Y A Y F O R T O D A Y MPs have voted to extend same-sex marriage rights to NI! To everyone in Westminster who stood up for EQUALITY in Northern Ireland... you're out there making waves! WE SEE YOU and WE THANK YOU ️🧡 THE NORTH IS NEXT!! . . . @



Can this happen in Nigeria? A petition to recall Conservative MP for Brecon and Radnorshire Chris Davies has been successful. #c4news Chris Davies: Tory MP charged with forgery over his expenses claims The 51-year-old MP will face magistrates next



Steve Bray - - - - - - - (born 1970) is an activist from Port Talbot in southern #wales , who makes daily protests against #brexit in College Green, Westminster. He is known as Mr. Stop Brexit. He is often heard during TV broadcasts from College Green

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So how affective was the #enough campaign? Boycotting social media by posting on social media seems very backwards to me but hey #channel4news #c4news

  • @ar.scents doesn’t seem it, it is backwards. I go onto explain this but insta only allows a minute so cuts me off in my prime.

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RT @euethnic : Deceit By Design: Zuck’s Dirty Secret He Doesn’t Want You To Know by @realsix4three⠀ ⠀ #deletefacebook #facebookaltright #fbr #fbpe #democrats #washingtonpost #c4news #stopbrexit

  • I'm deleting and deactivate my account this weekend. I stopped using FB end of January. I should have deactivated it because I have been hacked. I deleted both FB and Messenger from my phone but I still have the account and access via website on my laptop which I haven't used in awhile.

Please let me introduce you to Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Ulleri. Joe was born in Bolton, Lancashire on Remembrance Day 1954. He had #downsyndrome . He was the first-born son of his Italian immigrant parents who were told Joe would never lead a ‘normal’ independe

Credit @itsall.blakademik - MUST WATCH l Racism or Tradition? The Blackface ting must end. @symeonbrown and @kathayes17 travel to #columbia to expose a way of life, that some find troubling and offensive. #c4news #channel4news #blackface #columbi

  • @nadiahighmusic can't deny that but still, I gotta say we just see this one different ways though. Respect to you

  • Yes, I am taking different perspectives. It is the motive and intent of the heart of the initiator. If we just follow the norm, it's our ignorance. We need to continue to research; we will find truth that sets one free first in our minds, emotions, and wills.MoreLove

MUST WATCH l Racism or Tradition? The Blackface ting must end. @symeonbrown and @kathayes17 travel to #columbia to expose a way of life, that some find troubling and offensive. #c4news #channel4news #blackface #columbia #black #culture #news #blak

  • Of course it must end but will it?! This video is for the people who do this - they need the mind shift but it might just end up ‘preaching to the choir’.

  • Yes it is time! South America has the largest amount of Africans outside of Africa. Not only is it riddled with religious dogma but has the some of the worst treatment towards Africans. I'd like to go but bwoy...they need to fix up. Shout out to my brothas & sistas challenging the status quo ✊🏾✊🏾



No matter what way the wind blows, this is me. Also if you think about it, this shirt is future-proof..


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Continuing our special series, Channel 4 newsreader Samira Ahmed reveals how Newsround's John Craven & 'cool auntie' Lucy Mathen taught her "anything could be explained, truth needed to be confronted; that doing so calmly could be the first step in t

Anna Soubry looking happier than she has for a while on #c4news . Heroic move today dumping the Toxic Tories 🇬🇧. I remember seeing Paddy in his office in Parliament in late 2016 post the EU Referendum. 'I've just seen @anna_soubry !' he said with a con

Nominations out for Royal Television Society Journalism Awards. #c4news has 10 nominations. I’m up for Presenter of the Year

I was appointed as the lone ‘BBC ‘Pool feed’ cameraman filming and accompanying the Home Secretary Sajid Javid this morning on board HMCC Searcher cutter ship sent to the Channel. It was a great experience and a privilege filming the footage for all

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I don’t wanna take credit for his win last night but I reckon my interview with @j_warrington contributed to his win last night. You’re welcome pal. Check out the interview

Watch our story on Channel 4 News (ITN) tonight. I’m so happy to finally share the story of two women I’ve been obsessed with over the past year, who I discovered through Instagram. It’s a story about how this platform is used in creative ways by a d

  • اینجا دم خونه ماست دریاچه چیتگر

  • کل آرزوی زندگیم این بود بیام لندن شما رو ببینم و براتون سوغاتی از ایران نوشابه و چیپس و پفک ازین جور چیزا بیارم...بعد بهتون پیشنهاد بدم مسلمون شید و حجاب داشته باشید ولی مشکل اینه که اینا همش فانتزی و تخیلاته منع...