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"Live Love & Laugh" Snapchat: Lilswag79 .... .... Twitter: Kevinhart4real .... #comedicrockstar #irresponsibletour #hartbeat


Saturday morning work with @hollywoodhino ....getting better & getting faster....still got a lot of work to do. #hustlehart

  • Looking good brudda!!! @hollywoodhino @justtrain keeping the kid sharp. @kevinhart4real getting me nervous now lol. Good shit boy

  • @andreberto just bring your mouthpiece Monday!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Sacramento you are UNBELIEVABLE....Despite the extremely unhealthy air quality due to the fires you guys came out tonight. Tonight’s sold out show is one for the record books....16,000 people that didn’t give a shit about anything but laughing. I LOV


RIP Kim....Your were a beautiful person inside and out. My prayers go out to the entire family. @diddy you & your family are loved by so many...You are God's child and he will see u and ur entire family thru this. Stay strong man....Nothing but love

My son can't guard me....I put him in a handle is disgusting!!!!

  • Disgusting is the right word to use but not the way you think

  • @jaclinann I thought the same exact thing when I watched 😂


Yo Germany!! I always wondered what I sound like in German.. but I wasn’t prepared for this!! My foreign language skills are off the chain! NIGHT SCHOOL is out now in German cinemas people, so go see it.. JETZT!!