Hey did you Subscribe to my channel yet ? Let’s talk about @underarmour 🤔 How do you guys feel about race and colorism in todays time ? Me ?? I feel like we are NOT our ancestors you will get F*** up ——————————————————————— comment, and check out


YO YOU GUYS!! ️ . . So excited to show you the latest tune I've featured on with @mobrandis @happytarlton . . AT LAST I'm on Spotify/iTunes etc and what better way to kick it off than with my Bros!! Link in bio for full versh please spre

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ADIRONDACK & SGF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MIXER Over the last year I've overcome many obstacles and I've come a long way in dealing with my social anxiety. Being a part of this committee (in a leadership position) and being a part of the Adirondack Chamb

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  • How cute are you!!!??!! We miss you bunches!

Ok so my mum is losing her mind about my hair being EVERYWHERE. As soon. As I think about rubbing against someone for a cuddle they look like a bear with the amount of hair I leave on their pants and school uniforms. Thank god for floorboards. Let's

  • @sandypawssquad OK I will keep my eye out for that. What stockist so you source it from

  • @brucebanner.the.stbernese we’re in Canada and we get it from a locally owned small pet supply store that our mama works at! Try the more independent pet supply stores near you instead of the big chains, if you have a small local store they may be able to bring it in if they don’t already carry it... the company is Champion Pet Foods (they make Acana and Orijen food).

At this point I have set my goal and developed my plan. I have a clear vision of what it looks like. When talking with my confidants I am very passionate. I am speaking it into existence. What’s missing🤫🤫🤫 that first step It’s time for me to take th

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Once again the Sisters Fighting For Change are organizing an event to give back to the youth in our community. They are hosting their first annual toy drive focused on the ages 12 and younger. If you are interested in donating, lets make arrangements

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It’s been a long journey starting around 4.5 years ago.. I’ve worked very hard & consistent to get to the muscle definition on the right. Photo on left is when it all began. I looked in the mirror & thought to myself this bloated guy ain’t the real m

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A WEEK OF GRATITUDE - - Look around, what do you appreciate, are you willing to return kindness with kindness. Think of what you are thankful for and live in a gratitude state. - - Gratitude is not something that just happens, it is a concise effort.

I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. There's so many bad things running around in my head. They're all fighting to take over and leaving me a complete mess. I hate being scared. I hate that he made me feel this way. I hate that he has that much power o

Okay. Here you go @coachpjnestler devil push ups with a 25lb plate. No bosu balls tho, too much core activation and stability firing for me. _ __ _ Devil Pushup Challenge - My athletes will certainly remember this brutal pushup variation. Give this


#tbt Voting! Same place every time there’s an election I let my voice be heard Hopefully you do too no matter who or what you voted for or against ️ - #vote2018 #votetuesday #voteorshutup ‬ ‪#vote #rockthevote #donttalkaboutit #beaboutit #exe


  • ✋™I am a graphic designer💫💫. Hit me 👆 to get super cool design🎉 of your picture illustrated and cartoon 🎨character of your self 💯💯

Devil Pushup Challenge - My athletes will certainly remember this brutal pushup variation. Give this one a shot in your next workout, bonus points if you video it and tag me. - Perform 3 sets of 6 reps with a 6-6-6 tempo 6 seconds lowering 6 sec paus

  • @carlosgo33 Here it is! Let’s see yours 🤘💪

  • @carlosgo33 Here it is! Let’s see yours 🤘💪

Before you get on Facebook this morning to bitch and moan about how much our country sucks, consider this: In the comfort of your own home; cozy and warm, with no internet censorship, and unpersecuted in a free nation. Why don’t you hit up the “The F


Go vote! If you have a problem voting, report by text or phone: Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE AND/OR Text VOTE to 81380 If you're turned away because you're name isn't on the registration list... Request a provisional ballot, you are due by law. #wevoted