smartphones and tablets: Its Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream audio from your Bluetooth device, while the simple side controls let you play and pause your music as well as control the volume.
  • Remote access support: Connect and control your playlist straight from your phone, or feed hands-free calls through your car's stereo system with Bluetooth 4.2 and FM frequency transmission.
  • PowerIQ charging technology: Detects your device's specific charging requirements to deliver universal, high-speed charging for any device.
  • ROAV charger mobile app: Logs the status of your battery every time you start your car.
  • Built-in car locator: Makes forgetting where you parked a problem of a bygone era.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Jake127, 10 out of 10
    Old car / new solution Blu-tooth connectivity

    I needed a way to listen to my music in my older truck .This unit worked right out of the box. Plugged it into my cigarette lighter tuned my radio to the designated frequency on the FM tuner which by the way you can use alternative frequencies if you are experiencing cross talk from a nearby station . It connected to my blu tooth with a verbal connection which is way cool and I was off to listening to my music . The only thing I wished it had was a on / off button so I don’t have to keep pulling it out of the socket as cigarette lighters in vehicles are usually live power all the time. Great unit would buy again . The cost was right on the mark .

    Thank you


    Jan 08, 2021 17:36
  • Review by MissLaydee213, 10 out of 10

    It works great.... It is a parking tracker if you download the app.

    Jun 07, 2019 16:58
  • Review by TheDude, 10 out of 10
    Love it

    Had to buy a new Bluetooth/fm transmitter for the car because the F3 had broken (my fault), however I enjoy the F2 much better than the F3. With a simple screen and no elongated “neck”, the ROAV F2 still has amazing quality while still beating the living daylights out of all of the other radio signals trying to via for control of the hill that is your radio. “Once more into the frey, into the last good fight I’ll know.” your Anker ROAV ™️ - SmartCharge F2 FM Transmitter screams as it charges, blade drawn towards the fuzzy Spanish speaking channel from down south. Preparing to be flanked by the electric spear of that one channel consisting of pure static, your ROAV lifts its shield while you provide It a Cardi-B hit to counter and deliver a Smash Mouth one hit wonder to its windpipe. Overall I’d say it’s pretty good.

    Feb 22, 2020 12:55
  • Review by Hover, 10 out of 10

    It good for my car , enjoy, the change is very quickly

    Aug 03, 2021 19:46
  • Review by BfromMemphis, 10 out of 10
    Fm transmitter

    Great product, was easy to install and very affordable... need more products like this

    Mar 26, 2021 15:34
  • Review by Barb, 10 out of 10
    Works well where there’s good radio signal

    Just purchased an older model sedan for my teenage driver that only had radio and CD. There was no aux connection to allow him to have hands-free driving or connect his streaming music. I don’t want him to be fussing with knobs while driving. This device has a low profile and worked very well right out of the package. It was so simple to set up. My only negative is there can tend to be static on the line at times and the signal can be lost if driving in rural areas where there are dead zones. Otherwise great product! I like that his phone doesn’t have to be set up again every time he gets in the car. Just bought a second one for my brother-in-law…

    May 30, 2020 20:10
  • Review by Porkchop, 10 out of 10
    I love this!

    Perfect for cars w/o audio bluetooth. Very easy to set up and use.

    Apr 24, 2020 10:48
  • Review by dharr18, 8 out of 10
    Does what I needed really well

    The only "bad" part of the transmitter is trying to see the display. I purchased two. The one in the van is at a angle I can not see it. The one in the kids car is hard to read in direct sunlight, the DC plug is in the center console of the car between the seats.

    Other than that, there is a audio out if you want to run a cable, but the transmitter works flawlessly over Bluetooth to FM.

    The app is a absolute must, it auto syncs with the transmitter if you have multiples. You can change the station you broadcast over from the app. It will also let you know where you parked, sometimes a nice thing.

    My personal setup has Android Auto running on my phone while paired with the transmitter. I can do Google Maps, XM Radio, Podcasts, etc right from the Android Auto display on the phone. Honestly, it works better than the radio I have in the family car that does Android Auto or Apples flavor. I have more flexibility with XM I can stream previous broadcasts I can't do with the car radio. I can also pull up weather maps while driving so I can see if the weather ahead is coming for me or if I'll miss it at a glance. Very important when severe weather is in the area.

    Overall, I got more than I expected, which is always nice. Having hands free, mapping, etc really makes any car feel like new.

    May 22, 2020 16:42
  • 9.0score
    DEATHLOOP Standard Edition - PlayStation 5

    DEATHLOOP is a next-gen first person shooter from Arkane Lyon, the award-winning studio behind Dishonored. In DEATHLOOP, two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious timeloop on the island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. As Colt, the only chance for escape is to end the cycle by assassinating eight key targets before the day resets. Learn from each cycle - try new paths, gather intel, and find new weapons and abilities. Do whatever it takes to break the loop.

    3 Features
  • DEATHLOOP: DEATHLOOP is built for a new generation, leveraging the PlayStation 5's hardware and graphics to bring Arkane’s unique artistic vision to life like never before.
  • SINGLE PLAYER GAMEPLAY INJECTED WITH DEADLY MULTIPLAYER: You’ll experience DEATHLOOP’s main story as Colt, hunting down targets across the island of Blackreef to break the loop and earn your freedom. All the while, you’ll be hunted by your rival Julianna, who can be controlled by another player.
  • THE ISLAND OF BLACKREEF: DEATHLOOP will present a stunning, retro-future 60s-inspired environment, that feels like a character within itself. While Blackreef may be a stylish wonderland, for Colt it is his prison.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by amazing, 10 out of 10

    great game, wasn’t expecting it to be that fun, but definitely worth it

    Oct 16, 2021 13:59
  • Review by DroTheGamerNerd, 10 out of 10
    Well worth money i can tel you that!!!

    Just go and buy it soo worth it very intense game i mean i will always wish they were cheaper but it is what it is

    Sep 14, 2021 15:36
  • Review by altwave, 8 out of 10
    Great PS5 exclusive

    I purchased this game with a sort of skeptalism, since I never played dishonored or any of the arkane titles. I see many people are comparing the game to dishonored 2 and its core gameplay (which honestly seems to be ripped right from it). That being said, i got the game, since its a ps5 exclusive (and it was heavily advertised) to give it a shot. First off, i was afraid this game was a rouge like. I just finished demon souls, and i wasnt looking to do a challenge (over 40 btw) again. While this does have characteristics of a rouge like, i was pleasntly suprised on how forgiving it was. You have districts except of one continous playthrough, and you always have 3 lives at the start of the district. If you die, you are sent to the same morning, but usually it is benefit to die. You unlock the ability to infuse your weapons early on, so you can slowly build your aresnals for cool weapons that have unique perks. By the end of the 20 or so hour campagin, i had a good enough weapon and aresenal (as well as knowledge that was mostly hand fed to me) to beat the final loop. Let me start by saying this, the game hold your hands through most of its campagin. Its fine enough for people who dont want to think so hard about the story and connecting the dots, but i kinda wished it was akin to the hitman games, were it gave you the freedom to choose how to carry out the final loop. Another thing is the ending is really abrurt, and feels shallow to otherwise a really fun game. I enjoyed myself immensely, and i loved every second of it. I do highly reccomend this game for someone who does somehow own a ps5 (trust me i know how hard it is to get those things). It is very fun, and very intresting concept for the game. You will fall in love with the story, and the characters are intriguing. While you may feel lost at the start, the game does a great job at its campagin. This is defenintly not a 10/10 game, but its a solid 8.5/10. I highly reccomend it.

    Oct 20, 2021 11:29
  • Review by Deathloop, 10 out of 10
    A really fun time

    Deathloop is a really fun game and not as daunting as you think. The loop mechanic is really interesting and with the ability to infuse weapons you can strategically plan out your route. Also once you infuse a weapon it will never leave inventory, sometimes it may disappear for a bit when you dropped it in a level but it will come back into inventory. Also the invasion mechanics are also really fun and adds another layer to the game. The AI for the enemies is a bit dumb but if you have a really good invader player it can add a new challenge to your current objective. The balancing for the invasions is also very good because it's in the favor of person playing as colt, because you got three lives while the invader only has one. Overall really fun game, would highly recommend to anyone who is fun of the studios former work and first person shooters.

    Oct 04, 2021 21:56
  • Review by Matt, 8 out of 10
    A surprising gem of a game, despite random bugs

    This is one of the games that surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. I originally didn't plan to pick this up right away having little knowledge about it, but it turned out to be quite the gem that I had a hard time putting down.

    I won't go into the story to avoid spoiling anything, but here are my breakdowns for pros and cons.


    Gamestyle choice (guns blazing, stealth, etc).

    Voice Acting is great (at least in English).

    Good customization for weapons and powers.

    Good story overall with plenty of puzzle elements.

    Replay value is high, having the ability to try a different game style or different weapon/power choices.


    No customizable UI elements making text hard to read.

    The menu uses a cursor instead of directional input.

    Aiming is a little quirky with a controller.

    Random Pause Menu bug can cause you to have to close the game (and lose your progress that day's timeframe).

    Running out of ammo for a particular weapon sometimes glitches preventing you from switching back to it even after getting more ammo.

    Overall, I'd say this is a game worth playing.

    Having played it on PS5, there are a few annoyances and bugs along with a heavy lack of customizability for controls or UI. You can tell the game was developed with PC inputs and screens in mind.

    That being said, this is not a disability friendly game and I would highly suggest avoiding it if the lack of control customizations or difficulty settings would cause problems.

    Sep 21, 2021 11:17
  • Review by Speters, 8 out of 10
    Good, not amazing

    The game is fun, but not amazing. If you like Arkane games, you will like this.

    It is in no way at all comparable to Returnal. For one, it's much easier....alot easier....for another it's not a rogue-lite and you can save all of your collected items.

    It's style and mechanics are very much like other Arkane games, including the irritating "hunting for the right spot to punch the button to get the item or trigger something". I felt the same way I felt about Prey, which is that it looks good and is fun to explore, but the mechanics are wonky at times. It's not always obvious where to go and what to do, either, but I'm ok with exploring...and you will.....alot.

    Bottom line, glad I played it once and got all achievements, but won't touch it again. Oh, and a bit pricey. I would say a solid $50 game, not $70.

    Oct 16, 2021 13:11
  • Review by edes, 8 out of 10
    An Innovative Roguelike Worth Your Time

    An innovative twist on the rogue-like format. Although the save game setting is tough to get used to and EXTREMELY frustrating in the beginning, once you get used to it, you adjust your in game days to jive with the saving mechanic.

    My suggestion early on is to save often, don't worry about exploring everything and grabbing every collectible. There is always time to come back to those things. Losing a half hour/hour of grinding for a fluky death is the most aggravating things about this game. You get used to it though.

    But save mechanic aside, this is one of the better new games out there. Well worth the time.

    Nov 08, 2021 11:47
  • Review by Aoi0, 8 out of 10
    A promising game that falls a bit short

    The game was surprisingly fun to play especially once you get a hang of how it works. I will say that while I enjoyed playing the game I wish there was more. It’s a game that leaves you wanting more because there was so much potential for the game mechanically and storyline wise that wasn’t explored. Deathloop is a game you will start and finish but not a game that offers any incentive for the player to come back and replay the game. There were some bugs but nothing restarting the game couldn’t fix.

    Oct 16, 2021 15:17
  • 9.0score
    Lenovo Ideapad 3 15.6" FHD Touch Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 11th Gen - 12GB Memory - 256GB SSD - Arctic Grey

    Engineered for long-lasting performance, the Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ 3 delivers powerful performance with the latest Intel 11th Generation Processors with Intel™ Iris Xe Graphics, in a laptop that's perfect for your everyday tasks, with features that you can depend on.

    16 Features
  • Free Upgrade to Windows 11¹ (when available, see below):
  • Windows 11 Home in S Mode Operating System: Windows 11 has all the power and security of Windows 10 with a redesigned and refreshed look. It also comes with new tools, sounds, and apps. Every detail has been considered. All of it comes together to bring you a refreshing experience on your PC.
  • 15.6" Full-HD 10-point multitouch screen: The 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 mobile processor: Ultra-low-voltage platform. Quad-core, eight-way processing provides maximum high-efficiency power to go.
  • 12GB system memory for full-power multitasking: Plenty of high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once.
  • 256GB Solid State Drive (NVMe TLC): Save files fast and store more data. With massive amounts of storage and advanced communication power, NVMe TLC SSDs are great for major gaming applications, multiple servers, daily backups, and more.
  • Intel® Iris Xe Graphics: On-processor graphics with shared video memory provide everyday image quality for Internet use, basic photo editing and casual gaming.
  • Modern aluminum design: Creates a sleek, modern look with clean lines and provides a rigid but lightweight frame.
  • Weighs 3.74lbs. and measures 0.78" thin: Thin and light design with DVD/CD drive omitted for improved portability. 3-cell lithium polymer battery.
  • Wireless/Wired connectivity (WiFi 6 - 802.11 ax): Flexible, dual-band connectivity w/ greater reliability thanks to two data streams and antennas. Connect to a Wi-Fi router to experience GB Wi-Fi speeds nearly 3X faster vs. standard Wi-Fi 5 w/ improved responsiveness for even more devices.
  • HDMI output expands your viewing options: Connect to an HDTV or high-def monitor to set up two screens side by side or just see more of the big picture.
  • Built-in HD webcam with Privacy Shutter: Makes it easy to video chat with family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Skype or other popular applications. Slide the Privacy Shutter closed for peace of mind when you’re not using your webcam.
  • Backlit keyboard for easy typing in dim or dark locations: Touchpad with scroll and multitouch capability.
  • Arctic Grey: Adds subtle style to the laptop's lid.
  • Basic software package included: 30-days trial of Microsoft Office.
  • Additional Ports: Headphone/microphone combo jack.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by TJguy, 8 out of 10
    Good specs for black Friday deal

    Nice budget laptop, My only gripe is the 8gb + 4gb memory configuration. Cannot upgrade the memory either seems to have a heat cover over it. Palm and keyboard area, and top of laptop have metal covering but the underbelly is plastic. Feels more durable than HPs comparable model.

    Nov 02, 2021 15:22
  • Review by Imken, 6 out of 10
    Nice for the price

    More pros than cons. The display is ok for a FHD but it’s not what I expected. Keyboard lights up. Great for working in the dark. The speed is cool, has touchscreen and the fingerprint scanner is dope. The cons are the battery drains fast like a refurbished item but I purchased brand new. Feels cheap. Plastic casing. Windows 11 installed. Can’t go back to 10. The price is equal to the build. Gave 3 stars because of battery and plastic casing. Doesn’t feel like a premium built item per the specs.

    Oct 23, 2021 09:08
  • Review by Akk1, 10 out of 10
    Excellent business/ school laptop

    One feature that is NOT mentioned on this product description is that this laptop has a finger print security reader and its the same as the power button (picture attached).

    This is a perfect laptop for Business or school work.

    I purchased 2 of this laptops for our medical practice because they are light weight, have the latest Gen intel processor (11th Gen), they have a fast SSD for storage, and has a very responsive touch screen which allows the patients to sign consents on the device instead of using paper consents and forms.

    setting up the computer is like setting up any windows laptop where you follow the instructions and you will be done in a few minutes.

    this laptop doesn't come with a lot of bloatware.

    I totally recommend this laptop for any business, school work and it is going to last for a few years before you have to replace it.

    Sep 20, 2021 11:30
  • Review by ScreenLizyrd, 10 out of 10
    Nice Laptop

    I am really loving this laptop. It is a lot thinner and sleeker than I had expected. I love the lighted keypad. When I opened it it immediately prompted me for the Windows 11 update. I had the actual Microsoft Surface Go and it had still not been updated yet. This laptop came with 12g of RAM. Wow! This was great for the price. Here is a video of it.

    Oct 12, 2021 21:31
  • Review by GeorgeB, 10 out of 10
    Great Value, Killer Price

    I did a lot of research on Lenovo laptops before honing in on this one. I liked the Core i5 processor with 12mb of RAM combo at a great price. The Best Buy salesperson congratulated me on getting the "latest & greatest" from Lenovo, validating my choice. The performance is lightning fast, the display is OK, not terrific and the keyboard "feel" is wonderful. In my opinion, you're getting a $750-$800 laptop at a significant price discount. I'd pounce if I were you, I am glad I did. FWIW, I use mine for MS Office business applications off my job and also for Internet searches. Getting Windows 11 off of S restriction was a breeze, so you can obtain Google Chrome.

    Oct 31, 2021 07:39
  • Review by SandB, 10 out of 10
    I recommend this computer.

    This computer is not only nice looking, but it’s light enough that I can carry it in my bag without too much effort. I like the illuminated keyboard, the touch screen, and the bright colors. It works fast, as soon as everything that needs to be downloaded is done. I used to have a Mac, then before this one, I had a Dell, which I had for ten years, but I love my new Lenovo. I trust this brand because, before I retired from teaching, that’s the brand my school district used throughout the schools -they still do.

    Nov 01, 2021 11:36
  • Review by Nachowawa, 10 out of 10
    Wonderful Laptop

    I ordered this laptop because I like the brand. I had an All-In-One Lenovo Desktop that worked great for seven years, but it was time to replace it.

    The laptop has worked very well and the setup was a breeze. It is very quiet and you can also adjust the fan's frequency.

    The laptop boots up fast and is ready to go in less than a minute.

    Oct 30, 2021 18:08
  • Review by Caligirl, 10 out of 10
    Nice Laptop!

    Absolutely no complaints! Purchased on sale as a small business/personal computer. Touchscreen, 11th gen i5, backlit keyboard, 12gb memory, etc. Meets employee and personal needs at a reasonable price point. I found similar specs for laptops to be overpriced so Thanks Lenovo for this one!

    Nov 06, 2021 11:12
  • 9.0score
    Wacom - Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet for Mac, PC, Chromebook & Android (Small) with Software Included - Black

    Wacom Intuos pen tablet has been designed for those who are getting started drawing, painting or photo editing with their Mac, PC, Chromebook or select Android smartphones/tablets. Whether it’s the light super-accurate pen, the stylish design, the included software or online tutorials, Wacom Intuos is all you need to get creative digitally. Wacom Intuos can also be used to easily write, edit or convey ideas to in education or remote work settings. This product works with devices capable of running the latest version of Chrome OS and has been certified to meet Google's compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with safety requirements. Chromebook, Android, and the Works With Chromebook badge are trademarks of Google LLC.

    7 Features
  • Works With Chromebook: This product is tested and certified as Works With Chromebook, which means it meets Google’s compatibility standards and is compatible with your Chromebook
  • Battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen: Graphic drawing tablet with 4096 Levels of pressure sensitivity – gives you control and precision when drawing, painting and photo-editing in nearly any software program
  • Mac / Windows / Chromebook / Android compatible: Compatibility: Mac (OS X 10.10 and above), PC (Windows 7 and above), Chromebook (devices running the latest Chrome OS), and Android smartphones/ tablets (OS version 6.0 or later); Easy plug-in via USB-A: some devices require USB-C or OTG adapters
  • Small Size: Small Compact size (7.8” x 6.3”) with large active area (6.0” x 3.7”), is perfect for limited desktop areas and can be setup for both left and right-handed use
  • Customizable ExpressKeys™: Four customizable ExpressKeys that put your favorite shortcuts like undo or copy/paste at your fingertips when used with your Mac/PC
  • Included Creative Software: Creative Software: Register your Intuos on your Mac/PC to receive Clip Studio Paint Pro (2-years) and try out Corel Painter Essentials 8 & Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for 90 days; Register with your Chromebook and receive Clip Studio Paint Pro (3-months)
  • Included EdTech Software: EdTech Software: Wacom Intuos comes with 3-month trials of EdTech software for teachers; Register your tablet to receive: Kami App, Explain Everything, Pear Deck, Limnu & Collaboard
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by lumaro, 10 out of 10
    It made me a real digital artist

    I love WACOM tables. This is the second one I buy. Just plug and play. I bought the first one many years ago and with it I became a real artist.

    Mar 12, 2021 17:36
  • Review by Frank, 10 out of 10
    Really enjoying this product

    I have been wanting to buy one of these for years, and finally decided to take the plunge. I have not been disappointed! Great for taking notes, drawing, and mouse manipulation, this tablet allows me to connect more intimately with my computer.

    The only issue that I have is that the mouse positioning is a bit difficult to learn, but I believe that mostly to be attributed to my small desk area. I would like to get a larger pad next time, as the small size does hurt my hands when writing. However, for the price and for the functionality I have gained, it is certainly a worthwhile purchase.

    Sep 17, 2018 10:48
  • Review by showkal, 10 out of 10
    Save yourself time and pain - BUY THIS NOW!

    I’m an editor (photo/video) and spend a good amount of time touching up images. This pen has saved my hand and arm. Less pressing and holding and more drawing to correct an image has saved me so much pain. Absolutely love this tablet. If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll want to upgrade to the larger model with a display, it might be pricey, but it’ll save you time in the long run.

    Sep 18, 2020 16:23
  • Review by teddy1982, 10 out of 10
    My grandson loves this product

    This is a great thing to get for the beginner in drawing , it’s also compact which makes it easy to put into a child’s backpack . I would easily recommend the Wacom Intous tablet ,

    Dec 21, 2019 01:04
  • Review by Tommy, 10 out of 10
    Best Entry-Level Graphics tablet on the market

    The Wacom Intuos has been an excellent tool for me in graphic design and artistic purposes. Every aspect is great. Very thin design, intuitive software, precise pen with phenomenal pressure levels and reliability. The tablet itself has never given me a single issue, and it includes a plethora of great features. Great buy, highly recommend.

    Mar 20, 2020 20:40
  • Review by appleGem, 10 out of 10
    Great drawing tablet

    The Intuos drawing tablet was a great gift and something that I use all the time. It works so well and is completely worth it. It is really good for the price and great for drawing. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a cheap but high quality drawing tablet.

    Dec 25, 2020 17:07
  • Review by TonyD, 8 out of 10
    Great blackboard substitute for distance learning

    As a Chemistry professor, I need to write formulas, equations, and chem math problems, also chemical structures and lab experiment illustration. Now that I'm forced to teach on-line, I'd be lost without the Wacom-Intuos tablet. Despite its small size, it is a great tool for doing what I need to do, for the short time that I'm forced to do it. It took a bit of learning and adjusting to the pen's sensitivity, but now I feel comfortable. On my 5 yr old computer, writing was slow and some symbols and text fused together; not so on my new computer, which is very responsive. The pen has no eraser, so if you try to correct an error you must erase the whole screen. Yuk! That feature can be corrected by buying a $400+ model that's designed for a pro. Another Yuk!

    May 01, 2020 22:07
  • Review by Charlotte, 10 out of 10
    Wacom Tablet

    This tablet is great for drawing or signing your name. It comes with 3 software trials and is a lot of fun. It can also be used with adobe software such as photoshop or illustrator. I love these Wacom Tablets. The pen creates new opportunities for working on your computer.

    Sep 12, 2020 07:41
  • 9.0score
    Sony - WF-C500 True Wireless In-Ear Headphone - Green

    Discover the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity with the compact WF-C500 truly wireless earbuds, combining uncompromising sound with great battery life, personalization, and IPX4 water resistance for music that goes anywhere.

    11 Features
  • Make your music more natural: When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to a track. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high-quality sound that’s closer to the original recording
  • Listen for hours, charge in minutes: Enjoy up to 20 hours of listening thanks to the handy charging case. In a hurry? A 10-minute quick charge gives you up to an hour of extra play time.
  • Splashes and sweat, no problem: With an IPX4 water resistance rating, splashes and sweat won’t stop these headphones – so you can keep on moving to the music.
  • Easier, clearer hands-free calling: Conversation flows freely with easy hands-free calling, now clearer than ever with a high-quality built-in microphone. You won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket.
  • Small and light, a great fit: Designed small, these buds fit securely and comfortably in your ears. The rounded shape without edges makes them a pleasure to wear, leaving you free to focus on what matters – your music.
  • Go anywhere, pocket-sized case: The cylindrical charging case is extremely small and easy to carry around in a pocket or bag so you can take your earbuds everywhere you go. Its translucent lid with a texture like frosted glass gives the case a stylish, luxurious look and feel.
  • Ergonomic Surface Design: Since introducing the first in-ear headphones in 1982, we’ve surveyed huge amounts of data relating to ear shapes from around the world. The WF-C500 headphones are the product of that research, combining a shape that matches the ear cavity with new ergonomic surface design.
  • Your sound, just how you like it: Tailor sound to your personal preference. Choose from a variety of presets to match sound quality with the genre of music you're listening to. Or create and save your own presets using the EQ Custom feature on the Sony │ Headphones Connect app.
  • One earbud, ideal for multitasking: If you want to listen to your music while still being able to have a conversation, remove one earbud only from the charging case and use as normal
  • Easy button operation: The buttons on the WF-C500 headphones not only let you play, stop, or skip through tracks and adjust the volume – they also offer an easy way to access your smartphone’s voice assistant and make and receive calls hands-free.
  • So immersive. So real.: Immerse yourself in sound all around you. As real as if you are there at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio. With 360 Reality Audio, music has never been so immersive and so real.6 These headphones let you enjoy 360 Reality Audio.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by skylog, 10 out of 10
    Great all-round buds. Sound, fit, looks, battery.

    I am mostly an Android guy, and I have been all over the place with several different brands of in ear headphones. While each set had things I liked, I have not settled on one pair, as there always seemed to be a thing or two that wasn’t quite what I was looking for or came up after some time spent with them. That said, I really like these buds. They pretty much have everything I want and come at a nice price. They seem to be the ones for me.

    They come with the Sony name, so I expected a nice build, and they have it. Well-built, with some water/sweat protection, several size tips, and a great size and light weight. Most importantly, to me, they fit me very well and are comfortable. Of course, this is just a matter of my ear shape, but if buds do not fit well, sound will suffer, they will be uncomfortable, they can possibly fall out…and ultimately, I won’t wear them. More or less, a dealbreaker. No issues here for me, at all. As for the style? I love it. Plain. Matte. Black. It is all I wanted. It is sort of the typical Sony Style and I like it.

    Sound is excellent. Music, podcasts, and calls all are loud and clear out of the box. Using the Sony App you can tune the EQ to get more of a sound you personally like. I messed around and really found an improvement. I think it is definitely worth spending some time here to dial in what you like. There are also some other options you can play with regarding spatial sound and Sony’s DSEE enhancements, but I found tweaking the EQ was all I needed. All in all, I am very pleased with the sound. I think it is great sound for the price.

    So far, battery life has been good. As advertised. I don’t think it will be an issue for anyone, and I love the quick charge that gives you an hour in ten minutes. I will say, I do not “love” the case. It is small enough, and I do like the transparent aspect, and color choices, but it definitely does not feel as premium as others in the space. I suspect it will hold up over time, but I will have to see. I do give them credit for trying something new.

    It is not something I have used a lot in the past, given my previous bud choices, but I have really come to like having the ability to have playback, volume, call, and assistant controls baked into the buds themselves. They work well and are convenient. Perhaps even more convenient, well to me, is being able to use just one bud. I have said it many times, I just wish this functionality was universal. Doing things around the house, going for a walk, sometimes, you just want to be able to hear around you. It may be a niche thing, but it is important to me.

    Lastly, I have to comment how wonderful pairing was. It was simply a matter of opening the app, popping a bud out, and everything was ready to go. Quick pairing. Love it. The connection has also remained rock solid.

    Ultimately, as I said earlier, I really like these buds. They come from a reputable name, fit well, sound great, look good, and come at a nice price. I think they are a great value.

    Oct 05, 2021 23:39
  • Review by Mrbell1970, 10 out of 10
    Affordable great sound

    These ear buds are a value focused item that offers next generation playback, has a sturdy fit that remands comfortable during longs sessions and are dust/water resistant. Things like app support with EQ presets, easy controls on ear buds and long battery life sets this apart form others in this price range where some of these features are lacking.

    Setup: First thing you notice after opening box is a quick steps diagram on the box that directs you to scan a QR code to download app on the phone, the QR code is very tiny, so my phone’s camera had an issue detecting it at first. Once it did, you’re directed to a web page where you chose IOS or Android options, when the app is installed, you go some steps, and the app connects the ear buds very quick and easily (good feature) then it updated to the latest 8.2 software version. The app prompts you to enable 360 Reality Audio Setup with compatible apps that have that option like Jay-Z’s TIDAL service or Amazon Music HD plan. Note: 360 Reality Audio format brings a 3D element to HiFi's lossless audio kind of like Dolby Atmos but is different from that. I don’t have any 360 audio options in my music subscriptions so could not test that feature, after that I went to the EQ presets and selected Bass Boast. The app interface is clear and simple to operate with battery levels, status of music playing, and ear buds has voice prompts to inform you of connection status, battery level etc, which I really liked.

    Sound: Excellent quality while playing music and on voice calls, ear buds get pretty loud at 70% volume and music is very clear and vibrant. Bass is good although not earth shaking. The EQ preset has options for almost all types of music and has Sony’s additional DSEE (digital sound enhancement engine) option which upscales audio, but I didn’t notice much of a difference with it enabled but did with EQ. With that said, two things may be a factor on why I didn’t notice a difference; I’m not considered an audiophile and all my music services are low quality free services so I doubt any upscaling would do much for those unlike pay premium services with high quality “Hi-Res Lossless maximum resolution of 24-bit/192”.

    Form & Features: The well-built rounded buds are impressively light, with real control buttons that are easily pressed, right button controls play/pause, song skip, and calling while a hold press calls up your voice assistant. The left bud provides volume control: tap to raise volume and hold to lower, onboard volume control is one of the most convenient wireless earbuds features, and a surprising number of buds don’t offer it. The translucent battery case just has a cheap feel to it but is very small for the pocket. I really like these buds with the only con of not having noise cancellation but not really a big deal since these get loud. I also think these would be a good upgrade for those with cheap ear buds or for first time true wireless buyers.

    Battery life: Up to 10 hours of playtime, one extra charge in the case, good for about 20 hours total.

    Rapid charging: 10 minutes for 1 hour of play.

    Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2time.

    Audio codecs: AAC, Sony DSEE.

    Dust/water resistance: IPX4.

    Fit: 3 ear tips sizes.

    Weight: 5.7 grams per bud, 34 gram case.

    Oct 05, 2021 20:55
  • Review by jsisko76, 10 out of 10
    Great Sound at a Great Price

    I have used several different sets of wireless earbuds over the years, and these are the best option at their price range by a long shot. More expensive models/brands that I have used have usually sounded great, but have had bluetooth connection issues or audio sync issues.

    First off, the Sony WF C500s fit snugly with the default ear adapters for me and have a nice solid hold. Jogging or any moderate workouts should allow you to keep them in place without the risk of them dislodging. They come with an extra set of small and large adapters to fit different size ears if needed. The default mediums worked well for me.

    Sound quality was fantastic for both music and podcasts. I didn't experience any audio cutouts over my first several days of use. They seem to maintain a terrific bluetooth connection.

    Battery life was solid. Like most wireless earbuds, this set offers in case charging when not in use. The case is pill shaped and has a comfortable fit in your pocket. You can easily get 10+ hours out of them, as advertised.

    The packaging advertises that these earbuds are designed for iPhones, but they connected to my Android device just fine and worked flawlessly. It was odd to see that Android was not listed as being compatibility as there are a great deal of Android users out there that should consider these.

    These earbuds are a great buy for their affordable price, sound, and solid fit. Well done Sony.

    Oct 03, 2021 15:19
  • Review by Sean, 10 out of 10
    Very Comfortable

    These are the most comfortable wireless earbuds I've used. I appreciate the simplicity of the case and that you can see if the buds are charging through the lid. The app that is used for setting up the earbuds was easy to use and the ear scan feature is pretty unique. I can't speak to how much it changes the sound but I am happy with the sound quality. I tested out the 360 audio and it does a pretty good job of opening up the soundstage with specialized files. While streaming 360 music there were some songs that it worked with but in general I prefered the stereo mix of the songs. This isn't a knock on the earbuds just a personal preference when it comes to music. The sound signature is slightly bass elevated but doesn't sound boomy. These pair great with a wide variety of music genres and are pleasurable to listen to. This means all day listening in comfort no matter the content. While testing with video I did not experience any audio desync. Good sound and great comfort make these easy reccomended.

    Oct 07, 2021 11:48
  • Review by Daddio, 8 out of 10
    Read the On-line Owner’s Manual !

    Headphones and Ear-Buds likes these come in both Wired and Bluetooth versions these days. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages and in order to see how being wired or not wired affects performance and features, you have to read the owner’s manual whether you think that’s cool or not. I’m reasonably technically minded but there are some features and operating methods that you can’t find by just poking and guessing. It’s worth the time to get everything you can out of these earbuds. You’ll have to learn the various tapping and poking codes for controlling the performance of the WF-C500 Ear-Buds


    - Up to 10 hours run time when in the ear

    - Up to 20 hours running time from power stored in caring-case with no external a/c. Good for wilderness camping etc.

    - Frequency response can be varied with the Sony Connect App

    - Sweat and Splash Proof, with an IPX4 Rating

    - Can be used/controlled as a single ear-bud so you can hear ambient sounds if desired

    - Phone calls can be answered by the ear-bud’s controls with phone still in pocket

    - 1 year Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship

    - Plays “Experience 360 Reality Audio” from some Music Providers (Amazon Music HD, Deezer etc.)


    - C500 Ear-Buds are light, comfortable and secure.

    - Using the Sony App, the frequency range can be adjusted for clear voice or rich music.


    - Like all totally wireless Ear-Buds, scratching an ear or resting your head on a pillow can accidentally affect a control causing a phone-call to be canceled or a recording to be paused

    - No physical wire between ear-buds means you can sometime lose a knocked out ear-bud before you notice it’s gone.


    The Sony C500 Ear-Buds are a mid-range design with nice performance, sound and look. Unlike the top-range Sony Ear-Buds, they are not Noise Cancelling, so if you’re looking for something to save your hearing while cutting the lawn, you’ll need to look at the higher models.

    Oct 13, 2021 15:16
  • Review by Larry, 8 out of 10
    Sony wf-c500 beats jabra elite 3

    Okay, these are compared to the jabra elite 3. Had the elite 3. Elite 3 do not have nowhere near the type of app that the sony have. On the 3 you only have, I believe, 4 different types of eq preset settings that in my opinion did not make any kind of significant difference. The elite 3 also have what jabra calls Hearthrough. Once activated all you hear is HISSING. The sony have been dropped in price to more aggressively compare to jabra and folks, GET THE SONY!! The app gives you significant sounding difference on all modes. eq actually makes difference in sound. Fit is great. On me the right ear is always the challenge, but when set in right, they stay in. When you adjust the volume on the jabra, anything lower than max volume will dramatically effect how they sound. You almost don't hear them. When you adjust the volume below max on the sony, they still sound good. You don't have to max them as with many earbuds. In the end, do yourself a favor, and I have said this before, when it comes to earbuds, especially in ear, DO NOT listen to reviews online. Those folks are getting paid to say what the company wants them to say. Does anyone believe that most of those reviewers do it for fun. NOPE. They do it to get paid and free products. Earbuds are highly subjective. Many like loud. Many like low. NO ONE on this planet has the same sized ears, and ear canal. YOU HAVE TO go and try to get what WORKS BEST FOR YOU. For me, so far, and after trying MANY earbuds, sony are very efficient at what I need them to do. Oh, and by the way, a call I received yesterday, from an elderly neighbor, said that I sounded as if I was on a regular phone. No difference.

    Nov 03, 2021 06:23
  • Review by Mikepas, 8 out of 10
    Decent Buds

    These Sony wireless ear buds are fairly decent, especially at this price point. The look nice and at least in my case do not stick too far out of my ears.

    Build quality is on par for other devices in this category and they weigh next to nothing so they won't bother you the way some others might. Pairing to my iPhone was easy peasy with not issues. The included charging case is not too large and easily fits in your pants pocket without a lot of bulk. Battery life is one area that could be better. I have been able to average 8-10 hours of constant use between charging the buds.

    I've been spoiled by my Air Pods Pro so sound quality is not as good as those. That being said the sound quality at this price point is above average. No active noise cancellation is a bummer but again, at this price point that is not uncommon.

    Overall, if you're looking for an inexpensive set of wireless ear buds you could do a lot worse than these.

    Oct 13, 2021 16:31
  • Review by Rick, 8 out of 10
    Almost a homerun

    These earphones are solid all around. You can use them for working out, listening to podcasts, music, etc. Biggest downside is that it doesn't really have active noise-cancellation and some of its competitors have that at around this price range. That's a feature that is necessary in order to be a successful all around earphones. The music quality is good though and being able to use just one earphone is a plus if you just want to use it as a headset or for phone connectivity. IPX4 means it's good against splashes of water but that's about it.

    Oct 14, 2021 21:26
  • 8.8score
    Anker ROAV - SmartCharge F3 FM Transmitter - Black

    Enjoy in-car convenience with this ROAV SmartCharge F3 adapter. Quick Charge 3.0 technology powers up compatible devices faster, while Bluetooth 4.2 technology ensures excellent sound quality when playing music or making hands-free phone calls. This ROAV SmartCharge F3 adapter features an aux output, two USB ports and a microSD card slot for connectivity.

    7 Features
  • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets: Bluetooth 4.2 connection lets you stream audio from your Bluetooth device, while the simple side controls let you play and pause your music as well as control the volume.
  • Play on your terms: Four audio input methods, including Bluetooth, USB, microSD slot and 3.5mm auxiliary port, gives you the power to play your favorite tunes with zero hassles.
  • Hands-free calling: Make crystal clear calls with both your hands on the wheel for a safer drive.
  • Superior noise cancellation: The noise cancellation technology eliminates road and wind noise, so only the important audio gets through in your phone calls.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 technology: Charges up to four times faster for compatible devices. Completely backward compatible with all the versions of Quick Charge.
  • Frequency control: Automatic FM scanning of unoccupied frequencies helps find vacant channels.
  • Never forget where you parked: The ROAV Charger app records your car's location by setting a pin in the map the instant Bluetooth connection is lost.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Emilio, 6 out of 10
    Is an OK device

    It is as good as it can be. It creates white noise but so far I have not seen one device in this style that does not create it.

    Sound quality is very acceptable, the volume is low.

    Sep 17, 2021 17:11
  • Review by jesse, 10 out of 10
    excellent product !

    when i purchased this transmitter i had no idea it would work so flawlessly

    Jun 20, 2020 12:47
  • Review by Armani, 10 out of 10
    Great product, works great

    I love this ROAV Bluetooth transmitter it works great on my 1997 Lexus. Sound is crystal clear as long as the station you are on is not in use by a real radio station. That’s the only time you get slight ambient noises coming from the frequency’s. Other then that the app works well and the product is very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who has adequate OEM speakers in their vehicle who would rather keep their stock system instead of paying a bunch for a whole aftermarket set up.

    Sound is clear

    Easy to use

    App actually works

    Voice calling and Siri are also supported and work well.

    Aug 16, 2019 17:07
  • Review by UKBN8V, 10 out of 10
    Best I've found in bluetooth transmitters, so far

    I give this product 4 starts because no product in this type of technology can avoid some type of white noise during transmission of the signal. They could probably come up with something but it will probably be unprofitable and useless before it becomes a dead technology, anyway. This is the best product you can get for this function that I've found, plus the charging port charges my phone super quick and I like the protruding, bendable display because the cigarette lighter in my truck is down and tucked under the dash and the stationary one they sell on Amazon would be hard to reach or see from the drivers side. It works for what I need it for and I only paid less than 30 bucks during black Friday, best get it while it's cheap.

    Nov 21, 2021 20:01
  • Review by Skiforever, 10 out of 10
    FM Transmitter Increases Vehicle Audio Options

    This is a great little transmitterk/music input device. It is an excellent way to plug an MP3 player, a USB Drive, or micro sd card into your sound system, perticularly on vehicles that do not have this level of input options. Did I mention it allows Bluetooth pairing also? The scan feature allows you to choose the best FM station, with the least interference, rather than being stuck with only some pre-programmed channels, as some of these transmitters do. This device brought my old Chevy Van sound system into the present, even to the level that when using Bluetooth pairing with my phone, it allows hands free phone call communication through my car speakers. This is a real win

    Nov 17, 2021 22:09
  • Review by JohnJohnnyJohna, 10 out of 10
    Good Quality,but

    Everything is amazing with the Anker. At first some stations would have a lot of static noise coming with the music you would play and when the music would stop playing, all you hear was static. It would get annoying so I kept searching for new stations and eventually I found one and I haven't had the static noise since. So if you have that problem, don't give up on it. Just keep looking, it's a really good investment and amazing device. I am very happy with it.

    Sep 27, 2019 17:29
  • Review by anniegirlz, 10 out of 10
    Makes an old car a smart car, almost

    I wanted to be able to talk or call from my phone as well as charge it , in my car, in case of emergency, which meant I had to connect a transmitter. I found this one online and picked it up curbside. The Best Buy agent there was very helpful I had to ask a 13 yr old to set it up for me, but after he did, it works perfectly, making my 16 yr old car up to date. It is fully adjustable too.

    May 03, 2020 18:15
  • Review by Theo, 8 out of 10
    Great buy!

    Great option for a Bluetooth system if you don’t have one in your car. Have noticed it can come loose, but only if you hit a bump really hard, otherwise very reliable! Doubles as a charger too!

    Nov 23, 2021 14:20
  • 8.8score