Don't! I don't often go on a rant, but let me say this. I spent a good portion of my life being apologetic and accommodating because that's what I felt I had to do to survive. But there's a limit. No one is beyond mistakes and forgetfulness and grace

We have a serious problem in 2019 ! A neighborhood of 5000+ families and not one set of tracks on the hill from today's snowfall. We need to be concerned and conscious of the impact of our lack of action as parents . 20 - 25 years ago when the intern

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Met a young man today @d3wworld whose art was mind blowing. Literally transported me out of the hustle and bustle of of my job and into a tranquil place that I didn't want to leave. At 20 he is out there doing his thing. Proud of you young man. You



So let’s go!!!

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New Year goals often times can seem further out of reach after a few weeks of effort. Remember, goals don’t have to be extravagant to be effective In fact, many people have more success making small changes in their routines, habits & behavior in or

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Okay strong people the wait is over. I’ve been helping you perform the 20% and now it time to feed you the 80%. TeamCan MealPrep will launch February 13th 2019!!!! Let us propel you to the next level of your fitness journey. #teamcan #gladiatorgoals



That Static Yolk Hold was the worst today! Looking forward to tomorrow's 34yr birthday workout. I'm doing "300"; but should I do 34 reps (238 total) of each movement or 30, 56x5, 30 reps (340 total)? Decisions, decisions....️‍️️‍️ #fnx #ilive #riset

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Make a life there now...or wait to retire an make the move? I talk about it enough. Ive walked across the Country and spent Idk how much time there now over the past 3 years. I fucking love Spain. The people and culture. The food and wine is the best

I share all the time about walking the walk rather than talking the talk. This picture shows that for the last year, I’ve covered at least 6.2 miles every day. Every. Single. Day. I’m not pointing this out for praise or accolades, but rather to serve

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Me & my 10 year old son self-medicate together daily. I would say to the people that judge. But since I'm a high class woman I say, educate yourself. Attend a viewing of this highly acclaimed film. Ticket link:

“Fit en mis 40s” . Con esa meta entro este caballero hace 5 meses al BA. . Desde entonces ha cumplido semana a semana con el programa e incorporando buenos hábitos en su día a día. Poco a poco. Midiendo sus pasos. . Ahora con un porcentaje de grasa m

SHOULDERS AND ARMS!!! All the reps...all the burn...all hard fucking work!! @face_it_fitness_cody an I have destroyed our workout today lots of lateral raises and dumbbell presses and on to isolated work for bis and tris today. We’re really gonna bri

  • Sitting here eating Taco Bell wondering how long it’d take me to look like that. Haha

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. PRAY!.. Even when it hurts, even when it's hard.. even when it feels like it's falling apart.. GOD knows your heart! PRAY and give it to God. To pray, is to let go and let HIM take over. . "Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you.



It’s Wednesday afternoon and this statement just hit me like a ton of bricks. I know personally that I tend to get distracted sometimes, more than I’d like to admit. I have a long list of all the things I’d like to accomplish in life but haven’t real

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Looking in the mirror, I'm happy with my progress so far. It is hard work and slow improvement but I love every minute. Tomorrow I celebrate 34yrs of birth. I've been reflecting on life and everything that has happened. 2003: Graduation 2004-05: Col

It's time to manifest this year THIS SATURDAY. join us for our Annual Vision on Wheels, Vision Board Party Jan 26, from 5-9pm Location *2036 Amsterdam Ave, (161st St) New York, NY 10032) *Refreshments & ALL vision board materials will be provided)

Flashback to a little snorkeling in St. Thomas ... I LOVE snorkeling and have just recently put #scubadiving on my “before I kick the bucket” list! At one point, I was nervous about clearing my ears, but now I fly quite a bit and don’t even notice th

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Wowza! So excited to reach 1000 followers! Thanks for joining us on our journey! We are just your normal family, living life and traveling as often as we can! Can’t wait to build relationships with y’all, learn from your experiences and travel the wo



Wanderlusting this Wednesday for that Place where the sun ushers in the morning and greets the divide between sea and land ... There has to be something going on here behind the curtain!⁣ (Playa Maroma, 2012) ⁣ “Now bring your warmth, O⁣ morning su

Stop by @theycallmejaidin_ and show him some love and a follow folks!! His page is awesome, he's a kind hearted smart ass genuine type of dude, and we share some very similar interests #coilporn . Wanted to say thanks man for all the help and advice

D R O P I T L I K E A S Q U A T . . Squats are a great exercise BUT it has to be done correctly to avoid injury and to maximise the benefit of the exercise, so many people rush into doing this exercise without being squat ready! Which leads to b

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*4 Spots Left* GCS Training Group is being hosted by the Tracy Police Department in CA on April 15-16, 2019. This two day LEO only open enrollment course will include “Contact Threat Mitigation” and “Fighting Pistol”. We cap courses at 12 students s



Don't just talk about it. Be about it. Listen. I hear a lot of chat. People going to do this and do that. I'll start this. Etc But I don't see a lot of doing. You see, I started out the same. Chatting big. But my actions? Didn't really match. All

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