Help Reunite Simone and Rose in Hong Kong! Story: I have recently moved to Hong Kong to create a better life for myself and Simone, but sadly she was not able to join me on my flight, due to airline restrictions and the suddenness of my move. I have

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NEW VIDEO POSTED! Link in bio I wrote this when I was on tour in China. Long distance can be hard, but in the long run - for us at least - absence made the heart grow fonder, and we are all the more strong because of it. I hope you enjoy my li’l vid

Days apart: 48 Where the photos were taken: Derek in Namibia, Margaret in Ecuador It's crazy that we've already been apart for almost 2 months! ... Positives of traveling solo: #nocompromises Derek camped in Namibia (which I wouldn't have done) and

  • @batmantravels Absolutely. 👏

  • @meetmein.themiddle see? There’s light at the end of your tunnel!😁

I meant to share these as a #tbt today, I guess they are in California, which is where these little cuties are. I miss them so much! We both do! Moving away is never easy esp. 3,000 miles away from people who mean so much to you!, I go through pictu

Here's a photo of Simone from yesterday, thanks to Helen for taking and sending it! Apparently she hasn't been too keen on snuggles from Helen, and has been looking around for me. It is typical Simone behavior though, so I hope she's feeling okay. C

All good things come to an end. These 2 kiddos are gonna miss their grandpa more than ever! The last 4 weeks have been an absolute blast, and went by waaaay too fast. We are all looking forward to being reunited in Singapore next month! So so much

Moving in with your boyfriend for the first time & not having him there to ACTUALLY be moving in with you is HARD. Not having him there to make decisions on furniture, where to hang a picture, or what color bath mats to buy at Target is HARD. It ge

  • @madisonann16 hahaha that's pretty funny 😄 It's nice to have someone to relate to! I've been facetiming Evan whenever I can but it's so tricky 🙈

  • @teacherstodaystudentsforever aww this means so much to me! Thank you for that 💛💛 it's nice to have people who get it 🤗

When I look back and see how much you’ve grown I can’t believe it’s been 9 years! Landon Michael I love you & miss you! No matter how much time goes by and we don’t get to see each other my love for you is like no other! You hold a very special place

It’s a friendship like this that helps me grow and want to keep being a better person I’m so damn proud of you for pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. Even if we’re not in the same city I know we can always lean on one another ️ T

  • Man you made me tear up during training 😭💖🥰

  • @_mkang ❤️😘❤️

When you have to drop your boyfriend off at the train after an awesome couple days; and your dog is almost as sad you are. (She whined the entire way home and searched all the rooms) ️️️️️️ #shetryintostealmyman #puplove #shegetsallthelovins #hesherf

  • @lhewitt2758 oh! My! Gosh! You literally crossed my mind on Tuesday, on my way home from my ortho. I hope you’re doing well! ❤️

  • @cassie_31892 hanginginthere...we sold moms house, the inspection is tomorrow and they want to close end of August so keep your fingers crossed!!!!

was feeling some lonely feels this morning (#longdistanceishard ) so took my gorgeous puppers for a walk & a swim round the south coast; I felt much better as soon as I looked at that sea, then being immersed in it just brought forth only positivity.

thank you Manda for hosting me this weekend in LA. I’ll surely miss our bedtime stories, super full mau muntah times, being clueless about many things, bad “feng shui” days, and laughing over the non-funniest things ever. Never a dull or awkward mome

  • LOVE U BAE 😍❣️ miss you and our bedtime stories HAHAHA thankgoodness were alive 😅 #clueless

DOUBLE POST! It is my best f*cking friends birthday today. The love of my life, my wife, my bunny, my ducky, my freaking queen, my everything. You’re the bestest friend i’ve ever had and hope you are mine forever. Happy Birthday to my Swedish Fish. I

  • My wife, my life. Never a dull moment with us. I appreciate every fika we have ever taken. Choco cake in the mornings, thanksgiving, waking up after a sleepover after a long night out, watching the sunrise with you. Seeing the moon and thinking of you. Dancing with no regrets and being as bold and beautiful and brave as we can possibly be. I love you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • @emmacubz To many many more.🥂 My partner in crime. 😈

Aussi dure que sa peut-être desfois autant pour les deux je retourne voir ces photos pour me ressourcer redonner le sourire bientôt tu seras à la maison quelques jours qu’on puisse tous se remplir d’amour en famille voir les garçons enfin voir leur p

  • Belle famille ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • @lydia_plourde ❤️❤️❤️ je retourne le compliment 😍

Post 5k run photo shoot . . . Truly, incredibly thankful to be here, to meet the Pham (which EVERYONE has been fricking amazing), and making some unforgettable memories . . . Also, I know the pictures say otherwise, but that 5k wasn’t THAT bad. Prom

  • @will2win50 thanks Will!!!!! Did you choose the route? I feel like the 5k was a Will route....

  • Haha this is awesome!

For all my dear Long Distance relationship people out there..! Give a Pat on your back and be proud of what you have. Its HARD..! I know and can very well feel that. Been there, done that.. All you should do to make it work is calm your senses. Don

  • @its_ritik_ji clear about what's going wrong in the relationship. I hope that helps and all the best. 😊

  • That's really encouraging ❤.....

Krieg's inner voice: She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Tell her she's as gorgeous as a thousand sunsets. Tell her you love her. Tell her you need her, and you care about her, and, whatever you do, do not scream the word "poop" at the t

  • You're such a nerd 😂 I love you 🖤

  • @bela_lugrossi 😬😬😬❤️❤️ I love you so much

sending SO much love your way today @maryfrancesterry 🥳- happy birthday my bff twin soulmate & better half, couldn’t live without our constant chaos & doing everything & anything together. love you to the moon mar #scaryterry #grushedit #jj #longdist

  • Hi! Selling photoshoot sessions in Nashville in July. DM if interested in coming out for a session 📸

  • Hey Lauren, We would love to have you on our team! DM @sinceresallyboutique and mention us! 💗

Wow oh wow I actually didn’t have to bundle up or wear rain gear for our walk today. *am already complaining about being hot and sweaty*

  • @for6won off and on like six years now? Lol, we finally live in the same place now so hopefully it’ll stick.😬 #longdistanceishard 🖤

  • @featherdotcom 😁👍🤯

Woke up this morning without this bunch jumping on my bed and the reality just sank in! Oh my, only day 1 apart and missing them like crazy. Even miss the noise they make believe it or not. Facetimed my hubs this morning and found out the baby woke u

  • Same as medina😘😭

Hey friends! So.... we haven't been super active on social media recently... you know how life gets However, that's all about to change because we are starting a countdown! We haven't physically been together since March, and we are making up for i

A shot from this lovely weekend, celebrating @beefykeefe + @mariah___joy . . . Holly and I are separated by many miles on a regular basis and haven’t seen each other in over two years — so to say the least, reuniting this weekend felt nothing short

  • 😭😭😭 you’re making me cry. Such sweet words. I am so blessed to call you my friend ❤️❤️❤️

  • This is so awesome! Wish I could have been there 😔

Morning it’s Monday! I’ve been MAI lately. I haven’t been posting. There are a couple reasons and I’m hoping you guys will read and hear me out. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instagram is tough. I was told I could have great successes but It would come with hard work. E

  • @veganprincesslena wasn’t sure if you were doing something different

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great first day of my amazing vacation with Jose! Even though a bunch of rides broke down we really got to do a lot! So happy I get to share @waltdisneyworld with my awesome boyfriend! After 110 days apart its definitely great to be together! #dcpspr

my lil baby came to lubbock for the weekend! thank you so much for going to monmouth with me! i can’t wait to see you again and I love you endlessly!

Being apart from @brandonoliver98 is hard and I feel it a little more after a few stressful, busy days of appointments and travel. FaceTime has been our life saver through this long distance stuff. We NEVER go a day without lots of messages, goodnig