Seems pretty #ironic that she hated #whitepeople and was #proillegalimmigration and an #illegalimmigrants #raped and #killed her.. #liberallogic #libtardsarelosers #democratsaretraitors #democrats #liberals #liberal #mollietibbetts #dumbass #sheswher

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  • I read a conspiracy on her death a few months back. Her dad worked at an architect or building design company who got the job to built the Clinton's orphanage in Haiti. The conspiracy is the Dems paid an immigrant at the border and had him working at an Iowa farm for a few weeks before her death. Got her when she was going on a run while house sitting her boyfriend's house. When I saw the Clinton body count conspiracy I really felt sad for her but now... Like you asked for it. But still sad

Reposted from @realstudentsfortrump - Here’s the truth about this... @dccc democrats are happy this happened. They were happy when Cait Steinle died too. They rather give more rights to ILLEGAL ALIENS what they call “dreamers” than American citizens

Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, disappeared on July 18, 2018, while running near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa. Today would have been her 21st birthday. To honor her, as she was a member of the Run Like a Girl community that I a





Wow... This one really gets under my skin. Here illegally sanctuary city stolen I.D. & social security number admits to the murder and is on tape as the last person to see her alive say whites are inherently racist somehow have "constitutional r



Be illegal invader. Cant keep dick in pants. Rape and kill white teen. Now has the balls to ask for a favorable jury. Why do non citizen even have basic right? He should be sent back right away. He will have a better time in american jail than mexica

  • @down2earthqueen I dont know if they have the snitches get stiches mentality

  • Electric chair

"Missing" in honor of Mollie Tibbetts & all of those who have been taken from us

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Have you checked out the latest episode of Final Facts?????? The finale to my 3 part mini series #sotu response goes in on Republicans that care more about pushing dangerous agendas than actually keeping Americans safe. If you're confused about what

  • We’re not saying that all undocumented people living in the United States are killers or bad people but if we had 0 undocumented people living here that would be a huge cutback on America funds therefore more money in our pockets and we do deal with American criminals but think if we didn’t have to spend money paying people to deal with foreign criminals how much more time we’d have to handle our own problems of our own people it’s not about being racist it’s about being able to better serve the people of this great nation

  • @gaige_williams_ I encourage you to research the hit our GDP would take if all undocumented individuals were to suddenly be removed from the US.

LAURA'S REBUTTAL TO TRUMP RIP #mollietibbetts because of you and your mom, a child can live. from #splcenter - Laura Calderwood hated the sound of her daughter's name — Mollie Tibbetts — coming from Pres. Trump's mouth as he sought to use her death

Cześć! Na kanale właśnie pojawił się nowy film - tym razem porozmawiamy o modrerstwie Mollie Tibbetts. 18 lipca 2018 roku dwudziestoletnia Mollie wychodzi jak zwykle pobiegać, niestety nig

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  • Właśnie jestem w trakcie oglądania opowiadanych przez Ciebie historii👍

Uncovering gems all around Fresno and Clovis on my twice weekly #morningwalks Today was the trail from Woodward Park to The River Parkway Center. Walking with three longtime girlfriends. Walking for my health and sanity but mostly walking for #mollie

  • @kbmannski it’s a pond on the River Center Property. They recently refurbished the old barn. It’s beautiful out there!

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  • You understand that her family does not want her used as some sort of poster for Trump’s wall campaign!

  • This is so disrespectful to her and her family who asked for people not to use her as a political platform. Let the poor girl Rest In Peace.

From September, 2018: Many people, including Trump,used Mollie Tibbetts’s death, allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant, as a rallying call against immigration, Her family asked that her death not be exploited to promote a racist agenda. Her f

  • Unfortunately it’s the damn truth, now another one in California and these are the deaths we hear about. No one used her to advance anything. Bottom line is illegal immigration isn’t racist, it’s called we have laws on the books that the police officer who lost his life to illegal alien took serious and worked his ass off to make it right and look what happened to him. A thug who is used to acting uncivilized reacted the way he does in homeland they need to all go. We’re not third world country but sure is looking like one with this behavior with the diseases that are running rampant watch out or there be another bird flu outbreak

Even after the most horrific violent tragedy happens to someone you love, it’s still possible not to be a hateful racist who stereotypes and generalizes about an entire group of marginalized, oppressed people. ️️️ #mollietibbetts

  • I took license to share this to Facebook. Hope that’s ok. What a family💛

  • @read1657 of course!



This weekend I ran my second half marathon. It was very cold (25 degrees to be exact) but our hearts were warm knowing we were keeping the memory of Mollie alive. Even in a completely different state people knew who we were running for and that made

Esta semana hablamos del asesinato de Mollie Tibbbetts y el líder del culto satánico Adolfo Constanzo.

  • • • • • • #SinExplicacionPodcast #podcast#podcastlife#podcastaddict#podcastjunkie #MollieTibbetts#CDMX#AdolfoConstanzo#explicame

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Advice on fighting fascists from Lyudmila Pavlichhenko. The WWII Soviet female snipper who singlehandedly killed 309 Nazis. Today is the anniversary of her passing “How many men have you killed?” “Not men, fascists. 309” #dimestoremussolini #fucktrum

  • So I should shoot my school bully with a 9mm?

Wow...with so much hate, attempted murder, & murder this week, against ex Democratic Presidents, liberals, Trump critics, CNN, 2 black grandparents in Louisville & a synagogue in Pittsburgh. You’d almost have to wonder if some ignorant dumb fuck hat

For the female athlete, today is scary. First, we learned of the gymnasts; the Survivors. Then, Mollie. Then, Celia. Now, Lauren. . What do I tell girls now? Girls that ask; “How am I supposed to play, when I am afraid someone out there won’t let me?

Sunday was a great day! Half marathon goal complete!!! Thank you to all my supporters and especially to my boys Ryan, Daniel and Jonathan who I could not have done this without. Love you all!️#iloverunning #funwithbeeb #danielalphonse #jonathanpaulie

  • Congrats and proud of you love!

  • Congrats @prusa311 So proud of you! I'm still battling shin splints so have resorted to walking and doing a little walk/ frustrating my body won't cooperate with me!!



Please consider voting for the party trying to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from RAPING and KILLING our DAUGHTERS and SISTERS. #rip #mollietibbetts , 20, #iowa , stabbed to death by #illegalalien , #christhianrivera , 24, #mexico —- #katesteinle , 32, #califo

  • This post is wrong on so many levels. Why are you demonizing Hispanic men for rape? Do white, black,oriental or Indian men not rape? Stop this propaganda! All Hispanics are not villains. We are better than this, don’t fall under the spell please.

  • @litlikeb1c I should report you as a rapist then you will be guilty of rape, no proof needed.

Today I was THAT person, out running before the sun came up. I have always envied those people and their motivation to get up and run when it is so cold and windy, but today I have it a try... and I loved it. And got a wicked blister 3 miles in becau

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TODAY -I ran for the girl that is nervous to walk to her car in the dark -I ran for the girl who got too drunk at a party -I ran for the girl that “had it coming” -I ran for the girl that was in the wrong place at the wrong time -I ran for the girl i

  • This awesome! Way to go, ladies!

Three weeks ago I set a goal for myself and started running. Trust me it’s a slow process and I definitely still walk more than I run but today it didn’t matter. TODAY -I ran for the girl that is nervous to walk to her car in the dark -I ran for the

The tragic and heartbreaking abduction and murder of runner #mollietibbetts has caused many female runners, including myself, to look at running safety. I’m not going to stop running, but I know I need to be smarter about it. An article I recently re

Since we were unable to run on Sunday for Molly Tibbetts, we still wanted to tribute one to her! Tonight we ran 8 miles for you Molly! I still think about you every single time I go on a run! I hope people who love to run, still go out and do it!!! I

Mollie Tibbets death made a political issue by Donald Trump! 20 year old missing Iowa student has been found in unfortunate circumstances. Rip Mollie Tibbits. #mollietibbetts #robtibbetts #cristhianrivera #mollietibbetsmissingperson

  • @renegade_cheetah yea I know it was found late August, I didnt have the time to do her story at that time but I did now and wanted to cover what Donald trump had to say about it.


I want to take today to speak on this photo. Brannon asks why I don't go for a walk alone when I insist I don't want to. Why do you want to get pepper spray, why do you want to try krav maga, why do you want a big knife for your car? Mollie Tibbetts

2 TVU’s, 2 Cameras, and an awesome crew to help get the liveshot right!! I looked into the different ways police in the metro are using technology to help people feel safe after two recent tragedies have affected the state. @weareiowa ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀



"I always knew that if I was out and about walking alone I was bound to experience some cat calling and whatnot. Something about the sheer volume of harassment I have experienced in the last year shook me up. You start to realize, 'Oh, this happens l

This Illegal alien’s liberal lawyer is as soulless as he is.. #mollietibbetts

  • I wonder what's going to happen when the next illegal kills the wrong person's kid and the parent doesn't wait for the cop and simply takes care of it and the illegal, especially out there where she was living, just VANISHES....POOF GONE...NOT 1 SIGN. Almost like somebody through the body into a wood chipper.. . 😈

  • These low life pieces of shit illegal immigrants have killed over 600,000 innocent american citizens in the past 15 years by way of murder and driving drunk, and in some cases have been released and sent home just like the illegal immigrant who murdered Kate steinles, he was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter, he'll do a few years then get released back into the public, because almost every city in California is a sanctuary city catering to illegal immigrants, it's only one to stop this bullshit and stop illegal immigrants from taking over the country in the next 30 to 50 years, once again we have to flood the voting stations again and vote out all the democrats out of office in November to save our country, Keep MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I’m happy my children decided to stay in IA

  • @heytana you look so cute here

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