Incredibly embarrassing. The hackers have gotten to my private videos again and found more of that nasty stuff. If I don’t send them Bitcoin they’re going to release this so what the heck have at it, you thirsty mongoloids. I was just trying to be l

Some asshole hacked my iCloud and threatened to post a compromising video meant for private purposes. Well I will not be intimidated, no matter how nasty and funky the video might be. And if anyone is going to get the views and likes, it’s gonna be

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  • Looks like another super sick day to me. You should get that checked out and see if you can continue to replicate the symptoms.

Whitney Cummings stood up to online extortion by posting a photo of her breast on social media on Monday. The comedian had received a direct message asking, “How much would it cost not to sell this photo?”, having accidentally posted the photo hersel

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  • @stella.lumos nah I could see it happening with Instagrams “choose multiple photos” option, you think you’re uploading 8 photos from your vacation but your finger accidentally selected a photo below as well. Now there’s an extra one in there that you aren’t gonna notice until people start commenting.

#whitneycummings sent a strong message against extortion by sharing a topless photo of herself after someone tried to use it against her. #istandwithwhitney

  • @hurricane_thundercloud lmao get your facts straight. They hacked her iCloud and threatened to leak her naked pics. This bs happens to women all the time. Making light of it is part of the problem. Thanks for letting everyone know you're a d*ck

  • Wow that's great through of this beautiful message I Love IT.by crestlin GN.

'Ik sta achter mijn naaktfoto's..' Pikant nieuws uit showbizz-land: comédienne Whitney Cummings werd door een stel hackers gechanteerd. Die dreigden haar naaktfoto's openbaar te maken. Maar Netflix-hit Whitney was duidelijk niet onder de indruk... Ho

Is this one okay DAD?!?

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