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Oh, what’s that? A BIRD? Long time no bird photography, so here’s a young blue tit spotted at Wisley before its adult colours came through

Today was one of the most inspirational, awe-inspiring days of my life. Being surrounded by so many humans who have so much compassion for other living beings brought me to tears. I have finally decided to stop being so half-arsed about veganism and

We reap what we sow⁣ ⁣ Walking through the English countryside is always a bittersweet experience. I love being outdoors and getting to immerse myself in nature, but the stark reality of how agriculture has affected the land is all too apparent when

Spotted a family of feral goats while driving home from Scotland, so we obviously had to stop and say hello. ⁣ ⁣ The news blew up late last year when a hunter from the US came and hunted a large male long-horned goat. It really called into question t

There is no happier place for me to be than the Scottish Highlands⁣ 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⁣ Open space, rolling hills, castle ruins, calm lochs and wildflowers everywhere; who could ask for any more?!! ⁣ ⁣ I had a conversation recently about the meaning of ‘home’, a

Basically how I feel today getting over this cold 🤧 The colony here is made up of common and grey seals and has been the biggest in England in recent winters, making a home to around 2500 pups. We were too late for grey pups and too early for commons

Fluffy leaves and one shining harlequin ladybird This species isn’t native to the UK, but were introduced here as natural pest control. Imports were banned in 2004 as they breed rapidly and eat other species of ladybird and larvae of other insects!

I sure do love a bit of garden wildlife! And, as the human population expands into more rural areas, our gardens are becoming increasingly more important as a home for all kinds of animals. Even in the most urban habitats, wildlife can thrive if hum

Hello friends, lovers, silent watchers and everyone in between This photo looks like I should be announcing something, but I have no life update. So I’ll just say... love hard every day, find your passions and don’t let anyone take them away from yo