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How fun: creating in the moment tiny art with the Inchie challenge. Yesterday was rough and playing with these tiny squares amidst other bits and bobs provided light amidst the worry and confusion I was feeling. . I added to this assemblage by adding

Twelve years ago I was on the edge of rock bottom. Teetering. I felt like I was standing up in a canoe, alone, without any paddles, and my children were huddled in the bottom looking up at me with their faces filled with the light of belief that Momm

The first place I write is my notebook: inside it live my morning pages – journaling, daily or as often as daily as I can. I also include quotes like this one and meandering insights. I have a separate notebook filled with ideas with occasional treas

Inchies Challenge, Day 1. Because small art and art practice make an enormous difference. . It also.... . brings a peaceful feeling into existence. . allows me to use tiny scraps and play in different ways. . is so achievable! . A little watercolo

Twenty-two years ago this delightful human sprang from my womb. . Like her older sister, Marlena, the cord was wrapped around her neck but thankfully, Emma lived. And lived and lived and lived and my prayer is this year she will begin the next chapte

Quotes from inspiring writers have helped shape my creative process. They provide the "unstuck" material on a regular basis. Today I found this quote from Natalie Goldberg in a fifteen-year-old writer's notebook. Authenticity + breath + heartbeat +

You know that evil “thing” that always seems to block your progress: maybe the boogie man or your third grade teacher or a bicycle riding king of depressed-single-Mom-with-young-kids-shame? . It makes no sense but when your version of this beast show

Mother-Daughter Day at Zingo’s! The daughters side of the table features Emma and Simone. Loved being with this glorious young women. . And across the table (slide left to see!) was Joy and me! . Zingo’s is my favorite Bakersfield diner. Look in my I

Book Club #1 of the Weekend: this is the Friday night cocktail made specifically in homage to 1997 when “Little Fires Everywhere” was set. . Ladies & Gents I drank this finely crafted cosmopolitan. . Other highlights of my day included binge watching

Where ever you are, creativity follows you. Be prepared to flow with it. . Yesterday I sat under a hair dryer with magazines and books and tore out images for my ongoing collage book projects. I’ve had a hectic, seemingly unproductive last couple of

Day 13: #augustbreak Last Year, in a way feels slightly like a dream. . My turning point last year arrived in September. Not knowing what I was getting into, I recruited a couple friends and we went on a tour/experience with Tejon Ranch Conservancy t

Sunrise: early morning in Bakersfield. I’m sitting in bed thinking “What positive thought can I throw down here and stay real at the same time?” In reality, darkness sometimes lasts so long it feels like light will never return. . I’m feeling much

Work in Progress: Art Journal Collage book. With school starting and me, no longer in the rhythm of elementary and high school parents - after 29 consecutive years I no longer have a child in the local school districts. . Students return Wednesday.

5 Things About Me for today’s #augustbreak . . 1. I’ve been in the life coaching/personal development business since the last millennium. I quit my job with local government and never looked back. . 2. I’m the fourth of six children. I’m the younges