Top Best 10 Lightweight Computer Monitors in December 2021

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Viotek - GFT27CXB 27-Inch 240Hz Full-HD 1ms Gaming Monitor - Black

Viotek has been the industry leader in value-driven PC monitors that don’t skip the specs. And we’ve turned our expertise on to TN panels, optimized for gaming with a special focus on color accuracy. Enter: GFT27CXB, a premium 27-inch flat-screen gaming monitor that delivers superb pixel performance without graphic distortion. All thanks to a lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync monitor with G-SYNC compatibility, and an 1ms overdrive response time. And with customizable display options and the ability to save up to three user profiles, you can fine-tine the optics on the GFT27CXB and know that the perfect display settings are just a button-push away. By far the fastest refresh rate on the market, our 240Hz monitor unleashes the full power of your PC, bringing unparalleled fluidity to your games — especially CS:GO, PUBG or Fortnite titles. You’ll experience every detail displayed with sharp focus and every movement delivered with crystal clarity. Best of all, all your reactions become part of the action, taking your gameplay to the next level. And kick things into overdrive and enjoy blazing fast 1ms response time, perfect for eSports titles and much more. We’ve engineered our TN panels to have the vivid color-richness you would normally expect from a VA panel. With a 99% sRGB color gamut, you’ll get life-like images with dependable color accuracy. Shadows are deep; whites are brilliant; and RGBs are vivid, lush and full of epic detail. This makes your games pop with energy — and does the same with your favorite movies or TV shows. And you can easily attach to a VESA monitor mount, like an articulating arm, or mount it to a wall and make every seat the best seat in the house.

5 Features
  • Play at Lightspeed: The 1080p monitor resolution delivers optimal pixel performance that will have you captivated. Perfect for the lightning-fast 240Hz monitor refresh rates. Smooth video, zero dropped frames. Kick things into overdrive for rapid-fire 1ms response times.
  • Multi-user Profiles: Our TN panel does what most TN panels cannot: deliver stunningly accurate colors with 99% sRGB gamut. Its colors are not only rich in depth, but fully customizable, with space to store up to 3 unique user profiles.
  • By Gamers, For Gamers: We know what gamers need to take the lead and keep it. That’s why we give players tools to play harder and better: AMD FreeSync with LFC (low-framerate compensation) for liquid-smooth gameplay; GAMEPLUS crosshairs for direct hits, every time.
  • Fully Adjustable Stand: Need your HD monitor higher? You got it! Want it in portrait mode instead of landscape? Easily done! The fully ergonomic monitor features a stand that you can raise, pivot, swivel and tilt your way to perfect viewing comfort.
  • Best-in-Class Support: We don’t play with dead pixels – neither will you! New Viotek PC gaming monitors are protected by our Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy and 3-Year Limited Warranty, fully backed by a U.S. company.
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  • Review by Terry, 10 out of 10
    Awesome gaming monitors

    I purchased one of these monitors while building a gaming PC for online racing. These monitors can be used in a brightly lit room and still appear bright. The picture quality is extremely good. The refresh rate is amazing. These monitors have stood up to everything I can throw at them so far. I don't know if there are better out there, but it would be tough to beat this monitor, particularly at the price.

    Sep 15, 2021 15:21
  • Review by Anonymous, 10 out of 10
    Fast and good quality

    I bought this game monitor for my son. This one is much better than the previous ones he used. It’s very fast and the graphics are really clear. Files are easily downloaded on this computer. He hasn’t had any issues with his game quality so far, so it’s been very good.

    Sep 03, 2021 21:05
  • Review by Niles, 10 out of 10
    A really good gaming monitor

    The image quality is very good. This is my first gaming monitor. I used it for playing computer games and watching movies. 240hz 1ms monitor has great response.

    Highly recommend. I love it.

    Sep 03, 2021 16:53
  • Review by Rachelp, 10 out of 10
    Great graphics and response time

    All the specs for an affordable price! Graphics and response time are good! Perfect size screen!

    Oct 20, 2021 05:52
  • Review by Michelle, 10 out of 10
    Great for gaming

    My boyfriend loves this for gaming! Good size screen

    Oct 10, 2021 20:31
  • Review by VivianH, 10 out of 10
    Great gaming monitor at this price!

    A week of use works perfectly so far. I’m really satisfied. I did some searching and found out this monitor is best fit for me. What I was looking for was 1440p at144 hz. This monitor is capable of 165 htz using the display cable. It also has a very good color spectrum @ 120% sRBG and HDR 10 and HDR for gaming and it even has a console setting. The screen has a matte finish so you won't have a lot of glare but as you can see there is some. I uploaded photos of the display with the blinds closed. The photo directly in front of the monitor is the best with very little glare and is exactly where I'd be sitting at while gaming. I don't like very bright monitors or TVs and I don't game with the lights completely off as it strains my eyes. So out of the box I liked how bright it is.

    I'm very pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend the monitor to everyone. Like I said it has a ton of features I was looking and at an excellent discounted price.

    Sep 14, 2021 16:54
  • Review by bearichmen, 10 out of 10
    5 star

    Great quality for the price. Smooth picture on fast actions. Colors are great as well. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a gaming monitor that's on par with the too brands for a very affordable price.

    Sep 08, 2021 21:23
  • Review by LucyL, 10 out of 10
    worth buying

    If you want the ultimate gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with this PC monitor. At 27inches, it’s exactly the right size for my gaming needs. It’s compact to fit perfectly on my computer desk along with my gaming console and still has room for other miscellaneous things (i.e. snack and drinks). The picture quality it delivers is astonishing; vivid colors as well as great details on the images. Whatever I’m playing feels as if it’s jumping out of the screen. I currently have it sitting on my desk attached to the monitor stand. I’m contemplating mounting it on the wall for even better view pleasure. Might update once finished.

    Sep 08, 2021 15:21
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    LG - 24" Full HD Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Premium

    Even if you're not a pro gamer, you'll feel like one with LG's 24" Ultra Gear monitor. A super-fast IPS 1ms and 144Hz gaming monitor. Cutting-edge tech gives you the edge with features AMD FreeSync Premium, lightning-fast response times, multiple gamer modes and Full HD IPS resolution. Virtually no tearing or stuttering. Less latency and all housed on a 3-sided, virtually borderless display with tilt, height and pivots adjustments.

    5 Features
  • 24” UltraGear Full HD (1920x1080) IPS Display - 16:9: At 24" and 16:9 screen ratio, LG's UltraGear Full HD IPS Display features realistic, true color, enhanced contrast, clarity and detail, while delivering ultra-fast response rates
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms (GTG) Response Time: Responsiveness on a dime. With 1ms response time, gamers see fast action, obstacles and opponents in near real time for a clear advantage and with a 144Hz refresh rate for less motion blur and smooth movement regardless of game genre
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium: With FreeSync™ Premium technology, gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement in hi-resolution and fast-paced games. It virtually minimizes screen tearing and stuttering
  • sRGB 99% Color Gamut with HDR 10: This monitor supports HDR10 with sRGB 99% enabling realistic visual immersion with rich colors and contrast which can help gamers to see dramatic colors the game developers intended
  • Easily Adjustable, Stylish Design: Enhance your gaming experience with eye-catching, and virtually borderless design. The base can be adjusted to change the height, tilt and pivot of the monitor to help you play game more comfortable
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  • Review by Caosreach, 10 out of 10
    You need this

    Great gaming monitor perfect for PS5 and Xbox series x

    Oct 29, 2021 15:30
  • Review by Dueltar, 10 out of 10

    The monitor is very nice and so much better than my old one. It works great for my gaming. I have noticed a few blocky views in certain areas of my game but I think it is just because I do not know how to properly change the setting for the best performance.

    The only negative i have is that the legs come out a bit too far and sometimes interferes with my mouse movements but that would not be an issue if my desk with bigger so the monitor could sit back a bit further. Overall I am very happy with the product and feel like it was a good purchase!

    Jun 18, 2021 15:46
  • Review by BashGamingg, 10 out of 10
    Great Specs All Around!!!

    Love it! The quality resolution are amazing for my PS5!!! Love that it’s 144 Hz and 1 ms response time! This my first monitor with those specs and it makes a HUGE difference when play League Play!!!

    May 22, 2021 00:22
  • Review by Abdul, 10 out of 10
    Great second monitor!

    I use this as my 2nd monitor as on a vertical mount with my Lg gn950b, fantastic for multi tasking!

    Jul 21, 2021 15:37
  • Review by WalterP, 10 out of 10
    Perfect monitor at a perfect price

    Holy cow, this monitor is amazing for the price. I have no negatives yet. Just keep in mind there are no speakers but it does have a headphone jack. The colors and the overall picture and controls are excellent.

    Oct 17, 2021 10:51
  • Review by Julian, 10 out of 10
    Great Monitor

    bought it for my ps5 and it works great i love the built in crosshairs feature and so does my brother we use it for fps and the refresh rate is good for us if we decide to switch to pc. there is a slight wobble but it’s great otherwise

    Sep 17, 2021 16:45
  • Review by DeathConnection, 10 out of 10
    Would buy again!

    Not a bad thing to say about this Monitor. The colors are all beautiful and the blacks are rich and deep!

    Nov 05, 2021 21:48
  • Review by Itsme, 10 out of 10
    Great monitor for the price

    No regrets here this thing has great picture quality! If you are looking for an upgrade on a budget, do not overlook this monitor!

    Oct 23, 2021 06:17
  • 9.4score
    LG - 34” UltraWide FHD HDR FreeSync Monitor with USB Type C - Black

    A wider view for working or watching. At 34" and 21: 9 screen ratio, this Full HD (2560 x 1080) IPS Display features realistic, accurate color, contrast, clarity and detail at wide angles. Content creation. Designing. Video editing. Entertainment. Bright and bold. VESA DisplayHDR 400 brings work and virtual worlds to life, backed by 400 nits of brightness. This display tech elevates textures, elements, character movements and natural light and shadow. This UltraWide monitor features a 3-Side Virtually Borderless Display that’s has a tilt and height adjustable Stand. Whatever the task, our LG UltraWide Monitor unveils a panoramic view and high-performance features to push productivity to new levels.

    7 Features
  • 34” UltraWide FHD (2560 x 1080) IPS Display: Beauty and speed of IPS, resolution of Wide FHD. At 34" and 21:9 screen ratio (2560x1080), this Wide Full HD IPS Display features realistic, true color and enhanced contrast, clarity and detail at wide angles.
  • sRGB 99% Color Gamut: sRGB 99% Picture Mode reproduces 99% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum. It's an incredibly accurate color gamut for content creators, photographers, designers, video editors, gamers and more.
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400: Bright and bold. VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 brings work and virtual worlds to life, backed by 400 nits of brightness. This display tech elevates textures, elements, character movements and natural light and shadow.
  • USB Type-C Connectivity: Power your performance with more connections. This LG UltraWide monitor includes a USB Type-C connection for fast data transfer as well as DisplayPort, HDMI and headphone jack.
  • AMD FreeSync: With AMD FreeSync technology, gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement in hi-resolution and fast-paced games. It virtually reduces screen tearing and stuttering.
  • 1ms MBR: With 1ms response time, gamers see fast action, obstacles and opponents in near real time for a clear advantage
  • 3-Side Virtually Borderless Display: An immersive experience that's all screen. Ultra-slim bezel, ultra-wide experience. Stay focused on your work or immersed in a gaming world with a virtually borderless screen on three sides and an extra wide landscape.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Zukeepr, 10 out of 10
    Love this UltraWide!

    Absolutely love this UltraWide! Very bright, crisp image with multiple ways to connect. Mounting offers flexibility. Stable base included should you need.

    Sep 24, 2021 17:07
  • Review by Sarah, 8 out of 10
    Works fine

    The monitor is simple to set up. I'm overall happy with it.

    My only complaint is that under "Specifications" and in the "Included" section the Best Buy website indicated that a DisplayPort cable was included in the box. NOPE. Only the power cord and HDMI were included. I had to return to Best Buy and purchase a $20 cable. This wasn't the end of the world; but I'm just saying if the product description says something comes with the purchase, INCLUDE IT or remove it from the description.

    Jul 02, 2021 09:16
  • Review by nate66, 8 out of 10
    loving it!

    Really enjoying this monitor, I use a USB C and have tried HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort but prefer USB C. The only downside to this monitor is that the power delivery (PD) will not charge my MacBook Pro so I do have to have my MBP plugged into both the monitor and a power source to keep it charged. Other than that I enjoy the quality of the screen, great for 4k movies, and its easily adjustable with one hand both in height and angles. If you are on the edge about getting the 35 inch curved display this is a great alternative.

    Nov 04, 2021 23:52
  • Review by CateyPlays, 10 out of 10
    Solid 5/5 monitor

    I’ve had this monitor for months and it hasn’t let me down yet. I use this monitor for streaming and I love how bright and colorful the screen is when I’m playing games. Also the customization options are extensive so anyone can fine tune the monitor for there needs! Would recommend!

    Nov 02, 2021 11:36
  • Review by cremesomyunggui, 10 out of 10
    great deal

    This thing is great, My first ultrawide ... I got it so I could exp. my new 3060 GPU at its fullest. I know there are much much much better setups but as some one who has been a console gamer their whole life this is a world of difference, it feels like i discovered a whole new world.

    Anyways I also got an amazing deal, was able to score an open box that had legit nothing wrong with it, still had the protective film on it. Open box + sale combined I scored this bad boy for about 280 after tax.

    If your looking for 1080 p at its best this has got you covered.

    Aug 11, 2021 19:12
  • Review by Jecantrell, 10 out of 10
    Great view

    I purchased this monitor with my new mac m1 and the connection works great with humidity and usb c. Easy to unpack and get set up. Screen size is perfect for having multiple full size pages up at once. Great for a developer. I would recommend anyone looking for a high quality monitor for business purposes.

    Apr 16, 2021 20:23
  • Review by SeanC, 10 out of 10
    Great monitor for the price

    I am using this product for work. I have my laptop connected to it and its fantastic! No need for two monitors. Great picture quality. It checks off all yhr boxes for me including usb-c connectivity. Cant really speak about gaming as i have not tried that as of yet.

    Oct 15, 2021 16:09
  • Review by BiscuitFour, 10 out of 10
    Productivity Necessity

    If you use your laptop a lot for work, you’re likely wanting a large screen to view two or three screens a lot.

    This works.

    This brightness matches a Macbook Air M1 with 400 nits. LG makes a model $50 cheaper, but the brightness is noticeable (250 nits).

    Sep 22, 2021 20:06
  • 9.4score
    Alienware - AW2521H 25" IPS LED FHD G-SYNC Gaming Monitor with HDR10 (HDMI, DisplayPort) - Dark Side of the Moon

    The new Alienware 25" Gaming Monitor featuring the world's fastest refresh rate of 360Hz with NVIDIA® Reflex Latency Analyzer, a 1ms GtG Fast IPS response time and sRGB 99% color coverage. New, Fast IPS technology helps maintain image clarity from every angle of the screen. Plus, with up to 99% sRGB color coverage, you have a wide array of colors in your fingertips.

    13 Features
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution: The three-sided ultrathin bezel design lets you enjoy superb screen clarity in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • Consistent colors: Get virtually seamless views with consistent colors across a wide 178°/178° viewing angle with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology
  • 35" LED Edgelight Monitor: Efficient screen type uses LEDs to provide precise backlighting to pixels.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Certification: NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronizes the refresh rates between the GPU and display, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag.
  • Seamless switching: Built-in dual HDMI ports keep your devices always plugged in and let you effortlessly switch between streaming and console gaming
  • Design: the Alienware 25 Gaming monitor combines awardwinning Alienware Legend Industrial Design with insight from pro gamers such as Team Liquid to provide leadingedge, next-level technology, giving gamers the in-game advantage that will get the win.
  • Fastest Refresh Rate: At 360Hz means gameplay is now fully optimized to enable split-second reactions, with more frames per second and smaller visual information gaps that translate into a faster reaction time for gamers. 360Hz is via display ports and 240Hz is via HDMI.
  • The NVIDIA® Reflex Latency Analyzer: Captures end-to-end response times from click to action. Simply plug your mouse into the latency port on the Alienware 25 Gaming monitor and get precise measurement from the Analyzer on how quickly the display pixels change after your mouse click.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC: Certification means the GPU and monitor are synchronized, which minimizes graphic distortions such as tearing and artifacts from forming on screen
  • Fast IPS technology: Ensures an even consistent color experience at any angle, while 99% sRGB color coverage brings a great viewing experience to the speed.
  • A true 1ms gray-to-gray response time: It ensures that every pixel is ready for every frame, changing color almost instantaneously to ensure smooth gameplay and eliminate any motion blur.
  • A fully adjustable stand: With height markers gives you more comfort, greater versatility and easier adjustability for an extended gaming session. Tilt, swivel, adjust and game on.
  • A cable management chamber: Allows for cables to pass through the stand discreetly to easily connect to the ports within the hidden compartment on the back of the monitor.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by TherinWhitten, 10 out of 10
    Alienware Monitors are Simply Awesome

    Yes they are slighting overpriced. But you get what you pay for.

    Color is awesome, latency is top notch and the clarity is bar none excellent.

    Very little black light bleed and always top notch displays come from Alienware. At least in my experience.

    No tearing because of Nividia Gsync. I love the panel and the OSD controls. You can also charge phones and tablets from the small hub on it, even without it being connected to the pc.

    Its a great monitor. Is it worth it for the price? Only if you really want it to match with other Alienware accessories, or you can get it on sale.

    No question about the quality though.

    Nov 13, 2021 08:42
  • Review by Sanguine, 10 out of 10
    IPS really did surpass TN. Cheat the Value w/TAM!

    Calibration Setting (From - Works best IMO

    Picture Mode: Custom

    Brightness: 29

    Contrast: 75

    RGB: 100-96-93


    +PRICE: Total Access Member Here: Like you, I thought Total Access gets first dibbs. Now, I'm like I might as well keep it. Up to 2 years of free insurance (with deductible)? Why not buy open box excellent everything? Currently this is $200 off + $50 off with Open Box Excellent. Total Access Protection Check.

    +Upgraded from the AW2518H (TN 240 Hertz). WHAT A DIFFERENCE between IPS and TN. Like many out there, I was extremely skeptical of performance. However, the input lag on this IPS panel ACTUALLY BEATS the TN. Seriously, like HUH?

    +IPS VS TN: IPS will always win but the problem was it didn't meet TN performance levels before. However, tech changed and IPS has beaten TN. I still am in shock about that but it is 100% true.

    +360 Hertz is amazing if you can reach it. I play CS:GO more than any game out there logging over 2000 hours. 360 hertz is worth it to me. Is it worth it to you? Honestly, you can only get 360 hertz on some games (not new ones). If you are buying this for other higher requirement games, there's no point to get 360 hertz because you'll never reach it. Maybe with Alder Lake + 3090...we will see but doubtful.

    +New tech is better. This one actually looks better than my AW3420DW despite them being the same ish tech. RTINGs gave this monitor super high marks in all but contrast (IPS, blacks don't look black). I'm hoping one day OLED will hit this spec or better as OLED is the future once they figure out how to do 360 hertz with it and low ms.


    -Ghosting: Extreme Mode has ghosting for sure. Super Fast and Fast are great but it isn't 1ms. I stuck with Super Fast.

    -360 hertz is a niche game market. It only works with older games if properly matched with good CPU + GPU. Otherwise, honestly you don't need it.

    Oct 22, 2021 11:19
  • Review by FaceVex, 8 out of 10
    Great Performance Image Quality Good

    Great performing monitor but best geared for FPS enthusiasts. Image quality is good to very good for me stops short of excellent. HDR is just average. If you’re looking for the fastest monitor for esports or FPS shooters, this is the monitor for you.

    I have mine paired with an Alienware M15R2 with a 2080 max Q. My laptop can not muscle this thing past 200fps with settings turned down. But I don’t run it that way. For those wondering about how it might impact your laptop performance - I’d say I gained about 5-6% due to the fact that using the display port on laptop bypasses the Intel GPU and runs soley on the 2080. For that reason alone an external monitor is worth the add to your gaming laptop.

    May 14, 2021 16:02
  • Review by greatUSB, 8 out of 10
    alienware yyds

    The 360Hz monitor is the monitor with the highest refresh rate in the market at present. Although the eyes cannot distinguish different frequencies well, the screen with a higher refresh rate always has its reasons for existence. As the monitor for the League of Legends Global Finals in 2021, this monitor also provides me with a better reason to buy it

    Dec 04, 2021 11:47
  • Review by casualCSGO, 10 out of 10
    Great FPS Monitor!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this monitor!!! Paired my monitor with a Ryzen 7 3700X, NVIDIA RTX3080. I haven't been playing long on it but I can see a huge difference vs my 144Hz monitor. The only part that bothers me is the large base that takes lots of desk space. Definitely look at getting a vesa mount.

    Jun 25, 2021 15:42
  • Review by BoyMom, 10 out of 10
    If you can't decide, choose this one!

    Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday for gaming Dota. He loves it! It does require a large (deep) desk because the base is very large, but we love that it turns and the height can be adjusted. It now serves as the tv for our bedroom as well. I obsess over large purchases, and read every review before I make a decision. I am pleased I chose this one.

    Jul 24, 2021 21:30
  • Review by dewey, 8 out of 10
    Slightly over priced better than 240hz?

    I'm using a 3070 system with a i910850k and I think it's a great match for some games but I literally mostly only play CSGO

    in CSGO at 1080p all maxed out I get around 320-400 fps all the time..

    Sometimes though depending on the setting I'll get some choppy movements outta nowhere... strange flickering almost

    I've used it with G-sync, ULMB, and without any of them at 360hz

    and I've gotta say it runs the smoothest at ULMB 240-300Hz

    at 360hz I get random glitches not a lot but they annoy me at times...

    I'm still giving it some time on deciding to return or keep because it is a pretty awesome monitor nonetheless

    Very great gaming monitor, I do believe they should have some updates on this new monitor because it needs some work.

    May 03, 2021 20:37
  • Review by Gnwjx1w, 10 out of 10
    Best fps monitor

    Amazing 360h ips monitor. Can't go back to 240hz now.

    Apr 09, 2021 08:46
  • 9.4score
    Samsung - Odyssey G3 24" Flat FHD 1ms AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitor - Black - Black

    Odyssey G3’s lightning-fast 144Hz refresh rate ensures flawlessly smooth action scenes even in games with high frame rates. The borderless screen stretches from edge to edge for maximum viewing and allows seamless gaming experience in multiple monitors.

    6 Features
  • 144Hz refresh rate: Conquer every enemy, even at soaring speeds. 144Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur for exhilarating gameplay with ultra-smooth action.
  • 1ms response time: Make every move count with a 1ms response time. Jump on enemies as soon as you see them and stay ahead with precise mouse movements. Your on-screen performance is as swift as your own reflexes.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium: Effortlessly smooth gameplay. AMD FreeSync Premium features adaptive sync technology, which reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency. Low framerate compensation ensures every scene flows seamlessly.
  • See your game your way: Reach the height of winning. Swivel, tilt, and adjust your monitor until all enemies are in perfect view. Your display can be moved freely so you can find total gaming comfort.
  • Full screen design: Your legacy has no boundaries. The 3-sided borderless design unveils maximum space for bigger, bolder gameplay. Line up two displays precisely in a dual-monitor setup, so no enemies slip through the crack.
  • Fresh eyes win more: Play for even longer. Eye Saver Mode minimizes blue light enough to keep eyes relaxed and comfortable when gaming for extended periods. Flicker Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker so you can focus longer with less distraction or eye strain.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by squill, 10 out of 10
    Exactly as expected

    Exactly what it promises, at a great price. Shipped very securely, arrived in perfect condition. No backlight bleed at all. The height adjustment is very smooth and satisfying, as well as the ability to tilt in any direction. The mount does require a phllips head screw driver to assemble, so be prepared for that. Overall a fantastic monitor that I would happily recommend to anyone.

    Aug 03, 2021 00:24
  • Review by stellar, 10 out of 10

    I REALLY love this monitor, it is sadly missing speakers for sound to come from it BUT it does kinda compensate with a headphone and everything else about it i really like

    Oct 20, 2021 07:34
  • Review by SoulKing, 10 out of 10

    Ive had it fora while now. And it is a wonderful monitor. It does well with gaming.

    Aug 20, 2021 23:45
  • Review by Driski, 10 out of 10

    Wonderful monitor for my setup FPS and graphics are perfect. Love the stability the stand has and ability to change between portrait and landscape mode.

    Nov 12, 2021 17:06
  • Review by logikeyboardwithmouse, 10 out of 10
    Easy to set up and is adjustable

    Bright, easy to read on the eyes ,pairs well with my computer, reasonably priced

    Nov 12, 2021 15:55
  • Review by Johnny1, 10 out of 10

    Very happy with this monitor..Very happy with this monitor..Very happy with this monitor

    Sep 03, 2021 15:37
  • Review by VideoGamer, 10 out of 10
    Video gaming

    Product was as described, product was easy to assemble

    Oct 03, 2021 13:27
  • Review by kevin, 10 out of 10
    THE BEST GAMING MONITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This GAMING 144hrtz 1ms FAST response time monitor is a BEAST. And its a new 2021 Samsung Monitor

    May 03, 2021 01:35
  • 9.2score
    ASUS - 24" LED FHD G-SYNC Monitor - Black

    Customize the configuration of your gaming computer with this ASUS 24-inch Full HD LED-backlit monitor. The NVIDIA G-SYNC technology produces tear-free pictures, while the fast response times minimize blurring and ghosting for an immersive gaming experience. This ASUS 24-inch Full HD LED-backlit monitor has a GamePlus hotkey that lets you adjust in-game settings easily, and the DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDMI ports let you connect a variety of input devices.

    11 Features
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution: High resolutions that deliver a solid gaming or video experience without undue strain on your graphics card.
  • 1 ms response time: Delivers ultra-fast performance, minimizing lag and time-to-screen.
  • 165 Hz refresh rate: Delivers powerful performance so that you can get the most out of your games and videos.
  • 24" LED monitor: Efficient screen type uses LEDs to provide precise backlighting to pixels.
  • G-SYNC technology for smooth gameplay: NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronizes the refresh rates between the GPU and display, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag.
  • HDMI and DisplayPort inputs: Allow you to set up DVD players and other AV sources for a clear, high quality audio and video signal.
  • 170° horizontal and 160° vertical viewing angles: Allow you to view the screen from a wide range of angles.
  • 2-watt built-in speakers: Let you enjoy your favorite entertainment in stereo sound.
  • 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio: Ensures images are crisp and clear with deep blacks and bright highlights.
  • 350 cd/m² brightness: Produces bright images that can clearly be seen even in well-lit rooms.
  • ASUS GamePlus: Ensures impressive gaming performance with various features that allow you to check FPS and incorporates crosshairs and real-time refresh rate.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by cqast, 10 out of 10
    Good monitor

    Great monitor good for comp gaming stand is nice not the best colors but gets the job done

    Aug 05, 2021 14:57
  • Review by Anonymous, 6 out of 10
    Good enough

    Looks great with games, love the stand it’s amazing and that I can be turned only down side is the sound isn’t that great. Perfect size for me to game and work from home.It’s ok that is why I gave a 3.

    Jun 30, 2021 23:49
  • Review by Jim9k, 10 out of 10
    Great Gaming Monitor

    Everything I expected it to be for gaming. The higher refresh rate and lower response time are a nice step up from my old BenQ monitor. Colors are sharp and mounting was a snap.

    Haven't had this monitor long but so far so good. I have read some reviews on other sites that said the monitor failed after a short time so hopefully that won't happen here.

    As of right now I would recommend this monitor to anyone.

    May 07, 2021 16:35
  • Review by Sarah, 10 out of 10
    Great Monitor

    I adjusted the settings to my liking. I play Valorant, CoD, and other games have not had any problems. Glad I got this size and with G-SYNC for this price. Got this size so that one day I can get another and use a dual monitor setup. My friend uses the 27" and she put one vertically and one horizontally.

    May 16, 2021 18:51
  • Review by flackenstien, 10 out of 10
    Good budget 165hz for dual monitor setup.

    For a budget 165hz monitor, it's pretty good.

    Solid build quality, subtle look for a gaming monitor, good brightness, and so on.

    I suggest this monitor if you want to go dual monitors with high refresh rate. If you only want 1 monitor, go for something with similar refresh rate but higher resolution.

    Aug 24, 2021 01:30
  • Review by Achandlersc, 10 out of 10

    Right, when it comes out of the box it is pretty easy to put together. The stand is very adjustable. Now for the blacklight bleed, the backlight bleed is certainly good for the price, the performance is amazing, 165 Hz is blazing fast with the 0.5ms response time which I have tested and is actually true, G-Sync is also a nice feature for the price, the monitor is a fairly good size and not weird like 23.8 inches. For the cheap price, the good performance, and the adjustability, I think this is a very good Monitor.

    Jul 16, 2021 21:47
  • Review by RedRyu, 10 out of 10
    Amazing ASUS Monitor

    This monitor has worked wonders for me. I use it at tournaments to help run another station for fighting games and it does everything I need for sound and good quality picture.

    Aug 13, 2021 12:33
  • Review by Lisa, 10 out of 10
    Asus 24"

    I purchased this monitor for my daughter in law. She is in love with it. She wanted a more compact look than mine. It has integrated speaker; nice perk. Not heavy, yet strong. It tilts, swivel, goes up and down. It's fast (gaming). Very good buy at a great price.

    Jun 11, 2021 18:11
  • 9.2score
    HP - 31.5" LED Full HD FreeSync Monitor - Silver & Black

    The New Definition of High Definition: This FHD display feels as good as it looks, packing 99% sRGB color gamut for color accuracy and AMD Freesync™ to keep your eyes up to speed with your imagination. Looks Good, Feels Good, Does Good: Increase viewing comfort with HP Eye Ease with Eyesafe® certified technology that doesn't sacrifice color quality. Monitor designed with sustainability in mind with 85% postconsumer recycled plastics and packaged in recycled materials. Doing good never looked so good. Streamlined & Seamless: Streamline your setup with its slim profile, innovative cable containment, and seamless design for side-by-side screens.

    10 Features
  • Share the panoramic view: Vibrant detail from practically any position with consistent color and image clarity maintained across ultra-wide 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles.
  • HP Eye Ease with Eyesafe Certification: HP Eye Ease technology keeps your eyes comfortable with an always-on blue light filter that presents your vivid content with zero impact on color accuracy.
  • Highly accurate color: With 99% sRGB(3) color space, this HP display provides ideal color reproduction with minimal effort. Perfect for photos, videos—all your creative projects.
  • Integrated cable management: Cord and wire pass-through located on the display stand reduces cord-clutter and helps keep your workspace clean and organized.
  • AMD FreeSync™ technology: See and feel the difference of fluid, responsive gameplay. By synchronizing the refresh rate with your GPU, AMD FreeSync™ makes display stutter, input lag, and screen tears ancient history.
  • Full HD display: Be prepared for brilliant visuals and crisp images with the unforgettable quality of this stunning FHD / 1080p display.
  • Three-sided micro-edge display: See more of your screen with a threesided micro-edge display that maximizes your viewing area.
  • An easier way to connect: With both HDMI and VGA ports, this display is ready to connect for brilliant high definition visuals over a smooth digital connection.
  • Easily personalize and adjust your display: Customize your display with easy, intuitive HP Display Center software that lets you tailor your settings, partition screens, and even dim the screen.
  • Environmentally conscious: Energy efficient design and components help reduce power consumption and energy costs.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by MedDesk, 10 out of 10
    Mac mini and Hp

    The monitor is easy to set up and it works great with the new apple Mac-mini

    Oct 22, 2021 15:51
  • Review by Senal, 10 out of 10
    Nice monitor

    Worth for what you pay. Highly recommended for anyone interested.

    Oct 22, 2021 16:33
  • Review by Drew, 2 out of 10
    Bad out of the box

    Display was defective when connected. Tried multiple PCs and cables. Now I get to spend time returning it.

    Nov 10, 2021 16:33
  • Review by Paxx, 8 out of 10
    Pretty good monitor

    I am pleased so far with this monitor. I had no problems getting it to connect to my laptop. The screen size is great. I do wish that you could swivel it around without having to turn the whole monitor, but I knew that it didn't before I purchased it and it is not too heavy too move.

    Oct 20, 2021 09:30
  • Review by Shelley, 10 out of 10
    nice monitors

    Bought 2 of these for when i go back in the office. My work is terrible about supplying us with nice things even though they are a billion dollar company. I tried these because they were a nice size for all the spreadsheets i use and a good price. They are great. I am currently using them at home until we go back in the office but can't wait to have them at work and can actually see what i do! I dont know if i would use them for gaming but for work... they are perfect! Very happy.

    Oct 26, 2021 07:40
  • Review by Cam23, 8 out of 10
    Good quality monitor

    Great BIG screen with great quality and colors are good. Only complaint is that I can’t make it taller or shorter, it’s set at one size.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:29
  • Review by joey8764, 10 out of 10
    Great monitors, easy on the eyes, great picture.

    These are probably the best monitors I’ve owned, I have purchased almost 20 of them for my workplace and everyone loves them.

    They picture is crisp and easy on your eyes, highly recommended.

    One drawback is that you can’t mount these without a custom modification.

    Oct 28, 2021 21:57
  • Review by Ryan, 8 out of 10
    Great Product!!!

    This item was much better than my old monitor which was a decent amount smaller and isn’t as bright as this product. This product is also wider and bigger which was a big plus. Great product for its cost.

    Nov 09, 2021 19:30
  • 9.0score
    Asus VA27EHE 27" Full HD LED LCD Monitor - 16:9 - Black

    ASUS VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor features 27 inch IPS panel with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, providing 178° wide viewing angle panel and vivid image quality. Up to 75Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate tracing and ensure crisp and clear video playback. In addition, it also features TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free for a comfortable viewing experience.

    5 Features
  • Inputs/Connections: DVI - HDMI - DisplayPort
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) LED backlight display with IPS 178° wide viewing angle panel
  • Refresh Rate: Up to 75Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate tracing and ensure crisp and clear video playback
  • Viewable Screen Size and Panel Type: Full HD (1920x1080) LED backlight display with IPS 178° wide viewing angle panel
  • Brand-Specific Technology/Features: ASUS Eye Care monitors feature TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies to ensure a comfortable viewing experience
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by CM1991, 8 out of 10
    Good produ t

    I bought to have an extension of laptop, but was quite large. Did not appear that large in store as compared to on my desk….lol

    Otherwise I am sure it would have been great. I was replacing an earlier model which was greater than 10 years old and wanted more clarity.

    Jun 11, 2021 16:06
  • Review by JVAN, 10 out of 10
    Great monitor

    Great monitor at a great price. Colors are vibrant and accurate, fonts and fine lines are sharp and clear. Power button on the lower backside is a bit awkward for my setup, but that's a small concession.

    Mar 01, 2021 15:20
  • Review by BoboJaqkson, 10 out of 10
    Asus Monitor

    I buy these monitors for work and they are perfect. I havent had any issues to date and no one has complained to me about them. Great quality for a great price.

    Jul 12, 2021 13:20
  • Review by Mandy, 10 out of 10

    Great monitoring. Very good for price. And good for eyes. I had lasik so it’s important to me. It’s hooked up to my laptop now.

    May 07, 2021 23:39
  • Review by SurfacePro, 10 out of 10
    27" Monitor

    27" monitor Great item easy to install quality built great picture, connection and setting up was easy plug and play ready

    Apr 21, 2021 13:49
  • Review by Paul, 10 out of 10
    Good monitor

    I haven't used much yet but in the short period of use I found images to be sharp.

    Setup was totally plug and play.

    Apr 24, 2021 11:37
  • Review by Burnzy, 8 out of 10
    Overall good product

    Great overall monitor, my only downside is that the stand for it isn’t very adjustable, but a desk or wall mount can easily fix this issue

    Mar 22, 2021 11:47
  • Review by LAOBROB, 10 out of 10
    27" Acer eye care monitor

    Best monitor I ever owned. Easy on the eyes. Very good images, and videos. Highly recommend. Totally satisfied.

    Apr 09, 2021 16:33
  • 9.0score
    ASUS - 15.6" IPS LED HD Monitor - Silver/Black

    Get the functionality you need with this Asus MB169BPLUS monitor, which is USB-powered for a flexible mobile setup. The auto rotate function intuitively senses orientation and switches between landscape and portrait modes.

    5 Features
  • 14 ms response time: Delivers a crisp, detailed picture with minimal blurring and ghosting.
  • 15.6" LED-backlit LCD panel: Utilizes Asus EzLink technology to offload graphics processing from your PC, making it easy to connect multiple monitors to your computer.
  • 700:1 contrast ratio: Offers a range of shades between black and white.
  • 200 cd/m² brightness: Promotes a highly visible picture.
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution: Brings media to life in Full HD.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by ABoxOfLogic, 10 out of 10
    Great 2nd Monitor

    I use this for my MacBook 12" for when I want a slightly bigger second screen. It works very well via the USB and is nice and bright. I could be slightly sharper but it's very comfortable to use. I'm surprised there aren't more option for this scenario.

    Aug 18, 2017 21:11
  • Review by techandgadgets, 8 out of 10
    Great monitor for OSX (with beta software)

    Was frustrated with the monitor but then I downloaded the beta drivers and then I loved it.

    Mar 17, 2017 16:28
  • Review by Felipe, 10 out of 10
    Amazing lil monitor

    If you do home office, you NEED one of these little guys.

    Sep 01, 2017 16:20
  • Review by Gern, 8 out of 10
    Good portable display

    Good display. It was simple to connect using the cable that came with it. You do have to lead the drivers for it using the enclosed cd. Once completed it worked great.

    Oct 22, 2016 18:51
  • Review by thespecial, 10 out of 10
    Way better than I expected it to be.

    The ASUS USB Monitor is so easy to use, it really is just as simple as plugging it in and it works. The picture quality actually looks better than the Dell laptop it is plugged into. You will have to adjust the brightness controls on both the USB monitor (using the control on the left-side) and your laptop (using the function + brightness keys) to make them look similar. Don't bother trying to adjust the screens in your Windows or Invidia screen resolution control panel, you'll make things worse.

    Sep 08, 2016 11:10
  • Review by MMPDavidL, 10 out of 10
    Asus - 15.6" IPS LED HD Monitor - Silver/Black

    This is an excellent, cost effective extra monitor for when you need dual screens. I use it as an extended desktop and it has the same resolution and brightness as my laptop. The screen is thin and light, and compact enough to put in the sleeve, and then in my laptop bag. I use it alot and would recommend it.

    Apr 18, 2018 18:15
  • Review by Chris, 8 out of 10
    Works well despite some gripes.

    I bought this to use as a 2nd monitor to run ArcGIS on a laptop and it has served its purpose well. My only 2 complaints with it: It doesn't get as bright as I would like it too. 2nd, the "stand" is not very sturdy.

    Feb 23, 2018 22:06
  • Review by kalo, 8 out of 10
    Home use

    Needed a portable monitor for working at home. This is lightweight and not much space taken up. Not really sure I was able to fold the stand correctly based on the diagram.

    Dec 05, 2016 06:19
  • 8.8score
    LG - 27" Full HD IPS Monitor with AMD FreeSync and a 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design - Black

    Full HD IPS Display For Immersive Entertainment. Enjoy gaming, movies, shows and videos in Full High Definition. LG's FHD Monitors present amazingly true color performance with an IPS display to give you an experience that wows from virtually any viewing angle.

    5 Features
  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display: See the quick response of an IPS Display. At 1920x1080 resolution, LG's Full HD IPS Display features realistic, true color and clarity at wide angles. Work through your projects with ease and efficiency.
  • 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design: Slim bezel, near-seamless experience. Stay focused on your work or immersed in the gaming world with a virtually borderless screen on three sides.
  • AMD FreeSync: AMD FreeSync compatibility brings clearer, faster, smoother game play. Reduce screen tearing and minimize stutter and input lag to experience virtually seamless, fluid movement in high-resolution and fast-paced games.
  • Multiple Inputs: Enjoy convenient ways to connect. This LG Full HD mMonitors offers two HDMI ports and headphone jack
  • Reader Mode: Reducing blue light to help lessen eye fatigue, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a few easy adjustments, you can more comfortably read your screen.
  • 8 Most Useful Reviews
  • Review by Gyrion, 10 out of 10
    Good monitor

    I use this as a second monitor for work. I have hooked up a Nintendo Switch and my macbook to it as well to see how games and video look. It's a solid monitor depending on what you want to do with it. Unless you're looking for ultra elite graphics, then this is a great monitor for most things.

    Oct 09, 2021 15:35
  • Review by EddieLA, 2 out of 10
    Don't buy for use with Mac Mini M1

    The monitor must not be compatible with the Mac Mini M1. The resolution is horrible, and pixelated, I've never seen such bad resolution on a monitor since around the year 2000 when flat screen monitors were first coming out. I'm thinking it's a compatibility issue with Mac.

    Aug 22, 2021 13:46
  • Review by TVorama, 10 out of 10
    Just what I needed.

    The monitor I got is perfect for my needs. I was initially thinking about a wrap-around, or curved screen, but a helpful BestBuy sales person helped me decide that that was not the best choice for my specific needs. So I am grateful for that. Unfortunately, there was only one of my preferred monitors left in the store and we couldn't find it. But he persisted and finally tracked it down. Thank you!

    Nov 06, 2021 13:11
  • Review by Lusoda, 10 out of 10
    Brighten up your sound!

    Built a new desktop P/C and decided to replace old speaker system with this Insignia 3 piece Bluetooth speaker set. Was pleasantly surprised with the ease of set up and the quality of sound. The LED lighting on the speakers was an extra touch.

    Nov 01, 2021 08:41
  • Review by Screen, 8 out of 10
    Nice screen

    They Didn’t have the Monitor on sale in stock so I went for this model. It’s a nice screen and I’m happy to have a new monitor.

    Nov 06, 2021 12:09
  • Review by Nate81, 8 out of 10
    Worth it

    This is a nice monitor. Replaced a older HP and you can tell the difference. Would recommend

    Sep 10, 2021 17:08
  • Review by Dave, 10 out of 10
    27” monitor.

    Great picture , we got it as a larger screen for our laptop. Only downside is the joystick control on the bottom of the screen.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:38
  • Review by Pradeep, 10 out of 10
    Nice monitor

    Nice and clear monitor. Two HDMI ports and 3.5 mm audio jack. Exactly what I needed.

    Oct 22, 2021 11:17
  • 8.8score