Reflecting on the last gathering with the members of BoLAMA: Elsie Mmusi, Gomotsegang Leatso, Sarah B. Lesole, Sethunya Tauepota, Lilian Nyatso, Maitshwarelo Seabelo. We talked about how to facilitate curiosity and possibilities to organize women’s

  • It was an inciteful meeting. We hope see you in the near future.

More gatherings with local artists: Abigail Isa, Jessica Lejowa, Neo Kebiditswe, “Queen”, Sade Shoalane! Super good energy and I am already excited about the next phrase Research phase 1 for The Gathering Project initiated by Maipelo Gabang and Hiro

The first gathering with local artists: Samantha Clair, Mimi Koyabe, Berry Heart, Tebbie Gaetsewe. “This is a gathering for another gathering” Research phase 1 for The Gathering Project initiated by Maipelo Gabang and Hiroko Tsuchimoto #thegatheri

  • ❣️Beautiful to see you n Maipelo 😘 excited to hear more about the work 🦋

  • @spacey_spanks without you we couldn’t start a project like this ✨✨ really true!

•Se Kunst Magasin• Kunstkritikk• En fredag i desember, besøkte jeg Galleri Small Projects i Tromsø og fikk en uvant velkomst. Kåpen ble varsomt tatt imot og jeg ble servert kaffe, te og kjeks, samt tilbudt massasje. Service og motivasjon er sentralt

One of five fantastic new collaborative interventionist performance pieces produced during our "Together?" workshop with young artists age 18-25 over this weekend, presented in the modernist collections this afternoon, to the bewilderment of the Sund

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Young artists and students 18-25! Welcome to sign up for this workshop on group behaviour, emotional management through art, collaborative and participatory performative practices. Held by performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto and myself at Moderna Mu

ARTIST OF THE FESTIVAL #05 : HIROKO TSUCHIMOTO Hiroko Tsuchimoto (b.1984, Sapporo, Japan) is a visual/performance artist, living in Sweden since 2008. Her works are generally manifested as stage performances and social experiments in public spaces.

'The Roaming Institute consists of a series of walks through the city which continue the research of the course, (Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness, Royal Institute of Art) reflecting on traces of modernist architecture and urban plan

  • @aimeealexandra15 this was a nice workshop, met some nice people and interesting artists too.

  • Awesome, can't wait to hear about it all when you're back! X