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Bestselling Author Nail It! and Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells.


What is the most important quality of an author, coach or speaker? I met with my coaching supervisor and critical friend, Dr Paul Field, and we chatted about the one ingredient that brings value to clients. It is the ability to change their narrativ

When things get really hard, you need to rehearse your resilience. I did my showcase ‘Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells’ at the PSA last night. I used the kettlebell one arm swing to demonstrate our swings between darkness and light; hope and despair; s

Which Mother’s Day present did your mum cherish the most? When I was a child, my siblings and I used to make cards for our parents. My siblings rolled their eyes if I dared write or draw on them. But, when it came to wording it, they looked to me. M

What have you yearned to do all your life? For many of us, it is writing a book. I made excuses and never got down to it. Then, I wrote and published two in two years! Nail It! 7 Steps to Life & Business Mastery for Entrepreneurial Leaders is a gui



You know that moment when you receive your full jacket? Your heart races. And you forget every weekend that you sacrificed and every evening where you snatched time to write. What’s your fav moment? Is it the smell and touch of your printed book? Or

It was the perfect spring setting when I drove past the University of Cambridge yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking some pics. It got me thinking about class, gender and race, and how they impact our leadership journeys. One thing is certain - E

Which leader holds you captive with his/her communication style and online presence? President FD Roosevelt led his country through a series of crises using what is termed the “fireside chats”. This self-assurance and communication helped him wield

How are you getting on with your 2019 goals? The end of April is a great time to reflect on what you can do differently. Most of the time, it is a tiny adjustment, like a coach moving your focus, aim and energy, a fraction of a cm, so that you can Na



Have you ever been to a place that was a catalyst for your perfect balance? A place where you felt your mind and body align; your body in perfect pH and your spirit at ease with itself? For me and my “Fearless Girls” it is Primrose Hill, London. Re

Happy Mother’s Day! For my dearest Mum who taught me resilience and Imbued me with the courage to live my dreams. For my sisters and mother figures who picked me up and held me when I fell again and again. I woke up to flowers, hugs, kisses and huge

“Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells is a heartbreaking story which touched me deeply”. Thanks to my friend Magda Poradzka, Recruitment & Employer Branding Director, from Warsaw, for sending me this pic and warm wishes. Magda is also an Executive Coach & En

What does it take to get up after a fall? When Andy Barrow broke his neck in a scrum at 17, he got up and became an elite athlete - Paralympian, 3-time European gold medallist, and captain of the Great Britain wheelchair rugby team. Read how he did i

Will you be my writing Kale? Share the love, passion & agony of every carefully crafted word...

Happy International Women’s Day! #balanceforbetter happens when we talk about uncomfortable truths - domestic abuse, a culture of gender inequality, barriers to the boardroom. Thank you #psasoutheast for hosting my showcase Kindness, Kale & Kettlebe

How daughters change their dads’ lives! As we approach International Women’s Day, our narratives are focused on #balanceforbetter . Lex Showunmi tells me that when he held his newborn daughter in his arms his life was all about making hers better. Tha

How do you cope with loss? Loss of a job, health or a loved one? Take time to grieve and then start to rebuild...from seeds to green shoots to blossoms. In memory of Sarah...I pray your soul is a step closer Home. Thank you for your Kindness to my d



Dive in ...Sometimes you just have to go for it. If you’re afraid of a place, drive there and confront it head on. If you’re speaking professionally, as @marklee told me last night, get on stage and get in the zone before your audience arrives. If y

What is love? Poets, writers & philosophers through the ages have tried to define it. Sometimes, it’s a simple card - a labour of ️ My 5 year old got this one from her bestie today. She showed it to me and said ‘his handwriting is not so good but I l