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There are some things you don’t realize you need until you have them. I had the Aquis little hair towel in my bathroom for a good three months before ever trying it and once I did there was no turning back. That’s when our @poosh team decided to coll

I put on our limited-edition hair towel turban the second I get out of the shower and do my skin care routine or my makeup (I love to multitask) while the towel is helping to dry my hair but also taking out any frizz. So now I don’t have to use a blo

It’s finally here: our Aquis x @poosh limited-edition leopard hair towel turban. This has completely rehabilitated my hair. The proprietary wicking interior fabric cuts drying time in half and helps to stop breakage and split ends. I designed the leo

Wow, I just had the most beautiful night with my kids watching the sunset, feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this past few weeks spent together in Italy and so in awe of God’s creation there was nothing for me to do but cry (happy tears).