Top Best 50 home stereos in December 2021

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PreSonus - Eris 3.5" 50W 2-Way Reference Monitors (Pair) - Black

Get a high-quality listening experience with these PreSonus Eris active media reference monitors. The 3.5-inch woven-composite transducers deliver rich, accurate bass, and the 1-inch silk-dome tweeters produce crisp high-range tones. These PreSonus Eris active media reference monitors have built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity so you can stream high-fidelity audio without cords.

8 Features
  • Suitable for home use: Deliver studio-quality sound with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology in a compact form designed for home environments, making them a great choice for music lovers, content creators, and gamers.
  • 50W (25W per speaker) class AB amplification: Experience loud, clear audio thanks to the built-in class AB amplifier.
  • 3.5" woven-composite woofer and 1" ultra-low-mass, silk-dome tweeter: Provide a balance of crisp highs with immersive lows for impressive sound.
  • Integrated headphone amplifier: Comes with a front-panel stereo 1/8" jack and allows you to connect your favorite headphones for personal listening.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless stereo input: Lets you pair these speakers with your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Rear-firing, round bass-reflex port: Offers deep, powerful low-frequency sound.
  • Balanced 1/4"TRS, unbalanced RCA, and 1/8" Aux inputs: Allow you to connect a range of audio peripherals to help make the most of recording projects.
  • Elegantly compact design: Creates a stylish appearance.
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  • Review by Alex, 10 out of 10
    Great quality but huge.

    Overall, they have great quality which is all that mattered to me. But, they’re pretty huge for a desk.

    Jul 23, 2021 16:03
  • Review by AinaHainaAdele, 10 out of 10
    Speakers for laptop

    easy to hook up (and to connect to Bluetooth), got these to supplement the speakers on my laptop so I can hear better during frequent virtual meetings

    Oct 02, 2021 02:14
  • Review by Mzhoward, 10 out of 10
    Speakers bang

    These are some awesome speakers. Little in size but great sound!

    Dec 25, 2020 19:49
  • Review by josh, 10 out of 10
    i like then a lot

    they are great and all just need improvements

    they don’t support subs so it kinda sucks

    Jun 30, 2020 03:40
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    Russound - Bluetooth Receiver for Multiroom Systems - Black

    The new BSK-1 C-Series Bluetooth Receiver permits Bluetooth enabled devices to stream content to C-Series systems for wireless audio. It is a remotely located Bluetooth receiver, optimized for ideal placement and range by the custom installer. For maximum flexibility it can be configured as either a system source or a local source.The BSK-1 integrates with Russound C-Series multizone systems. System components communicate with each other via the Russound RNET protocol, and components are interconnected using standard CAT-5 cable.The new BTA-1 A-BUS Bluetooth receiver permits Bluetooth enabled devices to stream content to A-BUS keypads for wireless local source audio in any room.The BTA-1 A-BUS Bluetooth receiver integrates with Russound A-BUS multi room systems, which are also interconnected using standard CAT-5 cable. The A-BUS Bluetooth receiver streams content to the local A-BUS keypad, so it serves as a local source within the room whose audio that particular keypad controls.

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  • Review by smarthomenovice, 10 out of 10
    Worked as expected

    Simple to hook up. Worked as expected. Definitely a bit expensive.

    Mar 20, 2020 16:23
  • Review by Anson, 10 out of 10

    Great device. I will recommend this to my friends.

    May 26, 2017 19:24
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    Polk Audio
    Polk Audio - Polk Reserve R200 Bookshelf Speaker, 1" Pinnacle Ring Tweeter & 6.5" Turbine Cone Woofer, Dolby Atmos & IMAX Enhanced - Black

    Experience amazing sound in a modern design with Polk Reserve R200 Large Bookshelf Loudspeaker. Featuring a two-driver array with a 1” high-definition Pinnacle Ring tweeter and a 6.5” Turbine Cone Woofer, this flagship speaker delivers pristine highs, detailed midrange, and effortless bass for all your movies, music, and video games. Additionally, the newly patented Polk X-Port Technology with an Eigentone Filter (ETF) housed inside a bass reflex cabinet ensures that the upper bass and mid-range are free of port and cabinet resonances for smooth, detailed audio. With Hi-Res Audio Certification, Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced, the Polk Reserve R200 delivers clear and detailed high-end response so that you get clear dialogues and immersive audio for all your entertainment. The R200 can be used as a front stage speaker for a 2-channel system, or as rear/side surrounds for a multi-channel home theater setup. Place it on a stand (sold separately), shelf, tabletop, or any other stable flat surface, or mount it on the wall as per your wish. Create a complete home theater by adding other Reserve Series speakers (sold separately). Add another R200 speaker and pair them with two R500 tower speakers and a R300 center channel speaker or add three R350 LCR Speakers as L/R Surrounds and center channel. Get extraordinary sound reproduction from any part of the room.

    7 Features
  • Solid, Versatile Bookshelf Loudspeaker: Featuring the new 1" Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter & a 6.5" Turbine Cone Woofer, the technologically advanced Polk Reserve R100 Small Bookshelf Speaker ensures ultra-clear, crisp highs, smooth, detailed midrange & rich, effortless bass
  • Unmatchable Audio Performance: With Hi-Res Audio Certification, Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced, the R200 offers an unparalleled audio experience by delivering clear and dynamic high-frequency response with exceptional audio clarity. It supports hi-res audio formats like DSD, FLAC, WAV, ALAC and MQA
  • Impactful Bass for All Your Entertainment: Features Polk's Patented X-Port Technology with Eigentone Filter (ETF) inside a bass reflex cabinet with a rear-firing port that eliminates unwanted noise, offering tight, distortion-free bass for your music, movies, and video games
  • Pairs Perfectly with Any Home Theater System: This compact bookshelf speaker can be used as the front stage or as side and/or rear surrounds for any multi-channel home theater setup. The premium, large 5-way binding posts ensure easy & efficient setup with loss-less connection
  • Acoustically Designed Cabinet: Build to minimize diffraction and create an open sound stage, the Reserve Series cabinets are carefully cross-braced, while the acoustically inert anti-diffraction magnetic grilles offer a clean, modern aesthetic without sacrificing sound quality
  • Multiple Placement Options: Place this loudspeaker on a stand (sold separately), shelf, tabletop, or any flat surface, or mount it on the wall – it delivers the same extraordinary performance either way. The integrated rubber feet allows stable placement and protects the mounting surface
  • Create a 5.0 Channel Home Theater Setup: Add another R200 speaker and pair with two R500 towers and a R300 center channel, or pair with three R350 LCR Speakers as L/R surrounds and center channel to build a surround sound system. Add R900 height module for more depth. (All Sold Separately)
  • 2 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Georgio, 10 out of 10
    Very nice audiophile level speakers for the price

    Superb sound for the price. I tried these out vs the ls50 metas and while the mids are slightly weaker, the highs are on par and sound better in some ways. The metas got slightly harsh at times(although at times also more detailed sounding) but these sound in-between a soft dome tweeter and a ribbon tweeter(doesnt have the harshness i hear in ribbon tweeters at certain frequencies though slightly less detailed). These are less than half of the price of the metas! The finish is okay but nowhere near the metas. They look good but you can tell this is how the cost was cut to meet the price. The bass is not super strong but clean and definitely better than the metas. Sound stage is great.

    The biggest weakness of these: speaker placement. They are really picky about how it's placed/faced. Horizontal dispersion is not great. It sounds different pretty quickly when you move out of the ideal sitting position. Vertical dispersion is not as bad; you can have the tweeter slightly below or above ear level but still not as good as most others I've heard.

    Overall, 4.5 (5 if based off of value for the price)

    Oct 02, 2021 07:59
  • Review by John, 10 out of 10
    Great warm sounding speakers

    Easy to listen to speakers that look great at this price point. Sony STR=DH790 didn't have any issues driving these speakers at reasonable volumes. They are pretty big for bookshelf speakers and the port design does not lend to plugging if you have to put them close to a wall behind them. I mention this as I did have to pull them out a little more than I thought to reduce the boomy-ness.

    Sep 25, 2021 14:36
  • Definitive Technology - Descend DN8 8" Sub, 3XR Architecture, 500W Peak Class D Amplifier & (2) 8" Bass Radiators - Black

    The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 is a compact, digitally optimized subwoofer designed for movies and music. It is outfitted with dual 8” Bass Radiators that are pressure coupled to the 8” driver and 500W peak Class D amplification that deliver powerful bass with amazing speed, musicality, and control even at 34Hz. Featuring the unique 3XR Architecture with three-times the bass-producing surface area of traditional subwoofers, the DN8 performs like a 10” sub and delivers louder and clearer lows without any unwanted port noise distortion. Built-in controls easily accessible at the back panel allows variable volume, low pass filter and phase control (0/180°) for optimum bass levels. Set power toggle to Auto on/off or DC control for fast and easy on/off power switching in the sub and other home theater equipment. A perfect complement to any home theater system, you can easily connect the DN8 via LFE or stereo line level RCA inputs (cables not included). Add another, same-model subwoofer to your home audio set up to dramatically improve realism, smooth out peaks and dips, as well as to get an even bass response for all your movies and music. Be at the center of action from any part of the room!

    7 Features
  • A Powerful, Upgraded Subwoofer: More efficient than previous DT subs and a perfect addition to your home theater, the Definitive Technology Descend DN8 features an 8" driver and (2) pressure-coupled 8" Ultra Low Bass Radiators, and the new 3XR Architecture for an amazing audio experience
  • More Bass from the Same Space: Featuring the new 3XR Architecture with three-times the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer, the DN8 performs like a 10” sub in an 8” cabinet. The 3XR does not have ports, resulting in crystal-clear lows with no port noise
  • Bigger, Dynamic Audio for Movies & Music: Equipped with an advanced digitally-tuned 500W peak Class D Amplifier that uses optimal power and reduces digital noise, this subwoofer delivers detailed audio and superior musicality with a deep, transcending bass
  • Modern, Minimalistic Designs: Featuring a non-resonant, beautifully-designed and acoustically transparent cabinet, the Descend DN8 adds a dash of sophistication to your home decor. It blends perfectly, looks great, and sounds even better
  • Versatile Connection Options: Easily connect your home entertainment setup with this subwoofer via LFE or stereo line level RCA inputs (cables not included). The DN8 is perfect from most home theater setups
  • Built-In Controls: For convenient operations, the back panel features controls for variable volume, low pass filter, phase toggle (0/180°) for optimum bass, power toggle (Auto On/Off or DC Control) for fast power switching - all controls you need for smooth functioning
  • Add an Additional Sub for Thunderous Sound: By adding another same-model subwoofer, amplify every crunch, explosion, and roar, and feel at the center of the action. The result will be dramatically improved realism, smoother peaks, and an even bass response across the room
  • The Most Useful Review
  • Review by Edward, 10 out of 10
    Big sound from a small package

    I decided on the 8" to replace decade old Def Tech 10" Pro sub and this one has breathed new life into my system. Very happy with my purchase.

    Oct 14, 2021 11:58
  • Victrola - Bluetooth Stereo Audio System - Mahogany

    Stream music to this Victrola 7-in-1 Bluetooth turntable from up a device up to 33 feet away. The three-speed turntable plays all vinyl records, and the CD player, cassette player, FM radio and aux-in port allow audio from a variety of sources. Software and a cable are included with this Victrola 7-in-1 Bluetooth turntable so you can record from vinyl to MP3.

    8 Features
  • Belt-driven system: Enjoy superior sound thanks to the belt drive, which reduces vibration.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • MDF body: Helps dampen vibrations.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • RCA output: For easy connectivity. A headphone jack enables private listening.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by RocknRoll, 10 out of 10
    Wanna play all formats & record to CD?

    The perfect music system for 33-1/3, 45, cassette, CD, recording to CD, AM/FM radio. Easy to use, ready to use when I received it. Just what I've been looking for.

    Jul 06, 2021 09:42
  • Review by tablet, 10 out of 10
    Happy Happy Happy

    I am loving this Victrola. I did not have any music except on my lil clock radio but not I can listen toall my oldies.

    Jul 10, 2021 12:33
  • Review by SHEP, 10 out of 10


    Jul 02, 2021 17:01
  • Review by Player, 10 out of 10
    Purchase for my granddaughters

    Bought this for my granddaughters and they love it.

    Jul 09, 2021 18:39
  • Review by Sosa, 10 out of 10

    Good sounds, easy to use. I recommend. Wood is not strong, it might break easy.

    Feb 09, 2021 10:51
  • Review by EvyMau, 10 out of 10

    This was a gift for my parents. They love it. The quality of the sound is great. Easy to use. Great product.

    Dec 18, 2020 16:12
  • Review by Newipad, 8 out of 10
    Reminiscing with my Records

    This Victrola has performed well, though in my area I don't get many FM stations (it does have an antenna). My main goal was to play my old records and the many CDs that I can't use in my new car. The unit is attractive and well-made. Good value.

    Dec 14, 2020 12:34
  • Review by Jabber, 10 out of 10
    Christmas present

    It is a cool retro looking record -player/audio system

    Nov 08, 2020 15:14
  • 9.8score
    Bowers & Wilkins - CI600 Series 6" Dual Channel Stereo Surround In-Ceiling Speaker w/Aramid Fiber Midbass- Paintable White (Each) - White

    Create stereo sound with one speaker for smaller spaces such as bathrooms or flip a switch to use as a surround channel in a home theater system. The Bowers & Wilkins CCM663SR dual channel in-ceiling speaker, which features a 6" woven Aramid fiber mid-bass driver with dual voice coils and two 1" soft-dome tweeters for clear cross-spectrum audio. The white grill can be painted to match the surrounding surface. Bowers & Wilkins CI600 Series of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers improves on our CI300 range by combining next-level performance with innovative features that make them a breeze to install and fine-tune for personalized sound. Looking for a step-up in performance? The CI700 Series offers improved parts quality and manufacturing techniques for improved performance.

    7 Features
  • Two 1" soft-dome tweeters: Clear and crisp reproduction of high frequencies.
  • 6" woven Aramid fiber bass/midrange driver: Clarity and power for vocals and bass instruments through the use of a signature technology- Aramid fiber.
  • Paintable Magnetic Grill: Paintable to match your décor
  • Quick Dog Frame: Two piece system for mounting the speaker in the ceiling for simple, tool-less installation. First the mounting frame is installed and secured be applying finger tight pressure to spring clamps. Lastely, the speaker is plugged into the frame and secured with push-pin connectors.
  • 2-position switch: Makes it easy to alternate between stereo and surround sound modes.
  • 8" Cutout Diameter: 5.2" Depth behind drywall
  • Optional Pre-mount Kit and Backbox: PMKC6 Pre Mount and BB6C Backbox available separately.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by BWFan, 10 out of 10
    Excellent clarity and definition

    I have much more expensive B&W speakers that are connected to a two channel stereo system in my home and have found them to be very accurate, clear, and able to create a wide soundstage. While these speakers are much less expense (although they are not inexpensive), they sound a lot like the the other B&W speakers I own. There is a quality to all B&W speakers that seems run through the whole product line. I thought I might need the larger 8" speakers, but that is not the case. These 6" speakers have a wide frequency range when paired with a good subwoofer in a surround sound system. In addition, they have a really cool design that makes installation quick and easy. I installed them myself and I had no problems. Basically, you cut the holes in the ceiling using the provided template, draw out the speaker wire, connect the positive and negative ends to the color coded connections on a frame that you then push up into the hole and lock in place. You then simply push the speakers up into the frames using the alignment arrows as a guide and punch the locking nuts into place with a screwdriver. Put on the magnetic covers and you are done....very secure and clean installation. They reproduce a movie soundtrack in amazing detail. I also listened to the B&W 6" speakers below these in the product line and these are clearly superior. I also listened to the speakers above these in the product line and couldn't tell enough difference to justify the higher price, so these seem to be the best value in the line-up.

    Apr 17, 2020 23:15
  • Review by Markus, 10 out of 10
    I was looking to upgrade!

    I upgraded my basic Klipsh in ceiling speakers that came as part of my package when we built in 2014.

    I wanted more dynamic range and directional tweeters. The B&W with Kevlar and adjustable tweeters really made the difference!

    The sound is tight but robust. Firm and soft at the same time is another way of describing it. The vocals from their famous tweeters are incredible and the mid and bass is as good as you can expect from a 6” cone.

    Paired up with 700 watt Martin Logan 10” sub.

    Can’t go wrong with B&W

    Mar 13, 2019 19:29
  • Review by JakeBlues, 10 out of 10

    After reading countless online reviews of online reviews, I was stuck between the less expensive Speaker Craft which fit my budget and the Bowers and Wilkins CCM664 which stretched my budget. I visited 3 different Best Buy stores before I found someone helpful and knowledgeable enough to spend the time with me and answer questions. Listened to the Speaker Craft first, which weren't bad, but a bit tinny. Once I listened to the B&W CCM664, I was impressed. and had decided Then against my better judgement, I decided to give the CCM 663s a listen which were $75 more each and would stretch my budget even more. I was blown away! Suddenly my budget was out the window and I walked out with a pair of CCM663s. Installation was a snap and took about 1 hour. The housing is installed and wired in the ceiling first then the speaker easily snaps in. The tweeters are aimable, so creating a large sweetspot is easy. And the grills are magnetically attached. Couldn't be happier!

    Jan 13, 2016 12:49
  • Review by NS75cctx, 10 out of 10
    Highly recomended

    I used these speakers on my ceiling for my Dolby Atmos setup 7.2.2. I'm very satisfied of the performance. Bowers-Wilkins are high quality product.

    May 25, 2015 18:14
  • Review by LRDavis, 10 out of 10
    Love these new speakers

    What a huge improvement to our surround TV/family room! Much needed update, long overdue!

    Jun 11, 2021 15:55
  • Review by Krish, 10 out of 10
    It’s like in sitting in the theater.

    Just got 4 of the installed by Geeksquad. A whole other level of surround. Awesome speakers.

    Jan 08, 2021 18:19
  • Review by Swendell, 10 out of 10
    Quality in Sound and Manufacturing

    THESE OWN! Sound quality coming from MAG6Rs are night and day, Love these speakers. Have them all through my house powered by Sonos AMPS.

    Jan 09, 2021 11:36
  • Review by Robert, 10 out of 10
    Home theater experience

    Amazing speakers make our living room sound like we’re at the movies!

    Mar 05, 2021 20:17
  • 9.8score
    Sonos - One SL Wireless Smart Speaker - Black

    Get rich, room-filling sound with this Sonos One SL speaker, and control it with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more. Pair it with Sonos One or another One SL in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound.

    7 Features
  • Multiroom compatible smart speaker: Plays music in multiple rooms at once.
  • 2-way speaker system: Sends the right frequencies to the right speakers for outstanding audio.
  • Apple AirPlay 2: Stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to play Apple Music.
  • Stereo sound: Pair with Sonos One or another One SL in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound. Use a pair as rear home theater surrounds with Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.
  • Control your music from the palm of your hand: Download the free Sonos Controller app on your compatible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to search for songs and stations, choose music and control the volume on your Sonos One SL smart speaker.
  • Build your system: Easily connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over WiFi to create a home sound system that brings every room and everyone together.
  • Rich, powerful sound: Includes a tweeter and a mid/woofer.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by NeatWallTV, 10 out of 10
    From Neat Wall TV

    We’re a small business Home A/V Installation Service that focuses on practical solutions that are future proofed to a certain degree. Sonos offers ease and practicality with a level of precision like no other. I tell my customers all the time it won’t literally happen but on the level of product comparison; Sonos has the tech and product level that redefines music and could put Bose in their place to out of business. Sonos is to retail shopping what Amazon has done to the world.

    Sep 02, 2021 20:19
  • Review by Daniel, 10 out of 10
    They do their job

    I really just bought them to complete the Sonos previous purchases(beam and subwoofer ). They do their job and look nice on top of the stands. I didn’t buy them as sound for my tv... just a Bluetooth system for my man cave and connected to pet her in the house.

    Dec 11, 2020 16:17
  • Review by TechnicallyWell, 10 out of 10
    Same Great Sound Quality, Just No Alexa

    ## Setup

    If you’ve used the Sonos app to setup other Sonos speakers, you’ll find the process to be very familiar. First, place the speaker where you want it in your home and connect the power. Open the app, go to Settings and select System > Add Product. The app will then scan for new speakers and walk you through the setup process. At the end, the Sonos app will also install the latest updates to the speaker, so there is a bit of wait until you can hear the sound from the new speaker.

    ## Sound Quality

    If you already have a Sonos One or Play:1 speaker, you’ll find the sound quality on the Sonos One SL is exactly the same. The only difference is the lack of microphones on the SL.

    As is typical with Sonos speakers, the sound quality is superb with great bass. Highs, mids and lows all come through clearly and make for a very enjoyable listening experience. One speaker can fill a medium-sized room easily and likely even a large room. The Sonos One SL can be paired with another Sonos One (but NOT a Sonos Play:1) for stereo sound or grouped with other Sonos speakers around your home for simultaneous play.

    ## Features

    No voice assistant: The main reason for buying this particular speaker is likely the omission of a voice assistant. This isn’t just for privacy-minded folks: if you already have an Echo device in the room you plan to use a Sonos speaker, you can save some money and forgo having a second voice assistant in the same room. Or, perhaps you just want a second speaker to create a stereo pair with another Sonos One speaker that already has Alexa.

    AirPlay 2: Although this speaker has no virtual assistant, it still has some of the benefits of the Sonos One, one of which is AirPlay 2. This allows you to easily stream music from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the speaker without going through a Bluetooth pairing process. While playing music, simply tap the AirPlay icon on your iPhone and select the speaker.

    Humidity resistance: You can’t go splashing water on this speaker, but if you plan on placing this in the bathroom, the extra humidity from the shower will not be a problem.

    ## Summary

    The main difference between the Sonos One and One SL is that the latter lacks microphones and the voice assistant. The Sonos One SL still has the great sound quality your expect from Sonos, as well as AirPlay 2 functionality.

    Oct 13, 2019 18:38
  • Review by Prelude428, 10 out of 10
    Small but mighty!

    If you have the setup to get this as a surround sound setup do it! Was hesitant but is a great option for my setup!

    Apr 09, 2021 17:22
  • Review by BahiaBreez, 10 out of 10
    Tiny In Size But....

    I Was In The Market For Speakers, (Quarantine & Need Music, LOUDLY) & After Reading Many Reviews & Weeks Of Research I Settled On Sonos One SL & Im Very Pleased, I Also Purchased Open-Box, Yep & 1st Best Buy Purchase & As A Young Woman, During A Pandemic, ✅✅ Satisfied Boxes. The Speakers Are Loud, Voice/Sound Clear, No Muffles, Connecting/Set-Up To WiFi Easy. Its Nearing Month Since Purchase & Exactly DOP Will Buy 2nd Sonos Speaker.

    Jun 15, 2020 15:28
  • Review by Maemae2022, 10 out of 10

    Love! Love! Love! Work excellent with my Sonos Arc and subwoofer and aesthetically very wife friendly.

    Mar 19, 2021 20:25
  • Review by Bill, 10 out of 10
    Sonos makes very good products

    These two speaker were purchased as a gift and shipped to California. However, I have three of their speakers and enjoy them very much.

    Jul 31, 2020 17:30
  • Review by Blane6264, 10 out of 10
    Clean look

    Bought these to mount on wall. Wanted to go with a clean look against the wall. Sonos perfect like always.

    Sep 23, 2020 10:14
  • 9.6score
    Sonos - Five Wireless Smart Speaker - Black

    Set up this Sonos Five wireless speaker in your living room to get the party going. Three high-excursion woofers deliver deep bass you can dance to, while Trueplay technology maximizes sound to fit the acoustics of your space. Capacitive touch and Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls on this Sonos Five wireless speaker let you change tunes and adjust the volume with a tap or a word.

    12 Features
  • Voice control: Wirelessly connect a voice enabled device such as Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini for hands-free control of your music and more.
  • Apple AirPlay 2 support: Stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad, and ask Siri to play Apple Music.
  • Compatible with new generation of Sonos app: This product requires the new generation of the Sonos app, Sonos S2.
  • Smart stereo sound: Place a single speaker horizontally for stereo sound (additional speakers sold separately). Pair two speakers in an upright position, and each automatically adjusts to mono for more detailed stereo separation and a wider soundstage.
  • Customized sound: Trueplay™ puts the speaker-tuning capability of the pros in the palm of your hands, adapting and optimizing the sound of the speaker to the unique acoustics of the room.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Stream via your Wi-Fi network, and wirelessly connect more Sonos speakers to expand your sound system.
  • Capacitive touch controls: Play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and group rooms simply by tapping or swiping the top of the speaker.
  • Expand your sound system: When you're ready, wirelessly connect more Sonos speakers, and enjoy listening in more rooms.
  • Deep bass: Five's unrivaled acoustic design features three high-excursion woofers within a sealed architecture that eliminates reverb and echo.
  • Ultrawide soundstage: Two precisely angled side tweeters create spatial extension and rich stereo sound, while the center tweeter optimizes vocal playback.
  • Humidity-resistant design: Sonos Five can withstand the moisture of bathrooms and covered patios.
  • Line-in and play: Connect your turntable, CD player, or another device directly to Five using its 3.5mm line-in port.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Cloudsongs, 4 out of 10
    App is SO terrible - Great hardware almost useless

    The hardware is great, but the software is, and has been for years, terrible, frustrating and incapable of doing some of the most basic things. (if you doubt it - have your salesperson play songs from their iphone through the sonos system…. from their playlist. You can get Pandora but NOT Spotify but you can NOT play your music) And for the TV - the app doesn’t remember ANY set up - Every tme I use the app I have to tell it which speakers, what volume what source etc, it’s at least 10 steps and if you pause video for more than about 5 minutes it makes you do it all again. I changed to network name and had to reset every sonos piece, that took 1-1/2 hours (which beats throwing the system away, which was the alternative) I really wish I had the room wired for speakers when it was under construction, this is horrible. Below is how to add music sources, you know the proper syntax to your system path right?

    Jul 04, 2021 08:38
  • Review by Alekz5, 10 out of 10
    Best Sonos speaker for large spaces.

    I’ve been upgrading my home audio to an all Sonos system. I was looking into replacing my HomePod and had opted for a pair of Sonos Ones. I didn’t get enough sound out of those so I returned that pair and bought a Sonos Five.

    For those people trying to fill a bigger space the Sonos Five has you covered. It’s the biggest speaker in the newer generation Sonos line (not counting the sound bars).

    It sounds great! It has crisp clear highs and deep bass. I was wondering if I would eventually need to buy a Sub to go with it but I’m more than happy with the lows. It doesn’t have any smart voice features but I honestly don’t miss them, trying Siri to understand or play the music I wanted was always hit or miss. Now I just take my phone out and use the Sonos app or Airplay directly from Apple Music. The hardware is top notch. I was never a fan of their older industrial design but ever since the latest generation versions came out I have to say they nail my aesthetic design.

    Jul 25, 2021 18:18
  • Review by Matt, 10 out of 10

    Now that I’ve had this speaker in my kitchen for several weeks I can give this an honest review. That being said I truly love this speaker. The white modern look blends really well in a deep corner of our kitchen countertop. As for the sound it’s rich and detailed even at an extremely low volume. I really enjoy that I can hold a conversation and listen to music with such fullness. There in no need for an additional subwoofer. The volume you can achieve with this speaker is more than most people will need I would be extremely surprised is anyone were disappointed. The speaker is more than capable of bass you can feel in your chest. I keep the eq for the low end at -2. I enjoy bass. Mids are clear and smooth and highs are crisp yet smooth. The sound can charge from track to track depending on the recording and amount of compression. The Sonos app works well and playing you favorite music apps is a breeze. The app itself takes a little bit to learn how to navigate but is fairly comprehensive. It’s a $500 speaker so my expectations were fairly high. I have to say they were met. I was fortunate enough to purchase this at $399. So I would say it was a value.

    Jan 01, 2021 16:33
  • Review by Corey, 8 out of 10
    Expensive speaker

    It's a good speaker, sound is clear and crisp. It is bulkier than what I was expecting. Seems like the competition in this space is catching up on quality and Sonos isn't budging on price. Overall I think it's a great speaker, however, you have other alternatives that could save you money for relatively close to the same quality.

    Dec 28, 2020 08:29
  • Review by BestTV, 10 out of 10
    Sonos Rocks

    Sonos by far is the best wireless speaker system on the market the quality of the sound the ease of use the sophistication of the software makes for a great listening experience

    Apr 10, 2021 08:17
  • Review by WilliCRNA, 10 out of 10
    I’m thinking about buying another.

    I already have a Sonos home theatre system and home wireless speakers so this was an add on for an Audio-Technical LP120XBT-USB turntable I bought to listen to some vinyls. With the direct Line In jack on the 5, I can connect my turntable (must have a built in pre- amp or an separate pre-amp to work) directly and then connect all the other Sonos speakers wirelessly. By itself this speaker is great and has great sound. Yeah, it’s pricey and that will give you pause to pull the trigger. So, buy it or don’t. It’s up to you. I’ll be jamming out regardless.

    Aug 17, 2021 19:55
  • Review by Fives, 10 out of 10
    The speaker that could

    Well this speakers has it all, crisp highs,mids, and suprising lows. The range is unbelievably for not having a subwoofer. I have 2 for stereo sound. The only thing I wish was some kind of mount for a speaker stand. I used velcro to help keep my speaker put on the stand, otherwise its a great sounding speaker.

    Jun 26, 2021 11:17
  • Review by William, 10 out of 10
    10 speakers for the rear part of system.

    Used as back speakers. Moved my ones to the side. Just grouped them all together with arc, bass. Great sound with minimal wires.

    Nov 17, 2020 16:52
  • 9.6score
    Bowers & Wilkins - Dual 8" 400W Active Subwoofer - black

    Add booming bass tones to your home theater setup with this Bowers & Wilkins PV1DB active subwoofer that features a 400W Class D amplifier and dual 8" long-throw drivers for robust, detailed audio output.

    5 Features
  • Active subwoofer: Features dual 8" paper, DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber and aluminum composite long-throw drivers for rich low-frequency output.
  • 400W Class D amplifier: Delivers thunderous bass tones.
  • Balanced drive: Plus DSP (digital signal processing) helps ensure optimal performance.
  • 5 presets: Along with analog input sensitivity, digital gain, automatic on/standby, 12V trigger on/standby, 12V trigger preset switching, RS-232 automation control and frequency, slope and phase low-pass filter options offer versatility.
  • Stereo line input (2x RCA/phono/cinch): Along with a speaker level input with included 16.4' cable enables flexible connectivity.
  • 5 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by SteveP, 10 out of 10

    I definitely would recommend

    This subwoofer. It’s awesome....................

    Jan 05, 2018 18:40
  • Review by Reviewer1, 10 out of 10
    One of the best, especially for music!

    This is hands down one of THE most accurate subwoofers I've ever heard and it has good impact as well!


    -Made extremely well with a metal spherical case and aluminum drivers. You can put your hand against the case and feel absolutely zero vibration coming through.

    -It's just downright pretty, love the digital touch panel with OLED display.

    -One of the most accurate subwoofers available right now.


    -It isn't going to be quite as impactful for movies as more traditional box subs. Explosions will sound good but not "boomy" which is what most expect in a movie. So if you primarily listen to music, you'll love this subwoofer, if you only do'll want to look elsewhere. Doing both movies and music? Then it's a toss-up and I recommend demo-ing the unit yourself. Hearing drums through this subwoofer is jaw-dropping at how well it reproduces the bass, especially bass drums and floor toms...just incredible. Even EDM sounds magical on this subwoofer.

    -Yes the aluminum drivers are exposed and they can get dented, but they're more thick than the past PV1 drivers and aren't so prone to dents as they were in that last-gen model. It's a nice aesthetic.

    Another reviewer said to go for the white...but then some people like subwoofers to blend in a bit, although it doesn't hurt for this one to stand out when it's so gorgeous!

    Since I exclusively use the subwoofer for music, it is perfection. If I was looking for a subwoofer for a home theater system, this would not be it.

    Feb 01, 2021 12:41
  • Review by LittleTaint, 10 out of 10
    Amazing home theater sub!

    This subwoofer delivers super clean powerful bass that can handle low frequencies really well.

    Oct 22, 2019 20:05
  • Review by BnWPIE, 10 out of 10

    This subwoofer is the center focal point of my entire room and setup. It is placed directly in the center of my room underneath a sold white coffee table. It matches ever so well. The sound coming from the two 8" subwoofers and fills the space with sweet harmonic sound that makes my ears happy. 10/10 would buy again! Please anyone looking at this subwoofer get the white matte version over the crummy black one. It goes well with anything

    Feb 06, 2015 14:51
  • Review by MikeZ, 8 out of 10
    Great Compact Sub for Mid-Fi Home Theater System

    I purchased this sub because of the good reviews and because it matched with the B&W M-1 speakers. The unit has an interesting look that I'm pretty sure will be a pain in real life. The unprotected ends look cool, but I'm a bit concerned that they may get damaged if someone gets a little careless when they're vacuuming.n the cannon ball configuration is a little awkward during set up - roll it on carpet or a towel to prevent it from being scuffed up.

    Aug 27, 2016 11:17
  • 9.6score
    Audio-Technica - ATLP60XBT Bluetooth Stereo Turntable - Black

    Enjoy your treasured vinyls with this Audio-Technica automatic wireless belt-drive turntable. Bluetooth connectivity enables pairing with wireless speakers and headphones, and the included RCA cable provides compatibility with wired components. This two-speed Audio-Technica automatic wireless belt-drive turntable plays 33-1/3 RPM records and comes with a 45 RPM adapter to accommodate singles.

    7 Features
  • Fully automatic belt-drive design: Offers a reliable way to listen to your music collection.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Dual Magnet phono cartridge: Provides rich audio quality and easy stylus replacement.
  • Diamond stylus: Hard diamond styluses are designed to last.
  • Hinged detachable dust cover: Dust cover protects your vinyl records from damage.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Audiotechnicalp60xbt, 10 out of 10
    Really nice and good quality

    Really nice record player i use to have those cheap suitcase record players and my record would always skip well i bought this one in hope they wouldnt skip and its really nice quality and they dont skip the only bad thing is you need some extra money to buy separate speakers but i already had some laying around so i only bought the record player really recommend

    May 31, 2021 17:33
  • Review by TVchick, 10 out of 10
    Unpack. Setup. Play. It's that easy.

    I've got an old record collection that I've been wanting to play again but I wasn't up on the newer turntable technology. I'm a video producer so I'm familiar with Audio Technica microphones and took a gamble on the AT LP 60XBT turntable and couldn't be happier. Set up was so easy I didn't need the instructions. I just paired it with my Bose speakers and heard the deep luscious sounds of vinyl beaming from the 50s, 60s and 70s tunes. The AT LP 60XBT has a small footprint and fits in my record cabinet well. The cushioned feet help keeps possible bumps from damaging my records. If you're researching, do look for this feature, it's worth the added price. And since they are old, some of my records are scratched and skip or get hung up in spots and all I have to do is gently press a finger on the turntable's arm to get it to continue on. (Like in the old days!) I didn't care for the look of the suitcase turntables and from reviews I noticed users didn't like them because their lids didn't fully cover the record. This is important to note because besides your records, you don't want dust to get into your turntable or needle. For the price, this is an excellent starter turntable. The only thing I wish is that it had some sort of "stop gap" mechanism to prevent the arm from operating when there isn't a record on the turntable. My grandson is fascinated with the turntable and keeps turning it on to play! When there's no record on the turntable the arm will still automatically activate when the "start" button is pressed and the needle drags across the turntable as if it's playing a record. But I don't think any turntable has this option, although some do have a latch to lock over the arm.

    Jul 27, 2021 01:21
  • Review by JustDavidBP, 10 out of 10
    Good Starter Turntable

    Everything you need to play record vinyls are provided by this turntable. Everything from support for both types of vinyls, 33RPM and 45RPM. It also doesn’t bend the disc such as the Victoria I had bought before this. It supports analog and 3.5mm output.

    Oct 13, 2021 09:32
  • Review by KarenF, 10 out of 10
    Audio-Technica Bluetooth / wired turntable

    Great turntable for the money. Plays old and new vinyl beautifully. Pairs well with my 1990s Pioneer system. The Bluetooth function is awesome with my JBL patio speaker. Happy with my purchase.

    Oct 15, 2021 16:21
  • Review by reag, 10 out of 10
    LUV IT

    I LOVE IT! i have used it for the last month, i upgraded from a suitcase record player and there IS A DIFFERENCE. it’s so easy to use my echo dot as the speaker. it’s also so pretty lol

    Mar 05, 2021 16:23
  • Review by Goodfella316, 10 out of 10
    Absolutely Amazing!

    This record player is simply amazing for the money! I’m new to the vinyl world and im sure there’s better record players on the market, but I didn’t necessarily want to spend hundreds on a record player. The sound quality of this unit is mind blowing and functionality is smooth. This paticular model has bluetooth, so it paired up to my samsung surround system in seconds and no loss of sound quality compared to old school rca’s or 3.5mm aux. This unit does have those outputs as well if you choose to be hard wired, but the benefit of bluetooth is you can have this unit anywhere in the room as long as you have a power outlet nearby. If you’re on the fence like i was about which record player to choose, do not hesitate and pick this unit up! You won’t regret it!

    Oct 11, 2021 22:33
  • Review by Ps2397, 10 out of 10

    Great quality and easy to use... the only down fall is that I need to have a set of speakers for it and speakers don’t come with it

    Jan 04, 2020 20:45
  • Review by Allison1984, 10 out of 10
    Affordable, High Quality Turntable

    Great record player, especially if it’s your first. Affordable and high quality with an easy setup. I had everything working within a few minutes and only minimal assembly was required. Sound is superb and the Bluetooth technology is quite convenient. I have a small speaker and the tech allowed for a wireless setup which was ideal for my minimalist preference. Highly recommended.

    Feb 07, 2020 17:49
  • 9.4score
    Sony - V71 High-Power Audio System with Bluetooth - Black

    Start an instant light-and-sound party with this Sony high-power Bluetooth audio system. Its spread sound generator lets the angled speakers distribute clear sounds evenly, and the 360-degree multicolor lighting turns your venue into a dance floor. Set this Sony high-power Bluetooth audio system on Taiko mode and play like a drummer by tapping the top panel.

    9 Features
  • Compact home audio system with multidevice connection support: You can connect up to 50 compatible speakers and synchronize the music and lighting.
  • CD, CD-RW, AAC, MP3 playback formats: Enable listening to your favorite music.
  • Taiko mode: You can play along on samplers, including bongo, djembe, surdo, and the Japanese Taiko drum just by tapping and swiping the top panel in time to the beat.
  • Digital FM tuner: With 20 presets, set your favorite channels for one-touch recall.
  • One 11.9" woofer: Along with two 2" cone-type tweeters and two 4.75" cone-type midranges, ensures a complete range of sounds.
  • Spread sound generator: Directs sound across the whole dance floor, so everyone enjoys similar clarity and volume.
  • Inputs: This audio system includes one analog input for easy access and two microrphone inputs for head-to-head singing along to your favorite tunes.
  • NFC and Bluetooth connection: Near field communication and Bluetooth technology remove the need for wired connections and complex setup sequences.
  • Splash-proof top panel design: The top surface is splash-proof, dustproof, and easy to clean, so the party can keep going all night even if you spill a drink.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by SteveC, 10 out of 10
    Not your old school boom box!!!!

    My wife likes to set up and host special occasions for people we know “holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.”, and wanted a decent sound system to take with her because everyone she’s helped never had a large enough sound system for their event.

    Unpacking and first thoughts:

    Didn’t know how big the MHC-V71 was actually going to be but once it was delivered we knew right away it was going to be big due to the weight and size of the box, “my wife could fit in it :) “. The speaker itself was well packaged inside and covered with a foam wrap protecting it. With it was a manual, remote control, FM radio antenna and some batteries for the remote.

    Our first impression was “wow look at the size of this”, it’s huge, and not your old style boom box by any means. The control panel itself is heavily populated by controls with a small display that shows settings. The center of the control panel has a motion control area and was covered by a sticker showing what the different setting do. We removed that sticker as it was just paper but it was stuck down so well we weren’t sure if it was meant to be left, it’s gone now anyway.

    There are built in casters at the back of the unit and hand holds on the sides and back making this pretty easy to move. Without casters it would be a chore moving it around so we’re glad Sony thought of adding those.

    Trying out:

    Set up was really simple, just plug it in and turn it on. It started out in demo mode and we played around with that for a while getting use to the controls. The party lighting will be perfect for the events she helps host and they always have karaoke events at these, seeing this is a built in option made it even better.


    This system has Bluetooth built in, so we downloaded the Sony music center app off the Google Play store, and this makes using the speaker a lot easier as there are a few functions not available on the remote that the app supports.

    This new speaker system is loaded with features, it has a built in disk player that accepts both CDs and CDRs for playing music. There’s also a USB port for playing music off a thumb drive. I put some albums on a 32gb drive and tried it out. The system found all the files, but its a little clumsy figuring folders and titles with the built in display, using the Android app made this a lot simpler. There are jacks on the back for standard RCA inputs and a built in FM tuner that worked really well as long as the included antenna was attached.

    There are also two microphone Jacks on top of the unit, one of those can be used to attach a guitar and use it as a guitar amp “we won’t be tying that out ourselves”. The dual microphone jacks will come in handy as most of the events she helps host them have karaoke and they like using two microphones if available.

    The party lighting is pretty novel, there are light emitting units at all four corners giving a complete surround effect and the lights flash along with the music pretty accurately. When we saw the advertisements for the speaker we thought that rainbow lighting was just for the advertisement. It actually looks like that in person. There’s also some lighting in the bass and mid-range speakers as well. This can be shut completely off or customized a little with the Sony app so that either all the lighting is on, only the speaker lighting or nothing at all.

    One thing that I was surprised to see is you can put a music CD in the player and have the system transfer the music from that to a thumb drive. This makes it very easy to back up your CDs to a thumb drive.

    Sound Quality:

    We’ve sampled music from various artists from heavy metal to easy listening and the sound quality greatly depends on what sound setting you pick from the pre selects with the “Sound Field” button.

    We were able to adjust everything to our liking and achieve excellent sound quality, there are quite a few options to choose from so it will take a while to remember what each one does.

    Volume wise this can get really loud, actually very LOUD it will easily go past 100db, and will fill the small event halls they usually use without a problem. I also have a Bluetooth transmitter hooked to my projector and the sound during movies was clear, vivid, with plenty of bass. During action scenes you really have to be careful what you have the volume set at as it can really shake things around especially with Mega Bass enabled. I never had to set the volume past 20 during movies, and it does go up to 50 on the scale. She’ll be using it around 40 for the events she’s hosting so there’s still plenty of room to go higher if needed.

    If you are looking for an all-around sound system that can be used for home theater, karaoke or looking at hosting events and you need a simple to use all in one system this may be what you are looking for. The sound quality is excellent and there more than plenty of bass and volume. There are so many features included with this system it should meet and exceed most everyone’s needs.

    Nov 14, 2018 14:35
  • Review by TECHBEENGOOD, 10 out of 10
    “Thunder . . . and lightning?”

    Sony MHC-V71 High Power Home Audio System - “Thunder . . . and lightning?” At least that’s the explanation I’m going to offer if the neighbors call with questions. This is very serious sound production. Good Grief. I wondered before I plugged anything in if the sound would be loud enough to fill a small club or dance party. Now I’m wondering if this beast would shake apart a stone wall. More practically, I could see these SONY systems showing up in Fraternities/Sororities, large house parties, or as sound reinforcement for a small club music venue or performer. These SONY MHC-V71 systems are easily linked via hard wire or Bluetooth. And SONY added wheels for easy relocation.

    PERFORMANCE / SUMMARY: You are going to see the word “loud” a lot. The SONY does NOT need to be played loud to sound good, but it’s so tempting and it’s sure to be used where its capability will be tested. I’m expecting to loan it out, often. The Sony V71 is capable of huge volumes, serious bass, high clarity sound . . . and the light show is club-quality colorful and spectacular. I’m not sure why more of the bright and attractive light show wasn’t directed upwards, rather than towards the floor. But, you can completely control it with an App or choose to turn it off. All types of music sound great, and this would make an ideal sound system to accompany an outdoors movie projection night (party lights off, of course). There are a lot (13) of preset EQs, including a custom one controlled by the SOUND FIELD button.

    I’m working my way through a number of the inputs, and music from my CDs (MP3 and Audio), iPhone, tablet and direct wired have all worked fine. You can play selections in order or SHUFFLE music files on the USB or DISCs. I’d suggest setting up a pre-organized show, but it’s pretty easy to manage various media inputs with some experience. Using the Apps, described below, resulted in some unexpected interruptions in my music when I switched between the Apps or modified some feature or another. This is probably more about my lack of experience, or it may suggest thinking ahead before making some types of changes. Still discovering.

    I exceeded 105 db (live rock band levels) at 1 meter (large indoor room). I wasn’t willing to keep cranking the volume from up close. That large, nearly 12” woofer and the 2 pairs of midranges and tweeters are designed to broadly distribute sound around the listening space.


    *** There is SO much going on here. The instruction manual doesn’t even cover all that is available behind these controls. I’m giving an abbreviated overview, and it’s already too long. I’ll focus on the top panel of the SONY Audio System, while the remote and the SONY Apps add two more entirely different approaches to using the SONY MHC-V71 . The good news is that most of these features are intuitive to use . . . and you’re unlikely to break anything by just winging it. ***

    The viewing display is easily read from above, even in a darkened room, because the controls are all backlit. It appears to be water-proof, with the inputs protected by a tight rubber cover. There are quite a few controls. Many of the most used are repeated on the remote and are also available using a phone/tablet App. The SONY Music Center App controls most sound, media, and content functions. There is another, FIESTABLE App that works with the Music Center App for DJ effects, light, Gesture control and Karaoke control. On the MHCV71 panel there is a MEGA BASS button for added bass, a FIESTA button to bring out a special echo effect. There is the large gesture control. You have control over the light show using the PARTY LIGHT button on the top panel and also the Fiestable App which has an infinite variety of adjustments.

    The full list of INPUTS includes:

    pairing a Bluetooth device such as your phone or tablet which has your music library (up to 3 simultaneously); the built-in FM radio; <c> a USB device with compatible files; <d> a MICROPHONE connected to one of two inputs for Karaoke play; <e> a guitar (using one of MIC inputs); <f> the built-in CD player (audio Cd or CD-R/CD-RW or MP3 files); <g> using the AUDIO inputs L/R from another source (TV/or another V71. (Which also allows chaining together any number of these.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: The SONY MHCV71 is really big. It is capable of LOUD, clean sound for a broad range of venues or settings where portable music reinforcement is desired, and it is expandable for more flexibility. I’m not sure what else is out there that can do what this SONY can do, and all in one package. You’ve got to see this in action. And, you’re going to want to add a microphone (or 2). Great fun.

    Nov 10, 2018 18:28
  • Review by CaneDOC, 10 out of 10
    Would give more stars if I could!

    This thing is literally a party in a tower! It is ready to go right out of the box. Just plug it in! If you like to have parties, this is almost a must have. We cannot stop playing with this thing, especially our son who spends a half an hour to an hour a day exploring it’s functionality and having fun with it.

    It literally has all the bells and whistles, lol. My son loves playing with all the DJ features using the gesture controls which are very cool. The sound is great and LOUD! It pairs seamlessly with any bluetooth device in out house, including the tv, where it gives a new sound experience to any football game. In addition to bluetooth, it has jacks for to plug in either a guitar or a microphone. We are planning on trying karaoke on it very soon.

    Another cool feature is all the lights! It definitely adds to the atmosphere when playing music for a party. You can see in the picture what it looks like during daytime, imagine how much more impressive it is at night. From top to bottom, this is a really cool piece of hardware that not only adds fun to any party, but is fun to play with as well, and the sound is amazing as well. Worth every penny!

    Nov 12, 2018 12:57
  • Review by SimpleLiving, 10 out of 10
    Great home audio system

    My entire family loves this new sound system. It gets used a lot by my teens to host group events from church and school. The system is big, and unpacking requires following the box instruction to avoid any accident. It came well packaged and in include a few accessories (FM radio antenna, remote control with its batteries). The system does not include a microphone. My first use of the system was with my smartphone connected via Bluetooth. I listened to a ton of music, and I enjoyed the sound quality. With the Mega Blass enabled the sound system produces heavy bass that would be very useful for group listening.

    My teens enjoy using the lights and the Karaoke option. They have so much fun using the Gesture Controls while they sing. The system has two 3.5mm microphone jacks, one of these jacks is also a guitar amp (haven't tried it).

    My son and I have lots of fun playing the Taiko game. The game is simple, while the system plays a piece of music you tap the top panel according to the lighting guide pattern that appears on the surrounding of the gesture control sensor. The system scores based on the correct taps. So far, my son has the top score. The Taiko mode can be used to play different types of drums while listening to music.

    The system plays audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 files on disk. It also plays some types of audio files on a USB device. For larger or multi-rooms events, the system has on the rear panel terminals to connect it to other speakers. The bottom wheels make for easy transport over smooth hard surfaces.

    Overall, my family and I are satisfied with this home audio system. The sound quality is good, and the max volume is loud enough for most home events. This device will provide hours of entertainment.

    Nov 14, 2018 20:02
  • Review by Wishkid, 10 out of 10
    Turn your home into a club

    First let’s start with the excellent packaging. I really felt like the product was and will be protected from any potential damage during shipping. The speaker is built of high quality and is huge. The wheels are convenient, however, you should not roll the speaker with the power cable connected as it can be damaged. I personally think the lights is one of the best features of the speaker as they created a cool club like environment. The lights also react to the pace and beat of the music where they blink faster depending on the genre you are playing. The bluetooth worked with no issues. There is actually a voice that verbally notifies you once connected to a bluetooth device. I played a bit with the Taiko mode but I honestly don’t think I will be using this feature much, but a nice addon to have as it can be use while playing music. The inputs are great, however, I wish they had an XLR cable input as this speaker could be used to DJ a small party.

    I’ve read other reviews rating the sound quality cheap and at first, I did agree with them but after playing with the settings I determined that the sound quality is not so bad. I connected a Pioneer DDJ-SX DJ controller and adjusting the highs, mids and bass really brought out the potential sound quality of this speaker. I know not every typical potential buyer has this capability but for an honest review of the totality the sound gets a pass from me. I’m glad that the top is splash proof as I can see someone at a party possibly dropping liquid on it. The multiple CD format player is a good feature, however, I no longer use CD’s and only listen to music in a digital format. The speaker also comes with built-in radio tuner in case you just want to listen to radio station. This thing is loaded with features not only to DJ but it can be use for Karaoke and you can also connect musical instruments. I’ll see myself hosting more house party without the need of DJ rental. Overall, Sony’s speaker is great for a party or event indoors or outdoors. If you take it outdoors, I would recommend an extension as the power cable is not very long.

    Nov 14, 2018 23:29
  • Review by Missjjc, 10 out of 10
    LOVE this speaker

    Let me start by saying this speaker is HUGE! In addition, it is not portable, it always has to be plugged in--you have to have an electrical outlet near for it to go outside.

    The build quality seams very durable.

    I love the fact that speaker comes with a remote control and has Bluetooth.

    I have played all types of different music on the highest volume and it trembles the whole house! Very powerful! - I also do not have a gigantic house so everyone might feel different about the sound quality-It is perfect for me!

    We absolutely love the lights; it is like a HUGE party!

    You can connect up to (2) microphones- which my kids (and adults) love because they like to Play/Sing karaoke.

    A HUGE plus is also that this speaker is splash proof, dustproof-Although I have not personally tried to drop any water on it-It is a great feature to have just in case- as I have had previous speakers ruined at party's due to people dropping drinks on them. FYI- This is only effective when the USB/MIC cover is closed. In addition, this is not guaranteed in ALL situations.

    For the life of me-- I cannot figure out how to turn "DEMO" Mode off, I have read the instructions and googled it and I still cannot figure it out.

    The instructions say:

    Press the power button to turn the unit OFF. Press the DISPLAY button repeatedly until the Demo Mode display disappears. It did not work for me, but it does not bother me. I guess once I play around with it a little more maybe I can figure it out.

    The demo mode seems to turn on when we power the speaker off.

    ALL in all I love this speaker and it is perfect! I would definitely recommend.

    Nov 14, 2018 14:57
  • Review by MrsDwill313, 8 out of 10
    Music Lover

    Was pleasantly surprised How loud This Speaker Was - It’s Cool You Can Use It Outside As Well

    Oct 09, 2021 18:51
  • Review by Landem, 10 out of 10
    Worth every penny!

    This is one AMAZING speaker! I fell in love with it during a recent Best Buy visit. I like my music with a good amount of bass and this does not disappoint in that department. The sound is crisp and the features are great. This speaker is worth every penny!

    Nov 27, 2020 22:58
  • 9.4score
    Logitech - Z906 5.1-Channel Satellite Surround Sound Speaker System (6-Piece) - Black

    Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z906-hear every detail, all around you, in theater-quality sound. 500 watts (RMS) of thunderous audio turns any night into opening night. THX Certification gives you quality you can count on, while onboard 5.1 digital decoding immerses you in your favorite movies as you hear every detail of Dolby Digital or DTSTM encoded soundtracks in surround sound-from the roar of the crowd to the footsteps right behind you. You can connect up to six components simultaneously, including your TV, Blu-ray/DVD, player, DVR, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, iPod and stereo. With its easy-to-read display and easy-to-stack design, the control console fits right in with the home-entertainment setup in your living room. And a wireless remote lets you control your listening experience without ever getting off the couch.

    5 Features
  • 500 watts (RMS) of power: 500 watts (RMS) of power let you make any night opening night and deliver thunderous audio that can shake your house-and your whole neighborhood.
  • THX Certified: These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification - so you can be sure that your entertainment will sound the way it was meant to sound.
  • Digital encoding: Digital decoding enables detailed surround sound - from the roar of the crowd to the footsteps right behind you-in your Dolby digital or DTSTM encoded soundtracks.
  • Multiple inputs: Add up to six components simultaneously and set up your system the way you want to. Connect your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player, DVR, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, iPod, stereo and more.
  • Control console and wireless remote: You're in command with the control console and wireless remote-select inputs and adjust surround sound and volume levels to customize your listening experience.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Snarfy, 10 out of 10
    Oh the sound

    Being the nerd that I am, I didn't just want a couple good speakers, I wanted true surround sound for my new computer. I had a previous version of this setup from the early 2000s and it ran like a champ for years , but it was time for an upgrade. I'm planning on setting up both my computer and two different game consoles on this screen, so extra digital audio inputs on the speaker set was a must.

    The setup comes with speaker wire to connect each of the speakers, so it's easy to fish through small spaces. Extra long cords provided for the back speakers. There are six inputs, the green/orange/black combo from most good computers, red/white RCA, a couple digital audio and so forth. It's easy to switch between them from the control box. I adjust the main volume on the control box, and then fiddle with the volume from the volume control on my keyboard. When you adjust the main volume control on the control box, the speakers in use are lit up. It would have been cool to make the colors adjustable on the control box. They're just orange. Not bad, just would have been nice to make them match the color of the keyboard lights.

    My only complaint is that the control box is light... to light. It can scoot around on the desk. If i were them I would have added a pound of weight inside to keep it in place and help it feel more substantial. Once I get my new computer and monitor all set up I'll probably velcro or command-strip it into place.

    Also, it looks like they were designed to have black mesh speaker covers, but they're not included. When did they stop making the mesh covers?

    Aside from that, truly amazing speakers.

    Aug 04, 2020 08:49
  • Review by Calvin, 10 out of 10
    Logitech surround

    I purchased the speakers just under a month ago and I am very pleased with the sound quality. I use this at work I work in an automotive repair shop and it is more than enough to fill the shop with crisp and clear music.

    Aug 06, 2021 17:38
  • Review by NyQuilD, 10 out of 10
    expensive but worth it

    this is really good am I am very happy never payed this much for a logitech sound system for my pc this is my second one owned and it is great first one was the x-540 for 100 new back in the day still works just wanted new things and this hits it right on the dot bass is really good and the highs are load good mixture couldnt have asked for more

    Aug 22, 2021 14:14
  • Review by quattj, 10 out of 10
    Great non-HDMI surround sound option

    I purchased the Logitech Z906 5.1 500 Watt speaker system for surround sound for both my TV and game computer. I'm giving it 5 stars for what it is, a really good computer audio system that also plays well with TVs and other audio devices, given you have the right hookups.

    Pros: Overall, the sound quality is very good. Much better than any sound bar I've had, and way better than the sad speakers that come in most TVs these days. The subwoofer can pump out a nice healthy level of bass. I always test bass and surround with the first Sauron scene from Lord of the Rings, and was NOT disappointed.

    The provided remote is functional, allowing you to change volume, input, and sound mode/levels.

    The provided speaker wires should be plenty long enough for any small to medium room. My living room is 11x14, and they are just right for where I needed to place the speakers.

    This system has 6 audio inputs (NO iPod input or bluetooth, the Best Buy description is misleading. I did not purchase it for either of those options).

    1 - 3-wire 1/8" Computer Audio Surround input (green/orange/black, comes with the wires for that)

    1 - RCA left/right input (red/white)

    2 - Optical Digital Audio input

    1 - Coaxial Digital Audio input (orange)

    1 - 1/8" stereo input (located on the control module)

    The control module has a large knob for adjusting volume levels, and buttons for selecting the audio modes and inputs.

    It offers various surround modes depending on which input and type of signal you are using. If the input is digital and you are sending a surround signal, it will automatically use "Decode". If you are using an analog or stereo input, you have 3 "Stereo" options to choose from: 3D (expands stereo in to fake surround, does a pretty good job), 4.1 (plays stereo left on the two left speakers, stereo right on the two right speakers, plus the subwoofer), and 2.1 (just the two front speakers and subwoofer).

    I easily mounted my two rear speakers using the Sanus HTBS floor stands.

    Cons: There are no EQ settings, so you get what it gives. I found the front speakers to be a little too "crisp" and ended up reusing my old bookshelf speakers for the front left and right. I would have liked some EQ options.

    If you are sending a true surround signal to one of the digital inputs, you can not use any of the stereo enhancement modes. therefore, if, say, you have your TV outputting Dolby Surround, and your Netflix show is only in stereo, you can't fill the surround speakers unless you set your TV to output regular stereo as well.

    Lack of HDMI input might be a deal breaker for some. I didn't need it.

    Final thoughts: Overall, a great speaker system for PC gamers, and a quite capable system for TVs as well, as long as you know what to expect. I've seen some questions about receivers, and this does not contain a receiver. All connections are on the subwoofer (except for the 1/8" input on the control module). I would recommend the Z906 to anyone who does not want to break the bank on a surround system while still getting a quality product.

    Apr 16, 2021 17:59
  • Review by Trance, 10 out of 10
    Great wired system. No more connectivity issues.

    I found this after doing some online searching for reasonably priced wired/corded surround systems. This one caught my eye because of the on-sale (reduced) price point and from positive experiences with Logitech. I set it up in the 300 square-foot room. This system provides more than enough volume. The subwoofer is impressive. I’m in a noisy area so the front plus rear setup of a 5.1 system is necessary. The front, rear and subwoofer levels are separately adjustable. The highs are not the best because it does not have separate tweeters (Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 20 KHz). In the box for the satellites and center channel, you get two 25ft and three 15ft 18-guage black speaker wire. I had to get a roll of speaker wire (50’) and wire splicers because of where I mounted the rears (in the middle of the wall). Make sure you measure the entire distance up and down walls where you are mounting the rear satellites. The control console is very light and with the large size of the cable in the back, it likes to move around a bit. I saw a review that said someone needed to use Velcro/mounting tape to keep it still. They were right. Some of the orange indicator lights on the control console stay on so it may be distracting if it is set near your TV/Monitor.

    If you are going to mount the speakers on a wall or ceiling, I recommend the Rocketfish 2 pack, model RF-HSWM2B UPC 600603166594 or the 5 pack, model RF-HSWM5B UPC 600603166600 (I bought the 5 pack) both available at Best Buy and have all of the necessary hardware including screws for the satellite speakers and center channel.

    Item "Specifications" listing error - at the time of this review:

    On Best Buy’s website, under Specifications > Audio, it lists “Number of Speakers – 0”. This is not accurate. You get the four satellites (two front, two rear), center channel and subwoofer.

    Also, under Connectivity, it lists “Headphone Jack” - No. This is not accurate. There is a headphone jack on the side of the control console.

    Nov 28, 2020 22:00
  • Review by Buster724072, 10 out of 10
    So far excellent 5.1 surround

    Music. Or if you're plugging it into the computer. This is louder and has more bass . my neighbors can hear me

    I would not advise purchasing if you live in a condo or apartment. For the money is blows every soundbar or other systems for half the cost.

    System rocks!!!

    Feb 07, 2020 17:25
  • Review by Buyer, 10 out of 10

    awesome speaker setup that i do not regret upgrading too from a lower model

    Nov 04, 2021 17:02
  • Review by Jimmy, 10 out of 10

    Excellent sound quality. In love with this surround sound setup!

    Oct 24, 2021 23:44
  • 9.4score
    VIZIO - 2.1-Channel V-Series Home Theater Sound Bar with Dolby Audio, DTS:X and Wireless Subwoofer - Black

    Big sound and bass in a compact package with the incredible VIZIO V-Series 2.1 Compact Sound Bar, from VIZIO, America’s #1 Sound Bar Brand. Compact in size, yet powerful in performance, delivering the audio experience that your favorite content deserves. The clean, low profile design fits neatly under smaller TVs. Enjoy outstanding clarity and room-filling sound with Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround that combine to create a realistic audio experience. With 2 power-packed full-range speakers and a 4.5” wireless subwoofer, the V-Series delivers striking performance beyond its minimalist size. Get setup and listening in minutes with the included HDMI ARC cable that provides the highest-quality audio in a simple, single-cable setup. This also allows you to control your sound bar with your TV remote. Wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcasts with Bluetooth using your phone or compatible device, and conveniently amplify the voice of your favorite assistant by easily connecting it to the Voice Assistant input, for an upgraded, smart audio experience.

    13 Features
  • Compact, versatile design: Sleek, rounded all-black finish with easy-to-clean textured surface, optimized for small-med rooms.
  • DTS® Virtual:X: Sound Enhancement for room-filling, floor-to-ceiling virtualized Sound
  • 2.1-Channel Sound: Experience a powerful room-filling, true stereo experience ideal for movies, music, and gaming.
  • Full-Range Speakers: 2 full-range speakers in the sound bar provide coherent sound and brilliant clarity.
  • 50Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response: Wide, natural frequency response means you can hear what the artist intended.
  • 95dB Loudness: Experience startling dynamics with minimal distortion or compression for remarkable room-shaking sound.
  • 4.5” Wireless Subwoofer: The high-excursion wireless subwoofer provides deep, accurate bass in a remarkably compact cabinet.
  • Optimized for 4K HDR Content with Dolby Audio & DTS Digital Surround: Bring out the best audio performance from your 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround when connected through HDMI.
  • DTS TruVolume HD: Maintain a consistent volume level and eliminate annoying fluctuations between different types of content.
  • Wireless Convenience: Connect quickly and easily with the push of a button then place the wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room.
  • HDMI ARC Input: Provides a higher quality connection to the TV and easily controls your sound bar with the TV remote.
  • Bluetooth Streaming: Dedicated 3.5 Aux or Persistent Bluetooth connection allows you to use your voice to control your Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant devices through the sound bar.
  • All-New Remote: Full-featured, easy to navigate remote with comfort grip.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Robotech2112, 10 out of 10
    Replaced a 5-year-old Vizio sound bar.

    We bought a new OLED TV by Sony and we wanted to upgrade our soundbar.

    We looked at the Sony sound bars but they had bad reviews for those under $400, and since we had good luck with Vizio previously we decided to try this Vizio sound bar.

    The length of this soundbar is shorter than our previous one yet the Fidelity is superior . And it plays very well with the Sony TV.

    Very satisfied it is well worth its price point.

    Nov 14, 2021 18:38
  • Review by vice86, 10 out of 10
    Great sound for a gaming setup

    I have my PS4 Pro setup in my game room and use my 27" Dell gaming monitor which has no speakers as the display. Bought these today with low expectations. Figured I'd try and if it sounded like junk I'd just return them.

    First off the sound bar (24") fits perfectly under my Dell monitor. Almost looks like its part of the monitor. I connected through optical, played some Cold War and was impressed by the big sound from this small 2.1 speaker set up.

    Bass is plentiful without any distortion at the level I was satisfied with. Overall sound is crisp and clear. Turn on the DTS Virtual: X option for a more surround stereo sound, makes a huge difference.

    Definitely recommend these for anyone looking to add a little sound bar (24") to their gaming/computer set up with some bass.

    Oct 03, 2021 15:53
  • Review by Bobe, 10 out of 10
    Great sounding and easy to setup Vizio 2.1soundbar

    Very impressed with the sound of this compact soundbar and sub! I did a quick search for reasonably pried soundbars with wireless sub for my outdoor TV. The TV speakers basically fire backwards so the sound is too loud around the TV area. The soundbar directs the sound right out front so the neighbors don't get annoyed. The wireless sub-woofer performs great for its size. The system was so easy to set up that I thought i was missing something. One HDMI cord from the ARC output from the TCL TV and 2 power cords and was done. The bass module set itself up and ting as working in less than 5 minutes. The soundbar is customizable and has a virtual X 3D mode that sounds great. The system works seamlessly with the ROKU remote that comes wit the TCL TV that I also purchased from BestBuy.

    Oct 05, 2021 14:45
  • Review by Bestbuy1, 10 out of 10
    Good size for smaller TVs

    Great sound for its size and easy to use. It fits underneath and between my smaller TV where space is an issue.

    Oct 11, 2021 12:13
  • Review by Derrick, 10 out of 10
    Tiny But Delivers BIG sound

    So it started off rocky because my bar was stuck on demo mode. I wasn’t aware of it at first until I spent about 20 minutes getting frustrated. Once I did enough research to figure out what the problem was, it was smooth sailing. Controls could be a little nicer, but overall it’s a solid bar and sub - delivers great volume and depth for the cost. This is just in my office/man cave so I didn’t need anything elaborate and the size was perfect for my stand.

    Sep 23, 2021 11:28
  • Review by GeekQueen, 10 out of 10
    I Love This

    When I bought this soundbar, I already owned 3 others by Vizio. I wanted to replace a 3 ft long one I bought about 10 yrs ago (which still works great). The other 2 are small 2.0 versions and I loved them. I bought this 2.1 because it was on sale. OMGosh! I love this thing. The more powerful soundbars may be better, but this one is perfect for me. Also, I had a question for Vizio’s tech dept and was helped by someone incredibly nice.

    Nov 11, 2021 18:02
  • Review by Frank, 10 out of 10
    Vizio V21t-J8 soundbar w/subwoofer

    I purchased this soundbar based on space limitations and favorable reviews and am not disappointed. Extremely easy setup and appreciated the included HDMI cable. Wireless subwoofer is a plus and works great. This soundbar setup is much better than tv speakers and has more volume than I'll ever need. I will buy another when funds are available.

    Nov 19, 2021 18:29
  • Review by Vdn2, 8 out of 10
    Works well enough

    I bought it primarily to send the sound from the insignia fire tv forward and not backwards as it was doing. With the sound bar the bass is decent and the audio is directed into the living room and not the rest of the first floor. Very easy to connect. I used the HDMI(ARC) connection. You need to make sure the TV port days HDMI(ARC). Then in the insignia tv you need to enable PCM under tv audio options and also enable CEC so that you can control the sound bar volume with the TV remote. It's nothing fantastic. But the sub woofer helps. It serves my purpose.

    Nov 07, 2021 08:43
  • 9.4score
    Audio-Technica - ATLP120XBT Bluetooth Stereo Turntable - Black

    Play your favorite records with this Audio-Technica wireless turntable. Bluetooth technology lets you pair speakers or headphones for a wireless listening experience, while the RCA cable connects to your home stereo for high-quality sound. This Audio-Technica wireless turntable has a DC servo direct-drive motor and an adjustable anti-skate control to play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records smoothly.

    8 Features
  • Direct-drive motor: Feel confident that your turntable will last thanks to the rugged direct drive system.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Dual Magnet phono cartridge: Provides rich audio quality and easy stylus replacement.
  • USB output: Lets you digitize your vinyl records for easy backup to a computer.
  • Integrated pitch control: Added pitch control enables you to adjust the pitch as required.
  • Hinged detachable dust cover: Dust cover protects your vinyl records from damage.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by WilliCRNA, 10 out of 10
    Hello 80’s. I’m back.

    My wife bought this for me for our anniversary because I’ve been wanting Vinyl records again. Yes, I was around the first. I have a Sonos wireless speaker system I wanted to connect this to. Sonos recommends a $400 model but this one works perfect. It has a built in Pre-Amp so I can Line In connect to my Sonos Play5 and transmit it wirelessly to all my Sonos speakers. It has a slight plastic feel but the quality is great. Now my kids can play their video games while I’m rocking out to Van Halen,..cause it’s my house. My only gripe; why does it only have a quick guide and you have to go online to get a full owners manual?

    Aug 17, 2021 20:20
  • Review by AudioTechnica, 10 out of 10
    Superb at this price!

    This turntable brings back fond memories of the 70's and 80's style and warm sound. I can now enjoy playing my vintage collection of lp's again with this great sounding Audio Technica! I enjoy the manual tonearm, placing it wherever I want on the record, fully automatics are for the lazies.

    Nov 13, 2021 22:33
  • Review by Aniner1983, 10 out of 10

    Great invesment. Although i already own 2 turntbales that are over 30 years old, i wanted to get one with bluetooth capabilities and this one met my needs. I was able to connect it to my headphones and soundbar with no problems. I am happy with my purchase.

    Sep 11, 2021 22:56
  • Review by RogerF100, 10 out of 10
    Audio-Technica turntable

    Great turntable. Lots of features. Wish it had tone arm return at end of a record. I like the white LED light to see the stylus when locating it at beginning of record. My only regret is the Bluetooth did not work on the one I bought.

    Sep 03, 2021 16:17
  • Review by MAC1, 10 out of 10
    Superior Turntable!

    Had it for a couple weeks now and sounds awesome! Have these connected via Bluetooth to my pair of Swans M200MKIII+ speakers. So far so good. No complaints.

    Nov 06, 2020 18:24
  • Review by jonesyjr, 10 out of 10
    Very Professional.

    So nice to have a solid and sturdy turntable again.

    May 07, 2021 15:39
  • Review by BrandonG, 10 out of 10
    Worth Every Penny

    This is so worth the money. I tried to go ATLP60X but should have just made this purchase to begin with. Looks great, sounds great, and is easy to set up. Make sure you watch the video before you set this up. You will save time, especially is you plan to use bluetooth functionality.

    Jan 29, 2021 15:59
  • Review by DJTP, 10 out of 10
    I’m glad I waiting for it...

    Solid device, completely happy with it thus far...

    Dec 11, 2020 18:15
  • 9.4score
    Insignia™ - 6' 3.5mm Stereo Audio RCA Cable - Black

    Equip your home entertainment system with this Insignia 6' 3.5mm to RCA audio cable. The 6' 3.5mm TRS connector supports stereo sound for an immersive listening experience, while the RCA output connectors plug into speakers, sound bars and TVs. This Insignia 6' 3.5mm to RCA audio cable has color-coded outputs for easy identification.

    3 Features
  • Fits most 3.5mm stereo audio and RCA connectors: To ensure a simple connection.
  • Color-coded connectors: Make cable connections easy.
  • 6' length: For optimal placement.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Milesmorales, 10 out of 10
    Good product.

    These are great cables if you’re attempting to hook up your phone or other type of device to playback audio through a speaker or receiver.

    Nov 19, 2021 16:20
  • Review by Bigrio, 10 out of 10
    A/V cables

    good purchase this product exceeded my expectations!! I would recommend this to each of my friends and family members! Great job Best Buy team!!

    Nov 10, 2021 18:36
  • Review by ckayakne, 10 out of 10
    Mic cord to RCA converter cords

    Needed to connect my computer to a mixer for a wedding. Very simple, plug and play.

    Nov 19, 2021 16:40
  • Review by Luke, 10 out of 10

    Great product for multi use options. I use this to connect two set of speakers for my music system and it works great.

    Oct 29, 2021 18:45
  • Review by woodsman, 10 out of 10
    Connect new 4K tv to high end older Sony home thea

    Worked great to connect from head phone jack to ABC ports on my Sony home theater system.

    Great, clear sound at all volumes

    Oct 15, 2021 21:37
  • Review by Juan, 10 out of 10

    Did not need it actually was not what I needed in reality

    Nov 20, 2021 13:16
  • Review by Suzon, 10 out of 10
    tv to bose stereo

    perfect for connecting my tv to my bose stereo. exactly what I needed and worked great!

    Oct 30, 2021 00:23
  • Review by Speakerlover, 10 out of 10

    Wires were exactly what I needed. Quality is great.

    Nov 19, 2021 15:59
  • 9.4score
    PreSonus - Revelator USB Microphone with Studiolive Voice Processing

    Whether you’re looking for a USB microphone for streaming, vlogging, podcasting, or a simple recording solution for voice-overs or your home studio, Revelator is designed to deliver polished, professional-sounding results with ease. 16 easy-to-use, professionally-crafted presets and fully editable, award-winning StudioLive EQ and compression processing plus voice effects and reverb give you studio-quality sound with minimal effort. Revelator also provides three different polar patterns in one USB microphone to provide maximum flexibility. Two stereo loopback channels make recording and mixing audio from multiple applications like Skype or Discord quick and easy. Built-in monitoring and an onboard headphone amplifier let you listen to your performance in real-time. So whether you’re recording in Studio One or going live on Instagram, Revelator is right there with you to make you sound—and look—professional.

    3 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by drfletcher88, 10 out of 10
    Used every day

    I use this daily for work calls and webinars. I’m told it sounds great on the other end. Easy to setup

    Aug 21, 2021 20:57
  • Review by Stillwater, 10 out of 10
    More than a USB Mic, part of a system...

    Looking for a high-spec'd USB mic I found PreSonus, both the mic & the company. The mic filled my spec both in needs & numbers and then some. The company did and is doing even better. Worth the time to do your homework.

    Mar 19, 2021 17:58
  • Review by SamA, 8 out of 10
    Good mic & software, very easy to use.

    Decent mic package. The mic itself is good quality, along with the software package that's included make it very easy to use. Intended for live streaming purpose, but I've used it for a lot of online meetings/calls, and it's been great!

    Only negative its that the mic is super sensitive, which makes the stand that it comes with almost useless. I have it on a shock mount on a mic arm, and that works pretty well.

    Mar 06, 2021 12:25
  • 9.4score
    Sony - 2.0-Ch. Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth - Black

    Bring together your analog and digital music collection with this 2-channel Sony receiver. Its phono input lets you hook up a record player directly, and its Bluetooth capability allows convenient wireless streaming from compatible devices. This Sony receiver has a built-in power amplifier for clear, distortion-free sound, and the rigid chassis minimizes vibration.

    11 Features
  • 100W RMS power x 2 channels: For powerful sound.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Not only can you wirelessly stream and play music from compatible Bluetooth devices, but with Bluetooth Standby, you can turn on your receiver remotely.
  • Phono input for turntables: Plug your turntable directly into the receiver via the phono input for appropriate pre-amplification and EQ.
  • Speaker A/B switching function: Lets you connect two pairs of speakers. You can easily switch between A or B or use all of them together at the same time to expand your listening environment.
  • 1% total harmonic distortion: Ensures clear audio.
  • Hi-Res audio support: Lets you enjoy high-quality audio playback via Bluetooth.
  • FM tuner: 30 station presets lets you program your favorites for simple one-touch recall.
  • Headphone jack: Full-size (1/4") headphone jack.
  • Media input: 4 stereo RCA audio & 3.5mm inputs.
  • Volume offset mode: Automatically adjusts phono input volume.
  • Pure Direct mode: Provides improved signal clarity and detail.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by JimC, 10 out of 10
    Elegant Simplicity, Powerful, Very Clean Output

    This is a superb and stylish stereo receiver/amplifier with Sony quality at a very modest price. I have earphones which cost more than this fully-equipped receiver!

    After extensive testing of this equipment my conclusion is that the Sony STR DH190 Receiver has a very nice combination of features, power and sound quality which surpass the vast majority of its competitors in its price range.

    The task of selecting a stereo receiver/amplifier is complicated by the wide variety of systems being marketing by electronics firms (2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 7.2) Those numbers indicate how many channels of stereo are created. 2.0 is traditional stereo, 2.1 adds a separate sub-woofer, 3.1 adds a center channel, 5.1 includes rear speakers for better surround sound effects. Finally, 7.1 adds two speakers on the left and right and positioned about where the listener sits, while 7.2 is the same as a 7.1 system but with an extra sub-woofer.

    That’s a lot of numbers! So which is best? You would think that a 7.2 system would be the ultimate and far, far superior to a simple 2.0 stereo. But guess what? It all depends upon your speakers! All 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1 systems are designed to send a narrow range of sound to a set of small speakers supplemented by a single sub-woofer to handle the bass.

    But if you have a pair of classic big stereo speakers with a nice tweeter on top, a mid-range speaker in the middle and huge bass speaker at the bottom you are probably best served by hooking it up to a good 2.0 stereo like the Sony STR DR190. All of that channel separation performed by a 5.1 or 7.1/7.2 amplifier is wasted and probably detrimental to the quality of output from your big stereo speakers. Those big speakers have something better than a sub-woofer – they have powerful directional bass speakers that far out-perform that single, modest-sized sub-woofer in the 3.1, 5.1 or 7.1 systems.

    The only application for which 3.1, 5.1 or 7.1 systems are superior is in home theaters. There you can take advantage of a number of small speakers located around the room to enhance the sound of movies or sports on your big screen TV.

    So if you have a nice set of big stereo speakers, stop shopping in the 5.1/7.1 receiver aisle and focus on this terrific Sony receiver.

    It is packed with a great set of features and specifications:

    • It is compact, 17” wide (standard width of most stereo equipment) but just 11” deep and 5” tall

    • Isolated phono input to give your turntable and vinyl records the best sound possible

    • Four speaker connections (A and B set)

    • Discreet amplifier provides 100 watts of power for each set of speakers (at 8 ohms)

    • Speaker impedance adjustable from 6 ohms to 16 ohms

    • Total Harmonic Distortion of just 1%

    • FM turner with 30 digital presets and station names, plus auto tuning

    • 4 analog (RCA) inputs (plus the Phono input)

    • Front mini jack (3.5 mm) input (to connect a phone or iPod)

    • Headphone output

    • Full-function remote control

    • Bluetooth connectivity with on/off control over the receiver

    • Sleep function accessed from remote

    • Display can be set at bright or dim level or turned off entirely

    • Weighs 15 pounds and very solidly built with a reinforced chassis

    The receiver is very sleek, with an elegant minimalist design. Controls on the receiver include power, speaker switching, FM tuning, preset station selection, display brightness, display selection, Bluetooth pairing, PureDirect isolation, input selector and volume.

    The sound produced by this system’s amplifier is pure, distortion-free and steady at both low and very high volumes.

    The Bluetooth connection was effortless from every device I tried (phone, tablet, laptop). One very nice aspect of the Bluetooth feature is that you can power-on the receiver from the remote device.

    Heat is the enemy of receivers but this unit has a great many air ventilation slots on the top, sides and bottom to allow enough airflow to keep it cool and give it a long life. Not very high tech, but an important design element.

    This Sony receiver is likely a huge step up from that old amplifier that you probably have attached to your stereo speakers. It is very easy to set up, will fit on even a fairly shallow bookshelf and will connect to all of your stereo equipment with ease.

    I just have two quibbles on this unit. One small issue is that the wire holes on the connection tabs for speaker wires are fairly small. If you use very thick speaker wire you may find it a bit tricky to insert that wire into the tab. Not really a big deal but I felt I should mention it. The other drawback is that I wish it had an AM tuner as well. There are times when I want to listen to AM radio stations (sports, talk shows, news) but this receiver is missing that feature.

    Bottom line - the Sony STR DH190 Receiver is a great two channel stereo hub, priced so low that you can afford to spend more on speakers yet capable of the vast majority of functions you will use every day. It has features and the performance of far more expensive systems. It is an excellent value for music fans who want to upgrade basic stereo setups.

    Mar 20, 2018 23:02
  • Review by gadgetguy11, 10 out of 10
    This is Not Your Grandfather's Receiver!

    The Sony STRDH190 is an Ultra Modern 2-Channel Audio Receiver designed to deliver Precision Audio for 2018 & Beyond!


    1- Smarter Bluetooth Standby turns on receiver wirelessly by any phone or tablet simply by activating Bluetooth! Features Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

    2- Vinyl never sounded so clear! Dedicated equalization & gain is activated with Phono Input. The resulting sound is off the charts!! The highly sensitive Phono Preamp is purposely located diagonally opposite the magnetic Power Transformer to keep inference to a minimum.

    3- Uses a discrete transistor amplifier, a feature unique to the most expensive High End Power Amplifiers. A discrete amplifier produces sweet sound with much higher Signal to Note Ratio, greater Amplifier Gain, less Clipping, lower Distortion & inaudible Hiss, compared with "Amplifiers on a Chip" that are cheaper & are standard in most receivers.

    4- Oversized Power Transformer exceeds power requirements at the loudest Sound Pressure Levels. Feel the weight of this receiver; the massive power transformer is most of the weight. Gone are the flickering receiver lights when you crank up a budget receiver, because it was running out of power. When an amplifier runs out of power, the sine wave audio transitions to a flat top, square wave, or DC. DC burns out speaker coils. Playing an amplifier with inadequate power source causes this phenomenon; this receiver is designed to deliver full rated 100 Watts RMS / Channel continuously without jeopardizing speaker coils.

    5- Six (6) stereo inputs: 3) Standard Analog Inputs, 1) Tape or similar Input / Output, 1) Phono & Bluetooth.

    6- Full Functional Remote Control

    7- Auto Standby: If power is cut & restored, receiver turns back on with the exact input & volume before power was cut. This is a huge feature for a remote installation. I am using this receiver as an outdoor Deck Audio system, using Apple Airport Express with Apple AirPlay as the streaming audio input. I use a WEMO switch to energize / cut power to this receiver. Switch WEMO on & the receiver immediately turns on in the state last set up.

    8- Low Profile Cabinet measures only 5 1/4" high; placement is very versatile.

    9- 2) Zone A & B speakers are selectable by remote control. This means indoor & outdoor speakers, or 2 rooms of audio can be switched or operated simultaneously.

    10- Front Panel 3.5mm audio input connects to Amazon Echo Dot & similar steaming audio sources or smart speakers. No need to fish around the back of the receiver to find the jack.

    11- 1/4" full size front panel mounted headphone jack.

    12- Built-in FM Radio with 30-station preset, remote controllable.

    13- Massive 100 Watts RMS / Channel Output X 2 at 1% THD (it plays VERY LOUDLY yet Sounds PURE!).

    14- Dimensions & Weight:

    Depth 11.2 in

    Width 16.9 in

    Height 5.2 in

    Weight 14.77 lbs

    15- 2-Year Factory Warranty.

    16- Hi-Res Audio, with high bit count on digital signals, produces higher than CD quality sound.

    17- The steel reinforced chassis, located on the bottom of the receiver, is a work of art & is something to behold! More than a pretty box, this chassis is designed to be located near speakers that you crank up loudly, while absorbing & not transmitting vibration that would directly result in audio distortion heard through the speakers! SONY perfected this feature years ago for their State-Of-The-Art ES Receivers, ES Preamplifiers & ES Amplifiers. To bring such crucial technology to this 2-Channel Receiver clearly shows SONY's dedication to Pure Audio with STRDH190.

    18- Sony even added vibration deadening heat sink mounts for the aluminum power transistor heat sinks, to further reduce undesirable vibration that could be transmitted and heard as distortion in the speakers.

    19- Pure Direct option on the remote avoids sound coloration & yields only the cleanest tracks.

    20- Designed for Speaker Impedance from 6-16 Ohm, which is basically every speaker on the market.


    1- The volume knob is an ideal size, but is not weighted. In the 70's, large receivers featured "Weighted Volume Control" and "Weighted Tuning Knobs". A small spin and a flywheel behind the front panel would transfer the spin effortlessly with a cool feel. Minor issue, but it would have been nice...

    2- Power cord is permanently connected to the back of the receiver; I prefer a receptacle on the back of the receiver with a plug-in power cord. That enables easier routing to AV cabinets.

    3- No rear panel IR Sensor. For installations in cabinets using a smart remote such as Harmony, remote transmitter eyes look better - and are invisible - when mounted to the rear panel IR Sensor if one is present on the receiver, rather than stuck on the front panel IR Sensor, with a wire hanging out.

    4- No Subwoofer Output. Even though this is a 2-Channel amplifier, using a subwoofer to enhance low frequency sound can be desirable. A single RCA jack with low pass filter would have enabled a simple subwoofer connection.

    CONCLUSION: This is Not Your Grandfather's Receiver!

    With Smart Bluetooth Connection, Streaming, Phono customized for Vinyl & a Premium construction designed for delivering Pure Sound, Sony STRDH190 earns my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

    Feb 24, 2018 14:36
  • Review by JoeyNoNuts, 10 out of 10
    Sony 2 channel Bluetooth receiver

    Bought this to channel receiver for my coffee shop and liked it so much I bought another one for home! It’s only two channels, but with a little research, I discovered you can make it 5.1 channels by hooking it up to an active subwoofer (thanks YouTube!) Everything sounds good and it’s plenty loud and has a sleek design, my only complaint would be there is a slight lag using the Bluetooth. It bothers me a little bit to hear the sound effects or words a millisecond behind the image on TV, but I imagine that would always be the case with Bluetooth, but at this price point, I can live with it.

    Nov 04, 2021 13:12
  • Review by amateriat, 10 out of 10
    "Budget" Receiver Punches Well Above Its Weight

    Backstory: I decided to finally put together a second, smaller hi-fi for my work/study/brainstorming room in the house, as my "main" hi-fi, in the living room, also happens to be tied to the 52" flat-screen above it, and let's just say I don't always have access to it when I'd like to (I'm the big music person here, she's the big TV/movie person). I already had two of the required components to pull out of mothballs (turntable and cassette deck, both solid quality if a tad old), so I just needed speakers, CD player, and, of course, a receiver to (paraphrasing the Dude) tie it all together. Decided to go completely old-school, since the type of receiver I was after (two-channel-only, non-geeky control layout) is rare as hen's teeth brand-new on the market, or so I initially thought.

    So: got a nice used CD player. Scored a great pair of "true" bookshelf speakers (I've seen self-described "bookshelf" speakers that might fit a shelf at the New York Public Library, but not any shelf of anyplace I've actually lived), and what at first seemed a cool old receiver. Worked swell for a few weeks, then developed issues with output. After attempting a fix, I decided to sideline it and try another receiver. Receiver #2 sounded a good deal nicer, and looked the part, so I thought I was set…until it decided to lose most of its right-channel output. I knew what the problem was, but couldn't take care of it in a timely fashion, so *that* was consigned to the basement next to Vintage Receiver #1. I decided that the third go-round *had* to be the charm, so I decided to buy the best I could find without going crazy price-wise.

    I wasn't too hopeful: having once been in the hi-fi biz, I knew that almost everything below a certain price-point would be over-festooned home-theater stuff, which I've never had an interest here; the more music-centric gear is seriously good, but also seriously pricey, and since I already *had* a seriously-good 'fi, I wasn't in the hunt for superlative performance, just something that was decent enough for a would-be audiophile like me to just sit back, forget about the gear and dig the music. Not very hopeful, I did some absent-minded Googling, and that's where I came across Wirecutter's review of receivers, and their surprising top pick…surprising, because I'd missed the Sony among all the "cheap-seats" receivers i'd already seen. And the more I read about their pick, and why they picked it, the more-intrigued I became. Checked a few other sources for reviews, and decided to give the Sony a shot: at that price I didn't have much to lose, and this time, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be stuck with it.

    Glad I did. First thing out of the way: yes, it punches quite a bit above its weight (and price-point), sounding better than any mainstream receiver selling new for well under 200 bucks has a right to. Is the best thing I've ever heard? No…because I've listened to and owned some heavy-hitting gear in the past, and set up even heavier-hitting systems for others. Keep your expectations real and I doubt you'll be disappointed. A few have critiqued the receiver for sounding "flat", particularly in regard to bass response. My ears and experience tell me the receiver isn't goosing-up the bass for the sake of immediate impression. There's a difference between *more* bass and *good* bass, and I'll aways choose the latter over the former. In the case of my tiny bookshelf speakers, there's only an issue at very low volume. Solution? set the bass to +2, and I'm good. (Not a problem at higher volume levels, BTW.)

    Input: Yes, a Phono input. Didn't think I'd find one in something this low-priced. Better still, it's actually quite good overall: set up my "revived" AR XA turntable and had several hours of fun pulling vinyl from the shelves, which is usually a good sign – come for the sound, stay for the tunes. (Bonus: you can adjust the gain in the Phono section, via remote, to match the output of your other music sources.)

    Line Inputs: It has enough of them (4, not counting the 3.5mm input jack in front), and not only are they easily controllable (via controls on the receiver or remote), but you can change each input's name, also via remote, to reflect the source component connected (CD, Tape, FLAC…or whatever comes to mind). A nice little touch.

    And, speaking of that remote: some have griped that you can only access certain functions via that remote, preferring buttons and knobs, and "what do I do if I lose or break the remote?" My response is (1) I *much* prefer the "minimalist" approach Sony took here, steering 180 degrees from the airliner-flight-desk approach too many AV receivers have taken up until fairly recently. The controls I likely would frequently use are large and up-front: Volume (large, and surprisingly less cheap-feeling than I was led to expect, though still not as solid-feeling as old-school stuff), Source-select, and Power (natch). There's a narrow row of buttons for controlling speaker selection (A/B), tuner function, Display, Dimmer, Bluetooth, and a tone-control bypass function Sony calls Pure Direct. Everything else, which to mind mind might rarely if ever be tweaked by most folks, is accessible via the remote.

    About that remote: Sony's taken the less-is-more approach even here, and for me that's a godsend: way too many companies have crammed an immense number of buttons on their remotes, too many of them identical in size and shape, with descriptive lettering so small under each button (lookin' at you, Yamaha) that you might need a magnifying glass to get things right, even if you're far from geezer-aged. You can get to grips with the Sony in fairly short time, and likely get to the point of manipulating the basic functions by "feel" alone.

    There's a lot of remote-ness to love: tone controls are strictly via remote, as are things like tuner presets (30 in total, but you can have your three favorite stations programmed into three buttons on the remote, which – get this – will also turn on the receiver if it's turned off at the time), and the "Amp Menu", which can do even more than I care to get into here, but rest assured that the process isn't nearly as arcane as your typical 7.1 home-theater behemoth. And it's nearly all worthwhile.

    A few notable party tricks:

    - Bluetooth Standby: After you pair a smartphone to the receiver, you can turn on the receiver from the phone.

    - Standby Mode: The receiver will turn itself off after 20 minutes in the absence of any playback activity (except FM tuner operation).

    - The Dimmer function has three positions for the display: Normal, Dim, and Off. In the "Off" position, the display remains off until you utilize the remote, in which case the display softly lights up to display the current status and/or change you've made, then turns off again. Once upon a time, you paid dearly for stuff like this.


    Much has been made about the speaker terminals. Yes, I wish they'd equipped the thing with something beefier. But, belies it or not, I've suffered with flimsier examples of this type of connector in components where the particles involved should've known better, especially at the prices being asked. (And, yes, you can go as large as 14-gauge speaker cable with this, which is plenty–more is overkill IMO, and you could manage with a bit less. Again, we're not going for world-records here.)

    The FM Antenna: This is one area where I'm afraid Sony messed up, but even here there's a fix: Sony elected to use an oddball antenna connector for FM reception, and the wire they include is indeed pathetic. But…that connector is the same kind that is used for battery-connectors in things like cordless landline phones, and are accessible through numerous parties online. All you need is to get one, connect the wires to a conventional antenna hookup, and you're good.

    So: Yes, for the price, this thing is ridiculously good. Yes, of course, you can find something "better", but unless you blow a good deal more cash for an esoteric brand, you'll also likely be paying for a ton of other stuff you may not want or need, which does little more than get in the way of what you *do* want and need, especially if music is the main thing, if not the only thing, you care about.

    Highly Recommended.

    Oct 23, 2020 21:52
  • Review by Drivin, 10 out of 10
    Highly Recommend

    Awesome 2 channel power plant. The elusive (on most) phono stage pushes my U-Turn Orbit with effortless clarity. Bluetooth connects and streams as it should. The most you can get at this price point. Sets up in 5 minutes out of box. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

    May 01, 2021 09:42
  • Review by Ricardo, 10 out of 10
    Exactly what I was looking for

    This receiver has a Phono input that is specifically what I was looking for to connect a turntable.

    May 15, 2019 18:35
  • Review by TECHBEENGOOD, 10 out of 10
    Multiple (all good) Personality

    SONY STR-DH190 2 Channel Audio Receiver. Let me provide a quick SUMMARY before I go into detail. This SONY is very flexible, very easy to setup, and very nice sounding with useful, solid power. When everything is considered, it’s a very good, actually surprising, value.

    Pulling this Sony DH190 out of the box, it’s easy to get nostalgic. The SONY is a reminder of when home stereo was simple and fun. But, I’m not going to underestimate what’s being offered here. If you think about it, this package actually hides a tuner, a preamplifier, and amplifier in one neat, accessible package. I discovered a handful of possibilities here. Obviously I added a nice pair of speakers that I had, but after that, there are several directions I might take this. And, yes, I know Sony highlights the PHONO INPUT, but there is something here for everybody.

    It’s all about the inputs, my friends . . . the INPUTs.

    I’m going to review this as a mobile phone driven audio system, because that’s my preferred source for music these days. The SONY provides 2 ways to connect a phone. I used the easiest (for me) first. A male/male 3.5mm stereo headphone cable (not supplied) that I have sitting around was plugged into the headphone port on my phone and the SONY’s front panel INPUT labeled “PORTABLE”. Instantly music from my music library played on my connected speakers. Easy to get loud, really easy to adjust sound, balance, all using a reasonably sized remote but with lots of buttons. And when I can’t be loud, there is that HEADPHONE jack on the front panel.

    OPTION 2 for mobile phones. This Sony has a trick that older, legacy receivers can’t do . . . it has Bluetooth . . . so my phone or main AVR can send a stereo audio signal without wires strung across the room. Really cool versatility. Bluetooth (4.2) wirelessly connected my mobile phone (computer or tablet will work, too) to my SONY. No need to be next to the receiver. Hide it in a closet or cabinet (but remember you lose Remote Control unless you’ve got glass doors). Bluetooth Standby will even turn the SONY receiver ON if it’s in STANDBY MODE, and perform music selection control via your phone, as usual. I couldn’t hear any sound quality difference between my wired or BT connection. Having no need to leave my phone near the receiver was a definite advantage.

    SOUND QUALITY: The SONY TR-DH190 packs a punch. It powered my mid-sized multi-driver bookshelf speakers with no difficulty. The sound was properly balanced, with no sense of distortion up to very loud levels. The amplifier was very quiet, hiss-free, when turned up quite high, with no music playing. I even connected my $2500/pr premium speakers, which can be very demanding of power, and the SONY was delivering very nice sound. I don’t recommend it for power hungry speakers, but it’s not bad sounding.

    Those remote buttons give you lots of control over the receiver. There’s an FM tuner with 3 Presets, which is OK for me. The remote control provides access to the TUNER’s channel search and selection. The FM quality was OK, but more restricted when compared to CDs or my iPhone. Mostly irrelevant to me. The Remote provides direct access to each INPUT, both bass and treble levels as well as speaker selection.

    FLEXIBILITY: Did I mention the flexibility? What I’ve described so far can be set up in a listening room, or dorm room, or small office. But there is so much more.

    Should I use it as a simple way to augment an exercise room TV? I only need audio OUT from either a TV headphone jack or the left/right audio channels of that TV or cable/satellite/ box into one of the 4 INPUTS of the SONY. There are appropriate adapters (sold separately) for most situations.

    Or, maybe I’ll use this for my main room home theater setup, as the amplifier I need to expand on my surround (or ATMOS) setup. I can use the Sony DH190’s amplifier section for those additional surround channels which my AVR can decode but lacks the built-in amplifiers for.

    Or, maybe I use one the SONY inputs to share my subwoofer feed (from my AVR) and drive a pair of bass shakers for my chairs.

    Or, do I simply use it as intended in the advertising, and create a self-contained audio system, using that PHONO INPUT to connect a new phono player. The phono input is a real advantage, eliminating a potentially expensive add-on, or low quality make-do effort. Nice.

    COMPLAINTS: I’d prefer a few more lighted buttons on the receiver. The writing is way too small, lacking adequate contrast. The LCD display, however, is large, legible, with adjustable brightness, so that’s good. I prefer banana plug/screw down connectors for wires. Sony chose the press/connect style, which is probably easier for most people. Just don’t strip your wires too long. I miss that outlet on the back panel, but no one has that anymore. I like the differently sized VOLUME and INPUT SELECTOR knobs. They are both tight, which I suppose is a positive. But, operating the tight VOLUME control leaves me with the feeling that the Sony is resisting my urge to blast loudly. It’s probably just me because most people will use the remote anyway.

    The fact is, Sony does the important stuff right: sound, power, usability, flexibility. This is a sweet sounding stereo receiver, and it’s going to make a nice addition to my home audio and video setup.

    Feb 22, 2018 13:44
  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10
    Home office stereo

    It’s great, for the new home office. Listen to steaming music all day, when not on phone with co- workers. Bluetooth works great with cell phone. Getting new speakers for Xmas, currently have my 15+ year old Pioneers hooked up to it. The stereo sound is much better than the one rechargeable blue tooth speaker that I’ve about wore out. Book and receiver are easy to read and not much to setup, unless you want to program the input names or radio stations. But the book is very simple and clear to do those. Remote is nice and simple to use, figure out. Sale price at Best Buy was $99 in late Nov., 2020.

    Dec 04, 2020 16:09
  • 9.2score
    Yamaha - 200W 2-Ch. Stereo Receiver - Black

    Enjoy wireless music playback from smartphones or other mobile devices with this Yamaha Hi-Fi stereo receiver. It has a handy speaker selector for switching between the sound output terminals, and it uses Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. A power management feature on this Yamaha stereo receiver shuts it down automatically when the receiver is not being used.

    5 Features
  • 200W total power: RMS Rating of 100W x 2 @ 8 ohms, 40Hz - 20kHz, 0.2% THD for robust audio.
  • Speaker A/B switching: Lets you easily switch between 2 sets of speakers.
  • AM/FM digital tuner: 40 station presets lets you program your favorites for simple one-touch recall.
  • Bluetooth interface: Allows simple wireless pairing with compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Simple and Sophisticated Design: With an elegant brushed finish, it harmonizes beautifully with other audio equipment.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Andy, 10 out of 10
    Best Buy

    I hooked it up to my big speakers 15 inch woofers and it sounds very loud you wouldn’t need a JD for party’s lol

    Jun 04, 2021 17:04
  • Review by Jesse, 10 out of 10
    Good Stuff

    Typical of Yamaha, good stuff. For a simple low cost amp for my shop, delivers strong sound with power to spare, and really digging the Bluetooth feature. At sound level 6.5 can hear the sounds from down the street. Very happy with purchase and would recommend for simple low cost amp for sounds.

    Apr 10, 2020 17:32
  • Review by mike89052, 10 out of 10
    Excellent 2 Channel Receiver

    I needed a basic stereo receiver for 2 speakers that could switch between multiple inputs and has an FM tuner. This receiver has 4 inputs in the back plus it can pair with up to 8 Bluetooth devices. I connected a CD player, TV, and Sirius Radio to 3 of the inputs and paired a phone and a tablet to the unit. They all sound great and the FM tuner is crisp and clear. The price was a bargain and I could not be happier with my purchase.

    Jan 04, 2020 08:06
  • Review by Aaron94, 8 out of 10
    Great Receiver for Turntable

    Been using this receiver and have been very happy with it. I have 2 Yahama speakers connected to it. Corresponds very well with them and my audio technica turntable. Dropped a star because Bluetooth range isn’t so great. I have to keep my phone relatively close to the receiver to keep playing without interruption. As a comparison, my HomePod has better range when using Bluetooth. Still great overall, easy to use, and would recommend.

    Dec 28, 2020 13:48
  • Review by ODH3, 10 out of 10
    I really love this receiver

    I bought this for home use— driving two pairs of vintage speakers. I have some JBL studio reference monitors from the early 90's, and a second set of vintage Fishers from the late 60s. Both sound great, and sometimes I even drive BOTH pairs together. This Yamaha is so much cleaner than any common vintage receiver, and Steve Guttenberg (the Audiophiliac) has rated it as a great value. Bluetooth works great and pairs effortlessly-- I have no idea what problems others are having with it.

    Jun 26, 2020 16:04
  • Review by Oldschool, 10 out of 10
    Awesome 2 channel sweetness

    Bought it today 03/12/21 and got it today from Roadie 2 freekin sweet is that! It has a minimalist design I really dig. The connections are old school and if you're ok with that then it's all gravy. If you're gonna blue tooth it remember this can only be done through the remote...I was getting pretty mad that it wouldn't connect but my son figured it out lol. Hooked up to a pair of Infinity 3001's and just streaming Pandora this thing sounds awesome. This is some of the best money I've spent lately.

    Mar 12, 2021 17:54
  • Review by GaryK, 10 out of 10
    Solid value

    Nice, solid basic receiver. Bluetooth works great, connects fast. Plenty of power to drive my Polk speakers. I've always liked Yamaha products. Good value for the money.

    Jun 12, 2021 03:51
  • Review by Vanessaj, 10 out of 10
    My R-S202 Yamaha Bluetooth receiver

    This YamahaR-202 black Bluetooth receiver is a real Best Buy was given the advice to buy from my BFF smooth Jazz bassist Brendan Rothwell so I bought my husband the Silver Yamaha A-S701 intergrated amplifier because he’s an audiophile jazz guy. Brendan says Yamaha receivers and amplifiers are reliable top notch audiophile equipment as he’s a musician he knows and owns them .we love ❤️ ours so just buy can’t go wrong and price is the Best Buy Vanessaj WS,NC

    Aug 13, 2021 16:26
  • 9.2score
    Denon - AVR-X4700H 8K Ultra HD 9.2 Channel (125 Watt X 9) AV Receiver 2020 Model - 3D Audio & Video, Built for Gaming - Black

    Immerse yourself in high-power, precision-based home theater entertainment with the new Denon AVR-X4700H. With 125W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.05%, 2 ch. driven) this performance-tuned Denon receiver delivers a truly immersive 3D audio experience with eARC support. The AVR-X4700H features the latest in 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, IMAX Enhanced and Auro-3D. The AVR-X4700H also supports the latest video technologies such as 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, Dynamic HDR, HLG, as well as 8K upscaling and HDCP 2.3 support on all HDMI ports (8 in/3 out). *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources

    9 Features
  • Unmatched 3D Realism: Bring your movies and music to life with immersive surround sound with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, Auro-3D, IMAX Enhanced, DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Atmos, and crisp, clean picture with advanced video processing, 8K/60Hz, and 4K/120Hz* pass-through
  • 8K Ready Amplifier: Enjoy high quality 3D audio & video knowing that AVR-X4700H IS 8K READY WHEN YOU ARE. This high-power amplifier capable of 11.2 channel processing allows to build your choice of speaker configuration TO MEET YOUR EXCLUSIVE ENTERTAINMENT NEEDS
  • Next Gen Gaming: Enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with spectacular imaging, reduced lag & frame tearing with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
  • The Most Advanced Video Technologies: This 9.2-Ch receiver supports High Dynamic Range video format such as HDR10, Dolby Vision & HLG, and Quick Media Switching for eliminating video delays. Also supports Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ for more realistic imaging in supreme clarity, contrast & color
  • Connect with any HD/Ultra HD TV, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray Player & Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound: USB, 11 HDMI ports (8 In/ 3 Out) with HDCP 2.3 processing, Digital In, Phono input & Network support with a range of wireless connections
  • Extend the Reach of your Music: Listen to music in any room in the house via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth with HEOS MULTI-ROOM WIRELESS SPEAKERS like the Denon Home series, without any extra hardware. Get Hi-Fi audio around your home with Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn & more
  • Full Voice Control Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: Adjust the volume, change tracks & switch inputs absolutely hands-free with Amazon Alexa voice control. Also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & integrates with home-automation systems like & Control4 SDPP
  • Award-Winning On-Screen Setup Assistant: Denon’s on-screen Setup Assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, & Audyssey MultEQ XT32 (with 2 preset options) that accurately calibrates all speakers in your home setup & tunes the AVR for an optimal listening experience
  • Note about 4K/120Hz pass-though: *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by preorder, 8 out of 10
    No 4k 120hz yet?

    The Denon AVR-X4700H is a great receiver. it has 9.2 channels with the ablity to add 2 more channels with a power amp. I'm using the Niles SI-2150 which gives you 150W at 8ohs and 270W at 4ohms per channel to go with my Klipsch - Reference Series Dual 6-1/2" Passive Floor Speaker. which is 100W RMs and 400 peak.

    the only draw back with this receiver is the pre-out set up only allows you to chose from either your Dolby Atmos surround or your fronts. I went with the fronts because it was a shorter run wire wise. I wouldn't have enough slack to wire up the power amp for Dolby Atmos surround.

    The set up is easy, the auddusy for the speakers is amazing and if you pay an extra $20 for the multeq app it allows you really calibrate in more detail your speakers and subs via your phone. you then save it via the app and can send it to your receiver.

    One small issue is all the hdmi are supposed to be 4k 120hz. my xbox series x allows 4k 120hz and so does my 55 " lg 4k GX series. but the receiver won't do it.

    Not sure what's going on there.

    but all and all agreat add.

    Feb 22, 2021 19:30
  • Review by AwesomeReceiver, 10 out of 10
    Great quality for the price.

    I presently have a basic 5.1 Dolby setup in my den. This receiver is awesome. I know it will be very capable of any upgrades I will do when the time comes. Even with my system I have now, the sound quality is incredible.

    Oct 08, 2021 16:18
  • Review by glockmeister, 10 out of 10

    This thing is a beast! This receiver has pretty much everything Denon offers as far as options. While it isn’t “powerful” it is ample power for my system. Setup is a bit quirky unless you really know what you’re doing. Also, this version has the updated chip-set, so no external box for the [email protected] needed. The remote (as will all Denon remotes) is pretty much useless and a terrible design, but All in all….very happy with this

    Sep 01, 2021 10:27
  • Review by Java, 10 out of 10
    Denon does not disappoint.

    Excellent unit. Denon does not disappoint. Fast and easy setup. HEOS works great for streaming music directly from the Internet/WiFi. Plenty of power.

    Jan 15, 2021 17:56
  • Review by GTB65, 10 out of 10
    Excellent combo to with my 4K QLED TV

    Awesome receiver with 125 watts per channel. Excellent investment improving the quality of my 4K Samsung QLED 65 inch TV. Also to note the geek squad installed my system and they did a fine job and provided great support. Even a few weeks later I had a few questions and the installer was helpful.

    Jan 15, 2021 17:35
  • Review by dw2094, 10 out of 10
    Awesome receiver

    Great receiver. In the beginning I was having issues with my Blu ray 0laywr turning on which I had connected through the receiver. I think it was just an issue with CEC on the Blu-ray as I have since disabled CEC on the Blu-ray player and now that issue doesn't happen anymore.

    The CVR has pre out so you can run an external amplifier which I will be doing in the near future but so far so good. This AVR has anything and everything as far as features that anyone could really even need.

    Oct 31, 2021 17:49
  • Review by Casperscapes, 10 out of 10
    Good Upgrade

    This is a fine upgrade especially if you are into gaming and want to utilize the single 2.1 ch input for PS5. This amplifier is also great for home theater and music

    Feb 02, 2021 10:57
  • Review by Rico, 8 out of 10
    So far, so good.

    Firstly, I'm downgrading due to an online user's manual that is hard to follow (prompting the user to click on link after link after link to solve issues). If customization (in the form of user preferences) is difficult, what is the point of spending extra money on features that are nested too deeply in print? I would like to see at least one pair of 'Audio Out' analog jacks for recording or monitoring purposes on these high-dollar receivers. The Audyssey mic set up is a little redundant on sensor positioning. Heat has not been a factor, so far. Pass-through on receiver stand-by is a real power saver. One nugget to pass along on set up: Make sure you make ALL connections BEFORE twisting in your Bluetooth antennas. They are fragile and inherently in the way at inopportune times. Functional alternative tripod included.

    Mar 06, 2021 02:14
  • 9.2score
    Victrola - Empire Bluetooth 6-in-1 Record Player - Gold/Brown/Black

    The Victrola Empire Signature 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player is perfect for vinyl lovers with its 3-Speed Turntable and Mid-century modern look. Stream your music via Bluetooth, or play your favorite tunes on the FM Radio, from the CD Player, or through the 3.5mm Auxiliary input! Features an analog radio dial with beautiful "around the dial" LED lighting and gold accents. The Empire Signature also allows you to record any of your favorite vinyl records directly to MP3 with the included software.

    8 Features
  • Belt-driven system: Enjoy superior sound thanks to the belt drive, which reduces vibration.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speaker: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • USB audio-digital conversion: Integrated USB ADC lets you seamlessly convert analog to digital files.
  • RCA output: For easy connectivity. A headphone jack enables private listening.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by MoJoSher, 10 out of 10
    Great Birthday gift!

    I'm very pleased with this Victrola. I've had a stack of vinyl albums in the basement for years. After back and forth with my wife about what to do with them, she decided to surprise me with this audio system for my birthday. Not only do my vinyls sound great on this, it also has FM radio, CD and cassette, although I didn't save any my old cassettes so I can't attest to that feature. I also love the dark wood look and the vintage feel. Very, very pleased with this purchase.

    Feb 11, 2020 08:15
  • Review by Turntable, 10 out of 10
    Vintage turntable

    So far happywith this unit. We purchased one and had to return it because it sounded like it had a static like short in the wiring when the turn table was on. We returned it for another and it works great.

    Jan 16, 2021 19:45
  • Review by Victrola, 8 out of 10

    I bought this as a gift and they really enjoyed it it plays well except the cassette player makes a weird humming noise.

    Jun 12, 2021 12:14
  • Review by Jess, 8 out of 10
    So exciting!

    I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and I finally set it up and it’s beautiful and plays well!! The only upsetting thing is that the clear front part of it came cracked :(

    Jan 03, 2020 02:23
  • Review by ZURIX, 10 out of 10
    Stereo system

    We love the looks.. sound and ease of use... All in one design like our grandparents had.

    Jun 22, 2019 11:42
  • Review by Grandma, 10 out of 10
    My opinion

    Have not tried the record player part but everything least works great! It is compact. Just wish it played more than one cd at a time! It will pick up npr which is great! My old box would not!

    Dec 25, 2020 16:10
  • Review by Nadoo1004, 10 out of 10
    Better than expected.

    it looks and plays premium.

    I love it. Thanks for the great product!

    Sep 18, 2020 15:59
  • Review by Awesome, 2 out of 10
    Cool Vintage Styled Radio

    This stereo is awesome. Great treble & bass response. Plays LP's nice and clear. The styling of this stereo combo is very original. Never seen anything like before. Enjoyed listening to the Dodgers & Giants simulcast through the radio. Great product & must have.

    Oct 16, 2021 10:18
  • 9.2score
    Denon - AVR-X3700H 8K Ultra HD 9.2 Channel (105 Watt X 9) AV Receiver 2020 Model - 3D Audio & Video, Built for Gaming - Black

    Immerse yourself in high-power, precision-based home theater entertainment with the new Denon AVR-X3700H. With 105W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.08%, 2 ch. driven) this performance-tuned Denon receiver delivers a truly immersive 3D audio experience with eARC supported pass-through. The AVR-X3700H supports the latest in 3D audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, and IMAX Enhanced. It also supports the latest video technologies such as 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, Dynamic HDR, HLG, as well as 8K upscaling and HDCP 2.3 support on all HDMI ports (7 in/3 out). *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources

    9 Features
  • Unmatched 3D Realism for your Home Theater System: Bring your movies and music to life with immersive surround sound with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization & DTS Virtual:X & crisp, clean picture with advanced video processing, 8K/60Hz, and 4K/120Hz* pass-through
  • 8K Ready Amplifier: Enjoy high quality 3D audio & video knowing that AVR-X3700H IS 8K READY WHEN YOU ARE. This high-power amplifier capable of 11.2 channel processing allows to build your choice of speaker configuration to meet your exclusive entertainment needs
  • Next Gen Gaming: Enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with spectacular imaging, reduced lag & frame tearing with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
  • The Most Advanced Video Technologies: This 9.2 channel receiver supports High Dynamic Range video format such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. Also supports Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ for more realistic imaging and delivers visuals in supreme clarity, contrast & color
  • Connect with any HD/Ultra HD TV, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray Player & Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound: USB, 10 HDMI ports (7 In/ 3 Out) with HDCP 2.3 processing, Digital In, Phono input & Network support with a range of wireless connections
  • Extend the Reach of your Music: Listen to music in any room in the house via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth with HEOS MULTI-ROOM WIRELESS SPEAKERS like the Denon Home series, without any extra hardware. Get Hi-Fi audio around your home with Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn & more
  • Full Voice Control Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: Adjust the volume, change tracks & switch inputs absolutely hands-free with Amazon Alexa voice control. Also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & integrates with home-automation systems like & Control4 SDPP
  • Award-Winning On-Screen Setup Assistant: Denon’s on-screen Setup Assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, & Audyssey MultEQ XT32 (with 2 preset options) that accurately calibrates all speakers in your home setup & tunes the AVR for an optimal listening experience
  • Note about 4K/120Hz pass-though: *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Benjamin, 10 out of 10
    Excellent performance, easy setup

    Upgrading my soundbar to a more powerful 5.1 home theater setup meant choosing an AVR and navigating sometimes contradictory professional and consumer reviews. This AVR's stellar reputation and capabilities for the latest formats led me to pick it up and I'm glad that I did.

    Setting it up was intuitive and easy; and I appreciated the Audyssey calibration. This system drives an all-Klipsch speaker suite, including RP-600C center channel, a pair of RP-6000F front speakers, a pair of RP-402S surrounds, and an SPL-100 subwoofer. I run everything through the receiver, primarily a Shield TV for most movie and television content and an Xbox One X for 4K Blu-ray movies. I do not plan on using the 120Hz refresh rate on next-gen gaming systems anytime soon, hence I was unbothered purchasing this system after that issue was identified.

    So far, the system sounds great, performs without issue, and is reliable and easy to use. Will update if I experience any issues, but would recommend this unit to others.

    Dec 29, 2020 14:56
  • Review by Schmidthead033, 10 out of 10
    Great unit!

    Powerhouse unit with tons of tweaking capability! You really are in command

    Jun 11, 2021 16:06
  • Review by AVRx3700, 10 out of 10
    Denon for Denon- Can’t go wrong

    Excellent receiver and delivers a great picture. Replaced an older Denon and much easier to setup.

    Mar 05, 2021 16:03
  • Review by Mechanizm, 10 out of 10
    Amazing receiver, works @ 4K 120hz

    This receiver is amazing!!! I started off by purchasing the aventage A2A because I have both a Ps5 and a series x and wanted the 4K 120hz support. Well neither system would pass 120hz on it even with the latest firmware, and I was underwhelmed by the sound of it so I returned it for this receiver. I couldn’t be happier! The sound quality is leaps and bounds better, the audessy setup with dual subwoofers is exactly what I was looking for, and all the customizations make this the best receiver I’ve ever owned. BUT ON TOP OF THAT- after upgrading it to the latest firmware I hooked my Ps5 up to the 8k port and it passed 4K 120hz perfectly! Now for the crazy part... I was resigned to the fact that I would just run my series x at 4K 60hz due to all the issues of heard about these receivers chipsets incompatibility with uncompressed 4K 120hz. I plugged my series x into hdmi 2 on the receiver, powered it on abs checked the video settings AND IT WAS PASSING 4K 120hz AS WELL!!! I’m nor sure how it’s doing it, but it’s doing it and it was just the icing on the cake! I highly recommend!!!!

    Feb 17, 2021 18:28
  • Review by TechBoy, 8 out of 10
    Denon Bleed Through Issue

    The X3700H produces undistorted, detailed, rich sound in stereo mode, through the front left and right speakers. I bought it to replace my X3500H, because stereo music sounded harsh and distorted. I highly recommend the X3700H for stereo reproduction.

    However, the X3700H, and apparently all Denon and Marantz models made after November 2020, have an issue with dialog bleeding through to all surround and atmos speakers, when the source signal is stereo, and is converted by the AVR to 5.1. My X3700H has this issue, and the result is unacceptably distorted dialog to the Dolby Atmos speakers and surround speakers. (See attached screen capture from Denon website). I can't listen to anything in 5.1; I have to use DTS:X. I'm confident this issue will be resolved by Dolby and Denon.

    Feb 20, 2021 01:27
  • Review by ajlueke, 4 out of 10
    Receiver is unstable with RTX 3000 series GPUs.

    While the sound quality and setup are excellent, the receiver does not correctly pass 4K120Hz 10-bit signals from NVidia 3000 series GPUs.

    Setting up the receiver and the GPU according to the sound united video ( does indeed yield an image on screen, however that image is not stable. After a while the entire color palate will become corrupt rainbows.

    The corruption doesn't always occur immediately, but it is especially pronounced when enabling VRR in the form of G-sync. However the issue does occur even if no VRR has been enabled. Bypassing the AVR, and connecting the HDMI cable directly to the LG OLED TV resolves all my issues. Setting the refresh rate to 60Hz also works, however, VRR isn't available at that refresh rate.

    I wouldn't recommend this for anyone looking to pair an NVidia GPU with an HDMI 2.1 receiver.

    Sep 13, 2021 15:11
  • Review by sportsdad, 10 out of 10
    Denon won out over Yamaha

    This was not an easy decision for me. I did plenty of research. It came down to this Denon x3700h or a Yamaha rx-a1080 for my set up. For reference, I am hooking it up to SVS Prime Pinnacle Towers, SVS Ultra Center, rear satellites, sb 2000 pro sub and a Sony A9g with Sony 4k DVD player.

    I actually bought both. I got them for the same price at the time so it was simply comparing the receivers head to head. Full transparency I wanted to love the Yamaha. I just kept reading reviews of the Denon x3700h and had to hear it for myself before my window of return closed. Out of the box the build quality on the Yamaha seems better? The feel of the casing, the look of the connections. It looked like a better receiver side by side.

    I have bananas plugs so I set up both receivers (ran Audyssey and YPAO). I watched movies, I listened to music... Did this for weeks. I had my wife and kids come in and vote.

    No matter what I did I could not get the Yamaha to sound like the Denon. The surround sound was fuller, more realistic on the Denon. The center channel wasn't overpowered yet was clear and detailed... more than the Yamaha. I went into all the settings multiple times and tried to get the Yamaha to out perform the Denon... I just couldn't.

    Maybe it was my room or maybe I didn't fully know what I was doing, but I did know that the family votes were 4-0 for the Denon. I honestly was a little bummed. I actually wanted to keep the Yamaha. In the end my ears won out and I kept the Denon and haven't regretted it. It does run hotter than the Yamaha. I ended up getting an AC Infinity T8 to keep it cool. Get one... keep it cool and you won't be disappointed.

    Mar 13, 2021 18:20
  • Review by TVGeek, 10 out of 10
    Great receiver with lots of features

    I purchased this receiver last week to replace a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 that did not have all the functionality that this one has. I recently bought a miniDSP 2x4 HD and a miniDSP UMIK-1 to use with REW to calibrate my subs and mains with. The Denon has the ability to set the individual crossovers to what you would like, and the Pioneer doesn't which makes it tough to fine tune it.

    So far the Denon is all that I could ask for, it is easy to setup, and even though it only has 105W per channel (2 channels driven), even running 5.2.4 Atmos it is more than enough. I have a Emotiva 5 channel amp powering the LCR, but this is not needed for a small to medium size room. The Audyssey setup works very well, and i prefer it over the MCACC that Pioneer uses. You still have to do some fine tuning, but turns out very well in the end. It is always good to gain match all of your speakers, but not needed for normal users.

    Overall for the price, and the features it is a great buy, if you need more power, go for the x4700, but the features are the same, except the 4700 has Aura 3d and the x3700 doesn't. They both have the ability though to use them as a preamp now, and use external amps to power your speakers and just use the receiver as a pre/pro which is nice. I am not a gamer so won't comment on the 4k/120hz not working properly at this time, i tested it and it did not work for me properly. hopefully a firmware update coming in the future.

    only real gripe so far is the remote is not backlit, which makes finding buttons in a dark room a pain

    Mar 11, 2021 10:56
  • 9.2score
    Sony - Bluetooth Stereo Turntable - Black

    Enjoy timeless vinyl in modern quality with this Sony wireless turntable. Bluetooth connectivity pushes high-quality audio to wireless speakers and headphones, while a built-in phono audio output ensures wired devices can be connected as well. A minimalist design simplifies use of this Sony wireless turntable to a single button press, and two operating speeds allow for customizable playback.

    7 Features
  • Fully automatic belt-drive design: Offers a reliable way to listen to your vinyl music collection.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge: Equipped with a high-performance, high-output moving magnet (MM) stereo phono cartridge.
  • USB output: Lets you digitize your vinyl records for easy backup to a computer.
  • Hinged detachable dust cover: Dust cover protects your vinyl records.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by pauldar, 10 out of 10
    Sony Adds BT Tech - Updated Stereo Turntable

    To begin with, I have an extensive collection of vinyls dating from the early 60's to the present. I am an avid music lover, and, consider myself an audiophile since I was always fascinated with sound reproduction, amplification, and sound equipment. I started building stereo systems for friends and family back in the late 50's. Collecting records was a culture for me back then, and still is. I go through my record collection often, and, play records at least three or four times a week. Vinyl, analogue records capture full and complete sound waves. There is nothing better then to enjoy outstanding audio from analogue recordings as they were meant to be enjoyed. I prefer the dynamic audio quality of my vinyls over any of my sound-modified, digital CDs. I have a high-end, 'old-school', and costly turntable. But it has no pre-amp, nor does it have Bluetooth technology, or a USB port, for digital conversion of my vinyls using my computer with the appropriate software. So, when I had an opportunity to review the Sony Stereo Bluetooth Turntable – PSLX310BT in exchange for a comprehensive review, I was excited to see what technology could offer me in this updated turntable.

    These are the features of this Sony Stereo Bluetooth Turntable, which strike me as the most outstanding:

    ** Design & Build – Overall this Sony BT turntable is designed for simplicity as an 'entry-level', bargain-priced, record player. The cabinet is made of sturdy plastic in a flat, black, matte finish. It is an attractive looking unit and fits into my home entertainment unit quite nicely. There are four cushioned, round feet on the bottom of the record player, which are designed to absorb shock and prevent vibrations from degrading the playback. This Sony turntable features a hinged, removable, clear plastic dust cover. It is thick enough to provide protection against unwanted sound vibrations from nearby speakers, and dust and debris. The total weight of this unit is under eight pounds because of the lightweight plastic cabinet and aluminum, metal turntable and tonearm. I was impressed by the belt-driven, aluminum, die-cast and balanced platter. It also comes with a foam cushion, 'slip-mat' to keep my vinyl records stable as they are playing. This Sony unit is single-record-play only. However, it will play either 33 1/3 LPs or 45s. The 45 adapter is stored in its slot on the right side of the player cabinet housing. This turntable has a highly sensitive, newly designed 'straight', aluminum tonearm. It is very different from the standard 'J' styled tonearms of the past, which consisted of counter weights to balance them. This aluminum tonearm is programmed to find the beginning grooves of my records and automatically returns back to the tonearm-rest at the end, ready for the next 'Start'. If you are new to vinyl records, or, just want a Bluetooth updated turntable, this is the ideal unit for you.

    ** Controls – The unit has a Power/ON/Standby Button on the back of the unit to turn the turntable ON/OFF. Topside, on the main deck, are three user, selection knobs. These knobs allow me to choose the size of record (7” for 45s) and (12” for 33 1/3 LPs), speed (33 1/3 & 45 rpm), and for Bluetooth pairing. At the right-front of the unit are three push, selection buttons, 'Start', 'Stop', and 'Up/Down' (for tonearm re-positioning). Pressing the Start Button initiates the auto-play and the tonearm and stylus will play whatever size record I have selected. The Stop Button will halt the record playback and return the tonearm back to its rest. The Up/Down button allows me to pause the playback, and, or re-position the tonearm to a different part of the record by hand. Pressing the Up/Down Button after the playback is paused or re-positioned will automatically lower the tonearm to continue play. On the back of the deck are selection switches for output selection and 'Gain' selection. The 'Gain' Selection gives me three options, Low (-4 dB), Mid (0 dB), and High (+6 dB), to match the overall volume of the record I am playing. When the Output Switch is set to 'LINE' the turntable's audio signal passes through the built-in phono pre-amp. I set this switch to 'LINE' when I am using the BT connection. The Output Switch also provides for phono (out) selection, which bypasses the built-in pre-amp. It allows me to connect the phono (in) on my amp receiver using the provided RCA audio cables. The RCA audio cable is only 52 inches long and I needed approximately eight feet of cable to connect to my amp-receiver. Also, I wanted the audio cables concealed. So, I purchased a pair of RCA Plug Couplers and a longer audio cable at my local Best Buy to get it done. These user-friendly controls are explained in detail with illustrations in the 'Operating Instructions' included with the Sony turntable.

    ** Bluetooth Pairing – This feature was fascinating to me because I have several quality BT speakers, but, was never able to use them playing my vinyls. I went from my turntable to my amp-receiver using RCA audio cables and that was my only connection. This Sony turntable has a built-in phono pre-amp. So now, I can take advantage of my weatherproof speakers with BT technology and enjoy my vinyls while listening outdoors near my pool and hot tub. WooHoo! I can also pair this turntable to my sound bar or headphones without having to use RCA audio cables. Pairing is very easy. The Bluetooth Pairing Button will flash blue when depressed. When it pairs successfully the blue light will remain constantly ON. If I disconnect a paired device the indicator light will turn orange, and, go into standby mode until reconnected to a BT device. This turntable can pair up to eight different devices and remember that information as it registers them, so you don't have to pair them again. But only one device can pair at a time for playback. This Sony uses the following codecs, aptX and SBC. I found that my BT speakers also support the same codecs. Having the aptX codec brings the music alive with near CD quality over BT. WoW! What I also love about using my BT speakers is they have a mobile App for my Smart Phone. The App allows me to control the volume of the speakers, choose pre-set EQs, and, or, user-adjustable EQ settings. How cool is that? I do all of that with my amp-receiver too, however I have to connect the turntable using RCA audio cables and switch from 'Line' to 'Phono'.

    ** USB Port – On the back of the deck is a USB, type 'B' port for connection to a computer for conversion of the analogue sound tracks to digital through the appropriate kind of recording software. This is a 'must' for me in the coming weeks as some of my records are now over 62 years old. I have approximately 400 all together. I am going to evaluate the existing software available and get started on this project soon.

    ** Set Up – Out of the box it took me approximately 30 minutes to have this turntable ready to play records. Installing the platter and drive belt takes a little patience and finesse. I have large hands, so I asked my wife, who has much more manual dexterity then me, install the drive belt.

    ** Vinyl Record Care – To achieve the best sound playback possible vinyl records must be as dust, debris, and smudge free as possible. All vinyls should be cleaned thoroughly with a dampened microfiber cloth, dried, and stored in a controlled environment. Vinyl records are a dust magnet due to static electricity and an anti-static record cleaning brush is a valuable tool to have for cleaning the micro-grooves. Because fingerprints can damage vinyl I started handling them with gloves after cleaning. I also started to store them in polypropylene record sleeves along with the cardboard outer sleeve to preserve the original artwork and artist information. In time vinyl records increase in value, so they need to be protected and stored properly.

    ** Maintenance – From my past experiences: Keep the deck, stylus, and cushioned slip mat as dust-free as possible. Keep the hinged dust cover in place when the player is not in use. I found having an extra stylus and drive belt is good practice. These are the items in your turntable that will eventually wear out. Sony has Parts Distribution Partners listed that you can order these items from at their 'Support' website.

    ** Summary – Over the past five years Vinyl record sales have been increasing while CD sales have dropped off. New generations of folks are now discovering the energizing and full bodied, analogue sounds that only vinyl records capture. Love my vinyls! This Sony Stereo Bluetooth Turntable – PSLX310BT can be your gateway to linking the past with present day technology. I highly recommend the purchase of this unit for your own personal use, gift for a family member, or special friend.

    Apr 23, 2019 17:24
  • Review by callmeageeth, 10 out of 10
    Great for those new to Vinyl

    I admit, I'm one of those guys that prefers all the music in my pocket and subscribe to a streaming service. But my parents gave me some old vinyls and I thought it would be cool to give them a try. I am admittedly not a vinyl junky, and in fact, I've never owned or probably ever operated one. But I must admit there's something magical about them, hearing the needle hit the record and just the way it sounds. Plus, when you buy vinyls, you aren't going to buy everything (maybe you will) so your collection better represents you and your tastes.

    This turntable was nice for me, because it has Bluetooth. It doesn't look special, it's a big hunking square piece of plastic, and while I prefer to hardline my speakers into an amp to play, I appreciate the flexibility of streaming to a soundbar.


    As a person who likes electronics, I generally skip past the manual and figure it out myself. However, I've never put together a turntable before and while there isn't much to do, I would recommend reading the instructions as there was more to it than I expected (I assumed it would literally be ready to go out of the box).

    You simply connect the "rubber band" to the gears, put in the metal plate, snap on the hinges for the dust cover (which was hidden in the styrofoam) plug it in, and you're off.

    Setting up red/white audio connections is easy. If that's the route your taking, you simply plug it into your amp. Bluetooth on the other hand, was a bit of trial and error. Normally you would connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone and you can interact with a screen, but obviously the turntable doesn't have one. But I found the process pretty simple. You hold the Bluetooth button down on the turntable until it starts blinking blue and amber and then you put your speaker in pairing mode and they should connect. It took me a couple of tries, but it was pretty painless. I keep my turntable on (there's a hard switch in the back) to maintain that Bluetooth connection to my soundbar to limit connection issues. I have yet for it to disconnect while the turntable is on.


    Obviously, sound is really only as good as your speakers. I'm no audiophile, so I don't have an elaborate system for playing music. I usually listen through my soundbar. What I was impressed with is that the "old timey" (for lack of a batter descriptor) sound came through the soundbar. It sounded like I was playing a record and creates an wonderful listening experience. All in all, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the sound.


    So this is where my ignorance re turntables came into play. Using it. There's a cover to protect the needle, I removed it, but every time I tried to place the needle on the record (after turning it on and the platter began spinning) the needle kept going back to its position. Well, it's motorized. This make it easy to operate but takes a little fun out of it. You don't even have to press the needle. You simply push the start button and the needle goes into place on its own. It's a nice feature, but I sometimes like to place the needle on it myself.


    As a vinyl newbie, this is a great turntable. It's easy to set up and operate, although I assume most are, but it has the added convenience of Bluetooth that I know most turntables don't have. If you are looking for flexibility in your setup (I'm thinking keeping your turntable far enough from your audio equipment that would make it difficult to hardwire it to your receiver) then this is your best bet.

    I guess the only downside is it's footprint. It's pretty large although most are. Sony could have shaved off some of the plastic on the sides but I assume it's to keep the standard width of home audio components.

    Apr 12, 2019 13:37
  • Review by TonyMSP, 10 out of 10
    Modern take on vinyl

    Having gotten back into listening to my old record collection, my old record player with built in speakers wasn’t cutting it. I have Google Home speakers in my home and they sound terrific with streaming audio. I wanted to extend this listening pleasure with my records. This Sony record player seamlessly connects to my Google home or any other Bluetooth speakers.


    • Easy to setup

    • Super easy to use

    • Looks great on your bookshelf


    • Unused AV cord is not detachable

    • Button actuations feels a bit cheap

    I was looking for a replacement record player and I knew Bluetooth was the route to go. Bluetooth speaker’s sounds 100x better than any built in record player speakers. Setup was a breeze and it auto pairs when I hit the play button. What I love about this record player is that once you set your vinyl on the platter, close the lid and hit the buttons on the front to start playing. No need to manually place the tone arm. Hit play and it will automatically play the first song. Hit stop and it will put the tone arm back to the resting position and turn off. There is also a button to raise and lower so you can choose where to start on your vinyl. Once the record is done playing, the tone arm automatically returns home and stops the vinyl from spinning.

    I would recommend this record player to anyone looking to use your better sounding Bluetooth speakers to listen to your records.

    Apr 16, 2019 00:31
  • Review by mobilelawyer, 10 out of 10
    Simple, Elegant, Functional

    True vinyl aficionados have never accepted digital reproduction. Analog sounds better, they say, and always has. I cannot agree or disagree with that premise, since I haven’t listened to my LP's for more than 30 years. Another consideration is that I am not a person of means enough to invest in turntables that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and esoteric cartridges that require another huge cash outlay. But I had an ample collection of those LP's languishing in the closet, with many titles that I had not listened to in years, and along came this Sony with a belt-driven platter and a Bluetooth radio to boot. How could I resist the temptation? I couldn't, of course.

    An Initial Challenge

    This turntable is elegant and understated. The tone arm is shipped battened down to the it's rest, and the stylus is protected with a cover to secure it while you assemble the turntable. You must physically install the aluminum platter onto the spindle, and thread the belt which spans its inner diameter over the motor spindle. The instructions guide you through the process, but I mistook a vinyl appendage under the platter for the motor spindle. When I powered up, nothing happened. I quickly fixed the problem, found the motor spindle (it's metal), threaded it, and applied the black rubber mat to the top of the platter.

    The literature states that the cartridge is of moving-magnet design. The stylus is replaceable, but the instructions do not indicate that other manufacturer's cartridges can be installed, which is understandable given the price of this device. With its dust cover installed, the assembly is quite attractive, and its all-black color will neutrally blend into virtually any home environment.

    My receiver's low-level phono input had never been used until I attached this turntable's phono plug connectors. There is a three-level switch to adjust the output to suit your amplifier or receiver's sensitivity. I was pleasantly surprised at the sound. The records I played had been well cared for over the years, and, on most there was little groove noise, and relatively few pops and crackles. But some were present. Such is the nature of the interaction between grooves, vinyl, dust, styli and time. If you don't have a phono pre-amp on your receiver or amp, the turntable can also send a high-level "line" signal to one of your available inputs.

    I would describe the "sound" of the Sony cartridge as neutral and well-balanced. I listened to several classical pieces and the imaging was precise. I just sat back and enjoyed the music, just as I would have so many years ago when LP's provided virtually the only high-fidelity sound source available in the home. I did have some initial reservations about the isolation provided by the turntable's feet. The Sony sat on a five-foot-wide hardwood enclosure which holds my other components. The floor is hardwood glued to a concrete slab. A 12-inch powered subwoofer is about twelve feet away. I listened at moderate to high volume without issue, so perhaps my reservations were unfounded. Still, in using this or any turntable, the user should be careful to protect the delicate stylus and careful to have the volume turned down when initially playing a record.

    When the start button is pressed, the platter begins to turn, and the arm lifts and moves to the initial record groove, without the user having to touch anything but the button to initiate the process. If you want to pause, another button is pressed to lift the arm off the record in place. The upward and downward movement of the arm is nicely damped. Pressing the Stop button causes the arm to lift and return to its reset. The arm also returns to the rest if the entire side of the record is played through.

    What about Bluetooth?

    I have the diminutive Sony Bluetooth speaker, the SRS-XB21, sitting on a shelf on the other side of the large living room where the turntable is placed. I never thought I would be using it to listen to an LP on a turntable, but in a few minutes, I had the devices paired. The turntable will allow up to eight separate devices to be paired with it. The sound was just gorgeous. I was able to take the speaker into the next room to enjoy the music playing on the turntable. I have never understood how such rich sound can come from such a little speaker, but the input from this turntable was perfectly reproduced. I have another practical reason for using the Bluetooth feature which I will explain in more detail later.

    USB Transfer

    This turntable also has a USB output, but the cable is not supplied. I have one and connected the turntable to my computer to make a digital copy of one of my disks. I can't speak for all, but I am thinking this use for the turntable may be a significant purchasing reason for vinyl owners like me.

    A Little Work, But It's Fun

    "Ripping" LP's, of course must be done in real time. It requires the use of the Audacity software which Sony refers you to in the turntable manual. The audio runs from the phono amp on the turntable, through the USB cable and into your computer for processing. Depending on your operating system, you may need to adjust some of its audio-handling parameters to receive and process the signal from the turntable and monitor the signal while you record. Since I wanted to convert the tracks to mp3, Audacity required me to download a codec to accomplish that. In making the conversion, Audacity allows you to add the metadata from the song such as the artist, title, track number, etc. Once converted, Audacity also provides a means to edit the digital file, if needed, to trim it or to add fading, as the user may desire. The sampling rate selection affects both the audio quality and the ultimate size of the outputted file.

    I was very pleased with the sound quality of the ripped mp3 files. Now, I suppose I am going to spend hour after hour listening to some of my long forgotten, but always-loved vinyl tracks while they are converted to digital form. It's a tough job, but somebody must do it, and I'm the man. Thank God, I have held on to those records after all these years. I am going to be having some great fun for many hours.

    Bluetooth revisited

    One issue that I had was deciding where to place the turntable. I promise, the design is beautiful, but all my existing audio-video equipment made permanent placement a challenge. My stuff is in a cabinet directly under a large flat panel tv mounted on the wall. To fully enjoy all the features of this turntable, it needs to be in proximity of both my computer and my receiver. But after I ripped the tracks for this review, my wife did not like the placement of the turntable on top of the audio-video cabinet I was using. I disconnected it and moved it to a built-in bookshelf in another part of the living room. Instant wife approval! From that location, I can use the Bluetooth connection to enjoy the music from the records, and simply move the turntable temporarily back to the audio-video cabinet for ripping sessions. I have a man-cave upstairs with an amplifier and computer set up which might also furnish a permanent resting place for the turntable and future ripping chores, but for now, the little black beauty stays where it is.


    As you may have surmised, I very much like this turntable. It is affordable, physically attractive, practical, and has been a joy to use. And now my track-ripping duties are going to keep me busy for a long, long while. Oh, the torture!

    Apr 04, 2019 09:36
  • Review by emiliosic, 8 out of 10
    Sleek, Wireless, Fully Automatic


    This is a solid choice for an un-complicated consumer grade turntable, which is fully automatic (One-button start and stop) and an integrated Bluetooth interface that works great, connecting automatically upon start.


    - Minimalist design.

    - Full-automatic operation: Three buttons up front: Cue List, start and stop. Inside the console, speed :33 1/3, 45 RPM, Size selector, and Bluetooth Control.

    - Phono or Line output with gain control.

    - USB audio output for converting to digital.

    - Bluetooth listening.


    - Belt Drive: Turntables can be either Belt-driven or direct-driven. Most consumer turntables are belt-driven, which produces stable speeds with less vibration, but the belts eventually wear out. It's very easy to replace with no tools by lifting the platter, but will need to find a replacement, fresh belt when the time comes.

    - Bluetooth: It supports Bluetooth 4.2 with codecs SBC and Apt-X. It doesn't support AAC (which is used by Apple and others) and it also doesn't support Sony's own LDAC for high-definition Bluetooth audio, which is baffling considering the purpose of playing from a Turntable is to maintain audio fidelity. To be honest, the SBC codec is sufficient for playing with smaller speakers, but differences can be notable with headphones.

    - Instead of providing RCA posts for audio output, it has permanently attached cable with RCA connectors. I have no idea why they would do that.

    - The power supply is an external brick adapter. I find this very inconvenient.

    - There is no lock on the arm, so if you need to move the turntable, the manual indicates the user needs to tie a string through the arm. Every turntable I used has a clip to lock the arm, except this one.

    - The power button (standby) is on the back, which is the only way to turn it off completely.

    - Likewise, the gain control is also on the back of the turntable. Gain settings can be adjusted when playing different records.


    - Because it's a consumer turntable, it doesn't have strobe speed control. Not an issue for people that just wants to listen to music.

    - The arm is very minimalistic. Very nice and lightweight. It works very well, but again, as a consumer turntable it doesn't provide weight adjustments.


    - This is a proven mechanism that's very similar to previous Sony models, with a redesigned arm. The base of the plate is cast metal, which provides a stable foundation. The phono cartridge is Sony's MM type.

    Comparative listening

    Playing the same record: Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, 2016 Remaster, which is a fine quality remaster in a heavy vinyl pressing, versus the 2003 CD, in my personal opinion, the LP produced warmer but detailed sounds. CD had more clarity but also more metallic sound. The turntable was able to produce the detailed background sounds this record is famous for.


    While this is not, and does not pretend to be a pro-grade turntable, the overall design and appearance is very nice, with a fully-automatic mechanism to keep it a pleasant experience, and Bluetooth transmitter to make connecting the turntable as simple as possible, but there are obvious design flaws, although small, that would've been addressed in a better way.

    Apr 11, 2019 22:55
  • Review by Njuice, 10 out of 10
    Excellent Vinyl Record Player for the Digital Age

    Vinyl has been making a comeback for years now and nothing is more evident of that than Sony putting out new record players like this one. So far, my experience has been pretty solid!


    - The player is really nice to look at. It has a matte black look with a slight speckle to it and the dust cover is nice. Overall this is a very modern yet simple looking player.

    - Set Up is pretty easy. If you have or haven't used a vinyl record player before, it's easy to set up and the manual gives a lot of insight.

    - For playing music you either need a Bluetooth speaker or a speaker you can plug the component L/R wires into. Straight forward music playing set up.

    - Once you have it set up and connected to a speaker, playing music sounds excellent! I was really impressed with how good the sound is and overall operation of it is straight forward and not complex at all.


    - I put Bluetooth in its own category because it has pros & cons. Once Bluetooth is connected, the record player works really well and is smooth, but getting to that point seems outdated. Basically, you need to hold the button on the speaker in pairing mode and hold the record player's Bluetooth pairing mode button at the same time until they connect. So it's not that it does not work, it just seems a little too basic for how expensive the record player. It maybe would be nice to have some sort of display screen to select which Bluetooth speaker you want to connect to or something like that.

    - Regardless, it works well connecting! It just doesn't feel as nice as it could be.


    - It would have been nice if the player had a built in battery for portability purposes. Just would be an added benefit given how it already has Bluetooth capabilities.

    - I really do not have issues with this vinyl speaker overall, very happy with it!


    - If you are looking to upgrade your current record player or buy your first one, you will not go wrong with this one. It looks really high end, has great ease of use, and the Bluetooth functionality is a great benefit!

    Apr 03, 2019 18:31
  • Review by Monicasboys, 10 out of 10
    Great turntable

    I bought this turntable so I can enjoy my records again, old turntable and speakers just not sounding good and found out it would cost alot to fix and not worth it. I did alot of research about bluetooth turntables thinking I could modernized and connect to my nose or the sound bar. Compared this with the audio technica turntable and opted for the Sony as they seemed comparable and the Sony was IN STOCK at Best Buy near me!

    I found this easy to assemble. Connected to my Bose speaker via bluetooth after a couple of tries. Sound was much too quiet for my taste however. I was unable to connect it to the sound bar, may have needed to disconnect it from the tv which I was unwilling to do to my family. I opted to buy some bookshelf speakers (Edifier) and just use the RCA cable. Voila! Great sound easy to use. Just had to get used to the power button on the Sony turntable being in the back and make sure the output select is on

    "line" and gain select is on "high".

    I definitely recommend this turntable!

    Mar 13, 2021 16:32
  • Review by Bryan, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    I really love this turn table. I wanted one that has blue tooth and after reading reviews and researching I went with this one and I am so happy I did. One complaint is the felt on the bed comes up with the record.

    Mar 06, 2021 09:23
  • 9.2score
    Audio-Technica - Stereo Turntable - Black/Gunmetal

    Spin your favorite classic LPs with this Audio Technica automatic turntable. The DC servo belt drive keeps the motor running at a constant speed for optimal performance, while a fully automatic mechanism lets you play vinyl records with the touch of a button. This Audio Technica automatic turntable has an RCA output for wired connectivity to powered speakers, computer or stereo.

    6 Features
  • Fully automatic belt-drive design: Offers a reliable way to listen to your music collection.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Dual Magnet phono cartridge: Provides rich audio quality and easy stylus replacement.
  • Diamond stylus: Hard diamond styluses are designed to last.
  • Hinged detachable dust cover: Dust cover protects your vinyl records from damage.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by BillfromTexas, 10 out of 10
    Features, sound, quality, value. Whats not to love

    I purchased based on multiple positive reviews and was not disappointed. Plays well and sounds fantastic when hooked to my receiver. My receiver does not have a dedicated "phono" slot, so I just used the CD one instead, since I never use CD's anymore. Works fine. Put the whole setup on my desk, as shown in pictures with this review.

    This is not a bluetooth version, which is fine, as I just connected directly to my receiver as shown in the photo. Be sure to have some headphones to bring out the sound correctly.

    I especially like the automatic button control that is missing from the more expensive Audio Technica turntable. Just push a button to either stop or start and the unit returns the tone arm once album complete. Also has a separate button raise and lower the tone arm to stop and start as well as place anywhere on the record and lower safely.

    Note that this plays 33 and 45 speed but not 78, in case you want to play very old vintage records (which I don't).

    Its been years since I have listened to music with "cracks" and "scratches" inherent in old records and I love it!

    Don't let the low price scare you. This is a quality machine and super easy to use. Plays well with no adjustments needed.

    Dec 25, 2019 15:34
  • Review by Elson, 10 out of 10
    Excellent Product.

    Im happy my purchase Turntable AT-LP60X. Its a very high quality product and i will to buy Best Buy again.

    Jun 13, 2019 11:56
  • Review by Budgettv, 10 out of 10
    Great first record player.

    I love this record table. Great value for the money. Please buy this instead of a crosley I’ve had no issues. I plug it to my jbl speaker with an auxiliary cord and it’s sounds amazing. It’s super easy to use as well.

    Oct 16, 2020 16:27
  • Review by Loveagoodfind, 10 out of 10
    No complaints!

    I love this record player, definitely a step up from my old one!

    Feb 12, 2021 20:48
  • Review by Liam, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic quality, fantastic price.

    A great turntable for an even better price. The stepup from the ATLP60 is even better, and truly is great for the price. It’s a great record player for someone who isn’t new when it comes to records, but isn’t exactly a “veteran” either. A very good record player. I use a pair of powered logitech speakers with this turntable and it sounds great. The preamp is a great convenience and makes things a little less expensive. Would 100% recommend.

    Sep 18, 2020 22:36
  • Review by mumzie4, 6 out of 10
    Disappointed - Description Not Accurate

    I purchased this for my daughter and I chose it because the specifications specifically said it is bluetooth enabled. I bought the turntable only as she has bluetooth speakers. She is not happy now as she has no way to hook them to her current speakers. I have no idea if this even works since she set it up, but no speakers.

    Apr 17, 2020 15:24
  • Review by Neurosax, 10 out of 10
    Great value

    This turntable sounds surprisingly good for the price. It was quite easy to set up, basically plug and play. I have a large vinyl collection, mostly LP’s I bought 40 or more years ago. This turntable has brought this old recordings back to life. After hearing only digital music for long, vinyl sounds so refreshing. What a great sound for $100.

    Feb 19, 2021 16:55
  • Review by Phil, 10 out of 10
    Excellent turntable for a first time owners!

    I absolutely love this turntable it is very high-quality premium and easy to use. I originally bought one of those suitcase turntables or should I say record players and let me just tell you do not buy the suitcase turntables spend the extra money and get this turntable the sound quality is amazing you get premium features and it’s made out of premium materials you will not regret buying this turntable. I do want to mention that this turntable does not come with speakers built-in so you’ll have to buy some separately or hook it up to your existing sound system like I did! Now right out of the box it sounded terrible just like the suitcase record players but I had it on the wrong setting because it was set to that setting out of the box but once I got it to the right setting for the connections that I had it sounded amazing so just wanted to let you know if it doesn’t sound good at first make sure you have it on the right setting!

    Apr 02, 2021 16:35
  • 9.2score
    LG - XBOOM Wireless Party Speaker - Black

    Liven up your next party with this LG XBOOM audio system. A built-in DJ pad and dance lighting with a party strobe ensure your guests dance all night long, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play your favorite tracks. This LG XBOOM audio system offers boosted bass for a richer, more dynamic low end.

    4 Features
  • Bluetooth music streaming: Makes it easy to enjoy tracks stored on a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device (not included).
  • 2-way speaker system: Sends the right frequencies to the right speakers for outstanding audio.
  • Rich, powerful sound: Includes a woofer and 2 tweeters.
  • Plays digital music files: Including WMA and MP3.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Uade, 10 out of 10
    Wow Packed with Features, wish I had two.

    I was lucky enough to buy an RN5 at a discount in return for a timely review, and honestly, I need more time. There are far too many features for me to accurately describe and review given the time constraint, but here’s my best shot. This system is an entertainer’s dream, even if you’re just entertaining yourself. It has a DJ mode, a guitar input, a mic for your karaoke fix, a light show for those parties deep into the night, a bevy of equalizer settings and DJ effects for those amateur or aspiring DJs out there. There are two USB 3 ports that will both recharge your devices and all functions can be controlled by the different buttons that adorn the top of the system. You may never need those though as the minimal manual provides QR codes for the Android and IOS apps which is fully featured give you quick access to all features of the system including the DJ mode functions, the one downside to the app is that it doesn’t scale beyond phones. It remained the same size on my ipad mini as it was on my phone. I haven’t tried any larger tablets, but I imagine the same will hold true. Now on to the important stuff the sound. If you like your bass to literally move you even at low volumes this isn’t the system for you and it’s clear that wasn’t what LG had in mind when designing it. Don’t get me wrong you can get some serious bass from this relatively small speaker system, but you have to crank the volume to party levels. Where this really shines is how clean the sound is, even at those loud obnoxious party levels even the bass is clean and crisp, you can hear all the elements of your music, all the details are present, nothing is muddy or tinny. In testing it I played a variety of music from Phil Collins, Dancehall and Soca, to Kiss, and the system performed great all the vocals were clean the tambourines in the background of a live Phil Collins concert were easy to pick up. Speaking of vocals if karaoke is your you thing the RN5 has a voice canceller that allow you reduce the vocals so you can add your own, that’s a feature I won’t use often as even I don’t want to hear me sing. Bottom line if you like your music clean, like to entertain small groups or a full party, you can’t go wrong with this system, my only suggestion would be to get two to link together in TWIN mode. I wish I had a second unit to test that feature, I imagine the stereo sound would be amazing. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

    Oct 08, 2020 10:15
  • Review by 732bestbuy, 8 out of 10
    XBoom good choice

    Pretty impressed very good first LG speaker it's clear an nice bass..I also Bluetooth it to my TV when watching movies....

    Jan 22, 2021 17:21
  • Review by WRobinson, 8 out of 10
    Let's Have a Party!

    So excited to get the new LG XBOOM. It's a big one (31 lbs.) and arrived securely packaged. You get the speaker, remote, power cord and FM radio antenna. I have an iPhone, iPad and iPod, so I downloaded the LG XBOOM app. The app isn't terrific, but it is useful. I am quite pleased with all of the inputs (bluetooth, 2 USBs, optical, guitar and microphone). I'll admit that I am not a DJ, so I am anxious to learn about the DJ PAD options. It looks fun. This machine has been quite useful during the pandemic, as our bubble of close friends come by to socialize outdoors. I've used it for outdoor yoga, music (of course) and as a powerful external speaker for my TV that we move outside to watch shows and movies. The TV connects via optical, and we use the remote for volume control. Let's talk about the sound quality. I'm impressed with the clarity at loud volumes; it's great. I'm not hearing a lot of differences with the built-in EQ selections. The XBass option is OK to me. I was expecting thunder and complaining neighbors, but my friends think it's just fine. I need to get a microphone to play with the karaoke. Oh yes, the lights are fun at night. Three things I wish it had are: mini-jack, wheels (it's heavy) and more bass. Nevertheless, the LG XBOOM has great value for the price. It's a keeper. Note: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

    Sep 20, 2020 14:30
  • Review by TYNG, 4 out of 10
    It looks better than it actually sounds

    This XBOOM speakers is an okay speaker. It looks like it could be loud enough to shake your pictures of the wall but it’s not it left me disappointed. Not enough bass. Maybe great for karaoke but I’m was looking for something make the place shake like an earthquake disturb my neighbors and make them complain. I want to be able to not even hear knocking at my door cuz the music is so loud with heavy bass.

    Sep 04, 2020 16:44
  • Review by Momma, 10 out of 10
    Great Speaker

    This is a great speaker! It arrived and it was big and I was excited when it showed up. This speaker is sharp looking and has great bass and sound quality. There are so many great features this speaker has. It has a remote that you can use to do what you would like and I also use the app that is linked to it as well. I use the dj features on this speaker and also hook up my guitar to the speaker and use it that way too and it sounds great. This is the speaker for anyone to get if you are having parties with the great sound quality and the lights and lighting themes with different color options. It’s great and the lights shine bright while they flash to the beat as well. I use this speaker all the time and will be using it for any occasion I can. Everyone who sees it is amazed and asks where I got it. That’s before they hear it and see the lights and then they are hooked. I would for sure recommend this speaker to others as you are missing out. This speaker is the best out there!

    I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

    Oct 15, 2020 18:17
  • Review by Javelin13, 10 out of 10
    Great speaker for BBQs and parties

    When I first got the box I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the XBOOM. It is large and packed with power. Great sound comes out and sounds are heard throughout the yard. Indoors we cant turn it up too high or else it is too loud. (If that's even a thing.) It has two USB ports that will charge your device so you can play music without interruptions. LED effects are a nice addition. Bluetooth connected without any issues and sound come out clear. There is also an app that allows you to control sound lights and EQ setting as well.

    Oct 23, 2020 18:07
  • Review by Ryncody, 10 out of 10
    Booming set up full if features

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    Best BANG for your buck!

    2020-10-14 21:26:53

    1 2 3 4 5

    First and foremost , I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, This speaker system is an all in one Dj, mic, remote controll, app use, multiple phones can be connected to use each phones flash to have a strobe effect to the music while the speakers lighting Dances to the music as well. The Bluetooth works well at far distances, I use the xboom outside by the pool while my device is inside my home a good 100' away. The sound is spot on great to the last 5 volume sections before the systems max volume. Sounds great as a rear speaker w/subwoofer for my tv surround sound. Im thinking if buying a 2nd one for a pair on patio. (Ryncody) insiders.

    Oct 23, 2020 16:36
  • Review by Mike, 10 out of 10
    Great party speaker!

    Has very good sound. It is easy to use and has a lot of customization for sound. The karaoke function of canceling out the vocals of songs works great, makes any song into a karaoke version. This speaker cannot be beat for the price.

    Nov 07, 2021 11:39
  • 9.2score
    VIZIO - 2.0-Channel V-Series Home Theather Sound Bar with Dolby Audio and DTS:X - Black

    Transform your TV sound with the incredible V-Series 2.0 Compact Sound Bar, from VIZIO, America’s #1 Sound Bar Brand. Compact in size, yet powerful in performance, delivering the audio experience that your favorite content deserves. The clean, low profile design fits neatly under smaller TVs. Enjoy outstanding clarity and room-filling sound with Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround that combine to create a realistic audio experience. With 2 power-packed full-range speakers, the V-Series delivers striking performance beyond its minimalist size. Get setup and listening in minutes with the included HDMI ARC cable that provides the highest-quality audio in a simple, single-cable setup. This also allows you to control your sound bar with your TV remote. Wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcasts with Bluetooth using your phone or compatible device, and conveniently amplify the voice of your favorite assistant by easily connecting it to the Voice Assistant input, for an upgraded, smart audio experience.

    12 Features
  • Compact, versatile design: Sleek, rounded all-black finish with easy-to-clean textured surface, optimized for small-med rooms.
  • DTS® Virtual:X: Sound Enhancement for room-filling, floor-to-ceiling virtualized sound.
  • Full-Range Speakers: 2 full-range speakers in the sound bar provide coherent sound and brilliant clarity.
  • 70Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response: Wide, natural frequency response means you can hear what the artist intended.
  • 95dB Loudness: Experience startling dynamics with minimal distortion or compression for remarkable room-shaking sound.
  • Optimized for 4K HDR Content with Dolby Audio: Bring out the best audio performance from your 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio when connected through HDMI.
  • DTS TruVolume HD: Maintain a consistent volume level and eliminate annoying fluctuations between different types of content.
  • HDMI ARC: Uses the Highest-quality audio available and allows you to control sound bar with your TV remote.
  • Bluetooth Streaming: Stream music wirelessly from your phone or other compatible Bluetooth devices.
  • Voice Assistant Input: Dedicated 3.5 Aux or Persistent Bluetooth connection allows you to use your voice to control your Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant devices through the sound bar.
  • All-New Remote: Full-featured, easy to navigate remote with comfort grip.
  • Easy Setup: All audio connection cables included.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Scott, 8 out of 10
    Pretty good sound bar for the price!

    Pretty good sound bar. I like that you can change the equalizer and select more or less bass and treble.

    Oct 01, 2021 16:36
  • Review by Palmer, 10 out of 10
    Good sound + no frills

    Needed a simple soundbar to make my boyfriend's TV room bearable (the TV speakers point straight down...). This does the job. Dialogue is audible, bass is solid for this form factor, setup (optical cable) was easy. I'm sure we'll get an upgrade eventually, but for an impulse buy, this thing has been great.

    Oct 26, 2021 11:27
  • Review by Shorl, 10 out of 10
    Happy wife = happy life

    I wasn't sure this would do what I needed. I bought it as a gift for my spouse who often has difficulty clearly hearing the dialogue when watching movies and such. I spend a good part of the time repeating what everyone is saying (and then missing parts of the movie myself). The clarity of sound has eliminated almost all of that issue and we both get to enjoy the show without interuptions. I am very happy with this purchase.

    Nov 18, 2021 18:01
  • Review by MarkM, 10 out of 10
    Great sound!

    Great sound from a small but mighty sounding sound bar! I bought this for my bedroom TV and it produces really nice sound. Works seamlessly with my Amazon Fire TV.

    Oct 31, 2021 09:42
  • Review by Gamer, 10 out of 10
    Perfect for my setup

    This is perfect for my setup. I have it hooked up to my Xbox because I'm using it with a gaming monitor instead of a TV.

    The monitor itself doesn't have great audio and didn't come with a remote so I wanted to add those to my experience.

    Coolest thing is the sound bar can learn to be controlled by my Xbox TV style remote. So I can control everything from the Xbox remote, since the gaming monitor already goes to sleep when I shut down the Xbox.

    Oct 18, 2021 12:04
  • Review by Veronica1580, 10 out of 10
    Best little Visio sound bar ever!!

    Is a really nice sound bar I love you so much I'm going to replace the Visio that I have on the second floor with the same bar it's not expensive at all and it's really loud really cool and I love the Bluetooth capability is extremely strong you're gonna love it!

    Nov 12, 2021 17:33
  • Review by Tdaveness, 10 out of 10
    Awesome package

    Super small but has a loud sound. Easy set up, improved from earlier models. No need to go over half on volume and that’s outside.

    Sep 26, 2021 19:13
  • Review by Sinsur, 8 out of 10
    Portable big sound in small package

    Good sound but lacking subwoofer. Right of the box very easy to setup and extra light

    Oct 15, 2021 15:27
  • 9.2score
    Yamaha - 5.1-Channel 4K Home Theater Speaker System with Powered Subwoofer and Bluetooth Streaming - Black

    Upgrade home entertainment with this Yamaha home theater system. Bluetooth functionality enables wireless music playback from smartphones and other devices, while the Compressed Music Enhancer ensures superior sound quality. This Yamaha home theater system supports 4K Ultra HD video with HDCP 2.2 support, and the virtual CINEMA FRONT allows for 5.1-channel surround sound installation.

    5 Features
  • 100W active subwoofer: For a powerful sound.
  • 725W maximum power: Creates powerful sound through the main-channel, center-channel and rear-channel speakers.
  • 17 DSP sound modes: For custom audio.
  • Plays high-resolution digital music files: Including DSD (up to 5.6 MHz).
  • 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output: High-speed HDMI cable is the only connection that can deliver a full high-definition experience with a full 1080p picture and digital surround sound. HDMI cable not included.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    Affordable and packs a punch

    Fantastic. Sounds incredible, daily driver with my 2 monitor PC set up, ps5, switch and a media server. The options and settings are quite robust, with a nice on screen interface. The bass box will quite literally rattle the windows and the room, and the sounds from the speakers in a 5.1 set up sound amazing, crisp, and the flow of the audio is simply on point. I purchased this one as a "settle for what they have" kind of situation and am by NO means disappointed it went down that way. Happy with the purchase, will buy one for my living room too.

    Oh, also, you can rename any of the inputs so you can sort by device when rolling through the menu. Bluetooth to my phone for Spotify is a god send too.

    Oct 08, 2021 20:10
  • Review by MikesHouse, 10 out of 10

    This surround sound system is terrific. I find myself listening to music more than watching movies with it.

    Oct 22, 2021 20:00
  • Review by JoshStanley, 10 out of 10


    Aug 20, 2021 23:17
  • Review by TrevorP, 10 out of 10
    Great surround sound system

    So I have had this surround sound for a couple days & I will say it sounds amazing for anything at this price point of $500 or below. The subwoofer sounds amazing puts out great bass for movies,music. The speakers sound very clear. The receiver has lots of options & is a good size & works great so far. I would highly recommend this if you want a very good surround sound experience without breaking the bank. I have this paired with my Sony Bravia 65Inch X900H TV

    Mar 23, 2021 13:30
  • Review by RobKansas, 8 out of 10
    Very good if you know what you want!

    Is this product top of the line home stereo? No. Is this better than 90% of the sound bars that are out there? Yes! Could you buy a Bose surround sound thats probably better? Yes. So, if you know what you want, this is a very good surround sound system that is good value. Yamaha puts out a very good product. This receiver decodes most if not all of the Dolby codes for movies, has a subwoofer that definitely puts out the base(!), and has lots of input options for HDMI, component, bluetooth, etc. I recommend it for the price point. You can listen to to FM radio, tv, blu-ray, or game systems and the receiver has options to tailor the output of the sound.

    Cons: more difficult to hook up than a sound bar but really its not bad. The rear speakers are wired so you will have to determine if that works for you. The speakers are smallish and lightweight - thats ok for most applications but it means that the system relies on the subwoofer for most of the base. I recommend getting better speaker wire as the supplied speaker wire will work but seems very lightweight.

    I use this system for all the applications mentioned above. It sounds great and is good value in my opinion. To noticeably upgrade beyond this system you would need to spend double the amount or more!

    If you are not able to see this in the store then know that the 4 satellite speakers are only 6.5 inches tall. See picture.

    Feb 07, 2020 17:26
  • Review by ExpertiZ, 10 out of 10
    Great speakers for the price

    Amazing sound if you use the ypao microphone for correct level and distance. It’s helpful you have some understanding of sound to get the full potential out of this system! The speakers are crisp and the bass surely rumbles!

    Nov 04, 2020 06:39
  • Review by BigDaddy, 10 out of 10
    Surround sound

    I’m loving my new surroundsound that sounds perfect around my house it’s giving me the quality for the money and the price that I spent for it

    Dec 18, 2020 16:06
  • Review by d1iluv, 8 out of 10
    You get what you pay for

    It's a nice setup for small and compact room or place. Sound is pretty decent. Don;t expect anything spectacular from the speakers though, they struggle at times. Overall, it's a nice starter setup.

    Aug 14, 2020 16:07
  • 9.0score
    LG - XBOOM 700W Main Unit and Speaker System Combo Set - Black

    Get the party started with this LG 700W hi-fi shelf speaker system. A 7-inch subwoofer produces deep, detailed bass, while the 1.57-inch tweeter enriches your listening experience with crisp high tones. Featuring Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm AUX connectivity, this LG 700W hi-fi shelf speaker system streams music from a variety of wired and wireless sources.

    10 Features
  • Audio system: Features CD/MP3 player, digital player, radio, digital recorder and Bluetooth audio receiver for a variety of entertainment options.
  • CD-RW, CD-R, CD-DA, WMA and MP3 playback formats: For listening to your favorite music.
  • 700W total output power: For sound you can enjoy.
  • Digital FM tuner: Lets you listen to your favorite stations.
  • 2 speakers and subwoofer: Feature 6-1/2" woofer, 1-1/2" tweeter and 7" subwoofer to create a rich, dynamic soundscape.
  • Preset EQ settings: Include bass, rock, jazz, pop and classic to enhance different musical genres.
  • Equalizer: Lets you adjust the sound for optimal performance.
  • Inputs: Include audio line-in and USB.
  • Remote control: Enables you to operate functions from a distance.
  • Built-in digital clock: Features timer and sleep timer.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by AutisticBassLover, 10 out of 10
    Great pick for the price.

    This is a great system for the price and wattage. Very loud. Im very pleased. Has great bass for $200. Holds a strong bluetooth connection with my phone. I turn the volume to 26 and it shakes my deer park 16oz water bottle. I can hear clearly on both floors of my house and i live in a 3 bedroom. Every room. I can feel the bass in my chest in the same room and in the walls and floor on the second floor. Depending on the song i can even hear and feel it outside when letting my dogs out.

    Oct 21, 2021 13:17
  • Review by johnathan, 10 out of 10
    LG XBOOM #1 Top Rated Mini System On The Market.

    The LG XBOOM is truly an awesome system. I added it to replace an old SONY system with Subwoofer, and added the LG Soundbar with Subwoofer, along with the LG SPK8-S Rear Surround Speakers. I did that to replace my old Yamaha Surround System. Now the sound I'm looking for is back to normal. It goes well with the LGTV. My favorite brand for 11 years now.

    Jul 06, 2021 21:15
  • Review by bchainsaw, 10 out of 10
    love it!

    really went over my expectations based on the price! OK so this is probably not gonna satisfy the most pickiest of audiophiles, but this is a GREAT sounding system for this price point, and i'm very happy with my purchase here. Its in my man cave which is a fairly large room with tall ceilings and its plenty loud enough! love the blue tooth feature, I run my tv audio to the aux cable and that sounds great as well.

    Dec 31, 2020 11:47
  • Review by Charleston, 4 out of 10
    Disappointing Audio Quality

    Flat, Muffled sound from most audio sources and songs due to poor quality speakers and lack of equalizer adjustments. Everything else works fine. It's just pointless to have poor sound. I had a portable boom box from decades ago that sounded way better than this. If you're a mechanic or machinist in a noisy shop, it might work for you. Don't say I didn't warn you. Read other negative reviews. Upgrading to Sony.

    Aug 12, 2021 15:27
  • Review by Lefty, 10 out of 10
    This Stereo is great.

    Set up right out of the Box was Simple attach the speakers ,

    Put Batteries into the Remote hit Auxiliary/ for My Phone and Annoy my Neighbors with Bluegrass, Celia Cruz, Oldies, Classical, R&B ,Death Metal,


    it's Loud or Smooth which ever .

    Subby, (Sub Woofer) likes to be on the Floor, but i couldn't stand to do that ,i put my ear to the Sub Woofer because it sounded like he wasn't working ,but he is ,turn on a Fm radio station and crank it it working ,Classical music is awesome.

    If your a Music lover ,this is an Great Sounding ,Out of box System for you.

    Single CD player tray

    Oct 05, 2019 16:27
  • Review by Wesleysjammachine, 10 out of 10
    Home stereo system

    The sound quality and bass in excellent and I would recommend this purchase and the price was cheap and reasonable

    Jan 01, 2021 17:38
  • Review by RosieO, 10 out of 10
    Straight Up AWESOME!

    Ohhh, how I had HOPED this system was at least as good as the reviews said: it ISN'T, it's BETTER! I am soooo happy with my music, whether it's on a CD or the radio! Both have excellent quality of pure, rich, crisp sound. And the bass? Forget about it: wonderful! Of course, the bass is truer and richer on CD's that are made in the last 25-30 years. Old Beatles music pre-Sgt. Pepper isn't as rich bcs of the production value. But! It still sounds great! That said, my Gregorian Chant, Lila Downs, classical cello solos, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones (late 60's upward), Aretha (need I say more?), the Killers, movie sound tracks, New Age beta music, Keith Urban, Sting, etc, sound PERFECT! Heaven!

    It was easy to set up, too. And it's not a small unit, either, so think about the space it'll occupy before you get it.

    The unit came very well packaged. No damage. And, the system is attractive and doesn't look like a gaudy spaceship. It's Adult. I have no problems with operating it or reading the dials. The FM antenna needs to be moved around sometimes depending on the strength of the signal, but what else is new? They're all like that. Plus, there's an awesome Christian FM station that I love; I thought they were only on AM! I am blessed with this Champ of a system and I'm still pinching myself!

    Apr 24, 2020 21:26
  • Review by Lg700WCM4590, 10 out of 10
    Great product for the price/value, sound!

    Great product. Reasonable price. Easy to set up and well made. Very please with my purchase. I got this to attach my portable turn table to. I use it for everything to include watching movies and the radio. For the price u can’t Beat it. I got this shipped right to my home from Beet But for free.

    Nov 13, 2020 20:47
  • 9.0score
    Victrola - Aviator Signature Bluetooth 8-in-1 Record Player - Mahogany

    Victrola Aviator Signature 8-in-1 record player combines a classic look with high-tech features! With a 3-speed turntable, you also have the ability to record vinyl straight to MP3! That's just one of many awesome features, such as CD, cassette, and USB player, as well as FM radio and Bluetooth compatibility that allow you to wirelessly stream your favorite music. The built-in stereo speakers deliver enhanced hi-fi sound for an ultra clear listening experience. that The Aviator features 3.5mm aux-in, RCA jack, and headphone jack, so you can listen to your music anyway you'd like. Also includes 3 replacement needles and 10 record sleeves.

    8 Features
  • Belt-driven system: Enjoy superior sound thanks to the belt drive, which reduces vibration.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Wood composition: Go for traditional vintage style with the wood construction.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • Cassette deck and FM radio: For versatile listening options.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by QPilot, 10 out of 10
    I am rating for the item but...

    ... so i just recently bought the item in store because i saw this. But when i bought it in store and got home to open it, i then realized that there was a hole and with it is a crack broken leg pieces. However, it wasnt a big deal. So later when i look up and compare the model to this. It look different and my record player doesnt look like anyrhing on victrola website as well. So i am so confused to what i got.

    Oct 12, 2021 01:45
  • Review by Mykal420, 10 out of 10
    Awesome System

    As a Songwriter and Musician, I needed a great playback system for my recordings whether on CD or from my phone or Imac. Victrola Bluetooth System delivered on every count!

    The radio and turntable add even more value to this excellent system.

    And the wood cabinet adds warmth to my rough-hewn wood music room and studio.

    Buy and enjoy this quality system!

    M. Updike

    Songs,Inc Studios

    Jun 12, 2021 07:25
  • Review by Sunil, 8 out of 10
    Wonderful piece of entertainment from the past

    Love it. Picked it up at the local BestBuy. No damage. Everything is just awesome. Sound quality on a scale of 1 to 10 is about 7 or 8. Radio works great, so does CD. Bought a couple of LPs and the sound quality is better than expected. A great piece of entertainment gadget with a dose of nostalgia. Transferring old audio cassette tapes from the '80s was a piece of cake after I connected it to my laptop via a simple USB cable and installing the software Audacity that came with the player. The only reason I am giving it a 4 stars out of 5 is because the cassette tape can only be manually forwarded but not rewinded. If you wanted to rewind the tape, you'll have to use forward all the way to the end and then flip the tape. Another feature I wish it had was a counter for the audio tape. Other than these two minor issues, the unit is a wonderful piece to own. If you are like me who just wants to listen to old tapes and vinyls with better than decent sound quality, I say go for it. I placed it on a wooden table I already had and it looks great!

    Aug 27, 2021 20:50
  • Review by MontanaLass, 8 out of 10
    Nice audioentertainment system for a tight budget.

    This unit doesn’t have the greatest speakers, but it does a decent job of playing my vinyls as well as my cds. The radio plays much more clearly than my old one did. There is also a slot for playing cassette tapes. I got rid of all of mine because my last player wouldn’t play them, so I haven’t used that feature. The blue tooth feature will allow one to play music from other devices over its speakers, but doesn’t allow blue tooth speakers to enhance the sound coming from it. All -in-all this system is quite versatile and and does an adequate enough job, so that I am very satisfied with it.

    Aug 23, 2020 00:03
  • Review by MusicLvr2020, 10 out of 10
    Great addition to cabin

    System has everything I grew up with...record player, tape player, radio, CD player, and Bluetooth access...nice addition with the retro look.

    Jan 10, 2020 22:19
  • Review by Bela, 10 out of 10

    I am so happy to have this audio system. It looked so elegant, sound is powerful. Just perfect and best value. I definitely recommend this.

    May 29, 2020 18:37
  • Review by FoxyBee, 10 out of 10
    Nice multimedia

    This even plays my old records like they were almost new. Radio is also nice and clear. I haven’t tried the CD or the cassette player yet.

    Oct 09, 2020 19:30
  • Review by Lrbbg, 10 out of 10
    Victoria 8x1 Turntable

    Nice to able to listen to my old vinyl from the 60's again. Great sound quality.

    Nov 20, 2020 15:33
  • 9.0score
    Insignia™ - Bluetooth Stereo Turntable - Black

    Vinyl audio has authenticity that digital can’t compete with, but you can’t argue with the convenience of modern wireless speakers either. With the Insignia NS-BTST21 Bluetooth Stereo Turntable, you can enjoy old school music using the latest technology. The turntable’s semi-automatic belt-drive design plays your 33-1/3 and 45 rpm 12-inch records. Its adjustable counterweight and magnet cartridge provide reliable tracking and a rich sound that help you lose yourself in the music. Connect a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly to make your music portable, or plug in your tried-and-true wired speakers with one simple connection. After your record is done playing, the turntable will turn off automatically and the detachable cover shields your turntable when it’s not in use. Music holds a lot of memories, and it can also create new ones. Make them count with this Insignia Bluetooth turntable.

    11 Features
  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records: Works with both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm (adapter included) 12 in. records to play a variety of music.
  • Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth transmission lets you wirelessly connect with Bluetooth devices, such as speakers and headphones.
  • Magnet cartridge: High-quality moving magnet (MM) cartridge (pickup) and replaceable conical stylus provide full, rich sound.
  • Adjustable counterweight: Lets you customize stylus tracking force for optimal sound quality.
  • Wobble free: Die-cast aluminum record platter with felt mat supports wobble-free positioning.
  • Protective cover: Detachable smoked cover protects your vinyl records from dust and debris.
  • Wired connection: Phono or preamp line output lets you connect wired audio devices.
  • Headphone accessibility: 3.5 mm headphone jack lets you listen to music through headphones.
  • Low vibration: Four vibration-absorbing feet help reduce vibration.
  • Spare turntable belt: The pre-installed turntable belt gets you listening right out of the box. A spare belt is included so you’ll always have one on hand.
  • Wired phono or preamp connection: Switchable phono or preamp line output lets you easily connect directly to your receiver, standalone powered speakers, computer, and other components.
  • 4 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Beatletoons, 10 out of 10

    Was concerned about buying a house brand (Insignia is Best Buy’s brand). But I am so happy I purchased this turntable. High why and the cartridge is top notch. So far, so great!

    Oct 22, 2021 17:59
  • Review by GLopez, 10 out of 10
    More value for the price

    I purchased this as a re-entry into vinyl and so far it's been great. The sound quality is great. It has features I expect on higher-end turntables like a counterweight and an upgradable stylus. The Bluetooth connectivity allows me to connect directly to the speakers. I highly recommend this.

    Oct 19, 2021 22:26
  • Review by Tjaking, 8 out of 10
    Great turntable

    I purchased this turntable to use with my Edifier Bluetooth speakers. Easy to pair and sounds great.

    Oct 22, 2021 17:14
  • Review by Turntable, 8 out of 10
    Great product for the price!

    This product was pretty great. I would like to add that this specific turntable will need a receiver to get things going, so when shopping for these guys, keep that in mind!

    Sep 27, 2021 23:21
  • 9.0score
    Denon AVR-X2700H 8K Ultra HD 7.2 Channel (95 Watt X 7) AV Receiver 2020 Model - 3D Audio & Video, Built for Gaming - Black

    Powering 95W per channel, the Denon AVR-X2700H 7.2 channel 8K AV receiver supports the latest in 3D audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X. It features the latest HDMI specifications such as 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz* pass-through and upscaling, VRR, ALLM, HDR10+ and eARC support. With HEOS Built-in, stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Airplay 2 from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music HD, TIDAL, Deezer and more. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and for seamless voice control. The award-winning Denon Setup Assistant provides a quick and seamless setup experience, while Audyssey MultEQ room calibration technology optimizes the AVR to provide a truly immersive 3D audio experience custom-tailored to your unique listening environment. *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources

    9 Features
  • Unmatched 3D Realism for your Home Theater System: Bring your movies and music to life with immersive surround sound with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization & DTS Virtual:X & crisp, clean picture with advanced video processing, 8K/60Hz, and 4K/120Hz* pass-through
  • Get the Most Out of your 4K TV: Enjoy the highest quality 3D audio and video knowing that the AVR-X2700H is 8K ready when you are. This high-power amplifier meets the most demanding entertainment needs with the latest technology available
  • Next Gen Gaming: Enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with spectacular imaging, reduced lag & frame tearing with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
  • The Most Advanced Video Technologies: This 7.2 channel receiver supports High Dynamic Range video format such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. Also supports Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ for more realistic imaging and delivers visuals in supreme clarity, contrast & color.
  • Connect with any HD/Ultra HD TV, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray Player & Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound: USB, 8 HDMI ports (6 In/ 2 Out) with HDCP 2.3 processing, Digital In, Phono input & Network support with a range of wireless connections
  • Extend the Reach of your Music: Listen to music in any room in the house via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth with HEOS MULTI-ROOM WIRELESS SPEAKERS like the Denon Home series, without any extra hardware. Get Hi-Fi audio around your home with Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn & more
  • Full Voice Control Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: Adjust the volume, change tracks & switch inputs absolutely hands-free with Amazon Alexa voice control. Also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & integrates with home-automation systems like & Control4 SDPP
  • Award-Winning On-Screen Setup Assistant: Denon’s on-screen Setup Assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, & Audyssey MultEQ XT (with 2 preset options) that accurately calibrates all speakers in your home setup & tunes the AVR for an optimal listening experience
  • Note about 4K/120Hz pass-though: *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Alonzo64, 10 out of 10

    So far so good no problems just pure performance now that's a Denon it's keeper unless i upgrade it's been one month very good sounds good very good Denon. Don't let me down.

    Oct 29, 2021 12:37
  • Review by Rocky, 10 out of 10
    Great receiver for the price

    Amazing receiver which pushes 3.1 Bowers and Wilkins speakers I purchased. Easy to install and it has a easy setup guide that will help you along the way. TV, movies, games, and music sound amazing. Wish I would have done this many of years ago. Hooks up to your network with ease as well. Will never go back to soundbar ever again.

    Mar 20, 2021 18:48
  • Review by MadMurdock, 8 out of 10
    Only 1 port handles [email protected]

    Quality receiver. Excellent audio output, which is a huge upgrade from my previous Onkyo. Great features Looks like a standard receiver, nothing fancy. Upscales lower resolutions like 480i/p. Onscreen display is a bit overwhelming; I'd like to have a volume indicator that doesn't take up so much screen real estate.

    I bought this with [email protected] gaming in mind, to use with my new LG C1. Unfortunately, you can only use one specific HDMI port for 120hz. So, if you're like me, and you have a Series X and PS5, you're only able to run one of them at [email protected] at a time, unless of course you plug the consoles directly into the TV and use the receiver for sound only... That kind of defeats the purpose of having the receiver, though.

    This is not made clear in any of the spec sheets or material provided by the manufacturer. I had to dig around to find this info. Denon really needs to make this clear for customers. I assumed that all HDMI 2.1 ports could handle [email protected] based on what I read on the manufacturers product listing.

    If you only have one of the current gen consoles, or don't care about 120hz, then I can easily recommend this receiver. I'm running a 5.1 setup and it sounds amazing; it's night and day difference from my older Onkyo. You can also transmit Bluetooth and use headphones or earbuds when you want to keep quiet when the rest of the house is asleep.

    All in all, worth the purchase. I just wish there were multiple ports for 120hz gaming.

    Aug 18, 2021 16:12
  • Review by GoDaddyRun, 10 out of 10
    A must for HDMI 2.1 and gaming.

    Bought specifically for HDMI 2.1 & my PS5 . It works seamlessly through the erac input on my LG CX . I replaced an outdated Pioneer and it drives my in ceiling speaker setup and sub much better. Definitely a must for gamers and at its price point a good deal.

    Jan 09, 2021 10:09
  • Review by CTAYLOR, 10 out of 10

    This is a great product top of the line very good sound and user friendly I would recommend this product to anyone.

    May 23, 2021 23:14
  • Review by Thewronggaurdian, 6 out of 10
    Difficult set-up not plug-in play

    Physical set-up was easy. Installed with a 5.1 Klipsche surround system. However, once powered on for the first time the pleasant experience quickly faded away into frustrating, non-sensical and clunky software set-up experience that left me wondering if one of the HDMI ports is actually broken on delivery along with a confused Denon firmware that also thinks a properly wired Klipsche center channel speaker is phase reversed when it actually doesn't appear to be so (so the calibration process continually gets an error).

    My set up is fairly non-complicated: just 5.1 speakers hardwired, a ps4 and 2019 LG C9 OLED. We're using high quality and high speed HDMI cable w/ethernet.

    After everything plugged in, first boot would not show the Denon set-up on the TV and we could not get it to without 4 hours of trial and error and fiddling in the TV menus and changing HDMI ports. I first attempted to plug in the ps4 into the "game" HDMI port "in" on the Denon receiver and the Denon ARC out to the TV's HDMI port 2 (ARC). Every time I selected the Denon device through TV HDMI 2 port (where it was plugged in) it auto started the ps4, but no video from ps4 passed through Denon, nor any audio. The Denon software set-up screen also did not appear on the TV.

    The solution was multifaceted. Updated Denon firmware and verified TV firmware was updated. Then plug the PS4 into ANY other HDMI port than the officially labeled "game" HDMI port (which appears to be faulty - not fully faulty because CEC on TV can still trigger the PS4 to turn on, just not provide video or sound passthrough) on the Denon. Then turn off the C9s CEC option for HDMI. Then change the C9 TV's audio out for HDMI to passthrough and turn eARC on.

    After getting video to the TV for the Denon set up, calibration was a breeze other than having a non-sensical error regarding our center channel phase that was confirmed to be wired properly. We have a friend with a Denon AVR-x2600H and he has the same issue with Klipsche center channel, so something about Denon receivers and Klipsche center channels don't play nice.

    After getting everything set up, audio through ps4 still wouldn't auto switch from stereo to any of the supported surround options. We had to change the HDMI setting to "enhanced." Once set to enhanced, the ps4 sent proper surround audio to the receiver.

    None of the above was explained in any detailed user manual and none of it was explained by Denon's troubleshooting pages and none of it was explained by online tutorials. We literally just had to figure it out by HOURS of frustrating trial and error.

    We still have the issues of the center channel confusion on the Denon/Kipsche center channel and non-video and non-audio functioning "game" HDMI input on the Denon. So most def. not a trouble free experience and user information to help is extremely sparse. My recommendation is to have a experienced home theater buff help you with Denon set-up (for those DIYers out there) and its not user friendly (the software is, but getting the software screen visible is not).

    Other than the issues above, our settings now seem to be holding and the audio experience is fantastic. Unit might still need to be returned due to possibly malfunctioning Denon HDMI game port input (#5) however, which is extremely disappointing.

    Oct 19, 2020 10:24
  • Review by RuDdOgG, 10 out of 10
    Nice new release from Denon

    so far so good, easy walk thru set up, sounds good, switches well between diff HDMI inputs. seems future proof for the moment.

    Nov 06, 2020 15:55
  • Review by j0nny5, 10 out of 10
    Sounds fantastic, 4k 120Hz for latest consoles!

    Bought this to solve the infamous "audio delay" issue between next-gen consoles and Samsung TVs. I replaced an AVR-S700W, and this is the spiritual successor. Sound-wise, drives a total of 13 speakers extremely well! (9 total units, but 4 of them are dual - 2x2-way rear surrounds, 2x2-way side surrounds, 2 stereo floor speakers, center channel, 2 subwoofers, though the second one I think only works for the second zone, I haven't checked to be sure.)

    8K input does what it says - full VRR/120Hz 4K (can do 8K at 60Hz if you're lucky enough to have an 8K set), lots of options, Audyssee setup works great, just as it did when I bought the SW700 back in 2014.

    There's a little bit of a delay sometimes when switching between sources and video modes, which is slightly annoying, but it really doesn't impact my quality of life (mainly impacts YouTube ads, so, it's fine :)) That's the only con so far, and it's a small one.

    Oct 15, 2021 16:15
  • 9.0score
    Definitive Technology - Descend DN10 10" Sub, 3XR Architecture, 500W Peak Class D Amplifier, (2) 10" Bass Radiators - Black

    The Definitive Technology Descend DN10 is a compact, digitally optimized subwoofer designed for movies and music. It is outfitted with dual 10” Bass Radiators that are pressure coupled to the 10” driver and 500W peak Class D amplification that deliver powerful bass with amazing speed, musicality, and control even at 28Hz. Featuring the unique 3XR Architecture with three-times the bass-producing surface area of traditional subwoofers, the DN10 performs like a 12” sub and delivers louder and clearer lows without any unwanted port noise distortion. Built-in controls easily accessible at the back panel allows variable volume, low pass filter and phase control (0/1100°) for optimum bass levels. Set power toggle to Auto on/off or DC control for fast and easy on/off power switching in the sub and other home theater equipment. A perfect complement to any home theater system, you can easily connect the DN10 via LFE or stereo line level RCA inputs (cables not included). Add another, same-model subwoofer to your home audio set up to dramatically improve realism, smooth out peaks and dips, as well as to get an even bass response for all your movies and music. Be at the center of action from any part of the room!

    7 Features
  • A Powerful Subwoofer: More efficient than previous DT subs and a perfect addition to your home theater, the Definitive Technology Descend DN10 features the new 3XR Architecture, a 10" driver and (2) pressure-coupled 10" Ultra Low Bass Radiators for an amazing audio experience even at 28Hz
  • More Bass from the Same Space: Featuring the new 3XR Architecture with three-times the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer, the DN10 performs like a 12” sub in a 10” cabinet. The 3XR does not have ports, thus resulting in crystal-clear lows with no port noise
  • Bigger, Dynamic Audio for Movies & Music: Equipped with an advanced digitally-tuned 500W peak Class D Amplifier that uses optimal power and reduces digital noise, this subwoofer delivers detailed audio and superior musicality with a deep, transcending bass
  • Modern, Minimalistic Design: Featuring a non-resonant, beautifully-designed and acoustically transparent cabinet, the Descend DN10 adds a dash of sophistication to your home decor. It blends perfectly, looks great, and sounds even better
  • Versatile Connection Options: Easily connect your home entertainment setup with this subwoofer via LFE (unfiltered / low pass disabled) or stereo line level RCA inputs (cables not included). The DN10 is perfect from most home theater setups
  • Built-In Controls: For convenient operations, the back panel features controls for variable volume, low pass filter, phase toggle (0/180°) for optimum bass, power toggle (Auto On/Off or DC Control) for fast power switching - all controls you need for smooth functioning
  • Add an Additional Sub for Thunderous Sound: By adding another same-model subwoofer, amplify every crunch, explosion, and roar, and feel at the center of the action. The result will be dramatically improved realism, smoother peaks, and an even bass response across the room
  • 4 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by OVRG, 10 out of 10
    Better than SVS

    Was on the fence about multiple subs aka B&W, SVS (ported and non) this sub sounded so much cleaner and the aestetics are so much better. This thing screams quality!!

    Oct 15, 2021 22:21
  • Review by John, 10 out of 10

    Super nice. We paired this wirh our 7.5 in sub to play dual subs and it works just like we wanted

    Sep 25, 2021 20:13
  • Review by Buckeye, 10 out of 10


    Oct 05, 2021 09:18
  • Review by THRONES, 6 out of 10
    Not Completed

    not completed as of now. They will be back November 2, 2021 to complete the job.................

    Oct 29, 2021 15:50
  • 9.0score
    Logitech - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Adapter - Black

    Connect to your compatible speakers with this Logitech 980-000910 adapter, which features Bluetooth technology that allows you to wirelessly stream audio from most Bluetooth-enabled devices. The push button pairing ensures simple setup.

    5 Features
  • Compatible with most powered speakers, stereo systems and A/V receivers: With a standard analog RCA or 3.5mm jack for wide-ranging use.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Allows you to wirelessly stream stereo audio stored on most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including select cell phones, tablets and PCs, to your connected pair of powered speakers from up to 50' away for versatile use.
  • Push button pairing: Lets you connect your compatible Bluetooth-enabled device to the wireless adapter with just the press of a button, while automatic re-pairing recognizes your device the next time you're within range.
  • Multipoint connectivity: So you can pair 2 devices simultaneously and stream music from both.
  • Compact design: Enables flexible placement options and offers a discreet appearance.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by wbp874, 6 out of 10
    Ok at best

    I bought this device to stream audio from my Mac to a Sony surround sound system in my man cave for what when I watch on my projector. At first it was working flawlessly, watched a few episodes of The Flash and all of the sudden it started cutting out something terrible. I unplugged it for about 30 sec and plugged it back in and it worked fine for another hour or so. I'm confused as to why it's doing this so if anyone knows please comment. The Mac and SS are only about 9-10ft apart. I also noticed one time I left the room and heard it cutting out. So me or something getting in the way of the signal can't be it. Anyway I think I'll return it and try another one, maybe I got a defective one?? Hopefully a new one will be better. If not I'll try another brand. I'm gonna recommend this product even though I'm having trouble with it because I believe mine could be faulty. After I exchange it I'll write another review. My daughter's old room. Still need to paint!!

    Dec 18, 2016 19:44
  • Review by Symboliceon, 8 out of 10
    Does what it's supposed to

    Well, mostly. There are some connectivity issues on occasion regarding my Macbook Pro auto-connecting to it on startup, but a quick tap of the BT icon button on the device usually takes care of it. I also dig the sticky silicone pad on the bottom to prevent it from completely flailing all over the place, considering where I have (see pic) it. I should probably give this a 5, however this was literally the only device of it's kind available in-store, so I'm quasi-bitter about that. =D

    Dec 02, 2016 20:54
  • Review by MrPickey, 10 out of 10
    I bought 2

    Very pleased . I'm glad I came across this I took a chance and got 2. And may grab a few spares I liked them so much

    Jun 21, 2018 09:01
  • Review by Opinionated, 8 out of 10
    Simple, Works great, Great price, Can't turn off

    This took about 3 minutes to connect to my Bose Wave radio, and pair with my iPhone. This has unlocked the awesome sound capabilities of the Wave enable streaming audio. It sounds great. The only issue is that there is no on/off button. Every time I walk into the room where my Bose is, my phone would automatically connect to it, and disable the internal iPhone speaker (even for phone calls). I have to unplug it when I don't want to use it.

    May 27, 2017 23:39
  • Review by Robert, 10 out of 10
    Works great.

    Great product. It has a longer range than most blue tooth receivers.

    May 28, 2015 14:17
  • Review by Brockolli, 8 out of 10

    Don't get to carried away with this device... It say's the connection can go up to 50 feet away but for me it might be a couple feet over 30. I love logitech and their products, but it was way smaller than expected so i feel like it would have a higher probability of breaking, and its probably only a inch thick and the device is the size of my palm, but if your a full grown adult it would be half the size of your palm, and it seems the sound quality is a little better when plugged in with a auxiliary cord and you cant put a password on the device through your phone so anyone can connect even when your playing music to switch it to there song of choice or whatever you would need this device. I don't regret my purchase but it would have been better to know how small it was and how far you can actually go before it stop's whatever you are doing.

    Jun 16, 2014 18:30
  • Review by Drummerdude, 10 out of 10
    Wireless Stereo, without any issues!

    I have an older component rack mounted playback system. I decided to bring it forward into this century by adding Bluetooth capability. No problem at all with hooking up directly to my amplifier through a switching device. I now have unlimited access to vinyl on my direct drive turntable, CD player/recorder, and my new iPad Air 4.

    Just what I needed to access any music source instantly. Great product for upgrading an analog cable connected sound system.

    Mar 05, 2021 18:29
  • Review by Wally007, 8 out of 10
    Great...but one caveat

    The sound is great (compared to other bluetooth receivers) with one small (well large to me) problem: It refuses to let go of a bluetooth connection.

    Let me explain. I have the Logitech bluetooth receiver connected into my Pioneer audio receiver. I have my Amazon Echo connected through the Logitech (via bluetooth) to the audio receiver. I want to have the ability to play music through the receiver, but other normal Alexa functions through the speaker on the Echo itself. In other words, when I want music: "Alexa turn on blueooth." When i just want normal Echo functions (without turning the receiver on) I can turn off the bluetooth.

    Here's the problem: Whenever I instruct Alexa to disconnect the bluetooth connection, the Logitech receiver automatically reconnects. There's no way to stop it. None.

    The workaround: Plug the Logitech Bluetooth receiver's electrical plug into the switched amp plug on the back of the Pioneer audio receiver. Doing this insures that the Logitech is powered on only when the Pioneer receiver is on. You turn the audio receiver off, and the Echo drops the bluetooth connection. It works.

    Jan 30, 2017 17:42
  • 9.0score
    Sennheiser - RS 175 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black

    Boost your home entertainment system with these Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphones. Multiple surround-sound modes and bass boost provide options for customizing your experience, and the in-line controls make it easy to adjust the sound from anywhere. The transmitter with these Sennheiser RS 175 headphones supports up to two headsets at once and acts as a charging dock when not in use.

    5 Features
  • Rechargeable battery: Offers up to 18 hours of use on a charge.
  • Over-the-ear design: For a secure fit.
  • 17Hz - 22kHz frequency response: For faithful sound reproduction.
  • Dynamic transducer design: For reference-grade audio.
  • Stereo design: Delivers crisp tones.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by stbritt, 10 out of 10
    Sennheiser Wireless Headphones Saved My Marriage

    The last pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones performed flawlessly for over 10 years -- until the headphones and over-the-head padding had been stepped on, broken irreparably, the repaired well over 10 tens, before leading to our decision to hunt for new ones. This new pair allows for far better fidelity - and the controls are positioned so that turning your head on a pillow doesn't result in catastrophic volume changes! Seriously, my wife just loves them - and so do I. As a 'night person' Marsha follows me into bed by about three hours on a typical night - then lies in bed watching Law & Order for another two hours. I used to wake up occasionally hearing 'dum-dada-dum-dum-dum' sneaking out of the old phones. These have much better cushioning and I haven't been woken once since we starting using the RS175 model. Looks like we might make another 34 years together the way these things are working!

    Dec 14, 2018 16:26
  • Review by Steven, 10 out of 10
    Great headphones

    These work just great! I’ve lost quite a bit of my hearing and makes it difficult to understand what there saying in movies, even with the sound turned way up. With this headset I now hear every word very clearly. Night and day difference now watching tv. Love these headphones!

    Jan 17, 2018 18:32
  • Review by iLSeperatio, 10 out of 10
    Perfect for surround sound in apartments.

    An AMAZING set of surround sound headphones. I’ve experience high end surround sounds, sound bar ss, and headphone ss, and these are the best I’ve experienced. I use them to watch movies in the evening and not disturb my downstairs neighbors and now I prefer them over regular ss! Totally worth it if you want immersion or to not disturb someone. The cushions are soft and breathable, my ears never sweat in them. The headband is comfortable and doesn’t squeeze your head. Overall very worth the price!

    May 22, 2021 17:12
  • Review by Tick573, 10 out of 10
    Sennheiser - RS 175 Over-the-Ear Wireless Headphon

    These are by far the best earphones I have purchased. I like to turn up the volume for the audio effects of action movies, but am constantly being scolded. Now with these headphones I am able to watch movies or tv with clear crisp sound while not disturbing anyone else in the household.

    Jan 05, 2019 19:48
  • Review by Gbfour, 10 out of 10
    Great sound

    After reading other reviews about how good these were for people hard of hearing,I had to buy them to see if it really made that big of a difference. I wound say this is my best electronic purchase ever. Before I had to blast my surround sound to here what they were saying and I was still asking my wife what did he say. My wife was always saying turn it down. Now we’re both happy. The tv can stay at a low volume and with the Sennheiser headphones I can make out every word and hear background sounds I never heard before! I just wish I had purchased these a long time ago.

    Jan 20, 2018 18:59
  • Review by CaliforniaUnderwater, 10 out of 10
    listen 3 floors down outside

    It is a very good headphone. It is easily adjusted for volume, surround and bass on the right cup. It is a bit slippery on my fine hair so I wear a nit cap. Also the over ear cups hurt my pierced ear so I have to extend the cup arms down a bit. It takes up to 16 hours to charge fully for the first time. It helps to keep my neighbor in the apartment below from calling the manager too much.

    Sep 23, 2018 01:38
  • Review by WoodBHermit, 10 out of 10
    An ear-opening experience for one and all

    NOTE: This review was originally posted on another well-known shopping site on the web shortly after my purchase in 2015.

    I originally started shopping for wireless headphones to find something better than the so-called TV ears that a member of my immediate family who suffers from hearing loss had been using with some success. This inevitably brought me to the fine line of quality wireless headphones available from the German company Sennheiser and I had first thought about purchasing a just recently discontinued RS 170 or RS 180 model without an optical connection – analog only (As of 05/30/2015, the RS 180 was still only $199.99 at Crutchfield online with free shipping and 60-day returns). But then why spend about $200.00 on technology that is essentially 12 to 14 years old when the absolutely latest thing from Sennheiser (models RS 165, RS 175, RS 185 and RS 195) is available for just a little bit more?

    Out of this latest line of Sennheiser wireless headphones with a two-year warranty it is this model – the closed-back RS 175 – that I eventually ended up purchasing from Crutchfield online. Pricing was exactly the same as it is here on Best Buy (about $280.00). However, by using my Discover card (5% rebate and 90-day price match guarantee – lowest price seen 2 weeks later was $233.97) I was able to ultimately get my pair of brand new headphones for only $219.97 with free shipping, no sales tax and 60-day returns.

    I agree with and their excellent review of the Sennheiser RS 175 that it is this specific model that gives you the most bang for your buck; it is the most cost-effective model in this product line. There is a big difference in moving from the RS 165 to the RS 175 in that the transmission distance of the RS 165 is only rated at about 90 feet while the RS 175 and other models are still functional at a distance of about 300 feet. The RS 175 also adds a low/high surround sound capability which the RS 165 (bass boost feature only) does not have.

    The differences in moving to a pricier model beyond the RS 175 are not that significant, in my opinion. Whether the open-back (not as sound isolating) RS 185 with the addition of manual/automatic level control features (MLC/ALC) and a balance control located on the headset is worth an additional $90.00 premium (best current price of about $370.00) above the RS 175 is something that only you can decide.

    At a cost of about $170.00 more than the RS 175, the top-of-the-line RS 195 closed-back model includes all of the aforementioned features of the RS 185 and adds 7 presets to tailor sound to individual hearing requirements as well as separate “speech” and “music” modes.

    Initial setup of these RS 175 headphones was extremely simple. The most time-consuming step was waiting for the batteries located in the two headphone ear-cups to complete their initial charging process which takes about 18 hours; subsequent full recharging of the headphones should only take about 8 hours. The operating time with fully charged headphones is claimed to be up to 18 hours until recharging is required. Both analog and optical/digital connection options are available. You can choose to use both connections (say for a TV and a stereo system) and then toggle between the two at your leisure using the sliding switch provided for this purpose on the back of the headphone transmitter.

    So far I have only opted to connect my television via the included 1.5 m long optical cable (don’t forget to remove both clear protective plastic end caps before using) and the optical input on the headphone transmitter which ensures optimum performance. If the cable is too short for your needs, you can always subsequently purchase a 3 m long cable like I did for about $10.00 (Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable - 9.8 Feet [3 Meters] ). Note that the appropriate output on the back of your TV or other device may not be labelled as an optical output: Mine is actually called the digital audio output, but it is definitely what is needed to make the proper connection. The unique shape of the optical connector (it really can only fit in one place) will help you figure out just where it needs to go, assuming that you have an appropriate output available and don’t need to make an analog connection. If you do make an optical/digital audio connection to your TV, be sure to go into the appropriate settings menu before first using the headphones to set the optical/digital audio output mode to PCM (pulse-code modulation). Don’t leave it on automatic or some other setting. This is specifically required in the 15-language Sennheiser instruction manual on CD that comes with the headphones!

    As far as the user experience itself is concerned, these comfortable headphones with the easily adjustable headband are just what I was looking for. The member of my family who is hard of hearing has noticed a day and night difference in his ability to not only hear, but more importantly distinguish and understand speech when using these wonderfully isolating closed-back headphones. There is virtually no sound leakage in or out. He remains happily occupied in his own little world watching TV while now being able to understand essentially everything. This was not the case with the previously mentioned TV ears that cost less than $100.00 when purchased. Other people in the same room can simultaneously watch the TV in the usual manner – without headphones. Everybody’s happy.

    The quality of the sound that emanates from these headphones when using an optical connection is truly amazing! There is absolutely no hissing or other distracting sound – only that which needs to be heard and nothing more. The bass boost setting is quite useful for music and can be activated on-the fly when needed by using the touch controls located on the outside of the right ear-cup (bass boost, surround sound, volume +/-) near where the on/off button for the headphones is found. The surround sound setting (off, low and high available) does create a more immersive sound experience when activated; I personally prefer the low setting and usually have the headphones set in this manner when I use them. Additional bass boost and surround sound controls, each with a separate indicator light that glows green when activated, are also found on the front of the headphone transmitter upon which the headphones are placed when not in use and for recharging. The transmission distance with these headphones is excellent: I am able to walk anywhere throughout my 1600 square foot ranch home without any signal loss whatsoever; the same holds true when I am in either my front or back yards.

    I have the headphone transmitter base located near my Roku 4 in the living room and there is absolutely no interference when streaming and simultaneously using the Sennheiser headphones. However, I should note that I have my Roku 4 set to stream at 5.0 GHz on my dual-band AC router. There may or may not be a problem if your WiFi network with connected devices located near the Sennheiser transmitter is set to function in the 2.4 to 2.8 GHz range which is used by the headphones. You’ll just have to try it and see what happens. If necessary, appropriate device relocation - a greater distance of separation - should resolve any difficulties.

    Overall my hearing-impaired family member and I have been exceedingly pleased with our listening experience when using these Sennheiser RS 175, closed-back, wireless headphones of impressive quality. If you too would like to experience a most enjoyable, crystal-clear earful when partaking of diverse auditory pleasures during your leisure time, I can recommend them most highly and without any reservations whatsoever.

    Oct 16, 2018 16:00
  • Review by CrystalChronos, 10 out of 10
    Excellent headphones

    Excellent headphones. Best sounding headphones of this type I've ever had. These are incredibly comfortable to wear for long stretches. Despite the description, they are not actually 'surround sound's, this feature just adds some bad reverb to the audio. But the audio quality is enough to offset this and they have a really long battery life as well.

    Oct 21, 2021 07:14
  • 9.0score
    Sony - High Power XB90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

    Turn up the volume on this Bluetooth-capable Sony portable speaker to create a festive atmosphere. Its EXTRA BASS technology delivers deep, thumping low frequencies, and the rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of continuous use to keep the party going. This Sony portable speaker works with the Fiestable app, so you can add fun DJ and lighting effects.

    9 Features
  • Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth and NFC: Easy wireless connection with Bluetooth connectivity or with NFC One-touch.
  • Rechargeable battery: Provides up to 16 hours of continuous use or up to 3.5 hours at max volume.
  • Two-way design: Set it up horizontally for a classic boombox feel, or flip it upright if you're short on space. A built-in sensor optimizes how sound is processed to stereo sound, whichever setup you choose.
  • Built-in handle and one-box construction: For portability and comfort transportation.
  • LED lights with multicolor patterns: Synchronize with the rhythm of the beat and match the musical mood and atmosphere.
  • Feel the power of EXTRA BASS: Delivers deep and punchy, powerful bass sound.
  • Customize your settings with apps: Easily control your party settings from the dancefloor with the Sony | Music Center app. The Fiestable plug-in lets you wirelessly change the color of your speaker lights, or activate DJ effects.
  • Connect and add more speakers with Party Chain: Connect multiple speakers via Bluetooth in a chain for a higher sound output.
  • Microphone Input: When you want to be the party MC, just plug in a microphone.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Mark, 10 out of 10
    One Stop Party Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

    This is not small speaker, it's 30.9 pounds just to give you an idea how much power this speaker has, it's a one stop shop for your music party needs.

    You can stand this speaker vertically or horizontally. This speaker has 2 sub woofers and 3 tweeters, it's loud enough to be outdoors and more then enough for indoor house parties. No need for another speaker but just in case want to use another one, you can sync up to 10 speakers but they have to be from the Sony XB speakers family.

    Its has infinity mirrors positioned around the speaker lights. The lighting is sync with the music of your choice, it's really a cool feature. You can also customize the colors settings with the Sony recommended "Fiestable" app which you can download if you really want to take advantage of all the features of this speaker. I personally didn't like the Motion Control option the app has, which allows you to change settings(DJing, Lighting, Replay, Scratching, phaser, isolation) by shaking your phone. It gets kind of annoying. I like the touch screen (its a circle and you touch it to activate and deactivate options) for better navigation between the effects in the app.

    DJ controls through the app are pretty cool idea, it has a reggaehorn and voice effects which says, "come on, lets go! and Here we go!" which creates a party atmosphere. You can use these effects while playing music at the same time. Over all the Fiestable app is a nice app with easy navigation you can use with this speaker. There are other features through the app; i don't want to get too detailed but I recommend downloading it. You'll enjoy just as much as i did.

    Ths speaker itself can be used like a simple bluetooth speaker, you can make outgoing calls and receive calls. Sony says it has up to 16 hours of play time not plugged in but if you read the fine print its 16 hrs without lights and volume level 16, and up to 3.5 hours of battery life at maximum volume with lights off as well. You can also use "stamina mode" which will help make the battery life run longer.

    The bass is nice, the sounds is great when on maximum. No distortion and muffled sound. You can also use a microphone for those karaoke nights, the back of the speaker has a mic level knob. You just need a dynamic microphone with a normal plug in(sold separately).

    I really like this speaker, i can see myself using it for karaoke nights with friends, having outdoor barbecues, tail gating at sport events. Everyone has been asking me where i got this speaker because they love it too, it's not too big and not too small, it's just right. I would recommend to anyone, this is a great speaker and packs a lot of punch. You won't regret it.

    Oct 12, 2017 03:38
  • Review by CrysisComplex, 10 out of 10
    I will never complain about bass ever again.

    Sony GTK-XB90 is perhaps the most exciting bass party speaker I have ever witness and used. The speaker is loaded with features right out the gate that keeps all of your friends in shock. I decided to host a party over the weekend and everyone asked about the speaker and where did it come from drawing them in with the LED colors. Sony Audio team have crafted one of the best Bluetooth speakers I've ever used in years. I love bass heavy music that's just who I am so when I got the chance to use this speaker I jumped on it. I also like to note that there are massive improvements over the XB70 such as the built-in huge battery.

    Design: It's a massive black beast being 30 pounds but it's not difficult to pick up, Sony designed this speaker with "portability" in mind putting handles on each side horizontally. The Sony logo is imprinted on both sides the GTK-XB90 giving it that nice touch of modern speakers. Colorful LED lights in an oval shape hides behind the grill are beautiful giving this speaker life. Not only that but another separate pair of lights near the speaker changes different colors. It's visually striking to anyone around. Something cool about these speakers is the Infinity mirror that bounces the lights back and forward on a mirror endlessly, creating a nice atmosphere in your party environment. I'm much more a fan of this design over the XB70 as it does set the mood and tone of the room. Lighting becomes intense in darker environments and the mirrors are not reflective to the point you can see yourself in them. If placed vertically you can place an iPad, tablet, or smartphone in a slot at the top. but over this, I would have just preferred a wireless charging spot for your phone/tablet. These speakers are not waterproof so if you have a party on the beach or near the pool I'll keep it a little farther away from the water. The speakers are durable with a thick coat of plastic surrounding the speakers so I think it can take a beating.

    Sound: With something that looks this good, do they sound good? Yes. They sound incredible. I can't get over how powerful these speakers are. The bass when activated punches through the ground where you can feel it so far away. On the XB90 there are 2 woofers (7.09") and 3 tweeters (2.36" Cones) and they blast so hard through the air. Features DSEE and Clearaudio+ but sadly there is no APT-X in the Bluetooth but LDAC is here. I can't get over how good the speakers sound and friends keep asking where to get them one. I'm by no means an audiophile but I do happen to enjoy these Bluetooth speakers for causal listening experiences as well. I did have the Apple TV connected to it for movies and the bass blast though. honestly, they are great with clarity throughout.As usual Sony Audio team put their heart into engineering a great listening party experiance.

    Battery life: Lasted the 3.5 hours at the loudest volume all the way through but at normal volume levels I was getting about 12 hours on the battery when unplugged. If I had the speaker on low I got the 16 hours of battery life. so, all in all, I think its good as I most likely won't be blasting out the block all the time. It will most certainly last the hours of a beach party.

    Features: Its a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a lot of features I happen to enjoy with using this. NFC worked fine with my Google Pixel so Android users have the easy pairing, Phone calls work through the speaker and the speaker itself have a mic on it. Most of the buttons are on the top/side but there are some additional inputs on the back of the speaker.

    Stamina Button: Allows you to put the speaker in a mode where you can get the max out of the battery life. This helps out if you are using it wireless giving you those few more hours out of the party. It drops the volume giving you another 5 hours of playback. In my experience, it works. (holding down the button will tell you the battery life levels)

    Function Button: This is for pairing the speakers.

    Extra Bass: Adds an INSANE amount of bass to the speakers which I love.

    Add Button: You can add more of Sony XB series line of speakers. Up to 10 speakers if you really want to get insane with it.

    W Party Chain Button: Yep this would let you use up to 10 speakers. So you can also add nine XB90 speakers with Bluetooth, if one so choose or you can mix it up with the XB40, XB30, XB20 to sync the same music and lights. (Something I will intend to do.) So no matter where you are in the house all the speaker's sync to the same lights/music which I know is a visual treat.

    -TIP- When the speaker is in standby mode the lights flashes when plugged in. It shows you a demo of the lights while off. To stop the lights just hold down the "W Party Chain" button. if you want to turn demo light mode on again just hold the button down again.

    Play & Pause Button: Pauses music and plays music. This button can also answer/end phone calls. (Side note here these speakers DO NOT come with a remote like the XB70.)

    Power Button: Turns off the speaker, Puts it in standby mode.

    Vol + & - Buttons: Turns up the volume levels.

    INPUTS & OUTPUTS: RCA Inputs and outputs, USB (playback), and Microphone input. And if you are wondering, yes Karaoke is so much fun when using these speakers. The family had a blast!

    Music Center / Fiestable app: There is a lot to talk about with the app. Music Center is where you can setup the speakers with various features. you can use EQ's, Change the LED colors of the speakers, local playlist, turn the bass on/off, and a host of other features. Fiestable is where you can use special sound effects like the Ruggie-horn to become your own DJ and can control the color of the LED lights. Sadly while the apps work fine they are super slow to load on both platforms (Android and iOS) and need improvements.

    There are so many features to these speakers that it's insane, and the main feature is the Sound and bass which is powerful. Sony delivered something special with these speakers and I hope they continue this line of the GTK. Everyone who seen the speaker loved it and its something to behold when you first encounter it. With the improvements over the XB70 I say its worth it. I already recommend this to friends and family who just want an awesome speaker.

    Oct 16, 2017 10:11
  • Review by Checo, 10 out of 10
    Great bluetooth speaker for panties

    I had a small speaker that I took eveings and they all love the speaker, but then I thought of upgrading the speaker to something bigger so I reviewed so many brands and decided for the Sony for so many reasons. In my first family gathering I took my new speaker and everyone love it so much that they went out to buy one for them self.

    Jul 25, 2020 11:39
  • Review by gadgetguy11, 10 out of 10
    Earn GEEK CRED With This KINGDADDY Party Speaker!

    The Sony GTK-XB90 is the most powerful, best sounding Bluetooth "Party Speaker" that Sony has released to date. That is no small feat, as Sony created this market & introduces progressively more upscale & bold models. This BEAST is the KINGDADDY of "Party Speakers"!

    Weighing in at 31 lb & standing a full 26.4" H, 13.2" D & 13.2" W, this speaker makes a powerful statement just by showing up. Fire it up - WOW!


    1- Fully customizable dazzling lights create a festive atmosphere; you set woofer & surrounding ring colors, as well as the strobe lights wirelessly with a free app. The high-spirited lighting drew more accolades than the musicality of the speaker! At one point, I sat this speaker in the family room during a family reunion with quiet conversation, and turned the music off. Ever changing hues augmented the spirit of good-fellowship in this intimate setting.

    2- A microphone jack with variable input level on the back of the speaker blend with direct plug-in or Bluetooth audio to facilitate a perfect Karaoke setup.

    3- The Bluetooth range is the most extensive of any speaker I have tested. I set the iPad 30 feet away and it played continuously without any dropouts.

    One touch NFC Pairing makes Bluetooth connection a breeze for phones so equipped.

    4- Audio Equalization, Flanger, Isolator, Wah, and other features are wirelessly customizable via the free App.

    5- Extra Bass is a simple, one touch setting on the control panel. It has a similar effect of "Loudness" equalization. I leave it on all of the time.

    6- The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery makes it a killer Tailgating Machine. It can last up to 16 hours with modest volume & no lighting, or 3 hours at full volume, Extra Bass & lighting.

    7- The Carry Handle makes this "Party-In-A-Box" easy to transport.

    8- I intend to buy a second GTK-XB90 (you can Party Chain up to 10) to spread the sound & lighting. The music & lighting are automatically synchronized!

    9- Who else but Sony would include DSEE on a Party Speaker - a cool feature that enhances the quality of compressed digital music files. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine is very effective & adds clarity to high frequencies.

    10- This is the only Bluetooth Speaker I have ever tested with BOTH Audio Input & Output connections. Amazon Fire TV connected to a projector via HDMI, then audio fed to this speaker using R+L RCA jacks change a "tin horn" 3" projector speaker to a room-filling overture. Still not enough bass? Add a subwoofer to the output jacks! BOOM!!

    11- Up to 3 smartphones can connect to this speaker simultaneously via Bluetooth, allowing 3) music libraries to share tracks.

    12- With 2) 7.09" Woofers & 3) 2.36" Tweeters, the GTK-XB90 plays horizontally or vertically in full stereo. Or add additionally speakers as aforementioned & spread the stereo effect.


    1- I would prefer even more bass at lower overall volume levels. This can be accomplished today by plugging in an external subwoofer to the output jacks.


    Sony totally built the GTK-XB90 to create the ultimate "Party-On-The-Go". It nails this with brute power to play LOUD, yet with the finesse of clear audio. When you ROCK OUT with this Club Speaker, you will earn GEEK CRED! I am loving it!!

    Oct 21, 2017 14:27
  • Review by Bobbydigital, 10 out of 10
    it is the best one out of the extra bass family

    It started with MDR - xb95obt people the bass used to be in my chest now it's all over my whole body if you like Hip Hop Pop and heavy Bass it is definitely the way to go my Sony Xperia phone is not enough Next Step replacing my Sony Walkman and the ecosystem of Sony will be complete my Sony Grail

    Sep 06, 2019 11:46
  • Review by Nash, 10 out of 10
    I'm So proud for Sony ♡

    Soooooooooo beautiful very good I like it sooo much

    Dec 04, 2020 15:56
  • Review by Justino, 10 out of 10
    Great speaker.

    Great speaker but I wish. It come with a discount for a second one as expensive as. These are

    Jul 03, 2020 18:34
  • Review by The34Car, 10 out of 10
    Big Speaker with Big Sound and Big Fun

    The Sony GTK-XB90 is a big speaker that packs a big sound punch. Perfect for a party or karaoke, the strobe lights, led lights and infinity mirrors provide visual accompaniment to the thumping music.

    The speaker is portable because it has a rechargeable battery that will give you up to 16 hours of play time. The Sony Music Center app allows you to control the music and the lighting and there is a mic input that will allow you to talk or sing along with the music.

    This can also be party chained wirelessly with other GTK-XB90 speakers to expand the sound. Not only does the music sync between all of the speakers, but the lights sync as well.

    It can be positioned upright or on its side, and has rubber feet on two sides to accomodate either position.

    The sound is clear, smooth and loud but it's the ambiance that makes this speaker shine. It's a really cool speaker!

    Oct 13, 2017 10:13
  • 9.0score
    Polk Audio - RC6s In-Ceiling 6.5" Stereo Speaker - Dual Channel Experience | Best for Damp, Humid Indoor/Outdoor Placement - White

    The RC6s in-ceiling speaker delivers both channels of a stereo signal from a single overhead location. It's perfect for a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or anywhere else that you want great stereo sound from just one hideaway speaker. Features Dynamic Balance woofer and dual dome tweeters that provide lifelike stereo imaging with a clean midrange, deep bass and smooth, accurate highs. Easy installation in 3 steps - cut a hole, feed the wires through, and simply drop the speaker in – puts built-in audio within reach. The rotating cams secure the speakers safely and ensure vibration-free efficiency with no extra assembly or mess. Paintable grilles and its design that mimics a recessed lighting fixture allow the RC6s to blend in perfectly with the decor.

    4 Features
  • Incredible Stereo Sound From A Single Overhead Speaker: This in-ceiling speaker plays left and right channels of a stereo signal through a single location. It features a Dual Voice Coil 6.5" Dynamic Balance full bass woofer and (2) 0.75" soft dome tweeters for remarkably deep and detailed audio
  • Durable, Moisture-Resistant Design: Offers versatile placement options in a Bathroom, Kitchen, Sauna and even a Covered Porch. The woofer’s rubber surround not only drives better response but also Prevents Moisture Access
  • Easy To Install: Out Of The Box & Recessed Into The Ceiling in 3 steps - cut a hole, feed the wires through, and simply drop the speaker in. The rotating cams secure the speakers safely & ensure vibration-free efficiency. Leave the paintable aluminum grilles as is or paint them to match your decor
  • Trusted Name In Home Audio Systems: Polk's Unwavering Commitment, Reliability, and Craftmanship, coupled with their advanced technology, engineering and innovation make them the best in sound systems so you can Sit Back, Relax and Listen With Your Heart!
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by AudioJohn, 10 out of 10
    Polk Audio model RC6s ceiling speakers

    The Polk Audio model RC6s ceiling speakers are well designed to allow stereo imaging as the model has dual tweeters that can be adjusted into position, but in a single left and right unit --- rather than needing a pair of separated left and right speakers. Also its a solid design on the way you can install them in the ceilings easier than some competitive brands. You may want to install a covering or hood over the speaker to keep any attic insulation failing down onto the speaker --- but its better designed as similar to double-the-price speakers and they sound good.

    Aug 13, 2021 16:42
  • Review by bobs, 8 out of 10
    Good speaker

    Looks good - wish it was a better grill for the price. Placed it in shower stall ceiling, so far works well.

    Nov 04, 2021 21:26
  • Review by Nick, 10 out of 10
    Tunes and such

    Great sound for the price. Easy install. Installed in my bathroom and small dining room. Perfect for places with room for only a single speaker.

    Oct 15, 2021 16:31
  • Review by Robg2EE, 8 out of 10
    Good stereo speaker at excellent price

    Please Note: This Polk RC6s provides BOTH Left and Right channel audio within this one ceiling speaker. Lower frequencies are combined within its single 6" woofer, while its dual tweeters provide the L/R stereo separation among the mid/upper frequencies. I don't recommend this speaker for MOST listening environments, but it's ideal for small rooms which don't provide adequate space for two separate speaker enclosures. I installed this within our bathroom. It really does provide good separation as well as good dynamics at the mid and upper frequencies, but it lacks the bass which more expensive 6.5" ceiling speakers might provide. But for under $100, it is a solid bargain.

    Jan 01, 2015 22:13
  • Review by Danno, 8 out of 10
    Good Speaker For Small Spaces

    I purchased this speaker for our guest bathroom which is only about 5' x 15'. Two speakers would have been fine as well but I didn't want to cut two holes in the ceiling.

    The speaker sounds good when cranked, the bass reflex and highs come out well. A little weak on the bass at low volumes, but still satisfactory.

    It's a great solution for small spaces, but I would definitely stick with a two speaker solution for a medium to large space.

    Jul 19, 2017 18:05
  • Review by Biver, 10 out of 10
    Work well, easy to install

    I moved into a house that had the mono version of this speaker installed into 3 rooms. These replaced those. The sound is clear, surprisingly full without being muffled and were a breeze to install. Recommended for mid level installs.

    Sep 25, 2017 13:22
  • Review by Sandoz, 10 out of 10
    Excellent Single Stereo Speaker

    Great sound and a perfect option for smaller kitchens and bathrooms! Also perfect for any other space where a pair of speakers is overkill.... Don't forget to run a four conductor wire to power it!

    Jul 14, 2017 20:08
  • Review by AdamChristy, 10 out of 10
    Great speaker for an extra room

    For the price of the this stereo speaker from Polk, you cannot go wrong.

    Nov 22, 2013 20:20
  • 9.0score
    Denon - AVR-S960H 8K Ultra HD 7.2 Channel (90 Watt X 7) AV Receiver 2020 Model - Built for Gaming, Music Streaming - Black

    Upgrade your home theater with the 7.2 channel 8K Denon AVR-S960H. The 7.2ch 8K AV receiver with 90W per channel supports full 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X. The AVR-S960H features the latest in HDMI specifications such as eARC, various HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG, as well as 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz* pass-through and upscaling, Dynamic HDR, VRR, ALLM and more. Enjoy 8K upscaling and HDCP 2.3 support on all HDMI inputs and outputs (6 in/2 out). Stream popular music services like Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL and more wirelessly with HEOS Built-in, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth. The AVRS960H works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and for effortless voice control. The award-winning Denon Setup Assistant provides a quick and seamless setup experience, while Audyssey MultEQ room calibration walks you through setup and optimization. Built on more than 110-years of Denon audio excellence, the AVR-S960H delivers a premium audio and visual home theater experience*Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources

    9 Features
  • Unmatched 3D Realism for your Home Theater System: Bring your movies and music to life with immersive surround sound with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization & DTS Virtual:X, and crisp, clean picture with advanced video processing, 8K/60Hz, and 4K/120Hz* pass-through
  • Get the Most Out of your 4K TV: Enjoy the highest quality 3D audio and video knowing that the AVR-X2700H is 8K ready when you are. This high-power amplifier meets the most demanding entertainment needs with the latest technology available
  • Next Gen Gaming: Enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with spectacular imaging, reduced lag & frame tearing with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
  • The Most Advanced Video Technologies: This 7.2-Ch receiver supports High Dynamic Range video format such as HDR10, Dolby Vision & HLG, and Quick Media Switching for eliminating video delays. Also supports Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ for more realistic imaging in supreme clarity, contrast & color
  • Connect with any HD/Ultra HD TV, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray Player & Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound: USB, 8 HDMI ports (6 In/ 2 Out) with HDCP 2.3 processing, Digital In, Phono input & Network support with a range of wireless connections
  • Extend the Reach of your Music: Listen to music in any room in the house via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth with HEOS MULTI-ROOM WIRELESS SPEAKERS like the Denon Home series, without any extra hardware. Get Hi-Fi audio around your home with Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn & more
  • Full Voice Control Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: Adjust the volume, change tracks & switch inputs absolutely hands-free with Amazon Alexa voice control. Also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & integrates with home-automation systems like & Control4 SDPP
  • Award-Winning On-Screen Setup Assistant: Denon’s on-screen Setup Assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, & Audyssey MultEQ XT (with 2 preset options) that accurately calibrates all speakers in your home setup & tunes the AVR for an optimal listening experience
  • Note about 4K/120Hz pass-though: *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Rick, 10 out of 10
    Great receiver!

    I've had the S960H for a few weeks now and I love it. I bought it to replace my defective Onkyo TX-NR636 which has a bad DTS chip and rendered it useless.... I even tried re-floating the chip. I have a 5.1.2 setup with Polk TSI 400s, 100s, CS10, klipsch R41-SA Dolby Atmos speakers, Polk subwoofer.

    Initial setup was super easy, the included mic got most of the parameters right except for some of the speaker sizes and frequency cut offs, which I adjusted myself. Once setup, everything auto identified itself when I hooked it up via HDMI. Once up and running, everything sounded okay... I downloaded the AVR remote app and was able to adjust each speakers sound parameters and everything then sounded great. When it gets loud everything is super clear and the best part is the low distortion at very low volumes. The amp is super clear and there is a noticeable difference between my not so old, yet broke, Onkyo.

    On screen setup layout is a bit outdated looking but it gets the job done and is mostly straight forward. Download the app.... way easier to adjust settings. HEOS is great too... I use Spotify and it detects it from the app, sound is super clear. Bluetooth is surprisingly clear. I Know it boasts the new Bluetooth technology but I wasn't expecting it to sound that great.

    Build quality is great. I really like how they have a heat sink on the chips that tend to get hot. The lack there of was the reason the Onkyo died. Also there isn't any noticeable smell when it gets warm where as my Onkyo always made my room smell (probably the overheating DTS chip).

    Amp is powerful enough for me. I live in a small house right now in Hawaii (military... we move a lot) and it enough for that room and a mid sized room. The sound will overpower my room and has more power to go above that, so I know when I move back to the mainland, this will still work. I really like that when I turn it down it's still clear with subtle surround sound. Great for late night when others are sleeping. Old Onkyo was a no go for that.... it was low and not clear or loud and mostly clear.

    I haven't used the 8k properties yet but I am loving the variable rate motion as my tv is also capable and use it for gaming. Also the HDMI e arc works great.

    Originally I wanted to purchase the command series but shortly realized that with 9.2 /11.2 I was taking things a little far for moving so much. I am glad I refrained (for now) and bought this amp. It's super clear and powerful with all the latest technology without having to break the bank.

    Sep 18, 2020 18:24
  • Review by Topsoil, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic AVR for the money !!

    I read another guys review on this AVR which tipped the scales for me and soooooo glad I bought this AVR. I replaced my older Denon AVR of 15 years service as I massaged my HT into a 7.2 system with a new 60 inch Vizio TV and replaced the old Paradigm subs with 2 awesome Sony subs. This AVR rocks for my 7.2 HT set up. It took no time to hook up with HDMI cables into DirectTV box and Vizio TV, and Paradigm speakers from old Denon plugged right into new Denon AVR. Follow the setup wizard and use the microphone it came with to setup/calibrate your speakers to the room - took about 30 minutes or so to do all that. Then go find your fav action movie, find one with modern Dolby Atmos or DD/Surround sound less than 5 years old (5.1 or better 7.1 sound) and you'll be amazed at how good it all sounds whn you connect, calibrate and set up correctly. Got the AVR, TV and DirecTV box all turning on and off and channel/volume changing with the DirecTV remote only so my wife loves that. Love the WiFi and Bluetooth possibilities and listen to music off my iPhone paired to AVR. Since Covid has forced many of us into our homes this winter and less going out, I figured I'll use Covid to upgrade my home life while smarter people get Covid vaccine and all figured out. This has 4K and 8K capability but since hardly anything is broadcast in 4K and nothing in 8K, I'm good for the future when 4K and 8K become more broadcast and available. I highly recommend this Denon S960 AVR and couldn't be happier with it. It is the brainchild command center of my 7.2 HT setup.

    Dec 01, 2020 17:22
  • Review by denon, 10 out of 10
    great receiver

    This is a wonderful receiver. I got it to complement our incredibly amazing surround sound RSL speakers and our 4K OLED Sony TV. It is a beautiful system, and each component is critical to produce a theater-like experience.

    Jun 23, 2021 23:22
  • Review by Simon, 10 out of 10
    Denon is the best

    I really love this receiver comes in D atoms and 4K and 8K future proof

    Jun 03, 2021 13:54
  • Review by Denon, 8 out of 10
    Another great Denon except for 2 things !!!!

    This is my 3rd Denon home theater receiver , and I have been happy with every single one , and this is no exception . The only 2 things that I am not happy about is , 1-There are 2 sub woofer (LFE) outputs , but you can only control it as if it was only one , you can not use the room correction on each sub it just sees it as one sub as if you used a RCA "Y" adapter !!! Even the set up wizard only shows it as 1 sub not 2 . And this is really a big issue !!!! 2- The last receiver I had was 105 watts per channel , and this one is rated at 90 watts per channel , but its more like 50 watts per channel so you will have to go into the set up screen and set every input volume to +12 db , and go into options and raise up the speaker channels up to +6-8 db and then it will sound great . That being said the sound is just great , the build quality is terrific , and it for the money you can not be beat at this price !!! I have it in my home theater with a brand new Samsung 8 series TV , a Sony X-800 MK2 Blu-Ray Player , 2 Paradigm powered sub woofers and Sonus Faber speakers , in a 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos configuration and it continues to blow me away every time I watch a movie . Just wish it was a true dual sub woofer output and that it was a option in the Audysse set up !!!!

    Dec 04, 2020 18:03
  • Review by Image, 10 out of 10
    Impressive Array of Features

    This unit replaced a Samsung HW80T sound bar and S9000 rear wireless speaker system that was under powered and had eARC connection issues. It’s connected to our Black Friday Samsung HW80T 75” QLED 4K TV, Direct TV and Sony 4K DVD UBP-S700BM player.

    Have to say this 2020 Denon system has a rich array of various a/v features. The Audessy microphone audio setup is sensitive and does a good job for balancing the speaker array.

    It’s way more power for driving the speakers than the Samsung sound bar and offers way more audio decoding plus offers powering 7+ speakers for a home theater environment. It also has addressed the horrible lip synch issues that were present in the Samsung sound bar.

    In the month that I’ve had it, there are two new issues I’m trying to resolve. One is a couple of times the audio has dropped and 4-5 times the video has gone to pick/purple colors on Direct TV source that hadn’t happened before the Denon. Changing the Denon input source clears the issues.

    Samsung tech tested the TV video via internet and said it’s a source component issue. I’m waiting on Denon to respond to inquiry on video issue. Some on the AVS blog crowd suggest it’s a Direct TV source issue. Am currently installing 8K HDMI Cable’s to rule out that aspect of possible issue source.

    Even in spite of these two issues, I still would recommend this unit as it’s rich feature array and performance is impressive and am hopeful the occasional glitches are to soon be understood and resolved.

    Feb 07, 2021 10:42
  • Review by Fathernature59, 10 out of 10
    Denon AVR-S960H Best "Bang For The Buck"!

    I originally owned a Denon AVR-E300 which worked flawlessly and sounded great for many years, but it only had 1080p HDMI inputs. I needed 4k HDMI inputs so I purchased a Denon AVR-S950H. As fate would have it, the AVR-S950H had major video compatibility issues with my peripheral equipment.

    With the AVR-S950H hooked up to my Xfinity Box, the television would randomly flicker at times, or randomly go to a black screen, or lock up in a screen full of grey static and remain there until I either restarted the receiver, or unplugged then replugged the HDMI cable from the television. I also ran an Apple Mac Mini with a 4k HDMI output into it, but the receiver would only output the Mac into the television at 1080p. I tried everything I could to attempt to fix these problems, but nothing worked. I even ran the built-in HDMI analyzer, and everything including the cables passed. The receiver also ran VERY hot, even when it wasn't pushed hard, and even when the "ECO" mode was on.

    I sadly returned the AVR-S950H after having high hopes of enjoying the features, and got a refund. I was rather disappointed, after owning the AVR-E300 for so many years without a hitch.

    A couple of days later, Best Buy posted on their website that they had received a shipment of Denon AVR-S960H receivers in and they were selling them online. I pulled the trigger after reading the reviews and specs and ordered one. The video specs appeared to be MUCH more robust than the previous model, plus with 8k capabilities it is future-proof. I made a good decision.

    After hooking everything up and doing all the setup procedures, I can say that the AVR-S960H has worked FLAWLESSLY, and all the issues I had with the AVR-S950H are gone. The new one also runs at least 50% cooler.

    I am completely satisfied with the Denon AVR-S960H. The sound quality is phenomenal, the video is tack-sharp with zero glitches, and the plethora of features are great. It is a superior receiver, especially for the price.

    My suggestion to you is, buy the Denon AVR-S960H (2020) instead of the Denon AVR-S950H (2019) for the extra $30. It's worth it, IMHO. It gets my 5-star rating... EASILY. You'll thank me later.

    Aug 30, 2020 11:26
  • Review by Alonzo64, 10 out of 10
    So far so good

    You sold me this is my 2nd Denon i purchase so far so good from the 1st Denon s940H it ran like a fine tune engine love its design and the display i can see it the sound quality good it stands up to the yamaha rx-v6a which i also own display can not see it to good so far very Happy with the Denon S960H don't let me down.

    Jul 16, 2021 09:37
  • 8.8score
    Denon - AVR-X6700H 8K Ultra HD 11.2 Channel (140 Watt X 11) AV Receiver 2020 Model - 3D Audio & Video, Built for Gaming - Black

    Upgrade to enjoying your favorite movies, games and shows with stunning clarity and sound quality with the new Denon AVR-X6700H. The 11.2 channel 8K AV receiver with 140W per channel supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, IMAX Enhanced, DTS:X Pro and Auro-3D audio formats for unparalleled immersion in all your entertainment. Supports the latest video technologies such as 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, Dynamic HDR and HLG, as well as 8K upscaling and HDCP 2.3 support on all HDMI ports (8 in/3 out). Stream popular music services like Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL and more wirelessly with HEOS Built-in, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth. The AVR-X6700H works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and for effortless voice control. The award-winning Denon Setup Assistant provides a quick and seamless setup experience, while Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room calibration walks you through setup and optimization. Built on more than 110-years of Denon audio excellence, the AVR-X6700H delivers a premium audio and visual home theater experience anticipated with the Denon name. *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources

    9 Features
  • Unmatched 3D Realism: Bring your movies and music to life with immersive surround sound with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, Auro-3D, IMAX Enhanced, DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Atmos, and crisp, clean picture with advanced video processing, 8K/60Hz, and 4K/120Hz* pass-through
  • 8K Ready Amplifier: Enjoy high quality 3D audio & video knowing that AVR-X4700H IS 8K READY WHEN YOU ARE. This high-power amplifier capable of 13.2 channel processing allows to build your choice of speaker configuration TO MEET YOUR EXCLUSIVE ENTERTAINMENT NEEDS
  • Next Gen Gaming: Enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with spectacular imaging, reduced lag & frame tearing with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
  • The Most Advanced Video Technologies: This 11.2 channel receiver supports High Dynamic Range video format such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG, and Quick Media Switching for eliminating video delays. Also supports Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ for more realistic imaging in supreme clarity, contrast & color
  • Connect with any HD/Ultra HD TV, Subwoofer, Blu-Ray Player & Turntable for Incredible Stereo Sound: USB, 11 HDMI ports (8 In/ 3 Out) with HDCP 2.3 processing, Digital In, Phono input & Network support with a range of wireless connections
  • Extend the Reach of your Music: Listen to music in any room in the house via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth with HEOS MULTI-ROOM WIRELESS SPEAKERS like the Denon Home series, without any extra hardware. Get Hi-Fi audio around your home with Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn & more
  • Full Voice Control Compatibility with Amazon Alexa: Adjust the volume, change tracks & switch inputs absolutely hands-free with Amazon Alexa voice control. Also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & integrates with home-automation systems like & Control4 SDPP
  • Award-Winning On-Screen Setup Assistant: Denon’s on-screen Setup Assistant provides simple, clear instructions to connect your TV, & Audyssey MultEQ XT32 (with 2 preset options) that accurately calibrates all speakers in your home setup & tunes the AVR for an optimal listening experience
  • Note about 4K/120Hz pass-though: *Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Wayne, 6 out of 10

    At first it worked great. After 2 mos noticed it started having glitches - functions wouldn’t work. After 3-4 mos the remote stopped working. Now sometimes it works good - other times it has issues. Difficult to pinpoint just seems random. Using with LG Cinebeam, Panasonic 4K blue ray layer, Klipsch speakers. Will try to milk it along and buy a better unit next year.

    Sep 18, 2021 19:51
  • Review by BOBBYS, 10 out of 10

    This integrated receiver is top shelf. since having it installed , i hear a noticeable difference in sound quality. this was integrated into my preexisting smart home system with savant. i have also used the blue tooth wireless to deliver music to a wireless speaker on my patio.

    Pricey, but you get what you pay for. my only regret is that i didn't get this sooner.

    Jun 22, 2021 19:29
  • Review by Zebo, 4 out of 10

    After the initial setup and running Audyssey the sound was not very good in my opinion. It sounded as if everything from 100-400Hz was suppressed and the volume level was very low; I had to turn it up to 50% just to hear sound (Note: I used the same speakers from my last AVR and I don’t like my music muddy). Music lacked the kind of warmth that makes instruments sound real. I called Denon customer support and was on hold for a total of about 2 hours before talking to a tech (a callback system would be nice). I was able to improve audio myself by adjusting settings manually and only using Audyssey for distances.

    Later, after having the AVR for 1 month it developed a hum/buzz out of the center, left, and left height channels. This time I emailed Denon customer support through my online Denon account and it took almost 2 weeks to get a response. Before I received the email response I had already worked through Magnolia (who has excellent customer support) to arrange an exchange since this AVR may be defective. Three more weeks have gone by and I still don’t have the replacement from Denon nor do I know when one will arrive.

    This AVR is a bit buggy as well; the sound will often cut out and I will have to restart the AVR and all connected components to get the sound back. More recently the AVR has also decided to run one TV station (abc) only through the left front speaker, while all other TV stations and media sources are all fine (except for the previously mentioned hum/buzz). I’ve disconnected/reconnected/reprogrammed to no avail. The TV itself runs this TV station through both left and right TV speakers but the AVR registers surround and pushes it all to the left front (even when switching to all channel stereo…left front). Once again I called Denon customer support and after spending 35 minutes on hold was disconnected without talking to anyone.

    Overall, moving to this AVR has been a pretty bumpy journey to say the least. In addition, Denon customer support availability and response time leave much to be desired; so far I have no evidence that Denon cares about customer satisfaction at all.

    Nov 03, 2020 20:32
  • Review by AP817, 10 out of 10
    Top notch receiver

    Just the receiver I've been looking for. I'm a loyal customer to Denon and Marantz. I have an older Marantz but wasn't getting the power I need to push my Klipsch speakers. You also cannot go wrong with the 8k conversion especially if you have a PS5 like myself. Highly recommend.

    Mar 10, 2021 17:47
  • Review by Verydisappointed, 10 out of 10
    Came back with the 1-2-knockout!!!

    Excellent upgrade option given by Best Buy. The sound is more than what I expected. I haven’t set up the atmos yet but I will be very soon. I am extremely happy with this purchase. Best Buy definitely redeemed themselves by sorting me out. Thank you.

    Jun 30, 2021 21:10
  • Review by Dirt5, 10 out of 10
    Love, but eArc needs work for certain situations.

    Way more powerful than what my needs, and handles everything I own with ease. The one exception... Don't use an HDMI 2.1 cable of 75' for your eArc. The return audio will cut out, but the video will be everything you need.

    Jul 09, 2021 16:22
  • Review by URMAJESTY, 10 out of 10

    Love it..... . ..................................................................................

    Sep 01, 2021 00:27
  • Review by Denonwow, 10 out of 10
    Fresno Best Buy

    Geek Squad Bryan got everything hooked up and working great. Way better than what I thought was the best set up.

    Jul 23, 2021 20:06
  • 8.8score
    SiriusXM - Satellite Radio Receiver Home Kit - Black

    Bring ad-free entertainment into your home or office with this SiriusXM satellite radio home kit. Equipment such as a home dock, an indoor/outdoor antenna and a home power adapter allows for easy and flexible operation, while dock adapters provide compatibility with numerous Sirius dock-and-play radios (not included). This SiriusXM satellite radio home kit connects to your home stereo setup via an audio cable for quality sound.Satellite and Internet radio subscriptions are sold separately by SiriusXM Radio Inc. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement at for details.

    5 Features
  • Home dock: Allows you to easily install and connect a satellite radio in your home or office.
  • Compatible with SiriusXM, XM, and Sirius dock-and-play radios working in either XM or Sirius networks: Including Tour, Onyx Plus, Onyx EZR, Onyx EZ, Onyx, Edge, XpressRCi, XpressRC, XpressR, Stratus 7, Stratus 6, Stratus 5, Stratus.*
  • Interoperable home kit: Contains a home dock, indoor/outdoor home antenna, two remotes, a stereo audio cable, home power adapter, and radio dock adapters for simple operation.
  • Two remotes: One for Tour Radio and one for all other compatible radios.
  • Plug-and-play installation: Sleek and compact for easy integration.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Siriusxm, 10 out of 10
    Second one was a charm

    The first needed to be returned, defective product. This is a really nice upgrade to the Onyx Plus. The addition to Pandora, is a nice touch. It offers the ability to save 18 channels. My only suggestion is to order the remote from Sirius, if you get the home kit, it’s included with it.

    Dec 11, 2020 19:01
  • Review by MJinFLA, 8 out of 10
    Use your SiriusXM radio at home!

    Great for using your SiriusXM radio at home.

    Only issue I have is that the remote for the Tour radio (there are 2 in this kit - one for the new Tour and one for older radios) will not turn on my Tour.

    Sep 11, 2021 09:03
  • Review by MyLenovo, 10 out of 10
    My Lenovo

    Extremely pleased with the laptop. The sales advisor was very helpful and informative about the product. I am very happy with the ease of setup and use.

    Oct 23, 2021 08:31
  • Review by Coop, 8 out of 10
    XM Home kit

    Excellent home kit. Very easy to set up and looks great.

    Oct 22, 2021 16:34
  • Review by CJ89, 10 out of 10
    Great device, includes remote, sat antenna, etc.

    Great little device. It's funny how you need a dock to power up a wifi receiver. Yes, it's nice that this comes with a Sat. antenna to connect to the sky if you do not have a terrestrial signal.

    If you connect just the micro USB the device will run on wifi, bluetooth, etc without the other connections needing to be plugged in.

    Super nice this home kit includes a remote to change the channel from a far.

    Dec 19, 2020 03:06
  • Review by Brilithos, 10 out of 10
    Music in the camper

    Does just what it is supposed to do. Allows us to connect to our audio system in our camper and enjoy music all day without running data.

    May 29, 2021 08:07
  • Review by FrequentShopperSLC, 10 out of 10
    SiriusXM Dock

    Great for using Home Theater use anywhere you have a 3.5 mm headphone jack

    Sep 22, 2021 10:47
  • Review by FallGuyMMXX, 10 out of 10
    I mean what's to say, it is what it is

    I mean what's to say, it's a home Dock for your Sirius XM radio so that you can easily bring it inside and continue listening to your music. I mean it's a good product if you have an XM radio and you want to listen to it inside.

    Mar 26, 2021 15:22
  • 8.8score
    Victrola - Bluetooth Stereo Turntable - Turquoise

    Stream music or listen to your favorite records with this portable Bluetooth suitcase turntable. The wireless technology lets you connect your mobile device, and the built-in speakers provide big sound. Featuring a turquoise and white color scheme, this portable Bluetooth suitcase turntable brings a bright, vintage look to your space.

    6 Features
  • Semi-automatic tonearm: Sit back and relax when the record ends: the semi-automatic operation moves the tonearm back to its resting position.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • RCA output: For easy connectivity. A headphone jack enables private listening.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by SanitzedAirPod, 6 out of 10
    The sound quality isn’t the best.

    When I received it, it had scratches and scrapes on bottom and sides. The sound quality isn’t the best.

    Sep 05, 2020 23:05
  • Review by Baag96, 2 out of 10
    Worst Don’t buy it.

    Don’t buy this record player this is the second time the product arrives defective. The first time I returned it to store and re-ordered, and picked it up today. I was think this was gonna be a 1 time thing, but it came back damaged at the same spot and looked dusty. I really think they repackaged the same item and gave it back time. Will be returning ASAP

    Aug 24, 2021 20:22
  • Review by Mateo, 8 out of 10
    Good starting off point.

    For someone who just got into collecting vinyl but not too serious about high fidelity audio or just wants to have a fun way to hear music this is good.

    The speakers tend to fall apart at the high end of the volume setting and they don't grab highs and lows very well. And they aren't very loud. But it's fun to just sit in front of the thing and play some records.

    I was a bit disappointed because I thought you could use the Bluetooth to transmit sound to another source. But it can only be used as a Bluetooth speaker, like if you sync your phone to it and listen. But I have it near my TV sound bar and run those red and white audio cables to it and it sounds great. Or you can use an AUX cable to use any other speakers.

    As far as durability, I haven't a clue because this sits in the living room and I don't plan on taking it anywhere. It's pretty light and portable if you need to take it anywhere. Just be gentle with it like any other piece of electronic device.

    Obviously the sound isn't going to sound as rich as a CD even if you run it through better speakers.

    (I know, I know, it all depends on the quality of vinyl and from what sources the specific record was pressed from but overall) You lose a lot of bass. Even when I turn on Bass Mode on the sound bar, it's not good. but for the price I'm okay with it. I'm glad I bought it and I have so much fun using it. It's a good starting off point and maybe I'll invest in a better player in the future. But for now I'm good with this.

    Sep 20, 2017 19:26
  • Review by Trusty, 10 out of 10
    Great Features and Quality

    I'm 24 so I'm a very beginner for record players. This one has great sound and it's super easy to use. Love the design. My friends comment on the modern look. Would recommend for anyone just looking for a simple record player.

    Jan 31, 2020 15:56
  • Review by vanessa6297, 10 out of 10
    Fit my needs

    I was very happy with the product overall. It's easy to use and set up. I include a power adapter in the box as well. I liked that it had built-in speakers I also liked that included 3 extra needles. one attached and two extra ones. The directions were easy to follow. The player also has an auto stop switch and can connect to a Bluetooth enabled device. The Bluetooth mode allows you to use the turntables speakers to listen to music. Overall the turntable fit my needs.

    Jul 13, 2018 18:40
  • Review by vanessa6297, 10 out of 10
    easy to cary

    I like this turntable because of the design. It's easy to carry and has the handle thanks to the suitcase design. Overall the sound is good and I like that it included extra needles in the box. So far so good i haven't had any issue with it. You can also connect a Bluetooth speaker to it as well.

    Feb 19, 2020 17:24
  • Review by Luckylesner, 10 out of 10
    Easy to use record player !

    I love this record player so much! It's so easy to use and set up was very simple. I use the Bluetooth almost every day and the sounds fills my whole house from my bedroom! The camo print also adds a fun vibe to my decor.

    Jun 20, 2018 17:54
  • Review by Saylor, 8 out of 10
    Nice record player for the beginner

    I’m getting back into vinyl and this player works great and I like the portability. I have connected it to my Bose speakers when I want a louder volume. This player has speakers and works well but not very loud.

    Aug 29, 2018 16:56
  • 8.8score
    Insignia™ - RF Modulator - Black

    Only at Best BuyThis Insignia™ NS-HZ308 RF modulator converts line-level composite video/analog stereo audio signals to RF (coaxial), so you can easily connect your A/V devices to a TV without an A/V input jack.

    3 Features
  • Lets you connect A/V devices to most TVs without an A/V input jack: So you can easily link with Blu-ray and DVD players, gaming systems, camcorders and more.
  • Converts line-level composite video/analog stereo audio signals to RF (coaxial): To accommodate your TV.
  • Separate RF (coaxial) input: Allows you to connect cable or satellite TV or an antenna.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by DennyV, 10 out of 10

    If you have an AV device that you want to hookup to a television without an AV input, this adapter will do the trick. It has always worked well for me.

    Nov 17, 2021 23:53
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    Works very well

    The unit doesn’t have an led indicator that it is receiving power. That being said it works very well without the usual line noise. Very satisfied!!

    Oct 29, 2021 15:27
  • Review by Bmoore734, 10 out of 10
    Bought as gift

    My dad needed this to connect a vintage video game system. He figured it out on his own. He has trouble with technology and hooking things up. This does require power as well as the connection to the tv. It needs its own power source.

    Mar 20, 2020 15:51
  • Review by GatorRoeder, 10 out of 10
    Great for Hooking Old Tech to New

    My wife bought a used Nintendo Wii and we had no way of hooking it up to our HDMI television. This little gadget did the trick.

    Apr 09, 2021 15:38
  • Review by bigoiltoo, 8 out of 10
    Works okay

    Works okay on channel 3, but there are cheaper options online with exact same product.

    Mar 12, 2021 19:01
  • Review by BRodeck, 10 out of 10
    Supporting Coax Cable In / 3-RCA Pluga Out - excel

    My previous Sony Audio Receiver dies after tears of service, so I bought a Sony 1155Watt Receiver ion its place.

    The only issue was that this receiver did not directly connect to coax. This device has 2 coax in-puts along with a 3-plug PCM output to your receiver. And a coax output that we directly attached to the coax input on out 55-inch Sony TV.

    Jan 23, 2021 07:38
  • Review by TomTuttle, 8 out of 10
    If you need it...

    If you need it, you need it... I did to connect an old retro system to a modern TV.

    Jul 23, 2021 15:38
  • Review by MandL, 8 out of 10
    It works

    It works. There is t much more to say than that but they make you review with a min of 50 characters.

    Jun 23, 2021 15:09
  • 8.8score
    Victrola - Classic Bluetooth Audio system - Graphite

    Bring an old-timey feel to your modern music collection with this Victrola 6-in-1 Bluetooth entertainment center. The vintage-style design creates a handsome look for your living room or study, and the three-speed turntable lets you spin your favorite records. Boasting an FM radio, cassette player and CD player, this Victrola 6-in-1 one Bluetooth entertainment center offers versatile playback options.

    5 Features
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33.3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Paco, 8 out of 10
    Nice gift

    For good sound you will have to hook up to a bass amp and 2 stereo speakers. It has a turntable to play vinyl records, a cd player, am/fm radio. plays cassette tapes, and best of all you can play your ipod. It has Usb ports, earphone and microphone jacks. It has the look of a 1940's radio.

    May 08, 2017 05:55
  • Review by Brittani, 10 out of 10
    Great record player

    My dad and sister had this same brand so i knew it was already good! It sounds really good and the espresso color is exactly what i was hoping it would be!

    Dec 31, 2017 15:35
  • Review by Ceda, 10 out of 10
    Perfect Simplicity

    I love this unit for several reasons. It allows me to play my LPs, some of which are from my high school days and still in perfect condition, my CDs, tapes (YES, I'm "one of those people") AND/OR listen to my favorite radio stations all in one unit that doesn't take up a lot of space and has excellent sound quality. I don't like a lot of separate components or bells & whistles that I don't understand to start with. It's SO easy to use any of it's functions and I do - a lot!

    Nov 16, 2017 09:58
  • Review by Zeesmiths, 10 out of 10

    I honestly didn’t think a vinyl, CD player, cassette player and radio all in one player existed, but it does and it’s amazing! My in laws love being able to listen to their music no matter thee format.

    Dec 04, 2020 15:55
  • Review by mymusicbox, 10 out of 10

    service is great at the store ,quality is great ,shipping was in good time totaly sadisfide A+++++

    Oct 10, 2021 10:12
  • Review by Jr50, 8 out of 10
    Works good

    My wife loved it as a present. She pulled out all of her old records and started listening.

    Jun 05, 2021 20:30
  • Review by slang, 6 out of 10
    Audio system

    the system is great so far. When I bought this for my husband for Christmas, when we open the box there was 1 of the feet missing. I contacted the manufacturer for a replacement. They said we don't have replacements, take back to the store for another one. When I went to buy this it was backordered till after Christmas, but they sent an email and said it was in. I just hope we did not get a return. My husband did not want to return it, so I guess we are one without a foot. I gave a no to recommend as I did not feel the manufacturer was very helpful. I am sure Best Buy would have been more than helpful, but I did not know how long it would be before we got a new one.

    Jan 07, 2019 12:24
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    I won Christmas with this gift!

    My brother LOVED this surprise gift last Christmas!

    Sep 04, 2021 10:48
  • 8.8score
    Bose - 5.1-Channel Lifestyle 650 Home Theater System - Black

    The best 5.1 system from Bose, made for your music, movies and TV and designed to sound every bit as stunning as it looks. Small omnidirectional speakers, a wireless bass module and wireless rear surround speakers deliver an astonishing audio experience that melts luxuriously into your room. The glass-topped console has 4K pass-through and 6 HDMI inputs, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to wirelessly stream music any way you prefer.

    1 Features
  • Works with Amazon Alexa: Voice control your music by telling Amazon Alexa what to play
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by igorgo, 8 out of 10
    Amazing sound

    Above all I would like to rate this product on the sound it offers and it is simply put amazing! Why not 5 stars - I had to separately purchase wall mount brackets for all of the speakers and an in-wall wiring kit (BTW in-wall wiring kit had an issue with incorrect wire labels that was a pain to figure out, thanks to support blog posts). At this price one would expect that these would be included. Also, the set up process is not as easy/simple as Bose wants you to believe. I would recommend a professional to help with the installation and configuration in order to achieve best results on the sound.

    Apr 13, 2017 18:07
  • Review by Adam95, 4 out of 10
    Excellent sound; video connection software flaws

    I am a huge fan of Bose products and have purchased numerous products over the years, including headphones, SoundTouch speakers and a 3-2-1 AV system that produced excellent sound for over 10 years. We purchased a new LG OLED 65" 4K TV and decided to upgrade our 3-2-1 to the Lifestyle 650 at the same time. I purchase the L650 system for 3 reasons: (1) Sound quality; (2) single integration of external HD devices through 1 HDMI cable to the TV; and (3) combining all remotes into the single Lifestyle 650 smart remote.

    (1) Sound quality: when we were able to get the system working initially, the sound was incredible. It filled the room fully, and the 5.1 surround sound processing created a dramatic effect, particularly for true 4k inputs (Blue Ray and 4k streaming). It's hard to believe that the sound is coming from the tiny speakers. Set up with the ADAPTiQ was quite easy. I remain convinced that Bose is one of the best sound technology companies in the world. Sound quality review: 5 stars.

    (2) Video integration: This is where the problems start. The system has a lot of software issues attempting to deal with the ARC HDMI connection (which lets signals run both ways through the cable) and the HDCP 2.2 anti-piracy encryption. Unfortunately (in my experience), it frequently fails in the handshake with the counter device (4kTV, digital cable box, Blue-Ray, etc.), even when previously recognized. The net effect is there can be no picture, a flawed picture, or no sound. Our system worked well for a few minutes after set-up, but then lost sound. I spent the better part of 2 days on the phone with customer service, who acknowledged the issues and ran me through various reboots, configuration changes, re-connecting cables to avoid the ARC input, turning all CEC smart connections off, etc. This required me to remove and re-add the same devices in the software several times, and to eventually complete hard factory resets and start over from scratch on the whole set up. We also tried hard wiring optical audio from the TV to the Bose and from the inputs (cable, Blue Ray) to the Bose. In the end, none of it worked. You could unplug and replug the HDMI and it would work initially, but then fail again after a few minutes. Since all other devices and cables were new, Bose concluded the unit had software issues and that they would replace it. This could be true; however, in the process of troubleshooting, I came across numerous postings of similar issues -- both the ARC connection and particularly the HDCP 2.2 handshake failure. It does not seem that the problem is unique to me. Video integration review: 1 star.

    (3) Unified remote: Before the handshake issues started, I spent 90 minutes with customer service in the initial setup trying to get the remote to recognize my 3 devices: a new LG 4K TV, a new Sony Blue-Ray, and a current digital cable TV box. In the auto set-up, it said each device was recognized, but did not operate any successfully. We then did the manual set-up based on each specific product model number; it indicated that the product was found and paired, but the remote never worked for any of the devices -- not even a simple power on/off. We tried various combinations of CEC on and off without success. Bose ultimately recommended that we continue to use each of the manufacturers' remotes, rendering the 650 remote of little value and just a 4th remote on the table. Unified Remote review: 1 star.


    As much as I respect and admire Bose for sound, I think they are out of their sweet spot when they venture into video. (This was even true with the old 3-2-1 System (the Lifestyle 600/650 predecessor). The built in DVD player was buggy from the day we bought it, often skipping or just timing out and unable to display DVDs that a $30 replacement DVD player rendered perfectly. The sound was beautiful so we just avoided the DVD player...) In working through the troubleshooting for the 650, it was very frustrating as each individual fix caused other software failures to appear. (Hard reset caused the speaker connections to be lost from the unit. Factory reset caused the remote pairing to be lost.) All of these procedures were quite mysterious as there is virtually no substantive troubleshooting documentation available online -- only through customer service. Community blogs are very spotty, illuminating the issues but with few solutions. I would note that customer service was very friendly and patient, but also had wait times well in excess of an hour each time I called.

    In the end, the 650 system is marketed for elegance and simplicity. It is a well-constructed, beautiful product, yet is anything but simple. New technologies like the ARC and HDCP 2.2 do not seem to have the kinks worked out yet. I am returning the unit and will revert to a more traditional receiver setup. If you are looking for a simple, turn-key solution, a soundbar with wireless subwoofer and a direct optical audio connection may be the better bet. If you don't mind tinkering with various setup configurations and have good technical working knowledge, it may be the right product with excellent sound.

    Nov 26, 2018 09:55
  • Review by Beautiful, 10 out of 10


    Jul 21, 2021 17:07
  • Review by Remideprince, 10 out of 10

    The most quality electronics ever bought, I like this product so much, great technology.

    May 14, 2021 20:15
  • Review by igorgo, 8 out of 10
    Amazing sound

    Above all I would like to rate this product on the sound it offers and it is simply put amazing! Why not 5 stars - I had to separately purchase wall mount brackets for all of the speakers and an in-wall wiring kit (BTW in-wall wiring kit had an issue with incorrect wire labels that was a pain to figure out, thanks to support blog posts). At this price one would expect that these would be included. Also, the set up process is not as easy/simple as Bose wants you to believe. I would recommend a professional to help with the installation and configuration in order to achieve best results on the sound.

    Apr 07, 2017 17:09
  • Review by Jungle, 10 out of 10
    An excellent, but expensive surround system.

    This was an upgrade from my 20-year-old Bose Lifestyle 25 surround system. The unit is beautiful to look at and the sound produced by the small surround speakers is very impressive. A clear upgrade from the 25 is the streaming options...both through wi-fi and Bluetooth. The remote is a little bulky (is actually taller than the speaker cubes!), but not difficult to use. Connections to various media through the console are easy to attach and Bose provides ample HDMI ports. Although the rear speakers can be connected wirelessly, three different Bose techs I talked with suggested wiring them for optimal sound. Plus, the heavy "bricks" needed to connect wirelessly also require two electrical outlets. Note the 650 does not have a CD player or AM/FM tuner, but there are simple ways to add those if you want. To be honest, I do not hear a dramatic improvement is the overall surround sound, compared with my older Lifestyle 25, but I attribute that more toward the overall quality of the Bose products over the years than any perceived problems. The 650 is not cheap, but none of the Bose line of products are. I also am impressed with the Bose customer service techs who have helped me tweak the system over the past few weeks. They are quite patient and have helped me better understand "best practices" for the system. One significant downside to my experience was the terrible service I received from the Best Buy Geek Squad. From my first meeting with them, I experienced misleading promises, missed deadlines and delays. Much, but not all, of that disappoint was offset by the wonderful, excellent work of the Geek Squad installer who dismantled by old 25 and connected the 650. It was a four-hour process and he did a superb job. Too bad my initial experience with this group was so problematic. That said, a month in, I am happy with the performance and love the new system. I just hope the Geek Squad does a serious examination of their practices so the overall Best Buy/Bose experience in the future improves.

    Jul 20, 2019 09:32
  • Review by IB1ICUR12, 10 out of 10
    Signal dependent!

    This being the central core to my home entertainment system, I didn't want to scrimp. I mean, everything else is piped through this, right? So, I spent the money.

    At first I was underwhelmed by the sound quality. I thought, "I paid 4K for this?!" Then, I hooked my turntable to it. WOW! It's as though they are sitting in my living room! I realized that my first impression was due to the signal that I get from my cable company. Money well spent.!!!

    Aug 12, 2017 11:15
  • Review by Hoytech, 10 out of 10

    The best surround sound it's amazing buy you will love it and enjoy it you feel like you are in the movies

    Oct 23, 2020 17:18
  • 8.8score
    Victrola - Aviator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Stereo Audio System - Black

    Hear great music in analog and digital formats with this 8-in-1 Victrola Aviator turntable. Its Bluetooth and USB connectivity provide digital streaming, and it lets you enjoy vintage-style playback with LP records, cassettes and CDs. This Bluetooth-enabled Victrola Aviator turntable has an AM/FM tuner, and it includes a remote for easy operation.

    8 Features
  • Belt-driven system: Enjoy superior sound thanks to the belt drive, which reduces vibration.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Wood composition: Go for traditional vintage style with the wood construction.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • Cassette desk and AM/FM radio: For versatile listening options.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Starman, 10 out of 10

    The blue tooth is great. Love playing my old albums again

    Sep 06, 2019 16:16
  • Review by Ronnie, 10 out of 10
    Attend to your needs

    Yes I bought this jobber record player with cd and am fm all in one the style is very unique . The quality is excellent as in nature .can be therefore I will always shop at my local Best Buy . As it’s part of my life and the people are very helpful as they Attend to your needs

    Mar 20, 2021 06:28
  • Review by Terrie, 10 out of 10
    Unit Has a nice classic look

    Unit is very nice and everything works. Was not expecting the turntable to have a 45 adapter and speed settings for all record types.

    Jan 05, 2019 11:53
  • Review by Jules, 10 out of 10
    Works great!

    You can convert cassette tapes and albums to CD. Also has blue tooth capability. Drawbacks... cumbersome and heavy :(

    Mar 01, 2019 22:37
  • Review by neilly, 8 out of 10
    solid player

    does what it says......burning to cd is a big plus

    Jan 15, 2020 16:32
  • Review by Katt, 10 out of 10
    Love it!

    What a great all in one system. Really like the bluetooth. My radio was shot, so I needed a new one.

    Feb 06, 2019 22:32
  • Review by Fred, 10 out of 10
    Works great

    Used daily good sound. Used records mostly have this in our living room

    Jul 18, 2019 05:55
  • Review by Mugwamp, 10 out of 10
    Mothers Day

    I purchased this for my wife so she could play her old CW 33 1/3 records, tapes and cd's I love the feature that allows me to put her albums and tapes on cd's. Also the antique look blends in well with the surrounding décor. Plus the radio is great and the sound of the unit is fantastic.

    Jun 08, 2018 17:48
  • 8.6score
    iHome - PlayTough Pro - Bluetooth Rechargeable Waterproof Portable Speaker with 360° Stereo Sound - Black

    Bring the entertainment anywhere with this iHome PLAYTOUGH PRO Bluetooth speaker. The IP67 rating allows for safe use in wet conditions, while a rear-firing subwoofer and two 360-degree stereo sound speakers deliver powerful bass. This iHome PLAYTOUGH PRO Bluetooth speaker features a rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of music playing and includes a carry strap for convenient transportation.

    12 Features
  • Bluetooth Audio: Wireless audio streaming
  • IP67 Rated: Certifi ed waterproof, sandproof
  • Floatable Cabinet: Will not sink
  • Certifi ed Military Rated: Standard shockproof, MIL-STD 810G, Method 516.6 Procedure IV
  • Enhanced Bass: Rear-fi ring passive subwoofer
  • 360° Stereo Sound: 2 speakers fi ll your space
  • IOS Battery Meter: Displays speaker battery level on your mobile device
  • Volume Sync: Volume on speaker and phone automatically sync
  • LED Indicator: Displays battery level and pairing status
  • Carry Strap: For convenient portability
  • Rechargeable: Up to 9 hours of audio (cable included)
  • Audio Output: 5Wx2 watts RMS
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Gamershopper, 10 out of 10
    Easy to move around

    This home speaker is amazing. The sound quality is really good and it’s easy to move from place to place. I am to take with me to the bathroom so I can listen to music there I’m also able to take it to my bedroom and listen to music while I sleep.

    Oct 22, 2021 16:40
  • Review by Wayne, 10 out of 10
    Grear Speaker

    Speaker was easy to set up and works very well in providing us good music at a volume we can control. It's small yet powerful and is sufficient for large or open rooms.

    Oct 23, 2021 11:35
  • Review by Craig, 10 out of 10
    Good product

    Just used this out on the lake. Nice size for a kayak. The sound is great and just loud enough for the water without annoying others.and with the added buttons you can easily lower the volume on the unit itself without having to do it on your phone every time.

    Sep 04, 2021 09:23
  • Review by MileyFamilyEntertainment, 8 out of 10
    compact, portable, waterproof, easy

    I really like this little waterproof speaker. It connected very easily. I get a good quality sound. I like the little carry strap being already attached and accessible. I did not like that I had to search for he connection point for charging. I did not like that it took so long to charge. I did like that I could still listen while charging. This did not work so well when out on the go.

    Mar 03, 2021 07:09
  • Review by jodij04, 10 out of 10
    Bluetooth Speaker

    Excellwnt Bluetooth speaker. Can get wet & also grimy insane. Wipes off easily. Water-proof. This is the second one I have bought.

    Sep 11, 2021 09:21
  • Review by EJBy, 10 out of 10
    This is a really nice speaker.

    This speaker was a pleasant surprise. I bought it to replace a “Monster” speaker of about the same size for which the charging port had gone bad. The Bluetooth on this speaker works much better than the “Monster”. It remembers the volume setting from one time to the next. Since I use this speaker to play music and talks while I go to sleep each night the volume setting needs to stay low. The sound is excellent and meets my needs better than I had anticipated.

    Jan 29, 2021 17:00
  • Review by Coldsteel216, 10 out of 10

    Quick easy set up loud and proud sounds wonderful!

    Oct 22, 2021 21:11
  • Review by Cwell79, 8 out of 10
    iHome Portable Speaker

    Very good and loud portable speaker. Syncs with all my Bluetooth devices with ease. Wish it would play the audio when a call comes in but other than that, no issues.

    Apr 04, 2021 23:28
  • 8.6score
    Insignia™ - HDMI Audio Extractor - Black

    Convert the sound signals from HDMI to analog or optical output with this Insignia HDMI audio extractor. The 3.5mm jack makes connecting headphones or a speaker system as needed simple. This Insignia HDMI audio extractor lets you choose between stereo sound or 5.1 channels with the flip of a switch, providing a variety of audio options for different media.

    5 Features
  • Insignia HDMI audio extractor: Lets you easily extract audio signals for playback from your speakers, headphones and more.
  • 3.5mm stereo and optical outputs: Send audio to your headphones, soundbar, or other audio device.
  • HDMI input/output: Passes video without degradation and supports 4K HDR signals.
  • Audio mode selector switch: Allows for 2-channel analog or up to 5.1-channel digital output for maximum compatibility.
  • RCA-to-3.5mm adapter included: Provides additional audio connection options. Note: HDMI and audio cables not included.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Alex, 10 out of 10
    Works for PS5!

    Got my PS5 today and forgot that my headset required optical port. Astro makes one that supports [email protected], but they're sold out everywhere. I came across this one and decided to give it a shot. Worked flawlessly! I'm able to use my $300 Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset without having to purchase a new headset. This will give me some time until Turtle Beach releases a good headset for the PS5.

    Nov 13, 2020 16:30
  • Review by brandon, 10 out of 10
    Really 4k

    10/10 product. I bought audio extractors that are not actually 4k but this one is. I use this for my elgato and my a40 mixamp and i get gamesound perfectly. (For my playstation streamers)

    Dec 23, 2020 10:46
  • Review by Rocco, 10 out of 10
    Working at 120hz @ 1440p on Xbox Series X

    Insignia has answered several questions on this product page stating that it does not support 120hz @ 1440p and they are wrong. HDMI 2.0b (which this product uses) supports up to 144hz @ 1440p so I took a chance and picked one up today. I hooked it up to my Xbox Series X and it works just fine at 120hz with a resolution of 1440p.

    It is important to note that you cannot use VRR. Also, the cables you use absolutely matter. I have the HDMI 2.1 cable that comes with the Series X going from the console to the Insignia HDMI Audio Extractor, and another HDMI cable that is rated for 48Gbps (way more than this outputs) from the Extractor to my monitor.

    If you can't get this to work at 120hz @ 1440p there is likely an issue on your end so check your settings.

    May 23, 2021 15:34
  • Review by Kyle, 8 out of 10
    Works but not for what I needed

    I initially bought this so I can get surround sound from the HDMI of my Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Both those systems don't offer spdif output. But even with this device it didn't work. I later found out those 2 consoles only output surround uncompressed, which this device can't use. It only works for uncompressed stereo or DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1.

    Jun 18, 2019 19:54
  • Review by LynJPerry, 6 out of 10
    Good product, poor sales person

    This review is for three items purchased from Best Buy. First was LG 24" 24LF454B-PU, this was to replace TV in my motorhome. Did not need top end TV when only used up to 30 days a year. This TV only has (1) one HDMI and no other output/input Port. The internal sound on the TV has a lot to be desired. With the generator running was about impossible to hear. Had been using laptop to watch DVD, this was no good either.

    I went to Best Buy and explained my issue, and wanted a DVD and a Mimi Sound Bar. I took the spec on my TV showing that it only had one HDMI port. The first sales person said that it was not the best solution but sold me Sony DVD player, Insigia (Best Buy brand) Mini 2.0 Channel Mini Sound Bar, and also Insignia HDMI Audio Extractor. I had no idea on what to do with the extractor. I ran the HDMI cable from the only port on the TV to the Sony DVD player. The Sony player has RCA output. I ran the RCA output to the Sound Bar, that has RCA input. I am not good about reading installation instructions, they refer to many things I do not understand. I did get sound out of the sound bar one time. The next time I tried to play a DVD no sound. I also was having problems entering program setup on the DVD.

    Pack up DVD, sound bar and audio extractor. I returned the audio extractor. Talked to a second salesman ask how use setup to use the sound bar. Told hem I had got audio from the sound bar. Asked hem about installation instructions. He told me that he did not use them. Maybe he better start, and maybe he should know about Insigia (Best Buy brand) Sound Bar capabilities. He check out the Sony DVD not entering setup, and found it to be defective. Best Buy gave me a new one. I went home and called Sony tech support. He was very good. He said if the sound bar had RCA input, that it should have some setting for the RCA input. Sure enough I read the installation instruction showed settings for RCA inputs. May Best Buy sales people should understand they do not know everything, or do not tell customers they do.

    Oct 23, 2021 14:02
  • Review by SpeedingCheetah, 6 out of 10
    Blocks Apple TV 4K display settings changes

    This device works very well as an audio extractor, Audio out is excellent quality and allows me to hook up my HDMI devices to my computer speakers AUX or optical input. I use a computer monitor as my tv as well, so it has no sound out, so I needed a solution to get sound from stream boxes and my xbox.

    Works great, with one exception.

    With this inline, the Apple TV 4K 2nd gen i recently bought, refuses to change Display settings.

    It gives error screen that says there was a problem changing and the tv may not support the setting.

    Plug Apple TV direct to the monitor, or through my hdmi switch, and I can change to any resolution SDR or HDR it offers. I can set say 4K HDR, then unplug the cable, put back into extractor, and it works fine, just can not change it unless its removed again.

    This is a big issue, since the Apple TV does not support Auto HDR switching and I mostly watch SDR content, but want to change to HDR when needed.

    It works perfect with my Nvidia Shield, no matter what resolution or Auto HDR, SDR mode.

    Just be warned, it does not work well with Apple TVs.

    Nov 21, 2021 16:09
  • Review by Enthusiast, 10 out of 10
    AirPlay2 Streaming

    I needed a way to stream audio from IOS devices using AirPlay2 to a whole house audio system. Paired this with a ROKU Express 4K+ and it works like a champ. The only audio output on the ROKU is via HDMI, so this device allows connecting the ROKU to the whole house RCA Line In jacks. Now, whatever I am listening to on my iPad, iPhone, or Mac can be streamed to the whole house audio system using AirPlay2. Need to connect the ROKU to a TV for setup, but no longer requires a TV once this is completed.

    Oct 24, 2021 10:18
  • Review by kevinc, 10 out of 10
    Brought life to my old speakers

    Worked great for me. I had an old speaker system that still works well and uses AV and optical cables, but not HDMI. I am loth to change it or get rid of it. I am now able to connect my new TV system to the speakers by using this HMDI-AV converter. Very happy with it!

    Nov 13, 2021 11:17
  • 8.6score
    Victrola - Retro Wood Bluetooth AM/FM Radio - Espresso

    Listen to tunes with this retro Victrola wooden radio. Built-in stereo speakers fill the room with powerful audio to immerse you, and bass and treble controls let you bring out every tone of a song. This Victrola wooden radio with Bluetooth has a AM/FM tuner so you can listen to your favorite stations.

    6 Features
  • AM/FM radio: Lets you listen to your favorite stations.
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with your Bluetooth enabled devices, and stream music with ease.
  • Bass and treble controls: Allow you to customize sound as you like.
  • Built-in 3W stereo speakers: Designed for good sound reproduction.
  • Retro design: With a timeless wooden design, this Victrola retro radio is perfect for any home or office.
  • Connects to standard outlet: You can place the radio in any room.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by BMunster, 10 out of 10
    Sounds & looks great!

    Wow! Some of the reviews on here weren't fair in regards to the sound. It actually really sounds good. It may have benefited from separate bass / treble knobs, but even with the lone "tone" knob, it sounds very full.

    The fact that it has a very convenient Bluetooth option makes am/fm reception issues sort of irrelevant. That being said, the FM seemed pretty good, but the AM seemed kinda weak. But again, with the Bluetooth option, i just use the app to tune in, and its perfectly clear.

    Bought one for my kitchen shelf and one for my parents for Christmas, as I thought they'd like the nostalgic look.

    5 stars!

    Dec 21, 2020 14:00
  • Review by Sparx, 10 out of 10
    Such a fun thing!

    Sweet as heck! For bad reviews on volume ? ! I just got something to say. My dad always had victrolas in the home. They had volume but still people huddled around the Victoria, listened to using or what have ya cuz the volume was limited and it was a family thing. This is sweet , it reminds me of those art decorations times. What I got to say is put the right music on there and jam, enjoy!

    Mar 03, 2021 22:35
  • Review by FMAMRadio, 8 out of 10
    Radio Review

    The radio was good to look at and worked well and easy to use.

    Oct 29, 2021 16:03
  • Review by DIALS, 10 out of 10

    DIALS!!!! DIALS!!! "no touch", no buttons real dials. Love it love it love it. No instruction manuals that even a 3 yr old cannot read or understand. ordering another one for my son.

    Mar 19, 2021 16:30
  • Review by 55SamsungTV, 10 out of 10
    Great radio buy!!

    I am so happy with my radio purchase!! It is perfect for our kitchen!!

    Oct 22, 2021 22:04
  • Review by spike, 10 out of 10
    Old time radio

    Nice addition to office. Great retro look and sounds good.

    Oct 23, 2021 10:03
  • Review by MotherSuperior, 6 out of 10
    Tuning issue but otherwise attractive & good sound

    Attractive with good sound, but the tuning is off (dial does not line up with known stations). Reasonable price and major stations are tunable.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:36
  • Review by designer713, 10 out of 10
    Great Radio

    Was looking for an old fashioned looking yet modern radio. This one fit perfect. Love it. Works great.

    Dec 02, 2018 06:49
  • 8.6score
    SiriusXM - Onyx Plus Satellite Radio Receiver with Home Kit - Black

    SiriusXM Onyx Plus Satellite Radio Receiver: Add SiriusXM Satellite Radio to your home stereo with this receiver, which features pause, rewind and replay functions for enhanced control over live radio. You can select your favorite stations simply by pressing a button with 20 channel presets.Satellite and Internet Radio subscriptions are sold separately by SiriusXM Radio Inc. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement at for details.UL.features {margin:0;padding:0px 5px 10px 0px;list-style:none;}UL.features LI.doc {padding:0px 5px 2px 17px;margin:7px 0 0 0;background:url("") no-repeat left top;}UL.features LI.arrow {padding:0px 5px 2px 17px;margin:7px 0 0 0;background:url("") no-repeat left top;}UL.features LI.hdbuiltindcr {padding:0px 5px 2px 80px;margin:7px 0 0 0;background:url("") no-repeat left top;}UL.features LI.hdbuiltin {padding:0px 5px 2px 60px;margin:7px 0 0 0;background:url("") no-repeat left top;}UL.features LI.hdready {padding:0px 5px 2px 60px;margin:7px 0 0 0;background:url("") no-repeat left top;}

    5 Features
  • Manage functions using the color display: The screen provides a clear view of album art, channel logos and graphics.
  • Instantly recall your favorite stations: With up to 20 station presets, you can jump to your favorite channels with the push of a button.
  • Easily connect to your home stereo: The home dock simplifies installation. Optional accessory kits (sold separately) allow you to enjoy SiriusXM Satellite Radio in a variety of settings.
  • Pause, rewind and replay up to 30 minutes of live radio: Live-radio playback functions make operation simple. Advanced music functions include TuneStart, TuneMix and TuneScan for enhanced control.
  • Operate the radio from across the room: Includes a remote.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Williamson5, 10 out of 10
    Fantastic stations that play wonderful music!

    This SiriusXM small radio receiver is powerful. It offers beautiful & captivating music for all tastes, from The Beatles 24/7 to classical music to the blues. Also offers news & talk radio. And it's affordable.

    Jun 13, 2020 00:51
  • Review by Brenda, 8 out of 10
    Not an easy install, but great once we figured

    Took a lot of maneuvering and finally going out a window to receive Sirius signals as the fix. Then we were not able to connect to our Bose, because there was no audio cord in the kit. We had to make a trip to Best Buy for help. Finally we were able to enjoy the great music. For the price we paid for the kit...$99, n audio cord should have been included.

    Dec 12, 2015 04:55
  • Review by ColtonIsMyHome, 8 out of 10
    SiriusXM Receiver

    The receiver lacks some of the features that I enjoyed on my previous SiriusXM radio (Clock, FM Transmitter, Shut-Off Timer). But makes up for it by offering new features (Ability to "backtrack" on up to 20 favorite channels and ability to receive more channels than my previous radio). I'm currently having problems with the on-off button. I will have to call SiriusXM Listener Care to report this issue before my warranty runs out.

    Feb 10, 2018 21:06
  • Review by Chuck, 8 out of 10
    Which Sirius XM would make a newer model

    Love the available channels but still having problems sometimes getting the antenna to work properly to receive all stations

    May 03, 2020 23:54
  • Review by Nyhuntr, 10 out of 10
    Great radio

    Love the radio. I bought it to use in our RV but I can easily move it to the house. I have no problem picking up the signal. It's just a great satellite radio.

    Jul 14, 2018 09:29
  • Review by Reverend, 8 out of 10
    Works fine

    My Roady XT finally died after 10 or more years. This unit works but a couple of things bugged me. Used the cables from my old setup and only heard one side of stereo. Turns out the audio jack on this home dock is recessed and the cable they supply has a step in the plastic back shell down to a smaller diameter. Standard mini headphone cables may not work. Also it should come set to direct tuning. I try to press 23 to go to channel 23 but as soon as I press the 2 I get a message that I have not programmed a channel for the 2 key. Just let me tune to the channel I want. I can learn how to program it later. So I have to press the up and down keys and crawl up and down one channel at a time.

    Aug 06, 2017 23:54
  • Review by Stkoss, 10 out of 10

    I love it.use it almost all day long. Mostly listen to Willies roadhouses.

    Jun 11, 2021 16:09
  • Review by Omniinteractive, 10 out of 10
    Customer satisfaction

    Love it customer satisfaction Ease of ordering Ease of delivery

    Jun 21, 2021 07:22
  • 8.6score
    Denon DRA-800H 2-Channel Stereo Network Receiver for Home Theater | Hi-Fi Amplification | Connects to All Audio Sources - Black

    The Denon DRA-800H seamlessly integrates HiFi amplification, a network player and advanced AV receiver technologies. Featuring advanced custom amplifier design, the DRA-800H ensures your loudspeakers drive detailed, precise imaging through the dedicated circuitry of its short, straight paths between power supplies. With five 4K Ultra HD HDMI inputs and the latest wireless music streaming technologies (Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and HEOS Built-in), the DRA-800H integrates seamlessly with your TV, game consoles, turntable, CD-Player, wireless music and Hi-Fi systems. Enjoy network streaming and USB front-panel audio playback of MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and DSD (2.8/5.6MHz) files. Equipped with A/B speaker terminals (supports bi-wiring), dual subwoofer pre-outs, three digital and two analog inputs, one phono (MM) input and ARC for TV audio, the DRA-800H delivers a premium stereo listening experience for your music collection and home theater viewing.

    6 Features
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DISCRETE 2-CHANNEL AMP: Feel the power & hear every audio detail with this ultra-stylish & powerful receiver (100W per channel at 8 ohms) that offers greater stability with a wide range of speakers & delivers balanced sound each time
  • EXPERT SOUND ENGINEERING: Denon’s experience in designing award-winning amplifiers and their use of Hi-Fi parts, custom resistors, audio grade capacitors, a double differential DAC circuit and analog preamp circuits deliver a superior sound experience
  • ADVANCED HDMI VIDEO SECTION FOR A STUNNING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE: Features full 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub sampling, HDR10, HLG, and BT.2020 pass-through. Watch your favorite movies & shows with exceptional color, clarity and contrast.Input sensitivity:200 mV
  • ENJOY MULTI-ROOM STREAMING: Built-in HEOS technology allows you to playback music through any popular streaming service such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and others via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AirPlay 2 in one room and more simultaneously
  • VOICE CONTROL COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL MAJOR VOICE AGENTS: Change audio tracks, control volume, switch inputs, and play & pause music with your voice. Just command Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant or any home automation systems like
  • HI-RES AUDIO PLAYBACK: Listen to your favorite tracks stored on a memory device via the USB port on the front panel, or through network sources. Also, connect your turntable to the speakers or amp via the integrated phono input and MM equalizer
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Eric, 10 out of 10
    5 Stars!

    Absolutely amazing! I had an older 100x/channel Onlyo 2 channel receiver that this has taken the place of, and I couldn’t be more happy. My speakers sound warmer, livelier, and more dynamic than ever. I just wish I would have upgraded sooner. Great work Denon! If you’re looking for a 2 channel receiver that makes your music sound sing, and your movies rip, look no further.

    Jan 16, 2021 12:24
  • Review by Receiver, 10 out of 10
    Denon receiver

    Very good amplifier and receiver. It was easy to connect to some of my older devices using the blue tooth feature. High recommend the product as a replacement for my old Technics amplifier and receiver.

    Oct 31, 2020 10:29
  • Review by JMPSERVICESLLC, 10 out of 10
    Excellent for an outdoor or garage system!

    An excellent A/V receiver for those that need video inputs but not a full surround sound receiver. This is my go-to receiver for an outdoor or garage system that will include a TV, 4 speakers and a sub, if required.

    Jan 26, 2021 16:22
  • Review by George, 10 out of 10
    Denon Receiver

    Love this receiver! I needed to be able to stream Tidal Hi-Rez music through my office speakers and to my outdoor speakers - separately or simultaneously. This does everything I needed to do and the music quality is great.

    Mar 04, 2021 10:12
  • Review by Azimuth, 10 out of 10
    Denon quality

    I am sure this is a great receiver but I was not paying attention and ended up taking it back as I needed a full 7.2 surround capable receiver and this is not htat. Denon has always been a great product and I am sure this is no different.

    Dec 12, 2020 08:09
  • Review by Graham, 2 out of 10
    Total junk, avoid.

    My denon unit lasted exactly 15 minutes from the time I plugged it in and started listen To music. The unit got so hot on the right hand side up top you could not even touch it. What’s funny is people on crutchfields website had similar experiences with this unit. The sound was ok, not much better than my Yamaha rn303. Definitely would not buy a demon receiver these days, they are not the quality denon was in the 90’s and early 2000’s

    Oct 30, 2021 17:35
  • Review by Nopower, 2 out of 10
    Doesn’t want to stay powered on

    This device worked for 3 weeks. Today I attempted to turn it on and it won’t .

    Jun 08, 2021 17:31
  • Review by JimmyJamesJaimeJim, 10 out of 10
    This receiver is the best 2.2 at this price point.

    I’m really impressed with the sound quality. I’m impressed with the ability to connect to WiFi. I’m impressed with the amount of inputs. I’m impressed with the ease of use that as I recall from 10 years prior, Yamaha was the easiest to configure. I love this receiver.

    Mar 26, 2021 16:32
  • 8.4score
    Sharp - 350W 5-Disc Mini Component System - Black

    Rock your way through the night with this Sharp mini component system. Its CD player holds up to five discs, letting you shuffle among favorite albums, and it's Bluetooth-compatible and plays Windows Media files, expanding your playlist options. This Sharp mini component system's subwoofer adds an impressive bass tone, and the cassette player supports old-school tunes.

    9 Features
  • Mini system: Features a cassette deck, 5-disc CD changer, digital player, and radio for a variety of entertainment options.
  • CD, WMA and MP3 playback formats: For listening to your favorite music.
  • 350W RMS total power output: Features two 100W RMS speakers at 6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD (total harmonic distortion) and one subwoofer 150W RMS at 4 ohms, 70 Hz, 10% THD.
  • Full-logic cassette deck: Lets you play your classic cassette tapes.
  • Digital AM/FM tuner with 40 presets: To set your favorite channels for one-touch recall.
  • 2 x main channel speakers: Feature 5 1/8" woofer and 2" tweeter to create a rich dynamic soundscape.
  • Inputs: Include audio line-in and USB.
  • Outputs: Include a headphone jack.
  • Remote control: Enables you to operate functions from a distance.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Wmdlyon, 8 out of 10
    Pretty nice unit for the $

    Nice unit for a Bluetooth illiterate old man! Rocks my old AC\DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs well. Comes with everything you need except batteries for the remote control (two AAA's). Biggest drawback in my opinion is that the speaker wire is hardwired to the speakers so, if you want to extend speaker wire length you have to splice the wires. Most functions operated by the remote which seems a little sluggish to respond. All in all, I'd definitely recommend this stereo system.

    Jul 07, 2020 13:55
  • Review by Edward, 8 out of 10
    Good system

    Overall met my expectation. Bought this to replace my old Sharp system. Like the new tech (Bluetooth, NFC, etc.) come with the new model. Like the fact that the system still features cassette (my old Sharp has two decks though). The subwoofer is powerful. However, I can't seem to adjust it - it produces the same "boom" no matter if it's at +5 or -5. One issue really irks - the marks/labels for the buttons are REALLY hard to read. Wish Sharp had made them more legible by perhaps using white or other brighter colors.

    Oct 05, 2021 14:24
  • Review by Bigal, 8 out of 10
    Works great

    When I use Bass Boost my wife runs down to my shop and yells at me to turn it down, which is awesome! The CD changer works well and remembers where you were when you powered down. Blue tooth works like a charm with my iPhone. it's plenty loud for a 20 by 30 shop and I'd recommend this as a great buy for your money! I have not used the radio or cassette yet. I don't think I have any cassette tapes since the 80's... but if I did I'm sure it would kick you know what on this unit.

    Jan 17, 2018 21:46
  • Review by VLS0729, 10 out of 10

    I am more than pleased with this product. I like that I can enjoy music 3 ways...CD, Radio, and Cassette tapes. The sound is phenomenal. I can get lots of bass out of it! That was a must. It is actually more powerful than I needed, but when I am home alone I can really "crank it up"! The system itself really does deserve a 5 star rating for its quality. If there was a way to use blue tooth headphones with it I would have found way to add a 6th star. I purchased it on line from Best Buy. No hassle with ordering and it arrived sooner than anticipated. Thank you Best Buy for the good service.

    Aug 10, 2018 21:49
  • Review by Macmam, 8 out of 10
    So far so good

    Bought this as a gift for my Mom. Easy to set-up. Sounds good and no problems so far. She has only been using for a week. Very light-weight and seems made a bit cheaply compared to older systems, so we will see how long it lasts. My Mom likes the sounds and the larger remote. The buttons on the unit are difficult to read though as the printing is small and there is not enough contrast, so we just put some labels on for my mom.

    Dec 08, 2020 21:14
  • Review by Durango, 8 out of 10
    The Sharp 350watt with 5 disc and wolfer.

    I really enjoyed this mini system. The clarity of the midrange, the defining of the musical instruments is a tribute to the Sharp engineers. The 5 disc cd player was an added bonus as was the wolfer. Besides the outstanding performance of the music, it's design is sleek and impressively uniquely stylish. I recommend this to anyone who is seeking great sound at an affordable price.

    Jun 14, 2019 16:40
  • Review by SMC7, 8 out of 10
    Powerful System for a Reasonable Price

    The Five CD changer was my main reason for purchasing this system. I am very pleased with the sound quality and ease of use. If you are looking for a no-fuss, well made system, this is the one. The only bum note is the incompatibility with my iPod. I don't want to use the bluetooth connection - prefer to plug in. Overall, the stereo is a good quality product.

    Mar 16, 2018 16:36
  • Review by johnboy, 6 out of 10
    Great sound, but confounding to work.

    I was torn between a 3 and a 4 for this. I bought it to replace a 20 year old Sony that I loved in my basement bar. First the good. The sound is amazing. I've never heard better out of a bookshelf unit. Also it plays my MP3 cds, which was a must have. It has a random function, which was also a must have. The FM radio is super sensitive. I was able to get rid of my amplified antenna and just use the supplied wire. An aside that only applies to me, Sharp put in the wrong remote so a lot of functions didnt work. They were very nice about replacing it with the right one so that got resolved right quick.

    Now the bad. Many of the functions are harder to work than they need to be, and many have to use the remote. It is not very intuitive or user friendly. You will have to read the instructions repeatedly and experiment.

    It only does random on the CD playing, not across all the CDs.

    The clock is worthless. It displays for about five seconds and disappears.

    Changing the display is temporary. If you set it to display the song title/artist, that stays only for that song. When the next song starts it reverts to some useless numbers.

    When you turn it on or off the servos sound like a 1950's movie robot. Pretty cool, but slow.

    When you turn it off, it doesn't turn off. Instead it displays "bluetooth enabled". If I had a blue tooth I'd probably go see a dentist. Dont need or want it defaulting to my stereo. Better if it defaulted to the clock.

    If you want to change disks, you have to push the disk number and then the play button. If you just push the disk number it blinks for a while and then goes back to the previous one.

    I've only had this thing for a few weeks so the learning curve is not complete. Some of my observations may be modifiable. I just haven't figured out how yet. Like I said, you wont take this out of the box and just run it.

    Apr 01, 2021 12:22
  • 8.4score
    Crosley - Ridgemont Bluetooth Stereo Audio System - Black

    Stay entertained with this Crosley Ridgemont entertainment center. The three-speed record player lets you listen to your vinyl collection, while the built-in full-range stereo speakers deliver high-quality sound. This Bluetooth-enabled Crosley Ridgemont entertainment center features a cassette player and CD player for an all-round entertainment experience, and the FM/AM tuner allows you to tune into your favorite radio station.

    8 Features
  • Belt-driven system: Enjoy superior sound thanks to the belt drive, which reduces vibration.
  • Stereo sound: Enjoy sound as it was meant to be heard in full stereo.
  • Plays 78, 33-1/3 and 45 rpm: Keep your music going with the speeds this turntable offers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Built-in speakers: Offer dynamic sound for all your favorite records.
  • CD player: Play CDs as well with the integrated CD player.
  • Cassette deck and AM/FM radio: For versatile listening options.
  • RCA output: For easy connectivity. A headphone jack enables private listening.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by RandyV, 8 out of 10
    Grooving with my old audio tapes - CDs - records

    Nice mix of media (my reason for buying) but nothing outstanding for audio quality. It's merely retro but a great value for all of the retro options - CD, Cassette Tape, FM, AM, Vinyls. So I can happily recommend unless you are out for great sound. It does provide audio out in the back so it could be a source to another better amp / speakers.

    Nov 05, 2021 07:31
  • Review by Zerostars7, 10 out of 10
    Great nostalgia item.

    I love this player. I am able to play vynal records, CD ‘s and cassettes. All my whole collection now I get to hear as originally recorded. And my old 45’s as well. Best Xmas present for me ever and i bought it myself.

    Dec 04, 2020 16:20
  • Review by DaveMusicMan, 8 out of 10
    Very versatile and well-made.

    I was really glad to get this, so I can play my old LPs and cassettes, in addition to my CD collection. It would be even better if it had bass and treble adjustments and pre-set capability for the radio receiver.

    Jul 03, 2020 17:02
  • Review by Recordplayer, 8 out of 10
    Crowley Ridgemont Stereo was a hit

    Fathers Day present was perfect. Plays great. We added extra speakers to fully appreciate the music. Would recommend.

    Jul 11, 2020 13:59
  • Review by Tmr35, 10 out of 10

    I love this !!!! I can play all my music on this one stereo ! I highly recommend this product

    May 02, 2020 14:48
  • Review by Dissapointed, 10 out of 10
    Happy Buyer

    Good sound, good design, great Christmas present because it plays multiple platforms; vinyl, cassettes and cd’s. A little hard getting the needle in the bracket but finally got it. Overall, a good product for a very reasonable price.

    Dec 25, 2020 18:30
  • Review by sadcustomer, 10 out of 10
    record player review

    Easy to use. Sound is excellent for me. I like that it plays different forms of media and is fairly compact.

    Oct 25, 2021 17:32
  • Review by Wenge, 10 out of 10
    Easy stereo to use

    Crosley has always been a company I can count on. I love this stereo! It’s very easy to use. I have an extensive vinyl collection that I’m now getting to enjoy regularly. I especially love the Bluetooth capability!

    Jul 17, 2020 18:24
  • 8.4score