All the cookies were hand cut around a stencil I made. And they were fiddly bastards to cut so I only made six as my back was suffering! But six direwolves is more authentic anyway. One did break in two in process ...he can be Greywind. #gameofthro

This right here may be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever posted but it’s fine, I’m fine. Direwolf bread that I baked for the finale of Game of Thrones this past weekend (definitely not the best looking direwolf but I tried! lol) Added some orange zest to

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With Frey Meat Pie, Direwolf Bread Rolls, Sansa's Lemon Cake and @jronteltap portrait of Dear Dead Jaime Lannister, we commemorate the ending of season 8 and we pray to the old gods and the new that George R.R. Martin writes a better ending for every



Last night my boyfriend, sister, and I watched the final Game of Thrones and to celebrate we made HotPie's Direwolf Bread! We got the recipe from and I thought it turned out pretty well!! Anyw



And now our watch is done. I know many are upset with the way this season was laid out, but I'm still a book nerd, loving fan through and through. Thanks to everyone who came over to watch (and feast with us).

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  • I’m just upset about the dragon being upset about his mom 😭

Not everyone has loved season 8 as much as me, but regardless of how you feel about it, tonight is the end of an era so I HAD to celebrate. I made everything except the macarons, courtesy of @makarohn 🥰 (Also I now understand why it took Hotpie a few



Финал финала ️ Столько теорий и предположений. Мне нравятся такие: ️ Арья убьет Дейенерис, наденет ее лицо и от ее имени отречется от престола в пользу Джона. ️ Джон закалит свой меч в крови любимой, как и напророчено Обещанному принцу. ️ Все произо

Getting ready for the last episode of this trash fire last season of GoT. #got #housestark #direwolf #direwolfbread #bread #sourdough #naturallyleavened #wildyeast #breadstagram #breadmaking #homebaker #bostonbaker #breadscore #breadart #breadbosse

  • Well... you can always find some comfort in “Bread Stark, first of his name, feeder of the realm, bringer of happiness” 😁😁 (I might have invented a couple of words there lol) Really nice btw!❤️❤️

  • @allyoukneadisbread 😂👏👏👏

[receta en historias destacadas] Se acaba GOT! Y no podía despedirme sin dejarles una receta a lo JaviPetit! Estos pancitos son icónicos en la serie y saben, me quedaron súper ricos, estoy sorprendida porque es una receta mía, yo no hago muy buen pa

  • Ñam!!! Se ve delicioso!!! Estamos en mega ansiedad con familia y amigos. Así que nos juntaremos un grupo grande a verlo en grande 🤭 Aun para comer no sabemos, pero tomaremos sangría ❤️

  • Hayyy nooo es que se ven tan deliciosos.. Además el Peppa lo disfruto mucho en las historias 🙉.... De solo pensar que es el fin de una era con got ya tengo depresión 😭

sound on Многие попросили рецепта этого хлеба из Игры Престолов, но я решила сделать лютоволка из песочного теста для английских сконов по рецепту Джейми Оливера 🇬🇧 Теста достаточно для 2-3 лютоволков, я сделала одного и 6 сконов ⠀ Вам понадобятся:

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  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

You guys I haven’t been this excited for a video maybe EVER! Mostly because my husband Dan is joining me in the video and we both create an epic @gameofthrones inspired dinner party in honor of the upcoming series finale! There are 8️⃣ medieval dis

  • This was such a great video and such an awesome idea!!

  • I'm loving all these meal menu videos. I'm always looking for ways to change up meal times.

Your weekly unsolicited #gameofthrones inspired snack is here!  This week I put together a grazing platter full of Westeros munchies: Hot Pie's direwolf bread for #arya with some cinnamon butter spread, homemade lemon tarts (a creative license on San



My first attempt at Hot Pie’s bread loaves - I ended up with super fat direwolves. #nailedit But they tasted good with browned butter and chicken stew! #direwolfbread #gameofthrones

  • They are so cute❤️

  • @serina4464 Thank you! 😃 I’m going to try again, see if I can make the dough easier to work with and get the design to hold - I think I over mixed it on this batch. 😬

In honor of GOT final season, I made some Direwolf bread.. I’ve been geeking out over this show since the third season came out. I truly can’t believe the show is coming to an end. Every Sunday since the final season started I’ve been making some sor

  • @clennex come visit me and I’ll make you some 😘❤️, miss you!

  • @sami_may95 yesss for sure!! I need to make a visit soon, I miss you too

It’s Sunday and that means #gameofthrones is on! Since tonight’s episode is going to be epic, I went all out on the food. Here’s shots of making #direwolfbread straight from season 4! I also made a yummy cinnamon butter to go with it! #bread #direwol

  • @jocelynruns I was told I won game of thrones by our guests

  • @lizajaynez I don’t watch GoT so I won’t pretend to really know what that means...but I will agree that you won! I’ll binge watch after the season ends. I have a lot of laundry to fold. 😬

Winter Is Here ! ️ Dites-nous en commentaire qui vous voulez voir finir sur le Trône de Fer et le gagnant de notre tirage au sort pourra venir récupérer un sablé aux épices et au zests de citron. (On s'est inspiré des "Direwolf breads" de Hot Pie ).



It’s Game of Thrones night for us tonight! So to celebrate the beginning of the end, I made Hot Pie’s Direwolf loaves with an Irish soda bread recipe for dinner! I didn’t brown the butter like Hot Pie says too, but I think they still turned out prett

  • They are the finest soda bread wolves I ever did see 😍 hope they tasted good too!

  • @prettyhandsomestudio thanks!! And yes! They cooked all the way through this time! Much better taste! 😆

I made Hot Pie’s Dire Wolf bread from Game of Thrones!! I always wanted to try making bread and this was my first time giving it a try... It didn’t quite come out perfect... but at least you can tell which end is the head 🤣The dough was extremely sti

  • Wow!! Impressed

  • Hummm ,parece que está bom ,começa assim,depois abre uma padaria!!!!!

#direwolfbread for #got Premiere Party Feast!! This dough was really wet and there tough to sculpt... But I guess even Hot Pot's First Direwolf Bread didn't quite come out as good as he had hoped.

Tonight I went to a #gameofthrones watching party ️ hosted by my favorite foodie nerds @bitchcooks and @arbocobra ️ and there was bread shaped like dire wolves , elaborate menus, Ned Stark cake pops and I contributed by making the wine thematically

  • Hot Pie would be proud!

  • @kaylakurin this was my greatest creation. If I ever have children, they will be garbage compared to this.