#repost @the.astronomy.daily • • • • • Intercontinental Cordilleras arise when two tectonic plates collide. • • • An example of this is the Himalayas, formed from the clash of the Indica and Eurasian tectonic plates 50 million years ago. • • • What



Milkyway Over Mugu Rock. . Full disclosure - this is a composite image. The sky and foreground were captured on the same night, but because of cars coming around the bend and general light polution, I couldn't get the Milkyway clearly in this spot. A

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. . 『奈曽の白滝』 . . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ model : . . . location:nikaho-akita-japan . details : SONY α7riii/GM 24-70mm f2.8 . Edit : Lightroom cc Photoshop cc _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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My main passion in the world of photography is Astrophotography. Nothing beats staying up late and witnessing events in the night sky when everyone is sleeping and completely oblivious to the sky, they’re loss really 🤷‍️ Telescope = Nexstar 8SE Camer

Full moon last night. It’s a shame it was cloudy but I think it adds a cool effect to this photo, let me know what you think below. Shot this from my front yard at around 8:45pm. EXIF Canon 6D tamron 150-600mm at 600mm 1/125 sec f/6.3 ISO 1600 #phot

Bugün dolunay sonrası etkiler devam ediyor, ve ay oğlakla birlikte özellikle işlere konsantre olabileceğimizi gösterir. Belki iş toplantıları ve önemli görüşmeler düzenlenebilir. Ev ve kariyerle ilgili bitirilmesi, tamamlanması gereken işleri, projel

le bilan est salé comme la mer la terre pollué comme notre air l’état se fait moins grand devant marée de migrants jugé pour sauver des vies humaines en mer c’est l’devoir du capitaine pays des droits de l’homme Ou Tu payes tes droits t'as bien l



Full vacation mode. That’s what i’ve been in for the last two weeks, a lot of this, all over. I’ve been to this spot before so I knew exactly where I wanted to camp for this shot. When I arrived, someone was in my spot so I scouted around & found a l

@antenorefabio - This is the re-edited version of one of my most successful old pictures.. i made this shot 4 years ago.. it was one of the first milkyway arches in valensole.. after that many ppl copied my image and there are now many similar pictu

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  • Hello, that's an inspiring shot! You might also check out good friends of mine called @ kini.kana. They just helped me to raise my consciousness. I've added them in my bio. Love and bye! 😍

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This is the re-edited version of one of my most successful old pictures.. i made this shot 4 years ago.. it was one of the first milkyway arches in valensole.. after that many ppl copied my image and there are now many similar pictures in the social

Earth’s moon and Jupiter coming close to one another. I was lucky to capture this as the cloud cover was thick and once I saw the moon pop out I had to capture this quickly. - - - - - #night_captures @the.astronomy.daily #theastrodaily #universetoda

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  • @jimabels here as well in NC! It was clear just a bit ago but now the lightning and thunder have rolled in to rain on my night sky viewing 😩



I don't know why, but this is my favourite part of the milkyway Unfortunately, in middle Europe the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is always very close to the light polluted horizon and can never be seen so clear. . I tried to shoot this part several ti

A full moon is scheduled for tonight, well 99% illuminated moon. This was the moon rise from the start of this year, hopefully skies will clear for tonight to hopefully get some new moonrise shots. Summer is so hard for astrophotography in Scotland,

This is an older picture made on a trip with some good friends.. For more of my Work, Prints, Workshops or Personal Coaching go to my website.. Free eBook download on my Website. DOWNLOAD MY FREE LUMINOSITY MASK PANEL ON MY WEBSITE (german and engli

Photo by Fabio Antenore : This is a timeblending in combination with one of my special signature techniques to have a really detailed night sky whit out using a tracking system.. I will show that soon in some of my tutorials.. For more of my Work,

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Amazing close-up photos of human eyes • • • Sometimes shapes of the universe can be found within us! Agree? • • • Follow @the.astronomy.daily • • • TAG @the.astronomy.daily or use #theastrodaily to feature your photo • • • Photo credit: Suren Manvely

  • @its_israelpallares You realize that is a hypothesis right? There is no way we can measure what happens in a black hole yet. Please stop claiming to know everything. Life is better enjoyed as a mystery novel than as a text book.

  • Amazing to think that we all have such amazing features 😮

Нескучного вам вечера А вот так вот проходят вечера на Международной.. Международной космической станции @iss А чем бы вы занялись в невесомости? 🤔 Пишите в комментариях и ловите от меня #Вепс #Лето #Любовь #Июнь #ночь #космос #луна #марс #плане

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L'européen oublie trop souvent qu'il n'est rien  Face à la nature qui reprend ses droits Tornade de pensées qui tourne dans ma tête  J'en rattrape une au vol est je repense à toi Et si les cyclones étaient la somme de tous les derniers soupirs de la

Here's another photo from my recent hiking trip of the milky way stretching over the Swiss central plateau from the top of the Chasseral ridge in the Jura. I arrived at the top just before nightfall to set up my tent and enjoy the magical sunset. The

Ay bugün 12.04 e kadar akrep burcunda boşlukta olacak. Öğleden önce mevcut yarım kalan işlerinizi bitirmenizde, önemli işlerinizi ise öğleden sonraya planlamanızda fayda var. Akabinde yay burcuna geçen ay ile birlikte öğleden sonra kısa veya uzun sey

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Got to test my new lens just before the clouds came in despite being in the city it still picked up so many stars