“If you think something small can’t make a difference, try going to sleep with one mosquito in the room.” . Thank you @bbbsfvr for allowing us to spend some time with some of the boys in the program. What a fun night with these young men! Some amazin

  • Love this!!!! I have experienced first hand how much impact we have on the younger generation. You’re great role models for them to look up to!

  • @fitnessqueen_treen We appreciate that! And that’s awesome, it’s our duty as human beings to better our future generations



The love is in the details! * Find fun ways to sprinkle “you” into the design of your event/wedding. * Tell your story through decor & props! * It’s these little things that help to make the overall event experience a memorable one! * We help guide a

Weather guy is forecasting sunny and 70 this afternoon in North Texas... what’s your 5-9 Block looking like? ️“Never mind getting overwhelmed by planning an ambitious weekend escape... Most of us have nine-to-five obligations Monday through Friday, b

Corporate Clients - we know that event day coordination is critical for you too! Most times your internal team puts together most of the event, but you need a third party to come in and oversee everything so your team can “attend” the event like eve

. May you rise up today with the full assurance that God has your back. He is with you, for you, and working on your behalf. He does for you, what you cannot do for yourself. May you do for Him, the one thing you can do.. believe and trust Him with y

Just finished a good biceps & tricep workout... Hennything is possible!! Getting these gainz is very possible, one damn day at a time.. #beastup #betterbytheday #scorpioseason #novemberbaby #beaboutit #biceps #triceps #werk #bodybuilding #lafitness

  • @ca_2_ma dnt be no stranger...i kno where ya at😉

  • #dedicationgoalsprogression🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Killeen it bro


Lost this book on the plane a few weeks ago coming back from St. Maarten... I had only just opened the first chapter. Hope surprised and blessed me this week with a new copy. I’m excited to accept the challenge McManus has for My Story! “Life is a

Join us on Sunday, January 13th for our Refleksiv XPLORE course! XPLORE is a one day immersion that gives you permission to practice establishing your authentic self – unapologetically. This program is designed to teach you how to connect physical pe

ADIRONDACK & SGF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MIXER Over the last year I've overcome many obstacles and I've come a long way in dealing with my social anxiety. Being a part of this committee (in a leadership position) and being a part of the Adirondack Chamb

  • What a great pic! Wish I was there.

  • How cute are you!!!??!! We miss you bunches!


Yeah what about that Ketogenic diet? The fat scare is funny to me! We've all heard "that's going to clog your arteries, raise your cholesterol, give you a heart attack!" I'm neither a Dr, scientist or nutritionist, I just like for things to mak

  • I had tons of people tell me how bad my blood was going to be when going keto. After 1 year, my total cholesterol is lower, and cholesterol is down, triglycerides are down and good cholesterol is up. Yep. I’m a disaster. Horrible decision. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @dom_goes_keto lol same. I my total was actually slightly evelated by my doc say said dont worry he wasnt worried cause my hdl was way up. Kidneys, liver, blood sugar all came back great

I'm grateful to be teaching Thanksgiving Day at 9am for 90minutes! One of my favorite classes every single year. Come get some detox in before your delicious yearly cocktail of tryptophan and simple carbs.⠀ ⠀ p.s. did you know that @yogaraj is on @cl

About last night... • Yes, last night I did a onesie theme ride (no we did not workout in onesies). And it was absolutely amazing. I am so happy to have such an amazing group of people around that help make life better. If you missed last night, I'm

  • I'm sad I missed this 😿 looks like it was a lot of fun!

  • @etfoneshome we missed you. You'll be at the next one 💜

. We are creatures of habit. . It is often said to be successful we must create good habits, but what are “good habits”? . . When we’re tired. When we’re sad. Hungry. Weak. Scared. When everything seems to be going wrong. . . These are the moments ou

Writers - Your job is to get the screenplay to its best draft. Everything starts & relies on the story because without a solid screenplay & story, all we have is pretty people on camera. Just focus on CUT TO: so you can focus on writing the best stor

  • . . . . #filmmaker #filmmakers #screenwriter #writersofig #instafamous #followme #director #filmdirector #producer #filmmakerlife #producer #loveyourlife #losangeles #LAlife #truelove #photographer #indiefilmmaker #storyteller #gratitude #selflove #confidence #workhard #bethebest #beaboutit #lovemylife

  • Looks great

Happy Thursday & Good morning boys and girls. Today is going to be an amazing day !!!! ▪ So this was taken the 7th of this month, 11 days after my NPC show. I made a crucial error in judgment of waiting almost 2 weeks to do this shoot. Needless to sa

Don’t just tell yourself what you are. Manifest these things and embody it. Because if all you do is tell yourself that you are what you want to be without follow through of action, you’re not only lying to yourself, you’re also indulging in delusion

Meditating, setting the mood, being intentional for the day. These past few days I have listened to so many women who inspire me and at the end of it all what I kept hearing them say is be intentional. Let’s all be intentional with what we want or w

  • @iamnancyruffin thank you Nancy for what you see in me because sometimes I don’t see it in myself. You have truly been a huge inspiration to me and continue to be. Your words truly mean so much to me. 🖤🖤

  • @that_love45 💕💕