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  • Like movies that have good cinematography and framing? Want to appreciate and analyze famous movies one random frame at a time? Check out my hobby website: EverySingleFrame_com



Ultimately it’s completely up to you! But time wont stand still for you, so if you don’t move your the only thing in the way. Baby steps are movement, soon they will become GIANT LEAPS! So YOU choose, PROGRESS or EXCUSES 🤷‍️ . . . . . . #progress #b

Earth day is every day, people! Now more than ever, we must make significant moves to reduce our carbon footprint. Start small, it still makes a difference. I reduce my plastic waste by using my to go coffee thermos and reusable water bottle. I’m als

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  • das youuuuu!!! I see you planting & recycling 😍😍 I love it!



Learn to love yourself. The rest will fall into place in its appropriate time. Patience. Something I will forever work on. Enjoy your time on this earth, but take care of it along your journey. 🧘‍️ Us humans require maintenance and no one will do



“Don’t talk about it, Be about it” The best advice my dad has always given me since I was a little girl. Always motivated to hustle and do more. That’s why, recently I joined Americas #1 skin care brand... RODAN + FIELDS! Working as an independent c

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Few scenarios I find as enjoyable as this. Final work set when you are feelin tired and have the opportunity to empty the tank. Not only is it typically dopamine city but a solid assessment of where you are at. To say I am pleased with this current o

*I apologize for all the grunting in advance* ——————————————————— “What’s the difference between a winner and a loser? A loser will fail and eventually give up. A winner will fail a thousand times just so he can succeed once. There is no giving up in

These boots are lucky! I had a hangover before we got them. I put them on, it instantly disappeared. Then I thought I didn't advance to the semifinals in the Sundance Episodic Lab Fellowship. But I DID! I'm a semifinalist in one of the most prestigio

We all have that one person in our life that thinks that they are more consistent in their healthy efforts than they actually are. We usually hear them at events bragging about their new restrictive diet or detox plan, or telling people how they ONLY

On Some Lists, Charlotte N.C. Now Ranks Among The U.S. Deadliest Cities. We Keep Killing Us AND The Police Keep Killing Us. This Is Happening In Most Cities Across The U.S. This Should Bother You. OUR KIDS DESERVE BETTER WE ALL DESERVE BETTER #bebot



Players: You have 24 hours in a day. If you can’t find 1 hour to get in a purposeful workout, you don’t want it bad enough. The extra work is on you. Your coaches, parents & teammates can’t make you do it. You have to want to get better & put in the

Kings stop Killing Kings...where my New Yorkers at? Anybody visiting at the moment? It's a march today, inspired by #nipseyhussle #repost #culture #change #hiphop @scottlarockjr #bronx #newyork #cardib #stopkillingeachother #gunviolence #donttalkabou

  • @frankdoket Events or marches of this nature are needed more often, not just when someone gets killed. I'm so tired of what's going on with our Black men. It's sad.

  • @iam_mdn_brooklyn absolutely!

you choose what to do with every second of your day... sitting around and praying/meditating is an important part of focusing on your dream but the action of doing is the element that will manifest the dream.. I vow to ask myself before doing anythin

  • @the_roblin_technique I’ve made so many 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • We've all made so many @ecubjjbx what matters is that we learn from them



Meine bisweiligen Eintrübungen an Gehör, Körper und (aktuell) Sehkraft haben ihren gemeinsamen Nenner meistens in akuten Distanzproblemen. Dieses alte Foto illustriert auf besondere Weise, dass nicht alle den Luxus haben, von Gefahr wegzulaufen. #to

You are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with, well I am happy to say that the people in my circle are people who have committed to living life on purpose with purpose. That the people in my circle challenge me to be more than mediocre.

Ehr·lich·keit /ˈeːɐ̯lɪçka͜it,Éhrlichkeit/ --- Substantiv, feminin [die] das Ehrlichsein (1a); Aufrichtigkeit, Wahrhaftigkeit "an seiner Ehrlichkeit ist nicht zu zweifeln" . . . Ehrlichkeit. Das ist der Schlüssel für die tiefe Männergemeinschaft, di

This is the face. This is the face of love. Each time my heart is touched by love it is etched in my soul. It creates a path of proof through the smile's lines of love's joy and laughter. Then wanders through the brow's furrow of love's wonder. It p

  • @twelvepoppies I hate this. But the way you edited this picture is absolutely incredible and matches the words and feelings perfectly. I love how you have used art to process your feelings. You are my absolute hero.

  • Thank you friends. Transparency. Vulnerability. Yeah. I appreciate you that read this, take the time to read my blog, and tell me you appreciate my heart. Knowing you care makes heavy things lighter. Sharing is caring.

I hate When people see others in the gym that have been lifting for years and get discouraged. If there's one tip I can give it's don't be discouraged because you aren't there yet be happy that you have those people there to learn from. They are your

START NOW! - Starting something new can be scary and intimidating. And often we know what we need to do but we just don’t do it.. - Often our roadblocks are comparison or feeling like we have to have everything perfect before we get stuck it. Or we f

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We’re going to pretend this is the FIRST night we’ve hung out It’s been incredible meeting up with a friend we’ve had for like, 25 years (well maybe 24 for Brett as he’s wasn’t in preschool, only kindergarten, so he’s basically the new guy in this

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If u are ever unhappy with any service you get at any establishment and you somehow get blessed with some lump of money you didn't expect to get. What you should do is go back to the location and buy the BUSINESS!!!! If there not looking to sell the