One of these thing is not like the other! One of these things isn’t the saaaaaame. #pasta #spaghetti #catsonrefrigerators #nanettenoodle #mycatisthebest #proletaricat #politicat #happycat #allcatsarebeautiful #rescue #rescuecat #adoptdontshop #blacka

  • Love this!! PS Where can I find an “Eat Seasonally” wheel like yours?

  • @melissa_chapin hiya, hooman here. I cut it out of a poster I got at a conference. Its these folks:


  • @lavueny thanks! 🐾🕵🏼‍♂️

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My fellow Feline-Americans, I want to deliver my response to the State of the Union, the SOTU, in the form of the State of the Feline Union or, if you will, the STFU. I want to lay out my ideas for the future. I believe we need “Vetcare for All,”

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Not happy about this at all. I think I’ll go claw some furniture.

  • @sugar_subtweets I’m definitely gonna claw that ostrich jacket shown in court! 😻

  • Claw more like Bite😹

There is, in reality, no recessionary alarm, as the so-called premier Conte says. Once the monkeys of the Venezuelan degrowth were sent to the government, everything happened accordingly, consistently. It is not an alarm, it is the realization of a g

  • Schönes Bild! ☺️ Willst du deine Reichweite erhöhen? Dann schreib mir eine Nachricht 😉



Hello, I’m Noodle your sanitation inspector. I couldn’t help but notice that it’s time to replace your soap. Also, the tap isn’t currently on so I can’t drink from it. Please remedy this ASAP. Thanks. #sanitation #cleanliness #catsinsinks #nanettenoo

  • Hoomins are never up to code.

  • My old cat used to stick his paw under the door if you were in the bathroom. If you let him in he would curl up in the sink and watch you pee.

Silently judging all who pass by. . . . #cats #catsrule #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #politicat #polydactylcat #tabbycat #tabby #browntabby #rescuecats #adoptdontshop #petsareforever #catsofig #cutecats #creeper #creepercat #windowcat

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  • 😻👍👍👍Greetings from Odessa, Ukraine. Our Odessa cats send greetings from their old windows to your cat in the window. Come to my account to see them, smile, get positive emotions and if you like photos please follow me. I will be glad to see you in friends)))👋👋👋

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller indicted the 6th former Trump advisor, Junior Stone today. Seen here in one of his characteristically ‘interesting’ outfits, Stone was charged with obstruction, witness tampering and lying under oath. #juniorstone #rog

If your ancestors were dispossessed, slaughtered and had their land and their children stolen, would you celebrate the date on which that all began? #changethedate #politicat #invasionday

  • Australia Day is a gimmick. How many of us go and play cricket, eat vegemite and other “Aussie” pastimes. To start with as a multicultural group of people we do our own cultural thing on the holiday. No we shouldn’t celebrate the disposition of country from the First People of Australia.

  • Amen 🙌🙌🙌🙌

You tell ‘em, Senator. But it looks like I will have a tough opponent when I run for president in 2020... . . #politicat #democat #kamalaharris #kamalaharris2020 #stellacat #catlife #tabby #tabbycat #sweetcat #cutecat #mycat #ilovemycat #catsofnash

  • @steph_purry_30 Campaign rallies are probably not the best place for kitties 😸

  • @steph_purry_30 I will be running on “Vetcare for all” and expanding rights to wet food and liquid treats. Oh, and the creation of cat-only parks. Totally ready to debate! 😼😼



Hallo, I am Noodle your maths teacher. Here is your #caturday pop quiz. Ready? No cheating. There are 5 mices in a hoose. If 3 are in the music room, than WHY THE HELL CAN’T I GET THIS ONE OFF THE DOOR KNOB?! Answers due now because I’m hungry. #math

If you don’t know, now you know. Update from Special Counsel’s Office: “Buzzfeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’

  • I don’t think the statement from Mueller and his office should discourage us in any way—I think he was saying —“look, we don’t leak so that part of the buzzfeed story is inaccurate!” But we all know Cohen was instructed to lie based on the progression of the investigation and the witnesses that have come forward. #muellertime

  • @befitbyfaith I think that makes sense. We will find out soon enough!

“It is high time that the Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Specter of Communism with a Manifesto of the party itself.” #karlmarx #endcatipal



In order to make the perfect Noodle loaf, you need the following: 1. Comfy couch 2. A Noodle cat 3. Some food just out of reach to make love eyes at. Once assembled, boop intermittently and give constant cheek scratches. #warmcat #catcuddles #catlo

  • thanks for the instructions it was much needed and noodle loaf was successful would make again

  • @_nicholas.teriyaki_ you’re welcome!😻😻

Lilly, Lady of Locksbrook on... tonight’s big Brexit vote - “I’m very concerned about the Tory bungling of Brexit, human, so I’m hoping that repugnant May woman and her fox-hunting friends get decimated in Parliament tonight. Conversely, I understand

  • She's so pretty, but with a face of "I will kill all that you love."

  • @gandalf_theorange she’s certainly been known to pounce, from time to time!