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👸🏽The Pelvic Floor Princess✨ Women’s Health & Fitness Trainer 💪🏼EMPOWERING WOMEN low impact workouts that BURN 💁🏽‍♀️PELVIC FLOOR+CORE program $13.95👇🏼

NEW EXERCISES!!!! Save & tag your girlfriends too. ‍️ Question for you lovelies?? Why have YOU chosen to do my low impact pelvic floor friendly workouts? How have they helped YOU? Remember 1 round (7 minutes) is still always better than none!!! Enj

🤫 Comment below if you haven’t squeezed in your 1 round today?? Or maybe you’re locking it in now. This evening I locked in my 1 round on the bathroom floor whilst my son was having his bath. I was wearing my undies, bra & tee ... I didn’t get cha

Prepare to set your abs on FIRE!!! Plus a NEW EXERCISE!! Hands up if you’ve ever underestimated my workouts?? On a daily basis I have women commenting “wow that was so much harder than I had expected!!!” LOW IMPACT is still HIGH INTENSITY!!! Exce

18+ chat ... ‍️ SEXUAL SENSATION. Comment a bunch of ‍️‍️‍️ if you’d like to have sexual sensation which is off the hook!!! I’m not talking about “HOT SEX” though ladies, I’m talking about beautifully connecting with your partner and becoming in tune

Lean, toned, strong arms!!! Hands up if your arms are something you’d like to work on? ‍️ These 5 exercises specifically target your underarms aka bat wings & tuckshop arms. Team this with a full body workout of mine so you can move into your fat bu

My BURPEE VARIATIONS all in one post!!! Comment below if my burpee variations have transformed your training & which one is your favourite?!!! Be sure to save this one so you can refer back to it and tag your besties so they don’t miss out either.

FULL BODY SWEAT!!!! Question for you lovelies? How have my low impact pelvic floor friendly workouts helped you?? My full body workouts are designed to move you into your fat burning zone whilst my specific body part workouts are designed to tone &

‍️ Where would you rather workout??? Gym or home?? Comment below lovelies. I love going to the gym but I know I can’t rely on it to keep consistency as life can & regularly gets in the way. But I CAN always rely on getting it done at home. By having

‍️ Who loves my “1 round is still always better than none!!” moto?? Be sure to tag your besties so they can join in too!!! An advantage of ONLY locking in one round is you can always do more if you want but with 1 round you’ve completed something, c

Tag your besties!!!! I wanted to find my confidence as a woman & shine!! I found it!!! And I want you to shine as well!! I created my Pelvic Floor & Core Exercise Program to compliment your lifestyle, it needed to be simple yet effective so even th

Saturday night “1 round” done!!! Feeling happy, motivated & proud of myself!!! I lock it in so I can feel my best. Why are you working out this weekend lovelies?? Remember 1 round is still always better than none. . . 1️⃣ Side dips x 15 each side.

🧚‍️ HAPPY ENDORPHINS!!! Who’s overdue for a workout ladies??? When was your last workout? Be honest. Comment below & lock one in!!! No more dry spells. We all know a workout, even one round makes us a happier woman!!! ️ . Complete 3-5 rounds but rem