إذهب البأس ربّ النّاس، اشف وأنت الشّافي، لا شفاء إلا شفاؤك، شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً، أذهب البأس ربّ النّاس، بيدك الشّفاء، لا كاشف له إلّا أنت يا ربّ العالمين. اللهمّ إنّي أسألك من عظيم لطفك، وكرمك، وسترك الجميل، أن تشفيه وتمدّه بالصحّة والعافية، لا ملجأ



It's Race Day🇪🇸 Carlos his fans are just as excited as me🇪🇸 . . . . . . . #formula1 #f1 #ripcharlie #mcl34 #mclaren #mclaren2019 #2019 #carlosainz #ln4 #2019 #f1 #ausgp #australia #seasonstratshere #firstround #albertpark #racenumberone #1 #landoaustraila #p8 #carlosau



Wow, they knew each other for a long time! And rode the school bus together! She was just a kiddy-gardener when he was a 5th grader. But supposedly Charlie waited til Watson was 16 before he swooped in on her, although he was 21 yrs old by then. Hmm



Dear @charlie_thebeagleboy Charlie, we will miss your signature, houndsome grumpy expression. We are all grieving with your humans. Sending love and light ️ to you and your humans on your final night together. Rest assured, there will be many loving

Been almost 4 years since this man took you away from the team! It won’t bring you back but there is a lot of work to be done! We miss you everyday lil bro/nephew! I know your up there doing the Lords work! Stay on us Siale’Uvea! #justiceisserved #ri

  • At last💙🙏

  • @ericphan my bro one of the few who still hold me down since day1 bro! We gonna link up soon!! Congrats on everything my brotha! I love you tokoviet 🇻🇳 🇹🇴

What a Fantastic Race for McLaren. Both Driver in the Points, Carlos P7, Lando P8. 10 Points for the Team🇦🇿️ . . . . . . . #formula1 #f1 #ripcharlie #mcl34 #mclaren #mclaren2019 #2019 #carlosainz #ln4 #2019 #f1 #ausgp #australia #seasonstratshere #firstround #albe

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  • Usta işleri. Remont kafel metlax Mazayka noldan remont ve sair siz yeni seife açırsız ya nece? Birde elaqe tel Başqa ne bilmirəm men esas reklam güclü olmaldı ya takipçi çox olmalıdır. Onu bilmirem

Not posting anymore for this reason. I have to watch popo and take more time to be with her as she is alone now. So yea. Also I can’t post anymore because I’m like I can’t. I’ve never lost a pet and Charlie felt like one of my best friends so yea. #



I received some of the best post I've ever gotten yesterday. One of my lovely friends so generously ordered me a mug and keyring with Charlie's photo on it. I cried when I opened it because it's such a thoughtful gift and of all my photographs of Ch

  • @mucktub86 ❤️❤️ Love u hun , thank you babe 😘😘 awhh babe i hope it was okay 💗U take care lis xxxx

  • @cosyhomeinteriors_x love you too. It was gorgeous hon. I can't wait to try them xxxx

Today is a sad day, Charlie has passed away. My dear Charlie, you came into my life in my first university year and have stayed with me through my second year. You were an amazing friend and a great listener, you will always be in my heart. I love yo

14 year old Charlie Fox, was tragically knocked off his bicycle on 22nd October 2018, by a van driver overtaking on a blind bend. This resulted in him suffering a fatal head injury, two other children suffered serious psychological and physical injur

  • Parabéns nobre colega⚖

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You cannot prepare for the day you have to put your beloved pet down. Charlie was a tiny puppy when someone was selling the accidental litter in front of a thrift shop 12 years ago. We weren’t looking for a dog but the owner told us that the puppies

So sad to hear the news of sweet Charlie's passing. Here's a photo he allowed me to take of him on my last visit to see him: one year after my transplants. He was a sweet old man who held my hand to search for more food because of his blindness and i

‘s post — [ Lost 3x23 ] — The last time I cried this much was at Glenn’s death (the walking dead) — No self-promo

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Charlie's legacy lives on!!! I'm a grandma, y'all #charlie #x3 #miniaturepinscher #minpin #chihuahua #breed #litter #mix #puppies #puppy #charlieskids #spring #springbabies #rip #ripcharlie #legacy #kids #grandkids #grandma

  • @21scorpio_ sweetie, relax. No harm done. Just saying this lil baby must be the spitting image of mama. Sorry if that was insensitive.

  • @kairiverr they look just like their papa but the color of mama. It was insensitive but thank you for the apology! Accepted. :)

Playing the last game in our 17 month long campaign. Early on, I obtained an NPC lover- a rough and tumble fighter, Charlie. My character wound up finding his flayed corpse hanging from a tree. More recently, Kayl (my character) met Elian, a sexy Obe

This post goes out to a sweet little black cat - named Charlie - that went to cat heaven waaay to soon. Darling Charlie was adopted by two super nice owners and unfortunately they needed to let go Charlie because he was very ill. We wish the owners o



It is with great sadness that we announce our #nogoodcharles has crossed the rainbow bridge to become an angel kitty. Despite his name he really was the best, sweetest, most curious little guy and we will miss him very much. We will occasionally use

  • Love you so much 💙💙

  • Miss you so much Charles!! Love you 💙💙



Happy 3rd bday to my no longer little Tango Wango! The last 3 years have been the best of my life with this little man waiting at home every day after work, after every trop abroad, and always by my side when im home. Love you buddy! And

  • @attheofficialhuntersmith if she can tackle him then she will take the title...Tangp still holds the belt! Lol🤣

  • @worldtraveler1997 yes you should get one! He is my favorite

Plaque For Charlotte By Abena @abenaartistaddo Glad to hear that the 'cowardly cad' Jack Shepherd whose irresponsible and reckless acts led to the death of Charlotte Brown, and who subsequently fled and jumped bail, has gotten further punishment fo

When something so awful affects your day to day thoughts when you weren't even known to eachother. I don't know whether it's because I have my own children or because it's so close in the community but I honestly feel so heartbroken and think about t