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@quanamfoundation - Lucette Dillon
Founder of Quan Am Foundation. Children’s charity established in 2011 to benefit children living in poverty. Based in New Zealand & Vietnam 🇻🇳

PROUD. . On this International Day of the Girl I want to shout congratulations from the roof tops because our first ever sponsored student is a graduate! . Hong (aka Pinky ) has turned her life around and is reclaiming her future. Today her mother an

We love supporting our families not only with sponsorship. After home inspections we often see that they are lacking basic necessities such as a clean place to sleep and mosquito nets. . Kim Anh’s family were thankful to receive new bed mats and mosq

We love our new puppy how did we get him? We went to complete a home visit for a new sponsor student and they had both kittens and puppies #toomuch . So when they gifted one to Miss Hiep she was thrilled and guess who had to hold a squirmy puppy on


We are deeply saddened by the passing of Minh Tri, one of the students in our Child Sponsorship program who tragically passed away today. . It’s difficult to comprehend the loss of such a young life. Our thoughts are with his loving grandmother at th

SCROLL ️ Our epic field trip this year was a blast! . Two big buses took over 100 children to a water park. We started with outdoor games, followed by lunch in the restaurant (the kids loved pretending the tea was beer and kept saying cheers ). Afte

Our 12 sponsorship students from Dien Hoa Primary School each received their scholarships last week. Thanks to their sponsors, each student also received a new school bag and set of exercise books for the new school year. We also organised for each t

MY FIRST DAY! I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time, and waited an extra year after Hue wasn’t allowed to start school last year. It’s not like I flew all the way from NZ 🤷‍️ . He’s now officially a Grade 2 student at Vinh Ngoc Primary Scho


The Lotus School. . And just like that, we have a school. For the first time I’m taking it all in and seeing what a huge achievement this is. For 6.5 years I have fought for children in poverty to have access to the basic necessities of life. Now we

Meet 13 year old Han who joined our program this week. . Han lives with her grandmother who works selling sticky rice on the roadside. She can earn up to $9 a day but must give the government $130/month to rent their home. . Han’s father always denie

Day 3 continued! Phnom Penh . My favourite thing to do is to simply roam the streets and take in all the sights (and smells!). I love the local market and the dizzying feeling of getting lost in the middle of all the colours and women calling out for

Day 3 - Phnom Penh . I was honoured to be asked to make a visit to Andong where many of the families living in the famous white buildings of the riverside were relocated. The area is referred to as a slum and as many as 1,000 children don’t attend sc

Day 2 - Part 2 - Phnom Penh While at the markets I received a message that a boy I sponsored in Siem Reap (and was planning to visit 2 days later) was actually in PP receiving treatment for leukaemia. Ly Hour is 17 years old and suffers from a multit

Day 2 - part 1. Phnom Penh I woke up early for coffee and toast with pineapple jam and finished it lying by the pool. I was on a mission to purchase goods for our fundraising and hoped to find my favourite stalls in the maze of the local market. Than


Day 1 (cont.) - Saigon -> Phnom Penh I arrived around midday in Phnom Penh after a quick 40 minute flight over the flooded rice paddies. First off I grabbed a local SIM card for $6 and unlimited data 🤭 before finding a tuk tuk to take me into town. I

Day 1: Auckland -> Saigon I am over a week behind on this but need to post updates about what I’ve been up to! Last Saturday I left Auckland on an 11 hour flight to Saigon. As I had 3 large suitcases of donations, I had arranged to meet Ms Hiep’s (ou