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👸🏽The Pelvic Floor Princess✨ Women’s Health & Fitness Trainer 💪🏼EMPOWERING WOMEN low impact workouts that BURN 💁🏽‍♀️PELVIC FLOOR+CORE program $13.95👇🏼


‍️ Hands up all my fellow PERSONAL TRAINERS!!! I love hearing from PTs here on Instagram who have been using my exercises in their sessions. Do you find your clients respond better to low impact workouts? Over the years I’ve found those who do my lo

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🤔 Can you SPOT REDUCE FAT?? Unfortunately not lovelies. However my workouts are specifically designed so you’re toning the areas you’d like to target whilst also working out in you “fat burning zone!” Team my workouts with a clean diet plus a well-b

‍️ Hands up all my girls who want to see their LOWER ABS & say goodbye to the stubborn pouch!! Comment below & tag your besties. Read below to hear my top 3 must haves to achieve your goals!!! Complete 3-5 rounds but remember 1 round is still alway

‍️ WHERE ARE YOU ALL FROM? Comment below beautiful ladies and tag your friends to invite them along our fit happy journey! For those that are new, WELCOME!!! I’m Dana (Day-na), I live on the Sunshine Coast on the East Coast of Australia, I’m 29 yrs



‍️ Favourite body part to train?? GO. Comment below chickies!! Be sure to tag your besties to share some weekend motivation!! Complete 3-5 rounds of this KILLER back of thighs workout but remember 1 round is still always better than none. When I fir

18+ Please do comment a bunch of if this poll I did yesterday completely took you by surprise! This is a topic I talk a lot about to people and when I tell them these statistics they’re always in complete shock! Especially men. . I only had my firs

Want to TONE your entire legs without your quads dominating for the entire workout? Try this KILLER combo to achieve lean legs & a lifted booty. Please TAG your girlfriends & be sure to like and save the post so Instagram keeps showing you my worko

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‍️ UNDERARM FAT BURN to achieve toned yet elegantly lean arms. . . Comment below if you’re saving this killer workout & let me know how you go!! Thank you lovelies for tagging your besties in the comments. I really appreciate you all sharing my wor



PREPARE yourselves for the BURN!!! Comment below if you love a sweaty workout that gets your heart rate pumping. Don’t be fooled by my “low impact” workouts ladies, they’re definitely NOT “low intensity”! ‍️ Tag your babes & SAVE this killer high i

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Please comment a bunch of ‍️‍️‍️ if you’ve got Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), are postpartum or pregnant! You’ve asked for an AB WORKOUT and here it is lovelies. Firstly though remember that if you’re any of the 3 above please be sure you’r

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LOCK IN THE BURN!! Comment below if you’re promising yourself at least ONE workout this week. Try for 3-5 rounds but remember 1 round is still always better than none & you mix up my workouts however you wish to suit you. Be sure to tag your bestie

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CHEST & SHOULDERS!! 🧐 Do you want to build muscle (lots) or simply tone in these areas?? Please comment below chickies. I love hearing about your goals so I can continue to keep helping you! . . ‍️ I love adding my chest & shoulder exercises into my

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Comment a big if you get your periods!!! And it’s an ABSOLUTE YES to working out! But some worry I promise I’ll be gentle. In fact did you know exercise improves moods and reduces cramping. Please share this one with your girls by tagging them bel

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Do you find it hard to get your glutes firing? Please do comment below! I come from a “no booty” family aka “pancake a**”. Because I rely on my home workouts & resistance bands I do have to work out my booty regularly (at least twice a week) to av

COMMENT below if you’re locking in at least 1 workout for this week!! Try this FULL BODY BURN!!! I did a poll last week asking if you gorgeous ladies prefer training specific body parts or full body. 🤓 80% of you said full body so here you go chi

TRUTH! 🤯 Have you ever wondered why I don’t share “popular” exercises like sit ups, crunches, Russian twists, abdominal leg raises, planks etc?? 🤔Unfortunately they’re NOT PELVIC FLOOR friendly which means not so good for your SEX LIFE either. They e



HOME CARDIO to BURN FAT + new reviews from babes just like you killing it with my workouts! I rely on my home cardio style workouts to work up a sweat & move over to my fat burning zone. What would you prefer? Going for a run/walk or locking in my

Favourite body part to train?? Comment below chickies & tag your besties! KILLER LEGS!! Not just your booty but every angle of your beautiful legs ladies! Just 1️⃣ round had my legs on fire! Complete 3-5 rounds to lite your legs on fire. Feel free

🤔 Did these results surprise you? Can you feel your pelvic floor?? Chances are probably not. Tag your bestie and ask her too!! ‍️ University studies have shown that 50% of women cannot feel their pelvic floor & yesterday’s poll I did via my stories s

‍️ What kinda girl are you?? Do you like to train multiple body parts in one session OR just the one?? Comment below lovelies. Arms & abs combo is always so highly requested so here you are my dear friends. Lock in 3-5 rounds for a KILLER SWEAT SESH

Comment a bunch of if you’re locking in your weekend workout ladies. ‍️ Be sure to tag your besties to keep yourselves accountable. I’d love to hear how you went with your workouts this week as well, even if you’ve only done one round. One round is

🧜‍️ Hands up all my ladies who want to tone their back & say goodbye to back fat?? ‍️‍️‍️ Tag your besties below & remember to hit SAVE. Complete 3-5 rounds but remember 1 round is still always better than none. Enjoy those happy endorphins!!! . . 1️

18+ chat. ‍️ SWIPE ACROSS!!! SEXUAL SENSATION. Comment a bunch of ‍️‍️‍️ if you’d like to have sexual sensation which is off the hook!!! I’m not talking about “HOT SEX” though ladies, I’m talking about beautifully connecting with your lover and becom