#fpnewsexclusive Queen and ICON @_arelyyy checks Tovah and @natesestok on Twitter after Nate tweeted calling Yasmin ( @yassayassayassa ) Chewbacca on Twitter. Queens standing up for Queens PERIODT

  • @formationproduction oh wow. i seen under the post with him and novah she made a shady comment and he called her bitter😂

  • He lame anyway and loves to argue with women so I’m pretty sure Tovah is enjoying yet another toxic relationship because she will never admit that she loves those types of relationships.

No match Raige!

  • @paige_cole 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Omg @paige_cole as Chrollo & @remdelarem as Hisoka 😭💔 mi corazooooooon 💔

Are you the one 8 is ending in 2 weeks and I wanna know who were your guys favorites this season and what were your favorite moments this season comment below.

my b i’ve been m.i.a. coming in w/ new fights soon

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  • Are these niggas triplets

Why Nate do her like that-

  • Bc hes a pos who shames ppl based on their looks.

  • @natesestok your really tryna stay relevant and trying to get the most exes and rivals. I see what ur doing but ........ the challenge will never cast ur bum ass. Also why u talk about other appearance when ur not even cute now go take ur fat ass out of here and go to tovah, who clearly deserve better then you. Period.

#fpnewsexclusive That's Right, multiple sources confirm that #bb21 is that last season on #julienchen contract to host the Series. Julie has been hosting the hit summer show #bigbrother since it's debut season back in 2000. It's been heard that #cbs

  • Will miss you Julie

  • Update : THIS DOES NOT MEAN JULIE IS 100% OFF THE HOOK. If CBS wants too (which they most likely are) they'll just make a new contract and have her come back

Dondre & Meagan are not for abortion #realworldatlanta

  • i just want to put out there that these are clips. they don’t do Dondre justice at all, especially when it comes to giving insight into his character. he might be conservative and a republican, but he is open to hearing others opinions and giving people a chance to sway his mind. he’s not hellbent on people seeing his views as the only views, and is in fact a VERY open-minded individual. y’all may not agree with everything he’s said or done, but at least he’s open to change.

  • @melanistic_ FACTS 💯

They look like they hate each other sjsjsjsjsjsk but also wow they can both ruin my life (from the matchup ceremony of episode 10)

  • #areyoutheone #ayto #mtv #reality #lol

  • Ikr!! eve though they fucked in episode 1 I'm-😂

Protect Paige at all costs #ayto

  • 😂😂😂 But like really, an actual, real life golden shower (like 14kg shower in an actual bathroom) would be comparable to this sweet comment. Can’t blame @paige_cole LOVE THIS SEASON. I’ve been waiting for this my whole gay life.

  • I was rooting for them

Bu ve diğer tüm sorularınızın yanıtları 27 Ağustos Salı günü Köşk'te. Ayrıca şu an ilçemizde bulunan tırımızı ziyaret ederek "Tarihi ve Ticareti ile Aydın" sergimizi gezebilir ve yaşadığınız sorunları anketimizi doldurarak bizimle paylaşabilirsiniz.

#repost Catching up with longtime @grapevinepr client and dear friend Dr. Frankie Bashan last night. Dr. Frankie is a renowned dating and relationship coach, matchmaker and currently appears as the resident dating expert on MTV’s “Are You The One?” @

Seeing Basit’s face amid all the chaos makes me feel so grounded Low and behold, they’re a Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon & Rising. AND BLESS BASIT for being the ONLY one other than Nour (that I know of, correct me if i’m wrong!) to have their chart up

ive been telling people this all day but i am not okay#aaliyah - follow me (@weheartaaliyah ) if viewing.

  • @smokeyoff can i post it when i want? 😩😩 gimmie lil time lmao

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Miss Jello and Miss Hello predict the future of potential matches on this week's nailbiting Are You the One?! @emandhercat tells us all about the ep, including the exciting cliffhanger! Link in bio! @areuthe1

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They might just be what the other one needs. Find out if Danny and Kai are a Perfect Match when #ayto returns, Monday September 2 at 11/10c!

  • I rather have max and Justin I’m not gonna hold you

  • @tonyaabel5 dm me too!! I gotta know!!

Soo they drop the “cast pictures “ even tho it’s just pretty much a screenshot of the interviews but enjoy

  • @lrryss.vghn exactly

  • @mtv_haulofallhauls I think it’s cause she left early I’m not sure but that’s shady